The Return of

Unlimited Sexual Favors


By Cephalgia & MJ

Disclaimer: No infringement was intended upon using a few lines from the song Lucystoners, written by the exceptionally talented Amy Ray! Warning, extreme sexual content ahead, but judging by the title, you already know that. This is the third installment is a series of stories and in order to understand some of the plotlines you may want to read the first two, if you haven't already done so that is.


Part II


Two to Tango

The door to room three-ten of the Marquis Hotel swung open. As its perfectly oiled hinges maneuvered the door, a statuesque porter pushing a metal trolley strolled into the room. Wearing a three-piece maroon suit, the middle-aged man with salt and pepper hair brought the trolley to a halt and waited as his two guests entered the suite.

Wilder followed Darcy into the room. As yet, the expression of awe had yet to leave her features. Darcy had noticed Wilder's jaw practically hit the floor, as their taxi pulled up outside the grand stone building. The foyer was larger, with eight receptionists behind a long, curving front desk. Behind them hung a row of clocks; each telling the time in a different country in both digital and analogue. After Darcy checked them in, a porter, who had already taken possession of their baggage, led them to the third floor. They entered the room through a small passageway. There were a length of mirrored wardrobe doors to their left and two other doors to their right, before walking into the bedroom.

Removing two suitcases and a sports bag from his trolley, the porter began his usual speech. "Both telephones in this room will connect you to any service in the hotel. Their extensions are pre-set into the speed dial. For an outside line just press zero. The first two channels on the television are a twenty-four hour information guide for in-house entertainment and services. We have a day spa, swimming pool and fitness center, shops, two restaurants and a bar." Wilder noticed a game consol attached to the side of the T.V. Cool, she thought, finding one source of entertainment while Darcy was working.

"Anything you may need, iron and ironing board, they're all behind the furthest wardrobe door." He led them back to the separate doors in the small passageway. "The first one is your toilet, this is the bathroom." He opened the door to a spectacular offering of a separate double shower cubical and whirlpool bath. Beside the sink lay an assortment of daily necessities including soaps, skin moisturizers, shower caps, a shoehorn, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and other small packages, which Wilder decided to inspect later. "Anything you need is just a phone call away. Please... enjoy your stay."

"Thank you." Darcy tipped the porter and he left the room with a thank you and smile. She closed the door behind him and then turned to Wilder. The blonde was curiously absent. The sound of rustling, however, alerted Darcy to Wilder's whereabouts. She walked into the bathroom. There she found Wilder standing in the empty bathtub, rooting through a basket of complimentary products.

"Can you believe this? Our own private Jacuzzi! I've never been in one of these before... well, one that wasn't shared by a group of people. Once, when I was younger, I told my dad I thought we should get one. He told me to eat beans for supper!"

Darcy laughed as Wilder stepped out of the bathtub and walked back into the bedroom. She headed straight for the fridge. "Whoa, would you look at all this stuff. "Wine, beer, milk, champagne, chocolate, snacks, water, sodas... um, Trojans? Well, I guess they have to cater for the masses!"

"Oh, I don't know." Darcy picked up a price list. "I doubt the masses would be willing to pay through the nose for most of it." She handed the list to Wilder.

"Holy Cow!" the barmaid exclaimed and pulled out the box of condoms. " 'Ribbed for her pleasure'! With what, gold plated coils? Is the milk from Her Majesty's personal Jersey Cow?" Nevertheless, Wilder opened the bottle and took a healthy swig; knowing Darcy's company was footing the bill. "Hmm... you know what... expensive regal cow's milk tastes a lot better when you don't have to pay."

"Give me that." Darcy took the bottle of milk from Wilder, shaking her head. She placed it back in the fridge. "Anybody would think you'd never stayed in a hotel before."

"Of course I have," Wilder defended. "But it's hard to get excited about the complimentary soap offered in a Comfort Inn."

Darcy rolled her eyes and slipped out of her jacket. "I was actually hoping something else might have attracted your attention."

"I was saving the best till last." Wilder grabbed her lover and launched them both onto a bed larger than a California King. "I intend to spend a lot of time pouring complimentary champagne over your breast, licking melted complimentary chocolate from your inner thighs and eating those little complimentary tins of fruit from your stomach!"

"Will you stop?" Darcy laughed and rolled herself over, trapping Wilder beneath her. "Did you notice that look the check-in guy gave us when we booked into the same room?"

"What, the 'oh, to be a fly on the wall' expression? Yeah I noticed." Wilder groaned as she felt Darcy's hand slide up her stomach and small suction-like kisses pepper her neck. "God," she whispered.

Darcy ran the length of her tongue up Wilder's neck. "That really turned me on," she mumbled. "I knew what he was thinking with that one look and you know what thought entered my mind?" Darcy looked down at Wilder. The blonde opened heavy-lidded eyes and tried to even out her breathing.


"She's all mine," Darcy answered as she leaned in for a deep, probing and extremely passionate kiss.

Wilder growled and flipped Darcy over. She couldn't stop the urge to press her pelvis against Darcy's thigh. Just then, the telephone rang. "Oh fuck-a-doodle-do ... ignore it!" Wilder unfastened the top button of Darcy's shirt.

"Shit..." Darcy took a calming breath. "I can't; it might be Liz Blackwood calling from Timber West. I was supposed to meet with her when I got here this evening.

