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Touching Steele


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Chapter Five


 “Get out of my sight, you fucking whore…” Steele finally relinquished her hold on Tina’s hair, shoving the girl to the ground.  “I’d better not see your ass around here for a long time.”


Tina slunk off appropriately.  She knew Steele wouldn’t totally kick her off the plantation.  They went back too far for that, and Steele wouldn’t do that just out of anger.  No, but being banished from Steele’s sight for an indefinite amount of time, well, that was about as bad as it could get, short of being ordered to leave.


Steele totally lost interest in the party quickly.  She told herself it was because the mood was ruined, but in truth, she knew it was because Sarah was no longer there.


The young beauty had made it quite clear that she was interested in a relationship with Steele.  More than that, she had issued a challenge that Steele might not be able to handle her.  Steele could handle her all right, and was well aware she could easily break the bitch if she put her mind to it.  She had been resisting the temptation, mainly because she didn’t trust the little slut, but the girl was playing too hard with her.


Steele grinned, and left the party early.


Sarah had headed off in the direction of the woods, and Steele decided to track her, telling herself it was just to make sure she didn’t get into any trouble.


The girl’s path looped around though, and it wasn’t long before Steele found herself back at her own barn.  A glance in the upstairs window told her there was someone there, for she could see the flicker of a lantern burning.


Steele pulled on the door, but it was obviously locked by the crossbar from the inside.  That really got Steele’s curiosity going.


Never one to spoil a good surprise, Steele made her way to the side of the barn, and lithely pulled herself up through a window.


Just a few seconds later, Steele was creeping up the ladder that led to the loft.


Sarah had retreated from the party, her cheeks burning in humiliation and shame.  She had kicked Tina’s ass, to be sure, but to have Steele ignore her and comfort the other woman instead…that had hurt so much.


“God, why won’t she at least give me a chance?”  Sarah moaned, as she closed her eyes and she pictured the tall dark-haired woman standing before her.  She honestly didn’t know if Steele would be rough and wild or tender and thorough, but either way…it sounded wonderful to her.


Sarah could still feel a slight twinge in the back of her neck where Steele had lifted her off the bloodied Tina.  Those elegant hands and long fingers were enough fuel for fantasy on their own.  Oh…and Steele had so much more.


Sarah sighed, and looked out the window where she could see the party.  She was hoping that Steele would still be at the party, because having the live picture of the woman as inspiration would be perfect.


No luck though; she couldn’t catch a glimpse of the dark-haired woman.  She sat down with her back to a bale of hay, and closed her eyes, picturing the commanding pose Steele had used while separating her and Tina.  God, yeah…it would be more than enough.


Steele was upstairs now, and she didn’t even bother checking any of the other rooms.  The small sound she’d heard from the large room they stored the hay in was enough of a clue.


Sarah was totally caught up in her fantasy.  Not afraid of being caught, she had pushed her skirt and panties to her ankles, and had stretched her legs out comfortably in front of her, propping up the one on the right.  She had pushed her abbreviated top up over her hardened breasts, and had one hand alternately pinching the nipples, while her right one dug away furiously between her thighs.


Steele watched her from the doorway for a few minutes, feeling the heat grow in her own cunt.  The horny little bitch was masturbating wildly, her head thrown back and her mouth gasping for air.  Her slender hips were humping the air, and Steele could see that the girl was fast approaching her climax. 


Then she heard it… Sarah was moaning Steele’s name.


Steel waited until just before Sarah’s thighs started to clench, then made her entrance into the room  “What a sight you are, you bad, bad girl.”


The moment the first words had left Steele’s mouth, Sarah had shrieked and yanked her hands away from her pounding clit.  She had been right there, so close to the ultimate pleasure, and now her stomach was a huge empty pit, while the rest of her filled with fear.


Steele pushed her hands on her hips, and walked the rest of the way to stand in front of the blonde.  One of the girl’s hands was still on her tits, and the other was hovering over the area between her legs, but she had stopped all movement in her shock.


Steele cocked an eyebrow in amusement.  “You were sitting here, playing with that hot little pussy, thinking about me, weren’t you, you little slut?”


Sarah’s face somehow had reddened even more.  She knew she couldn’t deny it.  “Yes,” she said, her voice barely more than a whisper.  Her eyes were cast down at the floor.


Steele bent so her face was very close to Sarah’s flushed one.  “Well, now, you’ve got the real thing here.  Go ahead and finish jackin’ off…and I’ll be right here.”


A violent tremor seized Sarah’s body.  “No, I can’t…”


An odd noise made her glance up at Steele.  She still had her arms crossed, but now her head was titled to the side, like she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.


Sarah was so frightened and frustrated, that she never even caught her mistake at first. 


Steele was straightening then, and gave Sarah a hard disapproving little stare.  “I can’t believe you have the nerve to tell me no,” she said quietly.  “Your hands on your pussy must be making you very stupid.”


The red that had infused Sarah’s face rapidly drained, paling her in a manner of seconds.  “I didn’t mean to,” she began, her voice shaky.


“I’d shut the fuck up if I were you!”  Steele barked then.  “Cause any excuse you come up with now is just gonna piss me off even more!”


Sarah’s voice trailed off, but her eyes were huge with panic and her chest was heaving with fear.  She was aware of where she was, what she had been doing, and who had caught her.


“I don’t know which is worse,” Steele said, pacing back and forth.  “Your defiance of me in your speech, or learning that you came out here to frig your clit and pant after me.”  She stopped walking.  “Look at me, Slut,” she commanded.


After only a second’s hesitation, Sarah obeyed.,


Steele had planted a very innocent smile on her face.  “If you wanted me to fuck you, all you had to do was ask.”


That statement angered Sarah, but she knew better than to let Steele know that.  It would just give the tall reason a chance to make the situation even worse.


