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Part 6

Maiden Voyage Itinerary for Queen Victoria Cruise Ship - From Orlando's nearby port of entry Cape Canaveral we will sail to Miami, Key West Island, and across the Atlantic to Cozumel. After a quick visit to the Bahamas, we will circle back to Fort Lauderdale then make our way to return home to Cape Canaveral.

Dean stripped off her shorts and polo shirt, tossing them into a nearby laundry bag. She quickly showered and wearily crawled into her bed, naked. Her body felt drained from the mental battles she had raged. In her mind, she'd wanted to strangle something outright. While listening to Chris she had tried to keep a steady look of concern on her face. The heartbreakingly labored, stuttering, confession that had been revealed to Dean, was just soul wrenching to listen too. Letting her anger show about the situations that Chris had dealt with, wouldn't have helped anyone, least of all Chris. So she'd offered all the support she could and resolutely stuffed her feelings into the recesses of her memory. Dean clenched her empty hands into fists; her inner fires were still raging so high, that she couldn't extinguish them. She closed her eyes and recalled the familiar warmth of that small body leaning into her. The bare skin of their arms and legs touched as they entwined in the sand. Dean groaned at the flash of a fantasy involving Chris, herself and the love scene in the movie From Here To Eternity. She closed her eyes feeling her rising need. She still longed to touch her, hold her, and more. Dean reflected as she rubbed her hand back and forth over her stomach. She grimaced, at the thought of masturbating to quiet the longing. She was almost content feeling the sharp edge of desire waiting in the background. Since the moment they had shared a kiss, she'd felt an unrelenting ache smoldering inside her. Her body trembled at the thought of that night in the park. She had come so close to losing complete control.

Dean grabbed a pillow from the empty side of the bed and smashed it over her head, trying to drown out her sensual thoughts. Eventually, her breathing deepened, as her body wound down falling asleep. Her limbs relaxed further and the pillow slid down as Dean drifted into a dream.

They were in the park, stopping under a beautifully arching, oak tree. Standing on the precipice, close together in the quiet warmth and solitude. Dean studied Chris, who was staring intently at the swirling waters below, just beyond the edge of the Cliffside.

The breeze wafting up from the ocean lifted Chris' beautiful golden hair making her appear angelic as it flowed over her shoulders. Dean stood, transfixed at the ethereal display, jealously watching the moonlight as it touched her, the dress clinging greedily to the curves of her body as the wind pushed it. She felt a rising hunger deep within her soul, a wistful longing and a call that could only be answered by one other person, the other half of her. A mist fell over the area obscuring her, preventing her from viewing of what she wanted.

She whimpered in her sleep her hand reached outward. Dean's brow creased as she continued to dream.

She stepped toward the cloud to chase her vision, when an otherworldly being began drifting toward her in the fog. She stopped in confusion. It had no solid form, but it was approaching her. "Chris?" She called out, becoming alarmed. "Hello...are you there?" It floated serenely, meandering its way along and coming closer... "Chris? Where are you?" She didn't know how to respond to the manifestation and stared at it blankly, all her senses on alert.

"Do I know you?" Dean timidly, queried of the specter as she looked around into the seemingly endless haze. "What are you?" She cried out in surprise, jumping when the thing brushed up against her, stroking her backside. It's touch gentle and feminine. Divinely painting it's caress along her shoulders and down her arms. Something that she could not see continued winding itself around her. Like a cat, wrapping itself around her feet and legs, enveloping her by circling in a winding, smoky path of figure eights. It's supreme warmth encompassing her like a blanket, stilling her fears.

A face arose in the mist, Chris' face that was suddenly before her, glowing in its celestial perfection. She was in awe of the apparition, afraid to reach out, lest it should disappear.

"I know you." Chris whispered, engulfing Dean in an embrace before fading from site.

Dean looked into the blackness, seeking out what had been just out of reach. Yearning for it. When the moonlight and the cliffside with Chris standing near her came back into view, she rejoiced as she looked upon her.

Chris must have felt the pull of Dean's gaze as she slowly turned to look upward. The darkness of the night couldn't hide the blue eyes staring hungrily down at her. Dean begged Chris silently to say something, do something, or just give her a sign. Then, the delicate hands were reaching out, basking in the feel of Dean's silk top as Chris slid her fingers across the material. Dean trembled, delighting in the soft touch. She couldn't remember when she had wanted anything so badly before this moment in time.

