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Part II Back to 2525

Sarge and Hel are back the lab. Hel is very subdued, decoding a disk they found. Sarge is sitting on the table, downtrodden. The two women are both subdued, but Sarge is nothing short of nonplussed. Sure, she had been nothing but silent since Cleopatra’s departure, but Sarges’ feelings were much deeper then even she thought. It has been a week since the incident, and yet no plan of action had taken place. Sarge wanted to do something to get Cleo back, but her brain had remained frozen with shock when Cleo disappeared, and by the look of it, so was Hel’s. All Sarge knew was how sorry she was for failing to save Cleo. Now it was too late; Cleo was probably dead, having literally disinergrated in a prototype time machine. Hel looks over at Sarge. It was impossible to deny Sarge was going through something truly traumatic. Of course, it was obvious what was going on in Sarge’s brain; Cleo. Hel knew they needed to take some form of action right away, but now it was probably to late. Hel knew one thing for sure, however: It was impossible for her to pretend that she didn’t know what was going on between Sarge and Cleo any longer.

Hel: "Sarge…"

Sarge doesn’t look at Hel or make any movements but she tries her voice.

Sarge: (looking down) She’s gone because of me…"

Hel: (shaking her head in disbelief) What the hell are you talking about? You couldn’t have prevented that incident from happening. I know that, you know that, and I’m sure Cleo knows that too. Plus, she’s not a person to hold a grudge.

Sarge just shakes her head and leans her head in her hands.

Sarge: (Sounding dispirited and a little pist off) If I hadn’t had such a bad judge of character, I wouldn’t have helped Jake. If I hadn’t helped Jake, none of this would have happened.

Hel: (Looking concerned) Sarge, I told you, what I said about you putting the team in unnecessary danger was because I got all hot-headed at the thought of what Jake could’ve done to the Underground and surface! I hope that isn’t sticking in your head now!

Sarge looks as far away from Hel as possible. Hel decides it is time to confess what she knew.

Hel: (stern) Listin… I know how you felt, feel about Cleo… and how Cleo felt about you.

Sarge suddenly looks up and peers into Hels face, looking very shocked and a little angry. ‘God damnit, she must’ve spied on me and Cleo!’ she thought. With her eyes narrowed, she voices the only thing she can thing of at the moment.

Sarge: (quietly, but determind) Then you know I’m going to go find her.

Hel looks at Sarge. She knew of course it was about time they took a course of action, but it was probably too late now.

Hel: (Bemused) What?

Sarge: I’m going to find Cleo. She’s a part of this team, she’s our friend, and… you’re right, she is the keeper of my heart. We can’t just abandon her. We have to find her. (Closes her eyes and growls) You’re not going to stop me.

Voice: Hel, Sarge is right. You have to find Cleopatra. You know she is vital to almost every mission. And besides, Sarge is probably going to go whether you or I like it or not. And Cleopatra is alive. You know she is.

Hel: (stern) Sarge, if we’re going to do this, you have to promise me one thing.

Sarge: (rolls her eyes) What’s that?

Hel: (smirks) If you promise we will come back in one piece.

Sarge didn’t know what made her do it, but she smiles for the first time in a week. She nods, grabs her gauntlets and she and Hel make for the TimeTraveler.

In Gabrielle’s world

In the week that had passed in Sarge and Hels world, a year and a half had passed in the ancient world. In that period of time, Eve and Gabrielle had taught Cleo to fight with a staff, a pair of sais, and even a sword, the weapon she was best with. However, much had changed since Cleo had been separated from Sarge and Hel. In that year and a half, Cleo never lost faith in Sarge and Hel, that one day, they would find her. Yet, in the time Cleo wasn’t in 2525, she changed dramatically, both in appearance, and mind. Because she was exposed to more sun, Cleos body became tanned, her hair grew thinner and brighter, and her eyes turned from brown to forest green. The only thing that hadn’t changed was the light that shone ever brightly in Cleos eyes. When it comes to the mind, however, Cleo, you could say, had almost completely changed. About a week after Cleo arrived in this new time and place, she was captured and tortured by fearsome warriors referred to as Death Riders, lead by Alti, an evil woman that was thought to be imprisoned forever.

Alti, whom saw Cleo as a threat to her accumulating and regaining her old power, ordered her army of Death Riders to kidnap Cleo and kill her. In the process of Cleos torture, the vicious warriors badly damaged Cleos left shoulder, which became permanently injured. Luckily for Cleo, Eve found her before the warriors could do further damage. After that incident, Cleo had become stern as steel. Not only that, Cleopatra also began to be seasoned by war, more disciplined, and wiser. She became a solider, an officer whom led a rag tag army on to victory from an evil country and yet kept her innocence. In addition to all these things, Cleo also dropped her role as a stripper.

