Impulse: Book Four


"Impulse: A sudden inclination or urge"

The American Heritage dictionary

By Mezzo


Copyright: Copyright © 2002 by Mezzo All Rights Reserved

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Brett was applying her makeup in front of the vanity when her beloved appeared from the bathroom. Tori bent down and kissed Brett on the nape of her neck. The scent of apple blossom shampoo and Tori's jasmine soap filled the room.

"Honey... Did the movers come yesterday? I don't see a single box anywhere." Tori looked around again and noticed everything was in its place.

"Yes sweetie. They came. You just happened to be involved with the most organized person in the whole world." Brett beamed with pride knowing that she was able to settle into her new abode without disrupting the flow of things.

"Is that so? Please share your secret?" Tori sat beside Brett on the long bench in front of the vanity. She specifically had it made so they could both use the vanity at the same time. She took a dab of moisturizer and massaged it into her face and neck.

"Well they took my clothes right from my closet and hung them in a portable one. Then they hung them right into the closet when they got here. They basically did the same thing with everything else. I made a diagram of where every box was to be placed and where I wanted the items to be placed in the room. With five guys and myself, it went by very quickly and I had more than enough time to prepare for last night's activities." Brett ogled her eyes and Tori blushed remembering the ‘activities' that Brett was speaking of. They had engaged in the same activities many times before they finally succumbed to exhaustion.

"I see very clever. Remind me next time to get you to plan our next social gathering." A light went on in Tori's head. "That reminds me. How would you like to help me throw a house warming party?" Tori grinned and waited for Brett to respond.

"A house warming party? Ooh, I'd love to. When did you want to have it?" Brett's eyes were lit up with excitement.

"Oh I don't know. I guess it depends on how many people we plan to invite. In addition, the weather is a big factor. Do we want the guests to be able to use the veranda? Or do we want to have it completely indoors? Either way is fine with me." Tori picked up her lip liner and carefully traced the outline of her lips.

Brett fondly looked at Tori through the mirror. She followed the pencil as it colored the contour of Tori's voluptuous lips and felt a slight twinge in her lower extremities. I am hopeless. Every little thing she does arouses me. Tori caught the look on Brett's face in the mirror and knew she had been caught staring. Tori smiled and made eyes at her lover's reflection. They were expected at Brett's parent's house for a birthday party for Brett's younger sister, Erin. They were running late as it was. They had made the mistake of engaging in a shower together and that was never a quick undertaking.

"Well I think the idea of using the veranda is a good idea but not necessary. If you want, we can have it indoors. There is more than enough room to accommodate everyone inside." Brett quickly glanced at Tori this time. She knew they would be at each other again with very little coaxing if either wanted. They could be hot and heavy at a drop of a hat these days and at the most inopportune times.

"I agree. I guess we could get everything ready and invitations sent in a month. That should bring us into April. And who knows........... we might get a warm spring and people can go outside if they want." The brunette gave her blonde companion a side-glance and was immediately enraptured by the motion of Brett brushing out her long flowing locks. The light above the vanity made Brett's hair glisten and the delicate length of her partner's neck was so enticing.

"Oh....that should be plenty of time. I'll talk to Maggie on Monday and we can come up with a menu. Tomorrow you and I can sit down and plan a guest list. That's if you don't have any plans...." Brett had no choice. She had to look into Tori's eyes to receive an answer to her question. Big mistake. Tori was staring starry eyed at her with such desire and the young Montgomery was helpless to resist. Turning she looked up at Victoria and they threw responsibility out the window again. Brett flew into Tori's waiting arms and together they worked on the tie of Tori's robe and soon following was Brett's towel. They were completely naked and speeding for the bed when the telephone rang.

Groping frantically for the phone, Tori was able to pick up the receiver before the party hung up.

"Hello?" Tori answered breathlessly.

"Tori?" Janice Montgomery replied.

"Oh.... Aunt Janice. How are you?" Tori looked over at Brett who at the moment was stifling a scream with a pillow. Tori snickered and then returned her attention to Brett's mother.

"I'm fine dear. I'm just checking to see if you're on your way?" Janice knew Brett's penchant for tardiness and since Tori's reappearance, that tendency seemed to be getting worse. Ah, young love. To be so in love and reckless. Janice let out a sigh and smiled knowing that her daughter was with the person she had loved since before she could even walk.

"It's a surprise party dear. And I wanted everyone present before Erin gets here." Janice knew it was wishful thinking on her part but she could try to help it along just the same.

"Well we only have a few finishing touches and we'll be on our way." Brett rolled her eyes at Tori's play on words and buried a scream in her pillow again.

" that Brett in the back ground? She doesn't sound well." Janice questioned.

"Oh she's fine. She's singing to a rock song on the radio. It's quite embarrassing." This comment got a slap from her lover and Tori laughed it off.

"Yes I know dear. Now if you two can get out of bed, I really would like to see you here before the party ends." Janice laughed as silence came over the telephone line. She was young and in love once too. She was happy to say that she and her husband Gordon still indulged in that love quite often.

"Victoria...are you there?"

"Ah... yeah...Here's Brett, Aunt Janice." Tori was staring at Brett horrified at being caught by Brett's mother. She quickly handed the telephone to Brett and ran to her closet to get dressed.

Brett took the telephone and spoke to her mother. "Ah...mother. What did you say to my girlfriend?" Brett looked on as Tori scrambled around the room frantically trying to get ready for them to go.

