Impulse: Book Four


"Impulse: A sudden inclination or urge" 

The American Heritage dictionary

By Mezzo


Copyright: Copyright © 2002 by Mezzo All Rights Reserved

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Brett had been uneasy all morning and her stomach was at her as well.A colleague had asked if she wanted to join her for lunch and thought that food might ease her nerves.

She grabbed her purse and headed out of her office to meet her friend at the cafeteria.

She got to the line, picked up a salad, and an apple thinking something light would be enough to coat her stomach.That's what you get for drinking so much and then eating all that junk food at the mall and those nachos at the movie theatre.You think you're still nineteen and able to eat all that crap.

Brett paid for her food and looked around scanning the large room that was filled with students and teachers.She took one pass. And then another. Then finally spotted her friend waiting at a far table.She went over to her and set her tray down.

"Hey Martha..... I hope you weren't waiting too long?"Brett's friend was a professor in the math department. They had become good friends and met regularly during lunch hours.

"Nah, I just sat down myself.I hope you don't mind?I invited one of the new professors to join us."Martha had been teaching at the university for the last eight years and was like the campus social director. 

"Of course not. The more the merrier."Brett uncovered her salad and opened her bottled water.

"That's all you're having?Are you feeling okay?"Martha had eaten many lunches with Brett and knew her appetite well.

"I'm okay. I've had an upset stomach all morning and I didn't want to eat too much.Besides I kind of over indulged this weekend."Brett took a sip of her water as another knot twisted in her tummy.

"Well I know you're not pregnant.How's that sweetie you keep talking about?"Martha was glad to hear that Brett had found someone special.Brett rarely talked about her personal life but she was all smiles when it came to the new love of her life.

"She's great.Actually, she's wonderful.She asked me to move in with her this weekend and I accepted."Brett absolutely glowed.She had everything she ever wanted wrapped up in a raven-haired, blue eyed, beauty.

"Really? Now there's something to celebrate."Martha held up her Snapple for a toast.

"I second that."Brett was about to hold up her bottle when Martha noticed her colleague.

"Hey there you are."Martha greeted the new arrival. "Brett Montgomery, please meet..." Martha was interrupted midway through her introduction.

"Jenna Carlisle."Brett added.Her eyes showed no emotion and only Jenna knew what was going on behind the green eyes.

"Oh..... so you've met?"Martha happily exclaimed unaware of any animosity that was flowing between her companions.

"Yes. Brett and I were..." Jenna was about to divulge their relationship and Brett interjected.

"Classmates at the University of Michigan."Brett glared at Jenna. She didn't care if Martha saw or not.

"Oh....right. I forgot you attended their Brett.Wow.... what a small world."Martha slid over allowing Jenna to take a seat next to her.

"Yes. It would seem so."Brett took another sip of her water and chose to forgo the salad.Her stomach was now churning so hard she thought she was churning butter down there.

"So how are your classes going?"Martha smiled at Jenna and took a bite of her pasta salad.

"They're going well.I have a great group of kids and look forward to teaching them this semester."Jenna knew that Brett was fuming but to her credit, she showed no signs of discomfort.

Brett looked at her watch. She had a half-hour before her next class and wanted to be anywhere but where she was at the moment.How could she have kept this from me?Maybe Tori's right. Maybe she IS up to something.Brett couldn't believe Jenna was sitting in front of her.After four years of therapy and all the time that had passed, a part of her was still healing from the nightmare that was Jenna Carlisle.Why can't she just stay out of my life?Brett's mind was working a mile a minute and didn't hear Martha calling to her.

"Brett...yoohoo..." Martha waved her hand in front of the English professor and for a moment didn't get a response.

"Huh... Oh I'm sorry, I just remembered something.What were you saying?"Brett looked over at Martha and avoided looking at Jenna completely.

"Jenna had asked if we knew of any clubs in the area.That's not really my scene but I remember you mentioned one that you go to frequently.I couldn't remember the name.What was it?You know the one on the river?"Martha had no clue what a mess she was making.The last thing Brett wanted was to have Jenna know where and how she spent her time.

"Well I don't go there that often anymore but it's called the Grove on the Hudson.It's a popular place.It has something for everyone.Listen.... I'd love to stay but I have to get ready for my next class.You two enjoy your lunch."Brett got up, gave them a quick wave, and threw her practically untouched lunch in the trash.

"That's odd. Brett doesn't seem herself today.She must really not be feeling well."Martha took another bite of her pasta and looked at her watch as well.

"Golly where does the time go.I have to get to class also."Martha wrapped up her things and asked Jenna to let her by.

"Oh yeah.... Well... I was heading out also.Listen, I'd love to catch up with Brett. Do you know where her office is?" Jenna really didn't want to scare Brett away.She needed to explain herself.

"Oh, I think she'd like that.She's on the second floor of the English Department.Third office on the right once you reach the top of the stairs."Jenna thanked Martha and held the door to let her pass.


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