Cleopatra also saw the world. Learning new things from Eve and Gabrielle, she practically became a human compass and an excellent tracker. Also by learning why Alti tried to kill her, Cleopatra discovered her Amazon routes and became the destined ruler of the Amazons. However Cleopatra put her throne on Stewardship so she could see new lands and wait for her beloved Sarge to find her.

Though she never screamed anymore, Cleo silently cried herself to sleep every night, just as she had done in 2525. That year was beginning to feel more like home then the year 2000 had, and once again she was torn away from her loved ones. But, during daylight, thanks to the Death Riders, Cleo became as stern as iron, not even recognizable to her old self.

On Other Track

Sarge and Hel appear out of thin air and are sent among the forest floor. Hel falls on a very sharp rock. Sarge lands facefirst in the dirt. Looking very windswept, Sarge regains her composure and finds her balance. Once she’s on her feet, Sarge looks around, impressed with the landscape the TimeTraveler sent them to. It looked a lot cleaner then 2525. Sarge notices Hel is still on the ground, rubbing her side. She bends down and helps Hel to her feet.

Sarge: (Smirks) well… it could’ve been worse. At least we know Cleo hasn’t vaporized.

Hel: (grimaces) Sarge, will you speak for yourself? You didn’t land on a very keen-edged rock.

Sarge suddenly goes temporarily deaf. Right next to where she landed Sarge spots a sword and a bracelet.

She doesn’t know what the sword is for, but she recognizes the bracelet right away; it had once belonged to Cleopatra, giving proof she was there. However, now the bracelet is filthy and old, suggesting Cleo had been there for a long time. Sarge doesn’t look at all happy at the suspicion. She picks up the bracelet and examines it.

Sarge: (apprehensive) Hel, Cleo was only here for a week, right?

Hel: (shakes her head) The time pattern in each era is different. Here, I think the time pattern is a lot faster, so in 2525 it is a lot slower.

Sarge: (scowls) You can’t be telling me she has been here for years on end!

Hel: Don’t go insane, Sarge. Cleo definitely hasn’t been here for years. Probably months. At the most, a year and a half. If we stayed in 2525 longer, the time Cleo spent here would’ve been longer.

Sarge: (Frowns) maybe we should ask around. Maybe someone knows where Cleo is.

Hel nods.

Sarge looks at the bracelet. Memories flood into her mind, memories of the times she and Cleo had together. (Flashbacks; Sarge dragging Cleo over the edge of the shaft, Cleo refusing to jump down the shaft, then Sarge pushing her with a smirk, Hel and Sarge kneeling next to Cleo right after Johnny dies, Cleo crying on Sarge’s shoulder, they hug, they kiss) Right before Sarge falls in another swoon, a woman’s voice calls out to them.

A woman’s voice: HEY!

Sarge is brought out of her trance. Her and Hels eyes fall upon a redhead with hazel eyes, long hair and wearing animal skins. Hel looks suspicously at the redhead, whom looks as if she is more then capable of murder.

Hel: Who are you?

Woman: (eyes narrowed) It’s me that should be asking that, intruders. Who are you?

Hel and Sarge introduce themselves.

Sarge: (teeth gritted) You still haven’t answered our question. Who are YOU?

Woman: My name is Amarice! And to let you know, you both are lucky the tribe isn’t here! You wouldn’t be anything but blood and guts by now. Strangers like yourselves aren’t permitted to be on Amazon territory unless you get permission.

Hel: (confused) A—Amazon…?

Amarice: (not listening) I think you should come to the tavern. You both look bruised and filthy. (At this Sarge smirks) It’ll give you time to recuperate.

Sarge: Hel and I are looking for someone!

Amarice: (grins) Well, you can explain at the tavern. If you stay out here much longer, wild men and other barbarians will stampede all over you.


Amarice: (sitting down at a table) well…whom are you searching for?

Hel: (also sitting down) Sarge and I are looking for this young woman named Cleopatra. She’s about Sarges height, has short blonde hair, bright brown eyes and she screams a lot.

Sarge: (eyes narrowed) Have you seen her?

Amarice thinks carefully. She definitely knows that the destined ruler of the Amazons was named Cleopatra, and that she put everything on stewardship until she returned. ‘That was only a few weeks ago, too’ Amarice thought. However, she did have blonde hair, was about the blonde woman’s height, and though her eyes were forest green, Amarice knew Cleopatra’s eyes used to be brown and full of light. Wait…she meet Cleopatra! Gabrielle and Eve introduced her to her right before they went back to Gabrielle’s homeland, a few weeks ago! They were going back to see if THESE people were there!

Amarice: (excitedly) I’ve seen her! I’ve met her before, only a few weeks ago! She was with this woman named Gabrielle and they where searching for two people, and you two fit the description! (Beams)

Hel: You have meet Cleo?

