Impulse: Book Three



" Impulse: A sudden inclination or urge"

The American Heritage dictionary


By Mezzo




" This is Book Three in my series called Impulse.



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After unpacking and checking her messages, she went to see how the girls were doing. Descending the spiral staircase, she could hear laughter coming from the kitchen. She made her way down the hall and peeked in to see what the ruckus about. There in the middle of the women was none other than Maggie.

" I should have known. I bet you haven' t even seen any other room but the kitchen." Everyone turned to see Tori standing at the entrance of the kitchen.

" Well there you are. What? You' re away for over two weeks and you don' t even have the decency to give me a proper greeting. I thought I raised you better than that." Maggie gave Tori a reprimanding look. Fortunately, Tori knew it was all show. They both adored each other. " Get over here and stop your gawking." Maggie put her hands on her hips and tapped her foot impatiently against the granite floor.

Tori hung her head and went over to Maggie. " I' d have said hello if I knew you were here. You' re supposed to be at the Hamptons this weekend." Tori bent down and lifted Maggie off the floor. She planted a big wet kiss on Maggie' s cheek and exuberantly swung her around until they were both dizzy.

" Put me down you brat!!" Maggie tried to push against Tori' s shoulders, but the tall pest was too strong.

Tori laughed along with everyone else. She slowly lowered Maggie down to the floor and Tori held a protective arm around Maggie until she got her bearings. They both closed their eyes until they felt the room stop spinning.

Once it had, Maggie shook a finger at Tori and gave her a menacing look.

" You know, you are going to be the death of me. You may be all grown up, but you' re still not too old for me to spank your behind or send you to your room without dinner." They all looked on as Tori and Maggie butted heads.

" Oh Mags, I was just giving you a proper hello. I guess when you get old, you can' t help but be forgetful and a bit confused." Tori put her arm around Maggie' s shoulder. " Don' t worry. I' ll take care of you even when you start drooling and babbling." Maggie at that moment hauled off and slapped Tori on the tuckus.

" Ouch, why' d you do that? You know, not only are you getting older, you' re getting grumpier too." Tori rubbed her bum and pouted.

" I' ll give you grumpier." Maggie balled her hand up in a fist and shook it at Tori.

" Oh stop. You know you love me." Tori went over and gave Maggie a big hug. This time she gently kissed Maggie on the top of her head. " I missed you too."

" I guess I missed you as well. But you' re still a brat." Maggie returned the hug and then turned to their guests.

" I see you' ve brought the rest of my girls home. We were just catching up." Just then, Gibeau and his fiancÈe came into the room.

" Alicia…. Gibeau… are you?" Gibeau went straight to Tori and this time it was he that swung Tori around.

" Thank you. I don' t know what to say." Gibeau humbly kissed Tori on the cheek and Alicia came to stand in front of them.

" Thank you Miss Hull. I don' t know how we' ll ever repay you." Alicia had worked for the Hull family for a few years and Gibeau and Alicia had fallen madly in love. They had just announced their engagement. Tori had offered to pay for the wedding and bought an additional condominium in the building so that they would have privacy when they got married. She thought that this would be better for the newlyweds instead of living with Gaston and Maggie in the staff quarters.

" You don' t owe me a thing. I love this big guy like a brother and anything I can do to insure a smooth start to your new lives is my pleasure." Tori gave them each a heartfelt smile and saw the happiness in their eyes. She loved taking care of the people she loved. It gave life more meaning. In Tori' s mind, it was easy to make money. However, giving to others was much more satisfying.

" Well as soon as I can, I' ll pay you back. I promise." Gibeau had seen the Hull' s give generously throughout the years and didn' t want to take advantage of them. They never once allowed their wealth to keep them from their humanity. Gibeau had seen many things throughout the years and was thankful and honored to work for such a fine family. He did everything he could to make sure their lives ran smoothly in his own way: making sure every precaution was taken to ensure that they got to where they needed to be, safely and on time.

" Please don' t insult me. After everything you, your mom and dad have done for us throughout the years, I owe you so much more than this. Please let me do this.." A hush filled the room and all eyes waited for Gibeau' s response.

Gibeau let out a sigh and took Tori in his arms. " Thank you. I love you like a sister also. I always have. I have just one condition though…."

Tori squinted her eyes and waited for Gibeau to name his condition.

" I' ll accept …only if you stand up on the altar with me as my best woman,…urh.. I mean.., well.. you know what I mean." Gibeau held out his hand to shake.

