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A Sweet Surrender

{Part III}

By Katia N. Ruiz

Copyright 1999


Andrea sat down on her couch, smiling at Carey Mitchell as she handed her a tall glass of orange juice. Carey had called and Andrea, in her loneliness, had asked her over to chat for a while. Jeffrey had left on his business trip already, and wouldn’t be back for almost a month; new turn of events had taken place, and the business stay would last longer than planned.

Carey smiled at Andrea, wondering what was bothering Andrea so much. As soon as she heard Andrea’s voice over the phone lines, she knew that something was going on in Andrea’s mind. She seemed sad, distracted, as if she were in another plane of this universe. Andrea asked her to visit her that night; told her that she needed someone to talk to. "Andrea," Carey said, brushing her thick red hair away from her forehead. She fixed her gray eyes on Andrea, forcing her with simply her will to look at her. "What’s going on in that head of yours?" She asked softly, the melodious tilt of her Irish accent relaxing Andrea.

Andrea sighed, not knowing herself what was happening to her. All she knew was that she couldn’t keep her mind off Cassidy, could not stop thinking about her. Every time she closed her eyes, she could envision the way Cassidy looked when she drew Andrea’s hands to her mouth and kissed them softly. The passion Andrea saw in her features could not be mistaken, the passion she realized afterwards that she'd also felt at that moment couldn’t be mistaken either. She told Carey of this, of the way her heart beat out of control every time she was around Cassidy, every time Cassidy touched her or looked at her. Of the way her body responded when Cassidy held her, when they danced together. She was so confused, she wrung her hands and it looked as if she would rub off the skin.

Carey nodded thoughtfully, and pursed her lips in satisfaction of her own foresight. Andrea was more than likely falling head over heels in love with Cassidy, or was realizing that she had been in love with Cassidy all along. She smiled, leaning forward, grasping Andrea’s wringing hands and squeezing comfortingly. "Andrea," She said after a long while. "Have you told Cassidy of these sensations?"

Andrea shook her head, looking as if telling Cassidy was out of the question. "No!" She said in a frantic whisper. "What if Cassidy wouldn’t want to be my friend any more? What if she got scared of me or something?"

She’s so innocent in so many ways. Carey thought with an inward smile. She met Cassidy once, and could instantly tell that Cassidy was deeply in love with Andrea. She didn’t blame her. "Andrea, what you are feeling is something normal-"

"Normal?" Andrea asked, cutting her off. "This feeling that my heart will burst out of my body when she looks at me? These feelings that my body will melt in her arms when she holds me close to dance or just to hug me?" She was turning red as she spoke, she closed her eyes with passion. "I mean… I was rambling on last night, and I could feel her eyes on me, all I could do was blush. My body just reacted when she kissed my hands, I felt a jolt of electricity like I’d never felt in my life with anyone. And you’re telling me this is normal? She’s my best friend, for God’s sake!"

Carey smiled patiently, her thin lips curving in a gentle smile. "Do you think you may be falling in love with your best friend? Could it be impossible?" She asked, bracing for any reaction.

Andrea stood up from the couch and walked over to the window, pushing her fingers through her hair and staring out at the dark city. Falling in love with Cassidy? She didn’t know. "I’m not." She said, shaking her head vehemently.

Carey sat back on the couch and smiled, she didn’t need to press on.


That weekend, on a hot Saturday morning, Cassidy drove up to the front of Andrea’s house and pressed on the horn. Not more than three minutes passed before Andrea was out the front door, packed up with a large basket and a cloth bag full of three wine bottles. Andy could hardly see above the bulk in her arms. Cassidy smiled as she got out of the car, walking over to the other side and opening the back door to place the items next to the down quilt where they would rest in the open field. Andrea had insisted that she'd provide the foods, and Cassidy would provide the comfort.

They argued extensively on this, but then Andrea always got what she wanted out of Cassidy; and this time it was to bring the food. Cassidy got stuck with bringing the down comforter, a boom box radio, and some music. She’d looked through her extensive collection, and made tasteful choices of music by women they both liked. Andrea liked the music of Sheryl Crow, Paula Cole, Natalie Imbruglia, and such. Cassidy liked pretty much the same, including K.D. Lang, Indigo Girls, Shawn Colvin, Loreena Mckennit, etc. All in all, they went packed with a bunch of nice relaxing woman-oriented music.

The sun was beautiful, and there was no sign of rain that day. There had been no warnings or anything. The gigantic yellowish orb was flashing its light upon this part of the world along with a gentle breeze. The weather was no more than seventy-five or eighty degrees, perfectly warm and relaxing. They drove in companionable silence with the convertible’s hood down, feeling the breeze caress their faces and their hair gently. They listened to the radio on the way, a soft jazz station that had many followers, including both Andrea and Cassidy.

They drove for almost two hours before they reached Fountain Woods, the highway was comfortingly deserted and the road was relaxing. It was two o’clock in the afternoon by the time they found their spot of so long ago, setting down their quilt and radio, and food. Cassidy parked about two hundred feet from the grassy spot, and they walked over to their area of comfort. Andrea dove right in for the white wine, taking out of the basket two glass goblets for them. She gave the bottle to Cassidy to open, and then she poured them each the wine. She lay down on the comforter, propping her head on her arm and crossing her shapely legs. She was staring adoringly up at Cassidy, who was working on the music.

Indigo Girls was her first choice. The music played on low volume, but loud enough for them to hear. Cassidy turned away from the radio and lay down on the comforter also, laying her head on her bent arm and resting the goblet on the ground with her hand. She was a stunning sight to Andrea, who stared unflinchingly at her. Her blacker than black wavy hair was tied back in a soft ponytail, allowing her features to really be seen by Andrea. She wore khaki shorts and white sneakers with no socks, her smooth and muscled legs were a hypnotic sight to Andrea. Her white GAP button down shirt was loose and comfortable, the top four buttons left unbuttoned to reveal her beautiful skin beneath it.

Andrea was intensely aware of Cassidy’s beautiful skin beneath the shirt, the fact that she wore no bra, and of the sensuous languor of her body. In her fascination with Cassidy, she didn’t realize that Cassidy’s eyes were on her also.

