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Spring Break 8


Lady J

Becca and Jessie watched the volleyball game from the side lines.  The girls’ ‘fifty yard line’ seating included not only the lounge chair that Becca shared with Jessie, but also an umbrella to shield the two young women from the relentless rays of the sun.  Both women sipped on cups of beer they had been handed by a couple of enamored young men.  Becca was about to run interference between Jessie and the beer she had been offered, but thought better of it. 

Hell it’s not like she’s driving a car.  Just driving everyone with a pulse crazy which you can do drunk.  Becca smiled this time not a bit envious of her friend’s popularity.  She had promised her room mate a good time and that is exactly what she was having, especially now that Skyler had come into the picture.

Becca sat back against Jessie bent knees while they both enjoyed the mass of sculpted flesh that glimmered with strenuous exertion and the high humidity.  They marveled at the beauty of bulging and flexing muscles that were perfectly highlighted by glistening sweat. 

In this vast sea of taught unblemished flesh bobbing before hazel eyes there was one island that captured her attention. The bewitching island took the form of one Victoria Sinclair. Becca, for the life of her, couldn’t keep her eyes off of her.  When the tall woman stripped off her tee shirt before entering the game, Becca, for the first time in her life, felt as if she were going to swoon.  In that one moment Victoria had succeeded in exposing more unclad, tanned, not to mention attractive, flesh than Becca ever thought she would see.

In the past when Victoria had always worn shorts and a polo--you would never ever see Victoria in a ‘tee” shirt--she always looked like she was heading to a golf course or tennis court at the club.   But now with her exposing massive expanses of flesh, not to mention a surprising amount of athleticism, Victoria became a woman, and a very sensual woman at that.  Becca was so captivated by the vision of loveliness before her eyes that she didn’t hear Jessie, who had been trying to get her attention for some time.

“Huh?” Becca grunted while slowly descending from her reveries. “Sorry, what did you say?”

Jessie smiled. “What or who are you looking at?”

“Uh…” Becca blushed. She was embarrassed by the sudden feelings she had for Victoria.  She had’ot just been watching Victoria, she had been lusting after the woman.  Involuntarily her soft hand rose to her lips.  She let her fingers search the soft skin of her cheek and chin surreptitiously checking for saliva that may have slipped from her mouth while she had been leering at Victoria. 

 “Why Ms. Rebecca Dushont I do believe you’re blushing?” Jessie observed with a heavy southern accent.

 “I’m not blushing!” Becca denied though she could feel the flush that had risen to her face.

Jessie deliberately turned her eyes from her friend to the other side of the court hoping to find who could be eliciting such a strong reaction from Becca.  She scanned the various leaping, hoping, and running forms of the men and women playing the game, but didn’t find anyone she felt was exceptional enough to be the person on whom Becca was fixated. 

She looked back at her friend for a second and then back to other side of the sandy pit now concentrating only on the spectators. Jessie trained her eyes on the same area that Becca had been focusing on. Jessie’s eyes narrowed as she looked past the moving bodies to the ring of people that surrounded the game.  Among the faces of strangers and new acquaintances was an oversexed Claire blatantly salivating over Victoria which aggravated the little blonde.  Shaking the sight off, Jessie returned her gaze to the rest of the spectators.  Dominique was watching the game and chatting with her friends.  Next to her was Jean Claude. He stood with his arms crossed tightly across his chest an air of imposition and boredom surrounding him like a fog.  Obviously he was put out by the game drawing Victoria’s attention away from him.

After few more moments of silent observation Jessie admitted defeat.  There didn’t seem to be anyone she would consider ‘outstanding’ enough to entrance the vivacious Becca.  Jessie frowned at the thought that if Becca didn’t tell her who she had been staring at Jessie would never know the identity of the person who could make the jaded Becca blush. 

Hmmmmm.  We have ways of making you talk. Jessie chuckled at her thoughts, before she looked back at Becca hoping that hazel eyes would give up their secrets.

“What are you looking at?”  Becca said placing her hands on her hips hoping the indignant air would derail further scrutiny.

“Still trying to figure out who you are watching and why they’re making you blush.” Jessie giggled.

