Part 10: A Change of Heart

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A few weeks passed with the two women trying to get back to where they were. The friendship part was very easy. In fact they had grown closer than ever before, but the sleeping arrangements at night were a bit more difficult. You’d figure it would be Alex with the problem but this time it was Michelle. That first night the smaller woman had walked to her own bed with Alex staring oddly at her. She questioned what she was doing over there but Michelle just said that she wanted to sleep over here.

Alex then walked over next to her roommate and said, "Okay but that’s really going to be a tight squeeze with the both of us on there." But staring down at the bed she shrugged her shoulders, "Ah what the hell. We’ve done it before." She figured Michelle was only doing this because she was trying to make it easier on her so she tried to ease the tension.

Michelle just stared at her for a minute and started laughing. "You are just too much," and walked herself back over to where she belonged.

But of course you know once you get over a bad experience and things are finally looking up, something always drops you on your ass when you least expect it. Alex had been practicing non stop because of the mandatory daily practices. Michelle came to watch a couple of times as well thinking she could get a few pointers. Which she was. She even learned how to keep score which was no small feat. But the real agenda was just to spend time with each other since bowling was taking up so much of Alex’s time. Practice just finished and Alex was packing up her stuff.

"It must suck that you’re the only left handed player on the team."

"Why would you say that? It can be quite the advantage."

"Well like say you’re bowling really badly but your teammate is bowling really good. You could just bowl where she’s bowling and you’d bowl good too."

Alex laughed at the logic in that. "Ah. You’d think that wouldn’t you. Okay lets say you move to where that person is bowling and so does the rest of your team. After all everyone wants to bowl good right?" Seeing the confirming nod that she was following, "Okay how long do you think that mark will last? With 5 bowling balls all rolling in the same place will surely cause the oil on the lane to dry up so much that your ball will be flying over missing the pocket causing you to have to change your mark all over again. Now if you were the only left handed person and you found a spot on the lane that works for you, it would last 5 times as long as all the right handed players who will be struggling after just one game. You see my point?"

"Hmm. Yeah I guess so. Never thought of that."

"Yeah so being a lefty in bowling is always a plus. But in life it sometimes sucks."

"Why? I always wanted to be able to write with my left hand."

"Ha. Its not as glamorous as you might think. The righties rule the world. Do you know the troubles of changing the time on a watch where the dial is on the other side? Or writing in a note book or binder where the spirals get in the way? Or even how hard it is to find a pen that works? Ball point pens my ass! They never work."

"There’s always ink pens."

"Yes there is. Have you seen me write before?"


"You ever noticed that my hand rests on the paper while I’m writing?"

"Well everyone does that."

"Yes but does yours smear your writing as you go? Nope. The ink is dry by the time you start the next line while my hand is touching it right after I write it. Only left handers have that problem."

"Well how about pencils. They don’t smear."

"Oh that's another thing. You wanna know how to distinguish a left handed person from the rest? Look at the side of their hands after writing with a pencil. Its all black!"

"Oh poor baby. But I think that's a small price to pay. I hear that most left handed people are very talented."

"Yeah I heard that too. Ever heard the saying, God made a few perfect people, all the rest are right handed?"

"Nope. But I did hear the one that left handed people are either very artistic...or they become mass murderers."

"What??? Geez never heard that one before. Hmm, maybe we shouldn’t be friends then."

"Why not?" <She couldn’t be having second thoughts now could she?>

"Because I can’t draw for shit!"

Michelle couldn’t control the laughing fit that caused. "Oh damn that was funny. At least being left handed is good for bowling. Maybe you could give me some tips on how to break a hundred."

"Yeah I could do that. It might be fun. I’ll turn you into a striking machine in no time at all."

"Ha! I bet I could keep up with you in 6 months."

"I don’t doubt it. Maybe even beat me a couple of times." Michelle was smiling full out from the compliment.

"You think so?"

"Of course. Wait, you did mean if I was bowling with my right hand right?"

Punching her friend in the arm. "Jerk. I’ll beat you. Just wait and see."

Pretending to be hurt, she rubbed the spot just punched. "Hey don’t harm the merchandise. That's what's keeping me in school."

"That’s true. It sure as hell isn’t your grades. I saw your last report card."

"Ouch. Low blow Michelle. Let’s see yours in a couple of months."

"I’m not worried." She got a raised eyebrow for that. "Can you really bowl with your right hand too?"

"I can keep it on the lane but that's about it. Are you serious about learning?"

"Of course! We can start whenever you’re ready."

"In that case, let the lessons begin." As an after thought she turned to look at her friend.

"You’re a straight A student aren’t you."

Just as they were leaving the confines of the bowling alley, the shorter woman answered, "Yup." while holding the door for the other woman.

"Brat." Alex mumbled as they headed back to the dorms.


Walking up the stairs to their floor, "Timing Michelle. Its all about timing. Once you get that you’re all set."

Smirking, "Hmm. I think I’ve heard that before. I always thought timing was very important."

