Chapter 53

As Janine neared the store, she lifted the hair off the back of her neck in hopes of cooling off. Late night was just as hot as the day had been, even given the hour. Thank God this place is open all night. Most if not all of the lights in the connecting neighborhoods had been out even in the small business district, but that was understandable given that it was way on the other side of midnight. I can't believe I'm up this late. I have to be at work in a few hours, but my mind has been workin' nonstop. There's so much to think about and do.

The nurse pulled the door to the Jiffy Mart open with a jingle. Almost simultaneously, her stomach growled as if sensing food in the vicinity. She patted the t-shirt covered area and sighed in pleasure as cold air kissed her face. It's a good sign that I'm hungry. I want to look like me again. Janine picked up a hand held cart and threw a wave at the young man behind the counter before meandering down the aisle. The old man and him probably know my name as much as I've been comin' in here. She snorted. And that's pathetic. At least things seem to be looking up. Bobbi is still wary around me, but who could blame her? I think she had my number the whole time. Still, we're workin' well together. That's somethin'.

The brunette reached out and grabbed a package of Nutter Butters, throwing them into the cart. Her eyes rolled at her recent affinity for junk food. As she passed the refrigerated section, Janine snatched a pint of Haagen Das vanilla. "I know no shame," she muttered. Her thoughts turned inward. Who woulda thought it? Here I am with a chance to change, and I'm doin' it. I am honestly doin' it--thanks to that little spitfire of a woman. Nothin' like gettin' a mirror held in front of you and revealin' your true ugly self. Nothin' like it at all. She turned down the next aisle.

With astute eyes, she scanned the shelves. "Coulda sworn the chocolate sauce was over here." The door jangled again, admitting another late night straggler, but Janine ignored the sound. She bent over, searching each section for her quarry. "Well, if I can't find it I might as well put everything back," she murmured darkly. Her stomach growled in protest. Not paying attention to her surroundings, the nurse continued her search until it was halted, as she abruptly collided with another patron from behind.

With her back still turned, the tall blonde wobbled unsteadily. "Christ!" She held out a hand to balance herself.

Janine rose to her full height. "Oh sorry 'bout that was lookin' for somethin'. Didn't see you."

"It's okay," the woman added as she finally turned around. Brown eyes twinkled with amusement. "You're not from around here are you? The accent--it's Southern?"

Janine glanced upward, getting lost in soft features. "Huh?"

"The accent," the blonde repeated with a growing smile.

The nurse blinked before the words sank in. "Oh! Yeah, it is." Her gaze wavered as her stomach took over again. "Where is it?"

"What are you looking for?"

"Chocolate sauce," Janine answered airly. Without another word, the blonde disappeared further down the aisle. The brunette shrugged and ambled forward.

"Hey! Hold up. I found it."

Janine stopped and turned toward the woman jogging toward her. Not even slightly winded, the blonde dropped the can into the basket as she took a look at the contents. "Oh, comfort food. Maybe I should get some whipped cream and cherries and follow you home," she grinned rakishly.

The nurse blinked again. That sounds like one of my lines. It's like I'm talkin' to a taller, blonde version of me. I don't think I like that. "Uh, no thank you," she quipped coldly.

The blonde sighed. "Listen, I'm sorry. Sometimes I say things without thinking. I didn't mean it, and I certainly didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."

Janine studied the woman, seeing something she was starting to recognize gleeming in brown eyes-- sincerity. The nurse nodded. "Okay. No harm done."

"Good," she held out a hand. "I'm Tammy."

The brunette peered at the appendage. Well, this is unexpected. Where is this goin'? It can't hurt to see I guess. After another moment, she took Tammy's hand. "I'm Janine."

"Woo, see that was easy. Although, I was sure I lost you for a second. My mouth loses me more friends than it gains me."

Friends? Is that what she wants? Am I ready for that? I sure as hell don't want what happend with Bobbi to happen to anybody else. I better take it easy. Although, it would be nice to have someone to talk to. "Mmm," was her only comment.

"Hey, did you see any Rum Raisin in there?" She chuckled not waiting for an answer. "I must say we have two things in common already--an affinity for junk food and late night munchies."

Janine snorted before she could stop herself. "If I keep up with my new love for junk food, I gonna have to find a gym."

Tammy snickered. "Beat you to that. I go to one in Hendricks. It's about a forty five minute drive, but it's a really good one." The blonde resumed walking, and Janine found herself following.

"Maybe I could look into that." Is it that easy? No strings. No alterior motives just talk. Why couldn't I do this all along? I guess it doesn't matter. I'm doin' it now.


Chris Matthews pulled the car into the parking lot. The Buick Regal felt strange around him after being in the truck for so long, but he decided to leave the truck in Hendricks and rent this one. It would be easier to get around in these small towns. The flourescent Jiffy Mart sign winked at him. It was the only place in town open. "Well, it's as good a place as any to start." He rubbed a hand across his craggy face feeling every bit of the exhaustion that had been nagging. "Hope I have some luck here."

He cringed. The tiredness fled as he recalled the ice and dissappointment in Max Sr.'s voice. Chris was not the type of man to give up especially for a permanant spot beside the man everybody looked up to. It would give him something he yearned for, respect. He sighed wondering if it was even meant to be--- all this time and still nothing.

Deciding not to procrastinate any longer he turned off the car and wriggled the key from the ignition. He smoothed a hand over his hair, clean shaven cheeks and ironed t-shirt. He had to look presentable. People didn't react well to desperate looking strangers.

Still, he was desperate.

Money was running out as if his pockets were a sieve. He never knew it would take this long or even that the search would be this intensive. Things did not look good. They did not look good at all. He tried to be angry but was too tired to muster that much emotion. Chris took one last deep breath as he opened the car door and unfolded his tall, burly frame. He stretched and checked his back pocket for the picture of the St. Jean woman. Feeling the edges with his fingers, his head jerked upward as two women exited the store.


"Ah, so you're a nurse. I teach at the high school. The money's okay and most of the kids are good."

"Good for you. I think I have the patience to do somethin' like that."

"But you have the patience to deal with sick, whiny people?"

"Touche`." Janine smiled up at the blonde.

Tammy grinned back. "Thought so." She paused as if bolstering courage. "I hope I'm not being presumptous, but can I give you my number? If you ever wanna hand out or just talk, you can give me a call."

