Violence. Only a teeny bit, this is a romance.

Angst. LOTS AND LOTS OF IT, SO BE AWARE! I think there’s a lot of crying in the story, mainly because I was crying a LOT when I wrote it, so… beware!

Love/Sex. Yes, between two women, and a man and a woman.

Age. If you’re underage, and it is illegal where you are to read this type of story, then close this page.  , Thank you.

Title: This novel is not formerly titled, but Billie and Jewl is the identification name I’ll be using.

Billie and Jewl (UNTITLED)

{Part 2}

By Katia N. Ruiz

Copyright 2002-present



Chapter Three


Billie sat at home at her kitchen table, thinking hard as she stared out the back window into the trees. They were framed by the blue sky, and provided a view that always seemed to relax Billie. It wasn’t working today, as she thought only of Jewl. Jewl hadn’t bothered Billie since that day three weeks ago, when Billie practically told her to bug off. Her eyes watered as she remembered the pain in Jewl’s eyes as she left, as she was simultaneously tormented by the image of Jewl the rainy night they had made love for the first time; each girl's first time with a woman.

They had gone off together on a little one night camping trip without the permission of Billie's mother and Jewl's father. Eighteen years old then, Billie had begun to realize her appreciation of the beauty of women; women like Jewl. Even though she was only seventeen, Jewl held the sensuous appeal of a full-grown woman, and she used that appeal unknowingly.


They had not been bored that night, talking and laughing. The lighting in their tent had been a flashlight and their food had been chips and iced tea in a thermos. They were lying on their backs, their shoulders pressed together, Billie holding the flashlight straight up towards the top of the tent.

"Billie," Jewl had whispered suddenly, turning over on her side and staring down at Billie. "Can I ask you something?"

Billie had smiled at her, looking up and meeting her eyes. "Sure." She said; her voice had been less husky then, youthful. They had been talking about traveling all over the world together, the two of them with Joseph, who was always going away somewhere with his mom.

Jewl stared at her for a long moment, studying the features of the perfect face she always found herself thinking about. "Have you ever kissed anybody?" She asked softly.

Billie frowned, wondering what this question had to do with traveling. But she was used to it; Jewl had a two-tracked mind, she could talk about something and think about something totally different in the back of her mind. She shook her head, trusting her friend. "No, and you?" She replied.

Jewl looked at Billie’s already sensuous mouth, shaking her head slowly. "No." She said in a low voice. "Have you thought of kissing anybody, though?"

Billie was confused, wondering where this was going. Even though she had thought of kissing Jewl many times, she could not bring herself to even admit she had thought of kissing anybody. "No."

Jewl poked her softly in the ribs, laughing softly. "Come on, tell me the truth. Have you?" She insisted, moving closer and meeting her eyes. Then her eyes went back to contemplating Billie’s lips.

"Yes," Billie breathed, her breathing changed slightly, she was growing excited by Jewl's closeness.

"Who?" Jewl whispered, moving her face closer to Billie’s, feeling Billie’s quickening sweet breath on her lips.

Billie dropped the flashlight, and nervously fumbled for it.

"Leave it," Jewl had whispered, reaching over and touching Billie’s face with a smooth finger. "Who have you thought of kissing?"

Billie froze as the excitement of Jewl’s gentle touch centered between her legs; her eyes widened. "You." Billie admitted in a breathless whisper, feeling the wetness trickling between her legs.

"I’ve thought of kissing you too, Billie." Jewl whispered back, her breathing quickening also as she stared at Billie’s lips. "Can I?"

Billie didn’t know what to say. It wasn’t necessary; the look in her eyes was enough answer for Jewl. She kissed her lips very softly and stopped, pulling back slowly and meeting Billie’s wide eyes. Billie felt frozen, even though the mound between her legs was burning. She rose up and took Jewl into her arms, meeting her lips clumsily at first, then surely. Jewl moaned and wrapped her arms around Billie’s neck, pulling her mouth harder against her own.

Before Billie knew it, Jewl was guiding her hand into her pants and into to her wetness. Both young women moaned at the contact between fingers and wet flesh, and both lost themselves in the sudden urgency of their youthful bodies. Jewl’s hips had risen to meet the fingers working through her wetness. Billie couldn’t think; she just worked her fingers, fingers that seemed to instinctively know where and how to touch Jewl. Jewl had writhed beneath her that night with a passion neither one knew existed and had returned the pleasure to Billie with as much wonder and passion.


The cordless phone ringing on the table brought Billie out of her memories. She picked it up, taking a deep breath before saying hello.

"Billie?" It was Johanna, and the sweet way she said Billie’s name made Billie grin.

