Touching Steele


JenX and Shana

Posted 10/23/2002




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But Ruth said

“Do not ask me to abandon or forsake you!

For wherever you will go, I will go,

Wherever you lodge, I will lodge,

Your people shall be my people,

And your God my God.”

NAB Ruth 1:16


Chapter One


Wake up! the voice shouted in her ear.


The blonde moaned, muttering to herself, “I’m so tired.”  She stood, swaying on her raw feet.


You’re almost there.  I promise.


“Which way?” Sarah mumbled again, hearing the braying of bloodhounds in the distance.  She looked to the left and the right, but the darkness was complete, not even the moon lit her path.


Through there is a small stream.  Follow that.


Stumbling, tripping on roots and the thick undergrowth, she made it to the stream.  She stepped into it and cried out.  The water was numbingly cold, and with only the thin slippers and cheap cotton pajamas, she knew she would soon be freezing.


She shivered, thinking, “Was it worth it? Yeah, I escaped, but only to freeze to death or get eaten by dogs.”


Step after step, she continued, the dogs getting no louder.  The water was getting deeper, and soon was too deep for her to wade.  She looked up and saw a giant of a tree, its roots nearly covering the stream like a bridge.


There.  Climb it.  You will be safe there.


“Climb!?”  she wheezed, “I can barely feel my fingers.”  The shadow of the tree loomed large, but she stepped up and out of the water.




The sun peeked over the treetops, giving its warmth to those that needed it.  A blonde woman in a giant oak tree stirred softly in her sleep.


“Number fourteen.  Fourteen please, number fourteen, please report to the control room,” said the disembodied voice of the loud speaker.


The blonde looked up, at the nearest speaker, and sighed.  She stretched and slid off her bed.  Her roommate looked up, frowning.  Soft green eyes met scared brown.


“It’ll be all right, Ginny.  You’ll see,” she said, hugging the younger girl.


“Please don’t make them angry,” the girl whispered.


The blonde smiled, not believing it herself, but choosing to not scare the younger girl more.  She moved to the door, and down the hall.


The men in white where waiting for her.  They took hold of her arms, one on each side and led her to a room, where she would be hooked up to various monitors.  She started to resist, when  unexpectedly, they led her past the usual door.  She tried planting her feet, but like a feather in the wind, they pulled her along.


“No, no, where are you taking me?” she shouted, squirming in their grip.


There was no answer, as they continued to pull her along.  She started moving, rougher now, tugging and yanking for all she was worth against their grasp.


“I, I didn’t do anything. You can’t do this to me!” She planted her feet and tugged, finally getting free from their grip.  She started running, as quickly as she could down unfamiliar corridors.  She could hear the echo of shoes on the tile behind her, and that caused her to panic more.  Soon she was lost and found herself at a dead end.  She crumbled in a ball, tears flowing freely, shadows engulfing her.


The woman blinked softly, in the morning light.  She stretched her bruised body, yawning loudly.


You must get moving.


“Ahh!” she shouted to the treetops.


Stop that!  Do you want to bring those dogs down on you?


The woman sat back down, hugging her legs close to her.  Tears leaked from her eyes as silent sobs shook his body. She started rocking her body back and forth in comfort.


Oh, little one, it’s ok.  You’re almost there.


“Why didn’t you warn me about them?” she sobbed.


Some things you need to find out for yourself.


“Voluntarily entering the Center, being used like a guinea pig…. Killing people,” she sobbed.


In the distance, the dogs were heard again.


Now you’ve really got to move!


The blonde stumbled from the tree and stood on the bank.  She looked up and down the stream, unsure of the way she had come.


Go with the flow, Sarah.  Where it ends is your salvation.


The blonde let out another whimper.  Her thin white tee shirt and pajama pants were no match for the chill in the air.  The slippers she wore exposed more foot than they covered, but she stepped once again into the stream.




Several hours later, she could no longer hear the dogs.  The stream had narrowed to a nearly non-existent flow, and she stood near the end of a meadow.  In the distance she thought that she could see a building of some sort.  She sighed loudly, hoping that there was no one home.


The building, which she had determined was a barn, didn’t seem to be getting any closer, or maybe it was that her legs weren’t working like they should.  In fact they felt heavy, along with the feeling in her chest.  She couldn’t stop coughing, and she knew she was in trouble.