Wilder rolled off Darcy with a groan and faux whimper. "There better be a complimentary vibrator in that bedside drawer because I think I'm going to need it."



Wilder walked slowly along the waterfront, enjoying watching the ships moving through the Inner Harbor. Darcy had departed twenty minutes beforehand, deciding to get the meeting with Liz Blackwood over and done with. The kiss she had given Wilder as she left raised the blonde's temperature to the point where she felt a walk in the cold air of Canada was prudent. No need to spontaneously combust the first day of our vacation.

The day was overcast, but with her artist's eye, Wilder could envision the beauty the area would have when summer arrived and things were green and blossoming. Darcy had told her that British Columbia was probably the closest thing to England that there was in Canada and, as Wilder had never seen England, she thought she would investigate it a bit. Maybe I'll find a place to take Darcy... tomorrow. When she gets back from that meeting, it's just going to be me and her and a little room service. She smiled as a flash of a plan floated across her mind.

Strolling just a bit inland from the water, Wilder wandered by a few stores. She stopped in a hat shop and tried a few of them on, judging her look in the large mirror there. She thought she looked quite dashing in a bowler, but settled on an old detective's hat right out of the 1940's. As the clerk boxed her purchase, Wilder felt thirst begin to make itself known. Glancing out the shop window, she noticed a coffee shop called "I Say, Old Bean" just down the street. That made the barmaid laugh, but looking in the other direction she saw what appeared to be a bar. When Wilder saw the hanging sign announced "Pig and Whistle," her decision was made. She picked up her box and headed for the pub.

Stepping inside, Wilder was drawn to the long wooden bar with the old-fashioned brass rail attached. There were even brass spittoons placed strategically around, though she was happy to see they seemed to be only for decoration. Only a few customers were present and most of those were absorbed in a hockey game being shown on the television. Perching on a red leather stool, she caught the eye of the bartender, a middle-aged, rotund man in a Vancouver Canucks t-shirt with a white bar towel slung over one shoulder.

"What's yours?" he asked, coming straight to the point.

Darcy, she thought, but replied, "I'm just a Yankee tourist here; what do you recommend?"

"Well, I tell you what I wouldn't recommend and that would be the weak mouthwash that passes for beer down in the States. You want to try one of our Canadians?"

Wilder shrugged. "Sure, when in Rome." She watched as he went behind the draft spigots and put a large, thick glass under the tap labeled Labatt Blue. Expertly filling the glass up with beer, he delivered the drink to Wilder on a coaster and with a perfect head.

"Here's looking up your old address," she said as she raised her glass to the bartender. It did seem a lot more potent than the beers they had on tap at Leather and Chains. She resolved to suggest adding a few Canadian beers to their offerings to Mona. Mona!

"Say, I have the name of a club here that was recommended to me by my boss in San Francisco." She fished a paper from her wallet, also pulling out some of the colorful Canadian money they had obtained through the bank before they left. Opening the paper she read the note inside. "Do you know where 'The Tart's Garter' is?"

"Might have known."

"What does that mean? Do you know where this place is or not?" she asked, not at all sure what he meant.

"The gay bar," he clarified. "Of course I know where it is. It's what all you Yanks come up here looking for, isn't it? You've been coming up here in droves since the government started giving the same status to you as normal people."

Wilder bristled. A redneck above the border was just as obnoxious as ones closer to home. Her grip on the pint glass tightened perceptively. The bartender moved down to the other end of the bar to refill a glass mug being held up by a waiting customer. He spoke to the man as he pulled hard on the draft tap.

"Americans. I wouldn't give you a loony for the lot of them. They push their ways on us and act so surprised when we say we don't give a flying fig for them. They're loud and pushy and don't know when to stay out of anybody else's business."

"Frank, stop now," the man who had asked for the refill said. "It isn't going to change anything by yelling at this woman. She's done no harm and it isn't going to make your son's job more secure." Frank said nothing, just began wiping down the bar with a motion that might have removed its varnish. Wilder tossed a bill on the bar and moved toward the door. She heard the man still speaking to the bartender as she left. "You should be mad at the 'good' Canadians who sold Timber West out to them."

Timber West. Oh geez. Darcy, I sure hope you're getting a better reception.


The meeting with Liz Blackwood was a bit more than Darcy expected. Apparently word of their appointment had leaked out at the plant and what was supposed to be just a get-to-know-you meeting had turned into a gathering of the entire management team. Liz had apologized, but Darcy just took it in her stride. She had participated in corporate acquisitions before and she knew some of the problems that existed with changing managements. She decided to make the meeting as short as possible and get right to the point.

"Ladies and gentlemen... let me make this as clear cut as I can. As the head of this new division, I have been given a free hand in bringing Timber West into the company. It is not in my plans to immediately change anything or anybody here. We sought out this merger precisely because you are a well run and profitable enterprise. Why would we want to change that?" A palpable feeling of relief permeated the group that had gathered in the boardroom.

"I doubt you'll even notice the difference in things around here except for the name on your paycheck and over the front gate to the plant. As the representative for the company, I can assure you that you are a valued asset and we look forward to a very close relationship. It's been terrific meeting you all and I hope we can do this again before I leave for Calgary. Now, if you'll forgive me, I do have to go over several things with Mrs. Blackwood. I'm hoping to wrap up my work in a timely fashion and see some of your lovely province." Polite applause followed as the managers made their way from the room.

