More Than There Are Stars

by loubug

Disclaimers: This is an uber story. The characters are mine even though they resemble two great gals we know and love . This story is about two women in love who express that love physically. If that is not your thing, you should read something else. I would love to know what you think about the story...I crave feedback. Thanks to Alina, sweetheart...darling ;-) (your encouragement persuaded me to post this) ...

Part 6

Monroe searched the blackness in front of him. There in the distance, surrounded by two soft rings, was Thrace. The planet was larger than its four surrounding neighbors were. It had three moons that could be seen day or night, once you were inside its atmosphere and safely on the ground. Thrace was also one of the last planets in this district to experience both day and night.

There were so many reasons Monroe loved this planet, but the fact that he and Tom had spent their honeymoon here served as the main reason. They were joined on the Phoenix, about five months after they met. It was the greatest day of the everlasts life. Now, time was running out for his soulmate and Monroe was doing his best to prepare for the loss.

The everlast stood and stretched his tired muscles. It was time to wake Commander Sword. The phoenix would touch down in about half an hour. He turned toward the corridor that led to her room. He knew the two women were probably exhausted. An entire evening in the rink, mutual dreaming, that he was sure had been cut short due to the brief encounter with the scouts from the Altis. He hoped they would be easy to wake.

Monroe stopped in front of the Commander's door and pushed a small button that would signal his arrival. He was surprised at how fast the door came open.

"Good morning Monroe…..Come in." Robin stood before the everlast, looking as rested and refreshed as ever.

"I take it you slept well Commander Sword."

Robin nodded her head. She had only slept for three hours but she felt great.

"I feel like I've rested for days…." She seemed somewhat perplexed, but then so many things had been happening to her over the last few days, she was starting to get used to all the surprises.

Monroe tilted his head to the side. He too, wondered why the commander felt so revived. In all actuality, Robin should be exhausted.

"Usually mutual dreaming will drain the body's energy, not revive it" the everlast remarked.

Robin smiled sheepishly.

"Ahhhh yeah… dreaming…you know about that..right?"

Monroe smiled. "Yes…that's how I found Sarah so easily. Soulmates can only cast the light on two occasions…one, when they are together and two…."

Robin finished out his sentence. "When they are mutually dreaming…"

Monroe nodded his head. "I saw the light coming from beneath her door."

A sleepy voice from across the room interrupted their conversation.

"Is it time to get up all ready?"

Monroe and Robin turned to see a very sleepy Sarah sitting up in bed. Her hair was a tangled mess and she was rubbing her eyes.

The everlast smiled at his commander. "We will be landing in about twenty minutes, I thought you would like to get ready."

"Of course…thank you Monroe."

Another sleepy voiced filled the large room.

"Mama where are we?"

Robin watched as Sarah wrapped her arms around Angel and pulled her into her lap. It was a toss up as to which blonde had the most tangles in her hair.

Monroe noticed how much the young child resembled her mother. Their tangled hair fell together and you couldn't tell where one strand ended and another began. The little girl had somehow managed to pull off her nightshirt, so Sarah was trying to wrap her up in the blanket.

Monroe chuckled as he watched Sarah fight with the blanket, then he froze.

"Sarah…is that a birth mark on Angel's back?"

Sarah ran her fingers over the mark as she nodded her head. She was about to go into the story of the day she noticed it but Monroe interrupted her.

"Sarah…may I take a look at it….please."

Robin watched Monroe with a look of confusion. She had never seen him act like this before. His face was flushed and his eyes were wide in amazement. He stood fast waiting for the okay from Sarah before he approached her.

Sarah looked to Robin who shrugged her shoulders. The commander had no idea what had prompted the everlast to act this way.

Sarah nodded her head. "Of course Monroe…. it's just a birth mark."

Monroe stepped up beside the bed and looked closely at the mark. He knew what it was and he knew what it meant. He fell to his knees beside the bed and lowered his head.

"The chosen one is here."

Sarah looked over to Robin, who wore the same clueless expression as she did.

Robin walked over to where the everlast was kneeling and placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Monroe…what are you talking about?"

The everlast looked up to his commander. That explained why she felt so rested. Monroe looked to both women. He looked back to the little girl that had fallen back asleep in her mother's arms. He took a deep breath and began…

"Years ago, before the wars started, my planet was home to only Everlasts. An oracle foretold the coming of a great war that would destroy our planet and bring an end to all everlasts."