She leaned down and their lips touched, parting and then slowly devouring each other in blissful rapture. Dean released a low growl as Chris' tongue ran across the length of her mouth, teasingly. Kissing Chris was without a doubt, something Dean needed to do over and over again. The taste and heat, the scent and textures roused Dean, sending her closer to the edge of being ' out of control'.

Dean bit gently, trapping the invading tongue that was causing her heart to explode in her chest. Chris stood trembling in her arms and sighed softly. The erotic visions racing through Dean's head enflaming her passion, causing it to soar. She released the captured muscle, only to sooth over the silky surface of Chris' tongue with her own. They both hummed in total pleasure at the sensuality of the action.

Dean pulled Chris' body toward her, deepening the kiss. She felt them bind together as only lovers can. The petite hands ran up and down her silk shirt as they molded together.

Aware that Chris was unfamiliar in the territory of women with other women, Dean moved her hands lower, lightly stroking the softness of Chris' hips and behind. A full caress of Chris' backside cupped in her hands was delicious. A jolt of arousal struck them both as Chris released a deeper moan. Dean turned them slightly and pressed Chris solidly against the tree trunk.

A gasp was torn from Chris' throat as Dean spread her attention from the ruby lips, bruised from the flaming embrace of her passions to begin kissing down the side of her neck. The heated rush of pleasure, that Dean felt running through her blood caused her to tremble. She needed to slow down, but she had just begun. Dean's lips and tongue swirled soft, hot patterns over the petite collarbone and exposed shoulder.

Filled with longing, Dean lifted the small strap holding one shoulder of the dress in place. The creamy swells of her pale heaving breasts, guarded by the sheerest of gauze material, were wickedly enticing Dean onward. She hesitated, lifting her head and locking ardor filled eyes with Chris'. Dean viewed the hooded gaze that was contemplating her with desire as if she were on the menu.

"We shouldn't do this here! We can't just..." Chris panted, even as she thrust her breasts upward toward Dean's mouth. Dean licked her dry, overheated lips in anticipation.

She blinked at the green orbs that gave her permission, even though Chris gave a verbal claim that differed. Dean looked at the fierce grip, that Chris had on the silk of her shirt and then back up at the flushed features. Chris was waiting for Dean to deliver. The soft skin of a nearby breast was so tempting, that Dean practically whimpered, as she pulled her closer still.

"Blame me. I can't stop this right now." Dean murmured as she leaned down to taste of the luscious flesh being offered. Her fingers swept the small strap to the side and the freed material began to slide, moving downward and uncovering the most beautiful sight. Her tongue helped sweep the remaining edge of the material downward as she sought the hardened nub at the tip. Her homage to its peak was gentle. She drew the nipple inward as her tongue bathed its surface. Such incredible softness now hardened with desire.

Dean felt her own wetness pooling as Chris took hold of her short, dark hair in a vice-like grip, silently commanding Dean to continue. Servicing the pale breast with her mouth, tongue and teeth, Dean made Chris cry out, gasping in her excitement.

Brushing her thumb across the other nipple, still slightly covered by the dress, Dean was forced to keep her partner from collapsing. Chris' eyes rolled back in her head as she reveled in the new sensations. Her body pressed against the trunk of the tree, held up by Dean's arms, she moved into the caresses arching in pleasure. Dean switched breasts feeling the clasp on her hair tighten. The light flicker of her tongue continued to cause a growing tension in her partner. Dean could feel the taut body that she held becoming more and more demanding. She teased mercilessly, raising both their temperatures higher.

Suddenly, Chris began begging. She started telling Dean to touch her. Her voice was raspy, heavily laden with her arousal. She spoke into the night air; moaning heated words of desire. Dean growled in pleasure.

"Oh God, Dean. Please...harder. That feels so good! Right there...yes."

Dean needed and sought out more of Chris. In her conquest, the light flicking became a sucking motion that drew forth more words of praise and excitement. Dean let a warm hand inch the dress edge upward, intoxicated by the softness of the skin beneath it. The lightest of touches through the silken panties at her heated apex caused Chris to thrust her hips forward.

Dean held her upright as Chris panted into the night air. Dean rubbed with a finger against the hardened bundle of nervesat her center, flicking her tongue faster over the sensitive nipple as she brought Chris to orgasm. Suddenly stiffening, Chris held her breath, while her body was exploding in the ecstasy of Dean's arms. Dean pressed solidly against the damp panties and extended the euphoria as long as possible with her touch.

