More Than There Are Stars

by loubug

Disclaimers: This is an uber story. The characters are mine even though they resemble two great gals we know and love . This story is about two women in love who express that love physically. If that is not your thing, you should read something else. I would love to know what you think about the story...I crave feedback. Thanks to Alina, sweetheart...darling ;-) (your encouragement persuaded me to post this) ...

Part 7

Robin couldn't tell for sure, if it was her hand or Sarah's that trembled so noticeably. With each step they took, the door to their chamber moved closer and closer. And Robin's nerve got weaker and weaker. If the looks she received from Sarah at dinner drove her to the edge of ecstasy, she could only imagine what the touch of the young blonde's skin would do to her.

Sarah didn't know if she should be scared or excited. She had never willingly shared a bed with anyone. But here she walked, hand in hand with Robin, hoping that the tall commander would make the first move to a night filled with passion and love.

Sarah felt relieved that Angel had stayed with Leah. The house servant volunteered to watch the young girl through dinner. By the time Robin and Sarah had arrived to pick her up, the young child had fallen asleep and Leah insisted that she would be okay.

Now, here they stood outside their door. Getting ready to step across a threshold, with no promise of what lay on the other side, only a blind faith in each other to carry them over.

Robin reached out a shaky hand and gripped the brass doorknob to their room. A quick twist and the door swung open. With her hand resting comfortably in the small of Sarah's back, she ushered the young woman in. The door closing softly behind them.

"I can do this," both women thought in unison.

"I had a great time at dinner." Sarah was the first to break the silence. She knew it wasn't because of bravery….it was nerves.

"Me too." Robin could clearly see the fear in the green eyes that looked up at her. She wanted Sarah more than anything in the world, but she also wanted to make sure that Sarah was ready to move on. Before she could say anything Sarah spoke up.

"Robin….I'm a little nervous…I mean…I want to be with you…like a lover..but I'm scared."

The tall commander wrapped her arms around the small blonde and pulled her close.

"I want you too Sarah, but we have all the time in the world. When you are ready….we will become lovers."

Robin kissed the woman's forehead and cupped her round face in her hands. "You have my heart and soul Sarah…..and even though you haven't had it yet…my body belongs to you as well."

Sarah felt her body come alive at the prospect of touching and tasting Robin. She closed her eyes as images filled her mind. Memories of her dream left a lingering burning sensation on her lips. She felt her nipples harden at the memory of Robin's sweet mouth sucking on her.

When Sarah opened her eyes, Robin didn't see any fear. She saw a hunger, a desire.

Sarah never spoke a word. She wrapped her fingers in the long dark strands of her lover to be, and pulled her down for a kiss. It was soft and playful at first. Lips brushing against each other, memorizing every nip and every tug. Allowing both women to lead then follow.

Robin tilted her head in the opposite direction and quickly recaptured Sarah's lips. A soft moan escaped both women and faded into the air around them. As tongues greeted each other, the kiss deepened and became more fevered. Hands began exploring bodies. Over hips, across firm bottoms, a brush against aching breasts.

Robin untucked Sarah's blouse from her pants, never breaking the kiss; slowly she ran her long fingers up the soft skin of Sarah's back. Both women were lost in the sweet touches and soft gasps and sighs of pleasure.

A flood of emotions washed over both women. Their need to feel skin on skin grew fiercer with every kiss and whisper of seduction.

"Robin….I can't stand much longer…"

Without a second thought the commander scooped the young woman up in her arms. A brilliant smile covered her face when she saw the startled look Sarah gave her. She walked toward the large bed and softly lowered Sarah onto it. Robin's body covering the small woman at once.

Sarah moaned in delight at the weight of Robin on top of her, not to mention the kisses the commander showered on her.

"I love you Sarah."

The small blonde shuddered from the warm breath in her ear that was quickly replaced by an even warmer tongue.

"I love you too….Robin" Sarah gasped at the warm invasion in her ear.

Slowly, clothes were unbuttoned and tossed away without a second thought. Bodies were explored with tender abandon and discoveries of pleasure and wetness were made.

