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Touching Steele


JenX & Shana

Posted 11/1/2002


Chapter Two


“Get her in here, NOW!” the Commander shouted, slamming her fist on the surface of her desk.


“Yes, Sir,” the mousy secretary responded.


A few moments later, a general announcement was heard from the nearest speaker. Lieutenant Commander Caryn Smith please report to the Commander’s office immediately.


The Commander jumped from her chair and started pacing the floor.  She was beyond livid.  No one escapes from the Center and lives.


“Yes, Commander?” the Second-in-Command said, poking her head in the door.


“Come in and shut the door,” the tall woman growled.


The red head stepped lightly into the darkened office.  She was trembling.  The second knew the Commander’s temper ran deep, and this latest action from her pet project was bound to have angered her severely.


The tall brunette stood with her back to Caryn.  For several moments it was quiet, a deathly quiet, and Caryn was afraid for her life.


“Number fourteen has escaped,” the Commander said in her gravely voice.


Caryn’s eyes widened with the shock of the news but still she stood quietly at attention.


The Commander turned around, and sneered at the smaller woman.  “Well?” she hissed.


“I…I didn’t know, Sir,” Caryn answered, as the angry woman stepped up and leaned right  into the trembling woman’s face.


“Who was on duty last night, Caryn?”  the Commander asked while fingering a bouncy red curl.


“Stevens was, Commander,” she answered, as the brunette got even closer.


“Bring him in here,” the Commander whispered in the frightened woman’s ear. Caryn nodded and disappeared from the small room.


Several minutes later, a disheveled private, with dirty hair and filthy clothes, stood at attention before the Commander and her Second.  His shirt was misbuttoned, and he lacked the regulation belt. He swayed slightly, his breath reeking of alcohol. 


“Do you know why you’re here…Private Stevens?” Caryn asked, while the Commander looked on.


“No, Sir,” he slurred.


“Number fourteen escaped last night,” the Commander said, with a look of disgust on her face.  “Do you have any idea how?” the angry woman asked, stepping up closer to the obviously drunk man.


“Uh…no Sir,” he said trying to push his chest out a little bit more.


“No one escapes from the Center and lives!” the Commander shouted at the inebriated man.


“Only that one broad,” he replied, and immediately regretted his loose tongue.


The Commander narrowed her eyes at the man, and moved so quickly up next to him that he barely saw her.  She had him by the throat, squeezing tighter and tighter.


“What did you say?” she hissed.


The man was unable to answer, as she had already crushed his larynx.  He was gasping, little specks of blood flew from his lips.  His eyes were bulging out with his need to breathe.


“You, little man, are finished,” the brunette stated coldly, snapping his neck, and dropping the dead man in a heap at her feet.




The night rolled in on the plantation in the same leisurely manner as it had for the last eight years.  From the front porch, the Milky Way could be seen, and during a full moon, no extra light was needed outside.  The world was deceptively quiet and peaceful.


Steele had retreated to this sanctuary after Lucy led her out of the room beneath the stairs.  The tall, beautiful woman laid her long body out on the same spot on the porch that Sandy had laid the stranger earlier.


Steele did not trust the woman, the tattoo not being the only thing strange about her. The mutterings of the woman while unconscious gave the normally suspicious Steele even more to suspect.  However, Steele’s thoughts kept coming back to the blonde’s looks.  There was no doubt that the woman was beautiful, with golden blonde hair, and a cherubic face. Innocence all wrapped up in a delicious package. The bath had cleaned her up, and the thought of the stranger naked sent a shiver down her spine.


Steele couldn’t help but imagine running her fingers through the thick blonde hair, grabbing a handful and pulling, forcing the woman’s head back, at the same time applying the pressure that would make the woman’s  mouth open.  The tall woman imagined what it would be like to kiss the woman, pushing her tongue in between those deceitful lips and tasting every inch of her mouth.


Steel rolled over, onto her belly.  Her body was humming with tension and all though the day had been filled with sensual desire; her body was again begging for more.


