Chapter 54

With her usual flair, Annie spread out an array of books on top the glass table. "I brought all of these from my own collection. Just some areas we haven't covered that I thought you'd be interested in." She smoothed a hand over her purple/fuchsia combo, then clapped the appendages together, making the custom jewelry jangle. The clerk leaned forward and picked up a book. "Considering your new interests, I brought with me the quintessential lesbian romance novel, Curious Wine. Don't ask me why I have this. Let's just say I dabbled in way too many things once upon a time." Annie gave her friend a quirky grin and reached down to pat the Husky, who lay at her feet.

Michelle blinked at her blankly. She was caught in a roar of emotion that had persisted over the last couple of days. Someone is here looking for me, but it all seems insignificant somehow to what's been happening between Bobbi and me over the past couple of days. It's almost like I'm not afraid of anything or anyone. Let them come. I'm ready for you Max. I’m not the woman you knew. I'm ready to fight back--fire with fire if need be. I have to protect my family. Despite the danger, I can't stop thinking about her, wanting her. It's like I've gone mad. It should be scary, but somehow, it's refreshing to feel so much. Is this what love does?

She shivered pleasantly, hearing the murmur of the clerks voice from somewhere far away. The way she touches me, looks at me, and her mouth. My God, I didn't know anyone could do that. Electrical tendrils of awareness stole over her skin, heating it. Michelle let out a frantic gasp as her body tingled to life in more ways than one.

"And when I was fourteen, I humped all the soldiers I could find on the Ho Chi Min Trail." Annie peered at her friend through amused eyes, waiting for her to acknowledge her blunder. She took in the flushed face, parted lips, and ragged breathing with an astute eye. The grin returned as she snapped her fingers in front of the younger blonde's face.

Michelle jumped and looked at the clerk guiltily. "Uhm, sorry. Got a lot on my mind, but I am glad to see you."

"Mmm hmm, and what have you been up to? You're practically glowing from the inside out."

"Um, I-it shows?" Michelle stuttered. I guess it does. I have no wish to hide it.

"Oh yeah, I'd say it's slapping me right in the face." Annie smiled thoughtfully.

"Oh, I'd say the last few days have been full of life altering events." Green eyes glittered with seriousness. That is the biggest understatement I have ever heard.

The humor drained out of the clerk as she reached for her friend’s hand. "Really?"

Michelle squeezed the other woman's fingers. "Yes, really. Someone's found their way here looking for me. We found out the day before yesterday. We were a little wary given the source, but decided to treat it as the truth."

"You wanna tell me about it?" The clerk inquired.

"Yes, yes I do." Michelle paused. "Bobbi went in late that morning because we wanted to spend some extra time together. When she finally did leave, I had some things to take care of myself . . ."


Michelle stood naked in front of the bathroom mirror. The contented sounds of Toby's coo coming in through the baby monitor gave her time to dawdle. She wiped away the steam from the glass and peered at her reflection thoughtfully. "I don't look any different do I?" She leaned closer, catching the gleam in her eye that was not there before. A slow smile spread over her face as she saw what the gleam was. . . confidence as a woman. For the first time, she saw her beauty. She reached out to touch it, savor it. "All this time, she was in there. No one can take her away."

Michelle backed away but did not release her gaze. She glanced at the criss cross of scars, but this time there was no shudder of revulsion. There was simple acceptance that it was part of her past. Shaking fingers, outlined the scars she could reach. Her expression was one of wonder as she studied the sensual curves of her body and the emotion shining in her face. "I love who I have become. For the first time in my life, I can say that I love myself. I see what Bobbi does." A gasp escaped her lips. "God." Her foundation was reaffirmed and shaken simultaneously with the revelation. A bigger, brighter smile split her cheeks, making her nose crinkle. "Thank you. Thank you."

Caught in some great insight, she did not hear the ringing of the phone at first. It infringed on her senses slowly. Finally, Michelle turned and pulled open the cracked bathroom door. "Oh, crap." Disregarding her nudity, she made a mad dash for the kitchen and snatched the phone from the receiver. "Hello!?"

"Hey, it's me," Bobbi answered with a shakiness in her voice.

Hearing the tremble, her elation at hearing the doctor's voice fell a notch. "What's wrong?"

"I-I don't want to do this over the phone. All of you come to my office as soon as you can."

