The New Dawn…

This is the sequel to The Reunion It would be wise to read that first.

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With the rain pouring down, the cab came to a screeching halt outside a modern twelve story apartment building. Jamie dug her wallet out of her pocket, her eyes slightly on the meter as she pulled out two fives and handed it to the middle age Indian man. "Keep the change, pal." She opened the door.

"Thanks lady..." The man beamed as she hastily made her way through the rain to the entrance.

The doors opened automatically as she ran a hand through her slightly drenched black hair. She smiled at the reception security. "Good evening, Miss Singer."

"Hey Roger, she there?"

"Yes ma'am, she is expecting you." He smiled when she reached the elevator, pressing the button twice. Tapping her foot she looked up at the small number screen before she heard the loud ping. Then the doors opened and she stepped into the empty elevator pressing eight, twice. Resigning to the corner of the small space, her eyes glued to the small number screen, her feet continued to tap to the annoying rhythm of the elevator music. Before the elevator fully pried open, Jamie burst through, the wet soles of her shoes squeaking with every hasten step on the tiles. Reaching the door at the end of the hallway, she turned the handle, knowing the door would already be open. "Honey, I'm home." She yelled from the entrance, yanking off her shoes and putting her coat on the rack.

"You're late." Was yelled back by an older mature voice.

"I know, I'm sorry grandma..." Jamie walked up behind the old lady stirring a pot on the stove, pecking her cheek.

The old woman gasped. "Jamie-Lyn Singer! You are soaking wet!"

Jamie cringed at sound of her full name. "I got caught in the rain."

"I'll get you a towel..." Laurel Singer shook her head glaring at her granddaughter.

"I can get it."

"Sit!" She pointed to one of the wooden chairs around the kitchen counter. Without another word the raven haired woman plopped down as her grandmother left the room. Slightly dripping on the floor she grimaced. Then she squeezed her eyes tight when she felt the rough towel rub furiously on her head. "You could catch a cold!" The graying woman chastised.

"Yeah, well, it would be better than brain damage..." Jamie mumbled under her breath.

Then the towel suddenly disappeared from her view replaced by a spitting image of herself maybe forty years in the future. "What was that?"

Jamie smiled sheepishly, her hair in a state of disarray. "Nothin..."

The older woman shook her head with a grin."I thought so..." She went back to the beef stew, stirring. "So where is Parker?"

"Tonight's parent- teacher night so she will be late." Jamie smiled the usual smile she always had when Parker was on her mind.

"Oh and how is she finding teaching at Art Academy?"

"To be honest she absolutely loves it... I find myself fighting for her attention with puberty stricken horny teenagers." Jamie scowled.

Laurel laughed. "She adores you, you know that."

"I guess that helps." Jamie grinned like a fool. Laurel simply smiled as she dished two generous helpings of her stew. She set them down on the table, taking a seat in front of her granddaughter.

"So how was your meeting tonight?" Laurel took a spoonful of the hot meal.

Jamie was slurping up the stew like there was no tomorrow. She absolutely loved her grandmothers cooking. "Um, well it went okay. A new guy joined the group. He seems okay, has a wife and three kids." She dug into her back pocket and pulled out a fridge magnet. "There…" She laid it on the table. "My sponsor gave this to me. It's been four hundred days."

Laurel grinned. "I'm so proud of you, I'll put it on the fridge with the others."

Jamie frowned. "It's not something to be proud of. I wouldn't be in those AA meetings if I didn't have a problem."

Laurel shook her head. "No hon, you wouldn't be in those meetings if you didn't want a better life for you and Parker. And that is something to be proud of." Jamie couldn't meet her eyes. Laurel sighed, her granddaughter was always too hard on herself. "Even if you don't see it now, you will one day." She placed her hand under Jamie's chin, so that blue mirrored blue. She smiled. "Until then, I'll be proud of you, okay." Jamie smiled weakly when her grandmother pecked her forehead.

"Is there cake?" Jamie asked after a moment.

Laurel grinned and shook her head. "Naturally, I'll cut you a piece."

"A huge one." Jamie added.

"Why not eat the whole cake then." She considered her well built granddaughter wondering where she put it all.

Jamie shook her head and smirked. "No, I don't want all of it. Just most of it."

Laurel rolled her eyes but smiled. "Wise ass." She cut two pieces of cake, wrapping up the second one in foil. She set the plate in front of Jamie, who wasted no time sinking her fork into it. She left the other one on the table. "This piece is for Parker."

Jamie eyed both the pieces. "Hey, how come she gets a bigger piece?" She whined.

Laurel looked at her grown granddaughter, who now resembled a four year old with a heavy pout. "Because soon she will be eating for two." Jamie's fork stopped midway to her mouth, she just nodded and then placed the portion into her mouth, her chewing slower. Laurel noticed the sudden change with a raised brow. "How did the invitro go?"

"The doctor said we should find out in a couple of days if it is successful or not." Jamie kept her voice even.

"That's great."

Jamie nodded. "Uh-huh."

"So then what's the problem?"

"Why do you assume there is a problem?" Jamie stared up at her grandmother's heated gaze.

"Because Jamie-Lyn, you are terrible at keeping things from me." When Jamie sighed, she continued. "It's a big step Jamie-Lyn, its okay to be afraid."

"I'm not afraid." Jamie scoffed.

Laurel smiled. "Aren't you?"

"No, this is what Hale wants. I want it too. I love kids." Jamie said genuinely.


Jamie glared at her grandmother. "But what?"

"You are scared honey, why? You are great with kids." Laurel covered Jamie's hand with her own.

Jamie stared at their hands and then nodded. "I'm great with other people's kids, grandma." She lifted her eyes getting caught in Laurel's sympathetic gaze. "But this would be mine. Mine… What if I screw up? It's not like I can hand them back, when I'm done playing with them."

"I certainly hope not." Laurel considered, thoroughly amused.

"Grandma, this is not a joke!" Jamie growled banging her head on the table in defeat.

"Honey, you worry too much, you and Parker will be fine parents." Laurel ran a hand through Jamie's thick raven locks.

"What if I turn out like him?" Jamie whispered.

Laurel stared at her granddaughter incredulously. So that was the real reason behind her fears. The older woman thought about her son, the cold hearted man he had become. Just like his father she thought in despair. Her late husband had been a respected man, who had built an empire through his own sweat. He had groomed his son into a carbon copy of himself in his ruthlessness. She only stood back to watch in regret, finding some kind of redemption in her granddaughter. She had moved into her son's home to take care of her granddaughter when Jamie's mother had passed away. "Jamie-Lyn look at me." Jamie lifted her gaze as her grandmother had asked. "You are nothing like him."

"But he wasn't always like that…" Jamie said recalling the brief enjoyable moments she had with her father in her childhood.

"I know honey, I know. But I also know, you are twice the person he will ever be. He is my son, and I love him but he was a bastard the day he chose his company over you."

Jamie let out a small smile at that. "I was thinking about selling my 30% shares." She looked at her half eaten cake, twisting her fork in it.

