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The Dylan Morgan Show - Morgan's Summer Special

By Jenny Frame

Part 1

"I threw a pie in her face!"

"Oh no Rosie, you didn't!" Emily, Pattie and Rosie were enjoying a chat and a drink after dinner in Morgan's kitchen.

The Morgan's had invited their friends Jackson and Rosie, Sandy, and Dylan's parents for dinner. Dylan and Jackson had finished their intensive training program and would leave the next day for the Marathon des Sables in the Sahara desert. The race event which was now backed by Nike, Red Bull and other leading brands, was to raise money for 'In the Pink', the breast cancer charity that Rosie did a great deal of work for.

While they're partners had moved to the family room, the three women had hung back in the kitchen for a little girl talk.

Emily and Pattie were laughing hysterically at the story Rosie was telling about her latest fight with Jackson .

"Yes well she totally deserved it! I was going straight to her place after work, and she said she was going to be a bit late. I told her I would organize dinner, so I decided to make it special. Like candles, romance, the whole bit right?"

"Very domestic dear." Pattie joked.

"Yeah well I wanted to do something nice. We always go out to eat because Jack is...well...poor at best in the kitchen, and I think she feels like she shouldn't ask me to cook, because I'll give her a hard time, but I like making things for her, for us...I like taking care of her. It gives me warm fuzzy feeling."

Emily and Pattie looked at each other and laughed. "Don't tell Jack that!" Rosie told them.

"Didn't I tell you? Being in love has really had an effect on you." Emily said with a smile.

Rosie sighed. "Do you both want to hear this story?"

"Tell us!"

"Okay, so I leave work at lunchtime to make this special dinner. I slave away for hours making this perfect meal. I even use my mom's recipe for peanut butter cream pie. Jack gets home and is all excited like a big kid right?"

"Right? What happened?" Emily asked.

"She's excited because one of her new clients is this big businessman who owns all these restaurants, and gives her a table for two for the big opening of this new hot restaurant. I'm excited too right? I ask when does it open? She says, all pleased with herself, that it was that night."

"Uh oh. Danger ahead." Emily joked.

"Yeah. You're right. I say that I told her I was making dinner for us, so we can't go. She's all like. You don't have to bother cause this is going to be amazing, there's like a two year waiting list for a table at this place. I say I have bothered! I've been cooking since lunch time to make us a special romantic dinner, and she says can it not keep till tomorrow and be reheated?"

"Is that when..." Pattie asked.

"Yep. I picked up the peanut butter cream pie and threw it in her face! The cream got all over her suit."

Emily laughed and asked. "What did she do?"

"She picked up a carton of cream I had left over and chased me around the apartment, then dumped it on my head."

Emily and Pattie laughed uncontrollably. "Oh Rosie, you two do make me laugh!" Pattie said as she wiped away tears of laughter.

"Is that all that happened?" Emily asked.

Rosie looked down at her toes. "Well...I got a bottle of olive oil from the kitchen and threw it all over her suit. She was furious! Shouting about how I'd ruined it. So I shouted that she deserved it, and Jack grabbed hold of my dress and ripped it. We were both looking at each other like we wanted to kill the other one and..."

Emily could tell what was coming next. "You didn't..."

Rosie gave a coy smile. "Yeah...we made love on the kitchen floor, with oil and cream everywhere."

"Oh my! You youngsters are too much for my old heart!"

Rosie poured herself another glass of wine and looked glum. "What is it? You two always make up. It was okay after that wasn't it?" Emily asked her.

"What? Oh yes. We always do. We just have look at each other and like...were all over each other. It's not that."

"I just...well...it's getting harder and harder to leave her. We enjoy the time we spend together, but then when we know I'm going home that day, or like in a few hours, we both get miserable and argue, and it's not our usual bickering. It's like we don't want to be apart, so we take it out on each other. I love her so much and my dad even loves her! I spend so much time staying over with Jack; I just hoped she might ask me to live with her. But she hasn't."

Emily and Pattie looked at each other and shook their heads. "Are you really surprised Rosie?" Emily asked. "Look, you're my best friend and I love you, but I'm going to honest with you. The way you react to certain issues makes Jackson scared she'll do or say the wrong thing."

Rosie sat herself down at the kitchen table and sighed. "I know. We're both really different people, and we've both never been in a serious relationship before. Sometimes it feels like we're stumbling around in the dark, but I know one thing for certain. I love Jack more than anything in the world, and I want to be with her forever."

Emily took Rosie's hand and said. "I know you do, and I also know that Jackson worships the ground you walk on. You just have to learn how to...manage your partner. You've always got to be ten steps ahead."

Rosie looked confused. "How do I do that?"

Emily smiled at her Mother in law and gave her a wink. Pattie and Emily had discussed Rosie before, and both felt she had lacked a female role model in her life, having lost her Mom to cancer at such an early age. They decided to take the young woman under their wing. "I think we have to instruct our young friend on the woman's handbook Pattie."

"I think you're right Emily."

"The woman's handbook?" Rosie asked.

Pattie took Rosie's other hand and said. "Don't you worry, just listen to us and you'll have Jackson toeing the line in no time! Emily would you like to start us off?" Pattie winked at her daughter in law.

"Now rule number one. Always let them think they came up with the idea..."




"Emmie? Are you three coming? I'm just gonna start without you." Dylan shouted.

"Coming! Just give us a second will you?" She shouted back.

Dylan's production company was making a documentary about their experiences training for and taking part in her latest charity dare, and after dinner Dylan had promised to show them what had been shot up until then.

She stood impatiently in front of the large screen TV, having set everything up. Jackson, Sandy and Tommy sat on the couch waiting. Dylan had put Molly to bed and all they were waiting for we're Emily and Rosie, and Pattie.

"Oh man, I hate seeing myself on TV. I look like an idiot." Sandy said to Dylan.

Dylan was petting Wolfie who sat at her feet. "You don't look like an idiot. You've been a natural making this show, and remember it's all about keeping your profile high."

They heard the Emily, Rosie and Pattie laugh as they made their way from the kitchen.