Unaware of Andrea's own stare, Cassidy took in the shapely beauty of her. She wore her hair in a high ponytail, her graceful and beautiful neck left exposed by the hairstyle. She wore a white cotton tube-top that was tight against her flat stomach and full chest. She wore no bra, and Cassidy could see the darker tint of her nipples. Her shorts were black, and reached above her knees, leaving the unmerciful sight of her lovely and shapely legs to Cassidy. Her pretty, small feet were encased in soft feminine sandals.

Desire was no stranger to Cassidy when it came to Andrea, but the love that was mingled with it was unbearably intense. She took a sip from the wine, and spoke: "Tell me how school was." Her voice was hoarse, and she cleared her throat.

Andrea sat up, crossing her legs and resting her elbows against her thighs. She took a sip from her goblet and laughed. "It’s always a new experience, every single day." She said, and shook her head. "Two guys got into a fight over Roseanne Mitchell. You remember her?"

Cassidy nodded, remembering the stunning energy and beauty of the Irish young girl. One night, at a dinner, she met Carey Mitchell and her highly energized and sweet young daughter. "Of course I remember." She said softly, gazing at Andrea admiringly.

Andrea drew a deep breath, feeling warmed all over by Cassidy’s gaze. "Roseanne, at this very moment is not interested in men," She said, musing. "For some reason, and I know this is not of her parents’ making, she kind of gets crushes on young girls and teachers." She paused, and took a sip from her wine. "Well, anyway, these two guys start fighting right in front of her. And I mean fist fighting, really going at each other’s throats. Mind you, they’re football players. Roseanne surprises every body by running up to them and pulling one off the other by the hair. These are big guys, too." Andrea began laughing, remembering the whole scene.

Cassidy laughed along with her, imagining Roseanne’s small form pulling a huge football player off another.

"So the other guy thinks she did this because she liked him better than the other," Andrea continued with a smile. "And he goes up to her ready for a big romantic kiss. She looks at him as if he were stupid or retarded or something, and tells him: ‘Get off me, you big idiot!’" Andrea did a perfect imitation of Roseanne and her small Irish accent. "‘Can’t you see I have the biggest crush on Manuela Montero? Jesus, you guys are stupid!’ And walks away from him as if he were a piece of garbage or something, with a look of disgust that was hilarious." She began to laugh again. "Meanwhile, everybody’s just staring at Manuela in surprise. And she’s blushing like a tomato, and smiling from here to New York City. Seems she has a little crush on Roseanne too."

Cassidy laughed raucously, she could picture Roseanne doing all of this to the poor guy. "That Roseanne is just something out of the ordinary." She finally gasped. She took a mouthful from her goblet and finished the wine. Already she was feeling lightheaded. A song she liked from the Indigo Girls, named 'Caramia' came on. She smiled at Andrea and turned up the volume. She sat up and began to sing along with the sad song, her voice perfectly matching with that of the singers. She closed her eyes. "‘…why are you dreaming this, one shoe off and a bridge to cross over…’"

Andrea studied her with wide eyes. She was so beautiful, she couldn’t take her eyes away from her. "‘…and there’s a sea full of faces and show to go on, and I’m struck mute at entrance with nothing to draw from…’" Cassidy’s voice was sultry, sensuous, no strain was necessary to reach those cords. Andrea felt her heart swell, her body calling for Cassidy’s. She wanted to dance with her, to feel her close again. She stood up, and stared down at her, extending her hand.

Cassidy seemed to sense her movement through her concentration. She opened her eyes slowly and looked up at Andrea with wondering eyes. Andrea said softly: "Put the song over and sing it while we dance."

Cassidy was breathless as she got to her feet. She started the song all over, and stepped out of the comforter onto the grass. She took Andrea’s much smaller and sweaty hand and pulled her to herself. The song began just as she pulled Andrea into her arms, wrapping one arm around her thin waist and taking her hand with the other. The instruments broke right into the song, and so did they. Cassidy pulled her close, beginning to sway, hypnotized with the song, singing into her ear. Her body was sending such signals to her brain, signals that tortured her. She was aware of the pressure of Andrea’s breasts against hers, of her pelvis pressing against her abdomen, her thighs pressing against hers. She didn’t know what to do, how to control her rising arousal.

She swayed their hips together just as she sang a verse that was accompanied by the beautiful sounds of violins. "‘…and there’s a sea full of faces and a show to go on, and I’m struck mute at entrance with nothing to draw from…’" Her voice gained power in this part, but it didn’t bother Andrea at all. It sent a powerful sensation through her, a sensation she couldn’t identify. She felt the soft rise and fall of Cassidy’s breasts as she sang.

Andrea sighed against Cassidy’s neck, feeling the feathery caresses of Cassidy’s breath and voice against her ear. She let herself be guided by Cassidy’s body, by her hands, aware of a deep feeling in her heart, a feeling that was surfacing as they danced. She picked up her hand from Cassidy’s shoulder and placed it behind her head, pulling her head down closer against her ear, wanting to hear her heavenly voice forever. The end of the song came, and she didn’t want to let go of her, she didn’t want Cassidy to let go either. And when Cassidy tried to pull away, she wrapped both arms around her shoulders and pulled her closer.

Cassidy couldn’t breathe, her feelings were so intense. The love, the desire.

"Don’t let me go, Cassidy, please!" Andrea gasped, not able to stop herself, wanting her close. She moaned helplessly. "Please…"

Cassidy closed her eyes against the feeling, and pulled away, removing Andrea’s arms from around her neck tenderly. She held them down against Andrea’s body and gazed at her with anguish. Andrea gazed up into her eyes, staring at the reflection of the sunlight against the golden brown of them. "Andrea," Cassidy whispered with feeling, she closed her eyes. After a long moment, she let go of her and turned away.

Andrea closed her eyes and sat down on the comforter. Turning towards the wine bottle, she took hold of it and poured more wine into both goblets. Cassidy walked a few feet away from her and sat down on the grass, laying back and covering her eyes with both arms. Andrea listened to the other songs playing on the radio, her head full of static and jumbled thoughts and passion. The CD reached its end over a half-hour later, and Cassidy was still laying a few feet away from the comforter. Andrea stared out at her, her knees pulled up and her arms wrapped around them.