Janine studied the teacher's face for the umpteenth time in twenty minutes. Still, the genuiness was there. "Listen, I'm dealing with a lot of things right now, and I'm all new at this friend thing. I'm not sure if I can even do it right now--" A hand grasped her forearm, interrupting her.

"Hey, no pressure. I would just like to get to know you a little better. Call me anytime--a month from now even." Tammy studied the other woman's face, seeing the hesitation. "I mean it."

Janine sighed and looked away. I need to start somewhere. "Okay, maybe soon. I could try. It would be nice. . ." she trailed off as she glanced back at the blonde.

Tammy eyed her patiently and let her hand fall away. "Good, I should have a pen and paper somewhere in my car being a teacher and all." She smiled crookedly.

It was contagious. Janine returned the gesture. "Lead the way." She followed her toward a red Sentra.

"Excuse me ladies."

Janine stiffened. The man seemed to come out of nowhere. She felt Tammy bristle also.

As if sensing their unease, Chris held up a hand. "I didn't mean to scare ya. I just wantedta ask yah a few questions?" Not waiting for an answer he fished the picture out of his back pocket.

The nurse watched warily. It was too late at night for this to be something good.

"This here is a photo of my niece. She and her baby went missing about eight months ago. She ran away from her momma 'cause of the way she treated her. My sister's dead now, and if I had known. . ." He paused pretending to be choked up with emotion. ". . .Anyhow, I'm the only relative she got left, and I came from the northern part of the state to see if she's okay. I been lookin' for a while. Can you tell me if you've seen her?"

Janine rolled her eyes. She didn't believe a word the man said. It was too damned rehearsed. He's lying, and I should know. I'm a liar too. Still, she remained silent as Tammy accepted the photo.

The blonde gasped quietly as she looked down at the image. Janine controlled her reactions so she wouldn't do the same. Obviously, she's seen her somewhere. Discreetly as possible, the nurse wrapped her hand around the teacher's bicep and squeezed lightly, hoping she would get the message. I never forget a face. It what makes me good at my job. I guess the same goes for Tammy. They peered down at a chubbier, more somber and haunted looking Michelle holding a newborn. Funny, I probably would have killed for this chance to have something on her not too long ago. The irony of the situation did not escape her. She glanced at the stranger. "Uh, no I haven't seen her, and I've been around here for a while. Cute baby though. Sorry." She shrugged.

Tammy gave the picture back. "I haven't either, and I get around a lot. I would have seen her is she was here. It's a really small town."

Chris accepted the picture and gave them the once over. He nodded and smiled at them sadly. "Thank ya ladies. I 'preciate it."

In silence, they watched him go. After another few moments, the started walking toward the Sentra again. "Let me give you my number before you leave," Tammy added loudly just in case the stranger was in ear shot.

Janine sat her grocery bags on the hood and knelt in front of the now open car door. Tammy stared back at her. "What was that about? I was sure I knew her from somewhere. You don't forget a face like that. I saw her at the Fourth of July picnic. She was with a tall woman, a brunette."

"He was lying,Tammy." The nurse uttered. I won't tell her much. Hell, I don't know what's goin' on either, but I've put those two through enough. I don't want somebody else doin' a number on them too.

"How do you know?"

"I just know. It was all too clean somehow, too direct. He didn't look the least bit out of sorts about his so called missing family."

Dark eyes met. "Okay, somehow I feel that I should follow your instincts on this one. I don't want to put anybody in harm's way. He's probably not gonna have much luck in this town. We protect our own here, and if they have the same suspicions you did, he's in for a blockade."

"Good thing for her then, huh?"

"Yeah, let me get this number for you. I know you have to work in a few hours."

The sound of a scribbling pen, the bug zapper, and the dinging of the car door opened to long filled the silence between them. Tammy handed the nurse the scrap of paper, covering the brunette's hand with her own. "Call me whenever you're ready."

Janine looked at their joined hands in wonder. She took in a deep breath. "I will." Without another word, she rose, disengaging their hands. She grabbed her bag off the hood and ambled toward her own car as she heard the Sentra speed away.

She sat in her car looking at the piece of paper. I will won't I? But first, I think I should let Bobbi know what's going on.


After tossing and turning most of the night, Michelle got out of bed. With the baby monitor, Toby esconsed in his crib, and the Husky trailing behind, she went to the living room in hopes of catching some late night television. That idea was abandoned as she glanced down at the papers they had looked at earlier, covering the glass table. The blonde picked up the college application and headed for the den instead.

Sometime later, she leaned back in the leather chair and waited for the printer to spit out the final copy of her essay. I hope it's okay. I haven't written in years but even that part was exciting. I can't believe that I might be going to college! I'm gonna let Bobbi look over it to make sure everythings okay with it. She squirmed giddily. I can't believe that I'm up either, and speaking of Bobbi, she's been acting strange for the past couple of days. I mean, I gave her the green light to take our relationship further and she's barely touched me. She can't be feeling guilty or embarrased about falling asleep the other night. I told her it was okay. God, it seems like we have all the time in the world to make love now. I'm in no hurry.

Michelle chuckled. "Who am I kidding? Maybe that's why I can't sleep." I want this as much as she does, and if I didn't know how she felt about me the past couple of days would worry me. Still, we need to talk. We promised each other that we would. I can't believe I waited this long. I guess I was trying to give her time. She still touches me, kisses me, but that's where it stops. From the looks she's been giving me, it's almost like she's waiting for me to do something. I've initated a few kisses, but I'm not exactly sure where to go from there. Yes, we defiantely need to talk.

Pulling the pages from the printer, she patted them to make sure the edges were even and sat them on the desk. Idle hands fiddled around the desk poking and prodding at things she'd seen a million times before. Finally, she brought the baby monitor up to her hear. Michelle smiled as she heard Toby's even breathing. Despite everything, things are getting back to normal. It felt good to cuddle up with her and watch television like we used to. That first time back on the floor wasn't even awkward. The smile got bigger as recent memories flashed before her.

Bobbi sat the huge bowl of popcorn on the blanket beside the blonde as she got situated. She scooted and squirmed until her back was against the couch. Then, without preamble, the doctor pulled Michelle into her embrace, wrapping arms around her torso and entangling their legs.

The blonde sighed in contentment and reached for the bowl, burying her hand inside. The beginning sequence of "Law and Order" flashed across the screen. She swallowed the last of a handful of popcorn and shoved out a hand blindly searching for something to drink. "Aww, no Dr. Pepper?"

