The Judge


By M. E. Tudor

Disclaimer: All of the characters in this story are my creations. Any similarities to real people are purely coincidental.

Violence/Sex: This is an erotic romance about a woman and her dominatrix. There will be some mild violence and quite a bit of sex. The sex is between two consenting adult women. If you find this offensive, you may want to consider another story.

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Chapter Nine


Ashley listened to the news and shook her head. The media was making a big deal over the pictures and video of Jean. You would have thought Jean killed someone rather than being forced to have pictures taken of her in a compromising position.

The woman, Cynthia Donaldson turned herself in. She said that all John Garrett had done was told her to go to the bar and hit on the Jean, but that the Jean had forced herself on Cynthia and made her go to the hotel with her to have sex. Ashley knew that there were going to be some anonymous phone calls from women at the bar, who would say Cynthia had willingly gone to the back of the bar with the Jean, and willingly left the bar with the Jean.

It hadn't escaped Ashley's attention that Cynthia Donaldson looked a lot like her. She felt guilty about what was happening to Jean. If she'd have continued their relationship, this wouldn't be happening.

Ashley called Jean every day to check on her. She was having a hard time, Ashley knew. She couldn't imagine having to go through the scrutiny Jean was going through. Besides the ongoing investigation over the John Garrett thing, the Judicial Conduct Committee was reviewing what had happened and could possibly remove Jean from the bench. That would just be tragic because Jean is a good family court judge.

Jean's face appeared on the television screen and reporters swamped around her as she left the courthouse after the initial hearing of John Garrett's case. The reporters shouted questions at her as she tried to wave them off.

“Did you really have sex with that woman?”

“Did you force yourself on her?”

“Are you a lesbian?”

“How are you qualified to be a family court judge when you can't control your own conduct?”

Jean kept pushing past them as the security guards from the court house tried to keep the reporters away. They tried to block her car from leaving and the guards had to arrest a few people who refused to get off Jean's car.

Ashley was so deep into what was on the television screen that she jumped when her phone suddenly went off. “Hello,” she said as turned the television down with the remote.

“Ashley?” Jean said and sniffed.

“Yeah, hey, how are you?” Ashley said.

“Not so good,” Jean confessed. “Today was horrible. I had some guy go off in the court room, saying a dyke shouldn't be allowed to decide family matters. The lawyers and their clients are questioning my ability to be unbiased toward the women, and then the reporters put dents in my new car.”

“I saw. I'm so sorry you are going through this.” Ashley said.

“Can you…can you come over for a little while? I just need someone to talk to.”

Ashley hesitated. Being alone with Jean in her house might not be a good idea, but she wanted to see her. “Are you sure it will be okay? There are probably people watching your house.”

Jean sighed heavily. “Yeah, probably so, don't worry about it then. I don't want you to get drawn into this.”

Ashley could hear the deep sadness and need in Jean's voice. “No, I'll be there, but I'm going to park a few blocks away and come in the back yard. Leave the back lights off so no one can see me slip in, but you watch for me so you can open the back door. I'll be there in a half an hour.”

Jean let out a relieved sigh. She really should have called Elizabeth or maybe even her sister, Angela. But she wanted to see Ashley. She knew that she was tempting fate by having Ashley come over, but she needed her presence.

Ashley was true to her word. Within a half an hour of their phone conversation, she was slinking across Jean's backyard through the shadows and shrubs. At first Jean had been afraid it was a reporter sneaking in her yard, but then she caught sight of Ashley's blond hair poking out of the dark ball cap she was wearing.

Jean opened the back door and quickly pulled Ashley into the house. She shut and locked the back door, and then pulled Ashley into a hug. “Thank you so much for coming.”

Ashley hugged her back, savoring the feel of Jean in her arms. “You're welcome.”

Jean took Ashley's hand and led her to the living room where a low fire burned in the gas fireplace. Jean had a bottle of wine and two glasses sitting in front of the couch. “I figured we could sit down here in front of the couch and someone peaking through the window wouldn't be able to see us.”

Ashley sat down and watched Jean sit down next to her and pour them both a glass of red wine. “I was afraid the police would have your entire house surrounded to keep away the reporters.”