"Bobbi, you're scaring me," Michelle's voice shook with apprehension.

"Yeah? Well, I'm way ahead of you in the scared department. Just get over here when you can."

"Okay, five minutes."

Michelle moved like a mini-whirlwind as she pulled on the green sweat pants and yellow t-shirt that was laid out on the bed. Pushing a hand through her damp hair to comb it, she rushed to the living room and picked up Toby from his crib, deciding that his t-shirt and diaper would have to do. She glanced at Taz who seemed to sense her anxiousness. "Come on, boy." He whimpered and followed.

Without a second to spare, she pushed open the doctor's office door and let herself in, ignoring the sounds from the waiting room. Bobbi sat on the edge of her desk. Lost blue eyes met green. "What? What is it?"

The brunette pushed a trembling hand through her hair, messing up the perfect ponytail. "When I came in this morning, Janine was frantic to see me. She said that she was at the Jiffy Mart late last night, and a man came up to her. He showed her a picture of you and Toby." Bobbi paused, giving them both time to catch their breath.

Michelle took several steps forward, until she could reach out and touch her lover. She could see her trembling slightly. Michelle grasped her hand. Fingers laced. The blonde swallowed hard but refused to let fear get the best of her. "Can we believe her?"

"I asked that myself that same question, but there really is no reason for her to lie. She was really upset. Something about not wanting us to be hurt anymore."

Michelle let out a long breath and glanced down as Toby pulled on the collar of her T-shirt. "Okay, we can't panic. There must be something we can do to convince him that I'm not here."

Bobbi studied the blonde through surprised eyes. She reached out and caressed a cheek. "God, you really are strong enough for the both of us. I guess I had to see you to help calm myself down, but I've been thinking. I know a lot of people in this town. They trust and respect me. I could make some calls, and have a select few spread the word not to reveal anything to a stranger asking about a blonde woman and her baby. I'll have to tell them something, Chelle just like I did those two cops."

The blonde nodded. "Do you think that'll be enough?"

"It'll have to be. He's probably gonna hit local stores, the pharmacy, places like that and try to talk to the workers. This is a small town. Word will spread fast enough. Mike, the guy who has your wagon, already knows to keep quiet so does Keith and his wife, but I'll give him them a call too. It's a good place to start." Bobbi squeezed the hand in hers and looked down at the infant who stared back at her. "We can get through this." She ruffled his hair.

Eyes met and believed. Finally, the trembling stopped.

Michelle sighed and leaned her head against the doctor's chest. "You know, this is lousy timing? So much has happened between us, and –"

"Nothing is gonna stop that from happening," Bobbi interrupted as she smoothed a hand down her lover's back.

"You took the words right out of my mouth." The blonde gave the doctor a small smile and brushed Bobbi's chin with her lips. She felt her grin. "But you're scared. I am too. We can't let that overtake us because I won't let them win, Bobbi. We won't."

"I know." She wrapped infant and mother in a warm embrace. "I love you both so much, and I wish we didn't have this getting in the way when things just started between us. I want more time to explore with you."

"Who says we can't have it?" She asked with her eyes and words. "We'll have to stay out of sight, yes, but remember what you said about normalcy? We can try for that. I don't want to stop," Michelle's tone was husky. "I can't stop." Standing on tip toes, the blonde brought their mouths together.

Lips brushed and clung wetly, gently. "I don't . . .think I can either," Bobbi whispered in her lover's mouth. She nipped at the blonde's bottom lip, and with a moan, deepened the contact. Michelle whimpered and opened for her.

Sometime later and somewhat reassured, Michelle left the office. She glanced toward the waiting room to see Janine standing near the mouth of the hall. Their eyes met. The blonde mouthed, "Thank you."

The nurse dipped her head in acknowledgement and turned away.

Annie looked at her friend through new eyes. "Wow, you've been bum rushed by a lot of stuff."

"That's not even half of it." Her thoughts went to Janine. Then, she glanced at the couch pillow between them. No, not even half. "Bobbi and I didn't speak for a few days because I was going through a lot of things. But, it got resolved and our relationship is stronger for it. I'm stronger for it. She told me that she," Michelle bit her lip as a warm flush colored her features. "She loved me, and we took the next step in our relationship."

Annie squealed in delight. "Whoa! All of that despite what's going on around you? No wonder you seem so grounded, having love in your life changes so much."