Steele turned her back on the younger woman, walking over to the wall that housed some of the tools used in the barn. 


“But you didn’t speak up,” she was slowly looking over the implements on the wall.  “You wanna choose your punishment, or do you want me to do it?”


Sarah couldn’t believe what she was hearing.  Surely, Steele couldn’t  be serious.  The wall was full of horrible looking instruments: scythes, hooks, pitchforks.  Steele turned her back to Sarah.  “Well?”


Sarah finally realized that she was sitting here in front of Steele, totally exposed.  She tried to casually move her hands.  “Don’t you dare, you little pussy lover,” Steele sneered.  “You keep those hands right where they are.  And I seem to recall telling you not to stop moving them.”


The color abruptly returned to the shorter woman’s face, turning the girl’s ear’s a deep red.


“I’d get to it, if I were you,” Steele growled.  “You’re in enough trouble as it is.”


Sarah shuddered, but did as she was told, beginning to move her fingers over her clit, although far less enthusiastically than before.


“That’s better,” Steele said, with a nod.


“Oh…this?  No, how about this?” Steele asked herself, as she walked the length of the wall, inspecting the instruments. “Ah,” She smiled, “This will be just the thing for your punishment,” she mused aloud.  Sarah stared, her eyes still round and terrified as Steele picked up some item near the base of the wall.  She turned back and held it up for Sarah to see.


Sarah gasped and swallowed hard.  Steele was holding a riding crop.


“I’m gonna start by warming up that tight little ass of yours,” Steele said, holding the dangerous end of the riding crop up to Sarah’s cheek, as if it helped her think.  “It’s going to look great having both sets of your cheeks such a vibrant dark red.”


The crop was stretching outward now to just lightly touch under Sarah’s chin, making her tilt her head upwards.  Her eyes searched Steele’s, trying to find an escape…a hint of amusement or mercy.  But instead, all she could find was lust and a great deal of pleasure.


“Stand up, Whore,” Steele said then.  “And get your hands off your privates.  Don’t you have any manners?” Steele chuckled, as Sarah rushed to do the dark woman’s bidding.


Sarah stood up, still naked from the waist down to her ankles and up to her breasts.


A tiny voice in Sarah’s head told her to speak up, but she ignored it. And even though she was afraid, she was a bit intrigued.  She didn’t think that Steele would actually use the whip on her. Plus, she knew that if she spoke up now, her mouth would get her into even more trouble.


Steele turned and just looked at her for a minute.  “You really are gorgeous,” she said, her voice husky with pleasure.  “I‘m going to enjoy raising some welts on you.”


Sarah stood before her, unsure of where to put her hands.  There was no way she could keep Steele from seeing her anyway, so finally, she stood with her hands hanging loosely, trying not to shiver.


“Go ahead and pull your panties and skirt off,” Steele said.  She had perched herself on the bale of hay Sarah had been leaning on earlier.  “Pull those boots off too, Little Girl.  You won’t be needing them.”


Sarah bent and did as she was told, afraid to do otherwise.  She was reaching for the lower hem of her shirt, apparently going to remove it to, but Steele shook her head and hissed a “no”..


“Leave it on for now,” she directed.  “It makes you look all slutty with your titties hanging out like that.”  Steele reached over and grabbed a still erect nipple, stretching it outward.  She pulled it out just far enough for it hurt, then let it go, bouncing back into place.  “Oh, Baby, you are just too sexy for words…” she moaned.


Steele took a moment to watch Sarah, the whole time making the crop flex and quiver and keep Sarah’s attention.  She slapped the crop down on her thigh a couple of times, making Sarah start at the loud sound of leather hitting leather.


Finally, Steele stood and approached the smaller woman.  “You ever been whipped before?” she asked.


After a beat, Sarah answered. “Yes.”  She had received an occasional beating at the Center, for the few times she had committed major infractions.


“Stand up!” the Second in Command barked at the sleeping blonde.


Before she even knew it, Sarah snapped to attention, still half asleep, stumbling as she tried to get her previously sleeping limbs into position.


“You lied,” Caryn whispered, as she fingered a lock of Sarah’s hair.


Sarah knew that no response was necessary, and in fact would just get her into more trouble.


“The rebels were not were you said they’d be,” Caryn stated, a wicked grin on her face.


The Commander came into Sarah’s room then, and the blonde’s heart sank.  She knew that the Commander’s punishment would be far worse than anything the Second could cook up.


The Commander smirked, as she looked the now trembling blonde up and down. “I don’t know why you lied, but I know that you are never wrong.”


She tossed her dark hair over her shoulder, and paced the small room.


Crying was heard from Sarah’s roommate, as the smaller girl woke up and realized that Sarah was in deep trouble.  The brunette glared at the girl.


“Leave her alone!” Sarah yelled, unable to keep her tongue any longer.


The Commander whipped her head around. “Gag her, and bring her to my office,” ordered the Commander, as she stalked out of the room.


Caryn stuffed the ball gag deep in Sarah’s mouth, and bound the blonde’s wrists, pulling the girl behind her.  She smiled, pleased there was going to be a whipping tonight. 


Sarah tried to resist. She planted her feet in the door way, but only succeeded in falling on her face.  She knew that once she was secured to the pole in the office, resistance would become impossible, as the cuffs delivered a nasty shock when pulled upon.


“You’re so lovely, all strung up like this,” the red head said as she tried to cuff one of Sarah’s legs.


The gag prevented any spoken words, but muffled sound still came out.  Sarah fought with her whole body, and moaned in pain as a shock was delivered to her wrists.  Tears leaked from sad green eyes.


The Second in Command stood up, surveying the bound blonde.  Sarah was on her tip-toes, hands stretched straight up, breasts jutting forward.