Amarice: Yes. I know she used to scream a lot, but when I meet her, she was deadly serious.

Hel: (whispers to Sarge) I guess in the time Cleo was here, she must’ve changed.

Sarge: (snaps) I know.

Out of the blue, Sarge suddenly looks at Cleo’s bracelet, then the sword. The sword meant nothing to Sarge, but the bracelet sure did. Although jewelry disgusted her, the fact that the bracelet once belonged to Cleo erased that notion. However, the thought of the old bracelet vanished as Sarge spotted a cloaked woman starring at her. Sarge suddenly felt a keen mistrust for the woman, whom had a sinister look about her, a dangerous look.

Sarge: (Pointing) Amarice, who is that woman over by the door?

Amarice: (frowning) That’s Liv. She isn’t an Amazon, and she isn’t a native to a land nearby. My people don’t trust her, but since she looks so dangerous, we don’t bother with her. We don’t know too much about Liv, but we know this; she’s a nomad. (Looks at Liv) I wonder why she’s starring at you, Sarge?

Liv, Sarge notices, is looking at her with the keenest look of curiosity on her face. ‘Liv looks a lot like me, only with brunet hair’, Sarge thought to herself. Sarge’s thoughts are brooded on this until her thoughts are turned back to her solemn love, Cleo. She was alive, at least, that much they knew. Oh, how she missed just looking into those bright wide eyes. ‘I wonder what she’s doing now. If she really did change, maybe she’s kicking the shit out of some ass-hole right now!’ Sarge ponders, then smirks. Then her thoughts turn back to the bracelet, Cleo’s bracelet. Sarge frowns at it then figures she might as well keep it safe until they return it to Cleo. Sarge slips it onto her wrist, but the next thing that happened Sarge was unprepared for. Everything turned black, except for herself. Her gauntlets disappear, then only to be replaced by animal skins. Her hair falls out of the style Cleo gave it. The sword is in Sarges’ hands, and with a jolt she understands what it is used for. Then this wicked woman appears out of nowhere, and smiles evilly at Sarge. She takes out a sword and waves it in her face, saying, " We’re coming for you, Cyrene! There is no escape for you!" Sarge notices the bracelet is flashing, and tries to rip it off before the evil woman can impel her with her sword. However, it takes all of her strength to rip it off. When Sarge is finally free of the bracelet, everything is bright and friendly again. The wicked woman is gone, also. However, when Sarge looks at Hel and Amarice, they were both looking at Sarge with a look of utter disbelief on their faces. Hel looked nothing short of nonplussed. Sarge notices Liv is looking at her with a look of deep resentment and annoyance on her face. It was a peculiar look. ‘What the hell is going on?!’ Sarge thought.

Hel: Amarice, exactly how much alcohol is in this?

Amaice: You’re not drunk, Hel. I think I know what that bracelet is, now. (She spots Liv striding towards them) Looks like Liv wants to chat with you Sarge!

Sarge looks at Liv, whom has just sat down right next to Sarge.

Liv: (looks at Hel and Amarice) You two won’t mind, will you? (Amarice shakes her head)

Liv: (glaring at Sarge, in a very angry voice) I heard stories about you, and they don’t say anything about you being as stupid as you were right now! Stupid, putting that thing on!

Sarge: (glaring back, matching Liv’s anger) Stupid? Excuse me, but that bracelet belonged to my friend Cleo. I don’t know what happened, but you have NO right to call me stupid when I didn’t know what the hell that bracelet would do to me!!!

Liv: (angrily) Well, because you put that thing on, Death Riders are going to start hounding you down, because that bracelets power has called them!

Sarge glances outside the nearest window to find vilagers shrieking, and sure enough, gruesome looking figures on horses brandishing swords high.

Sarge: (nonplussed) Oh, shit.

Amarice and Hel: Ditto.

Liv: Listen, Amarice, you know me better then you think, but I won’t say anything now. We have to get out of the Amazon lands and make it to your allies’ homeland, Potidaea.

Amarice: I know we have to get out of here!!! If those warriors gain control of the bracelet and hand it to Alti, she’ll destroy the Amazon heritage we’ve tried to rebuild.

Hel: Who’s Alti?

Liv: (stern) Listen, you have to trust me. We must get out of here and travel north to Potidaea.

Amarice: That’s where Gabrielle, Eve and Cleopatra were headed. We were planning to go there!

Liv: I’m aware of that. Well, you two are going to need protection if necessary. (Takes out two small knives and hands them to Sarge and Hel)

Sarge: (annoyed) We have protection already, Liv.

Liv: I’m also aware of that. I know where you come from! Those lasers won’t work here, Sarge. Sure, you may be able to shoot at the enemies here, but your blasts will only go through them like a phantom.

Hel: How’d you know—?

Liv: We must leave now!