She stopped to take a look at the barn.  It seemed well-cared for, even though the land around it was overgrown.  The closer she got, the more detail she could see, and she noticed a path that led from the barn to the neighboring hill.


You can sleep here, the voice said.


“Sleep?” she mumbled, as she reached for the side door of the big red barn.


There’s a hayloft, nice and soft.


“Soft,” she murmured.


Her cheeks where bright red with fever, and she was so weak she could barely open the door.


Up the ladder, sweetie.


“Up,” she whispered, slowly climbing the ladder in the corner.  She got to the top and looked around.  Her heart was beating out of her chest, and she was coughing even harder.  She spied the hay in the corner, and was soon kneeling on it.  Darkness closed around her.




Poke, poke.  Poke, poke, poke.  The blonde woman stirred, but didn’t wake up.


“Mom! Mom, come up here!” the boy shouted down to his mother.


“What is it now, Dylan? Another dead cat?” the woman chuckled, climbing the ladder.


The boy’s soft brown eyes were large as his mother got to the top of the ladder.  “No, Mom, look!” he said, pointing to the unconscious woman in the hay.


“Oh my!” the woman muttered, and turned to her son.  “Get Buttercup hitched to the cart.  We need to get her back to the house.”


The boy didn’t move, his feet glued to the spot where he was standing.


The woman’s expression softened.  “What is it, Son?”


“Is, is she dead?” he whispered.


“No, Dylan, but we need to get her to the house so Lucy can check her out.  That’s why I need you to get the pony hitched.”  The woman bent and touched the sleeping blonde.  “She’s burning up with fever, Boy.  Hurry!”


“Won’t Steele be mad?” Dylan asked going back down the ladder, “We’re not supposed to bring anybody to the house.  It’s against the rules.”


“Don’t you worry about it.  Steele would be more upset if we left her here,” the woman lifted the limp blonde over her shoulder, carefully descending the ladder.


The pony was ready and the woman deposited the stranger softly in the cart.  The other woman crawled in behind the blonde, holding her gently.  Dylan climbed into the driver’s seat and snapped the reigns, driving the pony forward.




The cart lurched to a stop, in front of a majestic white house. The barn was not a long distance from the house, but the woman would have had trouble carrying the unconscious girl all the way there.


 The two-story house looked like a typical plantation house, with a porch that wrapped around the whole outside.  Giant Greek columns lined the porch, adding to the majesty of the grand white home.


The woman struggled under the blonde’s limp weight.  “Dylan, go ring the bell for Lucy,” the boy’s mother said, as she carefully approached the porch.


A few moments later, the big brass bell that hung near the front door rang frantically.  The residents of the plantation had worked out a system of bell rings to communicate to the far reaches of the plantation. A frantic ring such as this meant that someone was hurt and needed immediate attention.  The bell captured the attention of other residents, and soon a small group was gathered around. 


The woman laid the stranger on a bench on the porch, cradling her head in her lap.  Sarah was still not awake, and her cheeks burned bright with fever.  Now the young woman was coughing, hacking, struggling to breath.


The front doors flew open and a rather annoyed looking woman strode out on the porch.  Her hair was in disarray, and her silk robe was tied loosely, uncaringly exposing a great deal of tanned, firm flesh.  Her ice blue eyes flashed angrily at being interrupted.  Even though the anger caused a sour expression on her face, her exquisite beauty could still be seen.  The woman looked as if she had just gotten out of bed.  The early hour of the morning would have caused it, but the man following behind had more to do with the tall woman’s condition.  He was equally disheveled, wearing only a towel around his trim waist. 


“What the fuck is going on?” the woman cursed, striding over to the women on the bench.


The woman, Sandy, continued to cradle the blonde’s head. “Dylan found her in the barn.  She’s sick from fever, and hasn’t come around even after we moved her from the barn to here,” Sandy replied, looking in the angry now nearly silver eyes of the woman standing before her.


“No strangers are to be brought to the house, Sandy. You know that,” the tall woman answered; displeasure was clear on her face.


“Steele, she’s sick,” Sandy replied, “She needs our help.”  Sandy ran her fingers through the dirty blonde hair of the girl whose head laid in her lap.