“Beautiful,” Caryn whispered, as she pinched the blonde’s nipple, hardened from fear.


“That’s enough,” the Commander barked, as she pushed her Second out of the way.


The brunette held up the bullwhip, and snickered, as Sarah eyes grew wide with fear.  She had never been whipped with that instrument before.


“Oh, yes,” the Commander purred, “You do well to be very afraid.”


More muffled sound from Sarah, and deeper sobs, as the whip was unfurled, and the Commander stepped back.


“You can forget about lying again,” the Commander stated,  as she snapped the whip in the air, “I’m your Master now.”


Steele was nodding.  “Did you find the feel of the whip erotic?”


“No…it was always painful,” Sarah answered back.


Steele nodded again. “You’ll find I wield the whip differently.”  She reached down and one of her fingers invaded the area between Sarah’s thighs.  Sarah’s body stiffened, but the thickened end of the crop made a single swipe between her labia, before Steele pulled it away again.


“Look at that,” she said, clicking her tongue and holding the darkened crop in front of her face.  “It came away wet.”  Sarah, ashamed by the betrayal of her own arousal, didn’t even look.  Steele stepped in.  “It’s gonna be dripping in a minute,” she husked to Sarah.  “Guaranteed.”


“Now…you have two choices,” she went on, making a little distance between her and Sarah.  She pointed to the pulley that hung in the large doorway of the loft.  It was normally used for lifting the heavy bales of hay upward.


“If you think you’re going to have a problem…holding still, I can restrain you with that.”


Sarah looked up at it.  The barn door was closed, since it wasn’t needed, but she had the feeling if she opted for that route, Steele would push her even further and raise the pulley too far off the ground.


“Well?” Steele was asking.


Sarah blinked at her.  “Could you please tell me my other choice?” she asked quietly.


“Certainly,” Steele boomed, as though she were discussing a business deal.  She pointed with the whip.  “Your other choice is to bend over the hay bales and take what I give you.  Just to sweeten the deal, if you decide to go that route, and succeed…I’ll give you a nice reward.  If you try that route, and fail…I’ll hold you down and beat you till there’s not a speck of skin left on your backside.”


Sarah considered her options.  She would have loved to let herself be restrained from trying to escape, but she could sense from Steele’s tone, that Steele would be very pleased if she tried to go without being tied.


“I don’t want to be tied up,” she said, after considering it only a moment.


Steele allowed a seductive smile to slide across the features.  “I’m impressed,” she purred.


She reached out and took Sarah’s arm, and led the girl to the bale.  “Hang your head down on the far side of it, and stick that ass high up in the air,” she ordered.


Sarah did as she was told, stretching way out over the bale.


Steele stood and surmised her positions for a minute.  “Something’s not quite right,” she intoned.


Sarah was sorely tempted to look over her shoulder and see what had Steele’s attention, but thought better of it.


“Oh, that’s it,” The sarcasm in the dark woman’s voice didn’t escape Sarah.


“Straighten up.”


Sarah did as directed, then watched in dismay as Steele pulled the horse blanket that had been softening the feeling of the hay beneath her.  With a nasty chuckle, Steele put her hand on the back of Sarah’s neck and pushed her back into her previous position.


Sarah groaned silently as the scratchy hay immediately went to work on her stomach, and especially her breasts.


“Did anyone ever tell you that you have a luscious ass?” Steele asked.


“N-no…” Sarah had been tensing herself for a blow, not prepared for a question instead.


“Mmmm…God yes…it is damn near perfect.”


Sarah felt blades of pleasure shoot through her vulva when Steele’s flattened hand ran gently over the curves of her bottom.  She wasn’t prepared when Steele pulled her hand away, only to smack it back down hard on Sarah’s left buttock.  “Needs a dash more color,” she chuckled again.


Sarah tensed, and was slightly more prepared when Steele’s hand spanked her other ass cheek.


“Are you ready?” Steele asked, a few seconds later.


“No,” screamed Sarah’s inner voce, but she answered, “Yes.”




The riding crop came down firmly across the top of Sarah’s crack, making the blonde lunge a bit from the sting.  It was painful, but somehow, not as painful as she would have expected.


Behind Sarah’s quivering back end, Steele smiled sinisterly.  She swung the crop round again, giving another blow of the same intensity to the lower part of the creamy flesh in front of her.  Then a couple more strokes more toward the middle.


Sarah was breathing a little harsher, and her ass was definitely feeling some heat, but she was doing well.  She wasn’t even having to move much against the hay, and it wasn’t sticking her body to the point that made her too uncomfortable.


Steele teased the end of the crop along the light lines she had formed on Sarah’s ass.  Below her slightly spread thighs, she could see copious secretions making their own way down Sarah’s inner thighs.


Her mouth was watering when she swung the crop the next time.


“Ungh!”  Sarah jerked forward into the prickly hay as the next lash was much harder and directed at her lower back.


Steele followed that one up with another one about an inch lower, just as hard.


Sarah felt tears prickling her eyes when the crop began to fall in earnest.  It was the sadist in Steele that had lulled her with a few deceptively easy strokes, only to unleash a torrent of blows that were now setting her on fire.


But along with the horrible breath-taking pain, Sarah was aware of other things.  There was the hay that kept poking her nipples, making sure they stayed itchy and throbbing.


Then, there were her ears, which were filled with the sounds of her breathy gasps and the forceful grunts every time a blow fell.  Besides that, she was aware of another series of noises from behind her…sounds that were growing in intensity and volume as the whipping continued.  As soon as Sarah realized they were pleasurable moans bursting forth from Steele, her own sounds grew in answering passion.  The woman behind her was obviously getting off on striping her ass, shouldn’t Sarah be getting off on being the recipient?