Finally, Cassidy sat up, bending her knees up and resting her forehead against them. She let her arms hang limply at her sides. She stood up after a few minutes and went back to the comforter. She sat down and stared at Andrea with wonder in her eyes. "This was all the wine, Andrea." She said, trying to explain to herself what had just happened.

Andrea shook her head slowly, and looked down at her feet. "I don’t think so, Cassidy." She said softly, so softly that Cassidy had to lean forward to hear her. The sight of the long graceful neck sent a shiver through Andrea.

Cassidy pulled back and looked down pensively at the comforter. Suddenly, she said: "Let’s just forget it, okay?" She reached for the basket, and brought out the cheese, bread and mayonnaise. She glanced up at Andrea, and it was as if nothing had happened between them just an hour before. Andrea felt very hurt; that Cassidy could dismiss what had just happened so easily. "Want a sandwich?" Cassidy asked nonchalantly.

Andrea stared at her with hurt in her eyes, but Cassidy numbed her body against what she thought she saw, she didn’t want to be mistaken. Finally, Andrea nodded, deciding to forget about it too if Cassidy was so quick to forget. "Ham and Cheese, no Mayo." She directed lightly, and watched as Cassidy prepared her sandwich with graceful fingers. Fingers she wished were running through her hair, touching her skin softly… She threw her head back and sighed, then looked down to see Cassidy still worrying about the sandwiches.


It was dark when the sudden unpredicted storm began. They had a large flashlight as their light, turned upwards to spread the light in all directions. Cassidy was singing along with another one of her favorites from the Indigo Girls. The song was called "Burn All the Letters."

Cassidy was drunk and on her feet, lifting her feet high and stomping them on the ground with the rhythm of the song, singing beautifully at the top of her lungs: "‘…burn all the letters, the government’s on the phone. Burn all the letters, send them to a safer home…’" Andrea watched with a grin on her face, drunk too, but she didn’t ask Cassidy to dance again. She was satisfied to just listen to her, to listen to the sultry voice once again come to the world with Cassidy’s love of singing. She was satisfied to stare at the beautiful skin glistening with the flashlight’s reflection on her sweaty skin; the shadow of Cassidy’s throat and face made her seem like a moving statue of perfection.

Cassidy had her face tilted to the sky, her eyes closed in seeming rapture, and her arms flung out in a seeming plea. Only trust would allow her to be so free in front of another person, and that was the basis of their friendship. Trust in one another. "‘…We made our love out of dignity, we dug our nails in the dirt… we loved so hard it hurt…To ease my pain I took a pen and paper…’"

Cassidy and Andrea heard the distant but loud roll of thunder and simultaneously glanced up at the star-less sky, covered now with extremely dark clouds. They were shocked. The moon had been out, but was now completely gone. They had felt a slightly cool breeze, but didn’t pay much mind to it. And they didn’t pay any mind to the sudden stillness of the air around them afterwards. "You didn’t call the rain with your singing, did you?" Andrea asked, attempting to joke in the midst of their new predicament.

Cassidy giggled and shook her head, continued to stare at the reddening sky. "I didn’t mean to." She returned.

The rain started almost instantly, as they clumsily scrambled to pick up their stuff and get them into the car. It seemed the sky broke open, there was a sudden wall of rain between them. They were halfway to the car already, but when they reached it, they were soaked through with the rainwater. Andrea’s tied hair fell heavily from its hold and was now wet and wild as she jumped into the passenger seat. Cassidy jumped into the driver’s side and remained paralyzed, staring out the windshield. They were lucky she had pulled up the top on the convertible, so the seats hadn’t been soaked with the rain; but they were soaking, and wet the seats anyway.

Cassidy started the car, and turned on the windshield wipers, squinting through the windshield to see where she would go. Not drunk anymore, she turned on the high beams and shifted to drive; pressing the accelerator and moving slowly, she headed towards the road, which was barely visible through the thick wall of rain. Andrea was quiet beside her, looking out for things and lights from houses or cabins around, where they might be able to wait the storm out. The roads were slippery with rain and deserted, and it wasn’t long before Cassidy’s car began slipping and sliding along the road. After a few minutes of trying to keep the car under control on the road, Cassidy pulled up on the shoulder.

She was pensively quiet for a long time, trying to peer through the now fogged up windows into the dark. An occasional lightning would eerily illuminate the giant trees looming over them. The wind whipped around the car with a vengeance, sending its cool lash into the car despite the heater. Cassidy began to sneeze continuously, she began to shiver uncontrollably, feeling chill after chill running through her body. Andrea was okay, she felt a little chill and shivered slightly. She noticed Cassidy’s shivering and reached over to touch her shoulder.

Cassidy pulled away from her, pressing against her door. She stared out the window at the dark, and said in quavering voice, attempting small talk: "They didn’t say it was going to rain."

Andrea sighed softly, and shook her head at Cassidy’s reticence. "I know." She said calmly. She looked around at the darkness. Then she peered worriedly at Cassidy through the dimness and small dashboard light of the car. "Now we’re in deep shit. You’re going to catch cold here."

"I’m okay." Cassidy said, and sneezed again. "I’m more worried about you. You’re only wearing that little tank-top." She didn’t want to look at Andrea, knowing what the sight of her engorged nipples through the soaked material would do to her. "We can’t drive in this weather, there can be an accident."

Andrea caught glimpse of something through the thick trees to the right side of them just as the lighting flashed. She squinted in that direction and waited until lightning flashed again. A cabin. Most likely deserted, but no doubt a better shelter than the car. "Look, Cassidy." She whispered, pointing in that direction. "There’s a little cabin off that way. Do you think you could make it closer with the car?"

Cassidy saw the cabin too, and waited for another flash of lightning to search for the road that led towards it. She shifted from parking to drive again and moved the car slowly towards the small road off the highway that led through the trees and to the cabin.

Andrea was right in her assumption.

