Impulse: Book Three


"Impulse: A sudden inclination or urge"

The American Heritage dictionary

By Mezzo

"This is Book Three in my series called Impulse.

If you haven't read Book One: AFTER ALL IS SAID or Book Two: IT'S JUST THE BEGINNING you might want to start there."


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Brett snapped out of her thoughts when she heard Tori clear her throat. She didn't know how long she had Tori holding but it couldn't have been that long.

"No, you don't have to call back. That is really not necessary. I will just have to explain to Magilla that our time will soon be over. That my girlfriend will be coming back soon and then there will be no more room in my bed for him." Tori had placed an old jersey of hers on him, making sure she sprayed him with her perfume before she left.

"Magilla? Who is...?" Tori's face lit into a huge smile as she remembered her gift to Brett. You are such a goof ball Victoria Hull.

"Oh...... Magilla... Well you had better tell him to pack his bags. Because I'm certainly not going to share my side of the bed with him also. I can hardly keep from falling off as it is." Tori snickered knowing Brett would not be happy with her last statement.

Brett practically glowed hearing that Tori and she would be sharing a bed. She was afraid that once they returned to the city they would be spending many nights at their own homes. "Excuse me Miss Hull... Are you saying I hog the bed? I thought I explained this to you already?" Brett knew she had a habit of squirming around when she slept. She couldn't help it if Tori's body was like a magnet to her.

"Honey, I don't think your excuse of protecting me from the ‘Boogie Monster' is going to work anymore." Tori really didn't mind Brett snuggling up to her. There was no better feeling in the world than having the love of your life sleeping in your arms or on top of you, as most often was the case.

"Well how ‘bout ‘I'm doing my service to the world'?" Brett replied.

"Your ‘service to the world'? How is you sleeping on top of me at night provide a service to the world?" Tori loved how her little writer could always put a spin on things. Brett would have made a great lawyer like the rest of her family.

"Well are you or are you not, a top executive and a future CEO of an international company?" Brett inquired.

"Miss Montgomery... I don't see what you are getting at?" Tori smiled and turned her chair to look out of the window of her L.A. office. She had noticed how different the atmosphere was in L.A. and how different the weather was. She couldn't wait till she was back on the east coast. She was a New Yorker at heart and liked the idea of four seasons. It didn't hurt that the woman she loved with all her heart lived there as well. An image of Brett's face filled her head and a warm ache pounded in her chest. She loved everything about Brett and thought she was so adorable when she was in a playful mood.

"I'm going to have to ask you to answer the question with a simple ‘yes' or ‘no', Miss Hull." Brett snapped at Tori leaving no room for argument.

"But I don't see why......." Brett interrupted Tori before she could finish her thought.

"'Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury........... let it be known that Miss Victoria Hull is a hostile witness.'" Brett stifled a laugh when she heard Tori sigh on the other end.

"Miss Hull....... I'm going to ask you again, are you or are you not a top executive of an international company." Brett repeated.

"Yes." Tori answered simply then muttered under her breath. "This is irrelevant." Just loud enough so Brett could her hear.

"Did you say something?" Brett asked. Knowing full well what Tori had said.


"Well good...The point I am trying to make is..." Brett heard Tori say "Finally" on the other end.

Brett chose to ignore the comment, continuing even louder. "The point I am trying to make is...that since you are responsible for helping to run an international company that provides many jobs for people around the world, it is my duty to insure that you do not get cold in the middle of the night. I take my job very seriously and do not take kindly to people who make light of what I am trying to do."

Tori pressed the mute button, fell forward onto her desk and laughed when she heard Brett's excuse. She is too adorable.

"I see." Tori replied releasing the mute button and tried her best to hide her amusement. "That is very noble of you. I must bring you up in the next board meeting. I'm sure everyone will be grateful to you for providing such a service to the company. I think your father will be especially pleased to know that......... since he's on the board." Tori heard Brett choke back a laugh when Tori mentioned her father.