"Oops sorry. I'll get it during the next commercial."

"Well, okay." The blonde grumbled as the first commercials paraded across the television. "Did you turn off the phone in here? I saw the previews. This is supposed to be a good one. I don't want to miss any of it."

Bobbi chuckled. "Yess, I took care of it. The ringer in the kitchen is still on. No point in turning it off. Oh, speaking of which. I contacted my friends on the force, and they are willing to keep an eye on the place as much as they can, which will only be during break time. It's not much, but it's a start. I did't tell them much, but I told them enough to get their ire up. You're one of us now, and the police around here get pretty surly about keeping this town safe. That's probably why they never tried that hard to find you. Somebody smelled a rat." She plunged her hand into the bowl. "Did you get in touch with Annie?"

"Yea," she muffled with a full mouth. She's coming over on her next day off."

"Told you she missed you. You have that affect on people sorta get under their skin. Impossible to forget."

Michelle stopped mid-chew and peered over her shoulder. "Reflwy?"

"Most definately. Now, stop hogging the bowl and watch TV."

A retort fell dead on her lips as warm hands snaked under her shirt to palm her stomach. Hot breath and even hotter lips nipped at her ear. Michelle whimpered and waited for more, willing to forget the television show. It never came. 'Ookay, did I miss something?' She glanced over her shoulder again only to see blue eyes glued to the screen.

As if sensing her scruitiny, she shifted her intensity to the blonde. Bobbi's gaze was smoldering, and for a moment Michelle got lost in it. Azure eyes studied her as if waiting for the next piece in a most crucial puzzle. The blonde licked her lips aware of Bobbi tracking each movement. She sighed and decided not to push unaware of how far she could go. Instead, she graced the brunette's chin with a sloppy kiss.

Blue eyes twinkled and her mouth formed a small smile as they turned their attention back to the show.


Pale brows drew together in consternation. "Yeah, we really, really need to talk." Michelle rose and picked up the monitor. Maybe I should try to sleep now and maybe I just need to see her. After all, her door was cracked. A little peek maybe just what I need.


Janine threw her hands up in exasperation. "I can't believe I can't find her home number!" She looked down at the mess of papers that covered her bed. It's not like I should know it. I've only called there once. The nurse stared at her phone. I could try her cell or have her paged like I usually do.

She picked up the cordless and dialed the familiar numbers of the doctor's cell phone. After five rings, the voice mail came on. "Well, I guess that answers that question. I could still page her but it's really late." A light bulb went on. "Information!" She dialed the three numbers and gave the operator the name of the city and individual.

"We're sorry that number is unlisted."

"Well, hell." Surely he won't find anybody to talk to this late. The brunette sighed. "I guess it'll have to wait until I see her in the morning."


Bobbi groaned and wiped damp bangs from her forehead. Her body buzzed with delight, but she was far from satiated. Why am I doing this? It only makes me want her more. I could be touching her right now, and I don’t know why I’m not. Maybe I'm scared. Maybe I'm waiting for her to initiate this. Maybe I'm just plain stupid! Hell, I could even be embarrassed. I fell asleep for God’s sake. Asleep! Who does that happen to? She wants this. The way she touches me, kisses me, moves against me . . . With an exasperated kick, she pushed the covers away from her naked sweaty body. The cool air kissed her skin making it tingle to life once more. Her mouth. Oh God. Exhaustion pulled at her but need pulled harder. The bone deep ache stirred to life again, sending electric jolts over her flesh and making her nerves crave the pleasure they had been denied.

Her hands already slippery with wetness slinked down to follow a familiar path. The flat of her palms brushed over the aroused tips of full breasts, sending a twinge to her groin that resulted in a gush of moisture. The brunette whimpered as her fingertips continued their hurried journey over her flat abdomen. Muscles danced and contracted, but she did not dwell. Need more. Need her. Seeking hands parted her thighs. Bobbi cried out as cool air hit her heated center. Once was not enough, and the second time only left her hungrier. So, she ventured down a third time in hopes of calming the madness or making it stronger still. Fingertips teased against damp inner thighs, making them quiver. When they slid home, Bobbi hissed, opening herself wide as she rubbed furiously at swollen flesh.

Inky tresses caught and stuck to her sweaty face as her head tossed back and forth. Like a bow her body went taut, leaving her perfectly arched and ready to snap. Her hips undulated ferociously, meeting the sweep of her fingers. Colors exploded inside her head, and she closed her eyes, needing to see them clearly. Strangled whimpers escaped her throat along with a broken cry, “God, Chelle. Help. . .me!”

Hearing the doctor cry out but unsure of the words, Michelle pulled the already cracked door open. Nothing prepared her for the scene that greeted her. The baby monitor dropped from nerveless fingers, and a hand went to cover her now open mouth to stifle any sound that threatened. But, her eyes were unable to look away. The brunette’s sweaty body shined and stood out in sharp relief, illuminated by the dimmed lamp on the bedside table. Michelle stood riveted until arousal slammed into her body like hard rain, leaving her drenched and shaky in its onslaught. Swollen. Slick. Throbbing. Clenching. It was everywhere, taking her breath away and making it ragged. Little mews punctuated each intake of breath as she tried to steady herself, but she could not. It was too much, and at the same time not enough. Her skin tightened, and she ached to break free. The thought of touching, tasting, kissing the woman before her made her stomach knot almost painfully. I can’t wait anymore. I can’t.

Sensing Michelle’s presence in the room, hungry blue eyes opened and zeroed in on her. Gazed clashed with an intensity that shook them both. The air heated and crackled around them, humming with energy. Bobbi moaned at the site of her. Unclenching her hand from the flat sheet, Bobbi reached out, beckoning her.

Michelle stumbled forward as if pulled by some magnetic force. She went without protest. With each step, she sealed the present, guaranteed her future, and discarded her past. This is what life and love should have been. I know them both now, and I won’t let go.

Finally, fingertips touched, and Bobbi was bathed in inferno like heat. The touch lifted her, healed her, enflamed her from within. Her heart filled to the brim, and she shuddered like a wild thing. Busy fingers slowed down, but they did not stop. She could not stop. Blue eyes that had darkened to cobalt stared at the blonde pleadingly, helplessly, and needy. This is home. This woman is where I belong.

