Impulse: Book Three



"Impulse: A sudden inclination or urge"

The American Heritage dictionary


By Mezzo




"This is Book Three in my series called Impulse.

If you haven't read Book One: AFTER ALL IS SAID or Book Two: IT'S JUST THE BEGINNING you might want to start there."



Copyright (c) 2002 by Mezzo All Rights Reserved


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INSTALLMENT FIFTEEN (the conclusion)

"That's it. No more. You're crazy." Lauren threw the paddle down and threw her hands up in surrender.

"I told you she was nuts." Alexi did the same.

"Aw, come on. One more game…. Hey guys….. come over here and play with me." Adrian yelled over at Tori and Brett.

Tori and Brett looked up and shook their heads.

"Come on Tori. Brett? You used to be pretty good in school. Please?" Adrian looked like a cocker spaniel at that moment.

"I've had a little too much to drink. I'm afraid I'll break my neck." Responded Tori. Turning to Brett, "Why don't you play, honey? I'd be glad to watch you run around." Tori winked and gave her a very sexy grin.

"I bet you would." Brett sat up and yelled back at Adrian, "Okay, I think it's time someone gave you a run for your money. Ten bucks best two out of three." Brett defiantly stood there.

"Put your money where your mouth is and make it twenty." Adrian shot back.

"Okay. Deal." With a coyness Brett whispered to Tori, "I'll try to make this quick, sweetie. We have some celebrating to do." Brett stretched up and the two savored another toe-curling kiss.

"We sure do." Tori's hands slowly descended Brett's back stopping at her well-shaped buttocks. Tori's hands cupped the perfectly formed cheeks and gave them a proper groping. She pulled Brett closer to her and their bodies rubbed against each other in painful need. They shared one last kiss as Tori sent Brett on her way.

Brett walked over to the table, her legs a little wobbly from the alcohol and mainly the sensations that Tori had stirred in her. She picked up a paddle and made a show of testing all of them. She twirled them in her hand and flipped it in the air. She took a few swings and hopped up on the balls of her feet trying to get the blood flowing in other areas, besides her libido.

"Are we going to play or what?" Adrian through her hands up in frustration.

"Don't rush me. Do not rush me. I'll start when I'm good and ready." Brett turned and winked at her other companions. She knew Adrian wasn't the most patient person in the world and was successfully psyching her out.

"Oh for Pete's sake! Come on!!" Adrian shook her head when Brett bent over and stretched her hamstrings giving Tori a very nice view of her derriere.

"Nice baby!! You can stretch all night for me. Work it." Tori licked her lips and Brett thanked her.

"Ugh, don't you two ever let up." Adrian lifted one leg and rested it on the table.

"I'm a lover not a fighter. Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful." Brett laughed as Adrian put her finger in her mouth to gag.

"Tori… how do you put up with this girl?" Adrian looked at Tori in sympathy.

"Like she said. She's a lover and a damn good one if I do say so myself." Lauren and Alexi sat down next to Tori and watched as Adrian got more and more worked up.

"Thank you baby." Brett winked.

"You're welcome, snookums." Tori blew Brett a kiss.

"I think I'm gonna be sick." Adrian grabbed her tummy.

"Alright. I think I'm ready." Brett got into position.

"Finally. You're almost as slow as Alexi." Adrian glanced at her lover.

"Hey, what did I do?" Alexi slumped down into the couch and Lauren put her arm around her.

"It's okay baby. Let's watch the crazy lady get her tail whooped." Alexi nodded affirmatively.

"Yeah!! Whoop her butt, Brett!" Alexi stuck her tongue out at Adrian.

"Okay…. Woops!! One second….." Brett held up her finger.

"What NOW?" Adrian was starting to consider forfeiting. Yeah right not in this lifetime.

"It's customary to get the Queen's favor before a match. I must collect mine." Brett snickered and ran over to Tori. She straddled her lap and laid a big old "smackarooni" on her.

"Whew hoo!!!! Camelot would still be around if you were queen. You inspire me." Brett licked her lips before she went back to the table.

"Go get her, tiger!!" Tori encouraged as she slapped Brett on the butt. Brett gave Tori a winning smile and nodded her head.

"Okay. Prepare to be beaten shamelessly," Brett swayed from side to side waiting for the serve.

Adrian served it over and they allowed the volley to go over three times until war began. On the fourth volley, Brett cocked back and ripped through the ball. She reached across the table and slammed the ball cross the table. Adrian dove for the ball but came up short as the ball blew past her and bounced several times across the floor.

"I think that makes it my serve?" Brett gave Adrian a tongue in cheek look and waited as Adrian went to retrieve the ball.

The other girls did high fives amongst themselves.

"That's ma' girl!!" Tori whistled and Brett curtseyed.

