Impulse: Book Four


"Impulse: A sudden inclination or urge"

The American Heritage dictionary

By Mezzo


Copyright: Copyright 2002 by Mezzo All Rights Reserved

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Brett was the first to enter the Montgomery home because Tori had stopped to speak with Brett's older brother, Eric, outside. She entered the living room and was shocked to find Cole Crawford talking to her father in front of the fireplace. Her father turned to see her standing at the door and he gave her a sympathetic look. They all knew that Tori and Cole had dated in high school and continued to keep in close contact through out the years. The Crawford's had held out hopes that Victoria and Cole would someday find their way back to one another. The way things appeared now, that hope would not see the light of day. Everyone knew that Cole was unaware of the relationship that had developed between Brett and Tori the last few months. They were sure that it would be quite a shock when Cole found out. Unfortunately, it seemed the day had arrived. Brett and Tori would have to pretend that their relationship didn't exist until Tori had the time to talk to Cole in private.

Cole turned to see whom Gordon was staring at and a smile came to his face when he recognized Brett at the entrance of the living room. He eagerly crossed the room with Gordon to welcome Brett.

"Hey you! It's great to see you!!" Cole gave Brett a warm hug and kiss. He was a good foot taller than she was so she had to reach up. He released his hold on her and stepped back. "I picked up your book while I was overseas. Very impressive. I especially like the main characters. Mmm...mmm...mmm. We should be so lucky to find a love like that." They were all very close. They had all grown up together on the island and, after all these years, all of their families kept in close contact.

"Hello to you too. You've been gone for a very long time. It's good to have you back. And I'm glad you liked the book." Brett looked into Cole's gorgeous face and hazel eyes. A pang of insecurity came over her and she tried to bury it. Attempting her best, she couldn't completely bury the pang of uncertainty that continued to plague her. What could I possibly have that Cole couldn't give her? Brett thought and then quickly chastised herself. Tori loves you. Stop acting like an insecure child. She doesn't need you to fall apart.

"Definitely!! You have a real gift there. So tell me, have you found your Marina Masterson? I would not be surprised if someone has come along and swept you away. You must be fighting them off with a stick. You have always been adorable. But I have tell you, Brett, you've really...'re just beautiful." Cole gave Brett an appreciative look. It wasn't that he was flirting with her. Cole was very genuine in everything he said. A girl could immediately fall for him because there just wasn't anything insincere about him. Brett blushed and was about to speak, when they heard everyone greet Tori as she entered the room. A hush fell over the room as Cole's and Tori's eyes met. They had not seen each other in almost six months and their meetings prior had always been very emotional.

"Tori!" Cole practically hurdled the coffee table in order to get to her. He ran over and quickly swept her up in his arms. He swung her around and planted a very exuberant kiss on her lips. When Tori was able to recover from the shock and the whirl of energy that Cole had exhibited, she pulled away and let Cole place her back on the floor. Everyone stared at the reunion unable to tear away from the drama that was unfolding before them.

"Cole, oh goodness. You're home? When did you get in?" Tori was still obviously still in shock. She wasn't expecting Cole to be there and was caught totally unaware.

"I arrived yesterday morning. I was gonna give you a call." Cole's heart was racing and his enthusiasm was overflowing. "I thought we could go out and hit the town. You know....catch up on things. Man, you look incredible." Cole took Tori in his arms again, unaware of the expressions of the people behind him. Brett was practically in tears and everyone else was beginning to get just as uncomfortable. Cole looked like a teenager again and was totally enthralled with Tori. Tori, on the other hand, was absolutely dazed as Cole swept her up once more.

"Gosh, I've missed you. I can't tell you how happy I am that you're back in the states, baby." Cole went to kiss Tori again and this time Tori stopped him tactfully.

"Umm yeah. I'm glad to be back as well." Tori looked over Cole's shoulder and found Brett staring at her a few feet away. She could see the reddening of Brett's eyes and her heart broke. Torn between running over to Brett and filling Cole in on the situation, she knew she had to decide quickly.