Steele’s eyes narrowed even further.  She looked at the stranger’s dirty, ragged clothing.  The pants and thin shirt were consistent with hospital garb, as were the slippers the girl wore. There were scratches all over the visible skin.


Steele looked back up at Sandy.  “All right, get her inside.”


Just then a large stallion jumped the fence and raced up toward the house.  The woman on his back pulled him up tightly, yelling “Whoa!”  She hopped down quickly, running up the porch stairs.


“What is it?” Lucy shouted, her long red hair, loose behind her head.  She looked at Steele and Sandy, then down at the stranger.


“Who’s this?” she asked, now very confused.


“This,” Steele answered, “is your patient.  Sandy found her in the barn.”  The tall woman stepped back, giving Lucy room to move.  She crossed her arms on her chest, still unhappy with the situation.


“Can I bring her inside?”  Lucy asked quietly.


The stern-looking woman furrowed her eyebrows, but then looked in the eyes of the doctor. “Yes, you may.  Use the room under the stairs,” Steele replied, her expression softening.  “There’s warm water in the kitchen.”


Lucy and Sandy worked together to get Sarah into a tub of warm water.  It was essential that they get her body temperature down or brain damage could result.  Steele followed the two women into the bathroom, watching carefully as they undressed the woman.


Sarah’s body was badly scratched, her arms veritably covered in marks, but her feet were even worse.  She also had curious circular marks on her abdomen.  Here and there were one inch scars of various ages.  The most curious thing, however, was a small black tattoo underneath Sarah’s left breast.  Steele reached out and moved the woman’s breast aside to get a better look.  She scowled, as she remembered…


Steele struggled to reach consciousness, wondering how long she’d been out this time.  The circular light positioned right above her head was too bright for her eyes to withstand, and even though she was squinting them to mere slits, the pain of the radiance sang out through her whole body.


“About time you woke up…”


Steele knew that voice, that deceptively purring deep voice that belonged to the Commander of the Center.  Steele desperately tried to force her eyes open wider.  She had never seen the Commander, although the woman’s voice had been haunting her for days.


“Stop that,” the woman chuckled, and the blinding light suddenly glared even brighter.  Steele had to squeeze her eyes shut to keep her brain from bursting into flames.  She cried out from the agonizing shards of pain that still pierced her eyelids. 


“Calm down.”  The Commander’s voice spoke to Steele like she was a small child, not the seventeen year old that she was.  Steele felt something cool being pressed over her eyes, and realized it was a blindfold as it was fastened around the back of her head.


“You can relax now.”  Steele felt the touch of the woman’s hand caressing her cheek.


She tugged lightly at the chains that had her shackled to the four corners of the bed.  They were made to give a searing electrical shock if too much resistance was put on them.  Steel knew firsthand how painful the voltage was.


“I won’t relax until you let me go,” the prisoner sneered defiantly, pulling symbolically on her bindings again.


“Then you’ll never be relaxed again…” The chuckle of the woman was very near Steele’s ear, and then Steele felt a hand delving into the front of the loose tunic she wore.  She thrashed wildly, earning a brief shock when her left breast was cupped, then lifted firmly.  Steele had known it would come to this eventually, but it didn’t mean she wouldn’t fight with all her strength.


“This is going to hurt,” the Commander said, and the stinging repeated pricks of needles began.


“No, please. Don’t make me,” the stranger muttered, as her body hit the cool water.  She fought with the women, and continued to mumble.


“He’s in the shed,” the incoherent blonde mumbled, still struggling, “Sneak up and you’ll find him.”  Sarah’s body still protested the cool water, as she twisted and turned in the women’s grasps.


“A little help here, Steele,” Lucy asked, as she and Sandy struggled with the woman.


Steele sighed loudly, sliding her arms around the woman’s upper body.  Sarah continued to struggle, as Sandy and Lucy steadied her.  On instinct, Steele began humming softly.  She pointedly ignored the reaction of the two other women.  Almost immediately, Sarah gave up her struggle, but started to weep.  The change in emotions was puzzling.  Several minutes later, Sarah was once again relaxed, and lounging easily in the tub.


“Dylan!” called Sandy.  The boy peeked his head in slowly.


“Get the extra bed in the room under the stairs ready,” Lucy said, sponging cool water over the woman’s face and neck.


“Now just a minute,” Steele boomed.