"I know that now."

The clerk pulled the other woman into a hug. "It sounds to me like you found yourself, kiddo, and I couldn't be more happy for you." She squeezed tight. "You don't sound too rattled by this."

Michelle backed away. "I'm scared. Don't get me wrong, but my life is so much more than my past now. I won't let it conquer me. I don't think my husband or the rest of my family are expecting that. Plus, we have protection."

The clerks brows raised. They peered at each other communicating silently. Annie nodded in understanding. "Mmm, I think you're probably right about that one. So what are you two gonna do?" Annie held up a hand. "Hold on, and just to let you know, you can count on the people at the library not revealing anything. I'll even go to the parents in the kid's group and let them know about this."

"Thank you so much. I have so much to look forward to now. I sent off an application to SMS the other day. I want to go to school and have a career."

"Well, good. There's no reason why you shouldn't have it all." Annie smirked. "Now, about the look you had on your face earlier. What on earth was that about?"

Fair brows drew together in confusion. "What do you mean. . .ohh!" Michelle blushed hotly. "I was, um, thinking about Bobbi."

"So it's like that, eh?"

The younger blonde's smile was beauteous. "Yes, it is. I had no idea making love could be like that." She covered her face with a hand and peeked through her fingers. "And I never thought I'd be talking about it to anyone."

"If you feel uncomfortable, we don't have to--" The clerk commented sincerely.

"No, I've never felt uncomfortable with you about anything. I guess that's what made me trust you." She grasped her friend's arm. "Can I ask you something?" Who better to talk to besides Bobbi than a favorite girlfriend?

"You can ask me anything. You know that."

"We, uhm, made love for the first time two days ago, but it's been constant. I can't stop thinking about it or her. It's like it's never enough. She touches me, and. . .God, I melt." Michelle licked her lips as she flashback to the feel of the doctor's hands and mouth on her body. Oh God, Bobbi. "I-is that normal?"

Annie chuckled and fanned herself. "My goodness, girl. If the look on your face means what I think it means, you are one of the lucky ones in that aspect. Doesn't happen for everyone--that total connection. In fact, I'd say it's what everybody looks for."

Michelle grinned sheepishly. "I am lucky then, to feel this despite all the things that's going on around us. It's getting stronger everyday. It's. . .almost frightening to want someone that much, to love them that much." She brought a hand to her chest. "She's in here, and she's not letting go. Not that I want her to."

Annie rolled her eyes. "Heaven forbid." The clerk grabbed a book off the table. "Now, that I have your attention, we can go through all of this, and you can pick out what you want. I have a collection of poems from the Romantics. . ."

"Gaaa!" Toby proclaimed from his playpen.

The women chuckled and watched as Taz ambled toward the him. "Somebody wants attention." Michelle rose.

"No, no, you sit. I'll get him."

"Yeah, Mike, it'll probably be an older picture of a woman with long blonde hair, and she's gonna be a little chubby. It was more than likely taken right after the baby was born. He'll give you a story about being her uncle."

The lanky man repositioned the phone in his ear and wiped his greasy hands with a cloth. "Okay, gotcha Doc. I'll spread the word ta my staff. It'll get around, we don't want no mess 'round here." He looked around his garage at his workers and cringed at the loud clang as a tire iron fell. The air was alive with drilling and clanking sounds and heavy with the smell of oil. "I'm gonna cover the wagon with a tarp so nosey eyes won't see."

"Thanks, Mike. I really appreciate this." Bobbi sighed and leaned back in her chair. "You're last on my list of people to call. Got a hold of Keith down at his pharmacy and a lot of the business owners who come see me."

"Hell, then I'd say yah just 'bout got things covered. Don't worry 'bout it no one's gonna get ta this little lady not if folks 'round here can help it."

"Hey Mike?! That harmonics balancer come in yet?!"

Mike cackled. "Gotta go, Doc. Duty calls."

Bobbi hung up the phone and let relief flood her. She slapped her hands against khaki encased thighs and allowed another sigh to escape. I believe in the people around here. If they can help it, Michelle's not gonna be found. We're gonna win, Max. God, I'm glad this isn't the big city. No one gives a damn, and we'd both be in trouble. She wiped a hand over her face. "I just wish I could be wrapped up with her forever. Everything seems safe there."