“No one,” Becca murmured back, pushing the images of Victoria to the back of her mind

I’ll just have to work on her later. The little blonde thought as she turned here eyes back to the game and more importantly to Skyler.  While she had been searching for Becca’s ‘Mr.’ Or ‘Miss’ right the game seemed to have become more aggressive.  The plays and saves were spectacular eliciting ohs, ahhs, and whistles from the spectators.  Victoria and Skyler were playing all out.  Both women playing just about flawless volleyball.  They were spiking, diving, and jumping as if they were the only two people playing the game.  The plays they were making were truly exciting, but also getting noticeably more intense.

Jessie leaned toward her friend’s ear and asked, “What happened to the ‘friendly’ little game?”

Becca shrugged not knowing the answer to her friend’s question, but agreeing that the game was really heating up.  Just then Victoria flew into the air and spiked the ball at Skyler with such force that it knocked the tall woman to the ground.

“What the hell???” Jessie cried fumbling with the confines of her chair in an effort to get up and to Skyler while Becca stood shocked by what she had just seen.

“Yo Victoria!  Didn’t think you needed the scholarship!”   Becca shouted in response to Victoria’s assault.  Victoria looked up at Becca for a moment before intentionally turning her back on Skyler and her gathering team mates.

Becca helped Jessie stand and both women watched the altercation between the two tall women who stood in the sand.  They watched with fascination as Skyler’s team mates held the irate woman back from attacking Victoria who had obviously turned her back in defiance of the angry woman. 

They both jumped when Skyler shouted at Victoria  but what neither woman could hear was what Shannon was saying to Victoria once she caught up with her on the other side of the net.  The two friends seemed to be having a private argument of their own which culminated with Shannon stomping back to her side of the net retrieving the abandoned ball on the way.

Slowly and with some reluctance all the players returned to their places to continue this grudge match.  The spirited and friendly game had become a war of wills. Shannon was sorry she had suggested playing this stupid game at all.  Taking the ball in her hands she served it over the net effortlessly and the game was a foot once again. 

Back and forth the ball floated over the net.  The score going from one up to even to one up then to even.  Over and over and over again the ball flew through the air.  All the participants were getting noticeably fatigued.   The jumps were not as high.  The digs for the spinning orb not as fast or effective.  The spikes lacked the explosiveness to score winning points. 

Shannon watched the frustration level of the other players increase with every rotation and change of serve.  If this war was going to end it was up to her to do it.  The ball had just changed sides and Victoria’s team was once again up by one point.  A tall blonde named Carol served the ball into the net causing a fault.  Shannon groaned. She didn’t want the ball to come back to them to even up the score.  Carol was bracing to serve again. 

Comon Carol, right here, Shannon prayed.

Her prayers were answered when the ball sailed toward her.  Her happiness turned to horror when she realized the ball was going to sail over her head and out of bounds.  Shannon raced for the ball. She watched over her shoulder as the ball descended.  Seeing it was just out of reach she leaped and hit the ball with her open palm, but instead of the ball flying back into play it flew father out of bounds.

A rousing cheer roared from the spectators while a sigh of relief emanated from the participants glad that the game was finally over.  Shannon sat up on the ground where she had landed. Her blonde head bowed down in a dejected posture. 

Victoria’s team slapped each other on the backs enjoying their hard fought victory.   A smiling Skyler strode over to Victoria offering her hand in the way of a truce. “Good game eh?”

“Yes, it was,” Victoria said taking the offered hand with a firm grip.

With the armistice signed between Victoria and Skyler the party sighed a collective sigh of relief.  Skyler jogged to a waiting Jessie.  Jessie threw her arms around Skyler’s neck and kissed her cheek. 

Victoria, witnessing the overt display of affection between Jessie and Skyler, brought her anger with this dark stranger to the boiling point.  Seething with the fires of jealousy she turned to storm into the house, but her retreat was foiled by Claire wrapping her arms around her like the sticky steely web like strands of the black widow.

“Congratulations, darling.  I knew you were strong, but I had no idea how ….how…” she leaned in close so she could growl directly into Victoria’s ear. “Mmmmmm…absolutely tasty you are.  Why don’t we go up to my room where I can congratulate you properly?” Claire’s hand drifted from the top of Victoria’s back to her ass.  The roaming hand then squeezed Victoria’s firm cheeks. 

