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Reunion Part Three




The women spent a leisurely time floating in the cool water of the lake. For a lake, it was quite small, with a gurgling stream at one end, and a waterfall at the other. The lake had virtually no algae growth as its bottom was made up of small stones and pebbles that had washed down the near by mountain.

Gabrielle tipped her head back and let the cool water flow over her neck and shoulders. "It feels great." She sighed. "I come here in the middle of the summer with the girls. We even sleep under the stars." She smiled then.

"It would be a favorite spot if I had known about it." Xena said as she playfully splashed the other woman. Her mood seemed to be lightening, and Xena was grateful.

Gabrielle smirked. "It reminded me of when we used to travel together."

"Do you still tell stories?" Xena asked while sitting in a shallow part of the lake. She found a particularly flat stone and skipped it across the water.

"Yes I do." Gabrielle shrugged. "A woman has to make a living." Even though she wasn't facing Xena, the dark woman never left her eye. Partly because she was still in shock that Xena was here, the other because Xena's body was just as glorious as it had been. If anything Xena was thinner, maybe less muscular, but undeniably still attractive.

Gabrielle felt less about her body. She was older and had given birth to four daughters, and her body reflected it. Her hips were wider, breasts larger, and in Gabrielle's mind all around flabbier. Her opinion of her body was much more harsh than Xena's. She was certainly softer around the edges, but to Xena, Gabrielle was still the most beautiful woman she had ever met.

Gabrielle retrieved a small bar of soap from her bag and handed it to the other woman. "Will you wash my back?" She asked.

Xena's mouth was suddenly dry. She nodded and slid her body behind the blonde woman. Slowly she soaped Gabrielle's back, paying great attention to the strong shoulders.

"Ooooh," Gabrielle groaned, as Xena hit a rather sensitive spot. "I'll keep you just for your back rubs. I haven't had a good rub in years."

"That's it? You only love me for my hands?" Xena bantered back.

"Well, that and your height. You can reach the things Melosa hides on the top shelf. " Gabrielle snickered. That remark earned a pinch to the blonde's ribs.

"Oh yeah?" Xena stood quickly, and for a minute, Gabrielle feared she pushed the other woman too far. Then the blonde saw the impish glint in Xena's eyes.

"Oh no, no, no!" She squealed and tried to run through knee high water.

Xena scooped up the screaming bard and waded out to the deep end. She laughed maniacally as she threw the smaller woman in the water. Xena let out a laugh that filled the air when Gabrielle came up sputtering, sending a glare to the dark woman that fizzled on its way.

Xena smirked. "See, you can't even be mad at me."

"You better watch it, Princess." The blonde mock growled, "I know where you sleep."

"And just where is that?" Xena barked back as she dressed.

"Next to me." Gabrielle left a properly speechless warrior on the shore and returned to the blanket.


"Ready for lunch Xena?" Gabrielle asked as her stomach growled loudly.

Xena laughed and said, "Well, your stomach is."

Gabrielle only shrugged and began to get the lunch that she packed ready. There was the leftover lamb and vegetables from the night before. Bread, cheese and a bottle of Gabrielle's homemade wine were also there. The smell of the food made their mouth's water. Xena couldn't resist snatching a small bite of meat.

"I swear, Xena, your as bad as the girls," She scolded the warrior.

"I haven't had a good meal in a very long time." Xena smiled at the fair-haired mother.

Gabrielle's eyes drifted up the length of Xena's body, and back down again. Their eyes met, one pair filled with desire, the other trying to understand what she saw. "Neither have I." She replied.

Xena blushed and looked away. She felt that Gabrielle was talking about more that food.

Gabrielle reached for Xena's face. Gently she caressed the dark woman's cheek. "Why is it hard for you to see my desire for you Xena? Do you not want me the way that I want you?"

"I just never thought that I would get to see it. You're so bold. It's like you don't wait around for things. I didn't expect that you'd be interested in me, uh, that way, seeing as I'm a woman. Well, what I mean is…" She said quietly. "No one's ever compared to you, Gabrielle." Xena smiled shyly at the other woman.