The two women kissed and caressed each other softly, building the waves of ecstasy higher and higher. Each touch leaving a burning sensation on each woman's skin, bringing them to the edge of release and holding them there. Neither willing to give up this dance of pleasure.

The huge bed creaked softly as the lovers moved in perfect time. Their heated mounds pressed together in a delicious kiss. Sarah dug her fingernails into the sweat covered back of her lover. Robin closed her eyes and moaned at the contact. Such a fine line between pleasure and pain. Both women were lost in rapture.

"Yes….Robin……don't stop", Sarah cried out breathlessly. Robin's body felt so good moving against her. Her body begged for more. She had never felt anything so wonderful.

Robin felt two smooth legs wrap tighter around her waist. Causing the friction between them to increase 10 fold. They fit together perfectly. It was the perfect kiss, the perfect angle and the perfect rhythm. Soft moans filled the air as their bodies moved closer to surrender.

"More…Robin……" Sarah pleaded as she gripped the commanders firm bottom, trying to pull Robin closer.

Robin lifted Sarah's legs over her shoulders, grinding harder into the young woman who lay writhing beneath her. "You feel so good Sarah."

Sarah gasped at the sensation of Robin's sex pressed into her own. She felt Robin's muscles tighten, signaling her fast approaching release, Sarah's own body screaming for the free fall through ecstasy.

"Ohhhh yes……" Robin felt her body going over. She looked down at the beautiful woman beneath her. Sarah's eyes were locked on hers. In that instant Robin knew she had never known love before and would never love another. She belonged to Sarah.

Sarah pulled Robin's head down for a searing kiss as their bodies came together. Both women were unprepared for the amount of pleasure they were feeling. Their release flowed together. Baptizing their sheets in the essence love.

Robin continued to gently grind her hips, bringing Sarah back down with her. Slowly they rode out the last waves of the powerful orgasm. Robin could feel the small body beneath her tremble from the after effects. She had never experienced anything so wonderful in her life.

Robin tenderly lowered Sarah's legs back to the bed. Both women lay tangled together. Labored breathing and the musky scent of sex filled their room.

"I've never felt anything so perfect."

Sarah kissed her dark haired lover. "Me either…love….me either."

Robin turned on her back and pulled Sarah into her arms. The giant window at the foot of their bed afforded them a beautiful view of the three moons of Thrace. They lay in silence staring out into the night sky.

Sarah ran her hand across Robin's chest. She could still feel the pounding of the commander's heart. It felt good to know that she had contributed to raising that heart rate. She hoped she could do it again. And soon.

Robin's body tingled everywhere Sarah touched. It didn't take long for simple touches to turn into lingering caresses then to shifting bodies and Sarah straddling Robin's hips. Bodies in motion.

The night was filled with joy and exploration. Two new lovers, learning the licks and kisses and touches that would send the other over the edge. Sarah quickly learned that her words held great power over Robin. She teased the tall commander until Robin found a little spot just below Sarah's hipbone, which rendered the blonde speechless. Then it became a mutual surrender.

By morning there wasn't an inch of skin left unkissed or untouched. The night was spent drifting in and out of sleep, with every waking moment consumed in giving and receiving pleasure. Finally, the two women fell into a deep sleep. The soft warm glow of love filled their chamber.


Blue eyes fluttered open as morning light filtered through the large bedroom. Robin smiled as she felt the body sleeping on top of her stir. The commander wrapped her arms tighter around Sarah and kissed the top of her head.

"I love you Sarah."

A sleepy voice drifted up to Robin's ears. "Mmmmm….love you too…."

Robin didn't want to move, but her mind kept drifting to Magna and the inevitable. The scouts from the phoenix were due back today. No doubt there would be a battle. She let her fingers sift through the long strands of her lover's blonde hair.

"Sweetheart…we need to get up."

"I know…it just feels so good laying here with you."

"You mean on me."

Robin smiled as Sarah reached up and took hold of her hand. The small kisses she felt against the tips of her fingers ignited the fire still softly burning inside of her. When she felt Sarah slowly pull two fingers into her mouth and suck on them, she gave up the notion of getting out of bed. What could a few more minutes hurt….