With verdant eyes, Michelle studied the sight before her. The doctor’s face was flushed and eyes wild. Her back was arched in a sharp curve, making full hard tipped breast thrust out proud. The blonde felt her own nipples tingle in reaction. A fine sheet of sweat covered Bobbi’s body outlining every muscle in its most beautiful and strained form. Michelle’s heart threatened to beat out of her chest. Her eyes followed impossibly long legs all the way up until they ended in a thatch of dark hair that shined with moisture. Just over the sound of ragged breathing, she could hear it—fingers playing in unbelievable wetness. A whimper burst from her throat as her sex pulsed in empathy. The petite blonde watched jealously as fingers began to move faster. Excitement closed in on her from all sides robbing her of the last vestiges of breath and leaving her shaking as a gush of liquid arousal flooded her thighs. Blood roared in her ears. Still, she could hear it all—the slight moaning, raspy breathing, and the play of moist flesh, and with each sound she felt every neuron catch fire, singeing her from the inside out. The whimpers became loud keening noises. One formed into a name, “Bobbi.”

The sound of her name on the blonde’s lips with such need was like a benediction. Still it burned across her flesh just as Michelle’s eyes did. “Oh God! Say it again!”

An icy hot bolt of awarness shivered down her spine at Bobbi's request. Without thought, she whispered the doctor's name again, "Bobbi." Michelle watched in fascination as the brunette's body took on a life of its own.

Bobbi's hips bucked hard and upward as she increased the voracity of her wandering fingers. The needy look in green eyes made her soar. She has no idea what she does to me. "Touch me. Feel. . .me."

Breathe expelled from her chest in an audible whoosh. Her eyes continued to rake over Bobbi. There's so much skin. So many places I want. . . God, where do I start? The hand she held in her own grasped tigtly. Going on pure instinct, she released the appenedage and guided the doctor's palm to her mouth. Her open lips raked over it hotly. Her tongue peaked out experimentally tasting flesh. Finding the salty flavor pleasing, Michelle groaned and sucked more into her mouth. A faint scent caught her nostril--musky, sweet. It eminated from the doctor's fingers, which she found to be sticky. "Ohhh!" The green gaze strayed once again to the apex of the doctor's legs. Realization hit her, and her mouth through no fault of her own sought out the brunette's fingers sucking them into her mouth with erotic ease. Michelle moaned harshly and clamped her thighs together as everything in between them spasmed.

Bobbi watched the whole display with knowing eyes. Each pull on her finger shot a bolt of fiery pleasure between her legs. She cried out as her body shook with it. "Chelle. Please?!"

Michelle bit into the fingers as her knees finally sank to the bed. The feel of the soft material of her pajamas sliding over her skin was torture, making her acutely aware of straining nipples and the sensitive area between her legs. The needs of her body took over as she straddled one of the doctor's thighs with practiced ease. However, she was unprepared for what ensued.

Feeling a pleasant weight on to of her, Bobbi pressed her thigh into the heat that surrounded it. Michelle let out a strangled cry as she clamped down on the solid muscle grinding her hips with wild abandon. The friction soothed the swollen area but started a different fire deep within. "Oh God yesss!" She fell forward, catching herself on her elbows. Her eyes met two mounds of jiggling flesh, and the need to taste became paramount again. She buried her face in the valley of the doctor's breast. She mouthed the smoothed skin there and scored it with her tongue as their bodies strained against each other.

Surprised but more than pleased by the blonde's voracity, Bobbi urged her on. With her now free hand, she grasped Michelle's buttocks, pulling her into her thigh and increasing the friction. The mewing sounds of pleasure shot right through her. Look at her. She was made for this. From under hooded eyes, Bobbi watched the blonde head bob up and down over her chest. Brown tipped breasts ached, being so close to the ultimate pleasure yet being denied. The doctor groaned in frustration.

Somehow the sound registered amongst the others in Michelle's foggy brain. She glanced up with green eyes that had darkened to the color of a dense lush forest and got lost in the intense blue heat.

Bobbi licked dry lips and decided to try and force words through her parched throat. "You. . like this don't. . . you?" Her voice was deep, husky and velvet.

Michelle shivered and her mouth fell open on a whimpered, "Yess." The doctor's words and tone washed over her, hypnotizing her with their cadence.

Even with her senses scattered, everything registered with Bobbi--the hard shiver at the sound of her voice and her words. With a tortured groan, she wrenched her hand away from its moist home. "Feel it. Feel. . .what you do to me." She grasped the blonde's arm, trailing down until their fingers intertwined. Then, she led them both back to where they belonged. Combined fingertips dipped into hot liquid arousal. Sharp, combined cries of pleasure echoed through the room. They explored steaming flesh together, slipping through silk to get to its heart.

Michelle felt as though she were engulfed in the heat, the wetness. Her body bucked helplessly as her fingers slid through the doctor's core. She mewed piteously but refused to turn away from the eyes that held her. This is heaven. This is it. There is nothing better.

Bobbi's whole body arched off the bed as fingers found the swollen nub. "Yesss! That's it! Tell me. . .tell me what you feel."

The blonde whimpered and shook her head to clear it enough to form words. "H-hot."

"Mmmm, more."

"W-wet. So wet."


"Soft. Feels. . .like I'm drowning. . .in it all."

"Yess, I feel it. . .too." Bobbi paused and gulped down much needed air. "Felt it more when. . .your mouth was on me. . .on my breasts."

Completely distracted by the doctor's words, Michelle's gaze fell to the heaving mounds of creamy flesh. She moaned low in her throat.

"You see. . .how you made them swell. How. . .hard my nipples are?"

Michelle watched as the protuberances seem to grow before her very eyes. Her mouth began to water. "Yes. God yes." As if by some mutual agreement, their bodies increased in cadence spurred on by sexy words and wanton looks.

"They were made for you to touch. . .lick. . .suck." Bobbi groaned at the imagery and began to tutor Michelle's fingers to move in tight little circles over aroused flesh. "Do. . .it. You want--- Oh GOD!"

With a loud whimper, Michelle covered the flesh with her mouth, suckling it until she could feel the nipple at the back of her throat. Sensual, satisfied sounds of contentment, roared in her chest. The feel and taste of it on her tongue drove her wild. She steadily tried to devour more. She pulled her head back taking the bit of flesh with her until it plopped from her mouth. The gasping moan that resulted sent her back for seconds. More. I need more. She moved to the other, flicking her tongue over the brown tip. Each flick, each suck made her groin twitch. She pressed herself harder against the doctor's thigh, milking the sensations for all they were worth.