Bobbi leaned back until her chair creaked. She deposited her feet on the desk, and her arms went behind her head. There's no place I'd rather be either. I'm addicted to her, and I'm getting in deeper every day. Every time she touches me, looks at me, I find another little part of myself. After all the guilt and pain, I'm still here, and I'm loved. Who woulda thought it? Her thoughts took a different turn. Did you know this was gonna happen to me, ma? Look at me. I had no idea life could be like this.

The sound of an office door closing released her from her reverie. Bobbi glanced down at her watch. A slow smile nearly split her cheeks. It was almost lunch time. A hard shudder went through her body. Her nipples hardened. "God, I'm like some randy teenager, but she's so damned irresistible. It's insanity to want somebody this much, especially with all that's going on."

Billy had been abandoned for more intimate interests the last couple of days. The doctor closed her eyes, remembering the erotic sounds, tastes, and smells from this morning. Her stomach and thighs clenched. Bobbi sucked in a ragged breath and shook her head to clear it. "Ugh, first things first. I think I really need to talk to that nurse of mine." If she hadn't told us, we'd be up shit creek right now. I've been cold to her since she came back, and she could have gotten back at me by not saying a damn thing about that guy. She's trying, and maybe saying thank you isn't enough.


Janine sat at her desk and searched the pockets of her scrubs. She pulled out a little scrap of paper and peered at it. I know I wanna to do this. I need to just take the chance. It's the only way to get started. Besides, she seemed so sincere. The brunette smiled. It feels like I could just about anythin' now. I know that was a big step in the right direction tellin' Bobbi about that man. This is just another one.

With confidence building, Janine picked up the phone and squealed in surprise when the intercom buzzed. She put a hand over her heart. "Gawd!" It buzzed again. She hit the flashing button. "Um, yes Bobbi?"

"Can you come in here for a second? We need to talk."

The nurse took a deep breath. "Yes, I'll be right there." I wonder what this is about?

A couple of minutes later, she knocked on the half open door and pushed it all the way open. Brown eyes glanced at the doctor curiously. They widened as the taller woman smiled. What is goin' on here?

"Have a seat, Janine."

The nurse sat nervously on the end of the chair in front of the desk. "Um, do you need somethin'? It's almost lunch time. Figured you'd be on your way home."

Bobbi canted her head to the side. "I am. I just wanted to talk to you first." She put her hands on the desk and leaned forward. "I know I said thank you before about giving me that information. You don't know what's going on, but you helped us out a lot. I'm gonna be honest with you and tell you that I was surprised. After all that's happened between us, it would have been the perfect revenge by taking away the person I need most. You don't know the details, but I'm sure as hell glad you picked up on his bad vibes."

Totally confused, Janine blinked. "I don't think I understand what you're sayin'."

Oh, spit it out, B "I'm saying that I was wrong about you. I—"

Janine held up a hand to forestall the discussion. "No, you weren't," she added softly. "I would have used what I knew against you not too long ago."

The doctor's eyes narrowed. "What changed you?"

The nurse chuckled and rose. "I reckon the same thing that changed you." She smiled at Bobbi's baffled expression. "I'll see you after lunch." She turned to go.

What the hell? Dark brows disappeared into Bobbi's bangs. She glanced at the nurse's retreating back. "Hold on. I wasn't finished. About this friendship thing, seriously, maybe we could try again? I've been kinda cold to you lately, but—"

Janine turned to look over her shoulder, "Maybe," she muttered as she made her way out the door. But right now, I've got a phone call to make.


Michelle tossed the salad with giant tongs . She grinned as she heard the door leading to Bobbi's offices open. The blonde turned toward her lover. "Hey y--" The words died with a gasp as she drowned in the intensity of the blue eyes staring back at her. The raw hunger in them made her skin burn. What does she do to me? "Bobbi, I--"

The brunette took a step forward. "Do you know how much I love you?" Her voice was breathy, ragged. She scanned the kitchen, seeing that they were alone. Perfect. 'Cause God knows I don't want to stop this.

Mesmerized, Michelle nodded. Her heartbeat accelerated and her insides turned to mush under her lover's scrutiny.

With feline grace, Bobbi moved a few more steps toward the blonde, closing the distance to a few inches. The air between them was heavy and charged. "Do you know how much I want you?"

