“The Story Of A Love Stronger Than Death”

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                                                                PART 3

“Of course I’m up to it,” said Xena with as much conviction as she could muster at the moment. Ares revelation about Callisto and Hope had knocked her for six, left her mind in a kind of foggy daze. She needed to sit down for a spell in order to get over the initial shock of it all.

She couldn’t believe that she had honestly failed to notice how strange things had become. Had she really been that lost within herself, and if it was true about Callisto and Hope being the supreme rulers of this distorted reality then why hadn’t they bothered to come after her as soon as they had made their mark upon the world.

Perhaps they had enjoyed seeing her suffer too much; forever dwelling upon things, which made her heart sting and her soul crumble to dust…but now she had the chance to take matters into her own hands rather then letting things slip beyond her control. Now was the time for action not regrets.

There was just one aspect of Ares plan that she was having trouble trying to figure out. “Ares, how do you expect me to pass through the Timegate?” she asked “You yourself said that only a god may pass through it, and I am most definitely not a god”

“A problem which can be easily solved” said Ares

“Oh no Ares” said Xena realising what Ares exactly had planned for her “You’re not getting me anywhere near any kind of ambrosia”

   She had seen first hand what having that kind of power could do to a person, how it could corrupt them as she herself had been corrupted by power so easily in the past, and she had no inclination whatsoever to go back down that road.

“No Xena, no sadly not” he said “I’m afraid that what I’m going to propose to you is far less binding…not that you wouldn’t make for an absolutely enchanting goddess” he said with a suggestive raise of his eyebrow.

Oh yes! …He could definitely envision Xena as a goddess, perhaps as goddess of desire. A role that would best be suited to her intriguing abilities, for as she had told him on a various amount of occasions, she was a woman of many skills.

   It had been these skills combined with her overwhelming beauty that had made mere men tremble at her feet. Now was the time to put those remarkable skills to use, time to dust away the cobwebs from the warrior after such a long time.

  “Here drink this,” said Ares offering Xena a golden chalice filled to the brim with a strange coloured liquid, which threatened to overflow as he passed it over to her.

“What is it?” she asked staring intently into its seemingly bottomless murky depths

“Oh it’s just a little something the high priest at one of my many temples threw together. He’s dead now another victim of Hope and Callisto cleaning the world up with the help of Dahak’s army. It’s a shame because he was really quite gifted which is quite surprising for a mere mortal…present company excluded” he said quickly correcting himself before Xena had a chance to fly off the handle again, and judging from the look he got that was more than likely given her fragile state of mind.

“Anyway” he said continuing on “Its designed to have all the effects of ambrosia, but most importantly it has none the side effects…so you won’t get drained after using your powers for the first time”

 “So basically what you’re telling me Ares,” said Xena “Is that this potion I’ve got here will transform me into a god” …but could she do that, and if she did would she ever be the same person again.

“Relax Xena” said Ares reading her thoughts “Unlike ambrosia the results of you taking that potion won’t be permanent…it should wear off in a matter of weeks”

“And exactly how sure are you of that?” asked Xena. The last time she had taken Ares word on something she had ended up in Callisto’s body trapped in Hades. That was an experience she sure didn’t want to repeat again.

“Well” he said “Maybe there’s about a one percent chance that you’ll wind up being a god forever, but just think Xena you’ve got a real chance to do something that most people would pay with their lives for.  A chance to save the woman you love, so surely the tiny risk of becoming a god forever is only minor compared to the overall joy you’ll feel at being with her again.”

Why do you always have to that Ares…thought Xena…draw her most weakest point to attention, and then wave it in front of her like a red rag in front of a bull. “Of course I want to save her,” she snarled. It was obvious she couldn’t refuse him, not when Gabrielle’s life was possibly hanging in the balance.

“All right…you win,” Sighed Xena surrendering herself to the unknown. “What do I have to do to put things right? What exactly was it that Callisto changed that altered the future so much?”

“She killed Gabrielle”


“She killed Gabrielle” Oh boy thought Ares I wouldn’t wish the world to be Callisto right now. There was no telling what Xena would do if confronted with her again.