Victoria jumped extricating herself from Claire’s hold, but not before Jessie spied the encounter over Skyler’s shoulder.  Jessie saw red and would have pulled every hair out of Claire’s head had she been mobile.  Even with Victoria’s obvious derailing of Claire’s presumptive sexual overture Jessie’s ire was at an all time high. Boy, you’ve got quite the set of big brass cohunes on you don’t you, Claire?  Well we may just have to have you neutered.  

At this point Skyler leaned down and swept Jessie up in her arms carrying her away from the pit toward the pool where all the other participants and spectators were splashing around cooling off from the long hot game. 

“Wait! Wait!” Jessie cried slapping Skylar on the back in a vain attempt to divert her ride back to where Victoria and Claire stood.  Suddenly a shocking cold attacked her nerve endings.  As the clear waters enclosed above her she panicked and began kicking wildly until she felt Skyler’s strong arms wrap tighter around her bringing her back to the surface.

Jessie came up spitting and sputtering water.  Skyler was busily apologizing for throwing the little blonde into the pool, but Jessie didn’t hear a word, she was too busy trying to find Victoria.  She rubbed the water from her eyes and scanned the volleyball area, but Victoria was no where to be found.

As Jessie was bobbing freely in the cool waters she felt an arm snake around her waist.  She looked over into very penitent blue eyes. “What?” she asked unsure of what that look meant.

“I’m sorry about throwing you in the pool.” Skyler answered contritely.  “Sometimes I just don’t think.”

Jessie smiled and stroked the side of Skyler’s face.  “It’s ok, I was freaked for a few seconds, but it’s all good.”  Jessie leaned in and lightly kissed Skler’s lips.  Apology accepted, though she wondered where Victoria had gone.


Claire tried to recapture Victoria, but was angrily pushed away by the tall brunette when she saw Skyler carry Jessie away from the playing field. Dark eyes watched as both women disappeared under the blue waters.  Her anger was further fueled by the thought that she was the victor, she had won the game.  Then why was Skyler reaping the spoils? Once again Victoria tried to flee the scene of her heartbreak, but was now cornered by another member of the Dushont family--Jean Claude.

“Why, Victoria, I didn’t know you were so…athletic,” the young man said in an obviously condescending manner. 

“There is a lot you don’t know about me,” she growled pushing past Jean Claude and heading for the house.

Jean Claude was about to pursue Victoria when he felt a hand on his shoulder.  Looking around Jean Claude looked directly into Shannon’s bright blue eyes. 

“Let her go man,” Shannon suggested.

Jean Claude was about to argue but seeing that Victoria was no longer within eyesight he relented and returned to his pompous friends. 

Shannon looked up at the house wondering what had come over her friend.  She was about to go and find her when she thought better of it.  I better give her a chance to cool off.

Suddenly she heard her name called by some of the party revelers.  Turning she spied where the voices were coming from.  The happy voices had come from the pool where everyone was splashing.  Shannon decided to give Victoria some time to herself before descending upon her with a lot of questions that she knew Victoria would be reluctant to answer.   She ran from where she was standing and taking a running leap, she dove head long into the pool to join the fun.


Victoria bounded up the stair leading to the back door of the mansion.  She was in a hurry and took the stairs two at a time praying that no one else would come between her and her goal of being gone. 

Upon entering the residence she closed the decorative door behind her.  Leaning her back against the cool pane of glass she slowly slid to the floor cupping her hands over her ears in a vain effort to silence the roar of voices that was coming from the pool area.  The sounds were muted, but to Victoria it sounded like a brass band was playing right beside her. 

After long minutes she pushed off the door, stood up, and slowly walked back to her room.  At the foot of the grand staircase Victoria sighed.  Suddenly she was very weary.  She felt defeated. She felt foiled by everything in her life including this staircase that seemed more like Everest than just a means to get to the second floor.  With slumping shoulders she began her climb up to the room she was occupying with Jessie. 