"Jamie-Lyn you can't!" Her grandmother exasperated. "It's every right your company as your fathers. You're grandfather might have been a bastard as well but leaving his shares to you is the one thing he did right. You may not work there but you do prosper in its wealth."

"I suppose." She sighed. It was just hard knowing her father always had one up on her. "Working with Mile's is great too, even though I don't get as much freedom as I did at Singer Enterprises." Jamie smiled almost ruefully.

"It will get better baby, it will." Laurel smiled and then turned their conversation onto a lighter topic. "Ready for the beach trip tomorrow?"

Jamie grinned. "Oh yeah, it will be great. Faye and Roxy are going to meet us there. I'm still unsure about Terry and Alex though. Are you sure you don't want to come?"

"I'm sure…" Laurel smiled. "Plus what would an old-timer such as myself do with all you young people." She waved.

"I heard there are some sailors down there looking for a good time." Jamie said with her tongue tucked in her cheek.

"Jamie-Lyn!" The old woman blushed.

"What?" She shrugged.

Then Laurel pursed her lips. "The last time I was with a sailor, we managed to sink his tugboat. I don't think I would want to repeat that incident."

Jamie's jaw almost hit the table. "I don't think I needed to know that." She shuddered.

Laurel laughed at the mortified look on her granddaughter's face. "You started."

"Yeah, advise me against that next time." Jamie grimaced. "I should go, Parker should be home."

Laurel walked her granddaughter to the door. "Give Parker my love, dear."

Jamie smiled and then kissed her cheek. "I will." She left…

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Jamie arrived at the house she and Parker had purchased a few months ago. Wiping her muddy shoes on the welcome mat, she opened the front door to see Pudgy wagging his tail furiously in excitement. Jamie grinned at the warm welcome, bending down to greet the chubby dog. "Hey boy, hey baby…" She scratched his ears getting a few licks in appreciation. "Has mommy been feeding you on the sly again?" She asked, thinking their puppy was getting a bit chubbier. He let out a whine in response. "She has, has she?" Jamie said as she stood up. "Well, we are just going to have to have another chat about it."

She climbed up the stairs with Pudgy waddling behind her. As she was about to enter the main bedroom, she saw Parker standing in front of the tall mirror. She leaned against the doorway watching as Parker gazed into it with a wistful look in her eyes, her hands resting on her flat stomach protruding it a little. She smiled softly and walked up behind the brunette, her hand sliding around Parker's waist, pulling the brunette into her. Parker leaned back as Jamie nuzzled into her hair. "Soon baby, soon." Jamie whispered into her ear.

Parker simply smiled. "I know, I just can't wait to get pregnant." She let out a half laugh. "Is it weird that I can't wait to get fat?"

Jamie stared at their reflection in the mirror. She smirked. "Totally."

Parker laughed and playfully swatted Jamie on the wrist. "Jamie…"

"Hale?" Jamie answered in a humoring tone.

Parker turned around in Jamie's embrace, her arms wrapped around her neck. "How was the meeting?"

"It went well, how was yours?"

Parker laughed. "You think the students are weird, and then you meet their parents." Jamie smirked when Parker continued. "I don't know which are weirder. How is Laurel?"

"She is great, she sends her love." Jamie whispered stealing a kiss.

"I was supposed to call her, I'll do it tomorrow before we leave."

"She will love that." Jamie said as she pulled Parker more into her. "Are you all packed?"

"Yup." Parker nodded. Jamie just glared at her. "What? I swear I am! I even checked it twice."

"Toothbrush?" The raven haired woman arched a brow.

Parker cringed. "I was going to pack that tomorrow morning."

Jamie shook her head smugly, Parker never failing to forget something. "Sure you were."

"Shut up." Parker smirked leaning in when the puppy whined. She stopped and they both stared at Pudgy who rolled over on his back, wanting some attention too, his tail wiggling.

They both grinned. "Have you been feeding him table scraps again?" Jamie asked.

"What?" Parker tried to look innocent. "No, I have not."

"That's not what he says?" Jamie's brows drew.

Parker looked down at Pudgy, who wiggled his tail faster when he saw he had her attention. "I can't believe you sold me out." She glared at him. "Well, that's the last time I feel sorry for you, pal." Pudgy let out a small bark, his ears rose. Parker melted to the floor, rubbing his stomach. "Aww…"

Jamie simply shook her head. "Ey, what am I gonna do with the two of you?" Then suddenly Pudgy took off as fast as he could with his stumpy little legs when he heard the neighbor's dog barking. Parker sighed as she stood up, dusting off her slacks. Jamie grinned. "Looks like you being replaced by the sexy poodle next door."

"Don't remind me…" The brunette sighed and then ran a hand through Jamie's hair. "You hungry, baby?"

"No, I ate, you?" She said as she pulled Parker back into her.

"I caught something at the cafeteria." Parker drew Jamie's lips down to hers. "You forgot to say hello."

Jamie chuckled against the supple lips. "Hello…" She whispered, kissing Parker deeper, her arms running up the brunette's spine.

"Hello back…" Parker lips curved when her hands got lost in the thick luscious hair. "You hungry?"

"I already said I ate." Jamie managed to say between kisses.

Parker pulled back staring into penetrating blue eyes, her brow arched. "That's not what I meant…"

A smirk crept onto the raven haired woman's face. "In that case, I'm starved…" She said before she crushed her lips against Parker's both of them falling back against the bed…

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

A Jeep pulled up with a slight squeal as sand rustled against its tires. As soon as the ignition was switched off, two beautiful women jumped out of the vehicle. Jamie stretched her arms into the air letting out a yawn, her tank rising a little over her stomach. She looked over her shoulder to see Parker pulling their bags out of the back, letting Pudgy out. The small puppy abandoning them to go chase a small congregation of seagulls. Jamie stepped up to Parker who was dressed in a sarong and a cotton top. "I'll get that, you can go check the house." She handed Parker the keys.

"Kay…" Parker walked up the stairs leading to the deck of the double story beach house. Stuffing the key inside, she unlocked the glass door, sliding it open. "It's good to be back." She smiled at the beautiful interior house.

"You can say that again." Jamie said as she dropped the bags onto the wooden deck. She looked over at the gentle surf breathing in the fresh air. "What time did Faye say they were going to be here?" Jamie asked as she went over to the fridge opening it to check if the staff had it filled. She pulled out a coke.

Parker checked her watch. "Hmmm… She said about six." Parker said as she flopped down on the sofa, closing her eyes. "Babe, bring Pudgy in before he gets eaten by those seagulls."

Jamie looked out at their puppy that was running and barking insanely at the birds. "Let him lose the weight you put on him, first?" She grinned.

"Jamie…" Parker said not impressed.

"Fine." Jamie walked to the door sipping her coke. Then placing two fingers in her mouth she let out a screeching whistle, getting Pudgy's attention. The little puppy raced up the deck panting heavily when he reached Jamie's feet. "C'mon boy, mommy says playtime's over." She put his water bowl down which he just dove into. She walked over to their bags glancing over at Parker who had fallen asleep. She smiled as she heaved their bags up the stairs to their room, Pudgy on her trail. Dumping their bags on the bed, she walked over to the window, sliding it open, fresh air gushing in. Her eyes scanning the beach, watching as the lifeguard was striking out with the hot woman in the blue bikini. A few kids building sand castles. An old couple walking hand in hand with the surf covering their feet. She smiled until her eyes wandered over to a young family. A mom and dad playing ball with their little waddling child. She watched as the dad caught the kid and carried him on his shoulders, the woman leaning into them. They seemed so happy, giggling away. What if she couldn't give that to Parker?