Tori shook Gibeau hand. " It would be an honor." Tori turned to look at everyone in the room and saw tears rolling down their cheeks. Maggie went to Tori and wrapped her arms around her.

" You know for being such a brat, you' re not so bad." Maggie kissed Tori on the cheek and held Tori' s face in her hands. " Thank you. You' ve made me so very proud. I love you." Tori leaned down and hugged Maggie. Maggie had been there when Tori' s mother had passed and did everything she could to nurture Tori throughout the years.

" I love you too. Besides, I bought the condominium so you wouldn' t be bothering them all the time. You watch me like a hawk as it is. ………Ouch." Maggie pinched Tori on the butt and Tori pouted again.

" I take back everything I said except the part about being a brat. You are definitely a big bona fide brat."

Maggie went to the oven and pulled out a steaming baking dish. Tori snuck up behind her and looked over her shoulder. She looked around the room and winked at her friends.

" Hey that wouldn' t be peach cobbler I smell now would it?" Maggie jumped, startled by Tori behind her. Tori licked her lips and rubbed her tummy.

" See I told you, you loved me." Tori wiggled her eyes and rubbed her hands together. When she was younger, every time Tori did something good, Maggie would make her peach cobbler and top it off with vanilla ice cream.

" Child… you are always under foot. Why don' t you sit over there with everyone else and outta my way?" Maggie pushed the big nuisance aside and placed the dish on the counter.

" Anyone besides Tori for peach cobbler?" A resounding ‘yes' filled the room and a big smile covered Maggie' s face. Little by little all her kids were coming back to her. She had watched them all grow up. In time, they had all left home and began new lives. She had missed them all terribly and was happy to see them resume their friendships after all this time.

" Okay everyone grab a bowl while it' s still warm." They all gathered around and scooped out the sumptuous treat.

Maggie grabbed a bowl, ladled out a big helping of cobbler, and topped it off with a gigantic scoop of vanilla ice cream. She went over to Tori who was still pouting at the kitchen table. Maggie kissed Tori on the top of her head and placed the bowl in front of her. She tilted Tori' s chin up to look at her and smiled.

" You' ll always be my little girl. I love you, Sprout." Tori put her arms around Maggie' s waist and sank into her comforting arms.

" I love you too. You' re the best." Tori smiled and looked down at her bowl.

" Is this for me?" Tori' s eyes sparkled and then widened as they looked back up at Maggie.

" Yes. Now eat up while it' s still warm." Maggie patted Tori on the back and went back to see how the other girls were doing.

Brett went over to Tori who was digging into her dessert with gusto.

" That was very generous of you." Brett combed her finger through Tori' s hair. Tori looked up to see the sun shining along the contour of Brett' s face. She took Brett' s bowl out of her hands and placed it onto the table in front of her. She slid her chair back and pulled Brett onto her lap. She scooped up another spoonful and offered it to Brett. Brett' s mouth opened and the scrumptious feast disappeared. Brett let out a satisfying moan and went to grab a napkin but was stopped by Tori' s lips. Tori sensually licked the crumbs off around Brett' s mouth and tasted the sweet peach confection on Brett' s lips. Brett' s tongue entered Tori' s mouth and the two enjoyed each other' s kiss forgetting the dessert in front of them and the other occupants of the room.

Everyone pulled up a chair and did their best to ignore the two lovers by digging into their dessert. Maggie thought it was time they were interrupted before it got anymore embarrassing for everyone involved.

Luckily, before she did, Brett and Tori disconnected from their lip lock.

" Mmm. You know I' ve always loved Maggie' s cobbler, but you are definitely a tasty new ingredient." Tori whispered into Brett' s ear so no one could her. " I love how you taste." Heat rushed to Brett' s face and she adjusted her position on Tori' s lap.

Brett bowed her head and whispered into Tori' s ear. " You are so bad."

" I know. But when I' m bad, I' m oh so good. As soon as we get back tonight, I plan to show you just how bad I can be." Tori reached over and pulled the bowl closer to them. She took another spoonful and offered it to Brett. This time Brett motioned Tori to take a bite. Brett was tempted to have a repeat performance of their last kiss but thought better of it.

They finished their desserts making good work of the whole pan. They all helped clean up and Tori showed them the gym.

" Ooh a pool!!! Can we go swimming?" Adrian ran to the edge of the pool and looked like she wanted to jump in clothes and all.