At that moment, Bobbi became aware of everything, every nuace of their love making---the wet mouth and insistent tongue on her breasts; the almost voracious rubbing against her hardened nub of pleasure; and the hips moving like pistons over her thigh. "Feel it. Feel what. . .you did." Bobbi guided the blonde's fingers down to the core of her wetness. She teased herself and Michelle by dipping into the opening. They both moaned.

Michelle was reeling. Her thought processes were scrambled, leaving room for pure, raw sensation. The sudden inferno that bathed her hand intensified everything. On instinct, her fingers strained and fought to get further inside. Somewhere deep inside, on some base level, Michelle knew that's where she had to be. It would be the ending of this madness and the beginning of even more. Larger hands fought her, but it was a half hearted effort. She bypassed them within seconds and slid home.

Bobbi simply screamed as her body rose from the bed, suspending them both in the air for a time. Michelle tore her mouth away from the brunette's breasts as her heart jumped to her throat. She watched the doctor's face in utter fascination. Pure unadulterated bliss colored her features, and she swore she saw tears mingled with the sweat dripping from her face. The blonde stilled all movement, wanting to remember this moment, this feeling, and this sensation. "I love you. I love you. . .so much," she whispered.

At the sound of the words, Bobbi sobbed, then she moaned as her body slid sensously, impaling itself on the blonde's finger. The movements were slow and deep, but they did not last for long. The doctor's body began to move in a frenzy. Her mouth fell open as moans seeped from her lips continously. "Mo--re," she husked.

Michelle's blood caught fire again as she honored the doctor's request. Slick walls raked against her fingers, and the blonde groaned helplessly as dancing muscles sucked her in deep. Her hips began to move on their own volition, matching the brunette's wild grind. For the first time amongst the moans, ragged breathing, and sounds of slapping flesh, Michelle heard the squeak of the bed. For some reason, it heightened the edge of her pleasure. With her heart now firmly in her eyes, the blonde studied the scene anew. Realization slammed into her, and she knew the bond she shared with this woman was unbreakable. Bobbi had given her the ultimate gift---her body, her heart, and her soul laid bare right here before her. She cried out, feeling the tears leak from her eyes, and finally lowered her lips to Bobbi's, sealing their connection.

Moans and other sounds of excitement were swallowed as they drank from each other deeply. Tongues met in a wet clash as bodies flailed helplessly against each other. Bobbi shuddered as tendrils of fire snaked up her spine and shimmered throughout her body. Her stomach twisted, and her heart threatened to explode. Still, she held on to the undulating body above her. With each trust, sharp shards of pleasure piled in her groin until they spilled out pooling into her belly like thick, hot liquid. From far away, she could feel orgasm rushing upon her. Firing each synapse in her body until her body was tingling uncontrollably. Her hips bucked taking in the blonde's fingers impossibly deep. Then, everything was still before the storm began. Bobbi freed her mouth and husked. "L-look." She imploded with a series of soul shattering quakes that made her cry out pitifully. Michelle's visage blurred as vivid color flashed before her eyes.

Michelle watched through clouded eyes as her only body shook, hungry for oblivion. The hard thrash of the doctor's body pushed her higher. She soared venturing to places she did not know existed--past bliss, past ectstasy. The brunette's final hoarse cry shot through her body like lightning. Her hips pounded against Bobbi's thigh--harder, faster. Her lungs burned as they tried vehemently to suck in much needed air. Michelle ignored it, concentrating on the illusive sensation that seemed to dance around her. She whimpered as she continued to reach for it. The pounding turned into a hard circular grind. Large hands covered her behind, helping her along. A deep voice whispered in her ear, lovely erotic things that made her body sing. After a few more unforgettable seconds, the sensation sank into her blood, firing it to a white hot consistency. The blonde screamed as pleasure pummled her under its relenting wave, shooting ice tendrils all the way to her fingertips. She mumbled incoherently as her body continued to jerk like a puppet on a string.

Their bodies rubbed together milking the aftershocks. Michelle tried to focus but found that she could not. Supplicating, she laid her head on the doctor's chest. Still, the parting vision flashed in her mind of Bobbi face flushed, open with pleasure and shining with love. She kissed the doctor's sweaty neck and felt arms close around her. "Love you," she murmured sleepily.

"Mmm, you too," Bobbi's chest rumbled. She felt the exhaustion she had been keeping at bay start to eat at her. "Wonderful. Everything. Wonderful. Didn't know it could. . .just didn't know." She tightened her embrace and let the afterglow wash over her. Legs tangled, and she became aware of fingers still nestled between her legs. "Doesn't matter. Stay right. . .there." Sleep swept her quickly.

They lay there connected and spent as the darkest part of night slowly lightened to the earliest part of the morning.

With the cessation of the low noises her heard filtering into the living room, Taz padded toward the short hallway. The Husky stood in the open door, observing the scene. He sat on his haunches and his tail thumped happily. After a few more seconds, he turned and headed back toward the living room.


Michelle sat on the bed looking down at the doctor's sleeping form. Now that she had vacated the spot on top of her, Bobbi lay on her stomach, clutching the pillow under her head. Seeing her face clearly, the blonde studied youthful features as well as the soft smile that seemed to curve the slightly parted mouth. A slow smile formed. I feel different somehow like I'm settled into my skin. So, this is what being loved feels like. I never knew anything could be so perfect. She gave herself to me. Nothing could have been sweeter. I'll never forget this. She leaned forward and brushed wisps of dark silk from the brunette's face. I had no idea that I could make someone feel that or want me that much. God, I didn't know someone could make ME feel like that. That's how it's supposed to feel--no pain just need, love and pleasure. Thank God, I know the difference. Michelle sighed. She barely touched me, and I didn't even take my clothes off. I wonder what it would be like . . . She shivered involuntarily. I don't think it could get any better than that. Her fingers trailed down to soft, wet lips, and her stomach clenched at the possibilites of what that mouth could do. The blonde recalled reading fanfiction about that very thing. No, it'll probably nothing like that. What I read paled in comparison so far. I can't even imagine. Jesus, will my mind be on this all the time? Michelle shook her head to clear it. I should wake her, but it's early yet. I can't even believe that I'm up.