Upon entering the room she noticed how spotless it was.  Obviously the maids had been up before they had gone to the party.  Spying her suitcase on the opposite side of the bed, she shuffled over in order to pull a fresh set of clothes out of her bag.  She wanted something fresh to change into after she took a long shower.  She leaned over the case and saw Jessie’s small duffle on the floor next to hers.

She ran her hands along the nylon material that housed Jessie’s belongings. She looked over her right shoulder and then over her left before slowly unzipping the nylon zipper.  Gingerly she opened the bag.  Inside were tee shirts, shorts, bras, panties, and a small bag filled with Jessie’s toiletries.  Victoria slowly reached into the bag and fondled the soft cotton tees at the top of the bag.  She gently grasped a shirt out of the bag.  She closed her eyes as she brought the soft material to her face.  She inhaled deeply becoming somewhat intoxicated by the scent of Jessie. 

Suddenly she started as if she had been awakened from a dream.  What the hell am I doing?  Have I completely lost my mind?  As if the tee shirt had burst into flames in her hand she dropped it back on top of the bag.  Frantically she stuffed the shirt back inside and zipped the duffle closed.  Sitting back on her on her haunches she placed her hands over her face and rocked.  Victoria’s confusion was as profound as the new and frightening feelings she had for Jessica were.

Tears began to fill her eyes as she slid her ass to the floor.  She leaned her back against the mattress trying to ebb the flow of emotions that were flowing from her eyes. Suddenly her phone rang.  She jumped at the sound, her silent meditations being broken.  Flipping open her phone she saw who the call was from and clicked on the button to answer the call.

“Hello Daddy,” Victoria said into the receiver.

“Victoria, I have been trying to reach you all day.  Where the hell are you and my plane?”

“We hit some bad weather on the way to Florida, had to put down in Louisiana.”

“Why didn’t you call me to tell me what was going on?” Victoria could hear anger rising in her father’s voice.

“It’s not like I planned it, Daddy,” Victoria replied angrily.  The last thing she needed right now was to deal with her family.

“Of course not, Victoria.” Roger paused.  Victoria knew her father was choosing his words more carefully. “Is everyone alright?  No one was hurt were they?”

“No one was hurt, Daddy, and the plane is fine.  It’s at the Baton Rouge airport,”  Victoria answered.

“So you’re still in Louisiana?”  Roger queried.


“Where are you staying?” he inquired.

“At Becca’s great grandmother’s home.”

“Becca?  Becca who?” Roger’s inquiry bordered on demand. Victoria knew this tone very well.  She would be expected to answer quickly and truthfully. 

Victoria sighed audibly knowing exactly where this conversation was headed and helpless to change its direction.  “Dushont.  Her name is Rebecca Dushont.”

“Dushont?? As in the Lafayette Dushonts??”  Roger asked his voice booming over the phone.

“Yes, Daddy,” Victoria sighed in response.  Wish he could show that kind of excitement about me.

“Are you staying at Dangerous Beauty??” 

“Yes, Daddy,” Victoria sighed again.

“Wow, darling, I had no idea you knew anyone from the Dushont family.  Why did you keep it such a secret?  Your mother will be thrilled,”  Roger positively gushed.

“I didn’t know anything about it until we got here.”  Victoria rolled her eyes.  As usual the only thing her parents cared about was wealth, position, and power and being sure she was associating with the ‘right people’.

“So what are your plans now?” 

“Don’t know.  I was planning to leave as soon as I could file a new flight plan,” Victoria answered.  There was something about this place that was making her crazy and she wanted to leave as quickly as possible.

“Why don’t you stay?  Get familiar with the Dushonts,” Roger cajoled.  “You’ve been to Palm Coast a million times.  Nothing new there for you.”

“It would be new for the girls.  I had Sadie get the place ready for us.  Besides I am on vacation,” Victoria complained.

“I’m not asking you to network, Victoria, just socialize.  You can be so charming when you choose to.  Besides there must be a number of eligible bachelors around that could show you a good time,” Roger manipulated. “As old fashioned as it seems, your mother worries about your lack of …” He paused again obviously choosing his words carefully, “suitable prospects.”

“You mean boyfriends, right Daddy?” Victoria had to suppress the gag reflex as she thought of Jean Claude in conjunction with what she knew her father was implying.