Tori crossed her arms and laughed at Adrian' s antics.

" Hey, I thought you wanted to go shopping?" Alexi yelled at Adrian.

" We don' t even have our suits." Lauren stated.

" I have suits for everyone if you want to get in." Tori pointed to the bathroom.

" Really? Aw come on. Just a short swim…. please?" Adrian looked at the rest of her friends and they all agreed.

" What do you have planned tomorrow? I know the malls are closed in Paramus but Harriman is open. We can go tomorrow. Get an early start. We can hang out here, rent a movie. I have a fully stocked bar and playroom on the other side of the Penthouse."

" No way. What a place. I like it Tori. I like it a lot!!" Adrian said buzzng around like a happy bee.

" I have to agree. Where did you find it? Better yet, how can you afford it?" Lauren looked at Brett and then Tori. This place was gorgeous but had to have cost millions of dollars. This was prime New York property.

" Well I was just in the right place at the right time. And as far as being able to afford it, well I make a very healthy living."

" Please make yourself at home and feel free to let loose." Tori showed them the entrance to the spa and told them where they could find everything.

Adrian, Lauren and Alexi went to the spa and found a bathroom, sauna, and Jacuzzi. There was a wall of closets that held fresh towels and held various bathing suits, trunks, and terrycloth robes.

Tori took Brett' s hand and led her to the living room. They picked out music and it filtered throughout the Penthouse.

" Hey you okay?" Tori stopped and held Brett.

" Yeah. Why do ask?" Brett looked at Tori and saw the faint worry lines around her eyes.

" I just want to make sure that this was what you wanted to do. Is this okay? I mean hanging out here?" Tori wanted Brett to start thinking of the Penthouse as her home as well. She was finding it harder and harder to spend time away from Brett and was starting to feel uncomfortable about them having separate apartments.

" I' m fine. I just don' t want you to feel like we' re invading your space." Brett gave her a guilty look.

" Honey, I love these gals. What is the use of having a place like this if you don' t have people to share it with? This is exactly how I envisioned using this place. My home is your home. And our friends and family will always be welcome here." Tori' s face showed nothing but sincerity and Brett felt Tori' s generosity warm her heart.

" How' d I get so lucky to share my life with you? You don' t know how you make me feel?" Brett tightened her hold around Tori' s waist and they just stood there enjoying the security they found there.

" Hey I' ve got the perfect suit for you. Care to model it for me?" Tori wiggled her eyebrows.

" I' d love to. If you wear something especially enticing for me." Brett' s heart pounded at the thought of seeing Tori in her bathing suit.

" Baby I' d love to. But unfortunately I can' t." Brett gave Tori a disappointed look.

" Why?" Brett stuck out her lips and scrunched up face.

" Well….I don' t think we need to give the girls anymore ammo do we?" Tori had a smirk on her face and watched as Brett looked at her very confused.

" Tori,… what are you talking about?"

She took Brett' s hand and they climbed the stairs to the master bedroom. Once inside the room, Tori shut the door and turned to look at Brett. Tori lifted her shirt off and Brett smiled, thinking Tori wanted to continue where they left off earlier.

Brett stepped forward to take Tori in her arms but was halted when Tori' s hand went up to stop her. She turned around and Brett' s eyes widened in horror, followed by tears that immediately started to pool.

" Oh my gosh!! Oh baby I' m so sorry!! Honey, look what I' ve done to you!!!" Brett was frantic. She had never hurt a fly and she was in total despair for causing the nail marks on Tori' s back.

" Hey, hey, it' s okay. We just got a little carried away. It' s no big deal." Tori turned around and tried to calm Brett.

" We didn' t do anything! I was the one who got all rough and ready." Brett looked at Tori' s chest and then her eyes caught sight of the love bite on Tori' s shoulder.

" Oh no! Oh baby. What' s wrong with me?!!" Brett' s tears started again as her finger traced the mark on Tori' s shoulder. She stretched up and planted gentle kisses on the mark, nipping and licking at the bruise, trying to heal it with her love and her touch. She took Tori' s hand and led her to the bed. She had her sit beside her while she showered the same treatment to the marks on Tori' s back.

Tori had never felt anything so tender and erotic. She felt electrical pulses tingle up and down her spine. At the same time embers began to flare in her belly into a blazing fire. Tori laid back and Brett laid on top of her. Hungry mouths fought feverishly over the other as the two lovers lost themselves once again in their passion.


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Impulse: Book Three