As Liz Blackwood closed the door on the last one, she leaned against the partition. "Sorry about that, Ms. Gardner. I didn't realize the secretarial grapevine was quite as efficient as that." The Canadian woman was in her early fifties with a slight thickening around her middle, but with a clearly commanding presence. Her file revealed she had received high marks from the corporate office in efficiency and productivity. The file, a routine deep check of all new management staff, also noted she was a widow with two grown children.

"I have the wrap up of the fourth quarter reports and the projections for the first quarter of this year. I just had them summarized for you; if you need the more detailed breakdowns I can get them for you later today," Liz offered as she handed a thin file to Darcy. At that moment Darcy's cell phone rang.

"Excuse me just a moment," Darcy said apologetically. Opening the phone, she saw it was a text message from Wilder. Pushing the right buttons to bring up the message, she read, "Caution! Not everybody with T.W. is glad you're there. Later. XXX Wild" Snapping the phone closed, Darcy returned her attention to Liz. She didn't have the luxury of having Wilder there to explain the cryptic message that obviously referred to Timber West.

"I noticed several of the managers were concerned about their job security. I guess that's normal, but have you heard anything that I should be aware of?" Her blunt question made the other woman's eyebrows rise.

"I'm not surprised you know about that. The management overall was very good, but there were a few executives that took the golden parachute rather than work with Americans. That they left is no great loss; that they poisoned some of the other employee's opinions is."

Darcy considered Liz's words. She knew which executives the older woman meant. That they were given a golden parachute in the first place had been the American's idea. Now she knew her decisions had been the right ones.

"And what about you?" Darcy inquired. "Did they influence you?" Her eyes met the Canadian's as she waited to hear how she would answer.

"Ms. Gardner, my husband passed away over a year ago from a ruptured aneurysm in his brain. If your corporation did its job investigating the management staff of Timber West, I expect you know that." Darcy didn't deny it; rather she confirmed it with a nod. Liz continued.

"If you haven't been through an experience like that, then let me assure you it wakes you up to the important things in life. Gossip, innuendo and blind prejudice aren't important. Professionalism, job performance and how you treat Timber West employees will be. If you don't mind, I'll make my judgment on that basis."

A small smile curved Darcy's lips. She internally congratulated herself on one last decision concerning the new company.

"Mrs. Blackwood, you may be either very happy or very sorry you just said those words. I hope it'll be the first one. I am, as of this moment, offering you a promotion. I'd like you to become the head of the Canadian division of West Coast Operations. That includes both plants and the field offices. They will report to you and you will report to me. What do you say?"

Liz, who had been standing during the exchange, pulled a chair out from under the table and dropped in it.

"Okay, I didn't see that coming," the Canadian responded as she shook her head a little.

"I really wanted to promote from within and besides, I need someone up here I can trust," Darcy explained. "I think I might have found her." Liz was silent a moment as she thought.

"I accept."

"Good," Darcy said as she rose. She placed the Timber West file in her briefcase along with her cell phone. I'll let Accounting deal with the transition of your pay raise into Canadian dollars. You pick out the best office here and get moved into it. I'll need you in Calgary Monday and I'd like to have dinner with you there to let us get to know each other. Does that sound okay?"

"Will Wilder be joining us?" Liz asked. Her question let Darcy know that the deep checking hadn't just been done on the American side. Darcy stiffened slightly.

"Yes. Is there a problem with that?" The question hung in the air like an unspoken challenge.

"Not for me. Dinner reservations for three it is." Liz put out her hand. "I think it's going to be quite an adventure working for you, Ms. Gardner."

The younger woman took the proffered hand and shook it. "Working with me. And it's Darcy."

"Liz," the Canadian said. "Call me if you need anything before I see you in Calgary." Darcy assured her she would, and left the office.


Wilder put the video game on pause as she heard Darcy's key card slide in the reader. She popped up from the bed as the executive was entering.

"How did it go?" Wilder asked anxiously.

"Just a tad shaky at the start, but I think it's going to be fine. I got your text message. How did you know?"

"Wilder McNeil, corporate spy, at your service. I was undercover at a local watering hole, listening for information. Boy, did I get an earful."

"I bet you did. Thanks for the heads up, Mata Hari. Your data was invaluable." Wilder beamed with the praise.

"Yeah? What's the reward for a company snoop these days?" Darcy stepped closer to the blonde and leaned in for a slow, deep and exploring kiss. Both were a little breathless when it broke.

"How's that?" Darcy said through short breaths.

"I just love a job with fringe benefits," Wider replied.

"I've always loved the hedonist in you," Darcy smirked. Her eyes traveled down Wilder's body, taking in the white robe with hotel emblem on its breast pocket and bare feet. "A little early for a shower, isn't it?"

"Ah!" Wilder turned and bounded back onto the bed. The movement and rush of air gave Darcy an unobstructed view of Wilder's naked form beneath her robe. Wilder snatched the game control pad from where she'd tossed it and looked back at Darcy. "I hope you're not too tired. I was planning an evening of fun."

Sitting upon the corner of the bed, Darcy said, "Why, Miss McNeil, are you offering to take me out?"

"Mona told me about this bar called 'The Tart's Garter.' I thought we'd check it out."