The dark woman’s thoughts continued to occur, and now she was fantasizing seeing  the woman on her knees in front of her.  Although she had never seen the bitch’s eyes, Steele imagined her pleading, begging with her eyes, to be able to lick the tall woman’s cunt.  Steele was sure that the woman, girl really, would give her the information she needed, if properly motivated.


Steele mumbled, “Christ, you’d think I didn’t get enough earlier.”  She sighed loudly, reaching behind her for a blanket.


The warmth of the fleece enveloped her, and she soon fell asleep with thoughts of the blonde stranger filling her dreams.




Close to consciousness, the blonde woman tossed and turned between her sheets.


The sky was blue, bluer than Sarah had ever seen.  There were no clouds, and the sun was warm on her skin.  Rolling hills filled the landscape; wildflowers perfuming the air.


A giggle was heard, and then a twinkling sparkle and a beautiful woman appeared before Sarah.


Sarah’s jaw dropped, as the woman smiled at her, hugging her tight.


“Hello, little one,” the gorgeous stranger said.


“Do I know you?”  Sarah asked, thinking that this was one of the strangest dreams that she had ever had.


“You should, Pumpkin,” the lady laughed, hooking her arm through Sarah’s. 


“You sound familiar…” Sarah muttered aloud.


The woman had a curious laugh, which added to Sarah’s feeling of knowing the woman.


Suddenly Sarah knew.  She knew exactly who this woman was.  Here was the owner of the voice!  The voice that had been with her for her entire life.  The voice that talked to her, telling her things that she couldn’t possibly know, and the voice that helped her escape the dungeon that is the Center.


“I never…you’re…wow!”  Sarah stammered.


“You’re safe now, little one,” the woman smiled.


“Safe? In the barn?”  Sarah asked, as she walked along a path through the field.


“No, no, Sweetie,” the woman explained, “You’ve been found.”


“Found? By who?”  Sarah asked, puzzled about how it was she had been found when the last thing she remembered was passing out in the hay.


“An angel,” the woman in pink replied softly.


“An angel?” Sarah asked, “Am I dead?”


“No, Silly,” the woman replied, “But your salvation awaits.”  The beautiful woman lifted her hand sweeping it from the left to right, and an image of a huge white house appeared.  “This is where you will find what you need. Don’t be afraid.”


“I won’t,” Sarah smiled, “I’ll have you.”


They stopped walking, and the woman turned to face Sarah.  The woman frowned, and took Sarah’s face in her hands.


“No, Baby, not anymore,” the woman said as a tear leaked from her eye.


“What do you mean?”  Sarah asked, fear laced in her voice.


“My time is up, little one,” she explained with sadness in her voice, “This is where you shine, because you will know everything you need.”


The woman leaned in and gently kissed Sarah on her lips.  “Be well, Sarah.  Your heart awaits.”


“No!”  Sarah shouted, as the woman started to fade, “Please, you’re all I have!  Please!”



Sarah sat upright in her bed, the sheets slipping from her body, as sweat beaded on her skin.


From the corner, Steele watched.  She had heard Sarah mumble, heard her pleas, as if someone she obviously cared for left her.  Much like the dream that awakened the dark woman just a few minutes earlier. 


Steele watched as Sarah looked around.  The room was small, with only one other bed.  The young woman figured she was alone, not being able to see into the dark shadows.  A candle glowed at the bedside, but only lit up the area in a three foot radius.


Sarah looked down as her hands, seeing that her fingernails were cleaned.   She twisted her arm, seeing that her scrapes and cuts were bandaged.  She felt her nipples tighten from the cool air causing her to finally feel her nakedness.  She crossed her arms over the chest protectively.


Steele finally made her presence known by stepping up into the light. Sarah screamed, as Steele’s appearance startled her.


“You’ve awakened,” Steele said, stating the obvious.


“Who…who are you?”  Sarah gasped, pulling the blankets and sheets up to cover her breasts.


“I could ask you the same thing,” the dark woman replied, “This is MY house.”  Steele spread her hands out, in a gesture that meant she owned it all.