Jamie was brought out of her solemn thoughts when the sound of a horn caught her attention. She raced down the stairs to see Pudgy barking at the glass door. She grinned when she caught a glance at the red locks escaping a woman's ball cap. Faye dropped the bag straps when she saw Jamie. She dashed up to the raven haired woman, crushing her in a hug. "Jamie!"

Jamie chuckled through the strain. "Hey Faye… Do you mind, I don't know, letting me breathe for a moment."

Faye Lacey leaned back looking her best friend over who she hadn't seen in almost six months. "God, you're looking good, Singer."

"Right back attcha, Lacey."

"Um, I don't mean to ruin this reunion moment but if you two aren't going to help me carry these bags, at least move out of the way so I can get through. It's kind of heavy." Roxy stood behind them with a whole load of bags, grinning.

Both girls smiled sheepishly at the blonde. "Sorry." They said in unison as they both grabbed a bag each.

Jamie took Roxy in a one -armed hug. "Hi Roxy."

Roxy smiled. "Hi Jamie, where is Parker?"

"Present." Parker shouted from the couch, her hair slightly tousled from her power nap. "Hey guys." She ran a hand through her brunette hair in trying to straighten it out.

Faye leaned down in front of Pudgy, petting the puppy. "Oh you got a doggie, he is so adorable. What is his name?" Roxy also dropped down, scratching the puppy that was in a delirium over the spans of attention he was receiving.

Parker walked towards them. "Pudgy."

Both Faye and Roxy giggled. "He looks like a Pudgy." The blonde smiled and Faye nodded.

Parker grinned. "You guys hungry?"

Faye shot up. "I'm starved."

"Something's never change." Jamie smirked.

Faye shot her a sly glance. "Well, you know what I always say."

"What?" Jamie asked knowing she really shouldn't.

"Why change perfection." She winked earning her three eye rolls.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

After a few hours of preparing dinner and eating it, the four women decided to continue their catching up on the deck under the stars. Faye still slurping on her drink, wondered up behind Jamie. Jamie slid the door open when she jumped and screamed as she felt an ice-cube trail down her back. Then she turned a heated gaze on Faye who was already in a dash along the beach. "Oh you are so dead, Lacey!" She sprinted towards the redhead.

"Like you could catch me, lard ass!"

"Fuck you! My ass is not fat." Jamie slightly glanced at her rear as she picked up the pace.

"Then I think you need to check if your mirror's working." Faye giggled and shouted over her shoulder.

Parker just shook her head in amusement as she stepped onto the deck. "I swear when you put those two together, it's like having a pair of twelve year old boys. Not even girls."

Roxy laughed watching the two girls run like mad. "Yeah well, lesbian best friends. If they not kicking each other's asses, they kissing it."

Parker chuckled at the reality of that. "I suppose that's true."

"So how did you get into the dynamic?" Roxy asked sipping on her ice tea.

"We all went to the same High school. But I joined late."

"Must have been fun…" The blonde cringed when she saw Faye tackled from behind with a scream.

"Oh yeah, when we weren't getting in trouble."Parker grinned glancing over at the two who replaced fighting with laughter and giggles. "Come to think of it, never mind, we were always in trouble."

"So did those two ever…" The blonde trailed off watching as Jamie was giving Faye a piggy back ride back to the house.

Parker threw her head back in laughter, almost choking on her own drink. "Who Faye and Jamie? That would have been hilarious!"

Jamie and Faye were in their own bouts of laughter when the raven haired woman stepped back onto the deck. "What are you two ladies laughing at?" Jamie asked with a mile long grin.

"Oh, we were just thinking about how you and Faye would have murdered each other in less than a day, if you two had to date." Parker couldn't contain her laughter.

Jamie straightened, let go, Faye falling flat on her butt. "Ow!" The redhead moaned.

"Firstly um, ewe! No offense, Faye." Jamie sat on the one seater pulling Parker to sit on her lap.

"Offended!"The redhead huffed as she picked herself of the floor, rubbing her butt. Then she sat next to Roxy leaning into her, tapping her finger on her bottom lip. "But she's right, we are both like sisters… I mean remember that time we made out?" Faye shuddered at the thought.

Jamie's eyes widened. "What! We never make out…"

"Sure we did, remember Jonny Rafter's birthday party, eighth grade…"

"Jonny Rafter, Jonny Rafter, You don't mean the kid that looked like he had a bowl on his head."

"Yes that guy!" The redhead nodded briskly. "Remember how boring that party was."

"Oh yeah, what self respecting eighth grader has a clown at their party." Jamie rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, so anyway Jamie and I ditched and snuck into the Rafter's pool house."

"Oh right, that was our first alcohol experience. Whoa my head hurts now thinking about that morning after…"

"Anyway, there was so much alcohol, we were young and naïve, trying out everything at once. Then we were giggling like fools and then making out." Faye continued with a nod.

"I remember the drinking, but not the making out." Jamie frowned.

"That's okay, it's not worth remembering. You're a really bad kisser." Faye waved her off.

"Hey! I'll have you know I have gotten much better since then." Jamie piped up.

"Yeah, sure you have champ… I mean seriously Parker, I'm surprised you are still with this one. It must be love. It certainly can't be because of her kissing skills."

"I have to be honest Faye, Jamie's the best kisser I have ever came across." Parker smiled fondly.

"Thank you baby." Jamie kissed her triumphantly on the cheek.

"That's only because you haven't kissed me." Faye smirked and winked. Roxy just shook her head at her girlfriend's antics.

The blonde rose and pulled Faye with her. "C'mon you… Bed time, before you instigate more trouble."

"I don't instigate trouble." The redhead stared at her incredulously.

"Uh-huh. Bedtime, now." Roxy crossed her arms tapping her foot on the wooden surface.

"Fine…" Faye sulked and then flipped Jamie off when a tongue was stuck out at her in taunting. "But it's still so early." She muttered under her breath, dragging her feet towards their room.

Roxy smiled shaking her head. "Goodnight ladies, see you in the morning…"

"Goodnight." Jamie and Parker said in unison, smiling and watching as Roxy caught up to Faye, linking their fingers. Faye smiled at her girl before they both disappeared into their rooms.

"I like her."

"Roxy?" Parker asked and turned in Jamie's embrace slightly. Jamie just nodded against the brunette's neck. "Yeah, she seems really good for Faye." Parker agreed.

"Mmm, hmm." Jamie smiled softly.

Parker nudged her partner with an elbow in the ribs. "But be honest, you only like her because she has Faye whipped."

Jamie slanted back and chuckled. "Oh yeah. It's so fun to watch. I never thought I'd live to see the day."

"Yeah… I guess it's just a matter of finding that right person." Parker pressed her soft lips into Jamie's temple.