“But why Gabrielle?” asked Xena “It was me she was after…not Gabrielle. I’m the one she wants to hurt,” she insisted “I’m the one who wiped out her family, I’m the one who burnt her village to the ground as a ruthless warlord…not Gabrielle”

“Yes Xena” said Ares  “But have you forgotten that by hurting the ones you love she can get to you”

“Well she is getting to me” said Xena “I don’t like seeing my friends hurt, especially Gabrielle. You know she was the most purest thing in my life Ares…I just feel so lost without her”

“I’m certain Callisto knew that when she did it” said Ares “Somehow she must have figured out how much Gabrielle was beginning to mean to you”

“If that’s the case Ares then why didn’t she just kill Gabrielle off in the normal timeline? Why bother going through the Timegate at all?”

“I’m not sure entirely” said Ares “Maybe she just did it because she could. Maybe the results of her killing Gabrielle were a complete accident…or maybe she found out somehow be it through an oracle or the fates about the great significance Hope would have in the future. Thus taking it upon herself to rid Hope of any obstacles that may stand in her way…mainly her mother. So therefore with no one to stop her Hope would have no problem whatsoever in fulfilling her mission to set her father Dahak the one true evil loose upon the world…and you know what that would lead to…”

“The end of us all” said Xena “No living thing would stand a chance…is that what happened here? Did Hope somehow succeed in freeing her father?”

“Yes” said Ares “But there’s also something else…something I haven’t told you yet”

“Well go on Ares” said Xena “Believe me nothing you could say could possibly shock me after what I’ve just heard”

“Hope is carrying my child,” said Ares spitting the words out as fast as he could, afraid that at any moment he would lose his nerve.

“She’s what!” Nothing could have shocked her hey…thought Xena…well that was certainly the understatement of the century. She just couldn’t believe how much Ares could make her skin crawl sometimes.

“I should have known really,” she said, “Because only you could aspire to do something this sick and twisted”

“It wasn’t like that Xena” said Ares “I wasn’t in it for me this time, I did actually care about Hope. I thought that she cared about me…but she was only using me to get a child”

“Oh poor you” said Xena in thoroughly sarcastic manner “But you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t get all misty eyed about it”

“No you’d never do that would you Xena, you know I bet you’re just loving every moment of this”

“What can I say Ares…obviously if you mess around with fire then you’re likely to get burnt. However that would certainly explain how you would know so much about what’s been happening”

“Xena, you give me way too much credit,” said Ares “How could I possibly know about Callisto’s plans. I only recently found out from Hope that her mother had died…been murdered somehow, and then I overheard Callisto mentioning something about the Timegate…and killing someone. So I put two and two together, and came up with what I thought was the correct solution to what’s been happening…but I could be wrong. I mean you of all people should know Xena that you never can tell where Callisto is concerned…she is definitely unpredictable”

“Well at least that’s one thing we both agree on “Callisto being unpredictable…there’s no denying that”


“What now?”

“Oh come on Xena…Gods would you quit giving me such a hard time. Okay I made a mistake…I hold my hand up to that, my family are dead, and its partly my fault, but don’t mortals do that…I mean look at you Xena”

“Oh no…don’t you use me as an example, don’t you dare Ares”

“Why not Xena, after all you’re perfect…far from it. I mean you claim to love Gabrielle, but from my knowledge you’ve hurt her on more then one occasion”

“Point taken Ares” said Xena…Yes hurting Gabrielle was definitely something she regretted, and if she ever got to see Gabrielle again then she would somehow make up for it.

“I’m not perfect, I know that” she said “So let’s get things moving along shall we?”

“Yes” said Ares “First you can start by deciding on what you’re going to do with that” he said indicating to the chalice Xena was still cradling in her hands “Because I’ll totally understand if you don’t want to, especially after what you’ve just heard.

“No Ares,” said Xena “The last thing we need is for me to start taking what you’ve done personally, like you said there’s too much at risk this time” she said bringing the chalice to her lips, and draining it of its contents before she had a chance to think of the unpleasant taste.