"Oh God, Dean." A harsh whisper escaped as Chris collapsed into Dean's arms.

"Shhhhh, baby. I've got you." Dean murmured into the silky blonde hair as she gathered Chris closer. "I'm here, Chris. I've got you. I love you!" Dean spoke from the heart. She realized the moment after she spoke what had been said. She felt the rightness of her words.

"I love you sweetheart." Dean kissed Chris' hair softly. A slight clutch of small fingers squeezed her back.

The lovely smile gracing Dean's face spoke volumes as she sighed deeply in her sleep.

Chris spent the first hour of her restless dream world, catching only glimpses of possibilities for her future. The revelation of having told her companion of her childhood years had taken its toll. She kept re-living the hated conversation, with her father, only to wander lost onto an unknown path for survival with the help of her Aunt. The strain of her haunting dream wore her down even further than the daylight hours. She tossed and turned, unable to rest. Her vivid imagination suddenly took her to a remembered moment of importance that had been burned into her synapses.

Chris made her way past the glass etched, brass handled, double entry doorwayof the high roller's casino and blinked at the seeping clouds of smoke escaping. She grimaced at the sight and steered wide on the walkway. The undertones of music playing from within caused a low vibration to be heard. It faded behind as she moved along.

She moved through a dense fog bank heading toward the storage cabinet of vests. Stopping near a flagpole and boat container, the cabinet beside her, the full view of the main walkway was blocked. But, her inspection of the vests stopped as she listened to the voices coming closer.

"Don't worry, honey. She is having a blast. Right now, she is probably snuggling down into her sleeping bag and falling fast asleep from exhaustion." A woman calmly stated.

"I'm not worried about her. I just..." another woman's voice pleaded and then a brief chuckle. "OK, so maybe, I worry too much!"

Chris heard them moving down the ramp past her. She turned and watched as Brooke and Georgia walking arm in arm, paused to hug each other. The hug became a sweet kiss as Brooke leaned down to Georgia. What it became from there was something so much deeper. The two women melted together. Chris watched them through the moonlight, as they deepened their connection. Her eyes followed soft hands that began to touch bare skin. She heard the tantalizing sounds of softly spoken sweet nothings as the two lovers shared each other. Chris, standing in the shadows, felt embarrassed to be witnessing the moment as an interloper, but she couldn't ignore the feeling of arousal that fluttered wildly in her stomach, as she watched mesmerized, unable to look away. A soft moan floated in the air and Chris shivered in reaction. She briefly closed her eyes, breathing deeply in response. When she opened them...

Brooke and Georgia were no longer visible. Dean and Chris stood embracing strongly. Dean had her hands roaming over the backside of the petite blonde's body and Chris had locked her hands behind the neck of her lover. Chris gasped as she hovered nearby and watched herself in Dean's arms.

The vision of Dean holding her in her arms disappeared as she abruptly shifted over into the place of the other Chris and began to gasp for different reasons entirely. The sudden flare of overheated erogenous zones as Dean touched her over and over had her melting. She moaned in arousal as a silken tongue delved into her mouth to seek and plunder for treasures.

A cloud of mist swallowed them obscuring her sight. Chris found her body wrapped up against a sharply cold, wet muscled firmness as she clung to Dean's swimsuit clad body. This new vision, showed the sleek muscles of her lover's form and the torturous perfection of someone who was long term physically active. Chris noticed thather own choice of clothing was still her uniform. Oddly enough, the buttons holding her blouse together were still closed and the loving woman she was held by was not attempting to change the circumstance.

Chris felt dissatisfaction as she stood kissing and licking salty skin and not able to deepen their embrace.

She moaned with frustration, as she was unable to gain any closer contact with Dean. Dean looked down at her and smiled, with a shy and totally sober expression on her face.

"I'm yours Chris. When you are ready...I'll be here. I love you."

The night air deepened, the roar of nearby waves crashing on the shore had Chris stumbling. Her arms fell empty in the mist. She looked up to find Dean looking directly at her. Chris started to reach out to touch the offered fingers that were being held out to her but darkness fell, closing in on them and sweeping Dean away.

Chris whimpered in her sleep, her breathing erratic. She held her hand up as she lay sleeping. The darkness billowed upward in her mind and became a fog bank, flowing like the tide. Going with the ebb and flow she rode the current back into her dream.

She was a light yielding mist, her form liquid she was freedom. Floating over the waters far below, she was drifting alone and silent, with only the crashing waves for company. As she neared the cliffs she saw a woman. A voice called out.

