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Subtext: I will not give away anything like that. However, there is a relationship between two pairs of women that is loving and may be graphic in parts. If you don't like it, then don't read this.

TimeTraveler: Part IV;

The Rescue

"Sarge!" Cleo cried with a very distressed expression on her face, pulling her upward to look her in the face. "What the hell happened? Are you ok?!" Liv looked away. Cleo turned her brilliantly tanned face to her. "Eve," she said, "Do you know what hit her?" Hel glanced from Cleo to Liv, looking skeptical. "Did you just call her Eve, Cleo?" she asked. Cleopatra looked at her. "Eve's usually called Liv because of her old name, Livia," she explained. "But her real name is Eve." Liv, or Eve, looked embarrassed.

Sarge suddenly began to flail and twist in her resting-place. She began to shriek. Eve and Cleo leaped by her side. Cleo felt her pulse. Her face went into a shade of white faster then when she had arrived. "SHE'S not doing good. Whatever antidote you gave her, its wearing off." She stated. Eve ran over to her horse and brought him over. Cleo closed her eyes and sniffed the air. With a jerk her eyes snapped open again. Cleo's face showed a mighty fierceness and glare so determined that Hel knew exactly what was on Cleos mind. "They're coming," she hissed. 'The undead warriors approaches."

As soon as she said it, a horrible cry filled the air. The death Keepers were advancing!

Eve glared into the darkness. "Cleo," she ordered, "I want you to stay her with the others, and protect them!" Sarge looked over at Cleo, who was leaning over her and shaking her head. "No," she stated defiantly. "I'll take Sarge. I'm the faster rider Eve. I know exactly were the healer is at! You know that, don't you?!". Cleopatra gave Eve a furious look.

A defeated Eve smiled and nodded. "Yeah, you're right. Let me help you get Sarge on Brutas."

Eve and Cleo heaved Sarge on the white horse. That maneuver made Sarge's pain return in pure agony. Cleo looked at her with a worried expression on her face. She tied her down quickly. Cleo jumped on Brutas and grasped the reins. "Sarge, hold on around my waist," Cleo ordered. Sarge did just that, then shrieked in pain. Cleo turned her head with a jerk and looked behind her; she could see the warriors at a 50-meter distance!

Eve glared up at her. "GO NOW! DON'T LOOK BACK!" She shouted. Cleopatra pulled the reins and yelled, "Let's go Brutas!"

With a jolt, Brutas, Cleo and Sarge bolted into the forest terrain. Hel looked livid with worry and agitation. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" She shouted after them. "THE DEATH KEEPERS ARE IN FRONT OF YOU!!!" Eve put a hand on Hels shoulder. "They'll be fine," she assured her, "Sarge is in good hands. Cleo and her will be fine, she knows what she's doing." Hel let out an exasperated sigh. Just as she began to calm down, the death warriors' steeds leaped out of the shadows over Hel and took after Cleo.


Brutas stomped through the grass; he stomped in between trees. Cleo glimpsed at Sarges pale face and the yellow blotches on her face, which were becoming more pronounced then ever. She never looked this sick even when she lost her second kidney, Cleo thought. She glared ahead. She knew she had to get Sarge to the healer FAST, or there wouldn't be any chance for her to live. Cleo tried to hold back her own tears. She, Cleo, had finally found her soulmate and love, and now her soulmate was minutes away from being torn from her forever. Not only that, but there was also the imposing threat of the death keepers, whom had tortured her while she had been a prisoner of war. That was the reason her right knee was injured and her shoulder had scars on it. Cleo pulled back the reins again to speed up the pace. She could sense the warriors catching up; she could sense their approach. Cleo tilted her head. They were gaining farther.