Robin interrupted. " But I thought you are immortal…"

Monroe nodded his head. "I am, but what many do not know is that immortals can be killed with the blade of Spearos."

Sarah cradled her child in her arms. "I've heard of that. I thought it was just a tale."

"It's true Sarah" Monroe continued. "The oracle said that a girl child carrying the mark of a star burst, the mark on your daughters back, would save our people from extinction and help bring about the end of all the fighting."

Robin and Sarah listened closely to Monroe. It sounded too crazy to believe.

"How can you be sure that my daughter is the chosen one Monroe?" Sarah ran her fingers through tangled strands of blonde hair. Angel slept on.

"The oracle was shown the mark, I saw it too. Legend says the chosen one will be born into slavery and possess great healing powers." Monroe paused as he thought 'It's also said that she will be rescued by her protector. The defender of the chosen, which is you Robin." Monroe decided to keep those thoughts to himself for now. "I'm guessing that is why Robin feels so rested this morning. I'm assuming that Angel….somehow….healed her tired body. How do you feel Sarah?"

The blonde shrugged her shoulders. She hadn't really noticed, but now that she thought about it she did feel rested and revived. "I feel good."

Robin rubbed her forehead as she tried to process all the information she had just heard. "Okay Monroe, if Angel has the ability to heal…then why didn't she heal Sarah while they were on the slave ship?"

Monroe shook his head. "She is so young. She probably doesn't even know she has these powers. While she sleeps, I would guess her abilities are growing… she doesn't have any control over them, she hasn't been able to separate her feelings from these powers…I'm guessing that as she projects her feelings toward the people around her, those powers are projected along with them. It just so happened you were able to receive them because you were exhausted…" Monroe nodded his head. It sounded crazy to him as well, but he didn't know any other way to explain it.

Robin looked to the everlast. "Monroe…you said you saw the mark…how?"

A look of great sadness covered the everlast's face. "The oracle was my Mother."

He stated softly, then continued.

"When the war started, my planet was the first to be destroyed. Magna somehow knew of the blade of Spearos. She killed everyone she could. I remember my Mother hid me in her chambers." Monroe paused. He could still hear the screams of his mother as she died at the hand of Magna. He shook those sounds from his head and continued.

"After Magna slaughtered my people, she left. I don't know if she realized she left behind survivors or…maybe she planned on returning…I don't know."

Monroe felt a small hand cover his arm. He looked up to see tear filled green eyes smiling warmly at him.

"I'm sorry Monroe…"

The everlast smiled at the blonde. "Thank you Sarah." He looked at the sleeping child in her arms. "Thank you very much."

The COM link on the commander's wall blinked, signaling an incoming message. Robin walked over and pushed the receive button.

"Commander we have passed through and are preparing to land. We will touch down in ten minutes."

Robin looked back to the woman she loved and her friend still kneeling on the floor.

"Thank you Bailus…we'll be there soon. Sword out."

Robin walked back over to the large bed. "Monroe… I think it's best if we keep this quiet for now. Especially with the Altis so close."

Monroe nodded his head as he stood to leave. One final look at the chosen one and he turned to go. As he reached the door he looked back to Sarah. "You know she is an Immortal?"

Sarah looked to her daughter and nodded her head. Her emotions were out of control. She never heard the door close as Monroe stepped out of the chambers.

Robin crawled into the bed and pulled Sarah and the sleeping child into her arms. She didn't know what to say or do, so she just held the woman tight and whispered sweet words in her ear.

Sarah wiped at the tears streaming down her face. "She'll become a target."

Robin rocked back and forth, holding the woman tighter. "And I'll protect her with my life."

Sarah cried even harder at the heartfelt words whispered by her soulmate. She closed her eyes, wishing that her thoughts would slow down.

"Mama…why are you crying?"

The little girl snuggled into her mother's arms.

"Because I love you Angel….I love you so much."

The little girl smiled in her sleep. "I love you to mama."

The doors to the Phoenix opened and sunlight streamed through the command deck. Robin squinted her eyes. It had been too long since she felt the warmth of the sun against her face.

Sarah stood by her side, holding onto Angel. They had never been to Thrace. People lined the streets to welcome the Phoenix. Rumors of the new commander had spread and everyone waited anxiously to greet her.

