Loving the Conqueror



Part 3

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Gabrielle slowly climbed out of bed, wearing only her shift. She opened the door and yawned, "Hello?"

Callisto was leaning against the doorframe, "Good evening Gabrielle."

"Callisto, what brings you to my door?"

"I was wondering if you would like to talk."

"About what?"

"May I enter?" Callisto inquired, brushing past the Oracle. "Did I catch you at a bad time?"

"Not really...I was only sleeping," Gabrielle responded, shaking her head and closed the door.

"Well, that's nice..." Callisto remarked, walking around the darkened room. "I'm surprised that anyone could sleep with all that moaning going on."

"Well, one must deal with one must deal."

Callisto plopped herself down on the Oracle's bed, "Oooo...so cryptic, Gabrielle."

"What do you want Callisto?"

"We have something in common."

"And that would be?"

The Liege's second nonchalantly stared at her nails, "Well, we've both been dumped by the Conqueror."

"I don't think-"

"Before you make an excuse for our Liege," Callisto interrupted, "I was once an honored warrior, second only to my Liege..." she sighed, "Now, I'm used as a common runner for her."

"Well, you are doing something important."

"Don't be facetious!" She grumbled, "While OUR Liege tossed YOU to the side for some Amazon ass, which by the way is nice."

Gabrielle rolled her eyes at the perverted comment, "Thank you for sharing...but our Liege will choose whomever she wants to sleep with."

"Doesn't it hurt just a little bit?" Callisto sat up and queried further, "Come on..." gesturing with her thumb and forefinger, "a tiny bit."

"I...it-it doesn't matter."

"If I was her sex slave...I'd be a bit peeved."

"Well, I'm NOT a slave anymore."

A brow shot up at that comment and she uttered, "What?"

"Xena freed me earlier this evening," Gabrielle revealed, "So, I'm a free citizen of Corinth."


"Does it matter?"

"I guess not," Callisto voiced, rising to her feet in utter shock.

Gabrielle opened her door and suggested to her late guest, "Would you do me the honor of visiting me at a time when the Sun is up?"

"Very well," Callisto exited out of the Oracle's room, "We'll have our girl talk later."

"Fine," Gabrielle nodded, closing the door and quickly bolted it. "I can't wait."


"I believe that you both need to talk," Sierra spoke up from the scroll she was reading. The Queen was wearing a plain black outfit, as she stretched out her legs. She rolled the scroll up and leaned back in her chair. "I know the truth and YOU know the truth."

The Conqueror was relaxing in her warm bath, sipping from her goblet of wine. "Impossible!" She rebutted and added, "I do not have feelings for HER."

"Well, I guess you just call out any old name when you orgasm."

"It was just a slip-"

"Sure, Xena..." Sierra muttered, as she rose to her feet. "Keep fooling yourself," she taunted and anxiously began to pace, "And I thought the Conqueror would be wiser than that."

"You think?" The Conqueror uttered, raising a brow at that comment. "Taunting me, huh?" She remarked, smirking.

"I know so."

"Get in the tub."

The Queen shook her head, "NO."

A brow shot up at her unexpected reply, "Excuse me?"

"I said no," Sierra repeated, "I will not be YOUR sex object anymore."

"You will do as I say."

Sierra faced the steaming Conqueror and decreed, "I am the Queen of the Amazon Nation and I bow to NO ONE."

The Conqueror was silenced by the Queen's outburst and realized her mistake, "I'm sorry if I offended you."

"Forgiven," Sierra quickly responded and continued, "Xena, I'd be lying if I told you that I didn't have fun...which by the way has left a colorful impression on me for seasons to come. My friend, I'm not the one."

Xena climbed out of the tub and approached the Queen, leaving a trail of wet footprints behind her. "Then who is?"

