Loving the Conqueror

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Part 2


The Emperor Caesar was leisurely standing on his balcony, staring upon HIS majestic city of Rome. He silently observed the civilians below, who were going about their lives without a care in the world. Pompey, you arrogant bastard... you underestimated those Natives. I sent you out to complete a simple task. Makes no matter...

"Excuse me, Emperor..." his second interrupted.

"Yes, Brutus?"

Brutus stepped onto the balcony and held out a scroll, "I thought you would find this interesting."

"Very well," Caesar nodded, taking the scroll and unrolling it. He quickly read over the official document and finally spoke up, "Ahh...there seems to be a celebration between the two realms. The alliance of the Conqueror and the Queen, how touching. The Queen has finally fallen for Xena's seductions...interesting."

"With the two realms allying together-"

"We don't stand a chance?" Caesar finished in question, turning to face his second. "Far from that, Brutus. Emotions are weaknesses and arrogance is Xena's. With that we a kink in her precious armor."

Brutus scoffed at the idea, "The Conqueror has emotions?"

"She is a full-fledged woman...is she not?"

"Of course."

"No matter how you parade yourself to be," Caesar stated and decreed, "The truth is the same...MALES are superior to females. They are an emotional species, therefore weak. Brutus, females are only good for procreation and serving our needs."

"Of course, Emperor."

"Rumor has it that Xena has a thing for petite blonds," Caesar smirked, "I believe that I have the perfect gift for the celebration."

Brutus silently nodded, grinning.


The city was decorated with the realms' colors, dark purple for Corinth and black for Ephesus. The along waited union of the realms and festivities had already begun. Citizens of all ages showed their spirit by greeting the Amazons at the main road, which led to the Conqueror's castle. The polished armor on Corinthian guards glistened in the late afternoon sun. The guards stood at attention along the main road, keeping it clear for the city's guests. While the Men at arms were patrolling through the crowd, keeping their eyes out for any suspicious individuals.


Gabrielle was modeling an Asian design for her Liege. The crimson silk, hugged her natural curves, accenting all her assets. The sleeveless gown had an oval cut upon the chest to reveal more of her cleavage. Its length was cut to her knee and slits ran along each of her legs, revealing a pair of firm thighs. Her toes wiggled freely from the sandals that she also wore.

"Sakura has outdone herself again," the Conqueror revealed, grinning. "Remind me to double her pay."

The Oracle blushed, "Yes, my Liege."

The Conqueror was dressed in her ceremonial kimono, designed by her hand for occasions such as these. The expensive material was of a flower pattern with black and gold trimmings, which enfolded tightly around her body like a glove. It wrapped around her shoulders and crossed at her cleavage, revealing the tops of her ample bosom. To complete her wardrobe, her feet were wrapped with sandals.

"My Liege..." Gabrielle brought over a velvet pillow, which her Liege's winged diadem sat upon.

Xena lifted her golden crown and placed it upon her head. This simple task sent shivers down her back and tiny goose bumps upon her exposed skin. With this, her body tingled as her seasoned Olympic power flowed through her veins. The essence of her radiated out, giving anyone standing close a taste of her quintessence. The Destroyer of Nations, the Lion of Amphipolis and the Warrior Princess, formed the majestic Conqueror.

The trumpeters sounded the arrival of the Amazons.

"Remember this day Gabrielle," the Conqueror avowed, "This will be the beginning of the end for Caesar."

Two Elite guards on horseback rode ahead of the procession, followed by seven more Elite riders in a V shape formation, the Queen, her Regent and her Captain, one Elite and one Royal guard on each side of the Queen then, seven Royal guards followed behind and finally two Royal guards came up the rear. All were wearing their ceremonial masks and wardrobes. Half of the guards wore black bracers on their upper arms, which identified them as Elite. While the others had on blue bracers, revealing the Royal guards.

The citizens of Corinth were cheering and hollering at their new ally's.

The Queen rode atop her black steed in the center of the procession. She wore her battle leathers that were shined to perfection and a black cape draped behind her. She took in all the sights and sounds of the Conqueror's Corinth. The day has come Mother...give me strength.

Artemis' voice whispered into her ear, "Little one, you have my strength and my heart."