“Look, she needs a place to sleep,” Sandy said.


“What’s the matter with either of your cottages?” the annoyed woman asked.


“Where would you have her sleep?  The floor?”  Lucy sighed, “Just give her a few days, Steele.  Then I’m sure she’ll be on her way.”


Steele threw her hand up in the air.  “Ok fine, but if she gets on my nerves I’m sending her to your house,” she barked, before stomping off.




Steele intentionally let her footsteps be heard as she marched her way upstairs to her bedroom.  She slammed the door shut behind her, her brain tangling up itself in its thoughts.


She stood in front of the full-length mirror, looking and not looking.  She wasn’t startled when a pair of hands suddenly circled her from behind, and dipped beneath the front of her robe to clasp firmly on the swells of her breasts.


“Now…where were we?” Josh asked, his eyes smiling into Steele’s reflection from over her shoulder.  The towel dropped from his waist, and he pushed Steele’s robe up over the taut globes of her ass, before grabbing her by the hips.


“Oh yeah, I was getting ready to fuck you like a dog”  He ran his tongue over an exposed shoulder, then bit down on the firm flesh, all at the same time, trying to urge her to bend over. 


“Stop it, Josh…not now,” Steele said, pulling her shoulder from his mouth.  She started to pull herself from his grasp entirely, but he increased his hold on her breasts and pressed his hard dick against the crack of her ass.


He trapped her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, and twisted them, feeling them instantly harden under his ministrations.  “Yes, now,” he said, wriggling his hips to press his cock harder into her crevice.  “You’re dripping wet.”


He didn’t see the annoyed look in her eye in time.  Steele bent and reached between her legs, and with her fingertips, grabbed the hold of his hardon, just below the head of it.


Josh gasped, suddenly realizing the delicate position she had put him in.  A firm yank, and he was on his knees behind her, at her complete mercy.


Steele lifted one leg over her arm, and turned so she was facing him.  She bent over so she could look him straight in the eye.


Sweat had popped out on Josh’s ashen forehead, but Steele gave him a confident smile, and released her hold on his world.  He let out a sigh of utter relief.


“You’re lucky I like you,” Steele told him, pushing her robe back down over her hips.  She crossed the room, and opened her bedroom door.  She gestured with her hand for him to leave the room.


He got to his feet, still looking a bit shaken up.  “All right,” he said.  He knew it wasn’t the norm for her to show the kind of mercy she had just exhibited, and he wasn’t about to push his luck.


Steele grabbed his arm as he passed by her, whirling him around so he was facing her.  “I’ve got a lot to do today,” she said, apologetically.  “But later tonight, I’ll make it up to you.”


Josh couldn’t help but grin at that, knowing the tall beauty  always kept her word.  She grasped the back of his neck and pulled his mouth toward hers in a deep, probing kiss.  Then, releasing him just as abruptly, she pushed him away.


He grinned at her, and trotted off down the hall, toward the stairs.




Steele shut her bedroom door again, then resumed her stance in front of the mirror.  She slid the robe down off her shoulders, and it dropped unheeded to the floor.


Josh had been right about the condition between her legs.  She was soaked from his dexterous tongue and fingers working away at her for an interminable long time.  She had held back on cumming, mainly because she knew it would make her orgasm be that much more powerful when he fucked her.


Plus, she grinned at her own reflection, it drove Josh crazy when she didn’t come when he ate her out.  He worked on her even more diligently in the challenge to make her climax.  He came twice himself just from playing with her, and that was another big addition in the plus column for him…the ability to get it up over and over again.


Steel hated to waste such good arousal, but she had other things on her mind now.  She dipped a cloth in the washbasin, and wrung it out, then ran it between her legs, rinsing most of her vaginal juices from her body.


After she had repeated that a couple of times, she dried off and slipped into a pair of black cotton underwear then pulled her black leather pants on over that.  She pulled a button-down shirt out of her dresser, and slipped it over her shoulders, but didn’t fasten it up.  Instead, she resumed her position yet again in front of the mirror.


Steele took a deep breath and held it in while arching her back in the process.  There it was, the constant reminder of her time in the Center. 


After the tattoo had been applied, the Commander had let Steele know that she had been marked in a way to ensure that she would always be in service at the Center.  The Commander herself had one of the markings, as did several other members of the top echelon.


