Gabrielle's Journal Series:  Song Of Gabrielle

by Murphy

  Number nineteen of the Journal Series. Fluff! This one will start out with Gabrielle's thoughts then it will be Xena doing the rest. Sue Rice gave me the idea. Her great work can be found at ( Thank you to my beta team, Becky Lovall, Sue Rice, Cindy (ForevaXena) and Taleweaver. Deb! Love Ya! Ex-Guards! You are the best! Poem's by LuAnn, Dee, and Inspired Lor :). Lor's page

I looked into your eyes
And the moon smiled
Kisses rained upon my shoulders
As you held me in your arms
Your fingers traced the valleys
Leading to the forest below
We breathed the same breathe
And shared what few ever have
In that one day
I loved a lifetimes worth
You looked into my eyes
And the moon winked back


Journal Entry:

Hello. It has been a great couple of days. My wife is in her romantic, playful mood. I have been loved up one side and then down the other. Pure bliss. This is why I am doing a journal in the morning. Last night I was very busy. We also have a bet that I will win after breakfast. I have been studying Xena's flip for moons now. I even made this little doll of her just to tick her off. She wants my first try to be safe and with the staff, but I will show her on the second try. I will be back later to finish and write of my victory.

Forgive me my bard. You are so close to death that I had to do something to feel close to you. I know your scrolls are mostly about me, I promise to read them another time. I figured the way you sat and wrote in your journal, this would mostly be about you and your feelings. I know I gave you this journal long ago and I am not supposed to see what you wrote, so as a warrior I swear to you I will only read a couple entries including this last little part before you were wounded.

I am not good with words but I felt I should add something. So I sing the song of you. We came a long way little one. At first I wanted to send you home, then I grew very fond of you. Didn't realize I had until I almost lost you in Thessaly. I am amazed the way you changed right in front of my eyes. From a timid little village girl to the confident woman you are now. To tell you the truth, I think I fell in love with you the first time I saw you. You were a fiery little thing back then and even more so now. I have a little poem for you. Hope you like it. 

I never knew what love was,
Until you came into my life,
I thought it but a fantasy,
A dream or just a farce.
But now I know that love exists,
You have taught me how to care,
My doubts are something of the past,
And for the first time,
I know that LOVE can last. 

Now you are fighting for your life once more. Damn Persians! When I saw the arrow go into you, I couldn't breathe. The pain you went through when I pulled it out almost brought this warrior to her knees. Son of a Bacchae!  It just had to be poisoned to top it all off. I sit and watch you now and all I can think of is please don't leave me. I wanted so desperately to get you out of here and to the antidote, but you had to remind me of my words ‘The Greater Good’. Out of all the times you had to be paying attention, it had to be to then.

I have to get ready for the Persian Army now. I am the only chance left to stop them, right now I am so pissed. I feel that dark part of me coming alive again. We will make it my bard, if not, my promise to you still stands.  'Even In Death Gabrielle, I will never leave you.' I will search for you and we will be together. Nothing will stop me, not even Hades himself.

Our love is a gift to the soul.
My soul is yours - Our souls together is our bond.
A bond that began out of friendship, and shall forever grow.

Our love is my completeness.
The deep-seated flame that burns from within,
The unconditional bond that embraces our hearts.

Our love sends me soaring to the stars high above.
Making me feel as irreplaceable as the air we breathe,
Releasing a calming wave of peace all through.

Our love fills my heart with passion and desire.
Overflowing with emotion and ready to burst,
Inside a burning hot inferno of our love endures.

Our love speaks to my heart showing its inspiration.
From now until the end of time, unable to completely express
The life altering and impassioned emotions I feel for you.

Our love is true and will live forever
Always being my home, my heart, my everything
We were meant to be.

Gods! I am getting to be so soft these days. You have me speechless at times. I am supposed to be the strong one; that’s so far from the truth. You keep me strong. You are the most hard-headed person I have ever met. Not one time did you fear kicking me in the ass when I needed it.  Then I think of all the pain we went through only a short time ago. We were so confused, so lost. I did think at one time that we would never find one another again, but we did. I was so blind then, you were doing what any other mother would have done, protect your child.

You were so funny this morning. I knew you would be too stubborn to listen to me, doing my flip without the staff to help you. I have to laugh now at the thought of that little stick figure you made of me. How mad you were when you fell on your butt, too full of pride to ask me for help when you were hurting. Yes my bard. I owe you a new pair of boots. You only reminded me every candlemark.

If only I had told you that Dorian was a Persian spy. You would not have tried to help him and been a target instead. I know, I know. We cannot live our lives with ifs, would've, could've, and should've.  You have such a hold on my heart little one. I find myself doing things I never thought or dreamed of doing. I want to grow old, have a home and family, think of the future. 

When we first started traveling together, I thought you were not of sound mind. Here I was a murderous ex-warlord fighting for redemption and you talked to me like you knew me for ages. You talked, and talked and talked to a point where I was ready to grab my kit and sew your mouth shut for some peace. Now, if I do not hear your voice I feel so empty. The trouble you get yourself into or as you would say, it finds you. So much change.

At first I would worry about you in a battle, now I know I have you there to watch my back. Sometimes even save it. I look at you now resting with the pain. You are so beautiful and I thank whatever God sent you to me. I know one of the Persians will have the antidote with them. We will get out of this in one piece and I can buy you those boots. It is time for me to get ready; they will be here soon. I want you to know how proud I am of you and that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am not sure if you heard me when I spoke it. Love you my bard.



Journal Entry:

Hello. It has been an interesting past couple of days. I cannot write too long, my wife will know I am not in bed resting like I promised. Xena told me all that went on. How she fought that whole army and lived to tell about it I will never know. As she always says, "I have many skills." Yeah, yeah, all of Greece and Olympus knows this fact. I believe it even more now. How at a time when death is so close to us once more, can she stop and write such words of beauty. She never ceases to amaze me. She must have really thought it was the end for her to do that.

Through the tears I find myself loving her more. The pain, fear, and loneliness she must have felt. If only I did not try that stupid flip or was not so trusting of that man. You are right my warrior, we cannot live by second-guessing. Your saying, ‘Don't be sorry, just improve.’

We made it to Corinth to rest up and heal. She was so tired and bruised, with two gashes that needed to be stitched. I am feeling a little stronger, but sore. One good thing that came out of this is that I got my new boots.

Now I watch my warrior sleep. It made me scared when she said that even in death she would never leave me. I want her to go on if I ever pass, she has so much good to do. It also made me feel less afraid knowing she would be with me. Nothing is stronger than our love; Gods, I’m so lucky!  Not only did she save me, but all of Greece as well. I was so out of it, I do not remember much. I swear I heard her yell, ‘Leave, there are thousands more like me.’ Now if I were them, I would have run like Tartarus.  My shoulder is starting to hurt, but I have a parting thought for you warrior. I am so proud of you and so in love. Thank you.

I take you in as the air that I breathe
For you have become a part of my life
You cascade across my skin
Encircling me with gentle sighs
You awakened me to long lost dreams
I had forgotten existed in the promise of life
Your touch fills me with unparalleled desires
That I never knew existed within me
Your eyes capture me with their gaze
Setting me on fire with a single glance
You consume me, reaching inside of me
To find a heart equal to your own passions
Our love is unequaled and shall never die
It will never grow old nor fade away
Like the stars in the sky
It will remain long after all things are gone
It will be alive
Beyond the end of time
Until all that is left one day
Will be my love for you  

Happily to say.

Until Tomorrow,

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