Staring down at the now empty chalice staring back at her…Xena waited…and waited…and waited “Hey” she said “Shouldn’t this have taken effect by now…because I don’t feel any different”

“I’m afraid that’s one of its downfalls” said Ares “Unlike ambrosia…well it takes a little time to kick in”

“So in the meantime?” asked Xena

“In the meantime…we wait” said Ares “So why don’t you go put your head down for awhile…try to get some rest, because you’re going to need all your strength for tonight. As soon as it gets dark I’ll transport you to the site the Timegate is located at…but we’ll have to be careful till then Xena”

“Why?” asked Xena wearily

“Because Callisto and Hope could locate us at any time…they may even be listening to the conversation we’re having now. The last thing I want is for them to find out where I’ve hidden the Timegate till now”

“But surely if that’s the case” said Xena “Then they would have found out where it is anyway…by just reading your mind”

“No they can’t” said Ares  “Because somehow, I don’t know how in the Hades I’ve done it, but somehow I’ve managed to block them off so they can’t read my thoughts anymore.  However that’s just a slight delay Xena, so if I were you I’d start to prepare myself as soon as you can, because those two are capable of absolutely anything…and we can’t stay hidden away forever”


Xena awoke to a sensation that was unnerving, yet somehow strangely exhilarating. A tingling feeling that spread itself around her like a warm blanket, vaulting up through the air she performed a series of back flips that where much too fast for the naked eye to see.

    Stopping at the opposite end of the room she grinned broadly to herself…not bad…she stated to the empty silence….not bad at all.

The sudden rush of power was overwhelming, flexing her taut muscles Xena smiled inwardly at the thought of this…I wonder what else I can do?...She thought. Like a child with a new toy, and exciting toy she had a sudden irresistible urge to find out for herself just how powerful she had truly become, but more than that she had to make sure that her upcoming battle with Callisto wouldn’t be entirely one sided.

 The Callisto of the past might not have Hope and Dahak behind her, but she was still a force to be reckoned with, and Xena had to be ready for that…because if she blew it this time there would be no going back, no second chances.

   “So I guess the waiting is finally over” said Ares materialising behind her. “But I was right you know, you do make an absolutely enchanting yet forbidding goddess…so tell me…how do you feel?”

I don’t know” answered Xena “I’ve never really been all that good with words.

That was always Gabrielle’s talent; but I do honestly think that I can understand now what drives most of the God’s to act the way they do. I mean having this kind of power…like I’ve got now, it just feels so incredible, like you could do absolutely anything you wanted, and its so easy to be blinded by that kind of power. I should know…because that’s what happened to me.”  She said.

    “I thought that if I could somehow harness this kind of power, then my village would forever be safe from harm. So I conquered one piece of land, and then another, but then I hadn’t become as powerful or as feared as I had imagined I would. So I went on to conquer another piece of land and then another until one terrible day I realised that I couldn’t remember why I’d started fighting in the first place.

   I had strayed so far from my chosen path that I couldn’t see the monster that had become.”

“But what if something goes wrong” said Ares “And you become that monster again”

“I don’t know… but I’m pretty sure that’ll never happen so long as I have Gabrielle beside me. However the risk of me becoming a god forever won’t deter me from what I have to do Ares, it’s a risk I’ll gladly take, because I don’t care what happens to me” she said “ All that matters to me is saving Gabrielle, and despite my doubts about you, the bottom line is that Gabrielle’s death was my fault. I should have concentrated on her safety instead of over analysing my feelings when I wasn’t even sure if those feelings could ever be returned. And I would do absolutely anything to make that up to her, because even though she may never love me, the way that I love her…I have to have her in my life Ares. I need her by my side.”

“Because you can’t imagine life without her” Said Ares

“Yes” Said Xena but I wouldn’t expect someone like you to understand that.”

“You might be surprised” said Ares

“No I really think that you’ve surprised me about as much as you can today” She said an amused smile edging its way across her lips. “But seriously Ares stop worrying about me, I’m a big girl I can take care of myself… you just focus on getting me to the Timegate before Hope and Callisto have a chance to discover our plans”

“You know its funny” Said Ares

“What is?” Asked Xena clearly confused

“The way life forms a circle…I mean look at you and me as an example, and the way we keep bumping into each other no matter how much you try to avoid me.”

“Ares!” exclaimed Xena pleasantly taken aback “You know I never would’ve thought of you as the philosophical type. What you just said  was something that I’m pretty sure Gabrielle would have come out with”

“You know” said Ares “looking back maybe I was a little hard on her…I mean she wasn’t really as bad as I made her out to be…and sometimes what advice she gave…now that I think about it did make some sense. I always thought that must have been one of the many reasons you loved her so much….that and the fact that underneath that cute exterior lurked a wild thing just waiting to get out, she’s definitely got  a lot of potential…you know maybe when you get her back I could give her a little training one on one”

“Ares” said Xena giving him a disapproving look “Don’t push your luck”

“Xena I was only”

“Oh what a touching scene!”