The four women head out the backway, undetected. They head into a shabby but large barn-looking cabin. This is the stable. Amarice and Liv’s horses are waiting patiently for their masters to board them.

Liv: It’ll take too long to travel on foot. Potidaea is 12 miles north of here.

Amarice: (suspicious) How do we know you’re not going to kill us in our sleep?

Liv: (annoyed) I told you, Amarice, you are going to have to trust me! You know me better then you think!

Hel: Amarice, we have no choice, but to trust her. You and she know more about the dangers here then we do.

Liv smiles. The smile changes her look completely. She no longer looks capable of murder, but instead she looks like a loving, yet stern young woman. This makes Sarge believe that Liv possibly knew Cleo, and also makes her trust her. Liv and Amarice leap onto their horses.

Liv: Sarge, you can ride behind me. Hel, you come up behind Amarice. We’ll teach you how to ride these steeds later. (Pats Braveheart fondly) Right now just isn’t the time.

When Sarge and Hel climb up onto the horses, Liv and Amarice signal them to floor it.

Liv and Amarice: HOLD ON!

They ride north. Liv leads them to the edge of the forest. They enter it and follow the path. Amarice looks uneasily around at their surroundings.

Amarice: (uneasily) We have to be careful. It is easy to get lost in here.

Liv: I’ve traveled this forest many times. When we stop to make camp, we’ll chose Mt. Klarck as our haven. It’s halfway to our destination, so we’ll have to be swift. No rest in-between.

Sarge: (Glaring ahead) Who said anything about rest?

Amarice: (concerned) Sarge, what are you taking about?

Liv: Amarice, she is in love with the person she’s looking for. I mean, if you lost someone you love dearly and search for them, you’d want to find him or her as soon as possible, wouldn’t you?

Sarge: (Jerks her head up) How’d you know—?

Liv: (smirks) I told you Sarge, I’ve met Cleo before. She told me she loved you more then anything else, and that she would give anything to see you again.

Sarge: (Disbelieving) After all this time, Cleo never lost faith in me or Hel…?

Liv: (grins) Not that I know of.

Sarge continues to jerk her head behind her and look off into the trees. She doesn’t feel right; instead she feels impending danger. She spots dark figures pass within the trees, glinting strangely. Liv begins to look uncomfortable, suggesting she feels the same way. No birds are chirping, nor any animals making noises. It is beginning to get too quiet.

Liv: We should speed up. It’s beginning to get too quiet here. (The other women nod their heads)

Suddenly, three vicous looking Death Riders appear on horses right behind them, seemingly out of nowhere. Hel spots them.

Hel: (shouts) If we should speed up, Liv, IT SHOULD BE NOW!

Their horses take off as fast as they can, with the acceleration of an 80-speed car. As Liv looks behind them she notices the warriors are not at all drifting far from sight. Hel looks behind also, and realizes the warriors have swords raised high, long, razer-sharp black swords raised high ready to strike the first thing that gets by them

Liv and Amarice: C’MON! FASTER!

Amarice and Livs horses go faster. Sarge and Hel hang on tight, bracing themselves for something cold and razer sharp to strike them. Amarice looks behind again; the warriors are matching their speed! For all they know, their horses could be faster then theirs! Sarge stops looking behind and looks ahead; she finds a mountain stream! Liv also sees this and laughs. Death Warriors/Riders can’t run through pure water!


Amarice nods. However, all three of the warriors are advancing on them, all aiming for Sarge. She feels impending darkness creep into her brain, darkness and fear. She suddenly feels an urge to put on the bracelet and cut her wrists with the sword. The urges are unstoppable. Sarge takes out the bracelet and is about to put it on when she feels something slap across her face, something wet and solid. Sarge is brought out of the darkness, for Liv had slapped her with her hand and cold, pure water. Liv must’ve noticed Sarges’ urges. It was a good, no, great thing Liv slapped her, because the urges wouldn’t have stopped.

The Death Riders’ horses all stood up on their hind legs and shrieked and neighed. Then, they backtracked.

Liv: (Relieved) Sarge, I know the bracelet was tempting you. Do you have any idea way?

Sarge: (Winces) Not a clue…

Liv: (sighs) That sword you have and the bracelet was heirlooms to the Amazon tribe. They were, until, Alti stole them and controlled its power. Alti, using her powers, changed the heirlooms from good to evil, and only one other person besides Alti can control them. However, if we don’t find the true heir, or if the heir refuses the throne, Alti will find the heirlooms, and kill all people of Amazon heritage and descent. A long time ago, the bracelet was sent to the year 2000, and that’s how Cleopatra acquired it. However, when Cleo found out its uses, she threw it away.

Amarice looks around. She is aware that if they stick around, the Death Riders will launch another attack.

Amarice: We gotta pick up the pace. Mt. Klarck isn’t to far from here. (The other women nod)

End of Part II of TimeTraveler

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