Slam Dunk


Mickey Minner


Part 1

This story is a sequel to my stories , Fast Break and Footsteps (Ghost Towning) . You may want to read the preceding stories before reading this one. Fast Break and Footsteps (Ghost Towning) can be found on my on my website –




Pat slowly became aware of her surroundings and that she was alone in the king size bed. Yawning and wanting nothing more than to roll over and go back to sleep, she forced her eyes open to look for her lover. The bedroom was very dark, the window coverings doing a good job of blocking any outside light from penetrating the thick material. She glanced at the clock on the night stand, confirming it was indeed morning. “Sherry,” she called into the darkness expecting an answer to come from the bathroom. When silence was her only response, she sat up, the sheet and blanket falling from her naked body. “Brrrr,” she shivered yawning again. Swinging her legs off the bed, she stood. Pausing only long enough to pull an oversized t-shirt from the dresser, she padded out of the bedroom in search of her lover.


Sherry was sitting on the edge of deck, a steaming cup of coffee cradled in her hands and her legs dangling above the lawn. Attempting to locate a chattering squirrel, she peered up into the branches of a pine tree in the corner of the neighboring yard. She heard the sliding door opening behind her but kept her focus on the squirrel.

Pat shut the slider then tentatively walked across the deck. “Morning,” she greeted her lover after sitting beside her. “What are you looking at?”

“Rocky,” Sherry answered, using the pet name she had given the squirrel.

“Don't encourage that varmint,” Pat growled.

Sherry gently elbowed her teasing lover in the ribs. “Stop it. Rocky doesn't bother you.”

“He throws pinecones into the yard that I have to pick up.”

Sherry chuckled. “Pat, when was the last time you did anything in this yard. You have a lawn service… remember.”

“I still don't like those pinecones.”

“Only because you like to walk around barefoot and you step on them.”

“They hurt,” Pat pouted.

“You could look where you're walking.”

“Too much trouble. Besides, if that darn squirrel wants to throw down pinecones, why can't he throw them into his own yard?”

“Maybe he's being nice and sharing them with you. You could store them up for the winter like he does.”

“Ha ha.” Pat laughed half-heartedly. “Coffee smells good.”

Sherry watched Rocky scramble down the pine tree's trunk then shifted to look at Pat. “Did you sleep okay?” she asked offering her the cup.

Pat took a sip of the hot liquid then nodded. “Can't believe its morning already,” she said handing the cup back. “You're up early.”

“Needed some of this,” Sherry said before taking a drink.

“Ah.” Pat studied her partner. Although, there were no outward signs that Sherry was still upset about the events of the day before, she chose her words carefully. “Am I in trouble?” she asked apprehensively.

“No,” Sherry responded lightly with a slight shake of her head.


“Wait,” Sherry interrupted. “Let me talk first… okay?”

Pat nodded.

“Speaking as a member of your coaching staff,” Sherry prefaced her comments, “you had every right to snap at me— I was out of line. I knew when I agreed to add coach to my duties that it meant more work. I guess I didn't really think through how much more… and that was my mistake. I was wrong, Pat. I owe you an apology and I owe one to Kelley.”

“You were tired,” Pat offered.

“That isn't an excuse for my behavior. You and Kelley were just as tired, if not more.”

Smiling, Pat leaned close to her lover and kissed her. “Apology accepted,” she said. “But I think I should be doing that too… I shouldn't have bit your head off. I'm sorry for that.”

Sherry leaned against her lover. “This season may be harder on us than last year,” she observed sadly.

“It's sure is starting out that way,” Pat responded unhappily.

Sherry offered her the last of the coffee. “Honey, I don't want this kind of crap to come between us.”

Pat emptied the cup then set it on the deck to wrap her arms around her upset lover. “I don't either. So, we're just going to have to make sure it doesn't.”

Sherry tilted her head to look at Pat. “I love you so much,” she whispered.

Pat smiled. “Right back atcha.” She kissed Sherry taking her time to explore her tasty lips. “Hey,” she said brightly after their lips parted. “Today is Sunday.”

“Yes, it is.”

“And I'm declaring it an us day.”

Us day?”

Pat nodded. “A day for just you and me— us day. How does a drive up to the lakes sound to you? We'll grab some breakfast then go find a nice spot to sit by the water.”

Sherry smiled. “I like the sound of that.”

“Good… let's go.”


After breakfast, they had driven up Highway 83 where a series of lakes leapfrogged along the Clearwater River. Pat had instructed Sherry to turn off the highway at Seeley Lake and, then, directed her to a picnic area halfway down the shore.

