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Sydney woke to the knocking of Sam on their shared bathroom door.

"Get up Sydney. It's almost 8 o'clock. I'm heading down to breakfast." Sydney managed to groan in reply and stumbled out of her bed to feel the slight residue of a wine hangover. She shook her head and, remembering the reason, she grinned a soft smile. Her sea green eyes sparkled as she rose and showered.

Half an hour later she headed down stairs dressed and ready for the day. She quickly filled a cup of coffee and sat creaming it as she watched the artists around her gathering. The large group was up and meandering nervously. They all seemed a little focused so Sydney stayed quiet. Even Sammy spoke in soft tones to Chuck as they discussed his drum set. Her eyes sought and stayed on the smaller figure briskly cleaning off counters and stacking dishes into the dishwasher. She narrowed her eyes in thought as she watched them all. She remembered taking her musical finals in college and thought of all the tension she had wallowed in prior to taking the tests. The group before her was about to test their skills. She nodded silently to herself, when she finally understood the tension.

Within the next hour they all poured into the limos that had arrived. Heading to the recording studio, Sydney was urged to sit next to Patty and Sandy as they rode. Amazingly enough, she was directly across from JT and able to enjoy the view. They gazed at each other until a band member interrupted JT to ask a technical question concerning one of the riffs he was to play in the middle of a song. They began a detailed discussion, which lasted until the group arrived at the doors.

Eight grueling hours later Sydney had the greatest respect for the group. They were perfectionists to the highest degree. She was amazed at the music they had produced.

Upon arriving at the studio, the members had been pulled into separate rooms and told which track would be recorded. One extra beat or one flat note and the entire riff or drum sync had to be redone. Chuck was drenched in sweat within the 1st hour. Sydney wondered how he could still be such a large man if he worked this hard all the time. She then realized it was a two way street. The band spent a lot of time just spending time. They enjoyed each other and friends or family. That was the bond they had formed. The music played today had been created from the experiences they shared.

Sydney felt tears falling as she and others listened while JT sang a lullaby for the yet unborn baby John and Patty shared. Patty grabbed Sydney's hand and squeezed hard during the entire song. The other band members smiled at Patty's shocked features. They all echoed the dedication JT spoke of for the newest member of their band. Patty had only time to release a single tear before she was enfolded in her husband's arms.

At the end of the grueling day the group returned to the limos and each couple or member retired for the night as soon as they got back to the house. Sydney urged Sammy to leave Chuck alone for the night and hit the bed early. He nodded as he yawned. She chuckled. Everyone seemed very tired.

As Sydney passed by Sammy entering his room she heard a slight sound from down the hall. Looking over as she opened her own room door she caught sight of Justine standing at her own doorway. She had turned to stare at Sydney. Sydney could only smile at the warm grin JT was giving her. She relished the brief contact they shared. Entering her room she slowly shut the door and leaned against its hard surface. Her heart pounded heavily in her chest. She felt an ache inside that never seemed to diminish. Running a quick hand through her hair she fell onto the bed and urged herself to sleep. At least in her dreams she was able to hold a petite dark haired woman whom she treasured and who treasured her back.


The fourth day of the trip dawned bright and early. Sydney and Sammy shared breakfast with the band and were informed, with Sydney's permission, Sam would be heading off to help set up the stage equipment for the concert. Sydney smiled at his excitedly large green eyes as the band members ask him if that was all right. He beamed a grin and nodded vigorously.

Chuck mentioned he would watch after Sam and they would be setting up sound equipment and speaker feedback sets. Sydney nodded her understanding of Sam's part in the work as she remembered her own course work learning the ins and outs of taping down cables and testing and retesting stage setups. It was a totally tedious job that required long hours. The band would make sure the end results were excellent sound production before the concert began.

Sydney watched the large group depart and wondered what she might find to do today. A few of the wives had gathered at the kitchen table to gossip about wife issues and Sydney felt kind of out of place. A hand on her shoulder had her turning in her chair to gaze up at JT standing behind her.

"Would you like to hang out with me today? I'm heading back to the studio to redo a few vocal tracks." Her hooded gaze pulled Sydney into its warmth. Sydney was nodding her agreement before the singer had even finished asking. They grinned at each other and only broke apart blushing when Patty conspicuously cleared her throat nearby.