Angel sat in the middle of the floor playing with Charlie. Leah watched as the chaka hopped all around the little girl. She had never seen him take to anyone so fast before. Suddenly Angel stood up and ran to the door.

"Mama's here…"

Leah was about to say something when a soft knock fell upon her door. She walked over and opened the door.


Sarah bent down on one knee and held her arms open for her little girl. Angel ran and leaped into her mother's outstretched arms. They hugged each other and Angel gave in to a giggling fit as Sarah placed little kisses all over the girl.

"Lady Sarah…I wasn't expecting you so soon."

Sarah smiled at the house servant as she stood.

"I know Leah….I just had to come and get my Angel. Thank you for taking care of her."

The house servant nodded her head. She had suspected that the commander and the Lady would spend most of the day in the comfort of each other's embrace.

"It was my pleasure. Angel is a wonderful little girl."

"That she is Leah…."

Sarah held her hand out for Angel. "Are you ready to go?"

Angel nodded her head as she waved bye to Leah. Charlie was hot on her heals when the door to the house servants chambers closed.

As Sarah and Angel walked past Tom and Monroe's door, Angel felt compelled to stop. Sarah watched as Angel studied the door. The little girl walked up to the door and placed her hand against it. Sarah never took her eyes off of Angel.

"What is it sweetheart?"

When Angel looked up at her mama, Sarah felt her heart break at the sadness in her little girls eyes.

"Something is wrong mama."

"Oh no" Sarah whispered. She knew Commander Lewis was sick and no doubt Angel was feeling his pain. She stood still and waited to see what Angel would do. The little girl softly knocked on the door.

Monroe wiped the tears from his eyes as he moved quickly to the door. He was surprised to see Sarah and Angel standing outside the door. He was even more surprised when the little girl walked in and went straight to his soulmate

Sarah stepped through the door as Monroe followed Angel back to the sleeping chamber where Tom lay. Words held no importance here. Angel walked over to the bed and studied the old man carefully.

Monroe and Sarah stood back and waited to see what Angel would do. Sarah knew that her daughter was aware of her abilities, but Sarah wasn't for sure just what those abilities were or if Angel knew the extent of her abilities. They were about to find out.

A small smile formed on the young girl's face as she reached over and placed her hand on the old mans forehead. She closed her eyes and focused on the elderly man. Her small body could feel the pain inside of him. She could feel the pain of his soulmate. Tears fell from her eyes.

Sarah and Monroe stood frozen. Neither quite believing what they were seeing. The air shifted around them as a shimmering light engulfed Angel and Tom. They were blinded by its brightness. They shielded their eyes as the light got brighter.

Angel felt a slow burn begin inside of her. It quickly washed over her and soon surrounded her and the commander. She felt the old man fighting to stay alive. He didn't want to leave his soulmate behind. Angel felt his pain as it filled her, but instead of draining her it strengthened her.

When she opened her eyes, the elderly man smiled at her. He couldn't explain how it happened, but he knew what had happened. Angle had saved his life. The pain in his body was gone. Angel leaned over and whispered something in the old mans ear. He nodded his head and spoke softly "I will."

Monroe rushed to his side as Angel backed away from the bed. He looked into his lover's eyes and smiled at the brightness he saw. Monroe turned to Angel.

"Thank you….thank you."

Angel only nodded her head. She walked over to her mother and took her hand. Sarah was speechless. She picked her little girl up and walked out of the chamber. By the time they made it back to where Robin was waiting, Angel had fallen asleep in her mother's arms.

Robin's smile faded as she noticed the look on Sarah's face. She followed her lover to Angel's room and watched as Sarah laid her precious bundle down on the pink bed.

"Is everything okay?"

Sarah brushed back a strand of hair that had fallen across Angel's face. Then she brushed a tear from her own eye. She looked to where Robin stood in the doorway and nodded her head.