Robin felt Sarah's hand slide into hers. She squeezed it reassuringly. Together they stepped out onto the balcony of the ship. The citizens of Thrace greeted the new commander with cheers and applause.

Angel's eyes were wide with excitement. "Wow…"

"Wow indeed…little one" Robin eyed the crowd. It looked like everyone had turned out for the arrival of the Phoenix.

Robin raised her hand and waved to the mass of people, which only created another uproar of applause and cheers. It felt good to be welcomed. Now it was time to board the commander's cruiser and head for the estate.

Two guards ushered the commander's and their consorts to the waiting cruiser. Angel held firm to her mama's hand and followed where she led. Soon the sound of the crowd disappeared as the door to the cruiser shut. Five passengers waited patiently for the driver to begin the journey to the estate.

"Sarah…I'm glad you're joining us at the estate."

The blonde didn't know what to say. This was the first time she had met Commander Lewis and she wasn't sure how to address him.

"Thank you Commander. It's my honor to accompany Commander Sword."

The elderly man chuckled at the expense of the young blonde. "I'm sorry Sarah…I'm but an old man…and even if I wasn't you don't need to stand on formalities with me dear…please call me Tom."

Tom held out his hand, which Sarah took immediately. She liked this man.

"Thank you…Tom."

Tom looked over at Robin who sat grinning ear to ear. "You better keep an eye open Robin."

A dark eyebrow arched high above baby blue eyes. "Ohhh…and why is that Tom."

The elderly man smiled as he nodded toward Sarah. "You'll be fighting them off one after another to keep her."

Sarah blushed to the tips of her toes, while Robin nodded her agreement with the commander. She would indeed fight any that dare try to steal Sarah away from her.

"Well then…maybe I won't have to schedule my sparring time in the arena. I'll just take Sarah out on the town."

Everyone laughed as the cruiser pulled into the hanger of the estate. Sarah was determined to have the last word.

"I'm afraid any attempt to win my affections would be futile, unless…of course… Commander Sword was the suitor in question." Sarah eyed the tall commander and grinned inwardly at the blush she had caused on Robin's face.

As they stepped out of the cruiser, Tom patted Robin on the back and leaned over to whisper in her ear " looks like you've got your hands full."

Robin just winked at the commander. "ahhhh and what a lovely hand full it is Tom."

Monroe watched as his lover tossed his head back and let out a hearty laugh. It was good to see him enjoying himself. Hopefully the stay on Thrace would help him feel better.

As they walked into the main room of the estate, Sarah felt her breath catch. She had never seen anything so beautiful. The walls were white, the floor was white, even the long sheer drapes that hung from the dome ceiling to the tiled floor was white. The only thing of contrast was the red and purple bloom's of wild flowers that had been placed throughout the room and the large blue phoenix that had been painted onto the floor where they stood.

"Ahhh Commanders Lewis and Sword….welcome home."

Everyone turned to see a young man with blonde curly hair walking their way.

"It is so good to have you back on Thrace Commander Lewis…and Commander Sword…word is a finer replacement could not have been found in the universe."

Robin eyed the little man who talked so quickly. "umm thanks…"

"My name is Tydron…but please call me Ty."

Before anyone could say anything, the talkative little man clapped his hands and several house servants seemed to appear out of nowhere.

"Take these bags to the appropriate rooms and make sure a fresh bath is prepared." Tydron looked back to the commanders. "Dinner will be served at 8:00pm, in the main dining hall. I will see to it that someone is sent to retrieve you for the meal."

Tydron turned on his heal and headed out of the room. Tom looked over at Robin and laughed at the look on her face. "Get used to it…it's like this every time we come."

A young woman entered the room and motioned for the commander's to follow her. "I am Leah…I will take you to your rooms."

They walked down the hallway of the estate, their footsteps echoing around them. The walls in the hallway were also white. It made the estate appear very formal, which was great for dinners and meetings, but it left much in the way of feeling like home.

"Commander Lewis…Monroe….your room."

Monroe waited for his soulmate to enter their quarters, and then he looked to Robin. "We'll see you at dinner."

Robin nodded her head and they started down the hallway once again. Her blue eyes scanned her surroundings. The place was immaculate. It was nice…but she didn't think she would want to live in a place this huge.

"Commander Sword…Lady Sarah….Lady Angel…..your rooms."