"Oh that won't be necessary. I have never been much for recognition. What I do, I do for the betterment of my soul and out of duty to the world." Brett loved joking around with Tori. She never had to hide her feelings or put on an act. They had an easy affinity with each other. For as long as Brett could remember, they always possessed an unmistakable bond when they were children. For the past few years, she had been without this connection and she felt so blessed to be back where she knew she would always belong.

"Well I'm impressed. So if you are not too busy helping the world, do you think you would like to meet me at the airport tonight?" Tori had missed Brett terribly in the last week and had not gotten much sleep. During her time away, Tori had often found herself staring at the ceiling pondering how she had gotten so used to having Brett with her every night. Brett was now so deeply imbedded in her soul that any distance between them left her feeling empty without her.

"You're coming home? I thought you weren't coming home for another week?" Brett was so excited. She had not seen Tori for almost two weeks and was just about to go out of her mind with loneliness. The trip was only supposed to be for a week but then had to be extended indefinitely.

"Yeah I'm coming home. I finished up early and couldn't stand to be away from you for another day. So what do you say? Do you want to meet me at the airport? I can have Gibeau pick you up before he comes to get me?" Tori's heart picked up in anticipation of seeing Brett. All she wanted to do was scoop Brett up and hold her in her arms for as long as time allowed.

"Oh honey I'd love to but I have a book signing tonight at Doubleday on Fifth Ave. It is from 5 to 7p.m. . What time does your flight come in Sweetie?" Brett was disappointed that she could not meet Tori. Her book had hit the Bestseller List again and her publicist wanted to take advantage of this.

"I'm arriving at 6:oo. I could meet you there or we could meet some place for dinner?" Tori desperately wanted to see Brett. She would wait for Brett for hours if she had to. Ooh I could get my book signed. Looking over at the hard cover that sat on top of her desk, Tori reached over and ran her thumb over the picture of Brett on the back cover.

"Oh baby wild horses couldn't keep me away from you. I was just dreaming about you before you called. For my own well being, I need to see you." Brett's voice oozed desire and it raced through the phone lines straight to Tori's heart meeting the passion that Tori had for Brett.

"I need to see you too. I haven't been able to sleep a wink since we've been apart and my body is humming with need for you. I want you so bad, I could almost taste you." Tori's words were making Brett's body throb. If she didn't have to get up soon she would take matters into her own hands. Brett turned to her side and pulled her legs up trying to get closer to the sound of Tori's voice. If she could, she would climb through the line and fall into Victoria's arms.

"Oh baby, you better try and take a nap on the flight home. Cause you won't be getting much sleep tonight." Brett loved being able to share her most wanton desires with Tori. Her relationship with Jenna always focused primarily on Jenna's needs and, not necessarily, on what Brett wanted. When she was with Tori, she felt so pampered and loved. Tori allowed Brett to explore to her heart's content. Yet at the same time, she attentively showered Brett with an endless barrage of sensations until the writer felt completely satisfied. Their lovemaking was truly a give and take leaving their souls lovingly entwined in one another.

"I'll try honey. But you've got me so worked up, I don't know if sleep is going to even be possible at this point. I love you so much I can't wait to see you. I guess I'll just have to find a way to survive for a few more hours." Tori softly relayed.

"I love you too, like no one else in the world. I can't wait to see you too. I'm kind of glad I have a book signing though. I'd probably go crazy counting the minutes. I'll see you soon love." Brett's voice was like a soft spring breeze that swept through Tori's heart.

She held on to the receiver until she heard Brett hang up. She had thought about Brett constantly in the past two weeks and had come to many decisions. She couldn't wait to get home and put her plans into action. Every one of her plans had one important element: Brett Montgomery. A smile came to her face as she thought about the evening that lay ahead.

TO BE CONTINUED. Installment Four

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Impulse: Book Three