The smells of two women’s intense arousal, the building heat in the room, and the flaming that was threatening to consume between her legs was overwhelming Sarah.  The pain was heavy and intense, but also seemed to have leveled out somewhat, so now Sarah’s young body was learning to transfer it’s pleasure mixed with her pain.


Steele had the pleasure of flogging many woman and men, but never had the eroticism gotten to her as much as this gorgeous ray of light did.


Usually, she would have stopped her lashing a long time ago, and would be fucking her victim senseless by now.


But no, Sarah was incensing Steele to go far beyond her normal boundaries.  The little bitch was still jerking with the pain, still groaning with the lash, and giving out a small shriek occasionally, but she still hadn’t cried out or given any indication she was ready to quit.


Now Steele was the one ready to quit.  Her clit was so engorged with blood, it was making her light-headed.  Sweat was pouring off her, and the throbbing between her legs was threatening to make her lose control of the situation.


A few minutes ago, Steele had paused in her movements long enough to rip her own shirt open.  Every time the whip came down, her over-extended nipples would send sparks along the inside of her denim shirt, and she had opened it to get a little less pressure and a little more air on her body. 


Sarah had been too wrapped up in what was happening to notice, and that was for the best.  She didn’t want Sarah to know how affected she was by all this.


A particularly hard lash on Sarah’s upper thighs caused her to cry out with pain and shake Steele out of her revelry.  The delightfully curved ass in front of her had been transformed to a  deep uniform scarlet color, except for one angry welt that was threatening to ooze blood.  In her daze, Steele had gotten careless with her aim, and struck Sarah where she had already lashed.


Sensing she would only get more negligent if she continued, Steele finally lowered her arm.  It should have ached from being worked so hard, but the only pain involved was on Sarah’s point.


The young blonde’s body was tensed, obviously waiting for the next blow.  Her limbs were shaking, and Steele could hear her breathing was hitched, and ragged.


She let Sarah stew in her own juices for a few minutes, then Steele reached forward with the crop, and gently stroked it against the blushing flesh.   Sarah jumped, not expecting such tenderness, and then her body continued to twitch occasionally.


Steele took a step forward, her eyes drinking in the site of Sarah’s blistered ass as well as a few other things.  She could smell the girl’s arousal from where she stood, and now she could see the glaze that was slowly coating the inner thighs.


“How are you feeling, you nasty little slut?” Steele snarled, giving Sarah a little tap on the side of her face with the crop.


Sarah whimpered, her head barely turning.  She seemed to know better than to look at Steele.


“Answer me, Whore!” Stele growled, smacking the other side of her cheek a little bit harder.  “How are you feeling?”


“It…hurts…” Sarah finally whispered.


“That was the point,” Steele chuckled. The tip of the crop hovered gently over Sarah’s back, then pressed it a little tighter to the area where the lashing had first reddened.  Sarah jerked and choked back a sob, but didn’t even cry out when the hot leather prodded at the spot where her skin was broken.


Steele was standing directly behind Sarah now.  She leaned over, and her body was suddenly pressed against the younger woman’s.  Sarah stiffened when she felt the hot skin of Steele’s bare chest.  Steele wiggled her nipples harder into Sarah’s back, as she pulled the girl’s upper body upright.


“Let’s see here…” she crooned, pursing her lips.  Her fingers made a quick travail down the length of Sarah’s torso, and then two of her fingers were slipping easily into Sarah’s slit.  “You don’t seem to be hurting here…” Steele commented.


Sarah did her best to fight back a moan, but was unsuccessful.  The sensuous sounds of the whispering coupled with the stinging lash of the crop had led her down the path of no return.


“Your cunt is so juicy,” Steele husked, rubbing a finger on either side of Sarah’s turgid clit.  “If I whipped your ass much longer, there would have been a puddle at your feet.”


Sarah didn’t answer.  Her mouth had gaped open and her head had lolled back to rest against Steele’s strong shoulder.  She was ashamed of what she was feeling, but couldn’t stop her body from responding to Steele.


With her height, Steele was able to look down the front of Sarah’s body.  The girl’s nipples were hard as her namesake, and Steele could feel her mouth water in anticipation of tasting them.  Sarah’s nipples were a rosy pink, with pleasantly sized areolas capping delightfully firm, ample breasts.


Sarah’s stomach was flat and well-defined, and Steele’s arm was rubbing against the individual muscles, even as she held the blonde bitch in place.  Her fingers were coated liberally in the girl’s cunt juices, and Steele could tell by Sarah’s actions, that it wouldn’t be long before she was coming hard.


Somewhere in Steele, a faint ember of an idea told her what she could really do to add to the strain on the young thing in front of her.  Immediately, Steele’s fingers spread a bit, so they were pressing more against the inner part of Sarah’s labia rather than her clit.,  Sarah was wiggling her hips immediately in an effort to regain the pressure, but Steele wouldn’t have it.


The tall woman began rubbing harder against the back of Sarah.  She wore heavy denim pants, and it wasn’t long before Sarah was groaning out the pain of having her raw flesh mashed brutally by Steele.  Steele noticed with interest that at the same time, it caused even more wetness to pour from Sarah’s vagina.


“You really get off on pain, don’t you?” she asked.  She’d never seen anything quite like the demonstration Sarah was putting on for her.


Sarah was horrified by her own sluttish behavior, but was beyond controlling herself.  She wished she had the courage to speak up and tell Steele what was really going through her head.  It wasn’t so much the pain that was getting her off; it was the fact that it was Steele doling it out; the fact that she was toying with her, playing with her…


“Please…” she whispered finally, giving up on trying to maintain her decorum.  “Please…Steele…”


“Please what?” Steele hummed, sucking in an earlobe.


“Please…I need to come…”  Sarah had never even imagined herself talking like that, and noticed Steele didn’t seem to be affected by her choice of words.