"Chris? Hello...are you there? Chris? Where are you?"

Chris moved nearer as she recognized her heart. Being unable to respond with her voice, she brushed against her, touching her and soothing her distress. The mist surrounded dean, using her gentle touch to stroke her lover, painting her caress along those broad shoulders and down the powerful arms. She wound around her, trying to feel the heat and love, conveying her own in return.

Something tugged at Chris pulling her away from Dean. She felt compelled to float away. Her inner fears rose inside? She was helpless to stop it. The mist became rain as she started to cry. She fell.

The stars and moon rose to shine brightly across the dark blanket of the sky. Once again, she found herself in the park.

They stood together, her smaller form next to Dean's tall, athletic body. They had stopped their stroll under a beautifully arching, oak tree. They stood on a precipice, side by side in the quiet warmth and solitude of the night. Chris studied the swirling waters below, just beyond the edge of the Cliffside. Her dizzied thoughts bounced around from place to place in her mind. Am I here? Is this real?

Chris felt the strong pull of the alluring eyes gazing at her, willing her to look back. She turned to look upward. The darkness of the night couldn't hide the blue, staring hungrily down at her. Her gaze was haunted with need. Chris looked at Dean and read the tortured expression. Dean wanted her, needed her. Chris felt the same way. Her delicate hands reached out, basking in the feel of Dean's silk top as she slid her fingers across the material. Dean trembled. Chris watched as Dean leaned down toward her for a kiss.

As their lips touched, Chris let her tongue stroke Dean's dry lips. The low growl she heard had her shivering with excitement. Dean caught her tongue and held it with her lips. A sensual caress of the bold tongue from within, had them both moaning in satisfaction.

The kiss deepened. She ran her hands up and down the silk shirt wanting to feel skin and touch the flesh of her lover.

Chris felt flames of desire shoot through her as Dean reached down and caressed her lower back, sliding those large hands down over her curves and cupping her behind fully. Their bodies merged together in the pleasure.

The dance they created as they traded touches and caresses had Chris' mind in a swirl of passion. A lone thought emerged as she felt the tender touches covering her rapidly growing amount of available skin. She wanted so much more; but how much would Dean give her? Trembling with the need and her inability to control her actions she opened her desire filled eyes and looked up at the woman who was stoking her fire higher.

"We shouldn't do this here! We can't just..." Chris panted, even as she attempted to thrust her breasts upward toward Dean's mouth. Dean licked her lips and smiled a sultry smile of anticipation.

"Blame me. I can't stop this right now." Dean murmured. Chris trusted the guiding hands holding her as she reveled in the love she was given. Her breast was suddenly engulfed into wet heat. She'dnever felt such sensations and arched her body into Dean's. Her world was minimized to the smallest of focal points as Dean serviced her breasts with her mouth. She clenched her fingers into Dean's hair and held on tight, silently commanding her lover to continue ravishing her body.

Suddenly, she couldn't stop the words pouring out from within. She had to voice her need. She started telling Dean to touch her. She barely recognized her own voice, raspy, heavily laden with her arousal. She spoke into the night air; moaning heated words of desire. Dean growled in pleasure.

"Oh God, Dean. Please...harder. That feels so good! Right there...yes."

With the way Dean was doing things to her body, she could only hold on and enjoy it. Chris felt a poignant spear of pleasure rushing to her heated core. Writhing, her taut form twitched and jerked as Dean took her over the edge. She stiffened, her breath held, while her body exploded in the ecstasy of Dean's arms. Tears breached her eyes as she gasped...

"Oh God, Dean." The harsh whisper escaping as Chris collapsed.

"Shhhhh, baby. I've got you." Chris heard Dean murmur. "I'm here, Chris. I've got you." Then Chris heard the words she needed to hear above all others.

" I love you!" Dean stated, her deep voice heavy with arousal and passion. Chris managed to look into Dean's eyes and saw the truth of the words. She felt a tear slide down her cheek as Dean reiterated her feelings. "I love you sweetheart." Dean kissed Chris' hair softly.

With those lovely words woven into her dream, spoken with such sincerity, she turned in her sleep voicing her need.

"Oh Dean..."

Finally, she found a comfortable spot on her bed and managed to relax into a regenerating sleep.


Dean was up just after midnight working earnestly to keep the boat on schedule, clearing port authority to tugboat them back out into the ocean. A long jaunt across the Gulf of Mexico would have the ship anchoring off the eastern coastline of Mexico near the small island of Cozumel.

