Impulse: Book One


"Impulse: A sudden inclination or urge" 
The American Heritage dictionary

By Mezzo

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Installment Five

Victoria stayed with Montgomery, Montgomery and Locke, for two more years and in the end, had more than a few landmark cases of her own.Litigants would quickly settle when they found out that the great Victoria Hull would be representing the client.Victoria had her hands in everything from personal injury to corporate law. Her father was right. This opportunity gave her the legitimacy that she needed.On the day she was about to leave the firm, Gordon brought her into his office.He was very proud of her but he was also very concerned.She had become a very valuable asset to the firm. He'd even offered to make her a partner if she stayed.However she declined.Victoria was not the youthful, exuberant girl that walked into the firm three years ago.This was a Victoria that even he wasn't sure he could beat if they met across in court.

Her reputation entered the room well before she was even in the building.Once her presence was known, all eyes waited for the attack.She demanded respect and that is exactly what she received.

Gordon took one last look atVictoria before he spoke, "You know Tori? I have always thought of you as part of my family.A sentimental old man I guess.I had hoped that some union would come between the Montgomerys and the Hulls. I guess for now that dream will have to be placed on the back burner."

He and his wife had often spoken of the bond that his daughter Brett and Victoria had shared.Watching his daughter waste her time with the likes of Jenna Carlisle angered him to no end.Although he had promised his daughter that he would not interfere, deep down he thought he was making a big mistake by not taking a more aggressive approach in getting Brett and Victoria together. 

"I know that where you go now will lead you far away from the safety that your father and I have tried to provide for you and the rest of our children.Understand this Victoria; there will come a time that this fire I see burning deep inside of you will burn so hot that even you won't be able to put it out.When that time comes remember your family will be waiting here for you to welcome you home." 

Not one to show weakness, Victoria stood up from her chair and ignored what Gordon was trying to tell her.She held her hand out, "Thank you Gordon. It's been a pleasure." With that said she turned and left without looking back.

Gordon let out a deep sigh and a deep sadness overcame him.He didn't know what had happened to Victoria in the past few years.He knew that she was ambitious and very determined. But there was more to what was going on with Tori.He thought about Richard and how he had always tried to do what was best for his kids.But there were some things that no matter how you tried, you couldn't protect them from. Looking out of the window of his office, he took in the sea of bodies that filled the streets below.In a world of unknown dangers and unexpected troubles, he worried about his family and the one he found in the Hulls.Lifting his head to the sky, he thought about the young beauty that was taken away much too soon. "Tori's in your hands now, Dominique.Watch over her and keep her safe."

TO BE CONTINUED. Installment Six

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