"Yes its a big part of..." Alex stopped just as she cleared the door of their building. Michelle who was waiting to go in, "Move it you big lug. Don’t tell me you forgot where are room is again." She waited for the laugh that should have followed but she heard another voice. One she didn’t recognize.

"Why hello Alexandra." Michelle who was still stuck outside, noticed that her friend wasn’t planning on moving anytime soon so she squeezed herself through what little space there was to get in. Upon entering the room she saw a very beautiful woman sprawled on the sofa. She had long fiery red hair cascading across the pillow she was using. It was almost like looking at a playboy centerfold the way she was spread out, except for the clothes part. But what grabbed her attention the most were her deep gray eyes because they looked so cold. "Not even a hello for an old friend? I’m so hurt." A little pout formed on her face that couldn’t help but look sexy. Those smoky eyes turned Michelle’s way. "Who’s your little friend?"

Alex had pretty much turned to stone. Nothing was getting in or out from what Michelle could tell. Taking a step forward, "I’m Michelle. And you are?"

"Michelle." Tasting the name for the first time, "Beautiful. Fits you perfectly. I’m Katherine." She held out her hand in greeting but Michelle made the connection as a disgusted look came over her face. "Ah I see you already know who I am. I‘m flattered."

"That‘s right. You’re the superficial bitch from high school." Pretending to think a minute, "Oh wait. Silly me, that's what I called you."

The smirk on the irritating blondes face was a little more then Kat could take as a shadow barely passed across her beautiful features. "Oh really now. We did alot more then just go to high school but I’m sure you know all about that right blondie?" Getting up from her sprawled position, "I’ve seen you before. You were at Traci’s party the other week right?"

"Yes I was. I didn‘t see you there." Everyone who ever went to one of Tracy’s parties had to be gay oriented.

A smile, "Ha I knew it. I guess the rumors are true." Looking back to the frozen Alex, "Never thought I’d see the day you’d come back for more." Chuckling that evil laugh that Alex knew so well made a shudder run through her body but still could not move an inch. "And here I thought I had ruined you for all women. Guess I didn’t do as good a job as I thought. Maybe you need a refresher course eh Alex?"

Michelle stepped protectively in front of her friend, "You keep your filthy hands off of her. You hear me?"

Unfazed by the threat, "Did you know that I was her first? Everything she does with you, I taught her to do."

"Well in that case I think it’s my responsibility to tell you your education must be lacking because there was a hell of alot she didn’t know. I figured her first was a man it was so bad!"

Trying not to show the rage coursing through her, "Does she still whimper when you kiss her long and hard?" Adding in a conspriatal tone, "That's how you know you’re doing it right."

"Oh much more. But you won’t ever know."

Walking over to where Michelle was protecting her friend, "Oh we’ll see." They were nose to nose by this point each trying to stare the other down. Michelle noticed that she was maybe only an inch shorter then Alex’s tall frame but she didn’t back down. Kat finally gave in with a condescending smile, "I’ve really got to get going though. Its been a pleasure Michelle." Stopping right before she passed Alex, she trailed her finger along the frozen woman’s jaw causing a shiver to race through her. "Ah warming up already. I’ll come back when the old ball and chain‘s not around, kay?" and sauntered out of the room. Michelle didn’t take her eyes off the other woman until she left. Finally she turned her attention to her friend who was breathing a little erratically.

"Alex...Alex!" she shouted. Still nothing. Grabbing her friend by the arm she pulled her into the kitchen. She filled a cup to the brim with water and with just a little bit of humor, she really was worried but could not do it with a straight face, threw the entire contents right into Alex’s face. That got the taller woman's attention.

Sputtering her way through some profanities while vainly trying to clear her vision she noticed the smirking blonde looking just a little too pleased with herself. "What’d you do that for?"

Seeing the slightly angry look pass her way she started backing up futilely trying to wipe the smile from her face. "Now calm down. I had to get you to come back to your senses right? I was worried. What was I suppose to do?"

"You could have pinched me or shoved me or even a punch to the stomach would have been less messy."

"You know I'm not into violence."

"Well did you have to use the entire cup of water?"

"Yup. Sorry I wanted to make sure I used enough." Finally getting serious, "Are you alright? You really did scare me for a minute there."

As Alex calmed down she reached for the paper towel on the counter. "Yes, yes I'm fine." She wiped up the water that didn’t soak into her clothes from the floor, "Geez, can’t believe I froze like that." Taking another paper towel to wipe her face, "Thanks... I think." Looking down at her soaking shirt, "Oh, on my uniform too," she frowned.

"Its only water Alex." She scratched her nose to hide the smile that was trying to get out. "So um you're not mad are you?"

"For what?"

"For implying that we were together?"

Alex straightened up to stare at her friend. "You did that? I didn’t even realize you...well I was really out of it. I barely remember anything."

"Oh. Well I just thought that would ruffle her feathers a little bit. Is that okay?"

Alex thought for a second but shrugged her shoulders. "I guess so. No harm done right? Besides I don’t care what she thinks."

<Now I just have to convince her she shouldn‘t care what anyone else thinks> Michelle thought as they headed back to their room.


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