The procession ended in the center of the Conqueror's courtyard. Stable hands were lined up and waiting patiently for the Amazons. Everyone finally dismounted their horses and stood next to them, waiting.

The Queen climbed off her steed, handing the reins to an Elite guard. "Take three...help them settle the horses in and meet up with us later."

The guard nodded, "Yes, my Queen."

Marcus approached them, bowing his head and greeted, "Welcome to Corinth, Queen Sierra."

"Thank you for having us," the Queen responded gently. She glanced around the large courtyard and felt the eyes of the Conqueror upon her.

"My name is Marcus," he stated, "I am the Conqueror's head of security."

The Queen's overly protective guards instantly surrounded her, in the same formation as before. Her close friends took their places behind her and waited for their majesty to take the first step. "Well, then...Marcus meet Eponin, she's the Captain of my Elite guard."

Eponin nodded her head towards the man.

"Nice to meet you Eponin," Marcus replied with a friendly grin and gestured for them to follow, "My Queen, this way. The Conqueror awaits you presence." He led them deeper into the courtyard.

The Queen and her party followed in tow.

The Conqueror sat upon her throne, silently observing her guests. Flashes overwhelmed her; hot...sweaty...raw...unbridled sex, with the most gorgeous woman around. Thoughts of the hayloft entered into her mind, as a small smirk formed.

Gabrielle stood to the right of her Liege, taking in sight of regal Amazons before her. I'm honored to meet the legendary Queen, who I've only seen in my dreams.

Callisto silently stood on her Liege's left, wearing her shined and highly polished armor. Her eyes glared at the pretty Oracle then, she turned to face the Amazons. Making frivolous treaties with the enemy...where did the MIGHTY blood thirsty Destroyer go? The blond warrior quickly turned emotionless, as she observed the Amazons approaching.

The Queen's black mask covered the grin that had grown at the sight of Conqueror. Gods...she had that look when we in the barn... She halted her procession and stood before the Destroyer of Nations. Sierra glanced at blond on Xena's right. She's truly a beautiful creature... She turned to the enigmatic Callisto. Keep an eye on that one...seems to be hiding something. Finally her eyes locked with a pair of charismatic blues.

The Conqueror rose from her throne, gracefully bowing to her guests. "Welcome to Corinth, my Queen..." she greeted, grinning.

"My Liege, the Nation thanks you for inviting us," the Queen responded, giving the signal to her all her guards to pay respect to their host.

All the Queen's guards instantly fell to one knee, leaving the Queen, her Regent and her Captain standing. In turn they too bowed to the Conqueror as well.

"I hope your trip went well," the Conqueror said, climbing down the stone steps towards her guests. Her second and Oracle followed right behind her.

The guards parted giving their Queen a path to the Conqueror.

The Queen approached her, followed in tow with her second and Captain. "Relaxing...would be a choice word," she remarked, lifting her mask and handing it to her Captain. "Thanks for the welcoming committee," she said, holding her hand out for the Conqueror to take.

The Conqueror took her hand and firmly shook it, "My pleasure..."

"Conqueror, this is my Regent Ephiny..." Sierra introduced her close friends, "And this is my Captain Eponin."

The Regent and Captain silently nodded to her, grinning.

"Nice to meet you both," Xena said, flashing them a friendly grin. She gestured to hers and introduced them as well, "You've met my second, Callisto and this is my Oracle, Gabrielle."

"Callisto," Sierra greeted then turned to the Oracle, "A pleasure to meet you Gabrielle." She held her hand out for the blond to take


Gabrielle placed the official documents before the Conqueror, "Sign here, my Liege and here."

The Conqueror signed her name on both and passed it back to her Oracle.

"My Queen, please sign underneath my Liege's signature."

"Alright, thanks..." the Queen said, signing her name and handed it back. "There you go, Gabrielle."

The leaders observed the Oracle signing her name as a witness to the signing. She rolled each of them up, kept one and handed the other to the Regent Ephiny. "Here you go."

Ephiny grinned and took the document, "Thank you, Gabrielle."

"It now, official." the Conqueror spoke up and stood up, "The realms have united and I do believe that there's a feast waiting for us in the dinning room. Let the celebration begin!"