Jamie sighed wistfully. "Yeah… I wonder when I'm going to find mine…" She tucked a tongue in her cheek as Parker swatted her arm. "Ow!" Jamie let out a snicker.

"You want to go to bed too?" Parker glared at her partner. Jamie swallowed, shaking her head a little too vigorously like a child being reprimanded. Parker chuckled at that. "Good, then behave." She placed a lingering kiss on Jamie's lips.

"Want to take a walk on the beach?" Jamie asked against the brunette's lips, nipping a little.

"That would be nice…" She stood up holding out her hand. Jamie took the hand and let herself be pulled up. Interlacing their fingers, they stepped off the wooden deck, their bare feet sinking a little into the sand. "Jamie?"

"Mmm?" Jamie let out as she watched the darkened water gently caress the beach.

"You know, I love you, right?"

"You might have mentioned it a couple of times, why?" Jamie smirked as she turned darkened blue eyes on her lover. Parker's hair was a little windblown, her lips slightly quirked and those hazel eyes glowing. Simply beautiful…

"Just… I mean, would you have thought we would have ended up here over a year ago?" Parker broke away, staring at the water, her heart at peace just like the gentle surf.

Jamie strolled up behind the brunette resting her chin on Parker's shoulder. "No…" She murmured, wounding her arms around the brunette's waist. "But I hoped…"

Parker smiled softly. "Me too…" She stared at the hands resting on her stomach. "Hopefully soon it will be the three of us, well four, if you include Pudgy." Parker grinned but she felt Jamie stiffen a little. She turned around in Jamie's arms, searching those mystical blue eyes which were laced with slight apprehension. She cupped Jamie's cheek. "You want this, right?"

Jamie looked into Parker's warm hazel eyes, perceiving the wanting and need. "More than anything…" She murmured before she pressed her lips against Parker's in a heated reassuring kiss. It wasn't a lie, she did want it more than anything she had ever wanted in her life. But what if she wasn't capable of giving Parker what she needed. She already screwed up once before. Pulling back she leaned her forehead against the brunette's. "We should get back…" Parker simply nodded as she took Jamie's hand and they made their way back to the beach house…

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

The crisp air shifted the thin material of the lace curtain, traveling towards the lone figure sprawled across the king sized bed. Jamie shifted a little, grabbing a handful of the sheets, draping it across her naked form. Instinctively she reached an arm over in search of Parker's body but her hand simply sank into more ruffled up sheets. With her eyebrows knitted, blue eyes slowly opened to the daylight. Blinking twice, she sat up, realizing she was alone in the beach house master bedroom. She gently released the breath she was holding in, calming her heart rate down. Ever since Parker had left her over a year ago, she always had this fear of waking up without the brunette next to her. It was something she would have to get over like her alcoholism. Though she found the alcoholism a much easier task. Flinging the sheets off the bed, she went in search of her clothes. Managing to find her shorts and her tank, she dressed, walking down the stairs. From the kitchen she could hear two hushed voices.

"Faye, stop it." The blonde giggled, playfully slapping at the redhead's wrist.

"Stop what?" Faye whispered up behind Roxy as her the tip of her moist tongue caressed the back of the blonde's ear. Her hand journeying back around to the blonde's toned naked stomach, her fingers spread out trailing its way leisurely up to Roxy's bikini top.

"I'm going to burn the breakfast." Roxy said in a breathy voice, the sensation of Faye's long fingers massaging her bare skin, igniting tiny little fires in the pit of her stomach. She managed to flip the bacon.

"That's okay, I'm more a brunch person anyway." The redhead said eliciting a giggle from the blonde. Faye nuzzled into the crook of Roxy's neck, as her fingers slightly brushed the underside of the blonde's firm breasts. Roxy threw her head back in a gasp when palms covered her breast completely, the thin material of the top not proving to be enough of a barrier.

"Wow, breakfast and a show…" Jamie cleared her throat as she leaned against the doorframe of the kitchen watching the display shamelessly.

The two lovers sprang apart lightening quick, a crimson colour tingeing both their faces. "God, Jamie can't you knock!" Faye huffed.

"It's the kitchen…" Jamie raised a brow, amused. "Didn't think I had to."

"Pervert…" Faye chastised as Roxy removed the pan off the stove, unable to meet Jamie's eyes.

Jamie lifted her hands. "Hey, I wasn't the one at second base like two seconds ago." She said all too smugly, then realizing then blonde was still a little embarrassed. "Um, have you guys seen Hale?" She asked trying to ease the awkwardness.

"She went to the bathroom." Roxy responded her eyes still unable to meet the raven haired woman's gaze.

"Thanks…" Jamie smiled. "Hey, Roxy don't feel so embarrassed, I've caught her in that position in the kitchen with dozens of girls." She shrugged as she left in search of Parker.

"Well, not dozens of girls." Faye laughed awkwardly at the blonde's narrowed glare, inwardly cursing her best friend.

Jamie chuckled softly all the way to the bathroom down the narrow hall. Before she could reach it, the brunette stepped out, a warm smile on her face. "Hey beautiful, what's so funny?"

"Caught the redhead red-handed in the kitchen." Jamie grinned as her hands possessed the brunette's hips, bringing her closer, needing the contact.

"Again?" Parker shook her head in understanding, as her arms instinctively wrapped around the raven haired woman's neck. "Poor Roxy, she must have been so embarrassed."

"Was…" Jamie leaned in kissing Parker softly on the lips. "I imagine it is now a red danger zone."

"What do you mean?"

"Well…" Jamie drawled. "I may have mentioned the again part." She smiled sheepishly before lowering her mouth to the brunette's neck.

"What am I going to do with you?" Parker rolled her eyes but laughed softly.

"I can think of a few things…" Parker felt Jamie's lips curl against the nape of her neck. Her hands gripping thick raven hair when Jamie sucked on her pulse point. The brunette dragged Jamie's mouth back to hers. Deep into the kiss, they heard a truck pull into the yard, with a squeak of the breaks.

Parker pulled out, her chest heaving, a smile on her face as she leaned her forehead against Jamie's. She tenderly pecked her nose. "Rain check. That must be Terry." Jamie nodded, her eyes still closed, her breathing uneven.

Parker broke the contact sliding the glass door open, seeing a five year old boy running her way. "Aunt Parker!" The boy jumped into her arms.

Parker giggled lifting the curly brunette boy up cradling him on her hip. "Hey Tyler, how's my favorite nephew?" She placed dozens of kisses on his face as he giggled squirming in her grasp.

Jamie couldn't help but smile at the display as she leaned her weight on the banister. Tyler's tiny hand gripped Parker's cheeks as he leaned away from her. "I'm your only nephew." It was their standing joke.

Parker chuckled at how smart this little boy was for his age. "I must have forgotten again. Anyway how did you get here? Did you get your driver's license already?"

The little boy erupted into a fit of giggles. "No… Mommy and daddy brought me." He pointed through the door towards her sister who was piling their bags in Alex's scrawny arms.

"Alex, hurry up…" The older Hale sister told her husband as she picked up her handbag and strolled towards the house.