"The Tarts Garter?" Darcy smiled as she pondered the suggestive title. "And what sort of bar's 'The Tart's Garter?' It sounds like the kind of place I'd read about in a Charles Dickens novel."

Saying nothing more, Wilder took her game off pause and continued her adventure with the infamous Lara Croft. "I'm pretty sure you'll like it," Wilder said cryptically. "I hope it's okay, but I've picked out something I hope you'll wear."

Darcy turned to the wardrobe and, for the first time, noticed the incredibly short black skirt and simple silk, ivory blouse. "I don't remember packing them."

Wilder grinned and continued with her game.

"Okay," Darcy turned back to address her lover. "What are you up to? I know for certain I didn't pack those clothes and ..." her voice trailed off as she noticed the matching bra and thong underwear lying on a nearby chair. A smile lifted the corners of her mouth. Looking back at Wilder she crawled onto the bed and took the control pad from Wilder's hands. "What's 'The Tart's Garter?'" she asked innocently, while running her index finger along Wilder's throat and down between her breasts.

Wilder closed her eyes. "It's a bar."

"What sort of bar?" Darcy's hand veered to the right and her hand covered Wilder's left breast. She felt a responsive nipple pucker under her palm.

Releasing a shaky breath, Wilder said, "A woman's bar."

"A woman's bar... or... a woman's bar?"

Wilder could feel her body grow warmer by the second. She opened her eyes, reminding herself that she had an agenda for the evening and she was going to lead the dance tonight. Taking Darcy's hand she removed it, albeit reluctantly, from her breast. "You want to know what kind of bar it is?" Opening the lower half of her robe, Wilder maneuvered Darcy's index and middle finger between her thighs. The brunette's fingers were enveloped in an abundance of moist heat.

"Sweet Jesus," Darcy whispered and moaned as Wilder dragged her fingers through swollen lips. "What the hell were you doing before I got back?" she asked.

"Thinking of you," Wilder replied in a deeper voice. Removing the brunette's fingers, she directed them towards Darcy's lips, but as the executive opened her mouth, Wilder pulled away. "Ah, ah, ah..." she cautioned and sucked Darcy's fingers into her own mouth.

Darcy watched, transfixed and breathless, as she felt Wilder's tongue swirl around her. "Wild... I..." she paused as her fingers slipped from Wilder's lips and cool air caressed the moist digits.

"Shower... dress," Wilder commanded, disguising the croak in her own voice. "We have a cab booked for seven and a table booked at La Costa for half past."

"Restaurant?" Darcy looked to the side of the bed where a digital clock illuminated the time. "I only have an hour!"

Wilder grinned and patted Darcy's behind lightly. "You better get a move on then."

Darcy jumped off the bed and darted into the bathroom. "One hour? It takes me that long to do my hair. This better be worth it," Darcy cautioned playfully.

"Oh, it will be," Wilder muttered as she picked up the jeans she intended wearing that evening.



The red cab pulled up by the corner of Carlson and Princess Street. As the back passenger door opened, the driver lowered his window. Wilder was the first to step from the taxi. She turned to face the driver. The young man waited patiently with one arm braced upon the car door frame. Wilder noticed his attention was solely focused upon Darcy as she carefully exited the cab. Wilder simply smiled to herself. The guy obviously had taste. Wilder had to admit it; Darcy did look hot. The short skirt showed just enough bare leg and left little to the imagination. It was one of Wilder's own skirts she wore at work. Darcy's blouse was buttoned just above her breasts and the ivory sheen reflected the older woman's natural mahogany tinted hair with a rustic aura.

"Sixteen dollars, right?" Wilder asked as she handed him a twenty. "Keep the change."

"Thanks," he replied, taking one last look before driving off down Carlson Street.

Wilder chuckled to herself as she turned to look at Darcy. The executive stood there shaking her head. "You know that if it wasn't for the way you almost tripped over your tongue when I got dressed this evening, I would never have left the hotel in such a short skirt!"

"Oh come on, you love all those appreciative stares!" Wilder stepped up to Darcy and wrapped her arms around her lover's waist. "This time I can think to myself that you're all mine!" Wilder pulled Darcy a little closer into her body, outside world be damned, as she stared into Darcy's dark brown eyes. She kissed her softy; a gentle caress of pliant lips before pulling away.

Darcy growled. She attempted to pull Wilder's lips back for a deeper kiss, but Wilder stepped away. "You're an evil woman, Wilder Elizabeth McNeil. You've been teasing me all evening."

Wilder couldn't deny it. She'd planned a slow seduction and had teased Darcy all through their meal. Subtle hand caresses led to daring moves as Wilder slid her foot up along Darcy's calf while feeding her fresh oysters in a white wine sauce. "Is there something wrong in treating you the way you deserve?" Wilder asked innocently. She took Darcy's hand and began to lead her up Princess Street.

"You're already getting lucky tonight!" Darcy assured and squeezed Wilder's hand gently.

The blonde turned to look at Darcy, thankful the executive had chosen not to wear heels. They stood at very much the same height. She leaned into Darcy and spoke softly in her ear. "Are you ready?"

Darcy stopped walking. "For what?"

Wilder looked up at the dimly lit building beside her. "We're here."

'The Tart's Garter' was a narrow building, nothing like either woman had expected. It stood at a third the width of other surrounding buildings and only a small sign named the establishment. It jutted out from the grey stone, swaying in a gentle breeze.