"Wow! It's hot in here isn't it?" Patty drawled as the other two wives chuckled. JT moved off toward the kitchen, but not before giving a quick squeeze to Sydney's shoulder.

"Be ready to go around 10 this morning. The limo will arrive then." JT smiled and as she gave Sydney the timeframe. She felt a thrill of excitement race through her at the thought of spending the day with JT. Her pulse raced faster.

This time they sat side by side in the limo. JT had jumped into the large vehicle and held her hand out to Sydney to guide her inward. She had not released her hand afterward. Sydney felt a trip hammer pounding in her chest.

JT let her fingers dance over Sydney's larger hand as she commented to her.

"That was some strong grip you have there. Those jerks at the mall never saw it coming." She smiled at Sydney's instant blush.

"You're so beautiful when you blush." Sydney felt the heat rage on. She turned to look out the window. JT chuckled as she clasped their fingers together.

The car moved slowly into traffic as Sydney watched the city near. She turned to look at the singer and wondered why the smaller woman seemed so nervous. JT looked up and met Sydney's gaze.

"Just ask me, Sydney," she remarked with uncanny intuition. Sydney felt her eyes widened in total surprise.

"How did you know I had a question?" Sydney frowned thoughtfully. She already knew the answer but she wanted Justine to tell her what she thought it was. Their connection was crystal clear at times. JT didn't hesitate.

"Somehow, I can feel you. I know you might not understand, but I almost want to say I can feel what you're thinking. It's as if we are connected just like it was that night..." Justine's gaze seemed to look back inside herself. "I was so weak after you…" JT realized what she had begun to say and quickly turned dusky pink as she looked out the window; she shrugged her thoughts away and continued in a soft voice. "…I just knew what we had shared…we had actually shared it together." Justine turned to look at Sydney again and leaned toward her earnestly. "We have a bond together and I've never felt it with another."

Sydney nodded her agreement. She felt it now as JT leaned back to look at her and let the warm feeling of their tentative friendship seep into Sydney's heart.

"My mother used to tell me when I was little…someday I might meet my soul mate." Sydney commented to JT with a swift squeeze of their joined hands. "She said, before I was born my soul had been split in half, one half given to me, the other half given to my soul mate. She said, my father had her other half, and someday I would meet mine." Sydney smiled as she repeated the simple story her mother had told her while she had been recovering from chickenpox. She looked over at her companion and tried to send her feeling of how 'right' she and JT felt together.

JT squeezed their hands and leaned into Sydney's shoulder. Her relaxed pose was full of warmth and tenderness.

"I would have liked your mom. She sounded wonderful!" Sydney nodded and gently gave JT's temple a kiss.

They arrived at the same studio and were met by Hank with his ever-present organizer.

"Just three tracks, JT. The leftover time you can use or scrap. It's up to you. We have all 10 tracks loaded to review if you want to check them out yourself." Hank smiled at Sydney as he spoke and continued talking as he helped them both out of the car.

"We'll make do, Hank. I'm pretty sure I want to listen to some others, but let's get the dirty work done first." JT cleared her throat thinking ahead. Sydney felt her heart beat double time when her hand was grabbed and held onto tightly. She followed the hand and arm holding her and felt a bubble of warmth burst inside as she looked into JT's waiting gaze. Sydney nodded her agreement with whatever JT had in mind and followed JT into the studio.

JT guided Sydney over to a comfortable swivel barstool that had a back and arm rests on it. She made sure Sydney was settled before turning to move back to the middle of the room where a huge microphone was hanging down from the ceiling. The mesh covering and the solid weight of the mike had someone inside a nearby booth pushing a few buttons to mechanically lower the device. JT stood next to the monstrosity and unhooked the dangling headphones that were on the side. Looking over at Sydney she pointed to a second set of headphones next to her head. Sydney grabbed the set and put them on her head to instantly hear the babble of voices inside the recording booth. She looked over at JT and smiled as JT gave her a small smirk.

"Ready to go, JT. Intro to "Cornered" coming up.

JT nodded and within 30 seconds Sydney and JT listened to the 'Stars' playing a song. Sydney watched JT concentrate and begin to get into the music. With the headphones on she heard the song and the minute JT started singing, the vocal was included into the set. Sydney thrilled to the husky sensual tones JT sang with. For a few minutes that's all she could concentrate on as her body listened for her. Eventually the words JT sang came into focus and began to paint a picture for Sydney to see.