Michelle whimpered as heat engulfed her and licked over her skin. Unable to help herself, she reached toward it, wanting to be consumed by it. Bobbi grasped the blonde's hand and brought it to her mouth. Her lips opened hotly over Michelle's palm, and she flicked it with her tongue.

Stricken by the pure eroticism of the gesture, the petite blonde let out a strangled moan as her body liquefied. Still, something in the back of her mind nagged at her. She tried to concentrate on it as her focused slipped away.

"Do you?" Bobbi repeated huskily.

"Yess," Michelle hissed as she watched two of her fingers disappear in the doctor's mouth. The hot sucking sensation pulled at her groin and made the suddenly hard tips of her breasts tingle. She mewed in protest when they were removed.

"I don't think you do," Bobbi moved closer still, scalding the blonde with her presence. She stared into green eyes that were already cloudy with arousal. "But I'm gonna show you." Bobbi swooped down and claimed Michelle's lips in desperate hunger.

Twin moans filled the kitchen as Michelle opened to her and gave as good as she got. As if they were starving, they devoured each other and went back for more, unable to satiate the hunger. Bobbi pressed her lover's body into the counter top, grinding into her helplessly. She grasped the blonde's hips, pulling them into her in hopes of increasing the friction against her achy mound. It wasn't enough. She wrenched her lips away and attached them to Michelle's neck. She shuddered hard as the smaller woman cried out. "It's. . .not enough," she murmured. "Never enough." Bobbi lifted the blonde on top of the counter. Legs spread for her and she positioned herself in between as she sucked and tongued the space between neck and clavicle.

Michelle cried out harshly as the barrage of sensations continued to ravage her senses, leaving her unable to think coherently. Her hands slipped in the brunette's hair. There, they fisted and pulled, begging for more. Her sex raked deliciously against the doctor's clothed stomach. She arched her hips high and grunted with each thrust. "Oh God, don't stop. Can't. . .get enough of you."

Bobbi groaned and dipped her hands down the back of Michelle's sweat pants to meet smooth flesh. She cupped the blonde's buttocks, kneading them sensually as they flexed against her. Open mouths met again. "Tell me what you want. . .to make you scream again," she whispered before spearing her tongue inside.

Michelle's body quaked with memories made in the early hours of the morning. She whimpered brokenly, "Your mouth. . .tongue."

"Mmm, yes." Need overwhelmed her. She grabbed at the blonde's thighs, wrapping them around her. Bobbi moved them toward the kitchen door, heading toward the nearest bedroom. She stumbled out, crashing them against the wall near Michelle's bedroom door. They remained there, moving against each other with abandon.

"Ahem," Annie cleared her throat loudly.

Bobbi's head whipped around and her eyes widened in surprise. Blood rushed to her face reddening it even more. Oh shit! You've got to be kidding me. Her libido screamed bloody murder as embarrassment flooded her. The doctor swallowed and tried to catch her breath. "Um. . .hi?"

The clerks eyes were shining with mirth as she waved back. "Hi yourself. I heard some strange noises, and I thought I'd come check it out."

Bobbi gave her a wobbly grin and glanced down at the woman in her arms. Michelle slid down her body, and her feet hit the floor with a muffled thud. Shocked green eyes were as wide as saucers before her whole face disappeared into the doctor's chest. Her arms went from around Bobbi's neck to her waist. Oh, that's what I was forgetting. I don't think I've ever been so embarrassed. Thank God we weren't naked. The thought made her snort ungracefully. She peered back up to see azure eyes filled with awareness, amusement, and questions. "Um, Annie's staying for lunch," she muffled before hiding her again.

Unable to prevent it, Bobbi chuckled and smirked crookedly. "Uh huh." She turned to the clerk. "She forgot to mention that."

Annie's grin widened mischievously. "No! I couldn't tell."

Michelle groaned and tried to burrow deeper into the brunette's chest.

Annie stuck out her thumb, aiming it back toward the living room. "I'm gonna go play with Toby while you guys, uh, finish. . .lunch." With a jangle of bracelets, she turned to go.

Alone again, Bobbi pressed her lips into a thin line to keep from laughing. She kissed the top of the blonde's head in hopes of getting her to look up. It worked.

Red face and all, Michelle gave her lover an indignant glare. "See! I can't think when you touch me! I new there was something I wanted to tell you."