The Conqueror kicked back another goblet of wine and sat it roughly upon the small table between herself and the Queen. She picked a grape from the bowl of fruit and plopped it into her mouth. She slowly chewed it, as she listened to Gabrielle's fairy tale come to an end.

A young girl quickly filled her Liege's goblet and stepped back.

"That is how Hercules, the immortal son of Zeus became a hero and legend to all," Gabrielle finished, grinning.

The room was in an uproar, clapping and cheering from all those who listened to the original tale.

"Thank you all!" The blushing Gabrielle replied, bowing to her responsive audience.

"Xena, now I know why you've kept that wonderful creature with you for this long..." the Queen remarked and added, "She possesses many talents."

"That she does," the Conqueror agreed, smirking.

Gabrielle approached the gazing leaders as they admired her. Feeling herself blushing once again as she found her place on the Conqueror's left. Her eyes were filled with an eternal love as she stared at her Liege. She hasn't struck me once since that night...and I'm forever grateful for it. Maybe this is truly a good day.

The Queen observed this and returned it with an acknowledged grin. She lifted her goblet to the Oracle, "Gabrielle, I'm honored to have heard your enchanting tale."

"Thank you, my Queen."

Sierra scanned the room and remarked, "So, Xena...I haven't seen your second around."

The Conqueror finished taking another sip and responded, "Callisto hates functions such as these...I'm having her give some of my troops a surprise maneuver. Keeps them on their toes, so to speak."

Sierra nodded as she took another sip from her wine. "So, how long have you owned Gabrielle?" She inquired, glancing over at the subject in question.

"Two years now, why?"

"I just wondered where one would find a woman such as her," Sierra expressed, taking a ripe strawberry and seductively bit into it.

"After disbanding a group of rebels outside of Poteidaia," Xena gently grasped Sierra's wrist and brought the strawberry to her awaiting lips. She finished the defenseless fruit and amorously sucked the juices from Sierra's fingers. "I came across a young creature working in the fields."

Sierra swallowed hard, "I see..."

"Her heavenly body caught my eye of course...the firm, tanned body of hers..." Xena revealed, "As soon as I moved in closer to the beauty, my eyes locked on pair emeralds and I was utterly overwhelmed. I knew then that I had to have her...possess her and make her mine." She finished her wine in one gulp and observed her servant pouring more wine into her cup.

Artemis whispered into her daughter's ear, "Sweetie, we need to talk."

"Forgive me, Xena..." Sierra turned to her drinking companion, "But I must excuse myself for a moment, from this enchanting affair."

Raising a worried brow and inquired, "Are you feeling bad?"

"No...I'm fine," Sierra informed, "My Mother is calling."

"Very well...I'll see you soon then."


Sierra was sitting upon the ledge looking out into a darkened part of the courtyard. Next to her sat Artemis, swinging her legs back and forth.

"Mother, what's so important-"

"Must a Mother need a reason to see her own daughter?" Artemis inquired, brushing her dark tresses from her loving eyes. "Besides, you seemed to be preoccupied for a moment there."

Sierra sighed and turned her gaze towards the heavens above.

"Sweetie, you know you can tell me anything."

"Thank you for giving me this gift of sight," Sierra thanked and expressed, "But sometimes, it can be a curse as well."

"Well, there must be a balance my child."

"I know," Sierra nodded and revealed, "I've seen our realms united, a traitor among us, the demise of a ruler, the freedom of creative soul and the..."

"I know," Artemis placed an assuring hand upon her daughter's shoulder, "Everything has a purpose...no matter if it's good or bad."

"What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger."

"Yes, little one..." Artemis leaned over and kissed her cheek, "That is the way."

"True...but I don't have to like it."

"No," the goddess shook her head and revealed, "Your role in it is vital...you know this."

"Yes, I know."


"Go and do your part," Artemis suggested and disappeared in flash.

"Come in!" Sierra called out, as she remained upon her perch above the guards below.

"Hello?" Gabrielle's soft voice replied back, as she stepped into the candle lit room. "My Queen, I was told to check on you."

"I'm out here," Sierra informed, "Come on over."

"Yes, my Queen..." she said, moving quickly to the Queen's side.