The cabin was completely deserted, but clean despite its isolation. It seemed that an occasional person stayed there and hung around. There was a lake not far from there, where they could fish and swim. No doubt a recreational resting-place, Andrea mused, most likely belonging to a businessperson that from time to time needed a place to stay and relax. Cassidy was able to pull the car up all the way to the porch, and Andrea jumped out with the comforter and flashlight in her arms. She ran up the three wooden steps and turned to wait for Cassidy.

Cassidy was shivering uncontrollably, and she almost cried out when she felt the icy rain touch her skin and head again. She approached the door slowly and peered through the glass panes on the door. "Give me the flashlight, please." She said quietly, reaching back for it. She directed the beam inside and moved it over the objects. No one in there, if there had been, they surely would have noticed the beam of light from the flashlight. There was no furniture either, which was strange for such a well kept cabin.

Cassidy stepped back from the door, and trained the beam of light on its frame, searching for maybe a secret holding place for a key or something. Andrea watched her, seeing the deep concentration on her features; she was stunningly beautiful. Cassidy reached up with her a shaky left hand and felt along the rim of the frame, where a small space was between the frame and the log walls. On the right side of the rim, Cassidy found what she was looking for; a key for the door. She smiled softly and glanced at Andrea with triumph in her eyes. She held up the key and grinned. "Got it." She said softly.

Andrea smiled back at her and watched as she slipped the key into the lock and the door gave way. They stepped into the nice cabin, which was unfurnished and dusty. There was no electricity, and no sign of there ever having been electricity. It was also cold, very cold. A deep, too loud rumbling sound came from everywhere and both Andrea and Cassidy jumped. The lightning that followed said it all. Just thunder. Huddling close together, both women walked the length of the living room and went into the kitchen, searching for any kind of light.

They found a gas lamp on a wooden counter, and rejoiced.

Andy was naked under the down comforter, having been ordered by Cassidy to take them off so she could hang them to dry. Her wet hair was still loose, and far from drying. She wrapped herself tightly in the comforter, sat down on the floor next to the gas lamp. She sat in silence listening to the heavy downpour of rain pounding on the roof. Cassidy returned from the kitchen, she’d been hanging up the clothes from the counter. She now sat in front of her, shivering nearly uncontrollably. Her hair was very wet and dripping, loose around her shoulders and unkempt. She wrapped her arms around herself and rocked back and forth, her eyes closed. She sneezed again, and then coughed frighteningly hard. It was obvious to Andy that her teeth were clattering sharply.

She knew Cassidy had to take off her clothes or she would be very sick. "Cassidy," She said softly, moving up closer to Cassidy and moving the lamp aside. Cassidy opened her eyes and gazed at her with glazed eyes. There was a faint line of perspiration on her forehead. Fever, Andy instantly knew. Without room for argument, Andy opened the comforter from around her body and pulled Cassidy into her embrace. At first, Cassidy was rock hard against her, but soon, she relented.

Cassidy pressed her face against Andy’s tenderly, only vaguely aware that Andy was naked against her. Her clothes, soaked and heavy, clung to her body like skin. She was trembling from the chill that invaded her body down to her bones. Andy’s arms were around her, her face pressed against her feverish cheek; she could smell her cologne mixed with the scent of the rain, and it was driving her wild. Cassidy trembled once again, and felt her body heat up once again with the threatening fever. Andy pulled back to gaze at Cassidy, noticing the flush in her cheeks and another faint line of perspiration across her upper lip. She began unbuttoning Cassidy’s shirt, she knew she needed to do this to keep her warm.

Cassidy’s lips were slightly parted, her breath was coming in short gasps of impending sickness. She took hold of Andy’s hands, stopping their action to undress her. Andy gasped at the strength of Cassidy’s shivering hands around hers. She stared at Cassidy, seeing the half-lidded gaze coming from her eyes. "I have to, Cassidy," Andy whispered. "I have to undress you, you’re getting sick."

Cassidy’s hands softened and released Andy’s. Slowly and cautiously, to not get that reaction again, Andy continued unbuttoning the shirt. As more tautly smooth skin was exposed, Andy became aware of a tingling in her body, a small electric-like charge running between her legs and an unnatural wetness growing between her lips. She took her eyes away from the flat muscled plane of Cassidy’s stomach and the perfect round swell of her breasts to stare into her eyes. The golden hue of her eyes, accentuated by the lamplight, had intensified as Cassidy now gazed intently at her, her rosy tongue gently licking at her dried lips.

Her eyes gazing into Cassidy’s with growing awareness, Andy began unbuttoning the wet shorts. She was aware of Cassidy’s smooth skin pressing against the back of her fingers. She lowered the zipper slowly, realizing that her breath was short and that her body was tingling like never before.

Cassidy’s hands came to life again, to remove her shirt and reveal the beautiful bronze skin of her upper torso. Her nipples were erect, Goosebumps pervaded the flawless flesh. Her gracefully long hands went to her shorts, she pulled them down and off. Andy’s breath caught in her throat at the sight of the beautiful lines of Cassidy’s hips, the sight of the thin fine hair between her tautly muscled thighs. She forced her eyes up, feeling a flame burn her from inside, following the rich planes of the smooth skin, the beautiful curves of her breasts, the glorious shape of her lips, and finally the heavenly gold-brown of her eyes.

Cassidy’s eyes were studious of Andy, gauging her reaction to her body. Despite her rising fever, she felt the passion race through her body and take possession of her mind as she sought to control it. "Andy," She whispered hoarsely. She lifted both her hands to touch the sweet softness of Andy’s face. She pulled her close, and shuddered at the feeling of Andy’s fingertips gliding across the taut flesh of her arms. With a deep in-drawn breath, she pulled Andy’s face to hers to touch their lips together for the very first time in their lives. Andy’s body jerked in response, a hot sliver of heat flashed through her body. Cassidy’s lips were so silky against hers, so warm and tasting of the wine they’d consumed and the rain. Andy moaned, opening her mouth to feel the silky tongue touch hers in a moment’s flash.

And then it was gone, and Andy pushed her own tongue into Cassidy’s silky mouth, trying to find the heavenly softness again. But Cassidy held back, though she never took her lips from Andy’s. Andy lifted her hands from Cassidy’s arms and moved to wrap her arms around Cassidy, but Cassidy took a hold of her hands and held them down. Andy groaned, fought against her hands as she tried to loosen her own to touch the flesh she knew would be so delicious to her fingers. Again, a flicker of her tongue against Andy’s, and Andy felt her body would explode with heat; the wetness between her thighs, the flower of her pleasure engorged to the point of aching. She moaned softly.