Robin walked over to where Sarah was sitting and knelt down in front of the small blonde. She took Sarah's trembling hands into her own and waited patiently. Sarah took a deep breath as tears fell from her eyes.

"She saved him….."

Robin reached up and wiped away a stray tear.

"Tom…she saved him."

Robin listened closely as Sarah described what had just happened. She wrapped her long arms around her lover and cried tears of joy with her soulmate. They sat in silence. Watching the sleeping child. Robin holding Sarah in her arms as she rocked back and forth. Charlie purring happily in his corner of the room.


It was early evening when Commander Sword was summoned to the main meeting room. She knew the scouts from the Phoenix had returned. No doubt this was to brief her on the Altis situation.

She dressed in her Commanders uniform and readied herself for the meeting.

"You look so good in that uniform."

Robin turned around to find her lover watching her dress. She smiled at the compliment. "Thank you."

Robin walked over to her soulmate and wrapped her up in a loving embrace. Sarah shivered as Robin's warm breath tickled her ear. "You look good in anything….or in nothing."

Robin held the squirming woman tight. Knowing full well that her lover would retaliate by playfully smacking her. She had the small arms pinned down to her sides, so Sarah did the only thing she could. She reached around and pinched the Commander. Robin yelped in surprise.

"Clever…..I'll have to remember that."

Both women leaned into the other. It was a brief kiss but it spoke volumes. Sarah could sense the tension in Robin's body.

"You're worried." Sarah caressed a strong cheekbone.

Robin let out a long sigh.

"Magna thrives on killing. So many innocent people will die."

"Robin….we don't know what is going to happen. And no matter what does happen…..I love you and I have all the faith in the world that you will make the best choice possible for everyone involved."

"Thank you love. I needed that."

Both women clung to the other, trying to convey in a hug and kiss what words could never express.

"I'll be back soon."

"Love you."

"Love you too."

Sarah watched as the door to their chamber closed. "I love you." She whispered one more time. Her thoughts were running wild. It would be a long evening. Slowly she turned and headed for Angel's room.

Sarah found her little girl still asleep with Charlie snuggled up against her. She was about to reach out to the sleeping child when a cold wind blew through the room. Sarah instantly felt the chill and shivered against it.

"I'm coming for her."

Sarah spun around trying to find the source of the voice that filled her. There was no one in the room. She ran through the chamber. It was empty. She found nothing or no one. She bolted the door then ran back to Angel. The child was still sleeping soundly. Sarah lay down beside her and took Angel into her arms. If anyone came for her daughter they would have to kill her first. Sarah prayed that Robin would be back quickly.


On board the Altis:

"Thrace. Such an insignificant little planet. Don't you think so Captain Miller?"

"If you say so Lord Magna."

Cold dark eyes stared out the window of the Altis as Magna studied the small planet. She wanted to destroy the planet all together, but first she had to find the child.

"Tell me Captain Miller…when Commander Lewis had you escorted off his ship did you want to kill him? Did he belittle you in front of the others?"

The Captain didn't have to think back to that day. It never left his thoughts. He knew he should have become the new commander for the phoenix. Lewis was too weak and lenient to his crew. He vowed that day to get revenge on the retiring commander.

"Yes Lord Magna. I wanted to kill him. I still want to kill him."

Magna smiled at the hunger in the man's voice. "So you shall Captain Miller. So you shall."


"We can't wait."

Robin's fist came down hard on the long table. She needed these people to understand that Magna would kill them all and not think twice about it.

"You need to get the civilians into safety and get your army on standby. Magna could strike at any time."

Robin glared at the members of the council. The scouts had reported the Altis was hovering just outside the borders of Thrace.

"Do you want the blood of thousands of innocents on your hands? Because that's exactly what you're going to get if you don't do what I tell you."

The eldest member of the council stood and addressed the leaders of the military units. Robin listened carefully.

"Commander Sword is right. Magna is a fearless killer. She must be stopped."

His eyes looked over to Robin then back to the military command leaders.

"Do as she says. She is our only hope."

The elder sat back down and listened as Robin gave out orders to be followed. He was impressed by how quickly she took charge of the men and even more impressed with how they seemed eager to follow her lead.