“Your house?” Sarah echoed, glancing around her…anything but looking those penetrating blue eyes straight on.


“That’s what I said.”


“How did I end up here?” Sarah asked…”In the house I mean.”


Steele drew herself up to her full height at the end of the bed, and raised an eyebrow.  “A couple of my hands brought you in.  They have a bad habit of doing that with strays.”


Sarah didn’t appreciate that reference, but could do nothing but let it slide.


“Well I’m sure they wouldn’t have brought me in without your permission,” she said, trying the light approach.  “So thank you for your generosity.”


Steele didn’t even act as if she had heard her.  She walked from the foot of the bed to stand beside Sarah, crossing her arms, and looking down with an irritated scowl.


“What’s your name?”


“Sarah…I don’t know my surname…”  It wasn’t unusual in those times to grow up without one. 


“And where did you come from in such a hurry, Sarah?” Steele asked.


Sarah swallowed hard and looked at the tall woman carefully.  Her face was now a mask of non-emotion, which was even more disconcerting than the look of displeasure that had been there a few seconds ago.


“I uh…wasn’t in a hurry,” Sarah replied in a very small voice.


“Wrong answer,” Steele spat back.  “I saw the condition of your clothes when you were brought in.  I saw the condition of your body.  You’re not going to tell me you that you got like that just taking a leisurely stroll.  You were running.”


If possible, Sarah seemed to shrink in against the thick covers of the bed.  “What were you in such a hurry to get away from?” Steele asked, leaning forward a little more.


Sarah didn’t answer, only shook her head slightly, her eyes growing huge with terror.  Steele couldn’t resist reaching out and touching the girl’s chin.  “Or were you were more in a hurry to get here?” she asked, her voice even and low.


That statement surprised Sarah.  “Where is here?” she finally asked.


Steele ignored the question.  Every single instinct in her body told her that this girl was not on the level, and more than likely a spy sent from the Center, but there was a quality in her that none of the other spies had ever had.  Steele couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but there was something that made her different.


It either meant she was very very good or she was innocent.


“Here is my home,” Steele replied. “And that’s all you need to know.  I’m the one asking questions here.  Where did you come from?”


“I don’t know,” Sarah whispered her voice barely more than a whisper.  “I don’t know where I’m from.”


“All right,” Steele said it mockingly.  “How did you get here?”


Sarah appeared to be thinking hard.  “ I don’t know.”


Steele was quite tired of this conversation.  “Girl, if you expect to stay here, you’re going to have to start talking.  Where did you get the tattoo?” she asked finally.


Sarah’s expression paled visibly.  “Ta—tattoo?


Steele flashed some teeth, but not in a grin.  “Yeah.  The one under your left tit.”  Steele got a certain thrill out of seeing Sarah’s reaction to that single word.


Sarah pulled the cover up tighter under her chin.  “Oh, maybe you didn’t know about it either…” Steele said, flashing the feral look again.  She reached toward the cover…”Let me show you what I’m talking about.”


“No!” Sarah shrieked, and then added quickly, “I’m naked under here!”


This time Steele did offer a smile, though it was very sinister. “I’m sure you don’t have anything I’ve never seen before,” she growled.


Tears started to well up in Sarah’s eyes then, and knowing there were several of the staff in the house, Steele didn’t want to make a fuss right then.  She straightened up, but continued to stare at Sarah.


Steele surprised herself with her next statement. “If you expect to stay here, you’re going to have to pitch in and do your share of the work.”


Sarah tried not to read anything into that, as she replied, a little more at ease. “I’m not afraid to work. Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it.”


Steele nodded thoughtfully. “I’m sure we’ll find something your talents are well-suited for,” she said.  “How are you with mechanical things?”


The blonde shrugged. “I don’t have much experience, but I’m sure I could learn.”


Steele reached in the voluminous pocket of her jacket, and found the object she was looking for.  “I thought maybe you could take a look at this,” she said casually, pulling out the brown pod-shaped device she had been hiding.