She never knew she wanted something so much in her life, and the realization that she wanted Cassidy so much sent a sliver of fear through her. But that didn’t stop her desire, it only intensified, it only made it stronger and able to destroy the fear and thought and all else that came along with it.

They were on their knees, by Cassidy’s doing, bodies inches apart. Andy was powerless and weak with desire. Through her lustful haze, Andy knew that Cassidy was so much stronger than she was, and that anything she did to bring their bodies closer would only result in Cassidy overpowering her even more. But she wanted to be overpowered. She wasn’t prepared when Cassidy pushed her hands backwards, pushed Andy down on the blanket, managing so that their bodies still didn’t touch. She kneeled above her, this time pushing her tongue deep into her mouth, demanding from her what Andy knew she’d be willing to give.

She didn’t belong to herself any more, Andy realized as she felt Cassidy’s thighs graze against her inner thighs, she belonged to Cassidy. Nothing else mattered but the feel of Cassidy’s lips against hers and her tongue inside her mouth. She tried to free her arms, she wanted to grab Cassidy’s body and yank her downwards to hers, but Cassidy tightened her grip and held her arms imprisoned, stretched out on either side of her.

Cassidy possessed her, and Andy knew she was helpless and that she would ride the ecstasy only her kisses brought her. Cassidy pulled her lips away from her mouth to bring them to her body, and Andy’s body was on fire, her blood was on fire. She moaned, feeling Cassidy’s lips against her neck, kissing softly, and opening to allow the warm tongue access to the smooth skin. To Andy’s joy, Cassidy finally lowered her body to press it against hers, and Andy was overwhelmed by silky sensation; she felt the sweat break out of her skin, felt the heat of Cassidy’s body enter her, take a hold of her.

She cried out in desperate desire, not able to extricate her hands from Cassidy’s grasp. "Cassidy, oh!" She groaned heatedly, feeling Cassidy’s lips moving in feathery caresses over her chest skin then towards her breasts. She was aware of nothing but Cassidy’s round breasts pressing against her stomach, of her hips pressing between her thighs, the quick hot sensation of breath close to her nipple. She arched, pressing the heels of her feet against the back of Cassidy’s muscular thighs.

Cassidy entwined their fingers, held her hands secured against the floor. Her lips wound around a hard nipple, her teeth gently sinking and teasing. She sucked on the nipples until Andy was sore, until Andy’s cries became louder and more passionate. Cassidy groaned audibly, feeling the swollen nipple press against her lapping tongue, the wetness press against her stomach; she tightened her grasp compulsively on Andy’s hands, feeling her body tremble. She was quivering between her legs, wet beyond salvation, her passion for Andy unleashed. Nothing would stop her now. She felt the grip of Andy’s hands beneath hers tighten, felt the short nails press against the back of her hands; she felt Andy’s hips lift under her, the trembling heave of her stomach against her breasts as she gasped her arousal to the world.

Cassidy wasn’t thinking any more, she’d become the love she felt; her body was love, love that was giving itself to the woman who’d so innocently consumed her heart, whose pleasure was sending electric currents through her own body, which was love full of also. She pressed her hips into her, groaning fervently, feeling her wetness soak her skin. Her heart beat at a pace never matched before, her desire mingled with her love was driving her insane; her mouth was no longer gentle. She felt Andy arch beneath her as she moved lower down the center of her chest, kissing the sweaty flesh of her supple stomach lingeringly and wetly.

She never thought this would happen, never imagined it would this wonderful. To make love to Andy was a dream come true.

Andy was incandescent, flashes of fire danced before her eyes. And when she felt her hands mercifully released only to be replaced by the feeling of a strong arm moving beneath her buttocks to wrap around her waist, cradling her hips upwards. She moaned in anticipation of what she knew was to come; what she knew she needed.

Cassidy lay sideways, her face pressed against the side of Andy’s quivering abdomen, her right hand beginning a slow caress along the quivering inner thighs. She could smell the sweet scent of her desire, and wanted to taste it; but that had to wait, her sense of touch would be satisfied first. Her hand caressed lightly, moving closer towards the heat that was awaiting her. To wetness that was dripping, to throbbing that so desperately needed satisfaction.

Andy cried out loudly, anticipating the satisfying touch that only Cassidy’s smooth fingers could provide. Cassidy’s breathing quickened, became low breathy moans as she felt the heat approach her fingers. With one swift move, she sank her fingers into the deliciously scented sea of Andy’s desire. "Oh, God! So…" Cassidy gasped, feeling her own heat increase in temperature and wetness. "Wet! Oh, my God… So wonderful!"

She closed her eyes against the rush of passion that ran through her head and body. And touched the soft engorged clitoris, stroked gently at the sensitive bud, gathered the wetness from beneath and spread it there to open it to caress between the silken sheets that covered the bud. She felt Andy’s stomach heaving, quivering against her cheek. Andy sent a breathless cry to the ceiling, paralyzed now by the pleasure coursing through her body. She couldn’t breathe, move, her throat constricted as passion took a fisted hold of her lungs.

A breathless whisper: "Cassidy…"

Cassidy felt her own wetness grow more, felt the fast beating of her heart between her legs. Andy thrust her hips quickly, overcome with love and passion for Cassidy; she couldn’t think, all she could do was feel the electric currents of pleasure from Cassidy’s caress. She wanted her inside, wanted the long graceful fingers to enter her and bring forth what she knew would be the most fantastic ecstatic orgasm. "Please!" She begged Cassidy with a throaty cry, grasping her shoulder with one hand and with the other, pulling the beautiful face tightly against her quivering stomach.

Cassidy understood her plea very well, and wanted nothing more than to please her. Her other hand grasping the plush hip in her own frantic pleasure, she inserted one long finger into the flowing fountain, crying out as a lightning fast quiver shot through her own body from between her legs. Andy was pure sensation, the violent quivering the only response she could muster. She was enraptured with the finger that was curving upwards inside her, touching that quarter inch of sensitivity over and over again. She convulsed again and again, drawing deep audible breaths but being unable to release them in her orgasmic pleasure. She finally let out a breathless cry as Cassidy pulled out her finger, only to plunge it in again accompanied with another.