Once Robin was satisfied that her orders were clear and precise she turned to leave the meeting chamber.

"Commander Sword."

Robin stopped and turned to look at the elder council member. "Thank you."

Robin nodded her head and turned back toward the door. She had to get Sarah and Angel to safety. She ran down the long corridor that would take her to her soulmate. A fleeting feeling of panic ripped through her when she tried to enter the room and found it bolted shut.

She knocked on the door. "Sarah it's me Robin."

She could hear the sound of the bolt sliding free. She wondered why Sarah had felt the need to secure their door. When she stepped inside their chamber Sarah engulfed the commander in a fierce embrace. Robin noticed Sarah was crying uncontrollably and the small woman was trying to tell her something.

"Sarah……Sarah please calm down. It's okay…….I've got you."

Robin felt the small woman in her arms begin to calm down. She watched as Sarah wiped the tears away as she struggled to tell Robin what happened.

"I was standing in Angels room……I heard this voice……"

Robin nodded her head, encouraging her lover to continue.

"She said she was coming for her."

Robin wrapped her arms around the crying woman. Kissing her forehead softly she whispered.

"No one is going to take Angel away from us. No one."

Robin held Sarah tight in her arms, whispering soft words of love and placing little kisses all over the blondes face. The words and actions of the commander slowly calmed the frightened woman. Robin cupped the round face of her lover in her hands, wiping stray tears with her thumb.

"Sarah…I want you and Angel to go back to the Phoenix. Magna will never be able to get on board that ship."

Sarah felt torn between staying close to Robin and getting herself and Angel to safety on board the large ship. Robin smiled as she watched Sarah's face wrinkle in concentration.

"Listen to me Sarah…I will have you placed in a secret hiding chamber with a full military escort. No one….and I mean no one, will get to you or Angel."

Sarah nodded her head. Robin felt relief flood her body. "Good. Get your things gathered…I'll have you escorted to the Phoenix immediately."

Sarah wrapped her arms around Robin's neck and kissed her deeply. "Promise me….you won't get yourself killed"

Robin planted one last kiss on the sweetest lips she had ever tasted. "I promise."


With Sarah and Angel safely tucked away on board the Phoenix, Robin readied herself for battle. She would do her best not to get killed but she knew if she had to die in order to protect Sarah and Angel she would do so.

She headed into the military command base and spoke with the commanders.

"Have the civilians been notified?"

"Yes Commander Sword. Everyone is on lock down and most have fled to the underground haven."

Robin nodded her head. "Good. What's the latest on the Altis"

Robin walked to a large screen that showed the position of the Altis. She listened as the chief commander spoke.

"She's still sitting up there. I don't know what…."

Before the chief could finish his sentence, several small fighter ships broke through the air and commenced a heavy attack on the command base. Explosions could be heard from every direction and the ground shook beneath their feet.

The Thracian air squad was already in position and had began firing back. The battle had started. Robin kept her eyes upward; waiting for the ship that carried Magna. Within seconds of the attack she saw it.

The large hover ship moved toward the Phoenix. Robin knew they would never be able to penetrate the shields of the large ship. She made her way to a small cruiser and before anyone could try and stop her she was on her way to kill Magna.

Magna ordered the pilot to land the hover next to the Phoenix. She could feel the child's presence. As soon as the ship landed she turned to Captain Miller.

"Go kill your little friend captain…and make it quick. I don't want to be here all day…I have other planets to destroy."

Captain Miller grinned at his commander. "With pleasure."

They both headed out of the ship, on a 'seek and destroy' mission. One based on feelings of rejection and humiliation and the other on survival. Magna knew the power the chosen child possessed. She also knew if she could kill the child, she would be able to take that power from her. Now she just had to find her.

"Going somewhere?"

Magna turned around to see Robin standing behind her holding a laser blade.

"You must be the chosen one's protector. The prophecy said she would have a guardian."

Robin never flinched a muscle. "I'm not really in to titles Magna….I just protect the innocent from murderers like you." and the people I love, she added silently.