"Aren't you going to help me?" He tried to catch a glimpse of her through the crevice between the bags.

"I am…" Terry held out her tiny Louis Vuitton as she stepped onto the deck. "Parker!"

Parker smiled and put Ty down before she was engulfed into an enormous hug. "Hi Terry… How was your trip over?"

Terry pulled back, a scowl on her face. "Oh it was just dreadful, I forgot my sun block." Alex managed to squeeze through the door as the baggage fell out of his hands with a big thud. "Oh Alex dear, put that in our bedroom. Where is the master bedroom?"

Jamie crossed her arms over her chest. "It's upstairs, the last door on the left." She spoke up. "But your bedroom, is the last door on the right." A lazy smirk travelled onto her face.

Terry turned towards the raven haired woman, she wrinkled her nose. "Jamie…"

"Terry…" Jamie nodded in greeting. Their feelings towards each other were no secret. But Jamie promised to behave for Parker's sake.

"Aunt Jamie!" The little boy ran into her hugging her leg.

She looked down, a grin on her face as she ran a hand through his curly hair. "Hey shortstuff…"

"Hey, I grew like three inches last night." He declared with his chest puffed out.

"I thought you broke up with her?" Terry asked, an eyebrow arched.

"We got back over a year ago, Terry…" Parker pinched the bridge of her nose as she saw the raven haired woman tense a bit. "C'mon, let's get you settled in." She grabbed Terry's hand and dragged her up the stairs before Jamie had an opportunity to pounce on her and beat her to a pulp.

Alex stared at the bags, runny a hand through his curly brunette hair and grimaced. "I don't suppose you would like to help me heave this up the stairs." He turned to Jamie.

"Sorry Alex, you're on your own. I don't trust myself not to grab the kitchen scissors and rip them to pieces." Jamie shrugged.

Alex let out an audible gulp. Jamie may have mellowed out over the course of the years but she never failed to get under the curly brunette's skin. "Um, fair enough… Here we go again." He sighed as he began to heave the bags.

She turned her attention to the shorter curly brunette. "Hey shortstuff want to meet a friend of mine?"

"Okay." He nodded as he put his tiny little hand in her evidently larger one. They went out through the back, Jamie letting out a deep whistle. Pudgy turned a corner like sputnik almost bowling the little boy over. Tyler giggled as he was attacked ferociously by a sloppy wet tongue in the face. "I think he likes me…" He said as fell on his butt, the puppy unrelenting.

Jamie let out a chuckle. "Looks that way pal. Okay relax boy." She picked up the puppy that whined and squirmed in her arms.

"What's his name?" The boy asked excitedly.

"Pudgy." Jamie gently put the pup down when he calmed down a tad.

Tyler chuckled as the puppy began chewing his shoe. "That's a funny name."

Jamie grinned, she absolutely adored this boy. It always baffled her how he was created by Terry and Alex. "So is Tyler."

The boy jolted and shook his head. "Nah uh…"

"Uh huh…" Jamie nodded just as vigorously, enjoying their playful banter.

"Jamie you are so dead!" A certain redhead stormed around the corner, a scowl on her face. The expression dropped when she saw the five year old. "Tyler…"

"Aunt Faye!" He was picked into a tight embrace. "You're crushing me…" He giggled.

Faye placed a sloppy kiss on his nose. "I didn't know you guys were here." He used his sleeve to wipe off the moisture and grinned.

"They just arrived." Jamie informed her as Faye put him down. The redhead turned her attention back to Jamie when Tyler was off on a chase with Pudgy.

"You!" She poked at the raven haired woman's chest.

Jamie tried to stifle a laugh. "Me?"

"Thanks to you, I have the couch tonight…" Faye said dangerously low, her eyes like daggers.

This time Jamie couldn't contain her laughter. "No shit!"

"It's not funny, Jamie." Faye pouted, her arms crossed over her chest.

"Of course it is!" Jamie held her stomach, tears streaming down her face. "You telling me, the slick Faye Lacey couldn't bullshit her way out of it? I don't believe it." She looked at Faye who was still not amused. "I think this is the first time a woman hasn't bought into your crap."

"I hate you…" Faye sulked, mostly because her pride was hurt. There was a pause. "I don't know what to do about it."

That brought Jamie out of it. She straightened and glanced at the solemn expression emitting from the redhead. She had never seen Faye so serious. She was in long relationships before but nothing you could say was serious. The redhead was usually always in and out of trouble with a to hell with it smile. She sighed. "Oh well shit, you are in love with her…"

Faye cringed but nodded. "Yeah, I think so… This sucks…"


"I don't know what to do about it…" Faye sighed as she stared out at the rough surf.

"Have you tried telling her?" Jamie suggested seeing the redhead pale marginally.

"I, I wouldn't know what to say…" Faye ducked her head.

"I love you, usually works." The raven haired woman smacked her head hopelessly.

"But, But what if she doesn't…" Faye glanced at the ground and stuttered, she was way out of her league here.

Jamie shook her head, and placed two fingers under the redheads chin, raising her gaze until they met. "What's not to love…" She said sincerely and was crushed in a huge embrace.

"I love you, Jamie."

Jamie pulled back and grinned. "I know… Now go tell her." Faye nodded and left her to the boy and the puppy that were still at each other. "Hey, you two!" She caught their attention. "Let's go back in…" They dashed right past her in through the sliding doors. She shook her head with a faint grin as she decided to go tell Parker. Entering the house she caught Terry storm out of the bathroom and stomp up the stairs. Jamie rolled her eyes as she soon followed in search of the younger Hale sister.

Terry burst into the master bedroom, startling the brunette as she yank on her tank top. Her recent shower still evident from the remnant moisture drops against her neck. "What the hell Terry, you scared me!" She blew out a breath, wiping her neck with the drenched towel.

"I scared you?" Terry growled. "God Parker, you are pregnant, aren't you?" She noticed the sign from when Parker had been to the bathroom three times since they set Terry's room up.

Parker flinched when she saw her pregnancy test waved in her face. Then a smile broke out on her face. "Yes…"

Terry frowned in thought and then a smirk crawled onto the side of her face. "Well, who did you cheat on Jamie with to accomplish this?"

"What?" Parker's eyes narrowed. "No, we planned this Terry, jeez…"

Terry laughed. "You are telling me, Jamie and you wanted to have a baby?"

"That's exactly what I'm telling you." Parker settled in front of the dressing table, running a brush through her wet brunette locks. "Why?"

Terry's laughed died down to an amused smirk that could be seen through mirror. "You I can understand." She sat down on the bed directly behind Parker. "But her, c'mon Parker. Jesus, she is an alcoholic, what is she going to do with a kid?"

Parker met Terry's eyes through the reflection in the mirror, her brows knitted. "What does that have to do with anything? And she is over four hundred days clean, Terry."

"So alcoholic's relapse all the time." The older Hale sister waved her off. "Plus, you told me what an asshole her father is. Most of the time the apple doesn't fall from the tree. God, Parker is that what you want for your child?"

This time Parker turned back, fire in her eyes. "Shut up Terry, Jamie is nothing like him."