Steele stared at the small but intricately carved design of the image that her left breast normally shadowed. It was a one inch circle, with the outline of hands in a sort of praying posture.  The number 8 also etched in black ink was underneath the hands. 


 There had been no mistaking that the woman Sandy and Dylan had brought in had the exact same tattoo in the same spot, which meant she had to have gotten it at the Center.  It was fairly common knowledge that someone with the tattoo would never be allowed to leave the Center.  Steel had been the single exception, and her leaving had not been because she had been released. 


Steele had gone to work at the Center because of her superior fighting skills.  No one could beat her, even if they attacked her two or three at a time.


The first month or so that she was there, Steele had been cooperative, fighting whenever the situation presented itself and enjoying the workouts.  The opponents she faced were good, and seemed to be getting increasingly better.  Each fighter was a bit more skilled than the previous one, but she could still best them, no problem.


Finally, she started inquiring about the people she fought. Why was it that she never saw them again? 


At first, she couldn’t get a response to her questions from anyone.  Then she finally gave in to the Commander’s Second-in-Command, and had spent the night with Caryn strapped to her bed, fucking the fiery redhead until she was sobbing out her pleasure, proclaiming her undying affection to Steele.  Steele made her prove it by asking the questions she needed to have answered.


What she had learned had made her more nauseous than Caryn’s overripe submission.   She had learned that the Commander was making a fortune by betting on the outcome of the fighting matches.  Part of the payment was the lives of Steele’s opponents, to be used in whatever way the Commander saw fit.  Usually, Caryn had admitted, that meant a slow painful death. Their bodies were used in everything from science experiments to transplants to feeding slaves.


Caryn had been quite disappointed the next morning when Steele tossed her out of her room without ceremony, but Steele now had a mission to accomplish. 


Shaking herself out of her reminiscing about one of the most harrowing and toughest parts of her life, Steele finished buttoning up her shirt, and put on her boots.  She walked down the stairs far quieter than she had gone up them.


The downstairs seemed to be deserted as Steele made her way to the room under the steps.  The door was closed, but she quietly opened it, and looked in.  The blonde was laying there in bed, and there was no one else in the room.


Steele didn’t venture more than a couple steps into the room, and she just stood, studying the newcomer.  The blonde was breathing regularly, but even from where she stood, Steele could hear the congestion in the woman’s lungs and the shallowness of the woman’s breaths.


The woman’s face suggested a lot to Steele.  That was all she could see, as the covers were tucked up beneath her chin.  The woman was rather young, and despite the scratches that crisscrossed her fair complexion, she looked as though she hadn’t seen a lot of action in her past.  There was a trusting innocence surrounding the blonde that Steele was immediately on the defense toward.  She had met that kind before, beautiful young things who seemingly had no idea of the way the world worked or the way they affected another person.  Twice Steele had put her trust in women just like that and they had proceeded to either betray or run away from her.  She wasn’t about to make the same mistake again.


The woman coughed slightly and turned her head so she was facing Steele’s direction.  Despite her determination that the little bitch must be a spy, Steele still felt the inevitable throbbing heat in the area of her body she had just recently cleaned up.  The woman’s long golden hair and angelic pert features spoke directly to Steele’s clitoris.


Disgusted with her own body’s reactions, Steele turned on her heel and walked back down the hallway.  She would stop in the kitchen for a quick bite to eat, then perhaps she would seek Josh out sooner than she had originally planned.  She had no doubts he would not offer any complaints, especially if she brought the tall blonde woman who groomed the horses into the bedroom as well.


Steele found she suddenly had an appetite for a blonde, a nice safe blonde who had shared her bed on numerous previous occasions. 




Steele followed a well-worn path down to the village.  The village was the collection of cottages where the people who worked on the plantation lived.  In fact, in centuries past, these houses where often the homes of those enslaved to the manor’s owner.


The path opened up to a neat row of small homes.  Most of them bunked two or three people, sometimes four.  The one Steele was looking for was Sandy’s. This wasn’t the first time she had made this trip, but even if it were, the quaint house was easily recognizable because of the blooming rose bushes in the front.


The tall woman walked up the steps of the cottage and thumped loudly on the door.