"Alright. She just got lucky." Adrian tossed Brett the ball and she quickly served. The ball hit the paddle, bounced once on Brett's side and with lightning speed, flew over to Adrian's side. The ball looked as if it would go out so Adrian let it pass. As luck would have it, the ball dropped at the last second and nicked the side of the table leaving it impossible to put it back into play.

"Unbelievable. Lucky shot." Adrian gave Brett a look of disbelief.

"Skill sweetie…Pure skill." Brett sauntered back into position and served again.

This time Adrian returned the volley and Brett shot back a long volley pushing Adrian away from the table. Brett kept pushing Adrian back and to the right, positioning her victim for the kill. Adrian shot back her return and before she could do anything about it, Brett reached over and slammed the ball in the opposite direction. Adrian, attempting to lunge for the ball, came up short.

"Yessss!" Brett pumped her fist in the air and did a happy dance.

Adrian of course was getting frustrated. This was her game and she was losing.

Brett continued to play well, not turning down the heat for a second. Adrian, though she was behind at the beginning, came up with some good volleys and took the second game. It was the last point of the third and the deciding point. Brett was ahead by one and needed this point to finish off her frustrated opponent. Adrian was sweating. Her nerves on edge. The room was silent as all eyes waited for Brett to serve. Brett cleared her throat and, before another second passed, the ball was in play. Adrian slammed the ball hard with her forehand and Brett slid to the left to return it. The ball landed to Adrian's left and she returned it trying to pull off a passing shot. Brett prepared for the move and dove toward the ball sending it back towards the middle. Quickly getting back to center, Brett anticipated Adrian's next shot and lobbed the ball up in the air slowing the ball down. The ball took a high bounce and Brett knew that Adrian would slam it full force back at her. She watched the swing and, with grace and precision, she hit the ball back with just the right amount of power. The ball tapped the tape of the net …….and dropped shallowly on the other side. The bounce wasn't even higher than the net itself. Adrian tried to scoop the ball up. But the ball just hit the net and dropped back onto her side.

Brett jumped into the air and Adrian fell on the floor in defeat. It had been a good match and everyone enjoyed it very much. Brett walked over to Adrian on the floor and held out her hand. Brett helped her up and the two shook hands.

"Good game squirt. You really had me going. Hey…. why didn't you play for the team in school?" Adrian inquired.

"I was too busy with the Debate team and the Thespian Club." Brett wiped her brow with the back of her wrist.

Adrian reached into her pocket and pulled out a twenty. "There you go. Best twenty I've ever lost. We have to play again sometime." Adrian put her arm around Brett as they went over to the girls on the couch.

It was now 12:30am and the girls were feeling no pain. Tori's eyes were a little glassy and Lauren was sprawled out on the couch three sheets to the wind. Alexi was making "googolly eyes" at Adrian as they approached.

"I think you three are a little toasted." Adrian said as Lauren tried to sit up but failed miserably.

"I beg to differ. Burrp…Excuse me. We're a lot toasted." Lauren smacked her lips and looked at them through squinty eyes.

"Yeah, we're a lot toasted. Hey you're looking awfully cute." Alexi motioned Adrian to come closer.

Tori scrubbed her face with her hands and then looked at her lover. "You were incredible. I've never seen ping pong played so well. Come to mama….." Tori held open her arms and Brett immediately sank into them.

They kissed for a moment and Brett could tell that Tori was feeling very frisky.

"So ladies…….what do you want to do now? You're welcome to pass out here. You can have your pick of guestrooms on the second floor. There are fresh towels and I can get you a nightshirt or shorts and T-shirts. Which ever you prefer. Ooh….. we could have a slumber party!!! Like we used to when we were kids. What do you say?" Tori belched and shook the cobwebs out. "Sorry."

Brett patted Tori's face and stood up. "Adrian and I will go raid your drawers and be right back." Brett looked at Lauren and Alexi to see if they wanted to stay. It was obvious they weren't going too far. "Alright…. we'll be right back." Brett gave Tori a quick kiss.

"Hey don't be too long." Tori pulled Brett back down on her lap and they kissed passionately.

"Ooh…..okay….hold that thought." Brett got off Tori's lap and the two ping- pong players left the room.

Tori watched the sway of Brett's hips and let out a sigh.

"You're really crazy about her aren't you?" Tori turned to Lauren who had tears in her eyes.

"Hey, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" Tori took Lauren in her arms and rubbed her back.

"Yeah, what's going on? This is supposed to be a party." Alexi moved closer and wrapped her arms around Lauren from behind.

"I'm not sad. I'm happy. Tori, I can't tell you how grateful I am that you love Brett like you do. Ask Alexi? She was there when Jenna lost it. Her and Adrian found Brett at the apartment. They got to her just in time." Lauren wiped her tears and Alexi started to cry also.