"Hey, don't spit fire at me." Terry raised her hands, innocently. "I'm just trying to look out for you and junior there."

Parker stood, fury seeping through her. "No, you are just being a royal bitch." The brunette walked out of the room leaving her older sister stunned, a scowl plastered on her face. She headed down the stairs when she heard their Jeep start up. Walking towards the sliding doors she saw a panting Faye walk back into the house with a defeated look on her face. "Where did Jamie go?"

"I have no freaking clue, she burst out of here like the house was on fire, I couldn't catch up." Faye managed between breaths. "Did you two have a fight or something?"

"What? No… I." Parker's eyes widened. "Shit." She dropped her face in her hands.

"Parker what happened?" Faye asked concerned.

"She heard Terry…" Parker shook her head.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Jamie drove around aimlessly for hours her mind on auto pilot. Her vehicle was now consumed by the night, driving down the endless stretch of deserted road. Usually she wouldn't let anything anyone said about her, let alone Terry, get to her. But this time it hit a little too close to home. She was right, Terry was right. Fuck me, the raven haired woman thought.

Suddenly the little orange light on the gas gauge started blinking. Seeing a sign for a gas station about one mile ahead, she set a course towards it. Pulling into the one man attendant station, she switched the car off, resting her forehead on steering wheel.

"Hey lady, are you okay?" Jamie was startled by skinny teenager with the red gas station uniform.

She raised her head, looking at him as if she could see right through him. "Um, yeah, my car just needs a little gas."

The boy smiled when he caught a glimpse of her blue eyes, almost swooning a little. He ducked his head, and looked at her through his blonde bangs. "Looks like you came to the right place."

This time she did look right past him across the road when she heard the warm music emit from the building with the saloon type doors. Ignoring the teenager's charming smile, she pointed to it. "What is that?"

The blonde frowned when he caught her disinterest in him. "You mean the bar?" Jamie flinched and then turned her gaze painfully away…

After her car harbored a full tank, she found herself across the road parked in the corner next to a street sign, her fingers drumming nervously on the steering wheel. She stared at the entrance of the bar, sweat seemed to be gathering on the tip of her nose. Feeling the heat in the car unbearable, she made her first bad move. She stepped out of the car. Her feet seemed to be moving on their own accord until she stood a full foot away from the saloon type doors. Staring into the poorly lit place, she found a bunch of people either deep into bubbly conversations or deep into their liquor. Mentally cursing herself, she turned around only to be bumped in by a large group of bikers. Scowling at them, it hit her. She was inside. The potent smell of beer and piss rotting wood hit the nerve in her nostrils. Her eyes scanning the area in thoroughly as if she were in a bar for the first time, the two pool tables in the center, a few tables scattered around in an unordered fashion.

Suddenly she was brought out of her trance like state by a tap on the shoulder. Turning around she saw a ginger woman leaning on the corner of the pool table, her arms crossed over her chest and a sexy grin curling on the side of her mouth. "Might you be lost?"

"What?" Jamie raised a brow, an annoyed look settled on her face.

"Just saying…" The unbelievably beautiful woman with the eccentric green eyes laughed. "You look as if you haven't seen the inside of a bar before…" Jamie just stared at her unsure how to respond and shrugged. "Ah, a woman of few words I see." She smiled, the curls of her ginger locks brushing against her flushed cheeks. "Can I buy you a drink?" Her head gestured to the long wooden panel of the bar.

Jamie's blue eyes swam over the ocean of liquor labels behind the bar, then returned her gaze to those dancing green eyes. "I don't drink…" She whispered, her voice so low, that the ginger woman only vaguely caught her words.

She laughed again, the sound like music. "I guess you are lost then." The cocky smile never leaving her face, she studied the woman. Her gaydar going off. "So if I can't buy you a drink, what can I do to spend some time with you…" The woman took a swig of her beer, her eyes never leaving the raven haired woman.

Jamie rose an eyebrow at the boldness of the request. "I have a girlfriend…" She let out.

The woman's face dropped slightly, but then broke out in a warm smile. "Then how about a friend? You look like you can use one and you can never have too many, right?"

Jamie's lips drew thin. "I'm not much of the friendly type." She left the woman staring after her as she settled in the solitary corner booth near the old fashioned Jukebox. Her face fell in her palms, not sure what she was doing here. Then suddenly she heard the machine click and the song changed. The music made her pick up her face, a small smirk playing on the side of her mouth. Her eyes closing slowly as she played each carefully orchestrated lyric on the tip of her mind. It was her first. Her first signing for Singer Enterprise under a decade ago as teenager. The band was still going strong, but they were hers no more she thought with lament coating her heart. Today was simply consumed by reminders of who she was and who she was no more…

Suddenly her thoughts were broken when the waitress caught her attention. "Can I get you anything, sweetheart?" The mature type woman with the blonde curls, wearing clothes a bit too revealing for her age group asked.

Jamie looked up and before she could answer, the ginger woman, took a seat opposite from her. "I'll take a beer, Cheryl." She smiled up at the woman and then looked at Jamie, evenly. "And she will have a Brandy and Coke on the rocks." Jamie's throat felt caught, wanting to protest. But the ginger lady smiled again and looked back at Cheryl. "Minus the Brandy, okay…"

Cheryl let out a deep chuckle. "Sure thing, Blake…" Still laughing the waitress left to the bar, talking to other patrons on the way.

Jamie raised a brow. "I thought I made it clear, I'm in no mood for friends."

"I beg to differ." Blake grinned getting more comfortable. "My name is Blake…" She held out a hand.

Jamie stared out at the friendly gesture. Then let out a sigh. "Jamie…" She shook the hand briefly, her eyes resuming on the jukebox.

"Hmmm, like the band?" Blake wiggled her eyebrows at the machine.

"I may have heard of them before…" Jamie smiled faintly. "They are alright…" She shrugged.

Blake's green eyes budged out of their sockets. "What are you kidding me? Alright? They are one of the greatest discoveries of the generation."

Jamie felt a sense of pride. "I suppose…"

On her return Cheryl placed their drinks in front of them. "You two ladies enjoy. Holler if you need anything else okay." She winked at Blake and left them.

Blake nodded briefly, then looked straight into Jamie's blue eyes sipping her beer. "So… How long have you been in AA?"

Jamie's Coke sloshed a bit over the rim of the deep glass, at the statement. She frowned at the ginger woman. "Is it that obvious?" She sipped her beverage.

Blake studied the defeated expression on the raven haired woman's face. Then rested her arms over the back of her faded seat. "No… You just notice these things when you happen to own bars."

"You own this crap place?" Jamie asked, it merely slipping off her tongue before she realized what she said.

Blake blinked twice before throwing her head back and laughing. "Yeah, its mine…" She looked over her place with playful scrutinizing eyes. "I suppose it is crap. But it brings in a decent income." She beamed good-naturedly. "I guess I don't bother much with this place because the locals prefer it this way. But my other places, they are more elite up in LA."

"So you own series of bars?" Jamie found herself curious.

"Yeah, but enough about me… What is an ex drinker doing in a back in a bar?" Fighting with said girlfriend?" The ginger lady wondered with a smirk.