"Hang'n round that corner.

See'n people pass.

Watch'n bad and good occur.

Hoping some things just won't last."

"Hang'n round that corner.

Homeless push'n bags.

Rich folk giv'n pennies.

Poor folk giv'n cash."

"It's just a single corner full of memories I've collected.

It's just a lonely corner where I lay my head to rest.

You have your place; I have mine. Don't take my home away.

I'm not hurting no one cuz I have a place to stay."

Sydney listened to another verse and felt the powerful lyrics move her. The variety of subjects JT sang about amazed Sydney. She had always realized how much influence music had over others, but to actually see the involvement of her friend's commitment made her treasure the moment they were sharing that much more. She began clapping as soon as she heard the music drop to a fade and disappear.

JT smiled softly over at her. Unbeknownst to Sydney, they shared a mutual satisfaction. Sydney had enjoyed listening to JT sing but JT had enjoyed watching the vision Sydney allowed her to see. While singing she had crooned her tunes knowing she had only to look over and she Sydney sitting there. The deep breath of happiness inside her caused her voice to deepen and become richer. Her producer had quickly given her the OK signal the moment she had begun to sing. She didn't question his methods. She only knew she was fast becoming addicted to her blushing Amazon companion and the 'big picture' in her seemingly happy existence had suddenly been shown to be just existing. Sydney made her feel so much more. She realized she only felt complete when they were together. She looked at the taller woman sitting across the room and smiled at the antics of her clapping and whistling. JT let her eyes shine with the emotions she could only hope they shared.

Two songs later JT propped the headset onto the hook and made her way over to the enthralled fan she had made of Sydney.

"You are wonderful." Sydney relayed, her green eyes shining with admiration. JT, feeling very vulnerable, felt a tight ball of nervous tension relax inside. She was surprised that her normally confident armor was still shakable after all these years. Feeling the quick shy brush of Sydney's hand running up and down her arm she couldn't stop herself from standing on tiptoe to kiss her cheek. Sydney blushed and smiled warmly.

"We need to adjust some equipment here and then we will be ready for playbacks." Hank's speaker voice spoke out into the now quiet room. JT shook her head and raised an eyebrow toward Sydney.

"Were gonna get a bite to eat at the buffet next door. We'll be back in an hour."

They heard Hank's quick 'OK' as JT pulled Sydney upward to stand with her. Leaning together for a brief moment they enjoyed each other. JT pulled Sydney behind her as they headed down a hall and past several studio rooms. Sydney looked around noticing a variety of different artists performing or singing and recording everything from country to rock. The studio was a smorgasbord of elite recording artists. Quite a few either waved or spoke a hello to JT as the two women walked toward a cafeteria at the other end of the building.

Sydney recognized a few country artists and tried to keep her wide eyes open for her own favorites. They passed by one open studio window and Sydney practically jerked JT backward to see the event inside.

JT laughed at Sydney's amazed look. Inside the room sat Lonestar and others. The country group was singing along with another group. JT stood watching as she explained, "That other group of guys is Diamond Rio. I heard they might put together something."

"Oh! Diamond Rio sang One More Day. I loved that song," Sydney whispered as she tried to read the lips of the song being sung.

JT smiled and shook her head. She pulled Sydney over to the door nearby and pushed it inward. They entered the studio recording and mixing room and heard the voices of two very harmonizing groups blending together in a symphony of music.

A quick wave of her hand to one of the singers looking their way and she was given a motion to join them. JT shook her head and just pointed to some nearby seats. She led Sydney to them and they were soon enjoying the mini concert of the two groups. JT gave a quick squeeze to Sydney's hand and smiled at the fascinated look she was giving the musicians.

"Be right back," she whispered, quickly hopping off her chair. She exited the small room and went down the hallway to retrieve some fruits and sandwiches from the café. Hands full of two sodas and a tray of food, she returned to place the feast between them as they enjoyed the show.

At one point, when the bands stopped to discuss a lyric change, JT stood and dumped the remains of their snacks in a nearby garbage can. She motioned to Sydney to head back to her own rented studio. Sydney smiled and swiftly pulled JT close enough to kiss her on the lips. JT paused and smiled, her grin widening as they shared the growing feelings each of them had.

