Impulse: Book One


"Impulse: A sudden inclination or urge"
The American Heritage dictionary

By Mezzo

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Installment Two

Two years had now gone by and Victoria, now 24, was devastating the legal world with decision after decision in her favor. She was maturing into a devastatingly beautiful woman. With her long flowing jet-black hair and her piercing blue eyes, she mesmerized her opponents. Add to that her quick mind and beguiling charm, many were helpless to stop her. She was fast becoming an unstoppable force. With Gordon's clever tutelage, she was masterfully learning the art of the game.

Lauren, Gordon's eldest daughter, was now on board with the firm. Though she and Tori were not as close as Tori had been with Brett, they still were very good friends. Now that they were older, they seemed to find a camaraderie that they had not possessed before. One day Lauren mentioned that she was going to Michigan to visit her sister Brett for her birthday. Brett was turning 21and was majoring in English Literature at the University of Michigan. She lived with their childhood friends; Alexi Felini and Adrian Arden. They were majoring in Child Psychology and Journalism. They also had another roommate; a math major named Jenna Carlisle.

It had been a few years since Tori had seen Brett. But somehow they had kept tabs on one another. Even if they didn't speak to each other personally. When Tori received the invitation, she agreed to come with Lauren. She had many thoughts that inundated her. What would it be like to see Brett after all these years? Had they changed that much throughout the years? Would they still have the bond that they possessed so many years ago? Victoria had resolved many issues that plagued her in her teens and was eager to pick up where she and Brett had left off. She still loved Brett with all her heart and had a silent hope that maybe Brett might feel the same way. Nevertheless, even if she didn't, their separation had been too long. Tori would spend the rest of her life hiding what she felt for Brett, if she had to. However, she couldn't spend another minute of her life not having Brett in it. Even if it was just in friendship.

When Victoria had left home for school, she had learned many things about how the world worked. She had continued to see Cole off and on. Since Cole went to Yale and Victoria had attended Harvard, eventually going to Cambridge, she had many opportunities to discover many things about herself.

Victoria was between classes and was sitting at one of her favorite sidewalk cafes in Harvard Square. Totally submerged in her studies, she didn't notice the person standing beside her table. If it weren't for the fact that they were blocking her light, she probably wouldn't have stopped to take notice. When Victoria began to look up, she found shapely long legs that went on forever and a body that would stop traffic. Victoria's blue eyes connected with a vision of warm brown eyes and long blond hair. A rush of heat immediately radiated between Victoria's legs.

With a gulp, Tori spoke, "Hi... is there something I can do for you?"

"Hi...I'm sorry to interrupt. But I see you're studying for Ethics class. I've seen you in class and I thought I'd come and introduce myself. I'm Erika Breslin." She extended her hand and Tori courteously took it.

"I'm Victoria Hull. My friends call me Tori."

"My friends call me Eri. And..... I would very much like to be yours." Erika knew that she was playing with Victoria, but she was helpless to stop.

Tori almost fell out of her chair with Erika's forwardness. She was immediately attracted to her. However, she wasn't completely sure that what she felt from Erika was correct. "I think she's flirting with me. Maybe I should test this." Tori thought.

"Well, that all depends on what kind of friendship you have in mind." Whoa where did that come from? Tori heard the words but was amazed that it came out of her mouth.

"Well gorgeous. I guess that really depends on you?" Erika had seen Victoria the first day of class and had immediately fallen in lust. She heard that Victoria was young, but she could not help her attraction. Victoria was a real knock out and the amazing thing was she seemed totally oblivious to the fact.

Erika Breslin, sole heir to the Breslin Fortune, came from a world similar to Victoria's. But she was not shielded from it as Victoria had been. From her early childhood, she had been primped and primed to be an heiress. She exuded sophistication and class. When she wanted, she could tempt the pants off an unsuspecting prey. She was not hurtful in anyway. She was just used to getting what she wanted. Anyone who knew her would be lucky indeed. But her attention was very short lived. Right then, here attention was focused on young Victoria Hull.

The two had become good friends. Unlike many people that Erika had set her sights on and then became disinterested in, she had truly come to care for Victoria. Tori had so impressed Erika with her unwavering honor and integrity. It left Erika speechless when Tori would display a wisdom and insight that was way beyond her years. Victoria was the full package: beautiful, intelligent, humble, confident, kind, caring, understanding and a number of other attributes. By the end of the semester, Erika Breslin had it bad for Victoria Hull. However, due to what her family expected of her and the fact that Victoria's heart belonged to someone else, she was happy to enjoy what little time she had with Tori. She gave Victoria a safe haven to explore feelings that she had denied herself for years. Erika showed Tori the many advantages of loving another woman. At the end of that year, Tori went to Cambridge and Erika went back home to New York to take her place in the Breslin Empire. They promised to keep in touch and Victoria would be ever grateful to Erika for her love and unconditional support.

Lauren and Tori arrived at the airport, rented a car and were on their way to the apartment. Tori's heart was beating so hard, she was sure that Lauren could not only hear it but see it as well. They found the apartment and knocked on the door.

Alexi came to the door. Letting out a screech that could be heard a mile away, " You're here!!!!!!!!!." Running into Tori's arms she gave her an exuberant embrace. "Gosh Tori, I can't believe you're her!!!!! We haven't seen you in...I can't remember the last time we've seen you. Where have you been girl?"