"Nothing dear. I just asked that you and Tori get out of bed and try to get here before the party ends. Now that's not too much to ask now is it?" Janice was finding this situation very amusing. She knew the day would come when she could extract her revenge on her children. Janice remembered a conversation she had with her daughter when she was eleven years old. Brett had asked why a girl couldn't have a girlfriend and Janice was beside herself to answer her daughter's questions properly at the time. She and Gordon had quite a few laughs that night. But the truth of the conversation had yet to be seen. Yes. Revenge was sweet.

Brett was speechless. Her mother had a way of knowing things when it came to her life and it always surprised her when it happened.

"Please Mom. I mean really...." Brett could feel her face turning beet red and Tori turned her head to observe her lover. They smiled at one another and the emotions that their touches had sparked were still evident in their eyes. I love you... Tori mouthed and Brett blushed like a school girl.

"Oh honey. I know what it's like to be in love. Brett... how do you think you and your brothers and sisters came about. It wasn't the stork. Your father and I had and have a very active sex life." Janice could almost imagine Brett's face. The appalling look of shock and distaste that covered her daughter's face from ear to ear with the thought of her parents locked in a mad passionate romp.

"Okay mom. Way too much information here." Brett looked at Tori to save her and Tori shook her head as she disappeared into the bathroom.

"Yes dear. Now, I suggest you and Tori get a move on. And I mean out the door and headed in this direction. I want everyone here before Erin gets here so please... do this for your mom okay?" Janice was so thankful that Tori and Brett were together. When they had announced that they were going to live together a few weeks ago, Janice and her husband were delighted to hear it.


Richard, Gordon, and Janice had received a call from Brett and Tori to have dinner with them at Tori's penthouse. They were all impressed with the luxurious home and were waiting for dinner to be served. Tori and Brett sat across from their parents on the couch in the living room and Brett seemed to be a little nervous.

"Well Dad, Aunt Janice, Uncle Gordon... I've asked you to join us tonight because ...Brett and I, have decided to move in together. And we wanted your blessing." Tori brought Brett's hand to her lips and gave her lover a winsome smile.

Brett sighed happily and dreamily returned the gesture before turning to their parents. "Tori made me so happy when she asked me to live with her. And I can't think of anything better than to share my life with this wonderful woman."

Tori shyly bowed her head and smiled humbly.

"I feel the same way love." Tori leaned over and captured Brett's lips for a quick peck.

"I know we haven't been together very long but we've known each other since we were kids. And though we haven't seen each other these past few years, we feel really strongly about one another." Brett turned her head towards her parents and quiet understanding passed between them.

"Actually, I'm not afraid to admit that I love Brett very much and I don't want to waste another minute being apart. There's no one in the world that holds my heart like Brett does and I am honored that she has agreed to live with me."

The three parents looked on in wonder. They had witnessed their children's connection from the beginning and could see that it hadn't diminished. If anything, it had grown even stronger in the past months.

"Well this is wonderful to hear. Don't you agree?" Richard Hull turned to his friends, the Montgomerys. They agreed wholeheartedly.

"Yes, I have to admit. I've always hoped that Tori would become part of the family. To say I'm a very happy father is an understatement. Don't you agree dear?" Gordon turned to his wife and was surprised to see tears in her eyes.

After Brett had been beaten and was lying in a hospital fighting for her life, Janice wondered what she could have done to protect her children from the evils of the world. How did she fail in her duty to protect her children? After many sleepless nights she realized that that was impossible. While Brett had been seeing Jenna, they had voiced their concern over Brett's relationship with Jenna many times and could not stop the tide of what had happened. After Brett lay in the hospital and the doctors couldn't tell them if Brett would survive or what quality of life that she would have if she gained consciousness, she gave up trying to find the answers. At the bleakest moment, Janice prayed that Brett would survive and be healthy. No matter what Brett chose for her life, they would continue to support her. They would support their children and be there through everything. All they wanted was to have happy and healthy children. That's all a parent could ask for.

Seeing Brett with Tori was an answer to her prayers that far exceeded anything Janice could have imagined for her daughter. Tori was so devoted to Brett. Just one look at them together and you knew you were witnessing something very special. This was something that was sorely lacking in Brett's relationship with Jenna. Janice had often wondered if she was just being prejudice against Jenna those years back when Brett and Jenna would come to visit. But now she understood that instinctively she knew that Jenna was not the right one for her daughter. It had nothing to do with gender. It had everything to do with whom she felt was truly right for Brett. Aand now it was so blatantly obvious; Victoria Hull filled that bill to perfection.

"Yes, yes of course I'm happy. Tori, I can see that you've brought our Brett back to us and for that we are truly grateful. Whatever the two of you decide to do, you can rest assure that you have our complete blessing." Janice wiped at her tears and gave the girls a heartfelt look of support. "I remember when Brett was eleven years old and absolutely broken hearted by the fact that you had dated Cole. I knew then that you would find your way back to each other and it's more than evident that you belong together now."

Tori gave the Montgomerys an apologetic look. Although she would never regret the time she had spent with Cole, she wished that she had not hurt Brett those years ago.


Janice broke from her thoughts and remembered Brett was still on the line.

"Okay mom. Let me finish getting ready and we'll be on our way." The two said goodbye and finished getting dressed. When she was ready, she went to search for her errant lover.

TO BE CONTINUED. Installment Thirteen

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