JT pulled Sydney to stand and once again waved to one of the singers. She led Sydney out of the room and hand in hand they walked back to the rented studio JT was recording in.

The next three hours Sydney spent watching the only singer that could hold her attention with just a thought. She watched JT's work and enjoyed every moment. Noticing the smaller woman's voice beginning to sound more abrasive than normal, Sydney stood to attract her attention. JT ended the final cut of one of her songs and nodded to Sydney.

"We're wrapping it up boys. She motioned to the booth. Hank's voice came back with a "great job, JT. Sounds good."

Sydney sighed with relief under her breath. She didn't want to interrupt but had worried for JT. As they gathered up sheet music together JT bumped Sydney's hip and gave her an eye twinkling grin.

"Are you up for dinner and a movie?" Sydney nodded rapidly suddenly looking forward to the evening. JT chuckled and promised to provide but they were bound to the house. Sydney shrugged.

"I'll be with you. Let's do it!" Sydney commented giving JT a shy smile. JT grinned again.

An hour later they returned to the house only to find the boys had returned and were hoping to enjoy a famous home cooked meal by one JT of JT and the Stars. JT grimaced dramatically at they're pleading faces and then, with a wink to Sydney, she promised she would cook.

The intimate meal she may have been planning turned into a party of 9 as a few of the wives showed up and helped JT prepare something to eat. The mention of a planned movie had the whole group trying to agree on which one to watch. JT rolled her eyes teasingly at the slight pout Sydney was trying not to show. With a sweet caress of her fingers across the blonde's neckline JT whispered 'rain check' to Sydney and found her gaze drawn into the verdant depths that looked back at her. A shaky breath drawn inward and JT knew that 'rain check' had better be soon. Their physical attraction was quickly heating up between them.

The night ended with Sydney stealing a quick kiss on JT's cheek as she turned to urge her little brother up from his sleeping position on the couch 5 of them had gathered on. Sammy woke up and stumbled up stairs with Sydney right behind. JT cleaned up the snack mess off the coffee table and grumbled at her misfortune.

The day of the concert dawned overcast yet dry. Clouds scattered thickly across the sky. The entire group spent the morning preparing for their concert. Hank showed up around noon and went over the procedure for Sam and his sister. The two of them would walk with the band down the red carpet entry. A brief interview on the walkway with the sponsoring radio station and then they would be finished with meeting their obligations for the trip.

After entering the arena they would be escorted to the backstage area where they could visit and see the band warm up. The final concert consisted of the band performing their top ten hits along with a 15-minute medley. Sam and Sydney were welcome to watch from the backstage area.

Hank took off to make sure the facilities the band would be using were clean and ready for their arrival. Sydney grabbed Sam and made sure he stayed out of the way, as they watched the chaos reign in the mansion.

Around five in the evening the two siblings dressed in their best and headed downstairs to meet up with the band. Everyone had assembled and was busily checking each other for flaws. The tow-headed duo was welcomed with a few whistles given for their formal attire. Sammy looked quite handsome with his tall frame and growing muscles. His buzzed haircut made his features seem military in his black slacks and dark jacket.

Sydney had brought a tea length dress with a shoulder wrap; its sea green color and silk material floated around her like a second skin. Her long tanned legs flexed and moved with graceful gymnast's strength. Her blonde hair hung down to float around her diamond shaped face and shimmering green eyes.

JT arrived a moment later dressed in black leather pants that hugged her firm ass as if painted on. Sydney swallowed the dryness in her mouth. She let her eyes sweep upward to take in the red velvet vest covering a crisp white button down. Thick ebony hair flowed down and framed the smaller woman's tan features her blue eyes meeting green to strike a note of primal need between them.

The group headed for the limos. They road the trip, an unusual somber calm rose within the car. Even Sam held his boisterous energy at bay, noticing the serious tension around him. Sydney softly mentioned the band members were going to perform and the performance anxiety was probably stressing them out a bit. Sam nodded understanding.

When they arrived at the exiting edge of the red carpet what seemed like a million flash bulbs burst around them. Sydney and Sam moved along the red wave staying within the group of wives and band members that followed or led them. At one point Sam had his spot light interview from the folks at WRTZ. He pumped his arm up into the crowd and yelled out his love for JT and the Stars. Sydney grinned at his hyped announcement as the crowd standing nearby yelled along. Sam grinned over at her and quickly winked. Sydney rolled her eyes.