Gabrielle was quiet for several moments. "Perdicus died almost ten years ago." She wrapped her arm around Xena. "I learned that life is precious. One minute things are as they have always been, the next, your whole world's upside down." She paused for a moment. "I decided, while I watched his funeral pyre, that I would live my life they way I wished. I wouldn't worry about what others might think…"

"Gabrielle, sweetie, why don't you come back to Potideia?" Lila asked as she combed her fingers through her sister's golden hair.


"Lila," Gabrielle warned, "I told you that I've decided to go live with the Amazon's. They need me, I'm a negotiator. "


"We need you, too, Gabrielle." Lila argued back.


"Look Lila," She gritted her teeth, "I'm going. That's it." She got up, out of her sister's reach.


"It's her, isn't it?" Lila asked rather jealously.


"What? Who?" Gabrielle was quickly tiring of this line of inquisition. She had no idea who her sister was talking about.


"Xena. You're waiting for her. Your husband's barely dead, and you can't wait to get back to her." Lila yelled at Gabrielle's back.


Gabrielle paled. "I can't believe what I'm hearing!" She shouted, "You of all people. I'll have you know, that Xena's done more for me than anyone has ever done! Even Perdicus. Xena loved me, she cared about what I did, and what I became. How dare you stand here accusing me of something you have no idea about." She whirled around, grabbed her bags and walked out the door.


Xena reached out and took Gabrielle's hand. "I'm very sorry about that. I know she meant very much to you."

"It's my life." She paused. "I only have to worry about my own happiness. I can't worry about what my mother or father will think any more. I deserve to be happy." Gabrielle smiled.

"Yes you do," Xena said and squeezed her hand tightly.

Reluctantly, Gabrielle stood up. "We've got to get back to the house. The girls will be home soon." She offered her hand to Xena, and pulled the taller woman to her feet.


Later that evening, after dinner was finished and the children sleeping, the women sat before the fire in Gabrielle's room, absorbing its warmth.

Gabrielle swirled the contents of her cup. "Xena," she asked, interrupting the quietness of the night.

Xena looked up, and into deep green eyes, tinged yellow by the firelight.

"Please stay." Gabrielle scooted closer to the warrior. "I meant it when I said didn't want you to leave. I know that you're going to… but I don't think that you'd be here if you didn't want to stay." She laid her hand on the darker woman's thigh. It was not a sexual touch, but one of connection.

Xena couldn't take her eyes of the woman next to me. "All right. I'll stay. But you must know, that when the end is close…"

Gabrielle put her fingers to Xena's lips. "I'll still be loving you." Gabrielle slid her hand behind Xena's head, and pulled her close, so close they were breathing each other's air. She leaned closer and their lips met in a kiss that was filled with emotion. She had loved others, but to her Xena was completion, the other half of her very soul.

The kiss lingered, as Xena pulled Gabrielle on to her lap. A shy tongue asked for permission to enter, and a moan was heard as the tongue explored the other mouth.

The need to breath pulled them apart. Xena's heart was racing, and her breathing labored. Her blood sang, and she held Gabrielle even closer.

Finally, when she had calmed somewhat, she said "If I had known that you could kiss like that, I would have kissed you the first time I saw you!"

Gabrielle laughed and replied. "I would have fainted if you had kissed me that way." Her smile reached her eyes when she added, "Come kiss me again, princess." Pulling Xena next to her on the bear skin rug.

Their lips met again, this time with passion. Tongues danced and hands wandered as each wished to show the other how much they were loved.

Both women were still clothed, but they felt the comfort of finally holding the other again. Xena settled her head into the crook of the blonde's shoulder. In no time Gabrielle started running her fingers through the thick, dark hair. Xena hummed in delight.

Unconsciously, Xena was running her fingers in circles on the stomach of the other woman. Suddenly fingers slid on to skin and eyes met as a jolt ran through both bodies. Gabrielle grinned again, and took a handful of hair.

"That feels good Xena, don't stop," She whispered, as Xena began to get bolder, tickling just below the blonde's ribs. Ever so slowly, long fingers made their way up to the bottoms of soft breasts. Feather light touches caressed Gabrielle, as Xena moaned softly.