"I don't like it when they laugh like that." Jackson said worriedly.

"Yeah? How do you think I feel? My Mother and my wife together, scheming and planning. When I hear them laugh like that, it makes me shiver!"

Sandy and Tommy laughed at the two friends. "Listen you two; take it from a man with experience." Tommy said.

"Don't get stressed about what they're up to, and don't try to outsmart them because you'll fail. Just learn to say yes or no in the right places and if all else fails suck up, then you'll have an easy life."

The three women came in with big smiles on their faces. Rosie popped herself down to Jackson lap, and gave Emily and Pattie a conspiratorial look.

Jackson and Dylan looked at each other waiting for the ball to drop, but Emily and Pattie just took their place on the couch and said nothing.

Jackson couldn't take it any longer and asked. "Is there anything wrong darlin'?"

Rosie gave her a kiss on the nose and said, "Not a thing, Jack."

Jackson was not reassured and gave Dylan a worried look. "So we all ready now?" Dylan asked Emily.

"Sure. Let see this thing." Dylan started the show and came to sit beside her wife; put her arm around her and pulled her into a hug.

"Remember, this is just a rough cut."


On the screen, writing appeared on a black background, while Moroccan music played.

It read: The challenge - Dylan Morgan and her training partner Jackson Hunter will run

250km across the Moroccan Sahara desert, in what is dubbed, the toughest race on Earth. This is their story...

Emily placed Dylan's hand on her baby bump for reassurance and Dylan rubbed in small circles to ease her wife's obvious tension.

The narrator started to speak as shots of Dylan competing on her show played.

"Dylan Morgan, Olympic gold medalist and star of The Dylan Morgan Show, is about to face her greatest ever test of endurance, along with her good friend and ex special forces operative, Jackson Hunter. The two friends are about to take part in six back to back marathons in one of the hottest places on earth.

The scene changed to shots of a sun baked, rocky dessert. These grueling conditions have killed people and not everyone will finish.

Emily let out an audible gasp, and turned to look at Dylan worriedly. "it's okay baby, you'll see, keep watching."


Dylan is putting her body on the line and all for charity. The scene changed to Dylan and Jackson running on a treadmill with all sorts of tubes and cables, attached to their bodies, recording performance and vital stats.

To achieve this, Dylan and Jackson have put together a team of the best performance scientists in the world. They will train like never before, and undergo serve heat conditioning, and face the danger of pushing their bodies to new limits.

Twenty five years ago the Marathon des sable was born. Its aim to test the limits of human endurance, and for Dylan, failure is not an option.

Dylan felt her wife grow ever more rigid in her arms, and wondered if it had been the best idea to show her this part of the documentary before they went.

As the show went on, they watched Sandy help the friends with their grueling running training underneath the artificial 40 degree heat lights, while the doctors explained that the greatest danger was losing water through sweat and overheating.

You could hear a pin drop in the family room as the information got worse. Dr Jenkins said. "Because of Dylan's statuesque height, her body has to work harder to keep cool, and is therefore more at risk from heatstroke. That is extremely dangerous for them both, and that was what kills competitors, it will need to be continually monitored."

While Dylan and Jackson ran in the background, Sandy was interviewed on their training. "I've never seem someone as relentless as Dylan, especially with Jackson beside her to push her on. When Dylan gets in the zone, there's nothing that's going to stop her. No matter the cost to her body."

That was the final straw for Emily. She jumped up from the couch and ran out of the family room crying.

"Emmie! Wait!" Dylan quickly turned off the tape. Rosie stood up and looked at both Jackson and her with tears in her eyes. "How could you both do this?" Rosie followed suit and ran out the room.

Dylan and Jackson just looked at each other confused. "What the hell just happened?" Jackson asked.

"I need to talk to Emily." Dylan got up to go, but her mom held her hand to stop her. "Just give her some space Dylan. She's scared; I don't think you should have shown the girls this."

"But Mom, it's what I do, and Jackson was an elite soldier for God's sake. Nothing's going to happen to us. We're the best."

"I'll go and see them. Stay here you two." Pattie went off in search of the two young women.

Sandy looked really worried and said to Jackson . "Do you think it was because of what I said on the tape? I didn't mean to upset anyone."

Jackson shook her head. "No, don't worry about it Sandy . I don't understand why they're so upset."

"Don't worry about it buddy. You said nothing wrong." Dylan told her.

"Dad? You understand, right? I have to challenge myself. There has to be some hint of danger."

Tommy stood and smacked his daughter on the back. "I know champ, but your wife's pregnant. Her hormones are all over the place, and you've both been through so much in such a short time."

"I'm a professional dad. This is my job, it's what I do!"

"Go talk to her then, and emphasize the safety measures." Tommy told her.

Dylan nodded and left the room followed by Jackson .




Dylan met her mom coming down the stairs and was told Emily was in their bedroom, and Rosie had run out towards the pool house, so Jackson headed out that way.

Dylan petted Wolfie as she passed his bed at the top of the stairs. This was his spot, and no matter where they had put his bed he always ended up here, so they gave in. Dylan figured the dog thought it was the best place to keep his eyes and ears on Molly and their own bedroom, and that pleased Dylan. Anyone coming up the stairs would have to get through him first, and she pitied the person stupid enough to try. She popped her head into Molly's room, as she made her way to speak to her wife. Molly was happily cuddled up with her favorite soft toy, her penguin named stinky. Do I take them for granted? Do I put them through too much? Maybe...

With a sigh she walked along to her bedroom door and she was happy to find the door unlocked. She didn't spot Emily at first, but heard bangs and crashes coming from her dressing room, and then she saw sneakers and t shirts flying out the door. Oh shit!

She walked over and looked round the door to find Emily on her knees piling up clothes and pulling out shoes.

"Ah Emmie? Are you throwing me out?" Her question was met with silence.

Dylan stuffed her hands in the pockets of her cargo shorts and rocked back on her heels. "Baby girl? Are you throwing me out?"