"Johanna," Billie whispered, smiling softly.

"I’m calling to make sure that everything’s fine for tonight." Johanna said in a low voice, sounding a little nervous.

"Of course, we couldn’t break this date with Joseph and his mother if we tried." Billie said with a small laugh. "They both want to meet you so badly."

Johanna chuckled, relaxing now that Billie didn’t break it off, as she had feared all along. "Well, then, we can’t disappoint them now, can we?" She retorted with a little laugh.

They talked for a while longer, discussing where they would go after dinner with Joseph and Lorna, then hung up.


Billie pulled up in front of Johanna’s house and turned off the ignition. She climbed out of her Range Rover and pocketing her keys, went up the steps of the pretty house. She could never stop looking at it when she came over; the exterior was as beautiful as the interior. Outside, it was all wood, the shingles, everything, except for the roof.

Johanna opened the door just as she stepped onto the porch, she smiled brightly as Billie chuckled and went to hug her. "I’ve been looking out for you," She explained softly, running a tender hand through Billie’s hair.

Billie kissed her cheek softly and pulled back. "It’s ok, I like it." She assured her warmly. She stepped back and studied Johanna. She wore a light brown knee-length skirt and a burgundy shirt, high-heeled shoes that accentuated her shapely legs. Her hair was loose around her slender shoulders, falling over her face prettily. "You look beautiful." Billie breathed softly in admiration.

Johanna blushed slightly and proceeded to study Billie also. She appreciated Billie’s strong build underneath the beige wool sweater and white slacks, her neck-length hair looked windblown and some fell over her forehead attractively. Johanna couldn’t stop the desire from showing in her eyes. "So do you." She said, her voice low as she gazed into Billie’s eyes.

Suddenly shy, Billie pulled back slightly and smiled nervously. "Ready to go?" She asked.

Sensing Billie's nervousness, Johanna smiled and nodded. She went back inside and got her stuff, coming back out and joining Billie beside the jeep.


Chapter Four

Six months


Johanna returned to her living room with a giant bowl of popcorn and stopped at the entrance, staring hungrily. Billie kneeled in front of the television, slipping a tape into the video player. They’d decided to just stay at Johanna’s place and watch TV instead of going out to dinner, movies or dancing like they’d been doing every Friday night. Johanna was just as glad to be home alone with Billie as she was glad when they went out. They’d been going out for almost six months now, and Billie had respected Johanna like Johanna didn’t want to be respected.

Making love with Billie was still a fantasy with Johanna, who had decided to wait until Billie was ready. Billie was the woman of her dreams and she didn’t want to scare her away. They made out every chance they got, and there were times when Johanna felt Billie’s control ebb, only to be reigned in again.

Their make-out sessions had become more passionate as time went by, their hands friskier. When Johanna asked Billie why she would not go any further, Billie would reply with a reassuring smile. "I want to be sure of this." She’d say, taking hold of Johanna’s hand and placing it against the center of her chest. "I want to make sure that it is more than just a sexual relationship. God knows I want you," She smiled ruefully. "But I don’t want to rush into this."

Completely wrapped around Billie’s little finger, Johanna would accept any reason. She was glad that Billie was willing to wait, because it added a more permanent feel to their relationship, whatever it was. It meant that Billie was looking for something more serious with her, and that she wasn’t just going to be hurt by Billie’s desire for a quick lay. Billie wanted the real thing, and so did she.

Johanna always wished that she would find someone to have this type of relationship with. A woman that was willing to wait for sex, who was interested in getting to know her on an intellectual and emotional basis before knowing her with her body. She knew it proved harder to achieve, but she and Billie were building a strong foundation for their relationship.

Standing up from her kneeling position, Billie caught sight of Johanna, who was staring at her with such a dreamy look on her face that it made her blush. Billie knew what Johanna felt for her was strong, and that she was willing to wait until Billie was ready for more. She always enjoyed the feel of Johanna’s delicate body in her arms as they kissed passionately, always wondered what it would feel like to hold her nude body as they made love. But she always reminded herself of her objective, to see if Johanna felt enough to wait for her. So far Johanna had not disappointed her. She smiled as she commented: "I feel like a cake sitting in front of a starving person."

Johanna jumped from her reverie, her eyes meeting Billie’s. She blushed furiously and grinned: "I’m starving alright."

Blushing a deeper shade of red, Billie moved closer to her companion. "Oh, yeah?" She teased, her voice husky. "What could you be starving for, my dear?"

