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TimeTraveler: Part III;

The Second pursuit; Cleo’s Return

Sarge, Hel, and Amarice surveyed the Mt. Klarck up and down. On the contrary it looked more like a large hill with an Inn at the top, but they weren’t complaining, at least Hel and Amarice weren’t. Sarge was none short of restless. The sight of what was before her caused yet another burning desire to find Cleo; Cleopatra would’ve complained or said something Sarge probably would’ve smirked at.

Liv caught sight of Sarge’s restless demeanor. "It won’t do a bit of good riding around in the dark", she explained sternly. "We’re most likely to get lost or attacked, and the Death Warriors would love to pull a kill at night. It’s best if we stay were we are." Sarge glared at her. "Those excuses for humans are currently up our ass!" Sarge growled, yet trying to keep her voice even. It was her temper that always caused her to do rash things. It was always best to control it. However, she continued to growl. "They’ll find us anyway!" she hissed.

Liv suddenly smiled. As she saw it, Sarge felt her anger melt away. She felt all of a sudden as if she could have smacked herself. Liv spoke. "It’s alright if they do," she said grinning, "because I’m a champion when it comes to sword dueling and they’ll be whimpering away if I haven’t killed them. I also," Liv turned to face Sarge, "taught Cleo how to use one." Sarge felt her mind go blissfully blank. Cleopatra, using a sword, actually being fierce?

Camp had been set up. The old Inn that the four women had spotted on their arrival was now occupied, as Amarice was using the old kettle to fry fish.

Hel and Liv were now talking at the base of the mountain or at least they were; Liv was obviously teaching Hel to use a sword. By the looks of it, Hel had picked up and was becoming a natural at using a sword. Sarge was watching and always found an opportunity to laugh whenever Hel dropped her sword; it was a little obvious that she had her fingers cut. Sarge wasn’t eating however. She wouldn’t admit it but she was worried. The mere thought of the Death Warriors gave her such a chill that the discomfort was frightening, not to mention she was also worried for Cleo and Hel’s safety; what if one of them were impaled by the warriors sword? As Sarge began thinking of all of these things, her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Her eyes shut and she began to douse…

Sarge was in the lab… Mauser was there, calculating evidence that Raina wasn’t dead. Sarge felt the dread of Cleo going with her to rescue Hel. Cleopatra stepped into the lab with a look of utmost terror on her face. She begun to ramble.

"Thingy-weird… black… cold." She raved. Sarge held her close, not at all knowing what this was about, even more confused at what Cleo looked like and what she was wearing; shining armor, with flowing robes covering them. Also Cleo’s hair was longer and her skin was tanned. Her eyes were no longer brown, but a dark green. Sarge shook her.

"Cleo, what’s going on, is Raina coming?!", She inquired. Cleo shook her head, looking disdainful. "NO.", She shouted, "HOODED…ROBES…DISGUSTING! BLACK. SHINY!". Cleo gave another shudder. Sarge held her close to stop the shivering.

"Sweetheart," Sarge tried again, "Please, what’s going on? What happened to you? Please tell me. I don’t know what to do!" Cleo finally came to her senses. She looked so serious that Sarge was a little frightened. She actually was no longer recognizable to the Cleo Sarge was looking at a minute ago. "They’re coming," Cleo hissed, "The death riders who are responsible for my torture are coming." Just as sudden as Cleo said it, Sarge was woken up by Hel’s shout.

"Get up!" she hissed, "It’s like you said, the Warriors are hounding us down, and obviously they have found were we made camp." Amarice was standing right next to her, looking slightly ashamed of herself. Hel looked at her, frowning. "She started an open outdoor fire," she explained, "That’s how they found us." Amarice looked slightly embarrassed. Sarge struggled to stand up. It was a little difficult now that it was a little past midnight, not to mention Sarge was slightly woozy from her douse. She knew however, that she really ought to get into a fighting mood. Liv came through out of the darkness, looking amazingly calm. "All we have to do," she said sternly, "is stand in a circle back to back facing our enemies. Sarge, you don’t know how to use your sword. All you have to do is try to stick the pointed end of the blade into the neck, chest or head, though these things aren’t even alive." She stated with deguist.

The four women waited, all of them looking in their direction in the darkness. None of them saw a thing, not a swish of the cloak, or a glimmer of their black swords. Yet they all waited, expecting… Readying themselves for fierce hand to hand combat.

At last, when they least expected it, a horse cried in the darkness. It sounded as though it was on Liv’s side, so she readied herself. However, it charged at her and LEAPED OVER HER, RIGHT WERE SARGE WAS STANDING!