De Isla Cozumel is a relaxing, laid back vacation spot that catered to the diving and or snorkeling tourist for its fabled coral reefs. The limestone shore is surrounded by year round temperate, crystal clear water, which ranges from stunning turquoise to deep indigo.

Cozumel is located 12 miles, off of the southern coast of the Yucatan, just across from Playa De Carmen, on the mainland. The unspoiled, white sandy beaches and crystal-clear Caribbean waters along with the nearby, 'world of the mayan' inPlaya De Carmen, make this stop an unbeatable, other worldly experience.

The arrival of the cruise liner was unexceptional as they anchored off the island and would move to the International Pier, later in the day. The tender service to and from the town dock began immediately, with boats running every forty minutes or so. By now, six days into the 10-day cruise, the ship's staff was running much smoother and a growing confidence could be seen. The departing passengers smiled and waved to the boat personnel, who worked with the shuttles as vacation friendships were formed. The holiday depression of after Christmas blues was practically unseen. Everyone had received his, or her holiday gifts of being on the exceptional cruise with friends, or family. Smiles were hard pressed to disappear.

Dean caught sight of Chris restocking the warning pamphlets of safety issues listing the known Mexican concerns of poor water quality and sewage problems. She felt a heat flow through her body as she remembered her dream. Not even trying to resist it, she answered by heading toward the siren's call and prepared to ask her to breakfast.

Chris felt the small hairs on her neck tingle with warnings, that she wasbeing watched. Her pulse increased as she looked over her shoulder to see the Captain approaching. Trying not to sink into a puddle of arousal, she finished with the pamphlets and turned to greet her gorgeous hunk of uniformed woman.

"Good morning, Parker." Dean oozed charm and something entirely sensual at the same time. Chris swallowed with a suddenly dry throat. She nodded her head and drowned in twin pools of electric blue. Someone was definitely charismatic this morning.

"Would you like to join me on the island this morning. I have a stop to make with the Port Authority and I would like to take you to breakfast?" Dean smiled at her favorite Officer. Chris, still silent, glanced up shyly at the Captain and grinned. Her tiny nod was all the answer Dean needed to display a full grin of pleasure at the 'Top'.

A staff member, who needed clarification on some unclear instructions that he had been given for the changing of the holiday decorations taking place, briefly interrupted them. Chris answered the question quickly and then looked over at Dean.

"Let's go. We will have to wear our uniforms. I am required back on the ship by 10:30 for a maintenance review."

Dean tucked her girlfriend's hand into the crook of her arm and walked them both back to the boat launch.

They took the shuttle into the small town of San Miguel. The island was basically a tourist stop and full of business dedicated to the tourist trade. Dean didn't even hesitate to look around. She carefully guided her precious companion through the milling crowds and passed under the Welcoming Arch to head to a taxi stand. They caught a readily available taxi and Dean instructed the driver to head to Presidente Inter-Continental, Cozumel. In flawless Spanish she spoke to the islander of the latest news for the island. He rapidly fell under her charm and offered his services for the return trip. Dean arranged a pick up from the taxi driver and slipped him a nice tip as the ride ended and they departed.

As they were entering the five star luxury hotel, the sharply dressed entry bellhops pulled opened the gold trim glass doors and ushered the two Officers inside. Obviously knowing the layout, Dean led them around the entrance lobby to a dining area called El Carabeno, 'The Caribbean' in Spanish. This large, poolside open arenaof patio dining was an exquisitely designed effort to incorporate the breezy outside environment of the ocean along with a five-star quality. The Mediterranean flavored beach design was enhanced by the marimba music floating in the air. The food was considered the highest quality of the island.

Dean spoke of the delicious omelet varieties and selections available, such as Green and Red Tomato, asparagus and mozzarella, or maybe, the Zucchini Blossoms, with Huitlacoche, and Chihuahua cheese. Some of the dishes sounded mouth watering. Chris found her taste buds anticipating the foreign refreshment of a Spanish Sausage, Manchego cheese and arugula omelet. Dean said, that she had tried them all at one point, or another and casually, let slip, the information that she had been in port here more than once, while in the Navy.

