Opening Doors

By J.S. Connolly

Copyright 2005

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What would happen if we kissed. Would your tongue slip past my lips. Would you run away? Would you stay? Or would I melt into you. Mouth to mouth. Lust to lust. Spontaneously combust. What would happen if we Kissed. -Meredith Brooks

Part 4

Meg arrived home and was shaken rudely from her dreamy thoughts of Tanner by the presence of police cars whose lights flashed making her own internal alarms go off quite loudly. She began to panic wondering what had happened and why no one called, then realized she left her cell phone at home and cursed herself. "The one time I forget the dang thing something happens. Oh God, Ben!"

As she got closer she noticed an officer standing by his cruiser. She came to a stop and rolled down the window. "Excuse me officer, can you tell me what happened? "

The officer leaned down and said, "I really shouldn't say Ma'am unless this is your residence."

Taking a deep breath she tried to stay calm as she looked at the tall, brown-haired officer, "Well it is, I'm Megan Shay, so could you please tell me?"

"Sure Miss Shay, why don't you pull into the drive first and then we can talk."

She nodded in agreement, although her heart pounded wildly at the thought of something happening to Ben.

Tanner who'd followed her home, spied the police cars as she came upon the house and said a silent thank you that Meg wasn't home for whatever had happened. All the while her eyes widened and fists clenched till her knuckles turn white at the thought of anyone hurting the small gentle woman. She fought

with herself over whether or not she should keep going or find out what had happened. What if she needs me? Oh get over yourself, what could she possibly need you for when you have nothing to offer anyone?

Sighing in defeat she started to continue on but stopped in her tracks when she saw Meg looking desperately in her direction with such a look of need on her face that she automatically pulled to a stop at the curb. How can I deny her when she looks so lost? If I can find even the smallest amount of Compassion within myself to give her then I will.

All the while unaware that she'd already found more than a little by just wanting to be there. Pulling her lanky frame out of the car she walked toward Meg who looked at her questioningly while brushing the fingers of her small hand with her larger ones as one of the officers walked over. Without conscious thought she took the small appendage into her own and, looking at Meg in understanding, squeezed it gently.

"Ladies, I'm Officer John Dougherty. I'm sorry to tell you this but it seems that a rock was thrown through your picture window ma'am with a note attached."

Meg gasped, "Are Ben and Shelly alright?"

Officer Dougherty looked at Meg warmly, "They're fine ma'am just a bit shaken up. My partner Dave is in the kitchen with them."

Tanner looked at her with a mixture of relief and nervousness. She'd forgotten about him until Meg had said his name, and though she was glad he was safe her heartbeat increased all the same.

Meg felt Tanners' hands getting sweaty and turned to her to see her face had paled. Meg squeezes her hand.

"Tanner are you ok?"

Tanner nodded shakily that she was and though Meg didn't buy it, she was curious about the note the officer mentioned.

"So what was this you said about a note, officer? Did you read what it said?"

"Yes there was a note and we did read what it said," the officer said clearing his voice as he read the words "If you know what's good for you you'll change your ways and learn not to mess with the wrong people."

Tanner had regained a bit of her composure but still felt a bit shaky. The two women looked at each other with confused expressions on their faces and shook their heads when the officer asks if they know what it could mean.

"Can I go in and see my son, Officer?"

"Why of course ma'am. Oh and we'll be leaving shortly, but you might want to consider staying somewhere else at least until you get the window fixed."

Meg nodded as she started walking toward the house and felt Tanners hand begin to shake.

Reaching the threshold she turned to see that Tanner was flushed and had a panicked look in her eyes. Meg realized she was probably nervous after what happened earlier and the reason it happened in the first place.

Taking a chance she pulled the tall woman into a comforting hug. Tanner gasped in surprise as it'd been so long since she's been touched or let anyone touch her. But after a moment she returned the hug sinking into the warmth of the smaller woman's body. After a few moments she pulled back and found knowing green eyes looking at her. Tanner gave her a small smile in gratitude that she didn't need to explain.

"If it's going to be too painful for you I'll completely understand if you want to go, but I'd like you to come in if you want."

Tanner swallowed hard. She wanted to be there for Meg but was petrified that she would faint again like earlier in the day. Taking a deep breath she decided she wanted to try to get past this since Ben was such an important part of

Meg's life. "I'll come in if you really want me to, "she says in a shaky voice.

Meg gave her a bright smile knowing the courage it would take for her to go through the door, and that she's doing it to be there for her. I can't believe she's doing this for me. She's risking humiliation to be there for me. God, that's so sweet. I wish I could kiss her, but she'd probably run screaming if she didn't just up and fire my ass. Well there's nothing wrong with a compromise.