They eventually were guided inside the arena where the passes they held were reviewed and OK'd. The young guard that gathered them together led them to the entry of some hallways where the band members were soon reclining and trying to relax before show time. JT had been given her own small dressing room and she pulled Sydney into it as soon as she was able.

The tall blonde had her hands full of overheated singer delight after hearing the click of the lock. JT took only a brief second to show her appreciation toward the outfit Sydney wore before she melted against the taller woman and captured her with a kiss.

Sydney felt the smoothest lips pressing against hers as she managed to half-lean, half-fall on the low counter behind her. Her ass found purchase as JT's lips parted and her tongue swept across Sydney's mouth. Sydney moaned admitting the wet tongue in. Their tongues met in powerful dance. Sydney wrapped her arms around the smaller woman and drew her closer. Every second they had spent apart over the last six years disappeared as they reaffirmed the rightness of being together.

JT let her busy hands roam from the broad back to her waist down to cup the firm butt she held. Sydney tangled her fingers into the raven tresses and pressed JT's mouth into her own as she tasted the singer deeply.

They broke apart gasping for air. Sydney leaned down and ran her flaming tongue over the perfectly arched neckline. She gently sucked on the pulse near JT's collarbone that was beating furiously.

A knock on the door had them leaning back from each other to lock gazes. They both smiled at their heaving chests as they sucked air inward.

"Five minutes, JT." A voice stated calmly. JT blinked her blue eyes and stuck out a tongue to lick over her swollen lips.

"God I need you. Please, Sydney. Let me touch you? Let me feel you?" Sydney closed her eyes with the flash of desire. She felt JT's hands slide under her dress's edge and move upward. Sydney opened her forest green eyes watching JT as she felt the singer reach her panties, pull them aside, and slide two fingers into her heat. Sydney gasped and tossed her head back in pleasure. JT moaned as she watched the taller woman ride her hand. Sydney thrust her hips forward repeatedly as JT brought her higher. Drawing her closer, Sydney felt the orgasm near as she parted her lips in silent notice. She locked gazes with her lover and fell over the crest of complete surrender.

JT held her as they fell down into its depths. Both of them feeling the glow of shared passion they kissed softly. A harsh pounding on the door and Sydney tried to pull from the arms that held her.

A tight squeeze held her still.

"Wait. I want you to know…" JT lifted her resting head from Sydney's chest to try and explain how she felt. Sydney looked deep in the eye's of her lover and saw something she had only hoped she might one day see.

"It's OK, JT. I know," Sydney stated as she rearranged her clothes and stood the petite woman upright. She straightened the red vest and mussed the dark locks.

"God, you're beautiful," Sydney muttered as she moved JT toward the door. She kissed her hard on the lips and then unlocked the door and had her snatched from her grasp by the circus outside. Sydney watched the singer being pulled by her band members and without thought slowly shut the door, still inside. She felt her cheeks and tried to cool them with the backs of her hands. Man, that woman had a powerful touch. Sydney heard the crowd of the arena grow louder and realized she needed to get out there to catch JT in concert. She smelled the scent of the dressing room and quickly decided it was sex drenched. She shrugged and gave herself a glance in the mirror. Grinning at her good fortune, she opened the door and grabbed a security guard to point her toward back stage.

She caught up with Sam standing backstage watching the production as JT and the Stars performed their final 2004 tour for a full house. The hour-long show was $30.00, a cheap ticket, and the crowds were packed in like sardines. After 30 minutes of watching her lover, Sydney was no longer in awe of the huge crowd. The band had skill, the music was happening, and the singer was dynamite. She held the crowd in the palm of her hand. Her strong vocals and powerful lyrics had the audience crying out for more. JT kept delivering.

The hour ended and the lead singer had walked off stage to grab Sydney's hand in her own and head back to the dressing room. Sam stayed behind to be gathered up by the band members as an honorary member of their group. The night had been a success. JT was drenched in sweat and had long ago tossed the vest she wore out into the crowd. Her white button down was unbuttoned at the top and untucked at the bottom. She kept moving its drenched material away from her chest repeatedly.

Sydney grabbed a towel from one of the other members and quickly wiped JT's dripping hair off her forehead.