“God, no!”  Sarah’s response was immediate and vehement, as she was suddenly trying to pull herself out of the bed and away from Steele.  She whimpered when her battered feet hit the floor, and fell to her knees, naked and shivering.  “Please…I can’t go through that again.”


Steele was even more puzzled than before.  She had confiscated the little item from the last spy the Center had sent, and it had been difficult to persuade the little cunt to give it up. That spy certainly hadn’t been afraid of it, but Sarah was obviously panicked and damned near hysterical from seeing the weapon.


“Quit yer squalling and get back in bed,” Steele said, pushing the object back in her pocket.  She wasn’t about to admit that seeing the little blonde’s creamy curves cowering near her feet were sending immediate erotic images through her head.  The position nearly fulfilled her little indulgence on the porch earlier.  “Go on, I was just…testing your reaction.”


Sarah climbed back into bed, sniffing back tears and still trembling with fear.  Steele made her way to the door, and turned back at the last minute.  “I’m sure you’ll be up and about in a couple of days. I’ll find some way for you to earn your keep…and I’ll see about finding something for you to wear.”


Without another word, Steele left the room, shutting the door firmly behind her.




Sarah struggled to sleep the rest of the night.  She tossed and turned, wondering what the dark woman was really all about.  She couldn’t believe that the tall woman let her stay on while she recovered.  The generosity displayed, despite the tall beauty’s coolness,  touched the little blonde.


When the sun finally peeked through the window, Sarah had been awake for hours.  She also had to go to the bathroom.  She gathered the sheet around herself, and opened the door quietly.  She leaned her head out to see if anyone was around.  She heard nothing, and softly padded into the hallway.


There were a number of doorways to pick.  Picking one at random, she headed for it, her bandaged feet finally hurting very little. 


The room was large and obviously a dinning room.  It held a giant table cut from a single cross section of an ancient tree.  The highly polished wood showed the grain beautifully creating patterns that Sarah had never seen before.  The chairs were made from the branches of the same tree, giving the room a rustic, yet comfortable feel.  On the far wall was a stone fireplace, the outside made entirely of different colored granite, the inside of red brick.  The wooden panels that lined the walls were stained a mahogany, giving the room an overall rich feeling.  On the far left there appeared to be a swinging door.  Sarah hoped that it lead to a kitchen.


“Bathrooms are by kitchens,” she mumbled to herself, “Hopefully this house has a bathroom, not an outhouse.”  She stepped into the room.


“Duh,” she chastised herself,  “This is the biggest house that I’ve ever seen.  Of course there’s a bathroom.”


 Holding tightly to the sheet wrapped around her, Sarah pushed  the door open, and stepped into an equally magnificent kitchen.  The floor was of red tile; the countertops were marble.  There was a doublewide sink, with a faucet, which meant running water.  Wooden cabinets lined the walls.  Two doors were on the far left wall, surrounding the cooking fire.  Another door led to the outside.


Picking the left door, Sarah stuck her head inside.  There were stairs that lead to a cellar.  “Probably the pantry,” she thought.  She quietly closed that door and tried the other one. 


“Bingo,” Sarah mumbled, and stepped through it.


This room was done in beautiful blue tile, not only the floor, but the walls were tile as well.  There was a toilet, which in itself was unusual, speaking even more of the dark woman’s wealth.


Sarah fumbled around, finally deciding to drop the sheet while nature called.  She felt a little bit silly sitting naked on the toilet.  She wasn’t used to being completely naked.


Flushing, she pulling the sheet around herself again. She tied it in a knot between her breasts, letting the length trail behind her.


Sarah left the room, stepping back into the kitchen.  She was thirsty.  The fever had left her dehydrated, and the idea of a large glass of cool water greatly appealed to the blonde.  She looked in one cupboard, then another, finally finding some wooden cups.


She pumped the lever for water, and filled the glass.  She drank that down, and filled it again, finishing that as well.  She was about to leave the cup in the sink when she heard a sound behind her.