Andy could feel the tears leaving her eyes and streaming down her temples, could feel the quivers inside herself as Cassidy was moving in and out of her, stroking that quarter inch of pleasure with each outward stroke. It was becoming unbearable, this pleasure, this orgasm that was building inside her to release in an incredible gush of ecstasy. She pulled at Cassidy’s hair, trembling all over, crying out throatily over and over again. "Oh… oh… oh… Cassidy!" She arched.

Cassidy’s fingers increased their relentless demand, until Andy began quivering inside in ecstasy. She stopped their movement and held them very still inside her, concentrating on the strong clenching and unclenching of the flesh around her fingers. Andy gave a prolonged husky cry in her ecstatic oblivion, her hips thrusting high upwards against Cassidy’s strong fingers inside her as she came over and over again. She was in a state of release for long minutes, coming again at the slightest movement of Cassidy’s fingers inside her. A long while later, she lay in quiet lassitude, struggling to catch her breath.

Cassidy lay with her head resting on her stomach, her fingers still cradled gently inside Andy. She was exhausted, and so was Andy, who lay with her legs open to her fingers, moving her hips languorously against them. She pulled at Cassidy’s shoulders, wanting her to cover her body with her own, needing her comfort. Cassidy complied, lying above her and whispering tender kisses on the skin of her face and neck; she felt Andy’s fingers trailing slowly along her long back, felt her legs wrap tightly around her waist. She trailed kisses all over her cheeks, over her closed eyelashes, over the smooth nose and then her velvety lips. Andy opened her mouth to her and Cassidy slipped her tongue inside, holding her head prisoner between her hands.

Not long passed before both women were once again in full state of arousal, and were making love with more intensity. Neither spoke one word to the other, their bodies speaking all the language there was to speak. They made love again and again that night, accompanied by the soft love song of the rain.


They lay asleep in the comfort of each other’s arms, their arms wrapped around each other’s warmed bodies. The comforter was wrapped around their naked bodies, Andy lay on her side facing away from Cassidy, with her head resting against Cassidy’s muscled arm. Her left arm cradling the arm, her hand stroking Cassidy’s, she could feel Cassidy’s nude body pressing up against hers from behind and molding to her.

In her ecstatic stupor, she felt Cassidy bring her right arm over her waist to pull her even closer. Cassidy nuzzled the back of her neck with her soft face, smelling the delicious scent of her perfume, and sighing audibly as she lost consciousness.


Andrea woke to find that she was alone in the comforter, the thick sheet had been pulled protectively over her shoulders. She remembered the night before and smiled to herself softly. There was a gloomy light in the cabin house, and she realized they’d slept the whole night. She heard a small sound, but closed her eyes again and drifted off. A loud rasping cough startled her out of her sleep, and she sat up and looked around.

Cassidy sat huddled below the window, back in her clothes and sneakers, which looked a bit soggy still. Her hair was still humid, and it was loose. She was sitting with her back leaning against the wall, her legs pulled up to her chest and her head buried into the arms cradled around her legs. She was trembling visibly, and violently, staring out at space. Groggily, Andrea stood up, unmindful of her nakedness, and approached her. She kneeled beside her, and touched her shoulder. Cassidy cowered away from her, moaning softly.

Andrea could see the skin in her arms was flushed, and instinctively knew Cassidy was sick. Cassidy’s body is probably aching. She thought to herself. She’d known Cassidy long enough to know that Cassidy was prone to get sick very easily, and that last night’s rain was very nasty and cold. "Cassidy," She whispered gently, to not scare her away. She needed to know just how sick Cassidy was. Cassidy didn’t respond. "Cassidy." She said, more forcefully.

Cassidy lifted her head slowly to gaze at her through a feverish haze. Her eyes were glassy and half-closed. She couldn't remember where they were, couldn’t really see that clearly. She was only aware of an intense searing ache in her body and a concentration of pain in her lungs. She could hardly breathe, short gasps providing only a bit of the oxygen she needed. There was a wet sound coming from her lungs with each breath she took. Her eyes were rolling behind her lids, and her head was lolling weakly.

Andrea became instantly alarmed, noticing the extreme paleness and pastiness of Cassidy’s face, the redness bright on her cheeks. She was sweating, a line of sweat formed on the area above her upper lip, her lids were drooping. Andrea jumped to her feet and ran towards the kitchen, taking a hold of her clothes and frantically slipping them on as she made her way back towards the living room. She had to take Cassidy to a doctor, Ashleigh preferably, before she got any worse.

Kneeling beside Cassidy, she whispered: "Cassidy, I have to take you to the doctor." She slipped her arm around Cassidy’s shoulder to go beneath her arm. Cassidy cried out and cowered. "Come on, Cassidy," Andrea said soothingly, groaning as she attempted to pull her to her feet. Cassidy was very heavy in her sick state. It took her a few long minutes, but soon, she was helping her out the door and onto the passenger seat of the sports car. She was aware of the wet metallic wheeze in Cassidy’s breathing and her worry grew. The rain had stopped, and in place was the gloomy light from the sun beneath the thick clouds. She slipped on the seat-belt and pushed the seat backwards in a reclining position.

She ran back into the cabin and grabbing the lone key and the comforter, she made her way back out, locking the door behind her and placing the key where they’d found it. She went around the car and jumped into the driver’s seat. In an instant, she’d started the car and was making her way out of the little forested road and into the highway.

Ashleigh was woken by the loud sound of her phone ringing beside her. She glanced at the time and frowned, letting her head flop down on her pillow. The truth was she felt like shit, and was extremely tired. She'd spent the whole night out, and then upon arriving home, had spent the rest of the night rolling in bed with a fellow doctor friend. Her companion for the night, a surgeon, had to leave at six in the morning, but not before claiming even more from Ashleigh, leaving her exhausted and not ready for any more. Ashleigh had only been sleeping for an hour and a half before the phone rang. "Let the machine pick up." She grumbled, getting comfortable for sleep again. Andrea’s urgent voice coming from the machine made her lift her head and stare at the machine.