Trying to take a steadying breath, Johanna couldn’t take her eyes away from Billie’s. "You," She gasped, throwing an arm around Billie’s neck and pulling her down for a kiss. The silk of Billie’s lips enveloped her and she groaned softly as she felt Billie’s arms wrap around her waist. Billie slipped her tongue into her mouth and Johanna melted, the warmth between her legs burning into wet heat. Billie pulled away slowly, grabbing the popcorn from Johanna’s violently trembling hand and placing it on the coffee table.

Breathing harshly, Johanna watched her swallow convulsively and flop down on the couch. Billie was taking deep breaths, her eyes closed. "I’m sorry." She whispered, looking up at Johanna with undisguised lust.

Johanna sat down beside her, placing a hand on her chest and finally feeling her heart begin to steady. For a long moment, she didn’t say a word, their breathing the only thing heard in the suddenly quiet house. "Don’t be," She then whispered gently, reaching over and grasping Billie’s hand in her own, looking over at her. "I’ll wait as long as it takes." Their eyes met, and Billie knew the truth of her words.



Another six months


Their hands were linked together as they walked slowly. "We've been dating for almost a year now, Billie." Johanna said suddenly, looking down at their feet. Billie was walking Johanna home from Joseph's house, where they'd been having dinner with both Joseph and Lorna. They held hands comfortably and walked close together, shoulders rubbing.

Billie looked at her sideways for a long moment, smiling secretly. "We have." She said lightly, leaning over and kissing her temple softly.

"You've only kissed me." Johanna reminded her with a smile, wondering at her self-control; she'd been ready to jump Billie's bones for months. At times she'd found herself fantasizing about her and masturbating; she couldn’t take the tension any more. She wanted the real thing.

Billie's smile turned into a grin. "Um-hmm." She said with a cute skip to her walk.

"And you haven't made love to me once. Lorna agrees with me that you're taking too long." She stopped abruptly and pulled at Billie's hand to stop her also. The truth was that she wanted Billie fiercely, her body yearned for her and she knew Billie felt the same way. She felt her nipples grow hard under her shirt, aching for Billie's touch.

With a surprised grin, Billie turned to her. "You've been talking to Lorna? Goodness!" She said, laughing. Then she met Johanna's eyes, a small smile curving her sensuous lips.

Johanna looked up at her, her eyes curious. "Tell me why again." She said.

Billie smiled reassuringly. "Because I wanted to know you," She repeated what she had told her many times, touching the center of Johanna's chest with a gentle finger. "In here. I didn’t want to know your body before I knew you." She smiled, her eyes holding Johanna's. "I know it sounds unreal, but that’s why."

Johanna heard the truth in her words, and was reassured once again of Billie’s desires. But she knew there was something else behind Billie’s words today; the look in her eyes told her so. She knew all about Billie, everything there was to know, and she loved her with all her soul. She was ready, now was the time to know her body. She asked softly: "And?"

Billie moved closer, bending down slightly so that their lips were close and each could feel the other's breath on her. "It's time." She whispered huskily; her body felt like a flame, and her center was soaking.

Johanna threw herself into Billie's arms, throwing her arms around the graceful neck and pulling her down hard for a kiss. Their kiss was deep and full of unrestrained passion. Johanna felt Billie's strong arms tighten around her waist possessively, heard and felt the deep groan in her throat as their mouths opened and their tongues met. Billie was on fire; Johanna could taste it in her kiss as her own body ignited with heat and passion of its own. She broke the kiss reluctantly and their eyes met. Their breathing was erratic, and if they didn’t stop now, they'd make love behind the bushes somewhere.

"Let's hurry, Billie, I’m on fire!" She breathed, needing her.

Like Margo once said, Billie was no fool. They hurried to Johanna's house, laughing and running the rest of the way.


They didn’t even make it to Johanna's bedroom, their passion overwhelming them as soon as they closed the door, the desire impossible to resist. They banged their way down the hall and into the living room, clothes discarded with every kiss.

Johanna sat astride Billie, riding the firm thigh lifted between her legs, her intense wetness allowing her to slide easily. She was moaning, her hips thrusting wildly, her arms wrapped tightly around Billie's wide shoulders. She buried her face in the hollow of Billie's neck, her moans growing louder as orgasm approached.

Billie was sitting on the floor, her back against the couch, loving the feel of Johanna's body grinding against hers. They had already been at it for hours without stopping, had already tasted each other thoroughly and knew each other's bodies well. Their bodies were in harmony with one another, their desire insatiable. Every orgasm was like the first, strong, wild, paralyzing in its pleasure. Billie realized then that she loved this woman, realized that she wanted her to be her lover. She closed her eyes tightly, realizing also that Johanna was the only one who could make her truly happy. She felt Johanna's nails sinking into her shoulders as she shuddered and jerked when another orgasm burned through her.