The crackle of the baby monitor, pillowed against a small pile of clothes, caught the blonde's attention. She picked it up and sat it on the bedside table. I guess I could go check on Toby, take out Taz, and feed him. Michelle, still clad in her pajamas, rose and padded out of the room. Before she exited, she glanced back over her shoulder. "I will be back," she murmured, getting one last look at the exposed expanse of the doctor's smooth back.


Bobbi didn't know if it was the need to wallow in sheer contentment or the lack of warmth that woke her. Either way, she slowly became aware of her surroundings. With eyes still closed, she stretched languidly, feeling her toes curl in the process. She listened to the silence that stretched around her. Where is she? I must have really been out. I didn't feel her move. Dark brows furrowed as she extended her senses and became aware of the prescence she was looking for. Blue eyes opened slowly to scan the room. Light spilled through the blinds, dimly illuminating the room with the light of sunrise. As always, a small array of clothes littered the floor. The baby monitor sitting on the night stand crackled slighty. She eyed it until the sound of Taz's panting came in clear. Her eyes continue to roam. The brunette blinked as she spied herself in the mirror, taking in the deshelved hair and sleepy features. Finally, she looked to the end of the bed to see the petite blonde, still dressed in the green pajamas, sitting primly on the edge of the mattress, with her back straight and head bowed. Oh God, I hope she doesn't regret anything we did last night. I never knew making love could be like that. Surely she felt it. I saw it in her eyes. The way she touched me-- The doctor's body heated just thinking about it.

The brunette sat up in the bed, and the covers slid from her torso revealing her nakedness. The bedding rustled as she moved forward. "Chelle?" The blonde's back straightened, and she peered over her shoulder slightly. "Chelle, you okay?"

"Yeah, I got up to check on Toby, and I was just sitting here thinking that last night was the most amazing experience--" I don't even have words to describe it. I wanted to crawl in beside her, but I couldn't. I would have to touch her. I don't know if I can stop now.

"It was for me too," Bobbi interrupted. "I just didn't expect our first time to happen like that."

"I know. I don't know what came over me. I peeked in and saw you touching--" Michelle blushed to the roots of her hair. Her heart picked up speed as she recalled the image. It would fuel many an erotic dream for some time. And she was doing that because of me. Because she wanted me. "I couldn't stop myself."

Bobbi scootched forward until she was directly behind the blonde. She wrapped her body around her. "I'm glad you didn't. When you touched me. . .God, I've never felt such heat. I couldn't breath or think, and the way you sounded. Did you, um, enjoy it too?"

Michelle's blush darkened. "Oh yes. I didn't know I could, uh, you know. I didn't even take my clothes off." She suddenly became aware the soft flesh and heat surrounding her, making her squirm and her stomach clench in awareness.

The doctor buried her nose into blonde tresses. "Mmm, you don't know what it did to me to know that touching me effected you like that." Bobbi's hands found their way under the blonde's pajama shirt to caress her abdomen. Sparks shot up her arm at the contact only to end up in her belly that tightened knowingly. "I wanna see it again, hear you again." The brunette's breathing quickened at the thought. Oh yeah, there's so much I want to show you. You need to know what real love is. We both do.

Michelle arched into the hands that were mapping her skin. She whimpered slightly at the blissful tingling that assualted her flesh. I feel like I'm on fire.

"Yess, like that," Bobbi groaned. "Let me see you." She glanced up to see the mirror standing in front of them. Busy hands began unbuttoning the green top.

Suddenly self conscious about revealing her scarred body, She batted the doctor's hands away. What will she see? "No, I--"

Confused, Bobbi lifted her hands in surrender. Then, she began to rub the blonde's arms soothingly. "Hey, it's okay. What's wrong?"

I should just tell her what I'm feeling. She needs to know. "It's. . . you'll see me."

Through the mirror their eyes met before the blonde's gaze skittered away. "But I want to, Chelle. You're beautiful." Easy, B. Something's going on here.

"No. I mean. He hit me, and you'll see the---" Her tone was hesitant.

A light bulb went on. "Oh, Chelle honey." Bobbi wrapped her arms completely around the blonde's torso. "You mean the scars?" the doctor asked softly.

Michelle only nodded.

"I'm gonna tell you a secret, and you have to promise to listen to me."

"Okay, I'll try."

"Good. You know I love you, right?" Bobbi didn't wait for an answer. "Remember about a month after you got here, you saw Max and your mom on television, and you disappeared for awhile?"

"Yeah, I could feel you near me. You were there weren't you?" The blonde inquired.

"Yeah, I was there, and I took care of you. I took care of everything. I've seen the scars, baby, and that doesn't change a damn thing. You are still the most beautiful woman, and the fact that you want to be with me floors me."

I had forgotten about that. I guess I just wasn't ready to face it. Knowing and KNOWING is two different things. Michelle swallowed and raised her eyes to the mirror. Emerald green met sky blue, and the blonde saw reality staring her right in the face. She was humbled by the intensity in the blue gaze. This was her truth, her life, and her future. Michelle's heart nearly lept out of her chest. "Truth," she stated as if it were a matter of fact.

"Truth," Bobbi repeated, knowing that it was. "Trust me," she whispered. "Let me love you."

Michelle closed her eyes as the words penetrated her being. They lifted her, and she never wanted to touch the ground again. Her eyes opened, swirling with desire, need, and love. "Please," she murmured. "Please, love me." Their gazes met and held.

With infinite slowness, Bobbi's hands returned to the blonde's shirt. Button by button, skin was exposed. Finally, all the buttons were free, leaving the garment gaping open, revealing the sway of breasts and a flat abdomen. The doctor pushed the folds aside. Two pairs of eyes watched in rapt attention as Michelle's torso was laid bare. The room was suddenly filled with ragged breathing. The shirt was discarded to the floor, and both women moaned as hard nipples scraped up the blonde's back.

The dim light filtering into the room, illuminated the white criss cross of several scars left by old wounds. Bobbi's eyes drooped with sadness, but with a gentleness she didn't know she possessed, she traced a light line on the blonde's shoulder with fingertips and seared the trail with her lips. I'll never understand how someone could want to destroy something so beautiful.

Michelle gasped at the electric feeling, but she kept her hands in her lap. She felt cherished, worshipped with each caress, and as she looked into the blue eyes boring into hers, she felt understood. It's me she sees. She's always seen the real me.