The black stallion pushed Sarge flat on her back. The snout of the stallion was level with Sarge’s face. She almost passed out because of the putrid breath. The warrior riding the horse climbed off it and drew out his long black sword. Another one of his companions glided to his side. He reached out his hand to make a grab for Cleo’s bracelet. Sarge grimaced and kicked his hand out of the way, all the while fighting to keep a cool head. As the death rider glided backwards, Sarge leaped to her feet and sleathed her small piece of metal that Liv gave her to defend herself. The rider with the sword said something in his dark tongue. Sarge had no idea what he said and didn’t care; all she wanted was to find Cleopatra before they did. Sarge raised her sword high, as rider #1 did the same. He waved it high and brought it down on Sarge, who edged out of the way in time. She drove her weapon at the monsters head, though it didn’t do much good, for he merely gave his weapon a tilt and Sarge’s sword went flying. Seizing his chance, the warrior lifted the hilt high and brought the point down into Sarge’s side in one swift motion.

"Sarge!!!" shouted Hel, but too late. With a look of extreme pain on her face, Sarge slowly fell to the ground. Only when she hit the grass did she let out out a blood-curling yell. As Sarge sighted Liv and Amarice holding off the warriors with pure skill, as she gazed about her friend who she had known so long sitting by her side, she realized she had let a form of evil overcome her. With that last dark thought, her world spun around in growing darkness.

It has been 4 days since the attack. Liv had stated they were not going to rest any longer until they reached their original destination. Sarge’s health was not improving. On the contrary, she seemed to be getting worse. Hel was becoming more and more impatient. They were lucky enough to escape, and as of right now they were in grave peril. The riders were still hunting the four women down, and there was no chance to escape them.

It was night. The warriors’ cries are close. Sarge keeps passing in and out of consciousness. The women are near their goal. However, it looked like Sarge might not make it through the night. Her skin was pale with yellow blotches, her brown eyes weren’t reflecting anymore light, and she couldn’t speak nor eat. Hel sat by her side through it all. Liv looked out into the trees as if she was waiting for something. Amarice finally broke the silence. "Liv, are you looking for something?" she asked jerkily.

Liv shook her head. "No…" she answered, "I just heard something, and it’s not a death rider". Hel smiles grimly. "You must be hearing things, Liv", she states gravely, "There isn’t anyone else in this forest except us and those…things."

Sarge let out a groan. She couldn’t stop herself; the pain was so much. Liv looked at her with tears in her eyes. "We have to get moving," she said. "Poseidina isn’t too far now. Hey, Amarice!" She suddenly exclaimed, "Maybe you could find a herb that will keep Sarge alive until we get there?" Amarice nodded, "I’ll see what I can find".

A half an hour later, Amarice was spotted running back as fast as she could with a bush of poison ivy leaves and a severe rash on her hands. Hel gave the leaves an unsure look. "You’ve got poison ivy", she stated quietly. Liv, however, took the bushel straight out of her hands and placed one of the leaves in her kettle.

She shook it vigorously for two minutes then held it to Sarge’s mouth. Sarge, who was watching the whole thing, have her a disgruntled look. Liv sighed impatiently. "It’s a herb." she whispered, "It comes at a price where you have a bad itch on your hands for a few weeks, but when it’s made into a tea, the ivy is suppose to keep the poison itself from flowing through your body for a few hours, and as of right now, that’s all we need."

Amarice nodded. "POISON-IVY… It’s an antidote to poison." Hel still looked a little confused, though she didn’t put up much of a fight when her companion began to gulp down the antidote in swift motions. Amarice stood up. "I’m gonna look for anyone that can help us. Maybe there’s someone else out there." Liv looked at her. "Precisely what I was doing before," she muttered. As Amarice made her way out into the trees, Sarge started to look better. Her skin was still pale, but the yellow blotches were disappearing and her eyes reflected light. Hel noticed this and sat once again by her side. "How ya feeling?" she asked. Sarge shrugged and answered weakly, "Crappy… can’t wait to get the hell out of here." Hel grinned. Sarge never did like forest areas even when they were back in 2525.

Before she had time to brood on this, Hel saw Amarice walking back with a hooded figure. Getting the feeling of suspicion all over again, she regained her feet and walked over to Liv. However, Liv blotted upright and strode over to Amarice and the hooded person. Liv studied the dark figure as relief spread all over her face. She smiled. Hel finally reached the two women. She had no clue what was going on, and wanted to know what was happening. "What’s going on, and who are you?" she asked, gesturing to the hooded figure. The cloaked person studied Hel with keen interest. Hel looked at her with a numb expression on her face. Finally, the hooded person spoke. "Hi, Hel!" she greeted in a cheery voice. The voice sounded a little familiar… A LITTLE TOO FAMILIAR. Hel raised her eyebrows as the hooded women lowered her hood, only to revel the young and changed girl they had been searching for.

Sarge couldn’t see hardly anything. The only thing she could see was a light that was slowly becoming brighter and bigger. A voice sounded, calling Sarges’ name. It was too familiar, could it be what she thought it was? "Sarge!" the voice said, "Wake up!"

Sarge opened her eyes. There leaning over her was her one true love and soulmate.


Continued in part #4.

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