More Than There Are Stars

by loubug

Disclaimers: This is an uber story. The characters are mine even though they resemble two great gals we know and love . This story is about two women in love who express that love physically. If that is not your thing, you should read something else. I would love to know what you think about the story...I crave feedback. Thanks to Alina, sweetheart...darling ;-) (your encouragement persuaded me to post this) ...

Part 5

In dreams…I walk with you

In dreams…I talk to you

In dreams…You're mine all of the time

We're together…In dreams…Beautiful dreams………………….Roy Orbison

In the silence of the night, two souls prepared for journey. Robin drifted off to an easy slumber, with visions of Sarah laughing and dancing. The tired commander could still feel the weight of Sarah in her arms. She didn't question it. She only followed that warm feeling into another world. A dream world…

Sarah closed her eyes and smiled as Robin's face filled her dreams. She reached out to caress the beautiful face in front of her, hoping it wouldn't fade away before she could touch it. She was shocked to feel soft skin under her fingertips, as if she wasn't dreaming at all…and maybe she wasn't….

"Robin…am I dreaming?"

Robin couldn't explain it. It was like a dream, but Sarah looked and felt very real. She ran her thumb over Sarah's lips; she needed to taste them again.

"If you are….I promise not to wake you."

Robin closed the distance between them, and captured two lips begging to be kissed. "So soft" she thought. Robin ran her tongue across those sweet lips and melted when she felt Sarah's lips part and their tongue's slide against each other. The kiss deepened and both women felt absolute desire rush through their veins.

Sarah ran her hands up the front of Robin's chest; over her broad shoulders and up the back of her neck. Black hair sifted like silk, through Sarah's fingers, as she felt the commander's warm hands wrap around her waist and pull her even closer. The feel of bodies pressing together, unleashed a passion no longer controllable, both women were lost to stop the dream, let alone explain it…

Sarah tilted her head back, offering the commander her tender neck to explore. Robin kissed her way up and down the luscious offering, her fingers reached and pulled on Sarah's gown, exposing her shoulder. Robin felt small hands urging her on, as her tongue left a trail of fire across Sarah's collarbone.

Long fingers pulled on the gown again, this time exposing a soft breast to the commander's heavy eyes. She lowered her head and gently took Sarah's breast in her mouth.

"Yesss…." Sarah arched her back, silently pleading for Robin to take all she could. The tall commander suckled like a newborn. She had never experienced anything as wonderful as having Sarah's warm breast in her mouth, and listening to the wonderful sounds the small woman made.

'This can't be a dream' thought Robin, as she felt the small woman's nipple harden in her mouth. 'It's too real.'

Sarah couldn't explain it either, but the sensual moans coming from Robin, kept her from searching for an explanation. She didn't care how it was happening, she just knew it was happening. She was overcome by complete joy.


Something in Sarah's voice made the commander release her hold on the erect nipple. She looked up to see tears running down the most beautiful face she'd ever seen.

"Sarah….I'm so sorry."

Robin took the blonde in her arms, rubbing her large hands up and down Sarah's back. Terrified that she had misread the signals the small body in her arms gave her.

"No….Robin….don't be sorry…." Sarah's small body shook with desire. She pulled back enough to capture her soulmates crystal blue eyes. "I'm enjoying every minute of this….I'm just a little scared is all."

Robin looked down into watery eyes. She hoped she never did anything to bring tears to those eyes, and she vowed there would be no mercy for anyone who did.

She placed a kiss to Sarah's forehead.

"I know sweetheart….I don't know how we got here either."

Sarah smiled at the term of endearment. No one had ever called her sweetheart before. "What did I do to deserve you Robin?"

Now it was the commander's turn to shed tears, and shed them she did. How could she put into words what she felt for Sarah? How could she tell her, that she had fallen hopelessly in love with her? She didn't want to scare Sarah away by smothering her, but she wanted the small blonde to know how she felt.

Robin looked away from Sarah for the first time, trying to gather her thoughts. She noticed they were surrounded by soft grass and a warm breeze swirled around them. She could hear the sound of water, just beyond two large trees. 'Paradise..' she thought, then looked back to Sarah. 'Definitely paradise…'

Robin spoke the only thought that filled her entire being "I love you".

Sarah closed her eyes as warm fingertips brushed her cheek. All of her life, Sarah had wondered if she would ever find love, now here she stood, her world shifting and falling into place. Green eye's opened and she dove into deep blue.

"I love you too."

Robin cocked her head to the side. Something wasn't right. She listened closer. It sounded like a buzzing sound, maybe a siren. She looked down at Sarah, who was starting to fade away. Robin reached out to touch her again, but she was gone. Blue eye's popped open. There it was again.

Suddenly Robin leaped out of her bed and grabbed her flight suit. It was the alarm from the main deck that brought Robin out of her dream. She ran down the corridor to the command deck.