Wilder took several steps backwards and looked up at the bar. "Not exactly what I imagined."

Taking a step closer, Darcy pulled the door ajar. Music echoed from inside and she noticed a set of stairs leading downwards. "It's a basement bar," she remarked and pulled the door fully open.

Wilder stepped through the door. "Well, let's scope out the scene."

"'Scope out the scene?'" Darcy repeated as she followed Wilder down the staircase. "What's that, some kind of jive talk?"

Wilder laughed, looking over her shoulder. "Jive? Careful Darcy, you're almost showing your age!"

"Ooo, I'll give you showing my age!" Darcy reached forwards and tickled Wilder's sides. The blonde squeaked and jumped forward, almost colliding with a tall redhead standing by a door leading into the bar.

"Evening, ladies," she greeted with a smile. "Can I see some I.D. please?"

"I'm being carded!" Darcy slipped her driver's license from her wallet and flashed it to the bouncer. "There you go, Wild. Don't make cracks about my age again!"

Wilder scoffed with faux indignance. "As if I would do such a thing!" She laughed as Darcy rolled her eyes and took her hand, leading her into the bar.

Though the women had been dating for over six months, it was the first time Darcy had ever really been to a lesbian bar. Wilder had made a conscious decision never to take Darcy to 'Leather and Chains.' She spent enough time there in the evenings to not want to spend her free time with Darcy there as well. Unfortunately, it just so happened that 'Leather and Chains' was a premier hot spot in the Bay Area. Still, with Wilder's busy bar and school schedule and Darcy's hectic work commitments, the women preferred spending the majority of their time together alone.

A first impression upon entering the bar was that it was obviously a popular place. The room was large with three notable sections. One was a seating area filled with comfortable sofas and tables. All seats were occupied. The clientele, of which ninety percent were women, lounged over well-worn leather sofas and at the scattering of tables. The bar, too, was reasonably crowded with customers ordering drinks. To the right was a spacious dance floor. That, however, was also a hub of grinding, swaying bodies. Wilder looked around appreciatively. Though reasonably full, it was still a relaxed and welcoming environment. She felt instantly at home.

"So what do you think?" Wilder asked. She looked at Darcy who was soaking in the ambiance.

The executive nodded. "First impressions... I like it. Though I think we should move away from the door and order a drink maybe?"

"Oh, you read my mind!" Placing her hand upon Darcy's lower back, Wilder led her lover to the bar. They occupied a spot two women had just vacated. A well-stocked offering of drinks stood before them and both women scanned the variety of beverages. "I know this may sound a little boring, but I think I just want a Long Island ice tea," Wilder said.

Darcy's eyes roamed the cocktail board. "I think I'll have a Screaming Orgasm."

"I hope not," Wilder quipped under her breath.

"Huh?" Darcy asked, over the drumbeat of a new song.

"Nothing," Wilder said evasively. She looked around for the location of the jukebox. It was positioned by the dance floor. Two women were leaned up against it, engaged in what appeared to be a serious conversation. Wilder could see them trying to communicate over the sound of the music as they conversed with vibrant articulation. "Hey, I'm going to choose some tunes. Will you get my drink?"

Darcy smiled. "Sure." Her smiled widened and was followed by a pleasant shiver as Wilder brushed past her. Her right breast grazed against her arm and her hand left a trail of goose bumps along the exposed region of her upper thigh. The executive got the distinct impression Wilder was up to something.

"What can I do you for, Honey?" asked a loud voice over the music.

Darcy turned to the bartender. He was a young man with bleached blonde, short hair. He wore a black t-shirt emblazoned with a ladies leg revealed under a heavily ruffled dress. The hem was pulled up showing a scarlet garter. "Hi... Long Island ice tea and a Screaming Orgasm please."

"Oh, a daring woman," he said in a flirtatious manner, though he was obviously gay. "Do you want the original Screaming 'O' or the Tart's special?"

Darcy arched her eyebrows in curiosity. "What's the special?"

"Double the hard stuff with a cherry to pop!"

Blinking in surprise, the brunette could only laugh. "Sure... give me the special."

"Coming right up!" he announced eagerly.

Meanwhile, approaching the dance floor, Wilder was glad to see the two women had moved away from the juke box, giving her easy access. Pulling a handful of change from her pocket, Wilder began to peruse the list of songs. They had to be specific. She needed to be very particular in what songs she picked. Her right index finger ran down the list of offerings.

"Okay... what do we have here?" Blonde eyebrows scrunched together as Wilder ran through the selection. She wanted slow, seductive tunes. However, the first song she chose was a number well known for luring Darcy onto the dance floor. "Santana... Smooth... yes!" Wilder continued with her selections, knowing it would be at least ten minutes before her songs would be played. There was at least five in the cue. Wilder shook the change in her hand. "The Corrs, 'Only When I Sleep'! Dido, 'Here with Me'... Definitely. Texas, 'Insane'... Oh yes. What else, what else?" She continued scanning the list of songs, choosing all she thought were appropriate and then slipping in her money and making her selections. Once done, she headed back to the bar. Spying Darcy's drink, she arched a curious eyebrow. "Change your mind?"


"A Screaming 'O' with a cherry?" Wilder took her drink; she was sure that only the multiple screaming orgasm came with a cherry served on a topping of cream. The barmaid had an extensive knowledge of cocktails.