Sarah looked to Robin. She hoped they would share a room, but she could wait. No need to rush into anything. Just as Sarah was about to accept the fact she would be sleeping alone Leah's voice interrupted her spiraling thoughts.

"Tydron told me you had a child….so I took the liberty of giving you this room. It has a master suite and a smaller room connected to it for your daughter."

Leah noticed the two women eyed each other. Maybe she had made mistake. She did not want to displease the commander on her first visit here.

"I'm sorry…if this is unacceptable I will…." Robin interrupted the young woman.

"Leah it's okay….as far as I'm concerned it is very acceptable" Robin looked over to see Sarah blushing a beautiful shade of red.

"Yes very acceptable Leah." Sarah added while smiling shyly towards Robin.

"You mean I get my own room?" an excited Angel asked.

In a movement that had become second nature, Robin reached out and ruffled the little girl's hair. "Guess so kiddo."

The little girl ran into the room. She couldn't wait to find where she would be staying. It didn't take long. Her room was decorated for a princess. The walls were pink and she had every type of stuffed toy known to the district. Her bed was covered with a giant pink blanket and huge fluffy pillows. Fresh flowers dotted the room with brilliant colors. It was the perfect room for the little girl.

A chirping noise caught Angel's attention and she walked around the corner to see where it was coming from. Robin also heard the noise. She knew what Angel would find.

"Mama…come here….. look."

Angel's voice overflowed with excitement. Sarah walked into the room and smiled as she watched the brown Chaka hop out of the corner. Angel bent down and held out her hand. The fury Chaka blinked it's big brown eyes at the little girl, then reached out to the small hand in front of it.

Leah had walked in behind the trio and smiled at how quickly the Chaka had taken to the small girl.

"His name is Charlie."

Angel never took her eyes off of him. "Hi Charlie…I'm Angel."

The chaka hopped a little closer to Angel. He wasn't afraid of her. She wasn't much bigger than he was. He sniffed the air and quickly decided the small human poised no threat to him. He hopped up on the bed and chirped towards Angel. They both had found a friend.

Sarah smiled as she watched her little girl. Robin never took her eyes off of Sarah. She watched as green eyes sparkled. She hoped to always see that sparkle.

"Commander…I have prepared a bath for you."

Reluctantly Robin pulled her eyes away from Sarah. "Thank you Leah."

"If you need anything further…please ring for me." Leah bowed her head and left the room.

Angel was playing with Charlie and Robin was more than ready to sink into a hot bath. She walked into the bathing room and grinned at the large tub. Steam rose off the water and bubbles filled the tub. The only thing missing was Sarah.

Sarah walked into the large bedroom that she and Robin would be sharing. The bed looked so inviting. It had four large wooden posts on each corner of the bed. Engraved in the posts were vines filled with flowers, it was beautiful. Her heart skipped a beat as she realized it would just be her and Robin in that huge bed.

Sarah felt familiar arms wrap around her and warm lips press against her neck. "Care to join me for a bath?"

Sarah turned and captured the commander's lips in a scorching kiss. Robin felt her legs go weak. Sarah pushed her tongue inside the commander's warm mouth. Robin was delirious with want for the small blonde. Sarah swallowed a moan from the commander as she tangled her fingers in the long raven locks of her soulmate.

Robin felt her body throbbing with desire. She wasn't expecting such a bold move from Sarah. It didn't take Robin long to realize she liked it. She wanted to take Sarah right where they stood, but she knew she couldn't. She had to get control of herself, but Sarah was making it very difficult.

Finally the blonde pulled back from the kiss. Both women were breathless. She still managed to place numerous little kisses all around the commander's neck and ears.

"Sarah…do you have"….kiss….kiss… "any idea" ….kiss… "what" …kiss….. "you're doing to me?" kiss….kiss….nibble.

The blonde wiggled her eyebrows up and down. "I have a pretty good idea Commander Sword."

Robin grinned at the small woman. She definitely had her hands full. Sarah placed a hand against the commander's racing heart.

"Why don't you go ahead and bath…I want to talk with Angel."

Robin nodded her head and placed a kiss on Sarah's forehead. "If you need me... Robin wiggled her eyebrows wickedly toward the flushing woman "you know where I'll be."

Sarah nodded her head. "Thank you…now get going…it will be dinner time soon."