“I know you do, you beautiful little whore,” Steele hissed in Sarah’s ear.  “I can feel the blood pulsing to your clit, overfilling it…engorging it.”


She gave the tensed organ she was describing a flick with her fingernail, causing Sarah to groan heavily.  “You wanna cum so bad; it’s all you can think about, isn’t it?”


“Oh…yes…” Sarah managed to respond through her shivering.


“Hmmm…and how do you want me to make you cum?”  Steele asked her finger now barely moving against Sarah’s pussy.  She had to slow them down because the way Sarah’s hips were moving, it wasn’t going to take long for her to spasm.


Sarah shook her head, her hair tumbling down to hide her expression from Steele.


Nonplused, Steele lifted the hair on her left side and tucked it sweetly behind Sarah’s ear.  “What was that?” she asked, leaning down closer.  “What did you say?”


Sarah’s face was flushed in a deep red, which Steele delighted in.  But still, the girl was silent.


Steele suddenly grabbed Sarah by her long blonde hair, and jerked the girl’s head back.  Sarah hissed with the unexpected pain, tears immediately springing to her eyes.


The blonde’s continued silence passed Steele off.  “I suggest you give me an answer quickly,” she purred in Sarah’s ear.  “Because I can think of all kinds of ways to make you cum, and most of them would be far more painful that the love pats I just gave you.  Now…” she tugged cruelly on Sarah’s hair again.  “How do you want me to make you cum?”


Sarah was terrified she’d give the wrong answer, but finally whispered the truth.  “I want you to fuck me…”


Steele pulled her head back so Sarah couldn’t see the grin that she couldn’t keep from popping up on her face.  This was even better than expected.  “Did you just say that you wanted me to fuck you?” she asked in an incredulous voice.


“Yes…” Sarah’s head was lowered, her voice barely audible.


“And what would you suggest I fuck you with?” Steele continued.  “We have a lot of choices around here.”


Sarah lifted her eye long enough to give a quick glimpse around the loft.  Once again, she was struck by the barbarism of all the suggested implements in the barn.


“I’d like…”


“Yes?”  Steele asked, leaning forward so she was right in Sarah’s face again.


“I’d like…” Sarah swallowed nervously.  “I’d like you to use your fingers.”


Steele released Sarah’s hair finally, and the same hand gently stroked over Sarah’s face.  “You want me to fingerfuck you?” she asked.




Steele grabbed Sarah by her shoulder, and turned her before pushing her back against the hay.


Sarah couldn’t keep from crying out when the prickly material of the hay scrubbed against the raw flesh on her ass and back.


Steele just laughed at her again.  “You don’t really expect this to feel good, do you?” she asked, sounding incredulous.


Sarah fought back tears again, not because of the horrible pain, but from the cruelty in Steele’s actions and words.  She couldn’t help but wonder how the situation had gotten so far out of control.


Sarah lit a candle at her bedside, as she smoothed down the material of her new silky pajamas.  They were purple, with tiny rosettes at the collar, and she had made the entire garment herself.


She took the candle and headed out for the bathroom.  Sarah was confident that everyone, mainly Steele, would be asleep.


The blonde entered the kitchen, and smelled the rich aroma of coffee.  Sarah looked around, and spied the dark haired woman looking through the window on the door.


Steele turned around and took a long look at Sarah.  “You look amazing in that,” the tall woman stated.


Sarah smiled, as the compliment sank in.  Finally Steele was being nice, or at least appeared to be.


“C’mere and let me kiss you,” the tall woman whispered in the dark kitchen.


Sarah stood, nearly transfixed, as the mysterious woman approached.


A dark head bent, and soon, lips met for the first time.  Sarah reached up and stroked Steele’s cheek as she kissed the dark woman back.  Steele showered her with kisses… down her neck, on her shoulders.  Everywhere the tall woman’s lips could reach.


Sarah felt lips kissing her belly playfully, and then Steele was on her knees in front of the small blonde, blues pleading up into green.


Sarah broke herself out of her daydream and the stark reality of where she was settled on her once again.  She had always been rather prone to flights of fancy, finding it easier to dealing with life in the Center.  Sometimes, however, she was snapped back to reality abruptly, like now, and it was very hard to accept.


Steele had up until now, been keeping out of Sarah’s sight, but now she stepped forward, letting Sarah get a good eyeful of her.


Sarah drew a deep breath and held it, caught yet again off-guard by the elegant poised sensual presence of Steele.  Her dark tormenter’s eyes were reduced to silver slits, and the expression on her full lips was one of self-confidence and excitement.


But Sarah was more interested in getting an eyeful of something else.  She had been aware that she was feeling Steele’s bare nipples on her back earlier, but somehow, wasn’t thinking that Steele would reveal herself in her open-shirted state.  Now Sarah’s eyes were locked on the ravishing sight of Steele’s naked breasts, thrusting out proudly toward her.


They weren’t really that much larger than Sarah’s own, but Sarah couldn’t help staring anyway.  Steel was so much taller than her, that her breasts were nearly even with Sarah’s mouth, and there was something to be said about the idea of that positioning.


Sarah briefly glanced down at her own breasts, the nipples rock hard, pointing up toward the ceiling.  Her areolas were a light tan color, while her nipples were more of a dusky pink.


Sarah had never considered how alike, yet different, two women’s body parts could be at the same time.  Steele’s areolas and nipples were a rich ruby red, startlingly dark even against Steele’s tanned skin.  The dark peaks of her breasts were tight, perfectly formed circles, appearing ripe and moistened to Sarah.


Steele saw where the young blonde’s attention was focused and looked down at herself.  “I worked up a sweat beating your sweet ass,” she offered as ways as an explanation.  She eyeballed Sarah.  “But now I see my tits are responsible for heating you up.”