Gabrielle stormed into the room and bee-lined it to her Liege. She possessively sought the Conqueror's lips and passionately kissed her. Her tongue entered her Mistress' mouth and hunted for its partner, conquering it. The Oracle grabbed a handful of wet hair and roughly pulled Xena from her lips. Upon catching her breath and she spoke up, "I am."

Awed at the sudden aggressiveness of her little Oracle, "You think so?"

"I know so," Gabrielle retorted, releasing her Liege and sauntered out the door.

Xena just stood there, as her body betrayed her stony dexterity and began to melt the icy heart of hers. Realizing that within her dark heart a vital part was missing and she knew at that instant it belonged to her. She mentally tried to fight off the primal urge to follow the blond and released a low growl.

The Queen approached the Conqueror from behind and whispered softly, "Now, lie to me and tell me you didn't feel anything." She held out a silk robe and advised, "I suggest you find the other part of YOUR soul and make up. So, WE can get back to planning Caesar's demise."

The Conqueror turned to the grinning Queen and took the offering. "Thanks," she flashed her a sly smirk and rushed out, "I'll be back."

"Take your time."


Tears were streaming down Gabrielle's flushed cheeks, as sobs raked her body. I've done it now...I had to show her. "Please listen to your heart Xena," she whispered to the wind, "I'm there...we're there."

"I believe I took the first step," the Conqueror softly spoke up, as she wrapped her strong arms round her Oracle's waist and pulled her into her body. "With the help of a persistent Queen."

"I'm sorry," Gabrielle apologized, relaxing against her lover's body. "No, I'm not..." she corrected and turned around to face her, "I'm not sorry for loving you, Xena." Her eyes made contact with tear filled ones of the Conqueror. "We're meant for one another," she affirmed and gently wiped a falling tear from Xena's cheek, "Please, understand this."

The Conqueror caressed Gabrielle's cheek with the back of her hand, "I do, little one." The darkness subsided within her and unfamiliar warmth in her heart grew, spreading through her entire body. "Gabrielle, I don't know if I'm capable of love..." She honestly revealed, "And I'm not sure about all these feelings that I'm having."

"Xena, does it burn from deep within?"

Xena slowly nodded.

"When you try and push it away, does it come back with a vengeance?"

She silently nodded again.

"Does your darkness fear it?"


"It's love Xena," Gabrielle revealed, smiling. "One of the most revered emotions known to all of humanity."

The Conqueror leaned over and fervently kissed the woman who stole her heart. She abruptly picked Gabrielle up and quickly carried her to the bed. Xena hurriedly removed the cloth barriers that covered her lover's body and tossed them over her shoulder. Feeling her silk robe being removed as well. Xena hungered for those moist lips and moved in for another taste. She guided her love down, flesh upon flesh and positioned herself between the inviting legs of her mate.

"Xena, touch me..."

Xena obliged by gently squeezing her firm round breasts and nipping the small of her neck. A small growl escaped her lips as her thumbs bring nippy out to play. "I've desired you for far too long..." she whispered, taking a perky nipple into her mouth. "Oh, XENA..." Gabrielle moaned, felling her lover's tongue flicking her sensitive nipple. She ran her fingers through her lover's raven hair, feeling her body melt under that VERY talented tongue. "I need you..."

"What do you need, little one?" Xena inquired, licking a trail towards her other breast. She reached her goal, a firm nipple just waiting for attention and quickly latched onto it. Grazing its sensitive skin with her teeth and tongue.

"Xena, PLEASE..." Gabrielle shuttered, "I need your touch."

Xena moved up, needing to taste her again and hungrily sucked her Oracle's lip. Her tongue entered into an awaiting mouth and fought its owner for dominance. She pulled away from the battle the victor and breathed, "You have it..."

"Please Xena..." An out of breath Gabrielle spoke up, felling her loins burning with need. She roughly squeezed the firm buttocks of her Liege and warned, "Don't make me go Amazon on your ass."

