Gabrielle's Journal Series:  Nerves

by Murphy

  Do not own them! You know who does. This is part twelve of the Journal Series. Thank you to my beta team: Becky Lovall, Sam Ruskin, and LJ Maas. Deb! Love Ya! Ex-Guards!! Big smooch! Poem by: M. Anderson-- Second Poem Author is unknown.


I see myself holding you close to me,
ng your body tight.
But for all I see as I daydream-
I know I'll get tenfold tonight.

Running my palms across your breast,
As you tremble and bite your lip.
Feeling your hands upon my chest,
The softness of each fingertip.

Tasting your neck so sweet, so soft,
And slowly lowering my kiss.
Over pert nipples, across your navel,
And finally into pure bliss.

Looking upon your face from below-
As you tilt back your head.
Feeling your fountains begin to flow-
As you ease back on the bed.

Your "innocent little devil" look-
Crying insatiably with the sensation.
Lip to lip lapping up every drip-
From the well of your creation.

The way you pull me up by the hair-
To the heat of your mouth, on fire.
No other thoughts, no other cares,
Just the quenching of mad desire.

Riding the tide of passion,
Pushing my fingers into you.
On the waves of your emotion-
In slow motion, so sweet and true.

Pulse pounding in resounding rapture,
Taken to the hilt, then just past.
Rhythm growing, faces glowing,
The climax coming fast.

That heated, illicit look-
Of ecstasy across your eyes.
The culmination nearing-
Within your undulating thighs.
Echoing throughout the heavens-
On overindulgent cries.

The sultry look upon your face-
In reaching that gyrating gush.
The way you bite my fingers-
When I try to make you hush.

Your arching back, your fingernails,
Your perfume mixed with sweat.
The way you keep rubbing against me-
With your insides already so wet.

The way when I'm beat dead and ready-
To fall face first to the floor,
You put your sweet lips to my ear-
And whisper, "I want more! "

Michael Anderson copyright 1999

Journal Entry:

Hello. Gods did I have one hot dream last night.  I rode my warrior for hours and in many ways until we both could not move. Needless to say, I was one horny bard looking for a ride. I open an eye and see the sun. It is early and she is up probably dressed, but my loins are on overload. I look where I know she will be on that log playing with her sword.

What I end up seeing is my wife picking her breeches out of her butt and then she sits on the log to pick her toe critters out. It is funny how fast a person can be turned off. Now we all look like Tartarus in the morning, but the toe picking was too much for this bard. I then decided to take my libido to the cool lake and relax. I was now grouchy, horny, and hungry. I look to see if she had some fish on, she usually puts it on the fire, and I finish it. Xena is not a cook. No fish, nothing! I was not a happy bard.

I stretched, growled, and heard her say, "good morning". Yeah, says you!  Then she stands and walk over to me, oh baby, did my loins wake up again. Only to be crushed by her saying, "Lets go fishing?????"  When my poor loins heard that, they sucked inward and hung a do not disturb sign. There went my peaceful time in a cold lake, joy! I am going to go punch fish in their faces. Now all we needed was Joxer and I would be set.

I growled at her then stomped my way to the lake. When we got there, she asked me who crinkled my scroll this morning, which led into a fight. I stripped and got into the water to wash, first I turned to look at six feet of dark and sexy. My loins did not fall for it this time. The sign was still hung. I was washing; she was fishing.

Then she comes up with a bright idea that we should have a contest to see who catches the first fish. Yippee! She makes these contests up because she knows she will win. Today was different though, before I knew it, I decked a perch and brought it up to a pouting warrior. Sore loser! That was fight number two. I stayed in the water and she went back to camp.

I finally pulled myself from the water. I was calmer, not as horny, and starving. That fish was sounding really good now and I rushed back to camp to prepare it. I get closer to camp to smell burning!!! I run to see her pick off what use to look like a fish. You know she has the audacity to blame me for them burning? I stayed in the water too long!! Fight number three.

We finally get on the road. We were very quiet and looking for anything to beat up. She is on top of Argo brooding and I with my loins that went on vacation am brooding as well. I know that all relationships have arguments, or you just plain get on one another’s nerves. Today would be a nerve day for us. I still love her with all my being. I remember the very first poem I wrote her.










It felt so good to finally admit our love to one another, we held back for so long. It was so painful at times just being with her and not expressing myself like I really wanted to, dreamed of. When we did get together, it was like two souls became one. Well, today I just wanted to wring her wedge pulling, toe picking neck. I was hungry, horny, and wanted to punch something. It is not even my time of the moon either. Gods help her if it was.

The first town we hit, I ate like there was no tomorrow and got some supplies that we needed. We were back on the road in less then two candle marks. We ran into some thugs that thought we would be easy pickings. This was fight four. I was doing fine and she has to step in and take them all. I hate it when she does that, makes me feel like a kid. Then she got smart with me saying that I was a kid, so I shot back, "Yeah a kid that makes you scream Oh Gods all night." That closed her mouth fast and I stomped down the road again.  Take that Warrior Princess!

We traveled in silence for a long time, neither one of us wanted to stop, just fight more. We came upon another town that was sacked by a Warlord. This is where our petty arguments are set aside and we tend to people and their needs. This is part of the job I dislike. Xena and I helped the healer take care of the wounded. I watched my wife as she tended the wounded. She is so gentle and caring, and I am very lucky to have her in my life. Luckily, no one had died here today. They will have a lot to rebuild, but at least all the families are still in one piece. Xena and I were both bone tired but too emotional to rest, at first. Xena fell asleep and here I am too much into my thoughts, it sucks being a bard sometimes. When I was young, sleep came so easily to me. I am grown and have seen way too much. Writing helps me cope with it all.

We were both too tired to speak. We usually do not rest until we make up, but today is an exception to that rule. So, I came here to write and let it out. Strange how something like this makes the fight seem more irrelevant, childish. So, I am going to go lay down beside my love and give my thanks.

Until Tomorrow,  

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