"Ashleigh," Andrea was saying. "Listen, this is Andrea. I need you to pick up this call, please." She paused, breathing quickly in her urgency. "Cassidy is sick and I need you to see her, I’m taking her to the hospital at this minute-"

Ashleigh picked up. "Andrea," She said, fully awake now. "What’s wrong with Cassidy?" She demanded, already standing and reaching for her discarded jeans beside the bed.

Andrea sounded relieved to speak to her. "We got caught out in the rain last night, we weren’t able to go home, and got very wet. It was very cold," She said quickly, tears seemed to be coming forth. "I woke up and she was incoherent and feverish. Now she’s unconscious. I’m on her car phone."

Ashleigh was already dressed, and was slipping her bare feet into her loafers. "Okay," She said soothingly. "Take her to my hospital, I should be there in about ten minutes. How long do you think you’ll take?" She was on her way to her door, grabbing her keys.

Andrea seemed to be thinking. "About the same time." She finally said.

"Okay, see you there." She said breathlessly. "Emergency room." She clicked the phone off and tossed it to the couch, slamming the door behind herself. I didn’t even brush my teeth. She thought fleetingly, running her tongue over her teeth testily as she stormed down the stairs towards the garage.

"Pneumonia." She said to Andrea, pushing her short uncombed hair backwards with a steady hand. She held the stethoscope wound tightly in her other hand, and sat beside Andrea, who was sitting staring at the wall in front of her. It had been over three hours since she’d taken Cassidy into the emergency room. Andrea had arrived a little over two minutes after Ashleigh, whom by the time she got there, had already called with her cellular to make things ready for Cassidy’s arrival.

When they took Cassidy inside, asking Andrea to wait in the Visitors’ Area, Cassidy was not responding to anything. Ashleigh had managed to control her fever and placed her under watch and oxygen support. She presently placed a muscular arm around Andrea’s shoulders and squeezed gently. "She’ll be okay, thank God. She’ll be very delicate, of course; but she’ll get better quickly, you’ll see." She said softly, close to her ear. "You were smart by bringing her in, Andrea. She’ll be okay because of you."

Andrea didn’t seem to hear her voice, she closed her eyes and trembled. Steps coming quickly down the hall made her look up. Robie and Gretchen walked side by side, looking at her with looks of alarm. Ashleigh knew they’d dressed in haste, Robie was dressed in sweat clothes. Her hair was loose and fell in an unruly cascade over her shoulders. Gretchen was dressed in wrinkled windbreakers, a cellular in her hand pressed against her ear as she spoke. Ashleigh stood up and greeted them with shakes of their hands, surprised at their appearance. "Andy called me from the payphone," Robie said in explanation, shaking her hand. She glanced at the stoic Andrea and sat next to her, placing her arm over her shoulder and squeezing her. She looked up at Ashleigh, asking: "How is she?"

"I’ll call you with more information, George. Yes. I love you, honey." Gretchen hung up the cellular and looked at Ashleigh questioningly. Her keen eyes did not give up the opportunity to admire the handsome beauty of the older woman’s face. She’d slept with Ashleigh once, and it was one of the best sexual experiences she’d ever experienced. But after that experience, due to the fact that both women weren’t in love with each other, and Gretchen was still getting over her broken relationship with Cassidy, they decided to keep things civil.

Ashleigh drew a deep breath, remembering her good times with Gretchen also. "She’s better now." She said softly, reassuringly. "We have the inflammation under control, she’s breathing better."

Gretchen nodded briskly, wanting more information. "But is she conscious?" She demanded in her lawyerly way, sitting down on the other side of Andrea, covering her hand and squeezing it gently.

Ashleigh shook her head, looking down at her feet. "Not yet, she hasn’t woken at all." She answered truthfully. "But it's only been a couple of hours."

Andrea looked up at her with anxious eyes, tears filled them. "Cassidy," She whispered hoarsely.

Ashleigh kneeled in front of her, and touched her knee softly. "She’ll be okay, Andy." She said softly. "You know that she’s safe under my care. It didn’t get any worse because you thought of bringing her in, because you know how easily she gets sick. The fever is down now, and all we have to worry about is the inflammation of her lungs. With some good antibiotics, it’ll be fine in a couple of days."

Andrea closed her eyes, and nodded. "When can I see her?" She asked softly, grateful for their comfort.

Ashleigh sighed, thinking. "Give me a couple of more hours," She said tenderly, standing up to her full six foot height. "Maybe I can get her to wake up. You know?"

Andrea nodded, and laid her head on Robie’s shoulder.

After Ashleigh left them, Gretchen turned towards her and touched her unkempt hair. "What happened?" She asked softly.

Andrea sighed. "We were outside, enjoying ourselves so much." She said softly. "There were no warnings of rain, so imagine our surprise. We couldn’t drive like that," She drew a deep breath. "We spotted a little cabin close by and made our way towards it. We found our way inside," She paused, her eyes widened and her cheeks flushed. "And waited the rain out." She finished the last sentence so quickly and vehemently, that both women knew that she was hiding something, but didn’t press. They glanced at each other and raised their eyebrows. Something had happened in the cabin.

"Okay," Gretchen said softly, stroking her back comfortingly. She stood and pulled Andrea to her feet. Andrea stared at her questioningly. "Come on, you probably haven’t eaten a thing, you poor thing. Robie will stay here and we’ll go down to the cafeteria."

"I’m not hungry, Gretchen." Andrea said, not wanting to go far in case Cassidy needed her. She was disheveled and looked very tired. "What if Cassidy needs me…"

Gretchen smiled at her, and didn’t miss the expression in Robie’s face over Andrea’s shoulder. "Robie is right here, honey. She’ll call us if anything." She assured her gently, pulling her down towards the elevators, leaving no room for argument.

Andrea didn’t seem to have the strength left in her to fight any more. She went along with her and allowed Gretchen to choose her breakfast for her. At the table, she nibbled on the food, not really feeling up to eating. "Eat!" Gretchen ordered her firmly, and she began to take small sure bites. After she’d finished, she sat back and breathed softly, memories of the night of lovemaking she’d spent with Cassidy flooding her mind. Gretchen watched the playing emotions and expression on her face. "Tell me what really happened." She said encouragingly.