Sarge woke up. Oh, was the pain in her side horrendous! She looked up at her lover, and made an effort to smile dispute her pain. She tried her voice. "Hey, sweetie." Sarge greeted weakly. Cleo looked back at her sweetheart, and grinned widely. "Hi!" she smiled, "Feeling better?" Sarge attempted to shake her head. "No… this feels worse then when I lost my other kidney… though," Sarge smirks, "leaning on your back has its comforts." Cleo beamed, then frowned. She needed so much to hold Sarge at this moment, yet she couldn't, instead she had to get her to help. Cleo kept her eyes on the path ahead of her, pulling the reins on the horse to speed up the pace. Sarge grimaced against her pain, and tried her voice again, this time to say what she was feeling for her friend and lover. "Cleo," she began, "When the TimeTraveler threw you to this time," she paused to rest, then began again, "There were so many things I had wanted to tell you, but because of my stubbornness, I couldn't." Cleo glanced back at Sarge, and with a twinge of happiness saw that Sarge was looking solemn, even though her wound tortured her. "I need you to know," she continued, "that even though we've been separated, I love more then anything else in this world, or any world. I'm so sorry I let the TimeTraveler take you to this time. You mean more to me then life itself. I want to be with you forever." Cleo gave Sarge a loving smile. She took one of her hands off the reins and held Sarges hand with it. Oh, how she missed touching Sarges hand. She missed kissing her; she missed holding her… OH, GET A GRIP, CLEO, She thought to herself, Sarge is dying and all you can think about is making out with her! I mean, its been a real long time, but still-

Suddenly, Sarge yelled out in pain. Cleo felt her hand twitch painfully. Sarge was going into seizures! "Sarge!!!" Cleo shouted. "Hold on!!!" As soon as she said it, a black arrow whizzed past her right ear. With swift reflexes Cleo caught it and turned around. A horrible cry filled the midnight air; the death keepers had caught up with them!


Meanwhile, Hel, Amarice and Eve were running swiftly across the dark, rough terrain. They were trying desperately to catch up with their friends. Amarice, who was paying no attention to were she was going, tripped over a rock. Everyone stopped in their tracks as Hel bent down and helped Amarice to her feet. "Nothing broken, right?" she asked her. Amarice grinned like a maniac. "None that I can tell! Lets keep running!" Eve laughed at Hels expression as Amarice bolted ahead. "She's an Amazon," she joked. "They're known for their love of being restless." Hel allowed a grin. Maybe this bunch weren't so bad after all.

Eve and Hel started sprinting again. However, after 2 minutes they stopped when Amarice was heard shouting "OW!"

"Maybe this time she broke something," Eve joked. Hel nodded. This time they walked. They kept an eye open in case Amarice was lying on the ground. However, they didn't see any sign of her. They continued to walk. As Hel paired over the dark horizon, something shuffled in the darkness. As Hel went to investigate, Eve came to a halt, a look of dawning comprehension on her face. Hel looked closer, and saw someone behind her holding a pair of Sais to her throat. Eve grinned. "Looks like I'm in deep shit," she groaned. The shadowed figure gave a teasing laugh. "This is so not Xena's daughter nor the Messenger! She wouldn't be off her guard." Eve and Hel both looked at the figure. She lowered her hood, reveling blonde shoulder length hair and emerald eyes. She had a teasing look on her face. Eve gave out another exasperated sigh.



Brutas bolted forward. Cleo braced herself for the impounding speed of her steed. Yet the warriors were still advancing, they were gaining speed as well! "C'MON BRUTAS!" Cleo commanded with a yell. The horse speed up, leaving a small distance between the death keepers and the two women.

Sarges pain was doubling, then tripling. It seemed as if as the warriors got closer, the pain became more and the poison ran through the veins faster. She lost consciousness. More arrows were shot at the pair as the women tried to flee their enemies. Cleo caught each one, although there wasn't any need; the death keeper's aim was negitory. However, they were catching up! "BRUTAS, HURRY! CHARGE FORWARD!" Cleo shouted. Brutas did just that, keeping their distance between themselves and the warriors. Blood was flowing from Sarges wound now, though it wasn't red; it was GREEN! Cleo took note of this. "It's gonna be alright, Sarge!," she assured her. Just as she said it, the death warriors fell behind. Cleo felt slightly perplexed at this… and confused. What were they doing? As Cleo pondered this, the answer charged right in front of her face! Three more death keepers were charging at her and Sarge with their swords raised! Cleo sucked in breath. She knew what she had to do, though it was her biggest fear; she would have to have Brutas jump over the death warriors. Cleo always had problems with this, but she knew what to do nevertheless. She charged at the death keepers head-on! Just as she was about to collide with them, she pulled back hard on the reins! Brutas SOARED over the black steeds. As they landed, a souring feeling in Cleo's stomach disappeared as they charged forward once again. Cleo looked back at the death keepers; they were so behind now! This gave Cleo a chance to look at Sarge. She looked better now they were away from the warriors, but she was unconscious. Cleo looked ahead; they were approaching the spring! Cleopatra smiled. They were finally safe! Death keepers will be destroyed if they run through pure water! They crossed the silvery white foam and stopped. Sarge was going into epileptic shock!