Emily stopped dead and looked up at her with eyes that could burn a hole through steal. "Don't be ridiculous Dylan. I'm cleaning and organizing your dressing room. It's a mess."

Uh oh! Thought Dylan. Whenever Emily was upset, she had to clean and 'reorganize'. It was never a good sign.

"Can we talk baby?"

Emily kept pulling out sneakers and throwing them to the side. "Look at this? We've only lived here a few months and these shelves are filthy! I need my cleaning things."

She got up as quickly as she could and tried to walk past Dylan but her partner pulled her into her arms.

"Let me go Dylan!"

"Just stop Emily, I don't want you on your knees cleaning, we have staff for that. Think of the baby."

Emily snatched her arm away from Dylan and snapped. "Don't you dare give me a lecture on what's good for the baby, when you're going to the dessert to kill yourself!"

Emily threw herself down on the bed and started crying. "Ah Emmie, I'm not gonna kill myself. Come on be reasonable!"

"Reasonable? You don't care about us at all do you?" Emily was fuming.

"Of course I care! Why would you say that? You know that you, Molly and the baby are my world!"

"Clearly not or you wouldn't be so excited about risking your life." Dylan walked over fell to hear knees.

"Emily Morgan I am not going to die. All those things the Doctor tested us for, was to show what kind of precautions we need to take over there. The Doc knows what our bodies can tolerate now, and he and his team know exactly where our heart rates need to be, what kind of nutrition we need to take, water, everything. We're both going to have heart rate monitors on, and Dr Jenkins will be monitoring us from base camp, and at the end of each stage there is a medical tent filled with doctors and nurses."

Emily looked up at her. "Yes I know, we've talked about this before, but I'm just concerned that you won't take the doctor's advice."

Dylan took her hand and said. "If it's bad, I will baby." She just prayed that it wouldn't come to that, because deep inside Dylan knew she find it difficult to give up and let the doctor pull her out. The other dreaded scenario was that if any of them needed fluids in the form of a saline drip, it would incur a two hour penalty, and there was no way Dylan would accept that.

"Emmie this event is going to be the hardest thing I've ever done, and it's meant to be. It's the toughest race on earth, but it's what I do. This is my job, to entertain by taking on dangerous challenges, and it's for charity. I can do this Emmie, trust me. Plus I'll have a camera crew following me, my producer and Sandy. I'll have plenty of people watching me closely."

Emily looked as if she was starting to soften. "I'm terrified of losing you Dylan. I had to raise Molly on my own for four years, I couldn't bear to be without you and raise this one and Molls on my own."

Dylan reached up and cupped Emily's cheek. "You won't ever have to baby, If you want, when I get back, we can talk about me retiring again. I don't want to upset you anymore."

Emily let out a long sigh and wiped away her tears. "You promise you'll be careful?"

"I will. Jackson will keep me out of trouble too." Emily considered her options and pointed a finger in Dylan's face.

"If you get injured out in that dessert, I swear I will hunt you down and kill you myself, and if you die I'll kill you again Morgan! Do we understand one another?"

Dylan gave her a big smile. "Absolutely Mama smurf! Honestly I'll be okay, and you know we'll be putting a video diary on the website every night, so you can keep track of how we're doing, and you can send me messages and stuff."

"Okay, but I'll still worry, I love you TV star."

She was so relived and smiled gratefully. "I love you too baby girl. You too little baby Morgan."

Dylan put her head in Emily's lap and hugged her wife's baby bump.




Jackson spotted her girlfriend standing by the pool. When she got closer, she saw Rosie was crying.

"Darlin' don't cry. Talk to me."

She reached out and turned Rosie around, and it broke Jackson heart to see her tear stained face. "Aww darlin', it's not that bad. We're going to have the best back up. There won't be any problems."

"You don't know that! Anything could happen!" Rosie shouted.

"Look..." Jackson started to speak but Rosie cut her off. "No! You look. I never thought I'd find the one. The one person I want to be with, the one I was meant to be with for the rest of my life, but I have. I love you more than anything in this world Jack, and you could be taken away from me, just like my Mom."

Jackson felt terrible. She knew all Rosie had ever had was her father and now she was scared of losing someone else. "Darlin', I was in special forces serving in Afghanistan and Iraq . I'm trained for this sort of environment. I won't take any unnecessary risks. I will come back Rosie; I'll come back to you. It's for your charity, remember?"

"I know." Rosie scrubbed her face with her hands. "But you're taking a chance with your health and were just at the start of our life together. You are all I have, apart from my dad. Emily's married; she has Dylan's child and a baby on the way. If God forbid anything ever happened to her, Emily would always have a piece of their love, and a reason to keep going. If anything happens to you..."

Fresh tears sprang from her eyes, and Jackson pulled her into her arms. "Shh! Nothing's going to happen. People do this every year and come home good as new."

"I hate being apart from you, and If anything happens to you..I don't know how I'd go on."

"But a few days ago, at the barbeque, you freaked out because I smiled at the thought of having a family with you? I told you that I realized I was a lot older than you, and I would wait until you were ready for more."

"That was then. When I was watching that stupid show in there, I realized how much I need you. How much I love you Jack."

Jackson considered her options, she was still wary of scaring her young lover away. She decided to take charge of the situation and be brave. "I tell you what. When I get back from Morocco , were going to make some changes. Since you are looking for some new premises to base your design business in, I think we should look for somewhere to live too. I think we should live together."

"Really?" Rosie said excitedly.

"Yes, we won't move too far from your dad, so you don't have to worry about him, besides he loves me anyway."

Rosie jumped into Jackson arms and kissed her repeatedly. "Oh, I love you Jack! I love you! I love you so much!"

From the kitchen window, Pattie smiled as she watched Rosie jump into Jackson 's arms with excited squeals. "Well done Rosie girl. You've learnt your first lesson well."

She then burst out laughing when she saw Jackson carry them both to the edge of the pool and jump in. When the pair surfaced and kissed passionately, she thought. You two will be just fine.




After saying goodbye to Dylan and Jackson at the airport, Emily, Rosie, Dylan's parents and Molly were driven to the Morgan's house by Jamie, Emily's driver.