Unable to contain it, Bobbi's laughter burst forth. She laughed harder at the hard smack against her shoulder. Finally, it died down to chuckles. "I'm sorry."

Michelle gave her a pointed look.

"No really! I just. . .couldn't help myself." She brushed the blonde's bangs from her forehead. "You're just so beautiful."

"I've been thinking about being close to you all day. It makes me ache," Michelle whispered as she wrapped her arms back around the doctor's neck. Her gaze fell to the brunette's full lips. I don't want this feeling to ever stop.

"I know exactly how you feel," Bobbi added as her loins caught fire again. She pressed the blonde back against the wall as her head lowered. Lips brushed gently, tentatively until Michelle's whimper started the inferno again. After a few seconds, Bobbi tore her mouth away. She clenched her teeth and groaned as Michelle continued to grind her hips against hers. Oh God! She grasped the blonde's hips, pulling them into her at first. Then, with a moan, she stilled their movement. "God, Chelle be still," she whimpered.

Michelle made a high pitch keening sound as she tried to get her body to behave. "I didn't know it was possible. . .to want you this much."

"Show me, lat--Oh Jesus!" Bobbi cried out when warm lips attached to her neck. "Annie! Annie's here. Next room!"

Michelle gasped as she tried to move away. "Okay, okay." Both breathing raggedly, they stared at each other, extending the agony.

If she keeps looking at me like that, Annie will never get fed. Bobbi closed her eyes and pointed back toward the kitchen with a shaky hand. "I'll, um, go throw some lunch together. You go tend to, uh. . ."

"Annie," Michelle interpreted. She sucked in a breath and waited for the doctor's eyes to open. What am I doing? If I look at her again, I'll never leave. "Okay, I'm going."

Reluctantly, they parted ways.


As the muffled noises stopped, Annie glanced down at the Husky, who had been looking at her strangely since the sounds began. She bent forward and scratched behind his ears. "You knew all the time didn't you? Why didn't you say anything? I get the feeling you're a very smart dog."


"Ah, I'm glad we could agree."


After covering all the people he could in the Watkin's Motel, where he was staying, Chris made his move on the rest of the town. He pushed the door open and walked into Polinski's Pharmacy. The welcome bell jingled above him. He glanced around, an array of people bustle around looking through the aisle or waiting at the check out counter. The sound of laughter and the ding of cash registers surrounded him. A red headed man of average height stood behind the longest counter with an array of medicines at his back.

Chris stood at the entrance scanning the area. The back of his neck tingled as if he was being watched. He glanced to the left then, quickly to the right, but no one seemed to be paying him any attention. "Mind playin' tricks on me," he mumbled and made his way toward the closest cashier.

The young girl was alone. She picked up the spray bottle and spritzed cleaner on the conveyor belt before buffing it with a cloth. Chris cleared his throat as he reached her. The girl looked up, and he read her nametag. "Hi, uh, Randi. I was wondering if you could help me?"

Randi looked at him expectantly as she chomped on her gum.

Again, Chris felt the tingle, but he didn't dare look around. He fished in his pocket and fished out the photo, giving her the same rehearsed song and dance that he'd mastered.

Randi blew a bubble as she peered at the image and listened to the stranger's story. She paused appropriately as he finished. "Nah, mister. Sorry. Feel free to ask around though. I'm sure Mr. Polinski won't mind."

Chris smiled and nodded.

With a slight wave of his hand, Keith Polinski got Randi's attention. He smiled proudly, and she blew another bubble.


Now late in the afternoon, darkness blended in with the day, making the sky a fiery orange Bobbi peeked out of the blinds as she let them down, seeing energetic kids still running and playing in the fresh grass of neighbors' yards. An array of cars passed by, flashing their headlight, as some came home from work and some left for work. The sight of a police car cruising by gave her relieved pause as the doctor finally turned away. Please don't let this town let us down. I know I've asked a lot of them, but please. The sound of Toby's loud coos of joy as she shook his infamous keys brought her back to her surroundings. Nothing can change what we have right here, right now, and I'm gonna wallow in it. Bring it on Max, I think you'll be surprised at what's waiting for you. The doctor turned from the windows and moved further into the living room.