"No… I, no." Jamie shook her head. "We are not fighting…" The raven haired woman finished lamely.

"Uh-huh… Then why are you alone in the middle of a dead town, in a bar?" Blake shrugged. "Sounds like a fight to me." She said taking a swig of her beer.

"It's not a fight." Jamie took a deep breath and then blew it out. "It's just, we are having a baby, she is pregnant."

Blake choked on her beer, it spilling over her hand a bit. Her eyes beginning to water as her coughs sobbed out. She certainly didn't expect it this. "You two are having a baby?"

"Yeah…" Jamie admitted finding it strange she was talking to a stranger about it. She was about to take another sip of her Coke when she saw the puzzled look on the ginger lady. She put her glass down. "We planned this, it was an invitro. I don't have any hidden surprises in my pants, just to clear the air."

Blake found herself chuckling. "Good to know, I was almost worried for a second…" She wiped her eyes with her sleeve.

"Why? Have a problem with transsexuals?" Jamie questioned, an eyebrow raised.

"Not at all…" Blake mused. "I just have a problem with hitting on all people with penises in general…" Jamie chuckled softly, shaking her head. "Ah, so she can smile…"

Jamie smile was replaced with a somber look. "I suppose you don't have a problem with hitting on taken women."

Blake smiled sheepishly, her curls falling on her face. "Not particularly, but if they say no. I don't push." She winked. "So friend, why are you here and not at home with your girl and unborn kid?"

"I don't know… I just found out she was pregnant today."

"And you are here?" Blake tapped the tip of her finger on her lip. "With me? In a crappy place as you put it. I figured you would be with her, celebrating since you planned it."

Jamie averted her eyes down to her empty glass. "I should be…" A small smile played on her face. "Do you know, I'd catch her stuffing a pillow under her shirt whenever I come home from work." Jamie grinned and shook her head. "She is such a goof and giddy about it."

"So are you…" Blake smiled warmly.


"Just an observation. When you talk about her, a smile forces its way onto your face."

Jamie smiled weakly. "I'm just different when I'm with her?"

"As opposed to what?" Blake took the final sip of her beer and set it down on the table top with a slight knock.

"As opposed to what I am right now…"

"You mean the recovering alcoholic in the bar getting hit on by beautiful women?" Blake threw in with a grin.

"Exactly…" Jamie smiled back. "But she just gives me reason, you know. It's like I'm so lost without her." She let out a wistful sigh.

"See I was right in the beginning, you were lost." Blake quipped getting a laugh out of the raven haired woman. "You really love her, don't you?"

"Most of the time, when she is not maxing out our credit cards or feeding our chubby puppy table scraps." Jamie smiled softly.

Blake laughed, shaking her head. "Women…"

"Right?" Jamie found herself laughing too. God, she missed Parker.

"So what's the problem?" Blake's brow arched in curiosity.

Jamie's smile dropped as she sipped on her Coke. "I am…" She found herself admitting.

The ginger lady crossed her arms over her chest. "Did she tell you that?"

"Who Parker? No she wouldn't… She is too kind." Jamie murmured pensively.

"Uh-huh, and it's obvious you are not worth her… Being a recovering alcoholic and all." Jamie turned her gaze away as Blake finally clicked it into place. "Jamie, I don't know you and I don't know Parker. But is that what she thinks?"

Jamie thought about it. "No… She loves me." She said undeservingly.

Blake smiled shaking her head. "Then there is only one question I can ask you."

"Which is?"

Blake placed her palms flat on the table between them and leaned in closer. "Can you honestly tell me, that there is someone who would love Parker and her unborn child more than you?"

Jamie stared at the beautiful ginger woman, her words playing on her mind. "No…" The truth of the simple word slipped off her tongue making Blake's lips quirk into a smile.

"So then, don't you think that you should give her a chance to tell you if it's good enough before you decide it's not?"

Jamie shook her head. "I, I…" She didn't know how to respond. She knew she overreacted but what Blake said actually made a bit of sense. She didn't have the right to decide for Parker.

"There is still one thing don't understand, though…" Jamie was brought out of her thoughts when Blake spoke. She stared at the ginger woman intently waiting for her to elaborate. "What are you still doing here?" Jamie's eyes widened, when she realized the exact same thing. Standing she dug into her pocket in search of a few bucks. Blake chuckled. "Don't worry about it, I know the owner." She waved her off. "Get going, you have a girl and a kid waiting for you."

Jamie nodded and smiled genuinely. "Thanks…" She said as she turned to leave.

"Wait." Blake reached into her back pocket and pulled out a card. She handed it to the raven haired woman. "You never know when you might need a friend." She grinned and shrugged. "Or a fuck buddy."

Jamie chuckled. "You're still hitting on me?"

Blake raised her hands in defense, an innocent expression playing on her face. "Hey, I said I wouldn't push. I never say I wouldn't give you options." The ginger lady winked. "Now get out of here…"

Jamie smirked as she hastily made her way to her car…

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Parker shifted in her sleep a little on the couch, feeling cold fingers gently brush against her cheek. Her eyes fluttered open slowly seeing Jamie smiling down at her. "Jamie…"

"Hey…" Jamie crouched down next to the living room couch, where pudgy was snoring.

Parker quickly sat up, her hair very much tousled. "You scared me, I tried to wait up for you..."

The raven haired woman sighed. "I know…I'm sorry." She stood up, her eyes staring out into the darkness. "Take a walk with me…"

Parker raised a brow, her eyes directing to wall clock just above the TV. It was just shy of 4 am. Then she looked back at her partner who held out hand. "Okay…" She took the hand and was dragged onto her feet. Jamie put a coat jacket over Parker's shoulders as they stepped into the darkness.

Jamie stuffed her hands in her pocket as Parker and her walked side by side. Parker found herself staring at the small light emitting from the full moon, the thick clouds obscuring most of it. "Aren't you going to ask me where I've been?" Jamie finally spoke out.

Parker turned to Jamie. "I know you heard Terry… I'm sorry…"

"Why? She was right…" Jamie shrugged.

The brunette's head jerked. "No Jamie, she wasn't… She was just being a bitch."

"Even so, she was right, Parker… I'm no good." Jamie let out a breath, her eyes on her feet.

Parker stopped, grabbing Jamie's hand turning the raven haired woman to face her. "No Jamie, you are not perfect…But neither am I? Neither of us will be perfect parents, but we will try."

Jamie pinched the bridge of her nose. "Hale, you don't understand, I went to a bar tonight." She let out exasperated.

Parker's eyes widened. "What?"

Jamie hugged herself, her eyes drawn to the rough waves. "I needed to think, and in the end I found myself in a bar, Hale."

Parker simply nodded, as her eyes also followed Jamie's. "Did you drink?" She found herself asking.

Jamie turned to the brunette. "Does it matter? I was still in there."

Parker stepped closer to the raven haired woman, their eyes never faltering. "It matters to me, Jamie." She looked into those crystal blues, searching. "Just tell me. Did. You. Drink?"

"I wanted to." Jamie tried looking away but Parker's hand reached out to cup her chin place.

"But did you?" Parker's tone earnest.