Tommy and Pattie suggested to Dylan they stay with Emily, to support her and Molly while she was away, and she had happily taken them up on the offer. With Emily pregnant, Dylan wanted everyone she trusted around her wife. She already had her PA Lynn, prompted to call Emily every day, to see if she needed anything.

The journey home had been very subdued. Emily and Rosie had been very upset saying goodbye to they're partners. They walked into the large entrance hall and Wolfie came bounding down the stairs to meet them. Molly gave him lots of kisses and pets, and then looked up to her Mother. "Mama?"

"What is it sweetie?" Tommy helped her Emily off with her jacket.

"Is Mom and Dackson not coming home soon Mama?" The little girl had been worried by tears cried her Mother and Rosie on the way home.

"Of course Molls. They'll be back in a week. Mama and Rosie are just sad because we'll miss them."

At those words Rosie's tears had started a fresh."Rosie how you help me out with lunch and Emily you go and have a lie down you look tired."

Emily was indeed tired so she didn't argue with her Mother in law. Between not sleeping the night before and being three months pregnant, all contributed to make Emily feel exhausted.

"Thanks mom."

"And Molly and I will go outside and play, won't we sport?"

"Yeah, Grandpa! Come on Olfie! We go outside and play!" Molly ran off with her dog, and Grandpa trailing behind.

"I'll call you when lunch is ready." Pattie said to her husband and Daughter in law.

Emily walked over to Rosie and gave her a hug. "Will you be okay?"

Rosie nodded and said. "I just didn't think it would be this hard. I miss Jack so much already."

Pattie took Rosie's hand and led her away. "Come and tell me all about it Rosie."

Emily started to trudge upstairs, she had been fighting the tears and losing, the whole journey home, but as soon as she walked into their bedroom and saw what was waiting for her, she lost control.

In the middle of the large bed sat a dozen Roses, a Disney goofy soft toy, and Dylan's iPad. When she got closer she saw a note attached to the iPad saying press play.

"So this is what you were up to when you ran back in TV Star!" Emily pressed play as instructed and a video message from Dylan started playing.

"Hey baby girl! I know today and the rest of my time away is going to be hard for you, for us both, so I wanted to give you a few things to remind you how much I love you. I left you a goofy to hug when you miss your real goofy. Go on...pick him up Emmie."

Emily did as asked and she realized that her partner had sprayed her favorite aftershave on the soft toy. She hugged it as tight as she could, taking in the scent of her partner. "I love you so much Dyl. You are so sweet."

After a minute, Dylan began talking again. "I want you to hug Goofy every night Emmie, and imagine I'm hugging you back. I'm going to be thinking about you, and Molls and the baby all the time, and missing you all so much. Remember and tell Molly and the baby I love them every day."

Emily nodded her head in answer to the video.

"When I'm lying in my tent at night I'm going to be thinking about you, thinking about last Saturday night. Do you remember?"

Oh I remember TV star...

Dylan had decided in her wisdom that she and Emily should refrain from sex for seven days before she left for Morocco . She was convinced it would save vital energy for the marathon ahead. Two days in and Dylan was walking around like a bear with a sore head. Grumbling at everything, and snapping at everyone. Emily had watched her with some amusement as her mood deteriorated more and more. Dylan had a high sex drive normally but she had been even more demanding since she started her intense training program, and taking extra supplements. They made love every night, but very often they were intimate twice a day, sometimes in the morning, or when Dylan came home from training. It was all Emily could do to calm her partner down. Luckily at over three months pregnant, having left sickness behind and having lots of happy hormones, Emily was more than happy to accommodate her partner, as much as she could.

When Dylan told her wife about her plan, Emily had laughed and told her she would never hold out. Dylan of course had taken this as a challenge and she never backed down from a challenge. At first Emily thought it was funny seeing her struggle through herself imposed abstinence, but they were a very tactile couple, and Emily very quickly missed the kisses and casual touches that her partner would normally give. When Emily protested Dylan explained she couldn't touch her wife and not want more. Emily had enough; she wanted her Dylan back, not this moody, frustrated person she had become.

After dinner Dylan was helping Emily clear up the Kitchen. Every dish was banged into the dishwasher and a litany grumbles and complaints went along with it. "Stupid piece of crap! Why don't you fit! Get in!" An innocent bowl was forced into the last small space left in the washer.

Emily sighed and decided to put her plan into action.

"Dyl can you reach the glad wrap for me? I just can't reach it, and I need to put away these leftovers."

"Sure." As Dylan padded over to her, Emily said. "It's so hot in here. I think I could do without this sweater."

She took it off slowly leaving her in a little tiny vest top, which was way too small for her breasts, which had increased in size since the beginning of her pregnancy. She threw the sweater to the side and leaned against the countertop. Dylan unconsciously licked her lips as her eyes zeroed in on her wife's chest.

Emily then turned and opened up the high cupboard. She reached and pointed to the glad wrap. "It's up there honey. Can you get it for me?"

Dylan walked up close behind her, and reached over her head to lift the wrap down. As she did, Dylan inhaled the scent of her wife's perfume, the one that always made Dylan crazy for her. "Oh god you smell so good baby."

At that moment Emily pushed her backside into her partners groin and lifted Dylan's hands onto her hips, so they were mimicking one of Dylan's favorite positions. When she heard a groan behind her, Emily knew she had achieved her first goal. With a satisfied smirk, Emily turned to find Dylan looking like she wanted to ravage her. "Thanks honey."

She quickly used the wrap and put the leftovers in the fridge. When Emily looked back at Dylan, she hadn't moved but her knuckles were turning white, because she was holding her fists so tight.

"Dyl? Molly needs her bath now. Do you want to do it? Or do you want me to?"

She saw Dylan shake her head, as if trying clear it. "Uh...could you do it? I...think I need some fresh air. I'll come and read her a story after I..."

"Sure honey. Off you go." Dylan bolted out the kitchen door as if she was on fire.

Emily laughed. "Oh goofy, you are going to explode before the nights out!"