Tori took in Alexi's shoulder length, curly brown hair and deep brown eyes. Alexi was such a giddy person. She always had been. When you were around her you couldn't help but feel happy too. She was the only child of Michaela and Antoine Filenni. Her family had a chain of furniture stores and spent most of their time lavishing their daughter with love. They had hoped that Alexi would take to the family business but wasn't surprised when she informed them that she wanted to be a child psychologist. They supported her fully and were just happy to have her in their lives. The Filenni's were told they would have difficulty having children. When after years of trying, the doctor informed them that Michaela was indeed expecting. They vowed to give the child everything his or her heart would desire. You would think that Alexi would grow up being a spoiled brat. But she was the most generous person you could ever want to meet.

They were still standing at the door yapping when Alexi finally remembered where they were. "Oh my gosh!!› Where are my manners? Come on in! Brett and the girls just went to the groceries and liquor store for the party tonight."

Grabbing Tori into a hug again, she took a long appreciative look. "You look... well... you look........ innncredible!" Tori wasn't sure but she could have sworn that Alexi was........ checking her out. Strange...what was that about?

Alexi grabbed their bags and headed for the stairs. "I hope you two don't mind sharing the guest room. We only have the one."

Lauren watched as Victoria looked around the apartment. She had purposely not told Tori any details about Adrian and Alexi and especially avoided any real conversation about Brett. She was afraid that if she had told Victoria everything, Tori would choose not to come with her. The Hull and Montgomery families were very close and they all knew that Brett and Tori had shared an uncanny bond. They didn't understand why out of the blue Tori and Brett's friendship took a nosedive. They tried explaining it away as teenage growing pains. But when their separation carried over into their adult life, they began to wonder. Lauren had recently asked each of them what had happened. Her sister said she didn't have a clue. All Brett knew was that even after so many years had passed and they were older, she still ached for Tori as if it was just yesterday.

When Lauren had asked Victoria the same question, she finally got the answer she was looking for after all these years. Tori didn't tell her in words but her face spoke volumes. Written across Tori's face was the truth: she was in love with Brett. Tori's eyes revealed an unrequited love that she had kept secret for a very long time. Lauren had vowed to bring them back together. Maybe not romantically right now. But maybe a small birthday party would be a small start. Even if, at the moment, things looked rather bleak.

Once they reached the top of the stairs, they could see that the doors to the bedrooms were open. All the bedrooms were upstairs and there were only three. Each of them had one queen-size bed in them. As they reached the last bedroom, Lauren knew that Tori was formulating a problem in her head. She's a damn genius! Of course she is going to figure it out.

Victoria knew there were four people that shared the apartment. However as she counted the beds, she realized at least two of them had to be sharing a bed. She thought about the look that Alexi had given her and a light bulb went off in her head. She remembered that Alexi and Adrian had been very close growing up. The possibility of them being a couple made sense. So... Alexi and Adrian play on the same team. Well good for them.

Tori decided to let them off the hook. "Look...Alexi.› I'm sure Lauren would agree. We wouldn't want to kick someone out of their bed. We could always stay at a hotel."

Alexi glanced at Lauren with a questioning look. Not knowing how much Tori knew.

Lauren gave Alexi a nod from side to side. Alerting Alexi that Tori was not aware of the apartment's sleeping arrangements.

"Umm...... yeah. Well..... no one uses this room and it really isn't a bother. As long as you don't mind sharing." Alexi started to feel uncomfortable. She knew that Lauren knew the score but wasn't quite sure how Tori was going to take the news.

"You know I was baking Brett's cake when you came in. I had better go see how it is doing. I don't' think Brett would appreciate Cajun Cake for her birthday. " Laughing at her own joke, she motioned for them to come down stairs.

Now Lauren could practically see the smoke coming out of Tori's ears from thinking so hard.

Just as Tori was about to ask, "What the hell did Alexi mean no one used the guestroom?", the apartment door opened.

Green eyes met blue ones and an uncomfortable pause set in. Not a sound was heard for what seemed like an eternity as the two souls met again. Their hearts were beating so fast it was as if they were racing to try and get closer to the other. It had been so long and tears began to form in each of their eyes. How could they have been apart for so long?

A very jealous Jenna Carlisle interrupted the moment. She was the first to break the silence not liking what was happening between her lover and this tall stranger, "Baby... maybe you would like to introduce me to your ...friend."

Brett just stood there speechless. What do I say? Brett thought not hearing a word of what Jenna had just said. She was lost in her thoughts. After all this time Tori, you can still leave me weak in the knees. I still love you so.

Jenna stepped forward and decided enough was enough. "Hi. I'm, Jenna. Brett's... partner. I'm taking a guess that you would be.... Tori."

Tori was still reeling. Here she was after so many years standing in front of the love of her life. Oh Brett... I don't care how hard it is. I am finally gonna tell you how I feel. I love you so much. I don't care if you can't return my feelings. I just can't lie to you anymore. Just then, Victoria's ears caught up with her brain. Wait a minute... Did she say, partner?!!!!! What the hell does she mean calling my Brett, ŽBaby'!!!? Victoria thought to herself. She was starting to get a bad feeling in her stomach and felt the walls slowly closing in around her.

TO BE CONTINUED. Installment Three

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