"Commander Sword…we're under attack." Danu had already put up shields the moment he saw the three fighter ships fly by, then circle back.

"Are we prepared to engage, Danu?"

"Affirmative Commander."

"Good…get Baker on the speaker."

Danu reached and flipped a couple of switches and Captain Baker was on the line.

"Commander…I hear we got some nasty pests flying round the phoenix."

Robin watched out the command window as the fighter ships fired repeatedly at them. The phoenix shields deflecting the blasts with little effort.

"You heard right Baker…you got a crew ready to fly out?"

"Waiting on word from you Boss."

Danu's eyes widened at the term Baker used while speaking to the commander. Surely she would pull his position. He waited patiently to see what Commander Sword would do.

"All right…send out three ships…don't play around Baker. I want this over as fast as possible."

"You got it Commander. Baker out."

Before Robin could say a word, Monroe's voice echoed across the command deck.

"Commander Sword, what's going on?"

Robin watched as Monroe ran up the staircase to stand beside her. She motioned for him to look out the window. He didn't see anything. He started to ask again, but stopped as three fighter ships came in to view, now taking aim in their direction.

Just before they fired, the small ship on the left exploded from the surprise attack launched by Captain Baker. The other two ships retreated quickly, and disappeared into the blackness. An uneasy silence filled the command deck. Finally, Monroe spoke.

"They'll be back."

Robin looked to Monroe. "How do you know?"

"They were scouts. No doubt word of our arrival has gotten out. My guess is they are with the Altis."

Robin raised an eyebrow, which the everlast had learned to interpret as 'please continue'.

"The Altis is the second largest ship in this region. Second only to the Phoenix. We had a run in with them the last time we landed on Thrace. We lost several crew members."

Robin listened intently as Monroe continued.

"Magna is the leader of the Altis. An evil woman through and through. She kills for sport. I've even heard she keeps the heads of her worthiest opponents for display, and the names of her victims engraved on a wall, as a reminder of her conquests."

Robin nodded as she felt her blood start to boil. "How long until they come back?"

"Some scouts go ahead several days. Seeing how we'll be landing in Thrace within 8 hours, I'm assuming they'll try and stop us."

Robin radioed Captain Baker.

"Baker…good job out there."

The captain sent his thanks across the radio and listened as Robin spoke.

"I want you to go on full alert. Get everyone ready…I've got a feeling this is going to get ugly."

"Commander those ships bore the marking of the Altis. We've definitely got our hands full."

"I know Baker…keep your head up. Wait for my command. Sword out."

Robin looked out into the blackness. She was about to get her first taste of what Commander Lewis had been dealing with for years. Monroe watched the woman carefully. She stood straight, determination written plainly across her face. Monroe could almost taste the energy pouring out of the woman, then her expression softened. She turned to look at the everlast.

"Monroe…will you do me a favor?"

"Of course Robin. What is it?"

Robin put her hand on the everlast's shoulder. Her blue eyes never blinked. "Will you send someone down to the second floor and bring Sarah and Angel up to my quarters?"

Monroe smiled warmly at Robin as he nodded his head. "Right away Commander."

Monroe turned and headed toward the elevator. He wasn't going to send anyone. He would go himself. He knew what Sarah and her daughter meant to Robin and he would protect them with his life. He was immortal after all.

Robin watched the everlast step onto the elevator and disappear. She would be sure to thank him later. At the moment she had to plan a course of action for the Phoenix. She walked over to her chair and sat down. She continued to stare out into the blackness.

Her mind bounced between thoughts of battle and thoughts of her dream. She still didn't know what that was about. She would ask Monroe later, he seemed to know all about this soulmate stuff. Right now she had to focus on the battle at hand. Keeping the Phoenix free from harm.


Monroe entered the sick ward. Finding Sarah and Angel proved to be easy. He just followed the soft light coming from beneath the young woman's door. He knew the only other time a soulmate could cast the light, was during mutual dreaming. Apparently Sarah was still waiting for the commander to return.

"Sarah…Sarah wake up."

The small blonde shook her head. She didn't want to leave the beautiful world she was exploring. Robin would be back at any moment.

"Sarah….come on…wake up. I need to take you to Robin."

Green eyes opened at the sound of Robin's name. She was surprised to see a man standing above her. She quickly pulled the covers up over her, and scooted away from him.

Monroe felt his heart go out to the woman. She had been a slave; there must have been many times that the young woman had been awakened by strangers, with selfish and cruel desires.

"I'm not going to hurt you Sarah. The commander has sent me to bring you and your daughter to her quarters."

Sarah wanted to believe him. "Why?"

"The phoenix has been fired against, and Robin fears there may be a battle. She wants to make sure you are safe."

Sarah nodded her head. He didn't appear dangerous. "Who are you?"

The everlast smiled at Sarah. It was easy to see why the commander had fallen so hard for the young woman.

"My name is Monroe. I'm going to take you to Robin's quarters. You and Angel can stay there as long as the commander wishes."