Back in her bedroom, Emily hugged her Goofy soft toy and started to type an email to her partner. "Thank you for my presents goofy! Yes, I remember that night vividly, do you remember what happened next?"





"This is great Dylan! These seats turn into beds." Jackson said as they settled into their private section of the Royal Moroccan flight. The two friends were heading out a few days early to acclimatize to the heat and humidity. Dylan's producer and camera crew would meet them there with the equipment, and Sandy would follow the day after.

"Yeah it's cool. There's wifi, iPads, private stewardess. Yup, you'll live the high life with me Hunter!" Dylan said with a wink.

"Oh shut up Dylan. You're so full of yourself." Jackson grumbled.

"Don't pretend you're not impressed. Who's the one taking pictures on your phone every two seconds?"

Jackson shook her head. "You know they're for Rosie. She wanted to see everything; she's never even been on a plane before."

"I think you need to take that girl on a vacation."

Jackson smiled. "I'm going to. I'd like to get her all to myself for a bit. I did want to get your advice on where..."

They were interrupted by the stewardess. "Excuse me Ms Morgan, Ms Hunter. My name is Karina and I'll be your personal stewardess for your trip." The beautiful Moroccan stewardess gave them a dazzling smile.

"Thanks Karina." Dylan said for them both. "Is it okay to use the wifi now we're in the air?" Dylan was anxious to email her wife.

"Yes, Ms Morgan. Can I get you some drinks?"

"Just a bottle of water for me please." Dylan said, and then nudged Jackson, who seemed to be struck dumb, to get her to reply."

"Oh...eh...yes just water for me too, please."

Karina leant further into Jackson and said. "I'll be back momentarily with your drinks, but if there's anything I can do for you, anything at all Ms Hunter, please just ask." The stewardess smoldered.

Jackson gulped audibly, and when she left Dylan started laughing.

"I guess you won't be taking a picture of her for Rosie huh, Jackson ?"

"Not if I want to keep all of my limbs intact! What was all that about? You're the famous one?"

Dylan lifted her hand to show her wedding ring. "Yeah but I'm clearly taken. It must be your pretty boy looks!"

"Oh shut up, and I'm taken too. I just don't have a ring." Jackson grumbled.

"Well you can do something about that can't you?"

"I'm working on it. I don't want to spook Rosie. She'll probably think a ring is a symbol of ownership or some crap like that. I'm taking it one step at a time. She's agreed that we should look for a place together when we get back, and I'll take it from there."

Dylan was delighted when she switched her iphone on and saw a message from her wife. "I'll tell you what buddy. All these lonely nights were gonna spend in the dessert; I'm going to teach you and Sandy how to have a woman eating out of your hand."

Jackson turned and gave her an incredulous look. "Who are you trying to kid? Emily runs rings round you."

"Yeah, well who's married? So shut up and let me read my loving email from my wife."

When Dylan had looked away, Jackson turned her own phone on as subtly as she could, hoping she would have a message from her own girl.

Dylan read the message, "Do you remember what happened next?" and thought, Oh hell yeah I do. It's the only thing that's going to get me through the lonely nights ahead.

She looked out of the plane window and cast her mind back to that night...


Dylan bolted out the kitchen and ran down to the end of Beach walkway. She bent over, holding on to her knees, and took in a big lungful of fresh sea air. "Why did I ever say we should stop having sex? I'm going to explode. My wife is literally going to kill me! I wonder if anyone has ever died from sex deprivation?"

"Whatever Emmie throws at you, just think of the dry dessert, camels, sweaty smelly guys running next to you, blisters on your feet and how much you need that extra energy. Oh fuck!"

Somehow Dylan's mind kept shifting from image of dessert sand, to the sand on their private beach, and a scantily clad Emily sunbathing, her peachy, fleshy ass glistening in the sun...

Dylan smacked herself in the face. "Argh! How am I ever gonna do this? This is only the second night. I've got five more to go then nearly two weeks in Morocco ! I'm so gonna die!"




Dylan remembered she had calmed herself down and went back inside to read Molly a story. She loved this special time with her daughter, and was really going to miss it while she was away.

"Mom?" Molly asked sleepily.

Dylan ruffled the little dark head so much like hers. "Yeah? What is it Molls?"

"Me miff ou. I sad when ou go. De baby say he miss ou too."

Dylan smiled. Molly was really taking her job as big sister seriously. She would talk to the baby in her mama's stomach all the time, include it in conversations, and insist that her Mom or Mama read the baby stories. Sometimes she would say it was a girl, sometimes a boy. She wasn't quite sure, but she knew she loved it.

"I know smurf. I'll miss you and the baby so much too, but it's a good thing to do for people that are sick, and when I come home I'm going to take you, your Mama, and the baby, on a special vacation. Just us as a family, it'll be great."

Molly's little face brightened a bit. "What about olfie doe?"

Thinking quickly Dylan said. "Wolfie can have a nice vacation staying over with Jackson and auntie Rosie." Jackson may kill me for that one!

"Otay. De baby still miff ou though."

"Well how about this big sister, you tell the baby that mom will bring you both back a really cool present okay? Would that make the baby feel better?"

"Tool! De baby feel better mom!"

You are just adorable smurf! Thought Dylan.

"I thought it might. Now how about one more story and you close those little eyes of yours huh?"

Molly clapped her hands together quickly. "Oh! Oh! De one about when ou and uncle Doey put da froggie in Granmas dink!"

"Uh em...yeah...remember we don't talk about that story in front of Grandma? Mom will get in trouble again."

Molly giggled and kicked her blankets off in excitement. "So were on vacation camping in the woods, and Uncle Joey and me were down at the creek playing. We saw this frog...




Molly soon fell asleep and Dylan made her way to the bedroom. She hesitated outside the door, and for the first time ever she was worried what would be on the other side. If it was just a question of forgetting about the abstinence, that would be one thing, but Emily had made it a challenge, and it went against Dylan's nature to lose a challenge.

She opened the door gingerly, and saw the room was bathed in candle light, and the doors that led onto their bedroom balcony had been thrown open, allowing the sound and smell of the sea to waft in, as the drapes billowed in the soft wind.