"That fucking bitch!! I'm not a violent person but I hate that woman! I've never hated anyone as much as I hate her." Alexi's face was serious and her eyes were filled with equal portions of sadness and anger.

"I know. I promise you no one's ever gonna hurt our girl again." The three sat there holding each other and Tori thought she should lighten up the mood. "I know that Brett hasn't had a chance to tell you ….but I asked her to move in with me tonight." Tori's face lit up and the girls immediately sat up.

"What? No way? What did she say?" Lauren and Alexi excitedly stared at Tori.

"Why don't you ask her?" Tori pointed to Brett at the door and the girls quickly got up and stumbled toward her.

"Whoa. What are you two up to?" Brett held up her hands. Ready to catch them if they fell over.

"Tori said she asked you to move in. What did you say?" Lauren put her arm around her sister and Brett helped her back to the couch. Adrian grabbed Alexi and listened for Brett's response. This was news to her as well.

Brett placed Lauren back down on the couch and Alexi and Adrian shared the big chair. She took her favorite place on Tori's lap and gave her a light peck. "I said.. yes." Four girls screamed and a group hug formed. Tori held her head as the room began to spin.

"We're so happy for you two!! Of course we're going to miss you as a roommate. But we're just so happy." They screamed again and Tori thought her head would explode.

"Whoa…. can you scream a little lower?" Tori wrapped her arms around Brett and laid her head on her shoulder.

"Oh baby… have you had too much to drink?" Brett rubbed Tori's neck.

"No, I'm not drunk." Tori pouted.

"Ah huh… I know baby." Brett patted Tori's head and planted baby kisses on her forehead.

A happy look came to Tori's face and she let out a sigh. Brett could always make her feel better.

"I think this calls for a celebration." Adrian went to the refrigerator retrieved a bottle, popped open the bottle of champagne and passed around glasses to everyone.

When they all received a glass of bubbly, Adrian offered a toast. "To good friends and love. May they always flow in abundance."

"Here, here." Glasses clinked around the group and the bottle was soon emptied with a few more following it.


They had moved the party into the living room, and by three o'clock, Alexi and Adrian were passed out on the sofa, and Lauren was conked out on the chair and ottoman.

Brett was sprawled over Tori on the other couch, while blue eyed Victoria gazed into the glowing flame of fire. She twirled a strand of Brett's hair between her fingers and thought about how different her life was from a few short months ago. She had left behind a life that didn't hold much promise and returned to a life surrounded by her friends and the woman she loved more than life itself. She looked down at Brett's angelic face and a tear came to her eye as she thought about how happy Brett made her. They were going to live together. Tori smiled remembering something she had gotten while she was in L.A.


Soon, baby, soon.


Brett looked up at Tori with sleepy eyes at that moment. "Did you say something, love?" Brett stretched up and kissed Tori on the lips.


"Ah …..yeah. I was just thinking….. I should go get blankets for everyone. Then we can go upstairs to bed. I'll be right back." Tori slid out from under Brett and stood up.


"You want me to help you?" Brett mumbled.


"No, I can handle it." Tori bent over and kissed Brett on the cheek.

"Hurry back." Brett replied sleepily.


A few minutes later, Tori came back with pillows, blankets, a bottle of Tylenol, glasses, and a pitcher of water. She covered her friends up and placed the water and Tylenol on the living room table for when they woke up. She then went over to Brett. Bending over, she slid her arms behind Brett's shoulders and legs. She carried her precious new roommate up to their room and laid her across their bed.

Brett woke to find beautiful blue eyes lovingly gazing at her.

"Baby…why don't you get out of these clothes. You'll sleep better." Brett sleepily unbuttoned her jeans and slid out of them. She lifted her t-shirt over her head and took off her bra and panties. She got under the blankets and watched Tori do the same. Tori went to the bathroom and a few minutes later returned with a couple of Tylenol in hand and a glass of water.

"Here sweetie. Take these." She handed Brett the Tylenol and the glass. "You'll thank me in the morning." Tori waited for Brett to finish with the glass and placed it on the nightstand beside her.

"Thanks. What would I do without you?" Brett turned to her side and waited for Tori to get in beside her. Tori slid into soft flannel sheets and fluffed up the pillows. She held her arms open and Brett quickly took her place along the right side of Tori's body.

"Ah!! Heaven." Brett nestled in the crook of Tori's arm and sank into a peaceful slumber.

"Yes it is." Tori would soon follow her. "Sweet dreams, love." Brett mumbled an incoherent response and soon her breathing evened out.

Tori wrapped her arms protectively around Brett, kissed her on the forehead, and said a short prayer of thanks. Brett was going to share her life and another piece fell into place. Looking forward to the future for the first time in a long very long time, Tori took a deep contented breath before she allowed sleep to finally take her. They would be facing life together and, as they say in the business: "All clear and ‘full steam ahead'."


to be continued in….

Impulse: Book Four


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