Impulse: Book One


"Impulse: A sudden inclination or urge"
The American Heritage dictionary


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Installment Three

Tori realized that Jenna was holding her hand out for her to take and somehow she managed to respond, "Yes. I'm Victoria Hull." She let go of Jenna's hand but never took her eyes off Brett.

No... No... No... please don't let this be happening...This can't be happening! Tori was beside herself.If she could have gathered the strength, she would have died right there.Tori tried as hard as she could not to show how devastated she was.She was paralyzed to speak and too numb to move, lost in the irony of the situation.

Over the years, Tori had explored a few relationships learning more about herself.With the help of many loving and caring partners, she had learned to accept the many facets of her sexuality.She had come to understand her feelings for Brett were natural.She loved Cole and Erika and had many feelings for her other lovers, but no one after all these years captured her heart so completely as a young Brett had done.

Brett was now 21 andVictoria was 24. Tori had decided they were old enough now to discuss Tori's feelings for Brett. And even if Brett was unable to return her feelings, she still wanted to try to salvage their friendship.Now it seemed she had come to this conclusion too late.

Why did I wait so long? If I had known that she was capable of loving me the way that I wanted to love her, I would never had let her get away.

Tori was so involved in her inner dialogue that she didn't notice that Brett was now standing in front of her.

"Tori, it's so good to see you. I've missed you, you big lug."She hit Tori across the stomach."Look at you...You've gone and grown up and I must say you've really filled out nicely. You heartbreaker."

Tori snapped out of her daze the moment she heard her angel's voice.As always, she could not help but smile at the gleaming eyes that had always touched her heart. Yet something had changed. She noticed that although Brett's eyes still shined, they were a little duller than they once were.There was a hint of sadness that now rested in them and it broke her heart to think that someone may have hurt her little Brett.Maybe it was you that put that look in her eyes, you coward.Because you didn't have the courage to tell her how you felt, you've lost her forever.

She wrapped Brett in her arms praying with all her might that she would never have to let go. However, that just wasn't possible.

Lauren watched as a Greek tragedy played before her eyes.I'm sorry Tori... I'm so sorry that I brought you here. What was I thinking?That is just it. You weren't.Lauren chastised herself. You thought that if the two of them saw each other everything would fall into place. But you forgot about Jenna.The pain in Tori's eyes and the sadness on her face was enough to break your heart. She now knew with absolute certainty that Tori loved Brett more than life itself.She knew that her sister felt the same way. However, her sister's greatest flaw and greatest strength was her unwavering loyalty.On the surface, she knew that Jenna and Brett had looked happy. But for some reason something was missing. Lauren could not put her finger on it until now.Every time she saw Brett, she seemed increasingly withdrawn.She tried to get Brett to talk to her but she always said everything was fine.She prayed that someday Brett would come to her if something were bothering her.Seeing Tori and Brett together was something totally different. It was as if their souls embraced. You could not tell where one soul began and the other ended. What was missing with Jenna was the incredible spark that existed between Victoria and Brett.When they were together, they ignited the room.The energy between them was incredibly intense.They defined chemistry.

Tori's head bent down and she whispered into Brett's ear, "I might say the same for you little one. You are a wonder to behold."Brett blushed and quickly stepped away when she noticed the storm clouds brewing in Jenna's eyes.

Brett motioned Jenna to come closer and without her usual enthusiasm, she introduced Jenna again."Tori this is my girlfriend Jenna.Jenna this is my dear friend Tori.I'm glad that the two of you can finally meet."Brett stated this with an enthusiasm that she didn't truly feel.In her heart, she wished Jenna's and Tori's roles were reversed.

Victoria always tried to do the right and honorable thing.This moment was no exception."It's a pleasure to meet you.You are very lucky to have won Brett's heart. She is very, very special to..." Catching herself, she didn't want to reveal too much. Pausing she restated what she was about to say hoping that no one noticed her slip.

"She is a very special person. I wish both of you the best."She would put on a brave front for Brett.There would be time enough for her to cry later and lick her wounds.With a smile she did not feel,Victoria shook Jenna's hand again.

Jenna released her hand and then took Brett in here arms.Before Brett could stop her,Jenna kissed her with uncomfortable force.Finally letting go of a bewildered Brett, she replied,"Yes she is. And I don't plan on ever letting her go," clearly marking her territory.

If Victoria could have slapped the smug look off Jenna's face, she would have.

You do not have a right to do that.You gave all rights up when you walked away and left Brett, remember? Jenna thought.

"I'm glad to hear that.Brett deserves all the happiness she can get. Well...., let me go say hello toAdrian.It's been ages since I've seen her."She gave Brett a smile and a quick squeeze to her arm then walked away glad to be away from the hardest situation she had ever experienced.

Victoria did not want the conversation to continue any longer. She was afraid she would make a fool of herself.All she wanted to do was drop to her knees and beg Brett to run away with her.Run away and leave the world behind.

She went over toAdrian and proceeded to catch up on what she had missed these past few years.Although she was putting up a good front, inside she was barely registering a word thatAdrian was saying.

Soon after, Alexi came running out of the kitchen proclaiming that it was time to get the party started.

Funny I'm not in a party kind of mood.Tori thought as she found herself in her own personal hell.

TO BE CONTINUED.Installment Four

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