Uh Oh! Emmie's playing hard ball!

She went into the bedroom and shut the door behind her. The bedroom was empty, so Dylan assumed Emily was still in their bathroom. She noticed her boxers and sleep t shirt weren't laid out as usual, then she saw it, her strap on laid on her bedside table.

Shit! She turned and started to creep out the door, when she heard "Oh Dylan?"

Dylan's heart began to thud in her chest. Just the sound of her wife's voice could make her weak at the knees. When Emily wanted Dylan badly, she had this yearning quality to her voice that made Dylan want to do anything for her. She hit her forehead softly against the door and thought. Just give in. You know you can't hold out against Emmie! But the competitive part of her brain shouted. Don't give in! Dylan Morgan never loses! Think camels and sweaty guys, camels and sweaty guys, camels and sweaty guys!

She fixed a neutral look on her face and turned to her wife. "Yes baby?"

"Where are you going?"

Dylan groaned inwardly. Emily had one of her sexiest negligees on. The kind Dylan loved to rip off.

"I...I thought I might go and workout for a bit."

Emily smirked at her. "At this time? No, come over here."

Dylan sighed and walked over to her slowly. "I'm...I'm not giving in Emmie. I meant what I said the other day, I need the extra energy."

Emily took her hand and pulled her over to the bedroom chair near the large bed. "I never asked you to give in, did I? In fact it's quite the opposite. I want you to sit there, and watch. You're not allowed to touch me."

Emily pushed her stunned partner back into the chair, and walked over to put some music on. The sounds of erotic jazz filled the room.

What the hell is she...oh fuck. Dylan watched Emily start to strip off her negligee very slowly, moving and swaying to the music.

Camels and....what was it....camels...uh....uh...breasts....

As Emily's full breasts were revealed Dylan started to forget all about losing and the reasons why she wasn't meant to be making love. All she could think was of wrapping her lips around her wife's swollen nipples and sucking.

When Emily saw the look of utter desire on her partner's face, she knew she had won, but she wanted to make this special. Something Dylan could remember while she was away from her.

She saw Dylan start to stand and pushed her back down. "No touching remember, honey?"

A now naked Emily bent over, and her breasts hung right in front of Dylan's face. She whispered in her partner's ear. "It's a challenge."

Dylan moaned in frustration and gripped the arms of the chair tight. She was not used to sitting back and being told what to do in the bedroom, so this was hard.

Emily moved around the back of the chair and said, "Raise your arms Dyl; I want to see those shoulders. Dylan did as she was asked and Emily pulled her t shirt off, leaving her naked from the waist up.

Dylan could feel her wife's breasts brush against her naked back, and it made her groan. "Emmie..."

"What is it honey?" Emily placed feather light kisses along her partner's shoulders, which were pronounced and tout with strain.

Dylan only replied with another groan. "Do you know how much I've needed you Dyl? Needed your touch?"

Emily traced her manicured nail along Dylan's Family Forever tattoo, which ran the length of her collarbone. "Two days of aching for you...thinking about your kisses...thinking about you inside me... "Emily put on her best sad voice."But you didn't want me."

Dylan felt like her skin was on fire. Emily had hardly touched her, but having denied herself for days, and now not being able touch her wife was making her insane. "I always want you baby girl, don't ever think I don't...I was just trying..."

"A goofy idea." Emily finished the sentence for her. She walked round and sat in Dylan's lap, so that her breasts were inches from her face, and she saw Dylan lick her lips.

"The worst idea I ever had. I'm sorry baby girl. Please...let me touch you. Let me make it up to you. I want you so much."

Emily moved as if to kiss her partner, and inches from her lips said, "I'm so wet honey. I've needed you so much." As she whispered her fingers grazed along Dylan's washboard abs.

"Oh god baby...please...let me... Dylan begged.

Emily smiled. "No not yet. You need to be punished for denying your wife."

She got up and walked the few steps over to the bed, putting an extra sway into her hips. She lay down on the bed and met Dylan's eyes as she began to lightly trace her fingers from her throat, and down onto her breasts. It wasn't only Dylan who lost in lust, Emily was finding this intoxicating. To be able to keep a powerful woman like Dylan under control just from few words was so exciting, but Dylan couldn't take it anymore.

Dylan never let her gaze stray from her wife as Emily's fingers grazed the sides of her breast.

"Squeeze them." Dylan said.

Emily hesitated for a second then responded by taking both breasts in her hands and squeezing. The power had shifted in an instant.

Dylan was mesmerized, her hands ached to be full of her wife's breasts, but she was enjoying watching just as much.

"Pinch your nipples baby, I know you like that." Emily moaned as she complied with her partner's instructions.

She moaned and said. "I want your mouth on them Dyl. Please?"

Dylan grinned as she knew she was back in charge. She let go of the arm rests and crossed her legs nonchalantly.

Emily groaned as she felt Dylan's penetrating stare watch her.

"Baby? Touch yourself for me."

Emily trailed her fingers down from her breasts, over her baby bump, and slipped her fingers into her own wetness.

"Are you wet for me baby girl?"

"Yes honey. Come and taste me please! I need you."

Dylan smiled. "Uh not yet...you've been a little tease haven't you naughty girl?"

Emily's fingers glided over her hard throbbing clit. It felt so good but she ached to be filled.

"Don't you go inside baby and don't you dare come you little tease." Dylan ordered.

"I love you Dyl. Please come and touch me...please...I'm begging you."

"Take your fingers and suck them for me." As Dylan watched she stood and started to strip her jeans and underwear off. She walked around the bed to get her strap on, and secured it quickly.

She heard Emily moan at her own taste, and Dylan's mouth watered. She could hold back no longer and leapt on the bed beside her wife. Dylan took Emily's hands and held them above her head. "You've been a bad girl Emmie. Are you a tease?"

"Yes Dyl. Please, touch me?" Emily squirmed trying to touch Dylan in some small way.

Dylan looked down at her struggles with a smirk. "Do you want my mouth on you?"