"Thanks, baby," JT murmured as she grabbed the towel and wiped her entire face. Sydney grinned at the endearment and stood waiting by JT's side while she cleared her vision.

Before they could continue their path to the dressing room, a figure emerged from behind some speaker equipment and dashed past Sydney to engulf JT in her arms. JT barely had time to remove the towel from her face before her mouth was caught under the aggressive kiss of her very first manager. She smelled the same awful perfume swamp her senses and saw the same striking features she had first fallen for zooming up way too close and personal. Trying to disengage the lip lock, she pushed the larger woman away. The arms now wrapped around her tightened their hold. Turning her lips away with force, she yelled for the leaching woman to get off.

The whining moan of failure was the only indication the older woman gave that her tactics had not worked.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, Grady?" JT demanded after shoving the older woman away completely. JT immediately sought out Sydney as she recovered from the assault by wiping her lips off with the back of her hand. The resulting smear of bright red lipstick left from her attacker ran from the corner of her lips up over her cheekbone.

The storm-filled green eyes that looked back at her filled JT with immediate dread. The connection between them rocked like violent waves on a rock-strewn beach. JT stepped toward her lover and was instantly grabbed by the older manager once again. Before the crazy attacking bimbo could do much more damage, Sydney unfroze from her spot and reached out to remove her.

"Get the hell off of her before I break your neck!" Sydney growled, 5' 10'' feet of angry danger as she yanked the older woman off of JT's body with one vicious pull. JT stepped back as she was cleared of the other woman's touch. Sydney practically carried the woman over to a security cop nearby and thrust her into his hands.

"Get her out of here before I hurt her," Sydney said in deadly tones. JT walked over to the taller woman and reached out to rest her hand on Sydney's arm. Her touch was shrugged off. Sydney looked down at JT's blue eyes and saw the pain her actions had produced. She turned to look away.

"I just can't take it, JT. I don't…" Sydney felt a panic start in her body as the after affects of adrenaline hit her. "It happened just like before," Sydney whispered in anguish.

JT shook her head in denial. She reached out to Sydney and was once again rebuffed. Hank chose that moment to enter the scene and grab JT's arm to plead with her to talk to some promoters. JT tried to free herself and eventually stopped struggling as she watched Sydney walk off toward the dressing room. JT felt helpless, as the feelings she thought they shared seemed to shatter inside her heart.

She let her manager lead her toward the three concert promoters and pretended to smile as she answered questions and signed autographs.

Two hours later she was able to find Hank in the crowded party celebrating the tour ending. He was sucking on a Miller Light and grinning at the successful conclusion.

"Have you seen Sydney and Sammy?" JT asked, her blue eyes worried since she hadn't seen either one after what had happened. Hank nodded casually as he ruffled some girl's hair nearby.

"They went back to California. Their flight left 20 minutes ago." He immediately straightened in his professional attitude as JT gasped and suddenly plopped down on a nearby armchair. Her normally tanned features white as chalk.

"Are you OK, JT? Is something wrong?" He questioned as he quickly turned to send a runner for bottled water. She began shaking her head, looking lost.

"She didn't say goodbye? I thought she'd at least tell me goodbye." JT's forlorn features rated on the catastrophe scale Hank commonly used as a ten out of ten. He twisted the cap off the fresh bottled water and handed it to JT. His panic mode already circling thoughts about who 'she' might be. He felt a tension growing with every moment passing.

"Sydney? Are you talking about Sydney, JT?" He questioned and met the sad blue eyes of his number one top moneymaker. She nodded and looked back down at her hands.

"She's a friend from before," JT murmured in her abject sorrow. Hank let that bit of news soak in then raised a bushy brown eyebrow of his own.

"Is she still a friend, JT?" JT's sudden head lift brought him face to face with the dedicated artist he knew she was made of. JT nodded, answering him with the affirmation he knew she needed to realize.

"Why don't you tell her that?" He caught the glimmer of recognition in her eyes as she suddenly took a swig of her water.

"That is a great idea, Hank. Wonderful idea, actually!" she said as she stood up from the chair. He watched a slow grin cross her features and felt an echo excitement radiate from her smaller frame.

"Got any thing out in California that's going on lately?" She eyed her manager with focused intent. Hank swallowed and slowly lost his smile to a frown.

"What exactly are you thinking, JT?" His bushy brown eyebrows fell downward as he watched her grin widen.


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