"Yes, Eve, Amarice ran into me as I was trying to find you." Gabrielle explained as she rode her horse with pure acceleration. "I swear, Amarice, you seriously need to start watching where you're going." Amarice looked sheepish as she rode her steed. Hel and Eve looked at one another and quietly sniggered. They approached the spring. Eve looked down at the horse tracks. "Looks like our friends have been here!" she said gesturing to the houvprints. Hel elbowed her in the side. Eve cursed and said, "What?" Hel pointed. "Our friends are still here!" And sure enough, up ahead was Cleo trying to revive a seemingly dead Sarge.


"C'mon Sarge wake up!" Cleo yelled while she performed CPR. It was no use… Sarge was dead. Giving up hope, Cleo threw herself over her lover and silently sobbed. Suddenly, she heard sounds. She raised her head to see Gabrielle and the others charging towards her. Cleo waved without any enthusiasm. When Gabrielle approached Cleo she dismounted her horse and knelt by her side. "Is she…" Gabrielle began. Cleo put up her hand to silence her and nodded. Hel also knelt beside Cleo and felt Sarges pulse. She grinned. "Cleo… she isn't gone…yet." Cleo looked up. "Is there something we can do for her?" Cleo asked. As she asked this, Gabrielle took out a purple herb and canteen from her knapsack. She placed the leaf into the canteen and shook. "Cleo, extend Sarge's arm." She ordered carefully. Cleo did what she what she was asked. Gabrielle then poured a little of the antidote onto the wound. The yellow blotches disappeared from the wound and Sarges face at once. Color that was drained from her face was returned a little. Gabrielle tilted Sarges head and poured the liquid down her throat. Cleo braced herself for the coughing. However, instead of choking, Sarge opened her eyes, which now fully reflected light. Sarge still looked slightly peaky, but she spoke with the usual voice she spoke with on a normal basis.

"What the hell happened?" she asked wearily. Cleo didn't answer. All she did was throw herself over Sarge and held her tight. Sarge grimaced. "OWWW…" She moaned. Cleo then loosened her grip on her lover and cupped Sarges face in her hands. "Oh, Sarge…I thought I lost you!" Cleo gasped. Sarge touched the face of the girl she thought was lost to her forever. She smiled. "You know you could never lose me, Cleo," she stated. Those words caught Sarge by surprise. She never had it good with words before, but now it seemed as if her feelings took control of her voice. However, now, even though their friends surrounded them, as far as Sarge and Cleo were concerned, they were alone. Cleo grabbed the back of Sarges neck and pulled her close. She loved the feel of Sarges muscular body against hers. Sarge loved the way Cleos' eyes twinkled when she touched her. Cleo kissed Sarge's bottom lip, releasing the passion she had felt for a full year and a half. She then covered Sarges' with her own. They became engaged in a very passionate kiss, which was broken by the fake cough of Gabrielle and Hel. Sarge then passed out in exhaustion and happiness. Cleo smiled grimly. She and the others were tired. They had to get to Poisiondia, which was only 10 minutes away. Cleo stood up impressively and turned to her four other friends. "Can you help me get her on the horse? She's still very weak and we have to get moving". They helped Cleo get Sarge on the horse. Cleo then turned to Hel, grinning. "Oh, by the way, it's great to see you Hel!" Hel grinned back. "Ditto", she answered.

Gabrielle mounted onto her horse. "Let's get moving." She said.

Continued in part #5.

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