"God, yes!" Emily moaned.

Without letting Emily's hands free Dylan lips latched onto her wife's breast and sucked hard while her hand stroked softly down her body.

Emily's felt Dylan's hardness rest on her thigh, and she moaned louder as her hips started to buck, wanting it inside her. Dylan cupped her mound but didn't let her fingers slip in to graze her clit. "Maybe I shouldn't let you come, baby? You've been so naughty. Maybe I should just come on you and let you ache for me?"

Dylan knew despite her how much she was squirming; Emily loved to be teased and teased, until she was insane with need. Even more than that, she loved Dylan to take her pleasure first from her.

"Does my little teasing wife want it quick or will I just take what I want from you?"

Emily groaned; Dylan knew her better than she knew herself. "I want to please you honey."

"On your knees then." Dylan moved up to lean her back against the headboard and said, "Suck me."

Emily crawled up the bed and at first used the tip of her tongue to lick all over Dylan's cock.

Dylan moaned as she watched her wife make love to her, and she let out a deep groan when Emily sucked her in deep.

"Fuck yeah. Suck it baby girl." Dylan's hand came to the back of Emily's head, guiding her in and out.

Dylan felt like she was going to explode listening to the sucking and slurping noises coming from her wife, "You're so good at sucking baby. Oh, yeah..."

It turned her on so much to watch Emily from this angle. As she sucked, Emily's breasts would bounce up and down exciting Dylan further. "You want me inside you, don't you?"

Emily nodded while continuing to suck faster and faster. "You want me to fuck you, but maybe I'll just come in your mouth?

Dylan heard a deep moan come from Emily, and saw her eyes look up at her with not lust, but absolute desire and love, and the game was over.

She pulled Emily up to her lap and without the fire of their previous touches, kissed her wife with love, tenderness and utter devotion. The change in the atmosphere was palpable, as Emily held on to Dylan's neck and quite naturally slipped onto Dylan's strap on. She gasped at the feeling of fullness and kept quite still as she got used to the feeling. She stroked her fingers through her partner's thick dark hair, and met her eyes. The emotion they both felt was overwhelming. Tears came to Emily's eyes and she said, "I love you, and I'm going to miss you so much it hurts."

Dylan cupped her Emily's cheek and wiped the tears falling down with her thumb. "I love you baby girl. I'll miss you every second I'm away, but I promise I'll come back to you, "Dylan placed a hand on her wife's bulging stomach."I promise I'll come back to you and our little family."

"Oh god, I just love you so much!" Emily cried. Dylan pulled her into her arms, and held her as tight as she could. Emily began to lift her hips up and down and Dylan started some gentle thrusts.

Both of them became aware of the sea breeze blowing in the balcony doors and across their overheated and sensitized skin.

They held each other like their lives depended on it, and as both their orgasms built up, so did the emotional feelings that needed release, just as much as their bodies did. Emily raised and circled her hips, and Dylan thrust faster and faster until they were both desperately clinging to each other, breathlessly screaming their love.

The rest of the evening, Dylan made love gently and tenderly to Emily until she was exhausted and fell asleep.

Dylan had lain awake simply watching her wife, and memorizing every part of her.

She placed kisses onto Emily's stomach, and whispered to their baby. I love you little one, and your big sister and your Mama. I promise I'll come back to you soon."

Dylan's thoughts came back to the present, and the cabin of the Royal Moroccan flight. She emailed a reply to her wife. Yeah, Emmie. I'll remember that night for the rest of my life. I love you...

With thoughts of her wife she allowed her eyes to shut and she drifted to sleep.




Jackson felt a kissing sensation on the side of her face. "I love you Baby girl. Hmm. Give your big goofy kisses!"

Jackson 's eyes popped open and found to her horror, Dylan still sleeping, but cuddled into her side and planting kisses on her cheek and neck. "Ugh! Get the hell off me Morgan!"

Dylan's eyes slowly opened, and when she realized who she had been kissing, she jumped back, and frantically wiped her lips with her sleeve. "Yuck! What the hell did you let me do that for?"

Jackson looked horrified. "Me? I was resting, and you start trying to make out with me!"

"I was dreaming about Emmie, obviously. I don't know why Rosie wants to kiss you. You're all boney!"

"I'm so sorry I'm not all soft and curvaceous like your wife! How about you just don't kiss me again 'big goofy!' " Jackson teased.

Dylan went bright red. "Let's just forget this ever happened. Okay?"

"Gladly." Replied Jackson .

Their personal stewardess Karina came up and said, "We're just about to begin the landing sequence, if you could fasten your seat belts."

Dylan gave her a big smile. "Thank you Karina."

"It was a pleasure to serve you both. Ms Hunter if you need someone to show you around Morocco , I would be more than happy to help you. I'm staying in the capital for a few days before returning to duty."

Before Rosie, Jackson would have handled this situation without any problems, and she may have even taken an offer like this up, but now the very thought horrified her. Rosie was all she could think about, and there was nothing that could make her change her mind.

"Thank you Karina, but we're going to be very busy when we land, and besides I have someone at home."

Karina bent over and said. "That is a great pity; I could have given you great pleasure."

Jackson nervously fiddled with her collar when Karina slinked off. "I bet your glad Rosie isn't here?"

Dylan nudged her friend in the ribs. "I think she might have thrown Karina out of the plane door along with me!"




Rosie came skipping into the kitchen with a broad smile on her face. "Em, they're at the hotel! Jack sent me a picture of her room!"

Emily asked her friend to stay over the night before; she thought Rosie may need her support, after her first separation from Jackson .

Emily smiled at her friend. She had already had her message from Dylan when she woke up this morning and it had cheered her up a lot. It had been upsetting to wake up and not be in Dylan's arms. Morning was always a special time for them. Even though Dylan got up to work out very early, after a shower she would always come back and snuggle until Emily woke up, or Dylan lost patience and woke her with kisses and passionate touches.

"Great. Take a seat Rosie, breakfast is nearly ready."

Pattie finished setting the table and said. "I'll go and get Tommy and Molly."