“I’m coming; I’m coming,” a voice hollered.  A crash was heard and a string of four letter words filled the air. “Goddamn, son of a bitch,” Sandy cursed as she flung the door open.


“Oh hi, Steele,” Sandy muttered, smiling nervously at the woman on her doorstep.


“Let’s go for a walk,” Steele said, as the tall woman almost sneered at her.  It was a command, not a suggestion.


Sandy turned to Dylan who sat quietly on his bed.  “I’ll be back soon, sweetie,” Sandy said, and shut the door behind her.


The women took a well-marked trail into the woods.  They strolled along quietly, neither woman talking.  Finally Sandy broke the rising tension.


“I’m sorry, Steele,” Sandy apologized, “But I couldn’t leave her there.”


“You had no business bringing a stranger back to the house!”  Steele shouted.  “My house!”  Steele angrily continued, pointing to her chest,  “Everything I’ve built, we’ve built, could be ruined by your foolish act!”


 “Do have any idea who she is?” Steele was on a roll, and wasn’t ready to stop.  “She’s a spy! A fuckin’ spy sent by the Center.”  Steele shoved the blonde woman backwards.


Sandy was a strong woman, and she had just about enough of Steele’s ranting.


“Listen, Steele,” she shouted, pointing right back at the dark woman, “I saw a woman who was burning up with fever, unconscious in your hayloft.  Now whoever she MIGHT be, she is a person who needs medical help.  I will not let her die, and neither should you.”  Sandy glared.


Steele made as if to leap at the woman across from her, but Sandy held up her hands in a calming gesture.


“Look, I’ll make sure that she doesn’t find out who you…we are, all right?” Sandy implored the furious woman.


“You’d better make damn sure that little bitch doesn’t find anything, and I do mean anything out about us,” Steele hissed at Sandy, “Or you and your kid are out.  Got me?”


“Clearly,” Sandy whispered.


Steele stepped up close to Sandy, invading her space.


“Besides,” Steele leaned over and whispered in the tall blonde’s ear, “I didn’t come to argue with you.”  Steele bent forward, taking the fleshy part of Sandy’s ear between her teeth.


“No?”  Sandy’s voice cracked, as the dark woman’s tongue flicked enticingly in the shell of Sandy’s ear.


“No, I’ve got plans for you,” Steele said, as she kissed and sucked a delicious neck.  “You, me, Josh, and his magnificent cock.” The tall woman smiled as she felt Sandy shiver.


Steele slid a hand up Sandy’s stomach, cupping a small firm, breast, squeezing hard.  Sandy moaned into the dark woman’s ear as Steele pinched an already erect nipple.


“Come to the house,” Steele whispered, then kissed the aroused blonde firmly on her cheek.  She turned to leave, not even bothering to look back.



“Oh yeah…” Steele was in her element, straddling Josh and sitting upright as she rode his dick relentlessly.  Josh’s eyes were barely opened, as Steele was in complete control as she fucked him.  He was doing his best not to come too soon. His nails dug convulsively into Steele’s slim hips as she rocked and undulated above him.  And when she groaned and fell forward on her hands which landed on either side of his head, he lifted just enough so his mouth could engulf one of her stiffened nipples.


“Bite it, Josh. I wanna feel your teeth,” Steele hissed through clenched teeth, and felt her pussy spurt a fresh gush of arousal on Josh’s stomach as he did what she said.  Sandy, legs spread wide, was doing as she had been ordered as well, laying next to Josh with her fingers buried between her legs.  If she had the courage to speak, she’d tell Steele it was damn unfair for the dark woman to use her as she had.  She and Steele had shared the joy of giving a blow job to Josh, but when it was getting close to time for him to cum, Steele had shoved Sandy aside, not sharing any of the bounty.  While Sandy was still fighting her temper over that, she felt Steele’s strong hand pushing her head between Steele’s own legs.  Yeah, licking Steele was heavenly, but she had barely gotten started when the dark woman declared she wanted to get fucked.  Sandy ended up on her back, her own cunt screaming for relief, while Steele mounted Josh, completely forgetting the horse groomer was there.