“Vicky, we only want you to have everything that life can offer.  You have money, looks, and a brain there seems to be only one piece of the puzzle missing.  Now really, is there anything wrong with a parent wanting their child to happy?”

Victoria’s head leaned down until her chin about touched her chest defeated.  “Of course there is nothing wrong with you and mother wanting me to be happy.”  As long as you approve of my pursuit of “happiness”.  “I’ll tell you what, Daddy, if we’re invited to stay we will.  But if not, we’re going to head to the bungalow at south beach, fair enough?” Victoria asked through gritted teeth.  She had always been a bargaining chip so why not now?  After all, as far as her parents were concerned, she was just going to college to get her M. R. S. anyway.  Didn’t matter to them one bit that she was working hard in school or that she was almost a 4.0 student who was determined to get her PHD.  Nope that didn’t matter.  All that mattered was her marrying well and what a coo it would be to marry into the Dushont family.  Damn I would sleep with Claire before I would even date Jean Claude.

“Fair enough,” hfather happily agreed. “So I’ll talk to you in a couple of days then?”

“Yeah sure.”

“Good bye for now then.”

“Good bye, Daddy.”  Click.

Victoria sat back pressing her back against the tall bed again.  Once again she raised her hands to her head in a defeated posture.  She let the tears flow freely down her face making no attempt to stem the tide of emotion that was encompassing her soul.  Sobs began to wrack her lean frame.  She felt caged, chained to a future she hated.  So many chances missed, so many opportunities wasted.  She felt so lost and alone that she was experiencing physical pain.

After a time, worn out from her private emotional upheaval, Victoria permitted sleep to overtake her fevered mind.


Dark eyes blinked open.  Muted sounds began to seep into her sleep induced haze.  Slowly the voices became clearer and more distinct.  Like a sharp knife the sound of an British accent shattered the dozy daze that Victoria was trying to wake from.   She held her breath and sat as still as she could not wanting to alert the couple talking in the room of her presence.  Gritting her teeth she listened intently to every word and sound the two made.

Laughter rang through the room.


Skyler stood in the center of the room holding Jessie in her arms. “Well, I guess this is where I get off,” Jessie said.

“Yes, I suppose so.” Skyler said though she didn’t make any effort to relinquish her hold on the small blonde. “I had a marvelous time. I’m glad I decided to come to the party after all.”

Jessie’s light brows furrowed. “Why weren’t you going to come?”

Skyler smiled. “I’ve come to these parties for years, Dom invites me and Claire hits on me.  I really didn’t want to deal with Claire, but Dom and my mates insisted.”  Skyler shrugged before continuing. “Dom’s a good friend and I didn’t want to disappoint her.  You can’t imagine how happy I was to see Claire chasing Victoria.”

A shadow passed over Jessie’s face.  Skyler noticed the brief change in her companion’s countenance.   “Aye?” When Jessie looked up Skyler looked her in the eye.  “Have I over stepped?  Are you and Victoria……?”

“Oh, no no,” Jessie was quick to reassure, “Victoria’s just a friend.  Nothing is going on between us.”

“Phew,” Skyler sighed her relief her smile growing brighter. “Good.  The way she was acting earlier and seeing that look on your face when I mentioned her name I wondered.”

“No, just friends.” Jessie smiled but looked away not wanting her eyes to betray her own confusion on the subject of Victoria.

“Well I guess I better be off then.  I’m sure my mates are looking for me.”  Skyler was loath to leave Jessie.  This little woman had totally captivated Skyler.  For the first time in her life Skyler felt completely swept off her feet.  Jessie was beautiful, witty, intelligent, and most of all genuine.  Skyler had no lack of women in her life, but none of them made her feel the way Jessie did.  She had spent hours with the little blonde, but it was not enough.  Skyler was greedy for so much more and prayed that Jessie felt the same about her.