"No…" Jamie closed her eyes and shook her head. "But-" Her words were stifled against the lips of the brunette. Jamie tried to pull out but Parker just wrapped her arms tighter around her neck, holding her in place. Until she couldn't take it anymore and found herself kissing back with equal fervor. She opened her mouth, inviting the exploring tongue, her hands pulling Parker's hips more into her. The brunette didn't hold back, it was a battle, a war, a conquest. Finally, when she pulled out with a gasp, both sucked air into their starving lungs as they leaned their foreheads together. "Hale…"

"I love you…Jamie." She whispered against her lips. Jamie's eyes squeezing tight. The back of Parker's hand came to caress the side of Jamie's cheek. "Look at me, Jamie." The raven haired woman shook her head. "Please?" Parker pleaded. Jamie's eyelids rose to reveal glistening blue eyes almost black in the night. "I forgave you a long time ago…" Jamie turned her eyes to the sand. Parker gently picked it up again, a small smile on the side of her mouth. "Don't you think it's time to forgive yourself?" The raven haired woman could only stare, tongue tied, her throat feeling thick. "For me?" Parker murmured as she brought Jamie's hand down to her flat stomach, resting it there between them. "For all of us?"

Jamie was blown away by the sheer acceptance and love she received undeservingly. She could only nod slowly getting the answer her heart craved to hear, then brought her lips to brush gently against the brunette's. Parker smiled into the kiss. "I'm sorry…" Jamie murmured, her eyes shut firm. "I'm sorry, I scared you. I'm sorry for everything."

"I know baby, I know." Parker pulled Jamie back into a drugging kiss, not wanting to lose the contact. Their kisses getting much faster and shorter, trying to compete with the love and the passion burning between them. Suddenly there was a crack of thunder above their heads. Both of them breaking the kiss, staring up into the night's sky as millions of thick rain drops began their sweep of the land. They made a run for the house hand in hand giggling until they were in the car park.

Jamie grinned as they were getting drenched fast, staring at the love of her life. What did she ever do to deserve this woman? Eight years together and she was still asking herself the very same question, everyday. Parker smiled back before their lips met again and again and again. Parker's fingers reaching up to get tangled in wet hair, neither of them seemed concerned about the torrential rain. Jamie's arms wrapping around the brunette's waist pulling their bodies flush against each other, her heart needing this more than her pulsating body. Then she felt herself hit the back of Alex's truck. Reaching behind she lowered the hatch, sliding in. Parker following her in a crawl until she was straddling her lover. Her lips lowering to capture Jamie's until they both were lost in hordes of sensations.

Parker leaned back slipping off her coat and then her hands reaching for the hem of her shirt peeling it of her body flinging it to the ground with a splat. The prickle of the rain against her naked flesh, arousing her more. Jamie followed her up until she nuzzled her nose into the brunette's neck, her hands reaching around to fumble with the catches of Parker's bra. Suddenly that too was peeled off the brunette's body. Parker let out a gasp when she felt her nipple sucked into the warmth of Jamie's mouth as opposed to the cold of the rain. Jamie's other hand reaching up to fondle the other breast. Parker's hips stirring trying to find some sort of purchase against the raven haired woman. She pushed Jamie's mouth off her wanting her just as naked. Her hands trailing the edge of Jamie's T-shirt, yanking it off her torso. Her bra unlatched and tossed away. The brunette pushing down on Jamie until her back was flat against the bed of the truck.

They both getting rid of their bottoms as fast as they could. Parker used her knee to pry open Jamie's legs insinuating her thigh between them. She increased the pressure against Jamie's center causing her to gasp out. She pushed down as Jamie pushed up, both of them maintaining a steady rhythm. Parker's lips trailing the planes of Jamie's neck, across her jaw as the raven haired woman's breathing increased substantially. Jamie could feel herself close to the edge, her hands running down the brunette's spine until she cupped Parker's ass, pushing her more into herself. Both of them picking up the speed until Parker let out a moan, her body coursing on the throes of ecstasy. Jamie was soon to follow, her body riding out the last wave of pleasure before it crashed…

Both of them seemed out of breath, the rain turning into a slight drizzle went past their notice. Parker lifted her head and smiled before lowering her mouth to Jamie's. "I love you Jamie…" She felt Jamie's lips curl into the kiss.

"I love you too Hale…"

Parker smiled softly and laid her head down on Jamie's shoulder her eyes on the small pile of their discarded clothes. Something sticking out of Jamie's back pocket caught the brunette's attention. "Um, Jamie who is Blake?"

"Blake?" Parker held out the card. "Oh Blake, I met her in the bar. She was nice."

"Why do you have her card?" Parker frowned. "Did she hit on you?" The brunette pointed an accusatory finger at her.

"Yeah a couple of times, why?" Jamie shrugged and was slapped painfully on the arm. "Ow! I never say I hit back." She rubbed the injured area, the rain also soothing it.

"Good… Because you are very much taken." Parker leaned forward claiming her territory with her lips.

Jamie grinned when she pulled back. "Yeah?"

"Oh yeah… No more, bar women for you." Parker grinned back settling her weight back on Jamie's naked form. Her lips dipping to the planes of her neck.

Jamie chuckled, her fingers running through drenched brunette hair. "What about pole women?" Then Jamie's laughter ended on a giant gasp as two fingers were entered into her. "Oh, Fuck…"

Parker slowly retracted her fingers, then entered her again with an extra digit. Jamie felt like her eyes rolled back into her head. Keeping the slow but steady rhythm Parker let out a sexy smirk. "You were saying something about women?" She kissed the side of Jamie's panting mouth.

"Women?" Jamie said through gritted teeth, her mind unable to keep coherent thoughts with Parker's torturously slow hand movements. "Right, wome-" Jamie whimpered, her words cut short as Parker suddenly picked up the pace. Her hips moving to the relentless pace the brunette was setting on their own accord. The sounds of wet flesh slapping could be heard, driving Jamie closer to her edge. Until she couldn't take it anymore, her entire body breaking into a shudder, her moan stifled against Parker's potent lips. Parker sucking on Jamie's lips until the body beneath hers finally relaxed, becoming pliable… "What women?" Jamie managed, when she found her voice.

Parker just chuckled and lifted her head, a contagious grin on her swollen lips. "You know, when I said rain check, this wasn't exactly what I had in mind. You?"

Jamie let out a small laugh, brushing off the sticky strand of hair off the brunette's face. Her other hand slipped in between their bodies, slowly tracing a lone finger over the boundary where Parker's tummy ends. "I only have you two on my mind." She looked into Parker's hazel eyes which mirrored the love she had in her own.

Parker's eyes and smile softened before she gently leaned in, kissing Jamie sweetly. She slanted back, and was greeted by the smile of her lover. Jamie's hand crept through the small window in the back of Alex's truck, pulling through the blanket on the back seat. She spread it across them as Parker nuzzled her head under her chin. Her arms came around to wrap firmly around their bodies, both of them staring out to sea contently. The storm seemed to have broken and the morning becoming more and more evident. Their eyes eagerly awaiting the break of the new dawn…

The end… for now?


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