"Thanks mom." Emily started to plate up the pancakes, bacon, eggs and toast, and brought them over to the table.

"You get on really well with Pattie, don't you?" Rosie asked.

"Yes, I couldn't ask for a better mother in law. We're quite alike in a lot of ways. The way we like to take care of our families, and we seem to work well together. She loves Dylan and Molly so much, Tommy does too, sometimes I just can't understand how they spent so much time apart."

Rosie looked thoughtful and said. "When someone dies...it can make people do really strange things. My dad...he struggled when Mom died...she was the love of his life, and there was a time after she died that he just couldn't bring himself to spend time with me. I look like my mom, so he found it really hard."

Emily sat and took Rosie's hand. "I'm sorry Rosie that must have been so hard of you, you were so young."

"Yeah well, he was in pain, and I waited for him. He came round after a while and we've been so close ever since. I always told myself I'd never love someone like my dad loved my mom, then Jack came into my life with her, 'Let me take care of you little lady!' attitude and I fall head over heels. I don't understand it sometimes."

"Maybe it's time somebody took care of you Rosie. You've had to be more grown up than most kids your whole life. We both know Jackson is a good person, so give in, let her look after you. You'll look after her just as much in other ways."

Rosie looked down at the email Jackson had sent her. I miss you so much darlin'. I hope you like the pictures. I wish we could be experiencing these new things together, but remember I love you and we have our whole life to look forward to. I would give you the world if I could.

"I think that's why I get so jealous and uptight; I'm always waiting for something to go wrong. Jack is too perfect."

Emily understood why the young woman was so insecure, and thought she should have a word with Jackson when she came back. " Jackson adores you and you better get used to having her around because I don't think there's anything that could get her to leave your side."

Rosie smiled. Yeah she's stubborn all right."

"Just like the woman she loves?"

"Maybe." Rosie conceded.

They were interrupted by the running footsteps and paws of Molly and Wolfie. "Mama! Me hungry!"

"Up you get then! We have eggs, pancakes and lots more."

Tommy shouted on Wolfie when he entered the kitchen with Pattie. "I'll feed Wolfie for you Emily. Come on boy!"

Molly jumped up and down on the spot. "Me talk to baby first Mama!"

Emily opened her arms. "Okay come on then."

Molly ran and kissed her Mama's stomach then began gibbering away to the baby. This was her routine at breakfast every morning. "Hi baby, me luv ou and member mom away but she luv ou too, and she bring us tool present."

The kitchen had gone from quiet to chaotic in seconds, but that's exactly what Emily had always wanted, a warm busy family home. With one big kid in Dylan, one little kid, and one on the way, she was close to getting her dream.




"There's not a chance in hell I'm putting that on my back. I'll look like a fucking asshole!"

Dylan's producer Ethan had come to discuss filming, and had brought the racing jersey and shorts, both the sponsor and charity had designed.

She picked up her iPhone and called Jackson . "Hey buddy, get your ass to my room and see what these dumbass sponsors want us to wear."

Ethan ran his hand over his designer stubble nervously. His star didn't normally throw temper tantrums, but he had found something that tipped Dylan over the edge.

Jackson was there in seconds as her room was right next door to her friends. "Where's the fire?"

Her eyes went wide when she saw the outfit Dylan was holding on a hanger. "Please tell me that's not what we're wearing?"

The costume consisted of bright pink Lycra cycling zipper style jersey, and matching pink Lycra shorts. Dylan held up the hanger on her finger with obvious disgust. "Our sponsor's Red Bull, and your girlfriend's charity, has decided in their wisdom that we should race in this."

"Dylan there are military people from all over the world here to do this race for their charities, I will be a complete laughing stock!"

"It's even worse than you think Jackson ." Dylan turned the pink top around and her friend saw a pair of white wings printed on the back, with Morgan, and Hunter above on their respective shirts.

Jackson sat down with her head in hands. "You see Ethan, we are not wearing this!" Dylan shouted.

Ethan grabbed his phone from his pocket and said. "Umm...let me go call the sponsors and see what we can do. Oh and I've set up an interview with one of the race regulars. We thought we'd do it in the hotel bar? "

"Fine, just go and fix this Ethan." Dylan said to producer.

Once he left Jackson looked up at Dylan and said. "This is your fault! Oh I'll get big sponsors involved! We'll make lots of money!' Now I'm facing the prospect of taking part in this thing with a pair of wings on my back like some fairy!"

"Oh yeah cause that was my plan to have us running through the dessert like a couple of big pink condoms! This is for your girlfriends charity, so it your fault!" Dylan shouted.

Jackson walked towards the door. "I'm going to finish unpacking."




One hour later a sheepish looking Jackson walked back into Dylan's hotel room. Her friend, who was on the phone, looked at her and shook her head.

Dylan began pacing up and down, getting further frustrated at what she was being told. "But...but...baby...I'm going to look like a fucking idiot!"

Almost as soon as Dylan said those words her face screwed up and she pulled the phone away from her ear. When she put it back she said. "No...no of course I don't want our kids to grow up cursing like a sailor. No...no...sorry...okay...I...yes...yes...but Emmie...yes baby....of course....yeah? Uh...okay....I love you...talk to you later."

When Dylan hung up the phone she collapsed onto a seat and held her head in her hands. Jackson had a good idea what that call was about. "You get your balls busted too, huh?"

"How in the hell did they find out?"

"Apparently the sponsors called the charity, and then they called Rosie, who then told your wife. We need to keep them apart." Jackson sat down beside her friend.

"So we're wearing the pink condom suit." Dylan said dejectedly.

"I was told by my girlfriend that if I didn't wear what the charity wanted then I could just stay in the dessert...or words to that effect."

"I'm gonna kill that little creep Ethan. This is going to go viral. My pictures gonna be shared and tweeted all over the world."

Jackson cheered up at that. "At least you're the celebrity; no one will even know who I am."

Dylan turned and gave her a hard stare. "You think? From now on you are gonna be known as Jackson the dick in the pink condom suit!"

"Oh shit!"



To be Continued...


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