Bobbi continued. What her lips could not reach she revered with fingertips, outlining each area as if they were battle scars gotten in the most glorious of wars. While her hands traced the contours of Michelle's stomach, the doctor's lips trailed to the back of the petite blonde's neck, nipping then licking at the skin there and loving the salty, sweet taste. She lingered before finding a home behind an ear. She planted a kiss there and joined in on the shivers that resulted. Her mouth opened hotly over Michelle's ear. The doctor was so close, Michelle could feel the moistness from her heated, ragged breath. She trembled as it seemed to engulf her.

She needs to know what this means to me. "He never owned you, Chelle," the brunette husked. "No one does. I just want your heart and all else you're willing to give." Bobbi bit into the blonde's fleshy earlobe and sucked it into her mouth. Michelle whimpered. Her hands clenched into fists.

The doctor's tongue plunged into the blonde's ear. Michelle cried out softly and lifted an arm to wrap it around Bobbi's neck. Heat flooded her body and pooled into a molten puddle between her legs. "Can you give me.. .that?" Bobbi asked as her tongue continued to tease.

"Oh God, yesss."

The brunette's insides quivered. Those words seemed magical, and they set off a chain reaction in her heart. "Love you so much."

"Love you. . .too," Michelle managed to get out between ragged gasps. Her mind marveled. She felt safe with this woman, but she also felt fire and completeness. Nothing else could compete.

Bobbi's fingertips moved steadily upward until their progress were halted. She cupped her hands over blonde's breasts, squeezing and kneading slightly. The doctor moaned at the lusciously soft weight in her hands. "You feel so good," she murmured before latching onto her lover's neck with a warm suction.

Michelle's back arched as she tried to force more contact, and her hand tightened behind the brunette's head. The suction at her neck matched the sudden pulsing between her legs. She groaned long and low. Bobbi let go of the bit of flesh with a loud smack as she peered into the mirror, seeing their flushed faces looking back at her. Her heart convulsed as she studied the picture they projected. Her hands seemed to swallow the blonde, but as she looked closer, they looked like one being desperately trying to come together and seperate simultanously. They were the perfect picture of sensuality and love. "Open your eyes. Look at us," Bobbi whispered.

Slowly, the blonde's eyes opened. They were dark with need, and Bobbi saw that need strengthen as she gazed upon the sight in the mirror. "Beau. .tiful," Michelle murmured thickly.

"Yes, it is." Their eyes met again and the air sizzled. Bobbi's fingertips closed around distended nipples. She plucked at them until they stood up red and tall. Michelle whimpered with each flick of the doctor's fingers. The caress was a direct line to her groin, stroking it into a fiery blaze. Her hips undulate in reaction. I was right nothing could compare to this.

The brunette groaned as she admired her work. Her own wetness seeped from her core, and unable to help herself, Bobbi rubbed her aching sex against the blonde's behind. Bobbi's hands were everywhere, scorching the blonde's torso with their heat in long, languid touches that left them both hungry for more. The doctor watched with hooded eyes as Michelle's tongue snaked out to wet her dry lips. She murmured at the sight, suddenly needing to taste the petite woman's lips. "Kiss. . . me," she uttered hoarsely. Michelle whimpered and turned her head to the side as far as she could. There was an instant meeting of mouths, teeth and tongues. A harsh moan filled the room. The kiss was deep and searing, leaving little room for breath as lips clung stubbornly.

Bobbi continued to roll her hips against her lover. Her hands roamed downward until she reached the barrier of the pajamas. Her fingers slid over them as they moved toward the blonde's crotch, grazing the area and causing Michelle to let out a strangled cry at the stimulation of sensitized flesh. Bobbi swallowed the sound and cupped the other woman's mound. She groaned at the intense heat kissing her hand.

Michelle's body was no longer her own. Everywhere the doctor touched burned and pulsed. Her flesh cried out for the doctor's caresses, causing her to shift, arch and quiver in the direction of her hands. Her hips lifted and met the brunette's fingers, pushing into it and wringing out the pleasure. She was floating higher and higher with each instance. This was love. This was making love. This was being loved, and Michelle wallowed in it. Needing more, the blonde spread her legs wider. She whimpered in relief as the pressure increased. "More!" She emulated the doctor's cry from hours earlier. She gave herself to me. I'll do the same. I don't have a choice. It feels so right.

Bobbi rubbed her hand in slow circles, and her hips followed the same pattern. Her free hand spread wide over buoyant breasts, capturing them both. She rubbed her palm in a spherical motion over the hardened points, loving the moan that resulted. However, curious fingers could not be held down for long. The need to explore was strong. The hand that covered the blonde's sex ventured upward and dipped down into the elastic waistband of the pajama pants. Bobbi sighed as her fingers came in contact with soft, downy hair. Slowly, she pulled away. Michelle whimpered in protest. The doctor tore her mouth away. "Shhh," she muttered thickly.

Not trusting her voice completely, Bobbi tugged at the pajama bottoms instead of requesting their removal. She yanked them as far as they would go. Michelle glanced back over her shoulder, meeting the doctor's heated, appraising gaze. A fierce bolt of arousal flashed through her body, leaving her feeling raw and aching. She turned back to the mirror to see the needy blue eyes again, looking through her, and the blonde suddenly realized that she would do anything to maintain it. Without hesitation, she lifted her hips slightly as busy hands pushed the pajama pants down her hips and thighs. After wiggling out of the garment, Michelle eased back down. For the first time, naked flesh met naked flesh. The petite blonde groaned. She was surrounded by softness and in the middle was moist heat. "Yess, feels. . .so good."

Bobbi bit down hard on her lip in an attempt to keep her arousal in check. Of their own will, her hips continued to push her drenched center into the blonde's buttocks. She arched as her nipples scalded a path down her lover's back. They throbbed pleasantly. The smell of their arousal; the taste of her; and the feel of her was all too much for her already sensitized senses. She fought her body for control. She moaned in resignation as her body won. Her hips doubled in speed, and she whimpered as hot, stinging pleasure shot through her. A fine sheen of sweat covered their bodies, and Bobbi used it to her advantage. Her hips and hands moved smoothly over damp, heated skin. She leaned in, placing her lips close to her lover's ear. "Touching you makes me crazy. . .want you so much," she uttered almost painfully.

The sound of the doctor's voice made her shudder, and the feel of the brunette's wet sex grinding against her behind made her blood roar. Michelle growled and pushed back against Bobbi's thrusts. "Y-yours," she whispered between moans.