“They did that for a few days, but it is costing them too much overtime and the reporters have backed off the house. They just wait for me outside the court house now.”

Ashley squeezed Jean's hand. “I'm so sorry.” She chewed her lip, and then said what was really on her mind. “I feel like this is my fault.”

“Why?” Jean asked, sitting her glass down and taking Ashley's hand in both of hers. “I'm the one who made the stupid choice to pick up a woman I didn't know.”

“Yeah, but if I hadn't ended things, you wouldn't have been picking up someone.”

Jean touched Ashley's face gently. “You had to do what you had to do to be happy. I understand that.”

Ashley put her hand over Jean's on her cheek. She felt the heat and surge of energy that she always got when Jean touched her. She turned into Jean's palm and kissed it.

Jean sucked in her breath. She closed her eyes and slowly pulled her hand away. “I didn't invite you over here to have sex,” she said quietly.

“I know,” Ashley said. “Your touch has just always had that affect on me.”

Jean looked into Ashley's eyes, their blue depths shimmering in the firelight. She should have realized that she wouldn't be able to be in the same room with Ashley and not want her. The fire and the wine were too romantic by far. She touched Ashley's cheek again, and this time she leaned forward and kissed Ashley lightly on the lips.

Ashley's breath caught in her throat. She brought her hands up to Jean's face and pulled it back to hers, planting and equally gentle kiss on Jean's lips.

Licking her lips, Jean said, “We should probably drink this wine and talk before we go any further.”

“Okay,” Ashley agreed. She jugged her wine and sat the glass on the brick hearth.

Jean drained her glass of wine and sat her glass and the rest of the bottle on the hearth.

“What did you want to talk about?”

Ashley's eyes seemed to glow in the dark. “I don't remember,” Jean answered breathlessly.

“Good,” Ashley said. She moved closer to Jean so that the side of their body's and legs were touching. She titled Jean's head toward her and kissed her, lightly at first, but then with more intent.

Jean moaned and cupped Ashley's face as she deepened the kiss. For over a year she had refused to let Ashley kiss her because she knew that once they kissed, she would be completely lost.

Putting her arms on either side of Jean, Ashley bent her backwards toward the floor. Their lips never stopped touching as they thoroughly explored each other's mouths. Ashley slid her hands down Jean's arms to her waist. She needed to touch Jean's skin.

Everywhere Ashley touched Jean felt like it was on fire. It was amazing that for as many times as they had had sex, Ashley's touch had never felt this intense.

Ashley slid her hands inside Jean's blouse. She moaned as she felt the swell of Jean's breasts. She pulled her hands back out and started unbuttoning Jean's blouse, placing kisses every time she exposed another little bit of skin.

“Jesus,” Jean sighed.

Ashley kissed her way back up Jean's body and slid her tongue into Jean's mouth. Jean's legs opened to Ashley's jean clad leg that was pressing firmly into her. Ashley pushed herself up and pulled off her shirt without bothering with the buttons. She needed to feel her skin against Jean's.

Jean reached behind Ashley and unfastened her bra. Ashley sat up and pulled her bra off. She pulled Jean into a sitting position and took her bra off as well. Ashley gently ran her hands from Jean's neck, across her breasts to her flat stomach. “You have such a beautiful body.”

“Thank you,” Jean whispered. “So do you.” She leaned down and took one of Ashley's full breasts into her mouth and suckled on it gently. The sensation was so powerful. Jean was feeling overwhelmed. She pushed Ashley onto her back and kissed her deeply as she unfastened Ashley's jeans.

Ashley quickly helped Jean shed her jeans and panties. Soon they were both naked, but they continued just to stroke each other's bodies and kiss. Finally, Jean couldn't take it anymore. “I have to taste you again,” she whispered huskily.

“Oh God, please Jean,” Ashley cried, laying back and spreading her legs.

Jean could smell Ashley's arousal, but she was unprepared for how wet Ashley was. Jean moaned deeply as she slid her tongue into Ashley's folds. Even though the taste and feel of Ashley was familiar, it was different this time. She stroked Ashley with her tongue and fingers, bringing Ashley to a mind boggling orgasm.