At that precise moment Victoria’s face popped into Skyler’s mind.  She couldn’t help but feel that there was more between those two than met the eye. No matter what Jessie said to the contrary there was obviously a strong bond between the two.  If this connection had spilled over from friendship to love the taller woman was not sure.  But in her mind Victoria showed more signs of being a jealous lover than merely being a concerned friend.  Suddenly another thought came to the tall woman that sent a stab of pain right through her heart.  Eventually Jessie would have to return to school.  She would return to a life that Skyler had no part of.  And even worse than Jessie going back to a life that Skyler knew little about, was the fact that she would be returning with not only Becca and Shannon, but that she would be with the only woman she considered her rival.  She would be returning with Victoria.

“I must be getting heavy,” Jessie commented.

“Huhh…what?  Oh.  No, no you’re not.”  Jessie’s voice roused Skyler from her musings.  With lightning speed Skyler pulled her thoughts away from her nemesis.  Replacing the introspective look on her face with a slight grin before she continued, “I’ll tell you what, give me a little snog and I’ll put you down.”

“I beg your pardon??”  Jessie cried shocked. 

For a moment Skyler was confused then laughed heartily at herself.  I said snog to a yank.  The girl probably thinks I want to shag or do something kinky.  “I’m sorry, snog is a kiss.  I’m asking for a kiss goodbye,” Skyler explained.

“OH!” Jessie giggled.  “I think a kiss can be arranged.”

The ebony haired woman leaned in and kissed Jessie soundly.  Jessie pulled Skyler’s head closer to her own so she could deepen the kiss.  Skyler shivered with delight.  She gently slid Jessie from her arms to the floor being sure that Jessie’s landing was soft. 

Then the taller woman again gathered the smaller woman in her arms pressing that beautiful body to her own.  Skyler sighed when hers and Jessie’s tongue tangled together.  She could feel her passion soaring when her hand brushed against Jessie’s breast feeling a hard nipple through the soft cotton tee.  Encouraged by the soft moans the blonde was making Skyler pulled Jessie even tighter against her body.  She kissed her way from Jessie’s soft lips down to her shapely neck.  Skylar began gently sucking the sweet flesh of Jessie’s throat into her warm wet mouth.

SLAM!  The two women jumped being startled when their romantic silence was shattered by Shannon and Becca bursting into the room. 

“OOOoooops.  Sorry.”  Shannon averted her eyes from the couple.

“You go, girl!” Becca cried then pointing to the door. “Should we leave so y’all can finish?”

Jessie blushed to the roots of her hair and buried her face in Skyler’s tee shirt.  Skyler laughed loudly holding the smaller woman in her arms gently rocking Jessie’s embarrassment away. 

“It’s ok.  I’d say we’re done for now,” Skyler started.  “Did my mates send you looking for me?” Skyler asked still holding Jessie firmly in her arms.

“Well not exactly,” Becca began wondering as she spoke where Victoria was. She and Shannon had come upstairs to find Jessie and Victoria.  The southern belle was taken completely by surprise when she found the tangled forms of Jessie and Skyler instead. 

Becca continued the answer to Skyler’s question., “Carol and Lisa were talking about heading out to some jazz club??  Something about see a group that y’all had plans to see.  Two doors….my door…”

“Second Door To The Left,” Shannon corrected.

“Yeah that’s right.  They were talking that y’all needed to head out soon because someone was waiting for y’all?” Becca paused waiting for Skyler’s memory to kick in.

“Damn.  Lizzy.  My dear mate Lizzy plays bass for the band.,  Skyler illuminated the group. “She called weeks ago saying she was going to be in town this weekend.  I can’t believe I forgot all about this!”

“Well ya must’ve had somethin’ else on your mind, hmmmm?”  Becca asked solicitously.

“Maybe,” Skyler replied while kissing Jessie’s hair. In the last few hours she had been consumed by thoughts of Jessie so it was no wonder that she had forgotten everything else that had come before their meeting this afternoon.

As Skyler spoke Jessie finally peeked out from the front of Skyler’s tee shirt.  Her facial color was just about normal by the time she came out of the seclusion of Skyler’s chest.  The blonde made no attempt to disengage herself from Skylar’s hold.  As a matter of fact Jessie snuggled in even more closely to the tall brunette.

“Anyway, Carol asked if we wanted to go with,”  Becca piped in. “We told them we’d like to go, but had to find Jessie and Victoria first.  So that’s what brought us up here in the first place.”