A few minutes later with the soft blare of the television surrounding them, Bobbi screamed with laughter and scooted hurriedly out of the blonde's way and the slap against her arm fell harmlessly to the blanket. She laughed and pulled Michelle into her lap. "I'm serious! You should have seen your face. I thought you were gonna explode!"

Michelle eyed her lover and grumbled as she wiggled into her arms. "Well . . .whatever."

"And at lunch, I haven't seen you that shy in ages. Good thing, Annie cleared the air with that joke about weasels in heat."

A hard red flush covered the blonde's face. "I didn't think it was funny."

Bobbi chuckled, "Then why'd you laugh?"

"I don't know," the blonde groused. Then, her voice lightened, "You don't think I'm shy anymore?"

"Hell no! I would say that you're completely out of your shell. You have this boldness about you now, and I like it a lot. Then again, I love all sides of you."

Michelle flushed with pleasure at the compliment. " Really? You really think so? What about in the, uh, bedroom?"

Bobbi gave the blonde a sexy smirk. "Well, I'd say you're a natural. You're the most incredible lover I've ever had."

Wow. "I guess since I never had this, I'm trying to wallow in this feeling as much as I can. Maybe there's no time for shyness. Not anymore." I've gone hungry for so long. She paused. "But, I haven't exactly taken the lead—"

"Don't worry about it. It'll happen when you're ready, and I look forward to it. Either way, you give just as much as you get, maybe more."

"Hmm, I guess you're right." Michelle chuckled. No pressure. I feel no pressure with her. "You know, it's funny. I never thought I would be talking to anybody about this. I like this openess between us."

"Mmm, believe me, love that's a good thing."

Cuddled together, they allowed outside noises in as they enjoyed a moment of peace. Michelle nuzzled the doctor's neck. God, this normalcy feels good. "Dinner's ready. I can go fix us both a plate if you want?"

Bobbi murmured in pleasure as warm lips grazed her chin. "Mmm, how about we see if we can sucker Peanut into a long nap. . ." She sifted fingers through blonde tresses and looked down into green eyes, alight with awareness. ". . .and finish the lunch we missed today. . ." Bobbi nipped at her lover's lips. ". . .And have dessert, then dinner?"

Michelle whimpered as their lips clung moistly. "Sounds. . . like a plan to me."

Bobbi's laugh was sensual, deep. "Oh yeah." At that moment, the outside world did not matter. There was no husband, no stranger in town, no imminent danger, and they both reached for each other to wallow in false security.


Nervously, Beatrice looked at her husband for the hundredth time. What made him want to stay in today? Her gaze went from his grizzled face to the stack of mail that sat beside him on a convenient stand where the rest of a six pack lay at his fingertips also. Max ignored the mail, planning on opening it when he was good and ready. Still, Beatrice passed by the pile many times, seeing the pale blue envelope from the phone company almost glaring at her from on top of the stack. What am I going to do?! I think it's a shut off notice. Don't they usually send them in different colored envelopes?

Oblivious, to it all, Max Sr. leaned back in his recliner and chugged back the rest of his beer. He stared at the television mindlessly as if he could really conjure up the question for the answer on Jeopardy.

Sitting on the love seat, not too far away, Beatrice wrung sweaty hands.. Please God, just let him pay it. Please don't let him ask questions. I never should have thrown the bill away. I should have looked harder for the checkbook. Her heart thudded painfully I have to think of something to do just in case. Beatrice tried to calm herself and tap into the new found source of strength. But, panic seized her as the sound of parting music signified the end of Jeopardy. She watched with wild eyes as Max let out a belch and reach for the mail. Beatrice held her breath and waited for the explosion. She was not disappointed.

"What the hell?! How can they send me a shut off notice when they didn't even send me a damn bill?! Stupid fucks!" Max glared at his wife. "You get the mail. You lost the bill didn't ya?!

Beatrice met his eyes and glanced away, quickly hanging her head. Oh, God. The next instance was an explosion of cold, stars and pain. Beatrice gasped as consciousness blurred around the edges. She brought a shaky hand up to her head to feel the throbbing, and as the darkness took her she watched a full beer can roll slowly away from her.

Max Sr. chuckled as he watched his wife topple over like a ton of bricks. "Should answer me when I talk to ya." With and indignant glare, he looked at the flashing red numbers on the cable box. It was just before six. He still had time to call the phone company and see what the hell was going on.

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