"Has she placed her mark upon you?" The Queen asked, while staring at a pulsating star.

Gabrielle a questioned look flashed before her face and she shook her head, "My Queen...no she hasn't, which is strange."

"Because her other slaves have one?"

"Yes, my Queen."

"Well, maybe she saw something different in you."

"Maybe, my Queen."

"Relax, Gabrielle..." Sierra advised, turning to the blond. "Skip with the formalities when were alone."

"Yes my-" catching herself, "Sierra."

"Good," Sierra grinned back and inquired, "So, does Xena know of your undying love for her?"

Gabrielle swallowed hard and uttered, "Pardon?"

"Does she know that you're her other half of her soul?"

Gabrielle blushes as she disclosed, "She knows that I love her."

Sierra nodded and continued, "Let me guess...she's believes that love is a weakness and releases her violent side in order to gain control over you."

How in the world would she know this...am I that readable? The Oracle silently nodded her reply.

"Warriors like us seem to have that unfortunate trait mixed in with our skills," Sierra remarked, "The good ones usually overcome this un-honorable attribute and give into their love."

"Do you think Xena will?"

"I don't see why not," Sierra shrugged, "You've seen the love in her eyes right?"

"Yes, very much so..." Gabrielle replied and added, "But the darkness seems to always overwhelm it though."

"What does your heart say?"

"It tells me Xena is my other half too and I must do whatever I can to make her see it."

Sierra turned her gaze to the Oracle and inquired, "What would you give to have this happen?"

Gabrielle abruptly answered, "Anything."

"Even if there would be harm done to you-"

She nodded, "Yes, if need be."

Sierra agreed with her honest reply and continued, "If you could have one wish, what would it be?"

Gabrielle eyes made contact with ones of brown and replied, "Freedom."

"Very good," Sierra remarked, with a grin from ear to ear. "Tell Xena that I'm in mood for a late night sparring session and would she honor me with the use of her talented body."

Why is she asking such questions...somehow there's just something about her. Gabrielle quickly responded, "Yes, Sierra of course."

Sierra winked at her and decreed, "We each have special gifts and sometimes they overlap the other. Don't worry, friend. I'll be waiting in the courtyard for you both."


Two Corinthian guards lit a few more torches around the yard, bringing more light onto the darkened area.

Sierra was standing on the side talking to Ephiny and assured, "Don't worry."

"You could be hurt."

"Well, then I will certainly learn from my mistake..." Sierra flashed a reassuring grin to her friend. "I'll be fine. Ephiny, you seem to worry about me more lately..." raising a brow to her close friend and remarked, "Something a Consort would do."

Ephiny blushed softly at the comment and remained silent.

Sierra noticed this and made a large note in her memory of this. Gods...never thought Ephiny would have felt like that. Humm...

The Conqueror spoke up, "Well, this will be first and I'm honored to spar with you my Queen." She approached, wearing her immaculately shined black leathers and a huge grin.

Gabrielle silently followed in tow behind her Liege.

"Thank you," Sierra acknowledged with a bright smile of her own, "Let's make the session interesting."

"Go on," Xena said, smirking.

"Let's say if I should win..." thinking about it for a moment, "I get whatever I want."

"All right," the Conqueror nodded and added, "And if I win...I will handpick 50 of the best from your Elite guard and have them train my men on their techniques."

"Very well," Sierra held out her hand, "You, have yourself a bet...my Liege."

The Conqueror took her hand and they shook, sealing the deal. "So, what weapons shall we use?"

"I don't know," Sierra shrugged and addressed Gabrielle, "Oracle, choose a weapon."

Gabrielle moved next to Ephiny, when she was called upon. "My Liege?"

Xena nodded, "Go on."

"Staves, my Queen."

The Conqueror glanced over at her guard, who was silently dispatched to bring the chosen weapons.

A moment later the guard came back with two staves and held them out for his Liege.

"Are you ready, Sierra?" the Conqueror inquired, chose one and twirled it around.

The Queen took the remaining one and twisted in her hands, feeling the balance. "But of course, Xena."

Xena instantly assaulted her with a series of thrusts, left, right, left, right, a leg swipe and a head swipe. Sierra quickly blocked all the blows, jumped, ducked and released a leg swipe of her own.