Johanna was gasping; her body was limp and soaked with perspiration. Her buttocks tensing in Billie's hands as her body shuddered. She couldn’t take another one, she felt as if electric bolts were shooting through her body. She struggled to catch her breath, her head cradled on Billie's shoulders.

Billie kissed her shoulder gently. "Let's go to bed." She whispered languidly, her hands caressing Johanna's slender back soothingly.

"I can't move." Johanna sighed contentedly. "I can't think either."

Billie chuckled softly. "I'll carry you, hold on tight." She said, gently pushing herself up off the floor. Johanna clung to her, legs weak and aching pleasantly. Billie bent slightly and placed her arm behind Johanna's knees, picking her up easily. She made her way up the stairs and found Johanna's bedroom. Johanna was no help; she was already half-asleep by the time Billie made it up the stairs. Billie managed to get her under the covers of the large canopy bed. She lay down beside her and wrapped her arms around her, pulling her close. Johanna stirred and mumbled, turning towards her, not moving again. Billie fell asleep, lulled by the sound of Johanna's soft breathing and the warmth of her body.


Chapter Five


She felt a soft poke on the soft cleft of her chin; opening her eyes slowly, she allowed them to get used to the light of the sun filtering through the window. Slowly, the blur of her vision cleared and she saw Johanna smiling down at her. Her long black hair framed her sweet face; her cheeks were flushed from their lovemaking the previous night. She was lying down on her side, her head cradled on her hand as she gazed at Billie. Billie turned onto her side too, and she couldn’t keep her eyes away from Johanna's beautiful breasts. She couldn’t, didn’t even try to, stop or hide the desire coursing through her body.

She leaned forward and took a nipple into her mouth, sucking gently, then with growing passion. Johanna arched her body against her, her leg rising to drape across Billie's ribs, pulling her closer. Her ready wetness pressed against the flatness of Billie's stomach. Billie lifted herself and pushed Johanna onto her back, settling herself between her legs. Her mouth feasted hungrily on Johanna's breasts and she enjoyed nothing more than Johanna's helpless moans and writhing of pleasure. Her fingers sifted through Billie's closely cropped blonde waves.

"You're so beautiful," Billie whispered against the full breasts pressed against her face.

"Oh, Billie!" Johanna breathed, her hips lifting to meet Billie's stomach over and over. "I love you, Billie!" She gasped, her body arching, her head thrown back with a long moan.

Billie abandoned her breasts to kiss her mouth passionately. For the first time, she felt free to return love. With Jewl, she had held back, knowing that Jewl wouldn’t return her love by coming out with her. Johanna was out already, and she was not afraid. "I love you." She whispered tearfully, her heart filled with emotion. She had to be lucky to have found a woman like this; so sweet, so sexy, so loving. "I love you, Johanna." She whispered thickly, moving down, beyond the beautiful fullness of Johanna's breasts, down between her quivering legs.

"Oh, Billie!" Johanna moaned as Billie began that long, sweet caress with her mouth.


Margo joined Johanna at a table in Rosenbloom’s the following week. Johanna was radiant; her cheeks were flushed healthily and her eyes held a light even brighter than when she and Billie had first begun to date. She knew something was up, Billie had been practically running around town like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music, and Johanna was no different. That only meant one thing. "You did it!" She shrieked suddenly, and Johanna shrieked right along with her. The other patrons looked over at them as if they were crazy.

Finally settling down, Johanna began to recount their encounter. Her eyes were far away and Margo almost laughed at the dreamy look Johanna sported. "I’m so in love with her I feel like I’m crazy or obsessed or something." Johanna whispered, her teary eyes meeting her friend’s.

"There’s nothing crazy about loving." Margo reassured her, her hand tightening around Johanna’s. "Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Yes, maybe there’s something a little obsessive about it; and as long as it’s accepted, then its good." She grinned at Johanna. "I only hope that I don’t die without knowing that feeling."

Johanna sobered. "I’m sorry, Margo." She said simply. "Here I’ve been gushing-"

Margo’s hand stopped her in mid sentence. "Don’t say another word." She ordered. "I’m not sad about it, Jo; I only hope to find the feeling. I’m satisfied with my life as it’s going so far, and I don’t regret one ounce of it. So don’t start feeling weird around me. Okay?"

Reassured by Margo’s words, Johanna nodded, once again feeling the euphoria. They shrieked again, and stopped embarrassedly when Mike approached to hand them the menus, shaking his head good-naturedly.

Continued in part III

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