“I see you’re up,” a familiar voice floated to Sarah from the far side of the kitchen.


Sarah started, dropping the cup in the sink.  She spun around, jerking her sheet free. She struggled with the annoying thing, trying to make it so the woman didn’t see anything more than she had earlier, while Steele looked on smirking.


“I’m…I was thirsty,” Sarah explained, as she once again got herself under control.  She was blushing furiously, at being caught in such a ridiculous position, but recovered quickly. “Hey, thanks again for letting me stay on.”  Sarah burst out, still holding her sheet.


Steele shrugged as she turned to rustle in a cupboard. “I put some clothes on the bed,” the tall woman said, “You probably don’t want to walk around all day in a sheet.”


The truth was that Steele didn’t mind if the girl wore the sheet or not.  If fact, if she had her way, she’d make the little bitch wear nothing.  The little girl had a great body, one that she couldn’t wait to get her hands on.  However, that wouldn’t yet be beneficial to her plans.


Sarah smiled brightly.  “Thanks, what do I call you?”




“Thanks, Steele.”  Sarah smiled winningly at Steele, before heading back in the direction of her bed. 


Sarah tried not to notice the way the tall woman moved, or even the sensual way Steele pushed her hair off her shoulders.  She found Steele incredibly attractive, but knew that the tall woman wouldn’t be interested in a woman like her.  She thought that Steele would like somebody more experienced, with little cares, and less baggage.


If only Sarah knew that Steele eyed the blonde as she left, her nipples tightening in arousal.




Sarah held up the shirt and eyed it uncomfortably.  It was a purple half shirt that laced together in the front.  The bottom was a multi-layered skirt that looked like it wouldn’t be too bad if it weren’t so short.  No undergarments were included, and Sarah blushed, thinking about wearing such a short skirt without panties.


Just then, there was a knock at her door.  A woman with fiery red hair peeked inside.  The woman smiled and came inside, followed by a taller blonde with gorgeous long hair.


“You’re up!” the red head said with excitement, “I’m Lucy, the doctor in these parts.”  Lucy offered her hand to Sarah.


“Sarah,” the blonde said, happy to be meeting someone else who seemed much more congenial than Steele.


Lucy turned to the lady standing behind her.  “This is Sandy,” the doctor said, patting said woman on the back, “She’s the one who found you.”


Sandy smiled and waved slightly.  “Thank you, Sandy,” Sarah said quietly.


Lucy looked Sarah up and down.  She chuckled. “Steele picked your clothes, didn’t she?” she asked, knowing her boss’s likes and dislikes.


“Yeah, she did,” answered Sarah, “But she didn’t give me any panties.” The blonde was blushing again.


Both women laughed.  Sandy took Sarah’s arm and led her out of the small room.  “Come with me,” she said, “I’ll take care of you.”  Sandy smiled at Sarah.


Sarah took a step intending to leave with them, but swayed and almost fell.  Lucy leaped to the rescue, setting her gently on the bed.


“You’ve got to be careful,” Lucy warned, “I know that you must want to get up and do things, but your body’s been through hell and back.  A few days of rest will do you good.”


Lucy turned to Sandy and said, “Why don’t you go and get a pair or two of panties, and I’ll get our new friend some breakfast?”


Sandy nodded, and left the two to their talk.




“What are you doing?”


Sandy was used to Steele sneaking up on her, but she still felt her heart skip a beat when the purring voice sounded behind her.  She whirled quickly, launching several pairs of underwear in Steele’s direction.


“I’m getting that girl something to cover her ass with,” she replied evenly.  “Really, Steele, she is just recovering from pneumonia.  If you keep her dressed the way she is,  she’ll just get sick again.”


“What do I care?” Steele said with an indifferent shrug, moving to sit on the bed.  They were in the spare bedroom upstairs, and Sandy was digging through the wardrobe where they kept spare emergency clothing.


Sandy knew her tall friend was in a brooding mood, but it didn’t phase her.  She was used to brooding.  “You should care,” she said with a grin, picking out a couple of suitable pairs of undergarments, and shutting the drawer back.  “If she gets sick, that’ll be that much longer she stays here.”