Gabrielle couldn't stand it any longer. Being used to getting what she wanted, she flipped over on top of the warrior, straddling her hips. Xena's look of surprise was priceless.

"I'm used to getting what I wish for, Xena." She said while pulling off her shift. "And I have wished for this forever." She ground her hips into the woman beneath her and dropped her shirt on the floor next to her.

Xena couldn't say anything, but her eyes followed a path down Gabrielle's neck to her breasts. They were beautiful, with dark pink nipples that were already hard with arousal.

The dark woman hoped that Gabrielle would love her this way, and now that the time was finally here, she was nervous. She didn't want to make a mistake, but it seemed that her brain has disconnected itself from the beauty presented to her.

Xena met Gabrielle's eyes again as the blonde bent down for another kiss. This kiss burned, and the passion between them grew, causing both women to moan loudly.

"I love you Xena," Gabrielle whispered, as she began to loosen the ties on Xena's own shift.

"It's always been you," Xena responded as her shirt fell open, her brain finally catching up to her mouth.

Gabrielle wasted no time, and filled her hands with Xena's breasts. Xena moaned loudly as her nipples pebbled from Gabrielle's hands. Not wanting Gabrielle to have all the fun, she filled her own hands with the flesh of the bard, squeezing and rolling the nipples between her fingers.

Xena sat up, with Gabrielle still in her lap, and nuzzled the other woman's neck. She tasted and teased, sucked and nipped, causing Gabrielle to moan even louder.

"Touch me… please." Gabrielle begged the dark woman.

Not having to be asked twice, Xena laid the other woman down on the bed. She slid her hands up the inside of smooth thighs, hooking her fingers inside the leg bands of Gabrielle's breeches. She could feel the blonde's wetness, and wanted to dive right inside of her. Instead, she pulled the garment down slowly and dropped it next to her.

As soon as her legs were freed, Gabrielle spread them wide. "Please…" She begged again. Xena could see that the bard's juices flowed in abundance out of her.

Xena peppered light kisses up one leg until it met her hip, and did the same with the other. The warrior's nose was inches from her intended target.

"Ooohhh, please, Xena, you're killing me!" Gabrielle nearly shouted, and weaved her fingers through Xena's hair. She tried to pull the other woman to where she needed her the most.

Xena could no longer wait, and smirked as she dove head first into the blonde's passion. She had always wanted to be in the intimate position with Gabrielle. Xena lost her shyness as she licked the blonde from bottom to top, savoring the taste of her, and finally took Gabrielle's clit into her mouth.

"Xena, oh Xena, yessss!" The blonde hissed as Xena suckled her harder and harder. "Inside, please!" She whispered as she began thrusting her hips into Xena's face.

Xena could never deny the little blonde below her, and quickly slide two fingers deep inside. Xena's moan matched Gabrielle's and warmth surrounded her fingers. Gabrielle's gasps and moans of pleasure filled Xena with confidence.

Slowly, she began to slide her fingers in and out. Xena's hand was drenched as she added a third finger, and used her teeth to roll the blonde's center in her mouth.

"Oh… I'm…" She gasped as an orgasm ripped through her. Pleasure raced through her as Xena continued to use her tongue and teeth. Wave after wave flowed through her body, from the top of her head, to the tips of her toes.

Xena stopped sucking, and laid her face on the curly hair that tickled her nose. Her own arousal continued to bubble from her, as the blonde's breath and heartbeat returned to normal. Xena kissed and licked her way up Gabrielle's body until she snuggled herself into the crook of the other woman's arm. She cuddled up tight, and threw a leg over Gabrielle's hips. Xena's wetness was painted on Gabrielle's thigh.

"Xena, that was incredible." Gabrielle said softly, twirling dark hair between her fingers.

"You're incredible," Xena answered, and hugged her tightly.

"Ah, ah, ah, my Princess." Gabrielle said with and glint in her eye. "Don't get too comfortable." She kissed the warrior on the lips, tasting herself.

"It's your turn," She giggled and pushed Xena on to her back.

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