As Dean pulled open the entry door to the dining area, when Chris noticed an all to familiar couple, already waiting inside the entry. Brooke and Georgia, along with Brandy in tow, were seated on a bench in the resting area for waiting patrons. The restaurant was extremely busy and smelled divine. Dean walked over to greet the women and ruffle the hair of her munchkin friend. Chris smiled, slightly embarrassed, as she immediately remembered her spying on the sensual kiss during their stroll to the Casino, that one night. She noticed as the sharp-eyed Georgia, gave her an appraising look. Chris only managed to look down shyly in response. She couldn't believe, that she was so immature sometimes. She felt like she had been caught sneaking into the fridge for a midnight snack.

The child unit of the group was extremely happy to see the Captain and voiced her approval of them all eating together. Brooke winked at Chris and Dean and nodded her acceptance.

"Would you two like to join us for breakfast? We have already requested a booth and a booster chair. We can easily share.

Dean regarded Chris silently and Chris nodded.

"Thank you, Brooke. We would love too."

Twenty minutes later, the five individuals were seated and paired. Brandy sat in the only chair at the end of the table while Dean and Chris sat on one side of the booth, Brooke and Georgia the other. Amazingly enough, the two blondes regarded the table's occupants and then looked at each other, nodding in total agreement that it was perfect. Chris stifled a giggle at Georgia, as she asked Brooke and Dean, if they could handle the "minor." She said this teasingly, while she made quoting motions in the air with her fingers.

Brooke dryly assured her that there wouldn't be any problems at her end of the table. Dean relaxed, with the bantering pair and kept up a child to adult conversation with Brandy.

"Did you like your Christmas presents?"

"Yes" Brandy's eyes gleamed with excitement.

"I go...t...ttt a d...d...doll and a b...b...bboat just like your bb...bb...oat." Dean smiled at the little sweetie.

"I even c...cc...an go in the baf tub with it. It floats." Brandy clapped excitedly.

The waiter arrived to take their drink order and deliver the menus. Dean and Brooke got into a quick discussion of the omelets. And Georgia flipped through the child's menu she had asked for. The waiter provided Brandy with a 4-color crayon set and a sketching sheet with cartoon characters on it.

"How bout some scrambled eggs with waffles on the side, with a lot of syrup?" Brandy danced in her seat and smiled happily. Chris watched as Georgia ran her hand over her partner's arm and pointed to the selection, she wanted ordered for Brandy, even while Brooke nodded and ripped open the crayon package and handed one to her daughter. The well-oiled partnership was obviously running smoothly. Chris wondered when Brandy came into the fray and how?

"So where are you two from?" Dean asked, her curiosity finally able to be satisfied.

"New Orleans. I originally moved down from Philadelphia, PA. I was hired as a prosecution lawyer for a firm down in the Big Easy. She..." Brooke tilted her head, quirking a dark eyebrow toward Georgia's suddenly quiet form, "...was already residing there." An exaggerated pout graced Georgia's lips as Brooke halfway turned toward her in the booth.

Catching the pout, Brooke smiled broadly at her wife, with a wicked twinkle in her eyes. She seemed about to say something, but refrained. Georgia just sighed heavily and rolled her green eyes heavenward.

"Yes, I'm originally from Georgia!" She grimacing at the snicker Brooke made her eyes narrowing at her mate. "I had to migrate out of the state to save my sanity before the last train left." Brooke snickered again and casually turned back to Brandy, leaning over to look at her daughter's talented scribbles of purple, 'ooohing' and 'ahhhing' in total fascination. Georgia rolled her eyes and poked Brooke hard in the ribs. Brooke jumped in reaction and laughed as she turned back toward her woman.

"What, dear? I was not going to say anything! You're not even on my mind!" Brooke turned to Dean and stage whispered, "Don't rile her up or all the lights might go out!" Brooke kept an incredibly innocent expression on her face, staying sober even while Dean and Chris laughed. Georgia frowned, nodding slowly and narrowing her expressive green eyes at her wife. She leaned over and whispered into Brookes ear, "No peaches for you!" Brooke's blue eyes widened in exaggerated alarm at the punishment Georgia implied.

Dean and Chris both grinned and tried not to laugh. The two had obviously, dealt with this story a time or two. Chris wondered how many times Georgia had repeated that information. What a horrible thing for a parent to name her child! She thought as she giggled at Brooke, who was amazingly maintaining a stoic expression, playing the innocent party. She admired the obviously strong connection between two women as they moved with each other recognizing silent signals from each other. Maybe, if she just paid more attention, she could pick up a thing or two.

The waiter returned bringing a carafe of orange juice, a pitcher of ice water and a hot pot of coffee, with four cups. He poured out the drinks as the women ordered. His questions of what and how were to the point. He had the orders memorized and was away within moments.

