by Karrie V.

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Part 3

April 1, 2012 - 6AM - Hollywood , CA - Paramount Studios

Beth Huntington was sitting in her trailer reading over her script while waiting on the Hair and Make-up department to call her over. In reality she wasn't reading at all, merely staring at her page and daydreaming about those piercing blue eyes that had enraptured her the day before. She couldn't shake the arousal that had come over her when her body had fallen on top of Kate or the slow burn that had begun the moment Kate lightly patted her body down to make sure no bones were broken. Those striking blues eyes had haunted her dreams and that muscle toned body enticed her like no other. When she arrived on set this morning she had looked for Kate but to no avail. Beth assumed she would be here today since the scenes involved a lot of action sequences. A knock on the door shook her out of her musings.

“Come on in,” Beth called out.

Billy, a young P.A., jovially walked into her trailer and asked if she was ready to head over to Hair and Make-Up. Beth replied with a nod and they both started over toward the trailers on the other side of the lot. Beth asked Billy how Travis' demeanor was today. Travis Johnson was the lead in the film “Behind the Badge.”To put it mildly, he was a pretentious bastard with Blonde hair and blue eyes and a typical good looking WASP. From the very first day on set he had been trying to get into Beth's pants and even after Beth stated she didn't swing that way, he simply brushed it off and told her she obviously hadn't been with the “right man” yet. His behavior disgusted her and if she wasn't such a professional she would have slapped him in the face and quit by now. But that wasn't Beth's style and she had been raised better than that. Her Gran-Daddy used to have an expression in this scenario, “A worthy man is still worthy, even if penniless, and a donkey is a donkey even if he is finely saddled.” Travis may be finely saddled but he sure was an ass according to her Gran-Daddy's standards.

“Well let's see…he came in 30 minutes late, chewed out Craft Services for giving him a sausage pattie instead of a sausage link and already complained to the writers about his dialogue. Yup, he's in his normal good mood thus far!” Billy replied in a chipper tone.

Beth laughed at Billy's description and swatted his arm playfully. He merely shrugged sheepishly. As they continued walking and talking some of the crew were moving a big portion of the set right in front of them. They were preparing for the big “drug bust” scene in which she and her partner were going to climb up the side of a building with scaffolding, break into the warehouse and bust up a huge drug operation. It was a very physical scene and was going to be shot in three segments. The first segment was just the climb up the scaffold. The second segment was the break into the warehouse and their approach on the criminals and the last segment was the entire fight sequence, which included several stunts, pyrotechnics and a bomb explosion. Beth was adamant about doing her own stunts but the Producers flat out refused to keep her on the project if she did them all. After several heated arguments between her Agent and Producers they all decided on a compromise. Beth would be allowed to do most of her stunts, but she was required to be trained professionally before and during the production process. She was extremely excited about this project and had always been intrigued with the “Police lifestyle.” In fact as a child there were times when she thought of going into the profession but at a mere 5'4” and a petite 115 pounds, she figured it probably wasn't the best of ideas. She did, however, have a dear cousin who had gone into law enforcement and truly admired him greatly for his choice in career. She still calls him up regularly asking for all of the juicy stories and he just laughs, reminding her that his job is much more exciting “on” the screen than off.

As 10 crewmen were slowly carrying a part of the scaffolding to the big warehouse, Beth and Billy stopped to watch. It still blew Beth's mind how much work went into the sets and how realistic they looked. Just as the men were beginning to put the big piece down, one of them lost his footing and fell over, but not before falling right into the man next to him. Before you knew it there was a domino effect and the entire structure was beginning to fall right on top of Beth and Billy. Billy immediately saw the crewman who had fallen and quickly ran a safe distance away from the structure before it even began to fall; however, Beth just stood stock still unable to do anything but stare. As the gigantic piece began crashing down Beth could hear several people calling for her to move and run from the scaffold but for some reason her legs failed her. She stood in horror of her cowardice reaction and closed her eyes waiting for the inevitable. Just as she acknowledged the fact that she may actually die from this injury, strong and gentle arms wrapped around her waist and forcefully pulled her out of the way. The momentum of the movement brought them to a crashing halt on the ground a good ten feet away from the fallen structure. As Beth regained her composure she opened her eyes to see who her “Knight in Shining Armor” had been and was mesmerized again by those gorgeous blue eyes that had haunted her all night and day. Beth felt a sense of déjà vu.

