Impulse: Book Four



"Impulse: A sudden inclination or urge"

The American Heritage dictionary


By Mezzo





Copyright: Copyright © 2002 by Mezzo All Rights Reserved


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Brett walked past her secretary and entered her office. She closed the door and threw her purse down on her desk.


"Shit...Shit...Shit..." Brett had thought about calling Tori, but didn't want to worry her. She remembered Tori mentioning she had an important meeting and would probably be home a little late.


Brett slumped down into her chair and began to rub her temples. She could feel the beginnings of a headache and took a deep swallow trying to stop a wave of nausea. What is with me today? I hope I'm not coming down with something. I'd love to blame it on Jenna but I was feeling crappy before I saw her.


Brett heard a knock on her door. "Come in." She answered.


Jenna peeked into the room and Brett's face immediately turned to anger.


"What the hell do you want?" Brett demanded. She was in no mood for Jenna and would call security if she had to.


"Brett, please let me explain." Jenna had a look of deep regret on her face but Brett wasn't about to give her another chance.


"I don't want to hear another word from you." Brett got up from her seat and looked directly at Jenna's face without a hint of fear.


"I've had just about enough of you. I want you out of my life." Brett pointed at the door. Just then, her eyes caught a movement outside and she stared at the entrance.


Jenna looked behind her and shook her head. "You sure keep her on a short leash don't you?"


Tori stood at the door and Brett could see that Tori wasn't doing any better than she was. The tall executive slowly walked over and stood in front of the two of them.


"Well Miss Carlisle. When I said New York could be a small town, I didn't think I would see you so soon." Tori's demeanor was cold and her eyes were piercing right through Jenna.


"Tori, it seems Jenna failed to tell us that she is now a professor here at Columbia." Brett looked up at Tori and could see the veins in Tori's neck tighten.


"Oh.... I see that little piece of information just happened to slip your mind." Tori crossed her arms and towered over Jenna. Tori wanted to rip Jenna apart right there. The only thing keeping her in place was how Brett would react.


"I didn't tell Brett because I didn't want to worry her. I figured this place was huge and the chances of us running into each other would be minimal. I truly was trying to avoid upsetting Brett." Jenna reached over to touch Brett's arm but was stopped by Tori's hand. Tori grabbed Jenna's arm and twisted it around bringing it hard against Jenna's back. She then grabbed Jenna's left shoulder and shoved Jenna down hard against Brett's desk, jamming Jenna's face and most of her upper body against the wood grain.


Tori bent over and spoke menacingly into Jenna's ear. "Don't you ever touch her! I don't know who the hell you think you are but from this day on you forget you ever laid eyes on Brett Montgomery. If you see her coming you walk the other way." Tori jammed Jenna's arm even higher and Jenna let out a painful scream. "Brett gave you a second chance at life and I suggest you enjoy it because the way things are going, you won't have a third. You are a useless excuse for a human being." Tori was about to hurt Jenna again when Brett's hand stopped her.


"Baby..... that's enough. She's not worth it. Please let her go." Tori looked back at the love of her life and could see that Brett was very upset. She reluctantly released Jenna but not before she shoved her head against the desk one last time.


"Tori." Brett screamed.


Jenna fell to her knees and grabbed her arm. "Brett what makes her any better than me? Look at what she just did?" Jenna pointed at Tori and spit out some blood. The inside of her mouth was bleeding from where her teeth cut into her cheek after the fuming hurricane shoved her face into the desk.


Brett got right into Jenna's face. "The difference between you in her is the fact that you're still conscious. When I asked her to stop, she did. That's a heck of a lot more than what I can say for you. Don't you dare stand there and play high and mighty with me. Of all the universities in this country, you had to waltz into this one. You had a perfectly good job in Michigan. One, I might add, that was still waiting for you after you got out of the hospital because of me. If I hadn't done what I did for you, you'd be in jail. J.A.I.L. I know you have an excuse for everything. Believe me. I've heard them all. I heard all of your excuses and I remember every lie. After everything I've gone through for you, with you and because of you, you'd think you could do this one thing for me and stay out of my life. Oh..... and before you start saying I've ‘totally misunderstood your actions', save it. Let me make myself clear. If you were the last person on this earth, I would want nothing to do with you. I don't want to be your lover. I don't want to be your friend. And I most certainly don't want to be an acquaintance. I've done more than I've had to as far as you're concerned. Another person in my shoes most certainly wouldn't have allowed you to get off so easily. But I have. Don't let me regret it. You probably have changed and I most certainly hope you have. But there are millions and millions of other people in this world and I strongly suggest you try someone else." Brett went to the door and opened it. Jenna stood up and looked at Brett. She tried to say one last thing. But Brett held up a hand. "Save it. As it is, you've made me late for my class."


Jenna walked out of the office without another word and Brett slammed the door shut behind her. Brett slumped against the door, closed her eyes, and took a calming breath.


Tori stood there watching Brett. She had never seen Brett so forceful. Well not with anyone except her. She was so proud of her and yet, she felt ashamed for the way she herself had acted, losing control the way she had with Jenna.


Brett opened her eyes to find Tori obviously berating herself. She let out an exasperated sigh and walked over to her hero.


"Hey Lancelot. Gonna slay anymore of my enemies today?" Brett reached up and gave Tori a kiss on the cheek.


Tori let out a sigh of her own and bowed her head. "I'm sorry I lost control like that. It's just..." Brett placed her fingers over Tori's lips.


"You don't have to explain. I understand." A knock on the door interrupted them. Brett gave Tori an apologetic look. "Come in." It was Brett's secretary.


"I'm sorry to interrupt, but your 1:oo class is waiting. It's 1:15 now." Irene could tell that she had interrupted something important. She had seen the other woman walk out and she hadn't looked too good.


"Thanks Irene. I'll be right there." Irene nodded and closed the door.


"I've got to go. I wish I didn't have to. But they're waiting."


"It's okay. When does you're class end?" Tori felt wiped out and just wanted to close her eyes and sleep.


"It should be over at 2:15, maybe 2:30. Then I have another class that will run until about 4:00." Brett looked apologetically at Tori again.


"Does anyone else use this room? I could really use a nap. I feel like crap." Tori's eyes were bloodshot. She had obviously been crying.


"Be my guest. You go lay down and I'll lock the door behind me." Brett stretched up and gave Tori a quick kiss.


"There's a blanket and pillow in that closet over there. I come prepared." Brett winked and left the room leaving a much drained Victoria behind.


TO BE CONTINUED. Installment Five

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