Dean and Chris, both drank their coffee black and watched silently as Georgia and Brooke, both used cream with sugar. After everyone had enjoyed the first sips of the Columbian coffee, the conversation continued.

"So how long have you two been together?" Dean asked sipping her freshly delivered coffee. Chris watched Brooke soften and smile with tenderness as she took Georgia's hand in her own. Kissing the palm she had captured, she winked at Dean.

"We will be sharing our ten year anniversary at midnight on New Years Eve." Dean and Chris congratulated them. "Your invited to the party. The world will be celebrating it with us." Brooke and Georgia looked at each other in adoration.

"How did you two meet? Are you a lawyer too?" Chris wondered aloud as she spoke to Georgia. Georgia laughed and then sobered quickly, shivering in mock fear.

"Not even close, darling. I was, at the time, involved with someone who shall remain forever a bad memory." Georgia sniffed and frowned. Brooke chuckled and took up where Georgia left off.

"She was married, when we met. She came to hire a divorce lawyer." Chris' eyes widened in surprise, Dean quirked her own dark eyebrow as a thousand questions sprang to mind. Brooke continued.

"I had just arrived the week before and was temporarily working in the office next to Billy 'The Shark' Dalton, a divorce lawyer in our establishment. I saw her walk into the building and instantly sighed at what a waste it was, that the lesbian community was missing out on such a beauty. I eavesdropped shamelessly as I listened to Georgia tell 'The Shark' she had married for the wrong reasons. That's when he shut the door." Brooke lamented as she whined over being cut out of the conversation. Georgia slapped her lightly on the arm, chuckling at her pitiful expression.

Georgia took a quick look to see if Brandy was involved in her coloring before she picked up where Brooke left off. Her voice was lowered as she continued. "I was just telling 'The Shark', that I had married for the wrong reasons, at the wrong time and with absolutely, the wrong sex. My husband and I were a complete disaster as a married couple. I was a totally dominating B...I...T...C...H and he had the wrong equipment. When I first walked into the lawyers office, I noticed Brooke right away and thought..." she lowered her voice even further from Brandy's hearing"...'Oh my God! Dress her in a little leather and what my whip could do for her!"

Georgia grinned as she watched Brooke turn red with embarrassment. Satisfied her wife was paid back for her teasing earlier; she looked back over at Dean and Chris.

"Three nights later, we ran into each other at an all women's crowded bar. She was wearing her favorite leather jacket and I couldn't restrain her fast enough. I pinned her against a wall and used my 'oh so southern' charms. I had her trapped before she could make her escape." Georgia eyed her tall lover and blew a brief kiss her way. Brooke turned more crimson as the other three women smiled.

Chris came out of her shell a bit, when Brooke inquired how long Dean and she had been a couple. She bit her lip and then looked over at Dean. Dean looked back smiling.

"We are still in the dating stage as of yet. We have only known each other for..." Dean looked down at her watch. "About six days." She chuckled as Chris grinned back. Brooke and Georgia congratulated them both on their newfound happiness. Dean took the attention away from the still new relationship and mentioned that she was previously in the military, with the Navy. Brooke and Georgia asked a bunch of questions after that concerning the 'gays in the military policy' and Dean's view from an officer's position. Chris mostly listened unless asked a direct question.

Dean loved to chat with the youngest member of the group periodically to try and include her in the conversation. Brandy ate it up. Dean had become her hero.

"That's very pretty, Brandy." Dean encouraged the child as she watched her color the sheet with more and more purple spots. Brandy smiled.

"I like to color. Mommy says its her arrr..tisic..bluejean." The adults laughed and Brooke smiled delightfully at her daughter.

When the food arrived the four women were laughing and joking like old friends. Chris managed to observe every touch Georgia made toward Brooke. She was silently cataloging, how she could act in her new relationship. The two women across from her were a great source of information just from their actions.

The waiter carefully passed over the huge plates of food and provided various types of syrup, along with a butter tray and various types of jelly spreads in glass designer jars. The women and child spoke praises at each culinary delight that was delivered.

The omelets were delightfully colorful with various species of peppers on the side. The platters were designed to entice the eyes and attract the stomach. Chris wasn't the only one to moan in appreciation from the aroma. The group began to eat and exclaimed their approval repeatedly as they dined in the bright sunshine of the Mexican owned island sitting near the equator.