“Who said that?” Said Ares drawing his sword as the sound of manic laughter rose through the air, bouncing off the walls and glass plated ceiling, it seemed to be all around them, closing in on them.

It was quickly followed by a blinding flash of light which dispersed as quickly as it had formed to reveal the silhouetted figure of Callisto.

She was wearing a leather dress which clung to her slender figure like a second skin, her golden hair billowing out behind her as she took in the scene around her, her hazel eyes glinting with a kind of demented amusement.

“Come on Xena” whispered Ares urgently “It’s time for you to go…”

“Oh don’t go on my account my sweet” Callisto sarcastically remarked. “You’ll miss all the fun that we’re planning to have…oh what’s the matter” she said “Missing your little friend…shame I had to kill her”

“Don’t listen to her Xena” said Ares “She’s just trying to goad you into a fight”

    His face contorted into a mask of rage Ares spun around to face Callisto, a ball of flame beginning to form in the centre of his outstretched palm, which grew in size until it hovered just above his hand, then without a word of warning he flung it at Callisto.

Unfazed by the whole scenario Callisto yawned as she teleported herself to safety mere seconds before the fireball got near enough to burn her. Instead it tore a gaping hole into the wall behind her.

 “Oh dear is that the best you can do” She said “Well I can do better”

Twisting, transforming, Callisto began to change before Ares eyes until she towered above him, the monster within her taking a physical shape, her fingers forming into claws, huge wings appearing from behind her tearing through her dress, her eyes glowed red, her face took on the shape of a demons straight from the depths of Tartarus, her mouth forming into a mockery of a smile, as she reached out to strike Ares down.

“Callisto stop”

His sword raised high above him frozen in mid air, Ares looked around frantically for the source of the voice, and from behind Callisto a young blond woman emerged…it was Hope.

Turning to Ares she indicated to his sword

“You won’t be needing that” she said. Ares could only helplessly stare as his sword was ripped from his hands and fell to the floor with a loud clang. Turning back to Callisto she smiled sadistically “You can’t kill him till we find out where he moved the Timegate…as soon as we find out where it is….then can you have your fun” she said Her green eyes glowing unnaturally bright.

“Patience is a virtue” remarked Callisto

Xena couldn’t believe her eyes

“So Ares was telling the truth for once” she said “You really are alive”

“Hello Xena, happy to see me”

Xena inhaled sharply, it was unnerving talking to someone who resembled Gabrielle so much physically, her heart ached at the familiar face in front of her, and she had to keep mentally reminding herself that she was talking to Gabrielle’s daughter, and not her lost love.

Callisto had transformed back to her human form, and was staring at the blond woman standing between them both. Turning round to face her Hope leaned up and drew the taller woman into a long lingering kiss. Xena stared…well that was interesting…she thought

Turning back to Xena Hope sneered, as she slowly started to make her way towards her…Xena could hear Callisto’s demented laughter in the background. Hope was about a foot away from her when Ares teleported in front of her

“Xena” he said softly, cherishing the feel of her name on his lips, his deep brown eyes shining as he prepared himself for battle “It’s time for you to get out of here”

“No Ares” she shouted “You don’t have to do this”

But it was too late Xena felt herself fading away, the last thing she saw was Ares defiant face, ready to attack, that was all too suddenly replaced by shock as his sword shot up from where it had dropped and flew at him impaling into his shoulder.

Xena closed her eyes tightly hoping that when she opened them again that this would all be just a horrible nightmare…but when she did open her eyes Xena was astonished to find herself in Ares temple…the Timegate standing just yards away from her.

Large and ornate, it looked like a huge mirror, and carved on either side of it were two statues, their faces covered by the hoods of their cloaks which draped to their feet….with Ares words flashing through her mind “Xena it’s up to you”

Xena took a step towards her reflection in the mirror,  her heart hammering away, her breath caught in her throat, Gabrielle’s face pictured in her mind…then without hesitation she leapt thorough the glass, and into the unknown…                                                   

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