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LWord Turns or Does Subtext Matter  [Criss-Crossover Challenge 2007]


Kelly Dean leaves behind a bad home life without aplan of what she is going to do with her future. She didn't tell anyone that she was leaving and doubts that anyone is really looking for her. Shortly after arriving in Montrose, Colorado, she decides to make this small mountain city her new home. All she wants is to live in peace.

Pat Ryan's family has lived in Montrose ever since the first settlers dared to cross the mountains. She owns her own real estate business in an area that is growing fast. She has not had a serious relationship in years and there are not many available women. She has had her share of affairs with married woman and has always been the one to get hurt. She has vowed to never date a married woman again. When Pat sees this new, mysterious woman at Wal-Mart she is drawn to her but suspects that she is just a visitor that she will never see again until she sees her on one of her brother's job sites.

The two develop a relationship that will be challenged by Kelly's past. Will Pat be able to forgive Kelly for not telling her all of the truth?

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The Outfitter

Robin Hawke has owned Outfitters Inc. for six years, since her father had decided to retire and left it to her to run. Robin had grown up hunting and fishing in the mountains of southwest Colorado so running this business came natural to her. She loved taking people out on expeditions and showing them the safe and proper ways to hunt, fish and hike in the Colorado Mountains.

Robin was a simple woman but she learned some very serious lessons of the heart when she became involved with a rich socialite from New York who took advantage of Robin's innocence then left to go back to New York and her rich girlfriend leaving Robin bitter and angry. Robin vowed not to get involved again. Then, Marianne Jones came into her life.

Robin finds the small blond frustrating and infuriating but was drawn to her none the less. Marianne refuses to acknowledge the night they had shared on the trails and the attraction she feels for Robin.

The two come together on a dangerous journey to stop a developer who is planning to level Bear Head Mountain to develop a new ski resort. In their effort to protect the land and each other, they find their passion for each other overwhelming.

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Second Chances

Casey Durham decided to retire from pro basketball and finish pursuing her plans to become an orthopedic surgeon. Casey was looking forward to going back to her ala matre, Vanderbilt University to begin her residency when she got the phone call that her mother had disappeared. Fearing that her abusive father had done something horrible to her mother, Casey postponed her moving from Memphis plans to go home to find out what had happened to her mother. Little did Casey know that she was getting ready to be face to face with the one woman she had hoped she would never see again.

Suddenly Last Summer

Popular cheerleader, Jamie Edwards' world is turned upside down when she suddenly develops a crush on bad girl, P.J. Thomas.

The Wrong Place At the Right Time    [removed by request of author]

It's an erotic romance about a legal assistant, Mary, who goes into a sex bar looking for her roommate and runs into the UPS woman, Jackie, who delivers to the law office where Mary works. Their relationship starts out with just hot sexual encounters, but grows into a romance.

The Judge

Ashley Jessup has been in a sexual with relationship with her dominatrix The Judge for over a year, but she's ready for something more. After watching her roommate, Mary fall in love with her girlfriend, Jackie, Ashley realizes that she wants a real relationship. A loving relationship, not just a sexual one. Neither Ashley, nor The Judge, realize how strong the bond between them has become. Is the bond just sexual or more?

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