Andrea’s eyes snapped to hers, wide and scared. "The rain…" She began with a stutter.

Gretchen cut her off with a small gesture. "Tell me what happened in the cabin." She said.

Andrea breathed softly, looking down at the very white tabletop, remembering Cassidy’s lips on her body and feeling the desire flare up again. "We made love." She said so softly, Gretchen had to strain to hear her.

As I’d suspected. Gretchen thought with an inward smile. "Okay," She said slowly, reaching over and touching her hand softly. "And how do you feel?" She asked, knowing that Andrea needed to talk about it.

Andrea lifted her eyes to hers and shook her head. "I don’t know." She said in a low voice. "It was a feeling that I’d never experienced. My body never felt like that, I’d…" She found she was gasping with the memory of the desire she felt in Cassidy’s arms. "Never responded to another person in the way I responded to her." She found it so easy to talk to Gretchen; she didn’t know why, but she told her the whole story, beginning when they’d first danced that afternoon. "I felt so comfortable when she touched me, my pores were reaching out to her, and I had no room to talk. She paralyzed me with her mouth and body, I was…" She lost her words, and moved her lips to say more, but found she could not.

Gretchen smiled tenderly, knowing how well Cassidy could please someone, especially someone she loved as she loved Andrea. She’d begun her relationship with Cassidy with a one night stand, and afterwards couldn’t get her out of her mind, couldn’t get her body to stop reacting to the memory of the way her fingers had touched her body. So when she’d run into her again by chance, during another college party, she was ecstatic. She brought her mind to the matter at hand, Andrea. "I know you’re confused, especially since all this time you thought you were just Cassidy’s best friend." She said understandingly.

"Isn’t that what I was? I still am, aren’t I?" Andrea asked softly. "I mean, I never thought this would happen between us, I never thought about it." She realized the lie in that instantly, and remained stoically silent.

Gretchen could see her inner turmoil. "You didn’t want it to happen?" She inquired gently.

Andrea seemed to awaken again. "You don’t understand," She said softly. But Gretchen did understand. "I never wanted anything so much in my entire life, I’d-" She was intensely confused. "I don’t know." She said after a moment, and remained pensively quiet.

Gretchen smiled at her, and sat back on her chair. "You wouldn’t want it to happen again?" She asked softly.

Andrea sighed. "I would die of ecstasy again, like I did last night, if it meant for it to happen again." She said softly.

Robie was speaking to Ashleigh, inquiring about the probabilities of Cassidy’s health plummeting. Ashleigh explained to her that there was not a chance as long as Ashleigh lived, that she would give Cassidy every medicine she wasn’t allergic to if she had to. The truth was that she was worried out of her mind, and sent out for an emergency blood test to see the reason for Cassidy having caught pneumonia so quickly. The tests had come back already, and there was nothing wrong with her blood. She was perfectly fine, except for the pneumonia, of course. There were just some people that got sick quickly and very easily, and Cassidy was one of them. Ever since that first time that she had been hospitalized ten years before, her cells were weak.

She knew Cassidy tended to catch colds from the smallest drop of rain hitting her head, and was now satisfied to know that it wasn’t a deficiency in her immune system, in other words, HIV or AIDS itself. She knew she was perfectly safe, and so was Robie, about whom she’d inquired to Cassidy. "I sent out for emergency HIV and AIDS tests, she came out negative." She explained, shrugging. "So I trust her immune system to kick in with a little help."

Gretchen walked towards them with Andrea leaning against her, she had a protective arm around the small shoulders. "Anything new?" She asked them.

Ashleigh shook her head, glancing worriedly at Andrea. She went to her and looked closely at her. Andrea was staring at the floor, looking as if she might fall if Gretchen let her go. Ashleigh lifted her face with a gentle fingertip on her chin. "You okay?" She asked softly.

Andrea stared up at her, and nodded slowly. "Yes," She said. She seemed about to cry.

Ashleigh crooned, and pulled her into an embrace. "I told you she’s going to be okay." She whispered. "Didn’t I?"

Andrea seemed like a child in need of reassurance. She nodded against her shoulder. She pulled back, and seemed to strengthen as she took a deep breath. "I’d like to see her, whether she’s awake or not. I can’t take it." She said hoarsely.

Cassidy opened her eyes slowly, and as soon consciousness hit her completely, she felt the uncomfortable sensation of a finger-sized tube in her nostril. She gasped, feeling the tube inside her throat, and twitched, closing her eyes tightly against the light as she felt a smooth hand touch her bare arm softly. Now she remembered hearing a soft voice call to her from far away, or seemingly from far away, wake her slowly and tenderly.

"Cassidy," She thought she recognized the voice, and forced her eyes open again.

Andrea stood over with the most concerned look in her expression, her blue eyes teary and tender.

Cassidy couldn’t move her head, the tube was way too uncomfortable for free movement. "An-" She tried to speak, but felt too nauseous.

Andrea touched her face, and gazed down at her with an expression that was loving. "Cassidy, don’t speak, please." She said softly. She smiled softly down at her. "You just collapsed on me, Cassidy. I was very afraid, I had to bring you to the hospital." She paused, and her blue eyes gleamed with tears. "Turns out I did the right thing. You have pneumonia."

Cassidy closed her eyes against the tenderness in Andrea’s eyes, feeling the gentle press of her small hand brushing back her hair. She lifted her unrestrained hand to touch her uncomfortable nose, she felt her nostril was stretched to impossibility. "What-" She gagged again.

"Shhh," Andrea soothed her. "This thing is going down to one of your lungs, the one most affected." She smiled, embarrassed. "I asked Ashleigh all the questions that you’re wondering about now, Cassidy." She paused and kissed her forehead tenderly, her full lips pressing against the warm skin. "I trust her with you."

Cassidy closed her eyes softly, feeling a deep shiver run through her body despite the sickness. In seconds, she felt total exhaustion claim her slowly. Groggily, she whispered: "Andy…" And lost consciousness, her voice trailing off.


Continued in part IV

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