"It's the Tart's special." Wiggling her eyebrows, Darcy offered the sweet fruit to Wilder. "Want to pop my cherry?"

With a splutter, Wilder laughed. "How I wished!" she remarked. Leaning forward, Wilder wrapped her lips around the cherry and pulled it off the cocktail stick. Her teeth sunk into its sweetness and she moaned in pleasant surprise. "Mmm, what's that?"

"Chocolate," Darcy grinned. "Marvin, the guy behind the bar, told me they put a small piece inside every cherry."

"God, that's good."

"I know. I ate mine and asked for another!"

A seductive smile tweaked Wilder's lips. "Want to share this one?" Leaning forward once again, Wilder captured Darcy's lips. Parting them with her tongue, she slipped into Darcy's mouth offering her a tempting kiss. She wasn't prepared, however, when Darcy latched onto her tongue and sucked gently. Wilder groaned, desire undulated through her body. She felt her lower anatomy spasm in such a way that forced her to clench her thighs together in response.

Darcy pulled away. "Hmm, that does taste good." She leaned into Wilder, her lips grazing the blonde barmaid's left ear. "How about we head back to the hotel?"

Knowing Darcy would ask this, Wilder shook her head. That was for later. Right now, Wilder had other ideas in mind and although they did run along the same train of thought as Darcy, she was feeling a little more adventurous.

With Wilder's shake and seemingly obvious rebuff of her proposal, Darcy pouted. However, being the shrewd businesswoman that she was, Darcy wasn't the sort of woman to fall at the first hurdle. "Maybe you didn't quite comprehend what I was trying to say." Darcy picked up her glass and drank down its entire contents. Wilder watched her in awe, amazed that Darcy managed to down her drink after the bottle and a half of wine they shared at the restaurant. She had no time to speak, however, as Darcy's focus zoomed in upon her once again.

"Maybe I should have worded it differently." She took a breath, feeling the slight buzz of alcohol swimming through her system. Running one hand down Wilder's back, she cupped her behind, leaned in and trailed her tongue up her neck. "Come back to the hotel with me, baby, I need to fuck you!"

"Oh god!" Wilder moaned, as the breath left her body. Her eyes closed involuntarily. Why did her clothing suddenly feel like so much of a hindrance? Licking dry lips, Wilder took a long drink. Breathing deeply, she attempted to rein in her body's need to surrender. "Um... well..." Wasn't tonight supposed to be her seduction? "God!" She drank the remainder of her cocktail, tasting the potent mix of spirits. Luckily, Wilder was saved before her body could betray her. She jumped with startled relief as the drumbeat and electric magic of Carlos Santana's 'Smooth' boomed through the bar's sound system.

"Hey, it's your favorite! Come on, we have to dance to this one." Slamming down her empty glass, Wilder took Darcy's hand and led her onto the dance floor. The executive followed willingly, albeit bemused, into the throng of dancing women.

Finding a space among gyrating bodies, Wilder pulled Darcy against her as the music possessed them. The blonde grinned as their hips moved to the beat. She held Darcy close, though there was still a narrow gap between them. It was just enough for only their breasts to touch and aroused nipples to scrape against one another enticingly. Wilder kept Darcy's eye contact. She made sure the brunette's attention remained solely upon her.

Darcy crooked her finger and beckoned Wilder closer, indicating she wanted to say something. The blonde leaned in, placing her ear beside Darcy's lips. "What are you up to?" Darcy asked over the music.

Wilder simply grinned and closed her eyes, starting to sing. "Give me your heart, make it real, or else forget about it."

The dance floor was dimly lit with a red and orange glow. The lights seemed to pulse like a beacon, luring and hypnotic. It drew women in to its haze of swirling bodies with unsuspecting magnetism. Within the throng of women, the temperature rose by ten degrees.

Wilder pulled Darcy the remaining distance into her body, effectively quashing the tiny pocket of air which had existed between them. The song on the jukebox ended and was replaced by Dido and 'Here with me.' Wilder closed her eyes as she felt Darcy's hands run down her back. She turned her head, allowing her lips to lightly graze the brunette's neck. Darcy responded by clutching Wilder just a little tighter. Their bodies swayed to the soft music. With the introduction of a slower, more romantic song, several more women approached the dance floor. It was crowded, but not uncomfortably so.

Never allowing her hands to be idle, Wilder kept them moving with a subconscious mapping of Darcy's strong back and buttocks. She squeezed the firm globes of flesh, feeling the gentle rise in Darcy's short skirt. She could sense Darcy relax into her embrace; her breath, warm and moist upon her neck. The scent of Darcy's natural aroma, mixed with her favorite perfume, delighted Wilder's senses. She allowed the aroma to wash over her... penetrating and enhancing her blossoming desire.

Feeling Wilder's control, Darcy closed her eyes, allowing Wilder to lead their dance. She felt one of the blonde's hands slide up her side. A thumb snaked out and rolled over her nipple. A soft groan rumbled through her chest. She could feel her nipple pucker and stiffen with arousal. It scraped against the lace of her bra with tantalizing accuracy.