As Ashley's muffled screams hit Jean's ears, it occurred to her why this time was very different. They were making love, not just having sex. Jean kissed her way back up Ashley's body and looked down at the pleasure on Ashley's face.

Ashley opened her eyes, her pupils completely dilated from the high of the orgasm. “Wow.”

Jean laughed, “Yeah, wow.”

Ashley flipped Jean onto her back. “My turn,” she said, kissing Jean. Tasting herself on Jean's lips sent her straight over the edge. She slid her fingers into Jean as she kissed her way down Jean's body. The second her tongue touched Jean's clit, Jean's body arched off the floor, and Ashley stroked the swollen bud with her tongue. She sucked her into her mouth and Jean covered her mouth as she screamed out. Wave after wave of the orgasm shook Jean's body until Ashley finally released her.

When Ashley moved up to Jean's face, Jean cupped her face and kissed her deeply. They kissed for a long time until Jean finally let Ashley go. “I was such an idiot to deny myself the pleasure of your kiss.”

“Well, we'll just have to make up for lost time,” Ashley said and kissed her again.


They spent almost two hours making love; neither could seem to get enough. Finally, Jean collapsed on top of Ashley. "I am exhausted."

"Me, too," Ashley said, stroking Jean's hair. "But, it's a good exhausted."

"Yes," Jean agreed. Her head was on Ashley's chest and she listened to her heart beat. It raced like hers, but was slowly calming down.

They laid like that for awhile, just holding each other. Ashley could feel herself starting to fall asleep. She shifted, starting to sit up, but Jean held her down. She raised her head and looked in Ashley's eyes. "I missed you."

Ashley smiled and pushed Jean's hair away from her dark eyes. "I missed you, too."

Jean stared into her eyes for a few more minutes and then laid her head back on Ashley's chest. "Can you stay for a little longer?"

"For a little while, I'm getting sleepy and I don't think you want the reporters watching your house to see me slip out in the morning."

Sighing, Jean gave Ashley a tight squeeze. "You're right." She pushed herself up into a sitting position and looked at the dark windows. "Those vultures are waiting for me to do something for them to report about."

Ashley pulled her shirt on and nodded. "That would be ugly for both of us."

Jean pulled her shirt on too. "True I'm supposed to meet with the Judicial Conduct Committee and the governor next week. I don't need to add anything else to charges they are going to be looking at." She pulled her knees up and wrapped her arms around them. "There's a good possibility that I will be asked to step down."

"Can they do that?" Ashley asked in horror.

"Yes, I'm afraid so," Jean said. "Even though John Garrett set a trap for me, the fact that I was meeting women in a sex bar is not proper conduct for an elected family court judge."

Ashley kneeled in from of Jean and covered her hands with hers. "Jean, I'm so sorry."

"Don't say this is your fault," Jean said, pressing her fingers to Ashley's lips. "I've always know I was taking this risk and I chose to take that woman to a hotel. I'd already had sex with her at the bar. I could have left it at that, but I chose to take that risk. I knew better. It's no one's fault but my own."

"Yeah, but…"

Jean stopped her again, cupping her face. "No, yeah but. I made a bad choice and I have to pay for that decision." She kissed Ashley lightly and then more intently. She pulled back and licked her lips. "You have the most delicious kiss."

Ashley put her forehead against Jean's. "Call me if you need me." She kissed Jean's forehead and then stood. She gathered the rest of her clothes and put them on.

Jean stood too and watched her dress. She walked Ashley too the back door. "Be very careful," she said as she opened the door.

Ashley kissed her lightly again. "I'll text you when I get home."

Nodding, Jean stepped back and watched Ashley slip across the back side of the yard. She let out a heavy sigh. Things were definitely going to get very ugly and she had no idea what she was going to do if the committee asked her to step down. She turned and picked up her clothes. A light flashed outside. She rushed to the front window to see what it was, but she couldn't see anyone. Maybe, it was just someone driving by. Shaking her head, she headed to her bedroom. Tomorrow would be another day and all she could do was wade through the shit getting thrown at her.

Continued in Part ten…

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