She cupped her breasts pushing them upward and together.  “You like what you see?” she rasped at Sarah, squeezing her breasts so tightly that her nipples were almost touching one another.  Sticking her tongue out, Steele was able to lick over the flesh with one fell swoop.


A slight moan was wrenched from Sarah at the sight of that, but she still didn’t change her position.


“Mmmm…not bad,” Steele murmured with a thick voice.  “I’ll bet your mouth would feel a lot better on me, but I don’t think you deserve that honor.”


Sarah just regarded her sadly, her expression of a wistful nature, obviously resigned that she wasn’t going to get her wish.


Steele gave her own nipples one final pinch, then released her flesh.  “But enough about me…” She chuckled cruelly, then added., “I believe I owe you a finger fucking.”


Steele closed the distance between them.  She laid a hand on either side of Sarah’s upper body, and leaned in so her mouth was just above the smaller woman’s.  She leaned in tighter in increments, and her lips touched Sarah’s gently, in a kiss that was unbelievably soft and tender.  She hadn’t intended to start out that way, but found the need overwhelming as she drew closer to her prey.


When Steele pulled her head back, Sarah’s eyes fluttered open, as she too was shocked by what had just happened.  Her eyes went first to Steele’s full lips, still pursed from the kiss, then up to the dark woman’s eyes.  She was hoping against hope to see a little kindness there, but those hopes were soon dashed.  She saw nothing but cruel lust there.


Steele’s mouth was bearing down on Sarah’s again, and this time, the kiss was far more akin to what Sarah had expected earlier.  The taller woman’s incredibly sensual lips were parted and she closed her mouth around Sarah’s upper lip, sucking strongly.  As before, Sarah felt the tug down to her clit.


The blonde woman was just beginning to relax into the comfort of the kiss, when Steele loosened her hold slightly on the lip, and then pulled it between her front sharp teeth.


Sarah gave out a slightly squeaking yelp, as she felt the teeth scrape over her lip, then nipping roughly before releasing her.


Steele smacked her lips slightly, enjoying the coppery taste that tantalized her tongue as she finally drew her head back.  She had broken the delicate surface of Sarah’s lip, and that caused the lip to swell slightly and most provocatively.  Sarah eyed her maltreator  tearfully as she ran her tongue over the wound.


Steele laughed at the look she was given, not seeming to feel any sympathy for her actions.  Twice she had drawn blood on the girl, and twice she had enjoyed it on more than just a mental level.  She had enjoyed it deep down inside her seething cunt.


Sarah, on the other hand, was looking far less easy about the situation.  Every minute she stayed up here in the loft with Steele, she was sinking deeper and deeper into a trap.  A trap that was partially her own design, she realized, and the other part, wildly beyond her control.


Sarah was used to facing danger in her short life, and had learned to enjoy the rush of adrenaline that accompanied it.  It had helped her to feel alive while living at the Center, for with adrenaline came courage, strength, and a will that helped her cope with the difficulties.


She was certainly feeling the rush right now as she remained half-bent, struggling for breath, her body singing with sexual energy, desire, and a fair amount of pain.  On top of that was the humiliation she was feeling, coupled with an ever-increasing feeling of utter hopelessness.  She couldn’t see any way out of Steele’s clutches that wouldn’t leave her hurting in some way.


Steele was stepping toward her again, and she reached a hand out for the back of Sarah’s neck.  “Bend over, Whore…You don’t deserve to be able to look me in the eye.”  Sarah felt color flood her cheeks as the cruel words bit into her.  Despite her best efforts to prevent it, Steele continued to cause Sarah’s excitement level to grow.  She bent over only offering a cursory resistance to Steele.


Behind her, Steel grinned at the image presented to her.  Sarah’s heart-shaped ass cheeks were an angry red, some places much darker than others.  The spot where Steele had broken the skin wasn’t oozing blood, but the scarlet liquid had welled up beneath the surface and with a flick of her sharpest fingernail, Steele broke through the thin layer of skin, and let the blood flow.  She laughed deep in her throat when Sarah flinched and gave a startled groan.


“Let’s see here…” Steele’s voice fairly made love to Sarah with its deceptive smoothness.  She continued to hold Sarah’s neck downward with her left hand and her right had strayed over the marked backside, then was sliding down lower to dip between the puffy lips of the girl’s sex, tickling its way through them to touch along the entrance to Sarah’s vagina.


Below her, Sarah was gritting her teeth and holding her breath, waiting for Steele to finally penetrate her softened defenses and slide within her.  She knew that it was inevitable.


Steele pressed her first two fingers together, then seemed to rethink it, and three of her fingers formed a wedge.  Sarah, despite her curves, was a very slight girl, and Steele figured three fingers would make an uncomfortable, yet not overly-damaging intrusion into the girl’s cunt.


“You are so fucking wet,” she clucked her tongue, and without further adieu, plunged her fingers deep inside the blonde.


Sarah’s reaction was immediate and rather interesting.  She jerked her hips forward the second Steele thrust forward and the cry that issued from her lips was of genuine pain.  Not emotional pain…not mental pain,… no it was of a physical pain.


Steele had encountered women on occasion before whose bodies would involuntarily tighten up when they were entered.  It was sometimes a medical condition that Lucy could easily alleviate, and sometimes it was a mental hang-up that wasn’t as easy to cure.  Sometimes Lucy was successful and sometimes she wasn’t.  It generally didn’t really matter much to Steele, because there were always several other choices.


Somehow, Sarah was a different matter to Steele though.  Steele felt the girl’s walls sucking tightly against her fingers and wondered briefly if she was one of those with the problem.


She pulled her fingers back a few inches and thrust forward again, out of curiosity, and Sarah grunted again, but didn’t jerk as strongly this time.