Callisto silently approached an occupied camp. Within it seven soldiers were relaxing. She observed that two tents were pitched and a boar was slowly roasting over the fire. She stealthily moved towards the larger tent, keeping an eye out for any unexpected guards when she was grabbed from behind and pulled into a tight embrace.

"It's about time you showed up," Brutus growled into her ear, "Caesar's waiting for you."


"Ahh...Callisto, did you bring the information?" Caesar inquired, with his eyes focused on his maps.

"Yes," Callisto replied, pulling out a scroll and held it out for him. "You have the gold?"

Caesar gestured towards Brutus, who pulled out a pouch and exchanged it for the scroll. He turned and handed the scroll to his Emperor.

Callisto opened the pouch and took a quick assessment of her reward. "It's nice doing business with you," she remarked, turning to leave.

"Would you like to triple that amount?"

Callisto halted and slowly turned to Caesar, "What do I have to do?"

"Bring me Xena's Oracle."


The rhythmic banging of the staves disrupted the silent calls of Natures creatures. Ephiny and Gabrielle were the only spectators besides a few guards to witness the evening's live entertainment.

Sierra kicked Xena in the chest and flipped back to give her some space. The Queen took the defensive, swinging her staff towards her opponent's head, faked a thrust and reversed it with a leg swipe.

The Conqueror stumbled back from the kick, ducked, blocked and instantly struck Sierra's rib cage. Realizing that she had overlooked the reverse and abruptly dropped to the ground.

Sierra grunted at the blow she received, swiftly disarming the Conqueror in one fluid move and pointed her staff to her sparring partner's throat. A grin formed upon her victorious face, "My Liege, that was invigorating."

A mischievous smirk replaced a stoic gaze of the Conqueror's, as the staff was removed from her throat. "Yes, my Queen it was."

The Queen held out her hand for the Conqueror to take and pulled her up. "I guess that means I get to choose whatever I want." She tossed her staff at her second, who instantly caught it.

"Yes, it does."

"My Liege and my Queen." Gabrielle said, approaching the pair and held out two mugs of water for each to take.

Xena took the mug and finished it one gulp, "Thank you," she replied, giving the cup back.

Sierra took hers and brought it to her lips. She finished it with two gulps and gave it back, "Thanks."

"Tell me what you want, Sierra."

Sierra abruptly decreed, "Gabrielle's freedom."

Gabrielle's eyes widened at those two simple words, as they finally sank into her heart.

"WHAT?" the Conqueror uttered, taking her emotions and placed them in check. "Why would you want that?"

"I believe that she's valuable person, who deserves to be free."

"You could have-"

"I know...her freedom will do," Sierra reaffirmed and suggested, "As good gesture...I shall transfer 50 of my Elite guards into your army. I hope that it will soften the loss of a talented person such as her."

"Very well," the Conqueror nodded, realizing that she did make a bet and it would look bad if she reneged. "She will have her freedom." She turned to her Oracle and decreed, "Gabrielle, you are free to do as you please."

Gabrielle glowed at the news of her freedom and grin formed from ear to ear. "I'm free!" she gasped, giving Ephiny a friendly hug.

Sierra glanced towards Gabrielle's direction and flashed her a comforting smile.

The Conqueror pulled Sierra in for a searing kiss and whispered, "My Queen, I expect you to accompany me back to my chambers."

Sierra was silenced by the unexpected kiss.

"My Liege, thank you for freeing me..." Gabrielle spoke up and approached her, "But I would like to stay here with you, my Lord."

The Conqueror raised a questioning brow, "Oracle, you confuse me...you wanted your freedom and now you have it. Yet, you want to stay with me?"

"Yes, my Liege..." Gabrielle responded and expressed, "I love-"

"Fine," the Conqueror interrupted, "Stay...we'll talk more about this in the morning," she turned her attentions towards a certain Queen, "But first, we have some unfinished pleasures to continue."

Sierra quickly glanced over at Ephiny and Gabrielle and gave them a reassuring grin.

The Conqueror took her hand and led her back into her castle. The Queen silently let herself be taken away.

Tears formed in Gabrielle's eyes at being shunned away, "But..."