Raising Jessie’s chin, Skyler asked, “So do you want to go?  It should be outstanding.  Lizzie is amazing on the bass.  Carmen is a goddess on the piano.  Nina is a maniac on the drums and Tanya’s voice….”Skyler sighed remembering the beautiful dulcet tones of Tanya, “Tanya’s voice is as smooth as Sarda’s and as edgy as Billie Holiday’s.  They just cut their first CD so I don’t think it will be long before they’re famous.”

“Yeah, I’d love to go.”

“Excellent.” Skyler was ecstatic at the chance to spend more time with Jessie.

“Well that takes care of everyone that’s here, but what about Vic?  We shouldn’t go anywhere ‘til we find her?”  Shannon asked. “Was she up here when you guys got here?”

“Nope,” The two women chorused.

“When was the last time anyone saw her?”  Shannon’s voice betrayed her growing concern.

Everyone shook their heads while trying to remember when the last time they saw the tall dark brunette.  All agreed that Victoria hadn’t been seen since the end of the volleyball game.

“Maybe she came up and is in the shower or something?” Jessie offered.

Shannon walked around the edge of the antique bed.  Leaning down she flipped open the top of Victoria’s suitcase to see her toiletries neatly packed in the side pocket.  “She’s not in the shower, shampoo and stuff is still here,” Shannon said pointing at the suitcase on the other side of the bed.

“Maybe she took off in the car?”  Becca suggested worry coloring her tones.

All eyes were trained on Shannon who picked the rental car keys off the end table and shook them in the air.  The only sound in the room was the jingle of the keys as each wondered silently where Victoria had gotten to.

Skyler ended everyone’s musings when she spoke. “I wouldn’t worry mates, if the keys are here then so is Victoria.  She’s safe enough here at the mansion.  The guys will watch out for her. We probably keep missing her, this place is big enough.,  Skyler commented secretly hoping they wouldn’t find Victoria before they left so she could have Jessie all to herself a bit longer.

“Guys?  What guys? You talking about Jean Claude and his cronies?” Jessie asked, concern tinting her voice which was mirroring the same tones used by both Shannon and Becca.

Skyler laughed heartily. “Oh hell no!  I’m talking about Louis, Willie, and James.  They may seem mild mannered, but try to mess with someone living or visiting the mansion they become a pack of hungry wild pit bulls.  Trust me where ever she is, she’s safe.”

“I agree with Skyler, she’ll turn up sooner or later. Besides…” Becca said walking over to Shannon to retrieved the car keys from her tall friend’s hand. Shaking the keys aloft, “...we have places to go, people to see, jazz to listen to, and free drinks to consume.”   And all the drama to end.  Becca post scripted.  She was as concerned about Victoria as everyone else, but she needed time away from her to sort out what was going on in her own head and heart. 

“Free drinks?”  Skyler asked.

“Becca has not paid for a drink in six years,” Jessie answered.

“Six years?” Skyler exclaimed. “Weren’t you underage?”

“And your point is?” Becca said a coquettish lilt to her voice.  The sultry southerner turned and with flair all her own exited the room.  Shannon helped Jessie hop back up onto Skyler’s back before following Becca.  Lastly the pair tromped out the door, Jessie fumbling slightly when she closed the door, but other than that their exit was uneventful.

When the echoes of the group’s speech and foot falls had faded completely away Victoria scooted out from under the bed.  She sat up pressing her back against the tall bed again.  She pressed her hands to her ears trying to block out the Jessie’s words that seemed to resound through the quiet room. 

“Oh no no no…we are just friends.”

“We are just friends.”

“Just friends.”

 She dropped her head into her up turned palms.  What did I expect?  Afte rall, haven’t I spent months treating Jessie like a social pariah?  Now what….I expect her to not only forgive me, but care for me the way I care for her?   She mentally she shook herself. If you can’t be honest with her at least be honest with yourself.  You don’t just care for her, you’re falling in love with her. 

With that realization voiced in her mind the pain of the ‘just friends’ comment pierce her heart like an arrow.  For the second time in one day she allowed tears to flow from her eyes.  After long minutes had passed her tears began to abate. 