At the same time, Steele could feel the girl’s slick lubrication making her entrance easier and thought perhaps she might have let too long a period go by while teasing the girl.  Perhaps some of the little bitch’s sexual desire had waned, and with it the amount of secretions she had been producing.  Now that she was getting some direct stimulation, the beautiful blonde’s body was producing again.


And sure enough, the more vigorously Steele thrust, the easier the way became with each passing stroke, just as it should.  The young blonde’s juices began to flow much more freely.


“Mmm…you are a juicy young whore, you know that?”


Steele was really getting into the fucking now, and had leaned over to lick the outer rim of Sarah’s ear.  Sarah was shivering, and her hips instinctively pushed backward to meet Steele’s strokes.


“So it feels good after all, does it?”  Steele growled in a low voice, her own clit twinging in sympathy with each movement her fingers made.  Steele herself loved the sensation of a nice hard cock, real or otherwise, pounding at the length of her own cunt.   She enjoyed the tenacious, repetitive licking of a skilled tongue, lapping incessantly in her sheath, as well.


And Steele very much enjoyed having a group of fingers buried deep inside her.  Sometimes, she preferred the long, thick fingers of men, with their blunt fingertips and prominent knuckles.  They seemed to be able to touch every square centimeter of her pussy walls, some reaching as far inside as to touch the very mouth of her womb.  She loved that internal pressing, although rarely did she get to experience it to much extent.


And then, sometimes, Steele enjoyed the slender, smaller fingers of a woman.  Work kept fingernails from growing long at the Plantation.  However, women did keep theirs more manicured than the men, and often had at least a bit of length in their tips that the men certainly didn’t have.  They generally couldn’t reach as deeply as the men, but with far less girth of each finger, they had a maneuverability men couldn’t obtain.  A skilled woman could manipulate and twist her fingers inside Steele’s vagina, creating incredible sensations and ripples to form in the center of Steele’s body.


She also quite enjoyed the feeling of her own fingers within her own body.  Being a very tactile person in more than one respect, Steele had learned through self-exploration at a very young age that her digits felt good inside herself.  She could remember even as a young child laying in her bed late at night, touching herself, merely because it felt good and it somehow gave her a sense of comfort.


Then later, when she became an “employee” of the Center, she had continued to masturbate freely, mainly because it seemed to shake up her superiors so much.  It wasn’t that it was illegal necessarily.  It was more that no one had ever been so brazen and casual about letting themselves be watched.  Steele did it whenever she felt the need, no matter who might witness, and rarely made an effort to hide it.


That increased the pleasure exponentially for Steele.  The fact that she was a bit of an exhibitionist was beside the point however,  and had little to do with that.  She could have found other ways to shock them.  She did, several times, by seducing or allowing herself to be seduced by fellow “employees.”


The rest of the time, it was the inventiveness of her uses for her own fingers, that was yet another reason she was different than anyone at else during her stay at the Center.


Being so familiar with how good fingers could feel inside her body was one of the factors that helped make Steele an expert at pleasing other women.  She intended to demonstrate that now on the hot little blonde who was panting and moaning in response to what was happening to her.


Steele curved her fingers upward and thrust her hand with a slight flick of her wrist, assuring that Sarah would be feeling even more.


It worked…exceedingly well.


Sarah’s groans became closer to the formation of syllables, until she was rasping out words that Steele could pick out.  “Please”, “yes”, “God,” and “Steele” were the most repeated.


Sarah was climbing fast, and soon the sounds of the vigorous stroking of Steele’s fingers were filling the air, adding to the whole effect.


Steele found her own breath was suddenly growing harder to control.  She was constantly catching herself holding it as she just soaked up the sights and sounds and smells of Sarah’s young body’s reaction.  Her own body was on a heightened state of alert, her cunt pumping out liquid at a dehydrating rate, the entrance to her vaginal tunnel clenching convulsively against itself as it sought out the same kind of friction that Sarah was receiving.  Her clit, which had been filled with blood ever since she had discovered Sarah in her near orgasmic self-throes, was now beyond swollen and approaching hypnotizing, in its effect on its owner.


Steele knew it was going to take embarrassingly little to get her off at this point.  Her nipples were now beyond itchy and throbbing and had entered the “numb” stage, to the point that Steele knew it would take a very aggressive, almost cruel touch to satisfy them.  She was ignoring her nipples now, and focusing solely on her demanding clit.


And Sarah’s…The delicately little pink nub of flesh was hard as a pebble to Steele’s fingertips as she began to brush over it sporadically.  Sarah gasped and quaked; her extreme movements of a few moments ago now quieting in broadness, but growing in intensity and frequency.


Steele leaned in close again, and began rotating her wrist nearly one hundred eighty degrees.  “Do you want to cum for me?” she hissed.  “Are you ready to give me what is mine?”


Sarah’s head was reeling.  “Give you what’s yours…” she echoed.


“Yes,” Steele urged, pressing harder into the girl’s screaming clitoris.  Her hands were moving so fast, she was creating even more heat than Sarah’s pussy was creation on its own.  “Cum, you horny little bitch…cum for your master…”


Master”? The word barreled through Sarah’s brain, and finally registered.  “Noooo!” she cried out, even as her lower half was beginning to buck convulsively.


Steele’s wicked chuckle was like fuel on the burning fire of the girl’s loins as Sarah’s sex continued to come harshly at Steele’s command.


Steele felt her own clit pulsate in time with Sarah’s, not quite in orgasm, but in a surprising manner that allowed her to relax and catch her breath a bit.


Sarah was soon reduced to giving an occasional shiver, but was now silent, her head still bowed away from Steele.  Her entire body felt as though she was floating well above the Earth, but her thoughts were going to weigh her down to prevent the perfection of her body from being her only sensation.