For the first minutes Steele fucked Josh, she leaned over slightly and fingered Sandy’s pussy, and Sandy had rapidly approached her climax just out of the pleasure of Steele’s long, knowing fingers working their magic in combination with Sandy’s watching the charismatic woman’s ecstatic, divine features.  Josh grunted and began to thrust upward harder, Sandy was sure out of sheer sexual reflex, and Steele became more interested in what was happening to her own clit.  She had straightened up in the saddle, baring her teeth at Sandy who was suddenly whimpering with need.


“Fuck yourself,” Steele had said with a shrug, before focusing on the sweaty, dark haired man below her. 


Josh abandoned Steele’s left nipple only so he could suck in the equally delectable right one, and she began to growl in time with her movements, sounding her gratitude for his attentions.  Her clit was throbbing to the point it was ready to burst; it was only going to take a little bit more.  With a feral snarl, Steele leaned over again, and yanked Sandy’s furiously flying digits away and slapped her palm firmly against the whole of Sandy’s swollen cunt, causing a loud clapping sound.  The blonde screamed out at the sudden pain, as she began orgasming simultaneously.  The sound of her wail startled Josh, who had closed his eyes as he laved over Steele’s nipple, and he released Steele’s teat with a similar, but far less painful,  popping noise.


Steele was crashing down on him immediately, her tongue searching out his for a searing hot kiss, as her center spasmed and writhed on the substantial girth of his manhood.  She was far quieter in her orgasm than Sandy, and when she intentionally tightened her vaginal muscles around Josh’s rod, he finally couldn’t hold back his seed.  His grunts and groans rivaled Sandy’s in volume.


Steele’s movements gradually stilled as the pounding between her legs gradually calmed. Josh was laying beneath her, still trying to regain control over his breathing, and Steele realized it was going to be a while before he was up to any more action.  She patted his chest, then turned to look at the beautiful blonde woman laying next to him.


Tears were lingering in the corner of the woman’s hazel eyes.  Steele knew she was the cause of Sandy’s pain…whether it was physical or emotional, but she didn’t really give a damn.  The brunette’s climax had been great, but she was far from being satisfied.


Steele pulled herself off Josh’s rapidly deflating cock, and gave him a shove, indicating she wanted him to roll over.  The moment he did, she took his place on the bed, leaning up against the headboard with her thighs almost obscenely spread.  Sandy’s eyes were riveted to Steele’s hand as it dipped in the glistening mass of her well-fucked cunt and scooped up a dollop of Josh’s semen.


“Mmm…” Steele’s sucked in the finger, her eyes rolling in the pleasure of the taste.  “You do taste great, Josh,” she said with a fond smile at the now nearly asleep man. 


Turning back to Sandy, who was watching her with a wary eye, Steele stretched and purred, before placing her now clean hand on the blonde’s shoulder.  “Why don’t you have a taste?” Steele asked, steadily pushing the blonde’s head between her legs.


Sandy was disgusted that she didn’t even try to fight back, but she had been playing these games with Steele for a very long time.  It was useless to resist the erotic power Steele held over her, and she didn’t even try as she lowered her mouth to the dark curls in front of her. Before they were done, Steele would make sure Sandy was well-satisfied.  It just might take a while.




It was dark when Steele decided to check on the stranger again.  The room beneath the stairs glowed softly by the candlelight, the tiny window letting in bright moonlight.


“Billet 258,” Sarah muttered, still unconscious from pneumonia.


Steele watched the little blonde bitch from the doorway.


“Drowning, suffoca…” Sarah continued, “Find her, kill her. Yes, Commander.” The sick blonde spoke much louder this time.


“Deep,” the small woman mumbled, “In the country, ma’am.”


“I knew it!”  Steele hissed to herself.


Just then, Lucy pushed past her, intending to check on her patient. “How is she?” Lucy asked casually, sticking a thermometer into the blonde’s mouth.


“She’s been talking in her sleep,” Steele answered, crossing her arms over her chest.


“99.1, that’s great,” Lucy observed, “She should be waking up soon.” The red head smiled at her long-time friend.


“I want her awake as soon as possible,” Steele demanded, almost like a petulant child.


“Well, the rest of it is up to her,” Lucy replied, while listening to Sarah’s chest. “Her congestion is easing as well.”


“Great,” Steel replied sarcastically.


Lucy packed up her things.  “Come on, you, let’s leave the girl in peace.”  The cheerful doctor hooked her arm around her sullen friend, closing the door behind them.




Chapter 2


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