Sherry parked the Subaru at the end of the parking area. “I'm surprised there aren't more people here,” she noted the lack of other vehicles in the lot.

“Summer is almost over; kids are back in school; people have other things to do right now. It's a good time to come here.”

“This place is beautiful,” Sherry said pushing the car's door open. Tall ponderosa pines shaded the scattering of picnic tables and fire pits. The lake, its waters so calm she could see reflections of the surrounding mountains on its surface, stretched for some distance in both directions from where they parked.

“It's a favorite of mine.”

Sherry laughed. “Seems to me almost every place we go is a favorite of yours.” She closed the door then walked to the front of the car to join her partner.

Pat stretched out her arm offering her hand which was instantly taken. “I have lots of favorites… especially you,” she declared tugging Sherry close.

“Do you think we should grab out jackets? It's a bit cool.”

“Not a bad idea,” Pat agreed leading Sherry back to the car. “Fall is definitely in the air.” She unlocked the car and retrieved their jackets from the back seat.

“Isn't it a little early for fall?” Sherry asked slipping her arms into her jacket's sleeves.

“You never know here… it can be eighty one day and snowing the next.”

“Ugh… I am not ready for snow.”

“Wimp,” Pat teased then had to jump out of the way of Sherry's swat. “Care for a walk along the beach, my love,” she asked smiling.

“There's a beach?”

“Nice sandy one, actually. This time of year, the water level is down and we can walk quite a ways along the shore.”

Sherry regained Pat's hand. “Lead on.”


“Think they'll land?” Sherry asked of the dozen Canada geese skimming the lake's surface. She was sitting on the sand leaning back against her lover and wrapped in her arms.

“Probably,” Pat said. “But they'll make a few test runs first just to make sure it's safe. No hunters,” she added when Sherry gave her a quizzical look.

“It's so peaceful here.”

“Uh uh.”

“My ears almost hurt with the quiet.”

“Speaking of ears…”

Sherry squawked when her tender skin was nibbled on. “Stop that,” she demanded with a giggle, jerking away to distance her sensitive ear from her lover's teeth.

“Hush… you'll scare the geese.”

“You keep that up and I'll do more than scare them.”

“Oh, really?”

Sherry squirmed into a better position to claim her lover's lips. “Isn't that better than biting me?” she asked several minutes later when they separated to breathe.

Pat adjusted her hold on her lover, her hand slipping under Sherry's shirt.

“Honey, not here,” Sherry protested weakly.

“There's no one else around,” Pat murmured.

Her lover's touch was setting her skin on fire and Sherry was finding it hard to concentrate. “There's the fisherman we saw earlier,” she panted.

“Other end of the picnic area.”

Sherry gasped when the zipper of her jeans was slid open. “Pat, please,” she moaned.

“Please stop?” Pat asked breathlessly.

“I can't do this here.”

Pat pulled her hand back, resting it on Sherry's belly. “I think I need to jump in the lake,” she said, her heart racing.

“What for?”

Pat laughed. “It's as good as a cold shower.”

Sherry settled back into Pat's arms. “I'm sorry.”

Pat kissed the top of Sherry's head. “Don't be. It probably isn't the smartest thing we could have done.”

Sherry rotated her head to look into Pat's eyes. “I'll make it up to you tonight… at home… in our very private bedroom,” Sherry offered readily.

Pat smiled. “You've got a deal. I just hope I can last until we get home.”

The women fell silent, content to enjoy their surroundings for the moment; and to allow their sexually charged feelings, and bodies, to abate.

“My butt is getting cold,” Sherry announced after a few minutes. “And I'm hungry.”

Pat chuckled. “Talk about killing the mood.”

Sherry separated herself from her lover then stood and brushed off the back of her jeans. “I need to take my mind in another direction,” she told her amused lover.

“You might want to zip up first,” Pat said wryly, pushing up from the ground.

Sherry quickly pulled the zipper closed. “Oh, damn,” she muttered blushing and looking around to see if anyone else had seen.

“I told you, we're alone,” Pat reminded her self-conscious lover.

“I know… but you never know,” Sherry said nervously moving toward Pat to bury her head on her shoulder.

Pat rubbed Sherry's back soothingly. “You okay?”

“Yeah. I'm just a little embarrassed.”

“Why? We didn't do anything.”

Sherry glanced coyly up at her concerned lover. “But I wanted to,” she declared with a grin. “I really wanted to.”

Pat laughed. “You are a very bad girl,” she admonished playfully then kissed the tip of Sherry's nose. “I better take you to dinner before we really get into trouble.”

“Probably a very good idea.”



To Be Continued...


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