Sarah could see the warmth in the young man's eyes. She believed him. She got up and dressed quickly and reached for her daughter. She cradled the sleeping child in her arms, as Monroe led them to the elevator. It didn't take long before they stepped onto the command level.

Monroe ushered them down the long corridor, until they came to the commander's room. When they walked inside, Monroe laughed quietly to himself. The large room was still empty, except for a table, a small bathing chamber, the enormous bed and an equally enormous window. He figured it wouldn't take long before Sarah had the place looking livable.

Monroe motioned for Sarah to place the young girl down on the large bed. Sarah couldn't help but smile as the scent of her soulmate kissed her senses.

"Sarah…should you need anything, there is a com link on the wall. Just press the red button and someone will help you."

Sarah nodded her head in understanding. Monroe turned to leave. He hoped she would be able to rest.


He stopped at the door and turned back to the soft voice.

"Is Robin okay?'

Monroe smiled at the young woman. "She is fine. I will let her know you're here. She will be delighted."

Sarah smiled as she watched the everlast walk out the door. She looked around the room. It was so big…and so…empty. She would have to ask why later. All she wanted right now was to close her eyes and get lost in the sweet smell that was all Robin. She laid down and wrapped her arm around Angel. She placed a quick kiss on the little girl's head, then snuggled into Robin's pillow. This time there would be no sweet dreams to greet her.

Monroe stepped onto the command deck and found Robin exactly where he had left her. Sitting in her chair staring out into the blackness. It reminded him of Tom. Monroe had watched his lover, for hours, just sit and stare into nothing. He only imagined what occupied commander Sword's thoughts. He cleared his throat to announce his arrival to Robin.

"Monroe…she is the most precious thing in my life."

The everlast stood frozen in place. He wasn't expecting such a heartfelt declaration from the usually silent commander, especially under such circumstances. He waited to see if she would continue. She did.

"Almost seven years ago, my planet was attacked. It was the smallest planet in our system. We had no army."

Robin paused in her story. Monroe could tell she was struggling with her words.

"When they attacked…it was so fast….we didn't know what hit us. I lost everyone I cared about…everyone I loved." Her blue eyes searched the blackness. "I won't lose Sarah and her daughter."

Monroe watched as the commander fought to hold back the tears that threatened to fall. He wanted to say something to comfort his friend, but words failed him. His eyes shifted to look out into the blackness. 'Maybe…just maybe'…he hoped to himself 'there are answers out there'. If they were, none came forward.

Time seem to drag by. Everyone waited to see if the Altis would show. Finally, Robin ordered two small ships to scout ahead. She wasn't about to become a sitting target.

The two scouts reported nothing in the area. Apparently the Altis scouts were several days ahead of the large ship. Robin knew that meant a battle after leaving Thrace, if not while on it. She closed her eyes and shifted in her chair. Her body screaming at her to get rest.

Monroe noticed the worry and exhaustion on Robin's face.

"Commander…why don't you go back to your quarters. We land on Thrace in four hours. The Altis is at least two days away…and besides that, there are two beautiful blondes waiting for you in your bed."

Robin smiled at the everlast. He really knew how to get her attention.

"Monroe…you are a good friend. Thank you for bringing them up here."

The tall commander stood and stretched her 6'1 body. She felt her bones popping and cracking. Monroe just laughed.

"I didn't think you were old enough to be falling apart yet Robin?"

They both shared a brief laugh, and then Robin turned toward the corridor that would take her to Sarah and Angel.

"Keep me posted Monroe."

"Aye Commander. Get some rest." He watched as she disappeared down the hall, then whispered "You'll need it when we come across Magna."

Robin opened the door to her quarters and tiptoed to her bed. She stood still for a moment. Just looking at Sarah and her daughter. Her blue eyes lingering on Sarah. Her face was smooth and her lips hinted at a smile. 'So pure', she thought. Robin doubted that the woman had a mean bone in her body.

The commander felt her muscles tense, at the thought of what Sarah had gone through as a slave. She wondered if Angel was the result of a rape or if she was conceived in love. The thought of another person touching Sarah, by force or with permission, instantly caused the commander to bristle. Still, she hoped that it was an act of love that brought Angel into this world. But it didn't matter now, Sarah and her daughter were here on the Phoenix in Robin's quarters. The commander leaned down and placed a kiss on Sarah's cheek.

"I would die to protect you" she whispered to a sleeping Sarah.

Those words hit the commander hard. She would die to protect them. She would kill if she had to. Standing over Sarah and her daughter, Robin realized there was nothing she wouldn't do to protect them.

Robin pulled off her flight suit and crawled in the bed next to Sarah. The little blonde's skin was cool to the touch. Robin wrapped her arm around Sarah and spooned their bodies together. Sarah snuggled closer to the commander.

"I love you Sarah…" Robin looked out the giant window. "More than there are stars…Sarah…..more than there are stars."


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