Steele quirked an eyebrow.  “Good point,” she had to admit.  “And I think the longer that girl is here, the more trouble she’s going to cause.”


Sandy grinned at Steele before leaving the bedroom.  “You live for trouble, Steele, and you know it.”


Steele watched her blonde friend go, before musing to herself, “Yeah, I do know it.”




Sandy found Lucy and Sarah sitting in the kitchen, tall glasses of milk in front of them, and their heads close together as though they were sharing secrets.  “Is this party for two? Or can anyone join?” she asked.


She was welcomed in, and helped herself to a glass of the drink, before joining the doctor and her patient.  “Here ya’ go, Sarah,” Sandy said, holding out the underwear she had obtained.


“Thank you.”  Sarah took the garments, and then looked more carefully at them.  “I’ve never seen underwear like this,” she commented, holding up a pair.  “They look so…low cut.”


Sandy nodded.  “They’re comfortable, trust me,” she said, giving Lucy a warning look not to say anything.  “Go in the bathroom and try a pair on.”


Sarah was back out a minute later, a big smile on her face.  “You’re right…they are comfortable. Thank you.”


Lucy had just pulled a fresh loaf of bread from the wood oven, and she set in front of Gabrielle, who practically salivated at the sight.  “Give it a minute to cool,” Lucy laughed at the look. 


“Sit down and talk to us, Sarah,” Sandy said, indicating the seat Sarah had vacated.  When Sarah had sat, Sandy gave Lucy a sidelong glance, then said, “Where did you come from, Sarah? And who was after you?  You weren’t running that hard just to end up here…you were running away from something or someone.”


Sarah thought carefully.  She already liked both of these women immensely, but the voice had warned her not to trust anyone but the unidentified angel.  “There were some dogs chasing me,” she spoke finally.  It was true, but that wasn’t her real pursuers.  “They chased me for miles, and I ended up running through the woods. “


Lucy nodded her understanding.  “But where did you come from before that?  We checked your DNA with those on file with the CG…and there wasn’t a match.”


The Commander had told Sarah that once a person was relegated to live at the Center, all traces of their remains on the outside world were erased.  That would explain the Central Government not having her on record.


“I don’t know who my parents were,” she finally explained.  “I guess since I didn’t have a regular home, I just got by the system.”


Sandy looked doubtful, but Lucy nodded.  “We’ve seen that happen before,” she said, giving Sandy a warning look.  It wasn’t common knowledge, but her own son Dylan and Steele weren’t registered with the CG either.


“Steele seems…concerned about a mark you have on you,” Sandy said then, and she saw Sarah’s face blanch immediately.


“I gathered that,” she finally replied.  “I know it looks similar to the insignia of the Center (she forced herself not to shudder when she mentioned the name), but…it was some of my friend’s ideas of a cruel joke.  They got me well…drunk, and when I woke up, I found that I had it.”


It was the first thing that popped into her head, and she noted with relief that her new friends seemed to accept it.


“Now,” she said, wrinkling her nose at Lucy, “Can I please have some bread?”




“Get enough to eat?” Steele asked later,  as she strode through the kitchen.


“Yes, thanks,” Sarah smiled up at the beautiful woman.


Steele tried to give a genuine smile, but it came out looking more like a smirk.  Sarah looked away suddenly a little bit embarrassed.


“You’re looking better,” remarked Steele, trying to look the shorter woman up and down without looking like she was ogling. 


Sarah nodded in agreement.  “I haven’t felt so good in…in a long time,” she said softly thinking back to the last time she felt this free.


“Surprise!!” A chorus a people shouted as she walked into the room.


Sarah was startled, but quickly realized they had thrown this party for her. It was the last day before she left for the Center.  It was one’s duty to serve the government in any way possible.  Most spent a six month enlistment in any one of the Center’s many assignment buildings.