"Don't worry," Ephiny placed a gentle hand upon the Oracle's shoulder, "What made you choose the staves?"

Gabrielle shrugged, "There's something about them."


A trail of armor and clothes led to steaming sub-level bath. Candles of all sizes were burning, giving of an intimate glow and a pitcher with two gold goblets sat on the edge.

Sierra reached over to grab her goblet of wine and was instantly pulled into Xena's embrace. She felt the firm breasts of the Conqueror upon her bare back, as a shiver of lust and desire overwhelmed all her senses. I've got to take charge of this...

Xena sensuously kissed a trail from the Queen's shoulder blade to a very sensitive neck. Where upon, she nipped at the flushed skin, as her hand found a perky nipple and pinched it. "I can quench your thirst, my Lady..." she purred, gently turning the Queen's head and adoringly kissed her.

Sierra's body betrayed her and fell into the sizzling kiss. Blood migrated towards a certain part of her body, as she ultimately spoke those four important words. "Do you love her?"

Xena paused for a moment, as the question finally registered. "Huh?" she muttered, eyes turning lustfully dark. "A four-letter lie between two individuals to get whatever they want," she recited and spun her prey around to face her. The Conqueror's lips locked on an erect nipple, sucking roughly then, slowly licking a circle around it

The Queen tried her best to keep conversation going to no avail, knowing full well that she couldn't change her part. She let a moan slip past her lips and felt the busy tongue slowly travel north.

Licking a trail towards a collarbone, past the erogenous neck and to a luscious pair of lips. She leaned over and planted a scorching kiss upon them. Xena ran her fingers though the Queen's short hair and roughly pulled her from the kiss. "You're mine," she growled, "I'm the only person who could make you feel this way," kissing her cheek, "Am I right?"

Sierra's breath quickened, as her body hungered for the Conqueror's touch.

The Conqueror outlined her majesties jaw line with her tongue and whispered, "I wonder," a hand lowered onto a furry mound and parted a set of nether lips. Feeling the warm center filled with the ambrosia she'd be longing to taste for the past few days and plunged two fingers in. "I believe your body knows the truth," she taunted, bringing her wet digits to her awaiting lips and sensuously licked them clean.

The Queen whimpered at the loss of the long fingers and the emptiness that came after. All her negative thoughts were thrown to a side room, slamming the door shut and locking it. Desire, lust and hunger for the Liege, released the longing that had been unrequited.

The Conqueror gazed into the submissive eyes of the Queen, which solidified it. She picked the startled woman up and tossed her over her shoulder and climbed out of the bath. "I'll show you who your Mistress is."


Gabrielle lay sleepless in her bed, listening to the thralls of ecstasy coming from her Liege's chambers. Why must I hear this...Gods, I'm free yet, I know I must stay here in order for Xena to realize that we belong together. A tear fell down her bruised cheek, as she fought off a sob. Part me wishes that I was in there...at least I would be with her. She wiped the tear with the back of her hand and curled up into a ball. She closed her eyes and tried to ignore the fact that the other half of her soul is making love to another.


Callisto silently stood there, listening to the moans and groans coming from her Liege's chambers. A smirk formed on her face, as she recognized the other voice as the Queens. "My...my...Xena, dumped your little blond for powerful Queen..." she muttered, "I'm impressed." She glanced over at the Oracle's balcony and a devious plan formed, "Maybe someone needs some company." She chuckled at the plan and entered the castle in search of a lonely Oracle.


Xena pumped her phallus fiercely into the bound Amazon. The leather straps held her captive's hands and feet apart, spreading her completely out. She bent down, nipping at an erect nipple and moved in for another blazing kiss. Her tongue entered a willing mouth, as she drove her favorite toy into the tight Queen. Propelling them both into a yet another exquisite orgasm. The Conqueror shakily removed the toy and slowly released the thick binds, freeing her captive. She then collapsed on top of her spent lover. "I love you, Gab..." she muttered softly, as her body succumbed to Morpheus' realm.

Sierra slowed her breathing down and enveloped the trembling Xena in her arms. A heartening grin formed upon her equally satisfied face. The mighty Destroyer finally succumbed to the truth...good.


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