"Ooh yess!" Bobbi hissed. Her hands blazed a searing course down to the blonde's thighs, where they sank into softness. She felt the muscles quiver under her touch that ranged from lower to upper thigh. Finally, fingers dipped and grazed against inner thighs. They spread for her without a moment's hesitation.

Michelle groaned as cool air hit her moist center. Fingertips teased her, making promises as they swirled over tingling flesh, but they didn't deliver. Begging without words, she threw a leg over the doctor's, hoping to steer them to the spot where she needed them most. Instead they found a new home, the doctor's palm rubbed in tantalizing fashion where hip and thigh met. While the other one, palmed her breasts. Michelle's inner walls clenched in need. "Please!"

Bobbi's eyes were rivited to the mirror. The site made her head spin and her sex pulsate. Michelle lay before her totally exposed to her gaze and her touch. Tiny blonde hairs were damp with the dew of arousal. Her hand skimmed over the wetness that coated the blonde's thighs. With each caress, Michelle's legs seemed to open wider. The doctor bit into her lover's shoulder and began whimpering with each breath. It was too much, but there as more much more.. "Look at yourself," Bobbi growled.

Michelle was trembling. Her body was like a exposed live wire--crackling and hot. She opened her eyes slowly at the sound of her lover's voice and looked into the mirror. The sight made the remaining breath in her body leave. "Oh God!" Her hips bucked futiley in prolonged arousal. Still, she stared. Her eyes looked almost black, and her face was flush red as was her chest. Dark hands stood out against the light skin of her breasts and thighs, but what took her breath away was seeing herself wet and wide open. "Bobbi!" she slurred. Extended, heightened arousal left her almost drunk with pleasure.

As if it was the word, she had been waiting to hear, Bobbi slid inside the blonde's moist cleft. "Unggh!" Michelle cried loudly as she arched up to meet the invading fingers. The doctor moaned out loud as she attached her mouth to Michelle's neck and renewed her rocking hips with vigor. She felt bathed in her lover's heat. The blonde's center twitched against her fingers as if it had a life of its own. With infinite care, she circled the aroused nub of nerves. Wetness bathed her hand and high pitched cries met her ears. There was no time for teasing.

Michelle felt as though she was being ripped apart and put back together again with each ecstatic instance. Each tingle of pleasure multiplied and moved inward with a warm rush, leaving her lightheaded and fighting for breath. Then, without warning orgasm was upon her crashing into her hard and unyielding, wringing uninteillgable cries from her throat and treating her body to an insurmoutable high. Her thighs trembled, and her hips bucked uncontrollably.

A growl started deep within Bobbi's chest. It worked it's way out as her lover jumped over the ledge to oblivion. It was all she needed--the sight, smell, and feel of her. Climax closed in on her, tearing a deep gutteral moan from her throat. She couldn't stop her hips from pumping and her sex refused to stop pulsing. Neither could she control her fingers that continued to render the blonde helpless. Michelle closed her thighs around them, and cried out again at the resulting pleasure.

"Chelle! Chelle," Bobbi groaned as her body slowly righted itself. Aftershocks claimed her still causing her to gasp, but the doctor had the prescence of mind to still her hand and revel in the warmth around her. Long minutes later, she scootched impossibly closer to her lover and wriggled her hand free only to wrap them around the blonde.

Michelle's heartbeat and breathing returned to normal, and she soaked in her surroundings. This is mine. All mine. No one can take this feeling away. I feel like I'm flying. She reached down and laced her fingers through the doctor's.

Bobbi hummed in acknowledgement as her life clicked into place. She's my life. Needing to be closer to her lover, she motioned for Michelle to turn around. Short legs wrapped around the brunette, and eyes met as did flesh. Michelle gaze was full of wonder. She reached up to trace the doctor's features. "If this is what my past leads to, then all those years were nothing, and you. . .you are everything."

Bobbi's hands traced the contours of the Michelle's back. She bowed her head, breaking the gaze. Looking back up again, her look, humble. "I-I know what you mean. Everything is in place. Everything is right with you in my life. I didn't know it was possible for me to love anybody, and now, I love you so much. . .it takes my breath away."

Totally speechless, Michelle hoped her eyes communicated what she could not say. She held herself by an elbow, and they stayed locked in the intense stare for what seemed like eons. The blonde leaned in, kissing the doctor softly. A gentle wistful smile covered her face. "Can we stay like this all day?"

Bobbi's lips quirked. "What naked and sticky?"

Green eyes narrowed, but her heart lept at the vein of playfulness that seemed to seep through them. "I like being naked with you."

"Mmm, well it certainly puts a whole new spin on lunch doesn't it?" The brunette eyed her lover, waiting for the inevitable blush.

Michelle held out as long as she could before her face flushed bright red. She grinned through it. "I guess it does."

With an errant finger she caressed the blonde's face from jaw to chin. "Such a pretty color." It's even prettier when you're aroused. Bobbi tried to control the sudden thump of her heart. "You were incredible, you know." She grinned inwardly. "I guess I need to pay attention to what you're reading on that computer."

Michelle let out a mock cry of outrage as she pummled the doctor's shoulder. "You think you're funny?"

"Uh huh." Bobbi folded her arms behind her head.

Green eyes twinkled. "Somebody lied to you 'cause you're not."

I love this side of her--confident and quirky. "Ooh, shoot a woman down while she's laying on her back and naked why don't ya!"

Michelle kissed the brunette's chin. "But I thought I said I liked you naked? Do you really have to go in early? Can't you play hooky for a couple of hours?" I don't want to let you go yet.

"Mmm, I don't want this to end yet either. I could go in at ten. I don't have an appointment until 10:30. Since I'm staying, we could bring Toby in here, and he could get naked too." As if they missed the feel of skin, Bobbi found her arms around the blonde again, caressing the long expanse of her back.

Michelle cringed. "If he was potty trained, maybe."

Bobbi chuckled. "Go get him anyway. It'll be nice to have you both close. Bring that Peeping Tom of a dog in here too. I'm sure he's dying to know what's happening."

The blonde snickered as she rose. She disregarded her nudity, feeling proud and more confident than she ever had. "I'll be right back."

The doctor watched her retreating naked form. God, how did I ever get so lucky? Has it all been building up to this? If it has, I don't think it could get any better.

I hope that was everything you guys have been waiting for. I worked really hard on it to make it what it should be. Again, feed the ho in me. Drop me a line at Minerva

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