Victoria stood and somewhat wobbly walked back over to the other side of the bed where her suitcase sat. She flopped bonelessly onto the floor her revelations having sapped what little energy she had left.  Putting her mind on autopilot she slowly reached into the designer case and pulled out her toiletry bag, an oversized tee-shirt, and a set of silk panties.  She used the edge of the bed to help her get back to her feet.  She shuffled down the hallway toward the bathroom totally defeated.

Maybe I’ll feel better after I soak my head for awhile.


The club was packed by the time the girls had arrived.  Though Skyler may have temporarily forgotten her plans Lizzy did not.  The musician had reserved a table, front row right for her friends. 

“Shite,” Skyler cursed under her breath when she saw the overflow standing outside the door. 

A short black woman approached the group, who were busily discussing their options.  Tapping Shannon on the shoulder the woman asked, “Are you Skyler?”  Looking down at her clip board, “Skyler Blue?”

“I’m Skyler.”

“Your name is Blue Sky?” Jessie giggled into Skyler’s shell like ear. 

“Yes,” Skyler half growled over her shoulder.

“How cute is that?” She continued to giggle into Skyler’s ear.

“Aye, I could leave you here to be walkin’ in on your own,” Skyler threatened.

“Ahhh, you wouldn’t do that to me would you?” Jessie whispered these words seductively into Skylar’s ear.  Then she gently bit the sensitive flesh of her ear. She felt Skylar’s knees go weak for a split second before the taller woman regained the strength in her legs.  Stand….Set …..SCORE!!!! and the crowd goes wild. 

The short woman of color looked over at the tall dark woman who was carrying a smaller woman on her back.  She opened her mouth to ask the obvious question but then shut it, feeling that she really didn’t want to know the answer.  “Welcome.  I’m Jennade, I manage Second Door On The Left.  With the club so busy Lizzy thought I better come out and fetch y’all.”

“Thanks,” Skyler said gratefully.

“Follow me,” Jennade commanded more than directed.  The six women followed in the small woman’s wake.  The crowd parted before Jennade as if she was Moses parting the Red Sea.  It was truly breathtaking to watch such a small woman wield the power of a super hero.  It was no wonder Lizzy had chosen this woman to be their manager, she was a woman who obviously could get any job done.

“Is this chair taken?” Jeneade asked the members of the table next to the reserved table where the group would be sitting.  The group shook their head no.  Skyler grinned thinking they would probably say no even if the chair was in use. Without further words Jennade grasped the chair with strong hands and set it beside the other four at the girls’ table. The woman was about to commandeer another chair when Skyler spoke up.

“Jennade!  It’s ok, Jessie can just sit on my lap.”

“UmmmmHmmmmm,” Jennade replied her eyebrow rising to show her disapproval.

Shannon helped Jessie slide from Skyler’s back to the taller woman’s lap.  One by one Becca, Shannon, Carol, and Lisa took their places and settled in to listen to some amazing jazz and blues.

As Jessie and Becca had predicted drinks started arriving at the table the moment the girls were seated.  Soon the table was filled with tumblers, snifters, shotglasses, and wine goblets from the many faceless ardent admirers who had seen the group of attractive women enter the club. 

Second Door On the Left entered the club stage right to thunderous applause.  Lizzie winked at Skyler as they crossed the stage.  Skyler winked in return.

 The echoes of applause were replaced by the sweet strains of jazz music.  The group’s talents melded together perfectly producing an absolutely phenomenal performance which all the girls at the VIP table enjoyed immensely. 

Between each set Lizzie and her group came over to the table to enjoy a couple of drinks, which thanks to numerous admirers was not in short supply.

The hours of this special night passed all too quickly.  Before anyone knew what was happening last call was being announced.  The club by this time had cleared out with the exception of a few scattered tables that were filled with the drunk, the dazed, or the die hard fans of the band.  

After the last set Second Door tTo the Left said their goodbyes to their fans and friends.  Lizzie gave Skyler a big hug promising to keep in touch. 

From a shadowy corner of the dimly lit room dark eyes watched as Shannon helped Jessie onto Skyler’s back. Those mysterious eyes then followed the group of women until the closing door cut them off from sight.

To be continued part 9.

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