Magna through her head back and laughed out loud. She looked deep into the commander's eyes, as if she could see into her very soul. "You didn't do a very good job protecting your family Robin."

Robin stiffened at the mention of her family. She was younger then. She did all she knew to do, but she still lost her family. Robin knew what Magna was trying to do. Magna wanted to anger the commander; throw her off balance. But Robin vowed not to lose her new family.

"You know you have the same color eyes as your father…and I should know…I see them everyday as I walk by his head."

Robin lunged at the evil woman. Magna blocked the deadly blow of the laser blade with a blade of her own, both women oblivious of the battle that raged on around them.

They fought hard and were equally matched. Robin slammed the hilt of her blade into Magna's jaw. She felt and heard bones crush beneath her.

Magna didn't seem to feel any pain. She spun on around and extended her leg, successfully knocking Robin on her back. Robin saw the woman draw her foot back to kick her. She readied herself for the blow that was about to come but she wasn't expecting the searing sharpness that accompanied the kick.

She finally realized that Magna's war boots were lined with tiny blades. The pain she felt was unbelievable. She finally recovered and was on her feet. She did a quick mental inventory of her injuries. Some broken ribs possibly a broken arm and several deep cuts.

Robin knew she had to finish this soon. She focused on Sarah and the promise she made. 'I won't die…not today love….not today."

She doubled her efforts and soon Magna was on the losing end. Just as Robin raised her laser blade above her head to strike the final blow an explosion behind her sent debris flying in her direction. She never knew what hit her.

Magna watched as the commander fell forward, an unconscious heap on the ground. She walked over and kicked the fallen commander until her leg gave out and she could no longer lift it. She stood over the commander, studying her. She would place her head next to the rest of her family. She moved in for the kill…..


Tom watched as the door to his room came open. He was too weak to move and there was no need to call out for help.

"Commander Lewis….we meet again."

Tom never spoke to the man approaching his bed.

"I would say I'm sorry it had to be under such circumstances but……I'm not."

Commander Lewis tried to sit up in his bed. "I'm not surprised."

"I am somewhat surprised though…Tom." The captain waved his hand to the open room around him. "They left you all alone in this big room. I guess when you're so close to dying….. it doesn't really matter how you go."

The captain stepped up closer to the bed. Tom looked him deep in the eye.

"Well I'm glad you feel that way Captain Miller…"

The red headed man pulled a laser blade from his belt and held it high above the commanders body. "Ohhh why is that commander Lewis?"

"You won't mind this…"

Before the man knew what hit him he was face down on the floor. Dead. Tom looked up to see Monroe step out of the shadows. Both men smiled with relief at each other. The everlast walked over to his lover and cradled his elderly body. "How did you know?"

Tom could feel the emotion now flooding through Monroe's body. The danger was over and the reality of it all hit him hard.

"When Angel healed me she told me…"

Monroe let the tears freely flow from his eyes. "That's what she whispered to you"


The everlast placed a tender kiss on his lover's forehead. "I love you."

Tom closed his eyes as his own tears fell. "I love you too."


Magna leaned down and grabbed a handful of black hair and roughly pulled Robin's head back. She studied the bloodied face before her. "You didn't even know you're father was an everlast…did you?"

Magna stood and reached beneath her battle cape. She pulled out the blade of spearos and began reaching for the commander again. For a moment she thought she thought she saw a flash of light, then she realized it was pain. Slowly she turned around and saw a man standing a few feet away from her.

She reached behind her back and felt the cold dagger sticking out of her skin. As she fell to her knees the man walked toward her. Blackness started to surround her. The last thing she saw was a blue phoenix surrounded by five white stars with a gold name badge beneath it that simply read Capt. Baker.

Total blackness. It was over.

Due to Robin's instructions the flight crew defeated the Altis fighters with ease. Captain Baker saw the large hover ship land next to the Phoenix and he knew where ever he would find Magna, he would find Robin.

Captain Baker walked over and knelt next to the broken body of his commander. He only hoped he hadn't shown up too late…

Concluded in Part 8.

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