Robin headed for the bath. Her body still shaking with desire from Sarah's kisses. Her thoughts drifted to dinner and what would happen after they came back to their rooms for the night. Would they make love, or would they take it slow and wait. Robin decided whatever Sarah wanted Sarah would get.

She closed the door to her bath and undressed. Her tall body sinking slowly into the hot bath. "ohh yeah…." Robin voiced her approval to the sparkling bubbles surrounding her. "Very nice…..very nice indeed."

Sarah took a deep breath to calm her racing heart. Words simply could not describe the way her body reacted to Robin's kisses. She only hoped she wouldn't die of pleasure from the commander's touch.

After a few deep breaths, Sarah realized she needed to talk to her daughter about what Monroe had shared with them this morning. She had no idea how to start the conversation, or if she should even try. She decided to just wing it and see where it headed. Maybe Angel didn't have a clue. Or maybe she did and would ask questions that Sarah didn't have answers too. No matter what, Sarah vowed to help her daughter through it all.

Sarah took another deep breath and started for Angel's door. She could hear the giggles coming from behind her door. Sarah smiled. "I can do this," she thought to herself as she pushed open the door.

"Hi Mama"

"Hi sweetie…." Sarah eyed the purring Chaka. "Hi Charlie."

Sarah took a seat on the bed next to her daughter. Her green eyes looked around the room and she couldn't believe all of the toys and dolls that were just waiting for Angel to play with them.

The little girl looked up and could see the look of frustration on her mother's face. She wanted to make that look go away. Angel reached out and patted her mother's hand.

"Don't worry Mama….we'll be okay."

Sarah looked down at her daughter. "I know baby." It was now or never.

"Sweetheart….Mommie needs to ask you some things okay?"

The little girl just nodded her head and watched Charlie jump down off the bed and head back to his corner.

Sarah tucked a blonde strand of hair behind her little girl's ear.

"You know I think you are a very special little girl."

Angel nodded her head and smiled up at her mama. "You're special to Mama."

Sarah smiled at her daughter.

"Well today Mama found out that you may be even more special…"

The little girl looked at her mom. She didn't understand but as long as her mama thought she was special she didn't care.

"Like how?"

Sarah proceeded to tell her daughter, bits and pieces of the conversation she had with Monroe this morning. Angel listened closely to what her mom told her. For some reason she knew what her mom said was the truth.

Sarah tried to keep things simple. She wanted Angel to understand. And she wanted her little girl to feel free to ask her anything. She felt frightened as to what would happen if word got out about Angel's abilities and identity.

"Mama, I understand."

Sarah couldn't believe it. Maybe things would be easier than she thought.

Mother and daughter talked on until Robin's voice echoed through their quarters. Angel just grinned up at her mama. "She needs a towel."

"What?" Sarah questioned her daughter.

Angel just smiled at her mama. "Sometimes I see things… now…..Robin is going to ask you for a towel."

Sarah studied her little girl close. She couldn't believe that she had brought such a gifted child into this world. Let alone a chosen child. But Angel would always be Sarah's little girl and she wanted Angel to know that.

"I love you Angel…don't ever forget that."

"I love you too mama."

The two gals hugged each other and Sarah couldn't help but giggle as Robin called out again for her. Only this time she sounded much more desperate.

"Guess I better go get her a towel."

Robin watched as the bathroom door flung open and Sarah stepped in. Sarah felt her breath catch as she took in the sight before her. One six-foot commander, standing in the middle of the large tub, dripping wet. The tall woman just smiled sheepishly toward her soulmate.

"I forgot to get me a .."

Sarah held up the item in question. "Towel" She finished.

Robin smiled down at the little blonde. "How did you know."

Sarah unfolded the towel and held it open in invitation, which the commander took immediately. Sarah pressed her lips to Robin's. She thought about just tossing the towel to the way side. But first things first.

"We need to talk about Angel…."

The evening wore on and dinner slowly started to come to an end. The evening had been filled with music, laughter and great conversation, as well as delicious food and wine.

Robin's gaze followed Sarah the entire night. With eyes darkened by desire, Robin mentally undressed the small blonde; it was a mutual undressing though. Sarah watched from across the table as Robin's blue eyes devoured her. It simply sent chills down her spine. She in turn let her green eyes roam the tall body across from her, purposely pausing on two perfectly shaped breasts, while slowly licking her lips. She could see the flush rise on the commander's cheek. It would be a glorious night indeed….


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