Dean glanced at her watch and frowned as she eyeballed a few smudged spots on her white sleeve. Everyone's meal had been demolished and satisfied grins were apparent. Brandy had eaten half of her two-waffle stack and thoroughly played in the scrambled eggs. Her plate was a mess and she was happily riding the sugar high as she sat chatting with herself and whoever would listen. Dean discovered the different look of smeared grape jelly on her shirtsleeve from that of sticky smeared syrup on the buttons as she listened to Brandy discuss her two mothers. Momma Georgia winced in Dean's direction as she pointed out one other smudge of unknown sticky markings near the edge of her cuff. Mommy Brooke rolled her eyes and quickly checked out her own clothing for any stray foodstuff.

"Momma said we might get a d...d...dd...og when we get back home. Course it can't be a chewa...chew ...small d..dog. Mommy want's a great b..big..ole Shepard. She tole me so." Brooke snickered at Georgia's growl.

"That so?" Dean nodded; fascinated with the little ones continuous chatter as she lifted her coffee to sip the rich brew. There was a very quiet pause in the conversation, as Brandy required air and the four adults relaxed with each other to enjoy the satisfaction of a great meal.

"I've been r..r..real good too." Brandy commented in the quiet. "I haven't had a spanking in a long time. Brandy looked down at her plate and sighed the dramatic sigh of a five year old. She wanted more coloring space.

"I'm done momma. I don't like these green peckers and they have cat syrup all over them!"

Dean's eyes widened and she coughed on the mouthful of coffee. Drops sprayed across the table onto Brooke, in reaction to the surge of laughter spilling out of her. She coughed through an apology, as she handed various napkins toward Brooke.

Brooke looked over at her daughter then turned back to her wife. Georgia was rolling with laughter.

That's peppers and ketchup, Brandy." Brooke sighed as she listened to her wife snicker and laugh.

"God I love that child!" Georgia wiped a tear from the side of her eye as she tried to control her laughter. She took one look at her partner and lost it again. Brooke had coffee dripping down from her hair and off her chin.

Brooke didn't know whether to be embarrassed, mad, or laughing hysterically, like her wife seemed to be. Georgia pushed her out of the booth and hiccupped to a halting laughter as she pointed toward the restrooms. Take your daughter and clean yourselves up in the restroom." Dean stood up too.

"I'll help Brooke. I'm sorry! She just caught me by surprise. I just..." Dean suppressed another fit of laughter as her eyes met with the other woman's and saw the coffee spatters on her face. Brooke just rolled her eyes at the entire fiasco.

"My wife left those peppers on her plate on purpose, I'm sure. She knows that Brandy, won't pronounce that word right." Dean looked back at evil green eyes that were twinkling with laughter. Georgia's blonde eyebrow rose in challenge as she chuckled still. Dean laughed and just shook her head.

"I need to see if I can get this cat syrup off my sleeve anyway! Isn't that right Brandy?" Dean chuckled, smiling down at the child as they moved away.

The two taller women held a hand each for Brandy as the trio moved through the tables and customers toward the bathroom.

Chris watched them go until a serious tone of voice turned her head with anabrupt interrogation.

"What are you doing?" Georgia asked frowning.

Chris looked over in surprise.

"Umm..what? What are you talking about?" She hedged.

"You're staring at Brooke and I and it's making me feel ...on edge! What is the problem?" Georgia asked directly, waiting patiently for Chris to explain.

Chris sighed. Caught at being an oogler. Damn! She frowned in defeat and laid it on the table for Georgia.

"I'm new at this relationship thing and I was watching for pointers. I was hoping to be able to use some good tips on Dean. I am just not experienced in...stuff!" Chris winced at her lame words. Surprisingly, a mirthful expression crossed Georgia's face as she grinned back at Chris. Chris blew a puff of air upward to move a tuft of hair from over her eyes as she watched a wicked looking gleam enter Georgia's eyes.

"You need tips huh? I'm good for those. I won't give you the hard stuff. I know a few moves you can try on Dean. So you two haven't really...uhhh..." Georgia's perfectly arched eyebrow rose in question and Chris blushed, shaking her head.

"Although that is high on my list of things to do." She mumbled under her breath as Georgia laughed fully and with gusto at hearing the remark. The two women were deep in conversation, when the dark haired trio returned. The two tall women eyed the innocent looking green eyes and looked over at each other frowning.

"We are so in trouble!" Brooke spoke to Dean. Dean just nodded carefully.

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