“I’m so proud of you, Sarah,” her sister said and hugged her.  They had always been especially close.  With no parents, each girl relied heavily on the other.


“I can’t wait to help those refugees from the northern lands,”  Sarah gushed, as other guests patted her on the back.


“They should be glad to have you,” Lisa said, “You’re the most helpful person I know.”


Sarah rolled her eyes and laughed.


“I’m going to put you to work in the stables with Sandy, when you’re well enough,” Steele stated, changing the subject.  She poured herself a cup of lukewarm coffee, adding fresh milk and sugar to it.  Sugar was a treat, and something that a lot of people didn’t get too often.


Josh came in through the back door.  He glanced at Sarah, but ignored her pointedly and walked up behind Steele.


“Hey, Sexy,” he growled in her ear, as he ground the bulge of his pants into the crack of her ass.


“Not now, Josh,” Steele answered, trying to step away from him.


“I’m finished with those tasks, and…I’m all yours.” He pushed his hardness once more against her.


“You are beginning to seriously annoy me,” she hissed at him, noticing out of the corner of her eye that Sarah was leaving the room.


“Ever since that blonde bitch entered this house, you’ve been acting strange,”  Josh retorted, angry to be denied what had been his so frequently.


“Get out,” Steele stated coldly.  Josh just stood before her, mouth hanging open.


“You’d better move.” Steele said, breaking him of his shock.  Steele wasn’t in the habit of repeating herself, and Josh was bordering on getting himself kicked off the plantation.  Or worse.


He narrowed his eyes at her, and stormed out of the kitchen.  Steele barely noticed…her eyes were on Sarah’s retreating figure.




Sarah left the two people to their own devices.  It was clear that Josh had a certain thing in mind with Steele, and Sarah didn’t want to interrupt.   Josh was a handsome man, with a very fit body, and a strong face.  His hair was trimmed and neat, and the leather pants her wore left little to the imagination.  Sarah briefly wondered what it would be like to approach the strong woman the way Josh had.


She wandered back to her room slowly, as her feet were starting to throb.  She closed the door softly behind her, and caught sight of herself in the mirror on the dresser.  The form fitting purple top did accent her larger breasts, pushing them together some, and the shirt stopped just above one of her best features,  her navel.  Sarah didn’t think that her stomach was very flat, not that she was large, but she definitely didn’t have the muscle definition that she was sure that Steele had. The skirt was very short.  Shorter than anything that she had ever worn. It hung to the middle of her thighs, and was also a new feeling.


Sarah’s eyes drifted from her face down her neck and stopped when she saw two points protruding from her shirt.  She blushed a little, wondering if they had been doing that when Steele was talking to her.


Absentmindedly, she lifted a hand and began to caress one of her semi-hard nipples.  It felt good, soothing to her, and she continued to move her eyes down her body.


Sarah’s belly button clearly showed, and her eyes lingered on the small indentation.  Many chose to adorn their bodies with jewelry, and she wondered if her navel would look good pierced.


The hand at her breast brushed her nipple a little bit harder, and Sarah gasped in response.  She realized then that she was no longer just casually touching herself, but was now caressing her nipple with her own fingers.


She stopped the motion of her hand.  At the Center, she remembered being watched everywhere she went.  There were cameras in the rooms, in the individual toilet stalls, and the showers.  There was no such thing as privacy in the Center. 


Sarah was no stranger to masturbation; virtually everyone touched himself or herself.  However, during the 18 months she spent in the Center, she didn’t pleasure herself once, because she couldn’t bear the idea that someone was watching her.


The blonde glanced around the room, looking for cameras, and not finding any.  She sighed with relief, and pleasure knowing that she could do something about the arousal that was beginning to heat up her body.


Sarah pinched her nipple harder, the sensation racing to her clit.  She groaned aloud, and her knees nearly buckled beneath her.


Tenderly, Sarah sat down on her bed, thinking that probably she shouldn’t be standing if she wanted to continue.  She laid down on her bed, stretching out her full length. Her hand went back to pleasuring her nipple while the other hand slowly moved down her body. She caressed her belly, and moved further south, over the material of the skirt, to where it ended. 