Wilder's body ached to touch Darcy more firmly. She needed to increase their contact with a boldness she knew was too direct considering their surroundings. Turning into Darcy's neck, she trailed her tongue up the tempting flesh. She felt the woman in her arms shiver and a soft groan escaped her lips. The budding embers of a slow fire licked her trembling flesh. Once again, Wilder moved her hand up Darcy's side, allowing the pad of her thumb to linger just a little longer upon her nipple. She circled the bud firmly before pulling away. Darcy whimpered, whispering something into Wilder's ear. Unable to gauge what she had said, Wilder looked into her eyes. What she saw caused a rush of longing to shoot through her body, sparking from the tips of her toes to her fingertips. Darcy's eyes, dark with heavy lids, glistened with a burning need. It was a need Wilder recognized all too well and felt it strengthen with every answering pulse of her body. Any thoughts of asking Darcy what she had said evaporated as their lips came together. They kissed, desperately, with a deep-seated yearning.

As their tongues met, the music changed and The Corrs' 'Only when I Sleep' filtered through the speakers. Holding the back of Wilder's head, Darcy increased their contact. Lips meshed and moved with purpose. Moving slowly to the electric musical introduction, the executive ran her hands down Wilder's body, pulling her ever closer. Warmth, generated by the sheer friction of their contact, increased and radiated both inside and around them. Wilder felt her breath labor, but she maintained their contact. She could feel Darcy's desperate groans as both pairs of hands searched out their bodies. Ensconced within the moist warmth of Darcy's mouth, Wilder felt her heart flutter within her chest.

With a frustrated growl, Darcy pulled away from their kiss. Desire clawed desperately through her body, anxious for release. She leaned into Wilder, her lips lightly grazing the barmaid's left ear. "Come on, Wild, let's go back to the Marquis, Baby, I want you so bad."

Wilder couldn't help the way her clit reacted to Darcy's words, as it seemed to burn with an aching need. Nevertheless, she held onto Darcy and smiled as the brunette delivered a curious look. Wilder shook her head, "Nuh uh... we're staying right here," she replied. Her lips dipped lower and she sucked the succulent skin below Darcy's ear. She heard her gasp in unexpected pleasure.

"Baby, please. You're driving me crazy," Darcy choked out.

"Good," was all Wilder said as she parted Darcy's thighs just enough to push her jean covered leg between them. "Just listen to the music and feel me."

Darcy's expression contoured into pleasant agony as she felt the rough material of Wilder's jeans brush up against her center. The rapidly soaking material of her panties scraped along her needy clit and she held back a wanton groan.

Wilder felt Darcy's breath, hot and rapid, against her skin. Slowly, the blonde began to move, matching her rhythm to that of the music.


Wilder kissed Darcy's moist lips. "Yeah, baby?" she asked against the brunette's mouth. She could feel Darcy's essence soaking into her jeans and her soul yearned to taste her.

"You want this, don't you?" Darcy said, as her hips matched Wilder's figure eight movement. "You want this right here, right now."

Wilder closed her eyes as her body screamed its answer. Regardless of the women around them, Wilder craved Darcy in every sense of the word. "Baby, just say if you're not comfortable with this and we'll leave, I promise you."

Darcy was silent as she stared into the sincerity of Wilder's eyes. The blonde could tell Darcy was digesting her words, but her actions seemed to speak louder as she gradually began to resume her movements. Slowly, they picked up the music's rhythm. Darcy closed her eyes. She shut off everything around her, bestowing her trust upon Wilder. She knew her lover would keep her safe.

As once again the song's chorus sung out about love's dreams, Wilder spoke directly into Darcy's left ear. She caressed the lobe with her tongue before speaking. "Do you want to know when it was I realized my feelings for you ran on a sexual level?"

Darcy could only groan in response, lost in the feeling of her clit grinding slowly upon Wilder's wet thigh.

"I was fifteen." Wilder ran her hands down Darcy's back and cupped her behind, massaging and separating the cheeks firmly. "You were home from college for the summer. I just happened to look out of my bedroom window one gorgeous sunny morning and saw you in your back yard." Wilder's hot breath stimulated Darcy's sensitive flesh. "You were wearing that yellow bikini. My god, it looked amazing against your sun-kissed body." Wilder ran her hands up Darcy's body, each time taking a little longer to massage Darcy's nipple with her thumb. Tiny shivers worked their way through the executive's body. "I couldn't get you out of my mind all day."

"Yes," Darcy breathed, already feeling the surge of arousal caused by Wilder's words. She loved it when the blonde fueled her desire with erotic talk and often coarse language.

Wilder yearned to increase her contact with a more direct stimulation. She knew, however, that wasn't possible. She would never dream of compromising Darcy's dignity, although she knew her lover was getting just as big a thrill out of their encounter as she was. "I went to bed that night with this unfulfilled ache that I'd never experienced before." Wilder punctuated her words with a firm grind into Darcy's center. "And as I slept, I dreamed of you. You were wearing your bikini and then wearing no bikini. I was touching you...kissing you...holding your beautiful breasts." Wilder kept her voice low enough for only Darcy to hear over the music. "Caressing them....touching your body...feeling your nipples against my tongue...tasting your skin."

Darcy increased the rhythm of her hips as a new song began to play. The singular title of the song 'Insane' adeptly described how Wilder was making her feel. "God," she breathed heavily once again. Her body ached. Desire, a deep-seated longing, savagely crawled through her veins.

Wilder continued to move them as one. Her own clitoris pulsed a response to every twitch, moan and whimper that dripped from Darcy's lips. Her denim-clad thigh wedged up against Darcy's center, was soaked. "I woke up the next morning drenched and in need. It was the first time I ever touched myself. It was the first time I ever made myself come... fueled by thoughts of you...with your name on my lips. My god it was intense."