Before she could utter a word, Kate spoke up. “Are you ok? Are you ok Miss Huntington?” Kate inquired again. Beth was mortified at being in this position of helplessness two days in a row and quickly jumped off of Kate and began stammering, “I-I-I'm soo very sorry. I don't know what happened to me. I just froze and…and..and I just couldn't believe something like that was happening. Again, I'm soo very sorry for falling for you…I mean falling on you again.” Beth visibly blushed at her Freudian slip and continued to look down at the ground from sheer embarrassment. With a grin Kate replied, “Ya know, we really should stop meeting like this. I'm gonna start getting a complex.” Beth was saved from explaining any further when Penny charged over extremely concerned for her actress. She immediately came up to Kate and Beth and asked if they were ok. They both nodded yes but Peggy refused to continue shooting until they were BOTH checked out at the Medic station. Kate agreed it was better to be safe than sorry and promised to take Beth over there personally to make sure all was ok.

Billy then appeared with a golf cart ready to escort them over. As both ladies got in the cart Beth's pretentious co-star Travis, came forward to see what all the commotion was about.

“What's going on here…are you all starting without me?” Travis asked.

Peggy rolled her eyes before piping in, “No Travis, not at all. We had a little accident and some of the scaffolding fell and almost hit Beth and Officer Nuccio. Unfortunately, we are now going to be delayed until we get this all cleaned up.” She looked over at her crew, which prompted them into action and began cleaning everything up and getting everything up and running again.

“Great! So basically, I could've slept in another damn hour!?” Travis responded.

“It's not like we planned on this set back Travis!” Peggy stated.

“Whatever, this is just bullshit!” he replied, storming away. Before exiting the set he noticed Beth and Kate getting into a golf cart and walked on over.

Putting on his best “wolf-like” grin, he looked both ladies up and down as if deciding which one he wanted for dinner, before speaking.

“So ladies, where are we running off too, do you need a little manly assistance to help with any of your bumps and bruises?” He said while leaning against the golf cart. Billy snorted while both Kate and Beth rolled their eyes.

Kate looked at him with disgust and before she even had a chance to tell him to go screw himself, Beth had intervened.

Beth didn't want to admit it but after the entire incident she had developed a migraine. The moment she saw Travis come over to her and Kate she was ready to throw up and as soon as he opened his mouth she could see Kate's lips curl into a snarl. She didn't know whether to laugh or be nervous by Kate's obvious displeasure of the man. She wasn't in the mood for him and if there was anything she learned from her dear Granny it was “Kill ‘em with kindness honey, and then walk away. It leaves ‘em stuck as a pig in a mud bath.”

“Thanks for your concern Travis but we are just going for a quick check-up at the medic station. I'm sure everything's fine, it's just for precaution,” Beth said and then gave Bobby the nod to drive away.

Kate couldn't believe the kindness and warmth in Beth's voice while speaking to Travis. In only 24 hours she had seen Travis' grotesque and pretentious attitude toward everyone on set. To put it mildly, he was a real prick of a man.

As they started to drive away Kate's curiosity got the best of her and she turned to Beth saying, “That guy is the biggest jerk known to man and you just treated him like he was an old friend; what gives?”

Beth looked at her and replied, “Well, I was taught to treat everybody with kindness and respect even the people you don't always like.” She gave her an impish grin and said, “My Gran-Daddy used to have this saying, “ Don't try to teach a pig to tell time, the pig doesn't learn and you just get dirty.

Both ladies laughed out loud as the golf cart drove on.



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