She paused for a moment listening for anyone coming.  Satisfied that no one would walk in on her, she slipped her hand beneath her skirt. Sarah’s fingers pushed the material up a bit, and finally finding and caressing the leg band of her underwear.


The motion at her breast caused her to moan again, as she pinched herself harder than before.  Sarah slipped her fingers underneath to find her wetness overflowing.  She was on fire, and knew that it wouldn’t take much for an orgasm to rip through her.


Somehow, her thoughts turned to Josh and Steele.  She imagined Steele underneath Josh’s muscular body.  Josh would take his time, she thought, caressing the gorgeous female body beneath him.  They would kiss passionately, tongues dancing, searching each other out.  Steele would moan loudly as Josh suckled at large firm breasts.


Sarah moaned louder as her finger brushed her now very hard clit.  Even though she hadn’t masturbated in quite some time, she quickly found the rhythm that pleased her most.


In Sarah’s mind, Steele cried out as Josh penetrated her, filling her with his rock hard cock.  She imagined the blue eyed woman thrashing beneath the strong man as he thrust in and out of Steele’s moist center.


Sarah’s fingers found a rhythm of their own, stoking the blonde’s clit until she couldn’t take much more.  She gave her breast another firm pinch and Sarah was tumbling over the edge into oblivion.




“Damn Josh and his bad timing!” Steele raged to herself, retreating to her bedroom and locking the door behind her. She sat down on the bed and scowled.  The little blonde seemed a bit more comfortable around her in the kitchen, almost flirtatious, and Steele had plans for using that to her advantage.


But Josh’s presence and seeming intimate relationship with her had chased Sarah off.  “Damn him.” Steele said it out loud softly, and it made her feel a little better.


Steele checked her radio for the coded communication she was expecting, but it wasn’t there.  Sighing, she sat back against the headboard and let her mind wander.


Her next thoughts began to anger her even more than her thoughts of Josh. “Damn Sandy for knowing my weaknesses.”


Sandy had flounced out of the spare room, with two of those pairs of half-underwear, one cream colored, the other black.  Steele enjoyed her…playthings to be dressed in them…especially the shy ones…and Sandy knew that well.  Steele had been driving herself nearly crazy since then, trying to determine what color Sarah had decided to wear today.


“Aww, fuck…” It was only a matter of time before Steele had slipped a hand inside the waistband of her pants, her hands squishing in wetness long before she actually got to her clit.  The little slut just had too many factors going for her.  The blonde hair, the seeming innocence, the tremendous fear of Steele, the half-cut panties, a fantastic body, and a painfully obvious attraction to Steele.  No matter how the girl tried to hide it, her attraction was there.


Steele certainly wasn’t a novice to masturbation…she was quite experienced at it…but it WAS unusual for her to feel an over-whelming desire to pleasure herself RIGHT THEN.  But that’s exactly what she was doing, opening her pants as much as she could, and scrubbing two fingers across her own clit, before she went mad from the pressure.


The tension was nearly unbearable…and Steele felt her climax looming before her within mere seconds.  Almost any other time, she would stretch it out…finding pleasure in the building of her desire and the physical sensation of touching her most sensitive spots…but now…


Now…Steele was focused on orgasming, pure and simple.  She didn’t need her nipples pinched or stroked, didn’t even need to be undressed, all she needed was her own demanding motions on her hardon and the vision of Sarah, staked out like a sacrificial lamb on the bed in front of her, naked of everything but the panties, which were now serving as a gag.


“Ungh!” That was all it took, and with a muffled gasp, Steele’s hips thrust upward to meet her hand harder.  Her clit pulsed and screamed, her vagina clutched at nothing, and her scent filled her nostrils.  Steele pulled her fingers from her cunt, and slipped them into her mouth, but barely noticed the usually erotic taste, as her mind continued to think about the woman in her room downstairs.  A woman she needed to get out of her life…and her head…immediately.


Chapter 2


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