Steele felt Sarah’s breath returning to normal, and was extremely curious why she had changed in actions so quickly.  She slid her fingers from the rapidly collapsing passage to Sarah’s body, and lifted the same hand under Sarah’s chin, raising the girl’s head.  The second Sarah’s hair fell back, pulling back over her hunched shoulders, Steele’s eyes widened.  Her fingers were coated in a very red, slick looking layer of blood.


The dark temptress glanced down at the girl’s whipped backside, and saw the blood she had released created just a small trickle that had already dried.  The blood on her fingers certainly didn’t come from that, nor had it come from the nick Steele had inflicted on Sarah’s lip.


“God damn!” Steele said aloud, her voice incredulous.  “You were a goddamn virgin!”


Sarah’s chin came up defiantly, and Steele could see in her glinting eyes that she had spoken the truth. Sarah wasn’t the first person or even woman that Steele had deflowered, but she had never taken part in the act without having some advanced knowledge of the condition of the person she was getting ready to fuck.  Steele had been gentle with some and a little rougher with others, but never had she just jammed her way forward with no regard for uncharted barriers and unexplored emotions.


It pissed her off in a way…the way the little bitch had suffered in silence, not tipping Steele off.  Steel would have done things a lot differently, albeit no less painfully if she had known.


A single tear rolled down Sarah’s cheek, incensing the dark woman even further.  Steele didn’t know why…she had already caused the girl considerable pain and had enjoyed it tremendously.  Now that she realized the little slut had suffered through considerable more mental anguish than she revealed, and Steele had missed out on reveling in it…


Without thinking , Steele shoved Sarah’s head down again, until the young woman was bent even lower than before.  Sarah didn’t move or resist.


Steele wedged both hands between Sarah’s thighs and when they parted quickly, she saw the traces of blood drying on Sarah’s thighs, intermingled with the glistening juices.


A sudden hunger seized Steele, and with a growl of sexual need, Steel was diving in and wildly mouthing the blood from Sarah’s legs.


Sarah screamed out in shock from the heat and sensuality of Steele’s siphoning mouth on her sensitive inner thighs, as she felt it quickly making its way upward toward the extremely tender and still thrumming area between her legs.


The moment Steele began to tongue Sarah’s bloodied labia and the muscular ring at the opening of her vagina was when the dark woman felt she had entered heaven.  Steele was really only interested in getting her taste buds full of the innocent blood in combination with Sarah’s cum, but the insistent lapping motion she effected with her tongue soon had Sarah climbing the walls, and her own pussy commanding it get some attention.


Steele chuckled to herself at the girl’s eagerness.  She knew it would be even further humiliation if she made the girl orgasm again so soon, and she began focusing on Sarah’s tightened clit, sucking on it in a rhythm guaranteed to bring on climax.


It didn’t take much of this when Sarah was shrieking out, as her body succumbed once again to the taller woman’s skills.  She stiffened her thighs and tried to squeeze them together, but Steele was firmly located between them, preventing it.  Instead, the dark woman continued to lap and torment Sarah’s cunt, stretching out the orgasm as long as possible.


When the sensations finally subsided, Sarah was face down against the hay bale, unmoving, except for an occasional shuddered breath.  Steele, feeling no remorse, chuckled down in her ear.  “You are a very selfish little cunt, you know that?”


Sarah turned her head a bit, and her tear stained face took in Steele’s expression.  “Selfish?” she sniffled.


“Yes, you horny bitch.  You’ve cum twice, not even concerned that I haven’t cum at all.”


The young blonde started to open her mouth to either protest or offer a suggestion, but Steele shook her head and put her hand on the back of Sarah’s neck, turning her so she was facing downward again.


“Don’t even bother,” she rasped in Sarah’s ear.  “Just keep that blistered ass in the air, and I’ll take care of myself.”


Sarah’s heart skipped a beat when she realized what the woman planned on doing, but she did as she was told, lying unmoving in the same position she had been in forever it seemed.  Steele, stepped up behind the girl, so her upper thighs were rubbing against the back of Sarah’s, and Sarah groaned a little from the pain.


Steele rubbed a few times, feeling the pressure reach her clit despite the fact she still wore her leather pants and underwear, but it wasn’t going to be enough.  Not enough to help her climax and not nearly enough to break Sarah even further.  Steele had her pants unlaced, and lowered to her knees in less than a minute.


Steele’s pussy had been pounding for so long, that she was almost embarrassed by the copiousness of juices that quickly made its way down her thighs.  She bent and grabbed Sarah’s skirt, and used it to sop up as much excess as she could, without making herself come, then she was thrusting her hips forward, pressing her clit into the most tender spot of Sarah’s ass…where she had cut the skin with the whip earlier.


Sarah groaned and nearly screamed at the stinging pain as the salt of Steele’s secretions inundated her raw skin.  She held her breath at the first touch, but gradually, the pain lessened, and she became aware of the sensation of an extreme hardness sliding up and down against her behind.  The organ felt huge to her, and when she should have been shamed and horrified, Sarah found herself wanting to turn around and get a look at Steele’s erection.


Steele made that out of the question though, for she was soon bending over Sarah, hunching the girl’s ass, as her teeth and tongue made a feast out of the back of the girl’s neck.  The grunts and wiggles the girl gave only intensified the friction on Steele’s bursting clit, and it was much too soon that she felt the waves of orgasm racing through her body.


Steele buried her teeth in the girl’s neck, to keep from crying out her pleasure at the heated climax, and when her body had finally exhausted itself, she let herself collapse on Sarah’s slighter body.  Finally speechless, the tall brunette couldn’t help just enjoying the feeling of Sarah’s trembling body beneath her own a while longer.


To be continued...


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