" bout we take a walk?" Tori saw the hopeful look that lit up Cole's expression and knew instantly that she was about to hurt one of the most important people in her life.

"Great idea. I'd love to get you alone for a moment." Cole took Tori's hand and she stopped him.

"I have to say hello to a few people first. Why don't I meet you outside on the patio in a few minutes?"

"Okay. I'll meet you out there." Cole pointed to the doors leading outside and went to go retrieve his coat.

Tori watched Cole leave the room and quickly went to Brett. She took Brett in her arms and tried to soothe Brett's uncertainty. Everyone tried to look as if they didn't know what was going on but it was painfully obvious. Tori gave Cole's family an apologetic look and they just nodded their heads in understanding.

"Hey, come with me for a second." Tori took Brett's hand and they went to the library. Tori closed the door and immediately took her upset lover in her arms.

"I'm sorry you had to see that. I didn't know he was going to be here." Tori wiped away a falling tear and Brett just quietly looked down. She knew that Tori would never hurt her without good reason. Nevertheless, her insecurities kept floating up to the surface. She couldn't help but remember what it was like when Tori started dating Cole when they were kids. Brett was left behind and it took sixteen years to get her childhood friend back in her life. No matter how hard she tried to suppress her feelings, it felt like Tori was slipping away again.

"Hey come on, love. Why the tears, huh?" Tori bent down and tried to meet Brett's eyes. She lifted Brett's face to meet hers and the younger woman began to cry again.

"Oh honey, you know I love you. Don't you? Come on?" Tori captured Brett's mouth and they kissed intensely.

"If I didn't love you, would my kiss feel like this?" Tori kissed Brett again. "Would my touch feel this good?" Tori pressed her body against Brett's and their passion grew. "Would I have to keep sneaking you into your parent's library to have you all to myself?" Brett smiled at the comment and Tori gave her a big smile. "That's my girl. I'm sorry that I keep having to have these conversations during your family get togethers. I really don't plan this." Brett took a deep breath and gave Tori a bigger smile.

"I know you don't honey. I just can't wait until everything's out in the open and we don't have to keep dealing with our past relationships. I know you have to talk to Cole and that can't be easy for you." Brett placed her arms under Tori's and wrapped them securely over the top of Tori's back. She rested her head on Tori's chest and Tori kissed the top of Brett's head. The two languished in their connection and shut out the world for a moment.

"Here I am crying my eyes out and you're the one who has to go and break poor Cole's heart. I'm the one who should be sorry." Brett lifted her face up and gave Tori a tender kiss. "He's still in love you honey. I know how that feels. I'd be lost if you ever told me that you had found someone else." Brett gave Tori a sympathetic look and they wrapped themselves around each other even tighter.

"That is never going to happen. But thank you for understanding. I know in my heart that there is no one in this world for me but you. It's just that I can't help but feel bad for hurting him. He is an incredible man and deserves someone who will love him as he deserves to be loved. Like the way I feel when I am with you. No matter how I tried, I just could not feel the way I feel about you with him. I truly believe that you and I were made for one another." They fondly gazed into one another's eyes and it told it all. With one look, their souls connected on a deeper level.

"Listen sweetheart.... as much as I want to stay here with you, I have to go meet him. He is waiting for me. I asked him to take a walk so I can tell him about us. Is that okay?" Tori didn't want to upset Brett anymore but she couldn't string Cole along any longer.

"Yeah, he deserves to know. I'll meet you back at the party when you're finished." Tori bent down so their faces were eye to eye. Tori captured Brett's lips and they shared another searing kiss.

"Mmm...I love Brett Montgomery. Every inch of my soul has your name written on it. Okay.... I'll see you back at the party when Cole and I are finished. Erin should be here soon so you'll have a lot to keep you busy while I'm gone."

"I love you too, sweetie." Brett kissed Tori once more then returned to the party while Tori went to search for Cole.

TO BE CONTINUED. Installment Fourteen

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