The Conqueror raised a brow at her attempt to threaten and chuckle at the thought. Nevertheless, she lowered her hand towards the soft mound, caressing its fine blond hairs before teasing her love. She began nibbling on a blushed earlobe and breathed into it, "Ooooo...I think I like that."

Gabrielle moved herself to the wandering fingers of her love, in which happens to move away from her goal. "Xena..." she released a low growl, forcibly grabbed her tormentor's hand and guided it towards her center.

Xena grinned as her hand was guided to the warm center of her lover. She sought those voluptuous lips once more, as she plunged two fingers into the super moist entrance. Feeling her love shutter under her and the strong muscles tightening around her long digits. "I've always loved your heavenly scent Gabrielle."

Gabrielle released her breath as she met with the rhythmic thrusts of her Liege. "Oh gods!" She gasped as another finger was inserted into her tight entrance. She raised her thigh in between her lover's center, rubbing it. Feeling Xena's juices coating her soft skin and slowly moving down her thigh. "GODS XENNA...."

Xena gyrated her swollen sex against the offered thigh, releasing a throaty groan. Her thumb circled its prey before rubbing the already hard nub. She abruptly pulled her wet digits out and preceded to use her lubricated index finger on the nub, flicking and rubbing it until the all too familiar spasms quaked her loves body. She quickly brought herself to the edge of an orgasm and held it there, waiting for Gabrielle. "Gabriellleee," she drawled, focusing on bringing her Oracle to a climax.

Between Gabrielle's shallow breaths were the moans, "Xennaaa...yessss...Xeeennnaa!!" Feeling her body reaching its peak and impaled her fingernails into her lover's back. Her nub was abruptly pinched, startling her from all her thoughts and causing an inner explosion. "XEEEENNNNAAAA!!!!!" she cried out, as the powerful orgasm overtook her body.

"Rielle...Rielle..." Xena breathed, rubbing her erect nub one final time and released herself as well. "GABBBBBRRRIELLLEEEEEE!!!" Her overpowering orgasm erupted from deep within, freeing the darkness and cleansing her eternal soul. Xena's spent body quaked with tiny tremors and collapsed upon her mate. She instinctively wrapped her strong arms protectively around her recovering love and began to cry.

"I love you," Gabrielle whispered, cradling her soul mate's head upon her bosom. She ran her fingers through Xena's disheveled hair and tenderly kissed her on the head. "Xena, I'll always be with you..." she assured, kissing her once again. Feeling her lover's sobs mollifying against her body as joyful tears filled her blissful eyes.

"Rielle, I-I...uh."

"Don't force it," Gabrielle spoke up and expressed softly, "Let your heart guide you and you won't go wrong."

"Thank you," Xena whispered, giving her a reassuring squeeze before closing her eyes. "Rielle, I don't deserve this-"

"Don't say that," she interrupted, lifting Xena's head up and cradled her lover's face in her hands. She stared into the loving eyes of the Conqueror and decreed, "Of all the people in this world...you deserve it the most."

The Conqueror sniffed as a grin formed upon her face. She leaned over and captured those soft lips once again for another searing kiss.



Sierra was approaching her Regent when an overwhelmed pain erupted through her head. She dropped to her knees in pain as the throbbing to her temples grew and a flash of light blinded her.

"SIERRA!!" Ephiny called out and rushed to her Queen's side. "WE NEED A HEALER, NOW!!!"

"MY QUEEN!!!" Eponin shouted, charging towards them.

"No..." Sierra groaned, holding her face in her hands. "Not again..." she muttered, as blurred images flashed before her minds eye. Roman soldiers were brutally beating someone up, Caesar backhanding someone, a ship setting sail, Caesar viciously raping someone and finally a sea of blood. Another bright flash of light, then everything went black. Her body tensed up and she collapsed into her Regents awaiting arms.

Ephiny assured her, "Sierra, it's going to be alright..."


"She just collapsed?" The Conqueror repeated.

"Yes," Ephiny nodded, "She held her head in her hands before she collapsed in my arms."