Squeezing her hand she leaned up to plant a soft kiss on her cheek and whispered "I do," causing Tanner to sway at the effect of the woman's warm lips and breath against her face. Meg suppressed a giggle, and delighted in the fact that she did have an effect on the tall woman.

Having gotten a bit of her bearings back Tanner nodded in the affirmative, and hand in hand they proceeded through the

door. As they neared the kitchen Ben saw his mother and pulling his lanky frame up from the chair ran toward her. They embraced and Meg ruffled his short brown hair. In the process she'd released Tanners' hand taking away her sole means of comfort.

Tanner attempted to keep her balance as best she could but her breath grew ragged and she shortly found herself on her knees trying to calm her racing heart. Hearing a groan mother and son pulled out of their hug

Meg kneeled down next to Tanner and cupped a clammy cheek while using her other hand to check Tanner's pulse. She breathed a sigh of relief that the tall woman didn't pass out.

"Ben honey, go to the bathroom and get a cool washcloth please."

"Sure Mom, is she going to be ok?"

"Yeah honey I think so, but first I need to get her onto the couch. So after you get the cloth if you could go ask one of the officers if they could help me that would be good"

"Okay." he said as he went off to do as his mother had asked After he returned with the cloth Ben went to see if one of the officers was still there.

Meg wiped the cool cloth against Tanner's pale face and gazed at her beautiful boss who was shaking. Leaning in she put her arms around the trembling woman and placed a soft kiss on her forehead as tears welled in her eyes.

"I'm so sorry Tanner. I should've told you to go. It was too much and I knew that, but I wanted you here so much. I'm so afraid. I don't know why someone would threaten me and It was unfair of me to involve you but I felt so much better knowing you here. I'm sorry, " she said in a soft voice that was almost a whisper against Tanner's neck.

Tanner having heard the soft words and felt the warm breath lifted up her head and was lost in the watery emerald eyes that seemed to call to something she believed was dead inside of her. She reached out with trembling hands to cup Meg's face. Her own eyes took in the sweet cherubic face as she wiped away the tears on pale cheeks and received a small smile.

Her eyes drifted to pink lips and she wondered if they were as soft as they looked. Meg, saw where she was looking and felt her heart rate speed up as she drew close enough to feel Tanner's breath on her face.

Unable to resist the full lips so near she brushed them gently with her own, and looked down to see darkening blue eyes. Tanner wanted to moan at the delicious feel of Meg's lips upon her own and with her hands still on her cheeks pulled Meg closer to taste them again. She licked and sucked on Meg's bottom lip causing the small woman to whimper. As Tanner requested entry Meg buried her hands in raven hair and opened her mouth. Long repressed desires awakened

within them as the kiss built in intensity causing both to moan. Meg moved to straddle Tanners' hips and began to unbutton her shirt as the tall womans' hands worked their way down her back. Meg kissed her throat as Tanner's hands slid over her backside. Both were so lost in the moment that they weren't aware of anything except each other.

Suddenly a throat cleared causing them to turn in the direction of the sound and then moved away from each other. Meg turned scarlet as Ben stood there looking at her. Gods I can't believe I practically attacked her in front of my own son. She's so goddamn sexy I couldn't help it, but all the same I won't be winning any mother of the year awards. God this is embarrassing.

Ben stood there with his eyes wide. He knew all about his mother's preferences, But jeez I sure didn't need to see it up close and personal like that. God this is embarrassing.

Tanner took everything in and almost passed out. My god what the hell did I just do? If he hadn't walked in here I would've taken her right here like some beast. How can she ever look at me again? She was vulnerable and instead of just giving her a hug or talking to her I act like a hormonal teenager, god this is embarrassing.

Tanner got up and held out a hand to help Meg get up half expecting her to slap it. Instead Meg took it and was brought to her feet.

Tanner's eyes were downcast as she said," Sorry, I should probably go now. Umm, will you be ok? I could stay outside in the car if you want."

Meg, didn't understand why Tanner was apologizing but didn't want to talk about it in front of Ben, so she replied,

"Oh umm, yeah I guess it is getting late. That's really sweet Tanner but we'll be ok. I'll leave a message for the window repair man and maybe he'll be able to fix it tomorrow."

"Umm, ok. I guess I'll go then," she said and after a brief look at Meg was out the door.

Meg watched as Tanner got in her car and drove away. She flashed back to earlier and sighed. She was brought back to reality by the sound of Ben's chuckling.

"I'm never going to live this down am I?"

Ben grinned, "Nope, sorry can't do that. This is too good."

Meg groaned and buried her head in her arms


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