Darcy whimpered, biting her lower lip as she tried not to react too visibly to Wilder's words. Her mind conjured mental images of her lover's solo bedroom exploits. It had been a secret fantasy of hers to watch Wilder pleasure herself. Hearing her lover's detailed descriptions of how she satisfied her own needs was pushing Darcy to the edge. She was close to coming herself.

Already knowing the telltale signs of Darcy's approaching release, in any other situation Wilder would further increase her stimulation or pull away in order to make the moment last. This time, however, she maintained their rhythmic pace, moving to the beat of the music.

"Wild," Darcy panted.

"Yeah, baby?"

"Need you," Darcy groaned. It was delectable torture. She never wanted this feeling to end. Her body twitched and trembled with mounting passion. If possible, she felt her clit engorge further. If the sensation were any sharper, Darcy would swear she could feel every fiber in her lover's jeans. She clung to Wilder, one hand tight around her shoulders, the other planted firmly upon her lower back. Darcy allowed Wilder to lead their dance, however torturous the pace. Blood raced through her body, sweat speckled her brow. Her clit hummed out its need with every pass over Wilder's wet jeans.

As the hypnotic beat continued, Wilder placed one hand on the back of Darcy's head. She pulled her in, her lips seeking Darcy's contact. They kissed, slow and deep. While she used one hand to hold Darcy in place, the other traveled down her body. Reaching the hem of the short, black skirt, Wilder slipped beneath the soft material. Her fingers sought out and found Darcy's hot, wet passion.

Both shocked and thrilled by the unexpected touch, Darcy groaned long and deep in Wilder's mouth. She clutched her lover tighter. Wilder's fingers ran languidly through her passion. The blonde couldn't believe how much moisture greeted her fingertips. Ending their kiss she said, "God, baby, you're so wet!" Removing her fingers she thrust her thigh back between Darcy's legs as she slipped her fingers into her own mouth. Darcy watched her with heavy-lidded eyes. Her breath shallow, her body trembled. Once again Darcy began grinding against Wilder's thigh. Her movement took on a slightly urgent rhythm as her desire soared rapidly.

Wilder sensed the change in Darcy and knew she was getting close. She cast a quick look around her, making sure they were still inconspicuous in the crowd of dancers. Thankfully, she saw only one woman who appeared to be looking in their direction. She paid the onlooker little attention as she turned back to Darcy. The executive held her gaze; her face contorted in anxious pleasure. The sight caused Wilder's clit to pulse for contact. Later, she reminded herself, knowing right now was all for Darcy.

Placing her forehead against her lover's, Wilder said, "Darcy?" Even with the deep glare of lights, Wilder could see the need shining through Darcy's eyes.

Darcy ground herself faster, the music all but forgotten. "Wild..."

"Baby," Wilder moaned. "Come for me." She cupped Darcy's behind, encouraging her movements.

"Oh!" Darcy whimpered as she felt her orgasm looming. She panted harshly; sweat trickled down her back. Her body seemed to tremble as every nerve tingled in anticipation. "Wild," she groaned desperately. "I'm gonna..."

"Come on Darcy," Wilder urged. "Give it to me."

Darcy bit her lips, feeling the proverbial calm before the storm. Her body seemed to quiet, an air of serenity passed over her... and then it began. Surging outwards like a devastating force of nature, Darcy's orgasm ripped through her body. Wilder captured her lips in a penetrating kiss, effectively swallowing her screams of release. Darcy's body surged, throbbed and shook as aching pleasure assaulted her body and overcame her senses. She clung to Wilder, trusting her lover to guide and support her.

As the waves faded, Wilder held Darcy close. Wilder was aware of the song changing once again to 'Letter to Eve,' sung by the Indigo Girls. As the drum and base beat pulsed around them, the women moved slowly to the music. Wilder cupped Darcy's cheek and kissed her softly. She held Darcy's limp body in her arms until Darcy regained her composure.

"God," Darcy whispered, and tightened her arms around Wilder's neck.

"Are you okay?"

Darcy nodded. Wilder's thigh was still between her legs and she could feel her desire soaking through Wilder's jeans. Feeling a little self-conscious, she blushed. Wilder arched her eyebrows in question, forcing Darcy to chuckle and bury her head in Wilder's neck and shoulder.

With a smile, Wilder ran her hands down her lover's back. She felt the sweat that had soaked into her shirt. "What's so funny?"

Looking back at Wilder, Darcy said, "I can't believe we just did that. You really had this planned from the start didn't you?"

Wilder only smiled. "I have Unlimited Sexual Favors, do I not?" She kissed Darcy. "Do you want to head back to the Marquis?"

Darcy shook her head, well aware of the pent-up desire bubbling within Wilder. "And endure that long twenty-minute drive back?"

"... Um, Darcy...?"

The executive scanned the bar. "I want you, Wild. I want to be on my knees, my head between your thighs." Wilder swooned...

Seeing the door for the bathroom, Darcy took Wilder's hand and dragged her towards the dark blue entrance. "I want you now, baby; turnabout's fair play, right?" Wilder followed willingly as a sexually-charged Darcy pulled her into a stall and dropped to her knees.

End of Part 2

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