"Did she say anything before she fell?"

The Regent replied, "Sierra only said no and not again."

Gabrielle brought in pitcher of water and sat it upon the nightstand, "Here you go, Karis."

Karis, the Conqueror's personal healer for the past ten winters now, wiped his patient's brow and wrung the rag into the bucket at his feet. He brushed his gray tresses from his intense brown eyes and spoke up, "My Liege, she has slight fever and is sleeping comfortably now. I'm sorry, but I found no causes for her majesties unconsciousness."

The Conqueror retorted, "None?"

Karis shook his head, "My Liege...none."

"Thank you, Karis..." the Conqueror said, "You may go."

"As you wish, my Liege..." he bowed and quickly exited out of the room.

The Conqueror turned to the Regent and probed, "Has Sierra ever collapsed before?"

"Never," Ephiny responded, glancing down at her sleeping friend. "Why?"

"To rule out any preconditions that might have affected her."

Ephiny thought back for a moment and shook her head, "Well, I've never even seen her sick."

"Hummm..." Xena contemplated it for a moment and accessed all her knowledge in the healing arts. "We must be overlooking something."

Gabrielle wiped the sleeping Queen's brow with the warm cloth and spoke up, "The Queen is an Oracle like myself."

Ephiny, Eponin and Xena turned to the blond and uttered in unison, "What?"

Gabrielle turned to them, "Sierra said that she had a gift like mine and that they overlap at times."

"An Oracle," Xena repeated, nodding. "It makes since. I've seen Oracles go into fits of spasms when they receive a vision."

"It must be one hell of a vision," Eponin remarked.

"They can be very draining on the body," Gabrielle enlightened.

"Gods..." Ephiny muttered, "I've been her friend for so long and never-"

"I'm sorry, Ephiny..." Sierra apologized, climbing out of bed. "I should've of told you."

"SIERRA!" Ephiny gasped, rushed up to her friend and passionately kissed her. She gently pulled away from her breathless Queen and chastised, "You scared the shit out of me!"

"I'm sorry..." Sierra stared into her worried eyes, "This time it got the best of me, I guess."

"Forgiven," Ephiny said, hugging her best friend. "We really need to talk," she whispered, kissing her gently on the cheek.

"Sure, Ephiny..." Sierra replied, pulling away from the warm embrace and turning to her guests. "Sorry, if I caused any inconveniences-"

"You didn't," the Conqueror gestured, "Besides I've got to keep Karis on his toes."

Gabrielle spoke up, "My Queen-"

"Gabrielle we're all friends here," Sierra stated, looking around her. "Sierra will be fine."

"Sierra, would you like to discuss your vision?"

"I'm sorry Gabrielle," the Queen shook her head and informed, "But I can't say anything right now."

"All right."

Sierra turned to her Captain, "Eponin, gather everyone up and have our horses ready for the trip home."

"Yes, Sierra..." the Captain replied.

"We're leaving tonight."

"As you wish, my Queen..." Eponin grinned and made a hasty exit.

Ephiny worriedly inquired, "Are you sure your up to traveling?"

"I'm fine," Sierra flashed her a reassuring grin and approached her host, "Xena, I want to thank you for being a VERY entertaining host."

"Thank you, Sierra..." Xena thanked and suggested, "You know you don't have to leave at this very moment."

"I know," the Queen nodded and held out her hand, "But the sooner we leave-"

"Alright," the Conqueror affirmed, taking her and firmly shook it. She pulled her friend into a warm embrace. "Safe journey's then, my friend."

"Well, that's the thing..." Sierra grinned and purposed, "I want to invite you both to my realm. Care to take a journey with us, my friend?"

The Conqueror turned to her grinning Oracle for a moment, seeking the answer. Gabrielle turned to her lover and quickly nodded a reply. "We humbly accept your offer and it would be an honor to travel with you."


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To be continued in Part 4