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Loving the Conqueror

Part 4


Corinthian guardsmen were patrolling around the large camp, as the Elite guards kept watch from their hidden perches above.

The camp was now settling in for the rest of the night. There were five campfires slowly cooking their various catches, many rabbits, a few squirrels and a raccoon or two. Amazons and Corinthian solders were huddled around the fires, relaxing and waiting for their meals to finish cooking.

Gabrielle was in a loving embrace of her Liege, as they silently sat before a large roaring fire. She thanked, "Xena, thanks for asking me earlier."

"Oh, the problem."

The hungry flames roasted their meal of three plump rabbits. The succulent juices dripped into the hot flames, causing it to sizzle and pop.

The Oracle spoke up, "Those rabbits are huge."

"Yes, they are..." the Conqueror nodded and inquired, "So, how do you like the trip so far?"

"It's beautiful country, Xena."

"I know..."

"The air feels cleaner and more refreshing," Gabrielle expressed, grinning.

Xena kissed her lover on cheek and affirmed, "That it does little one, that it does."

"Xena, shouldn't we turn the rabbits over?"

"I guess..."

"You guess?" Gabrielle repeated, turning to her love. "Don't you know how to cook?"

The Conqueror flashed her a reassuring grin, "Sorta."


"Yeah," she nodded and revealed, "I sorta burn it...does that count?"

Gabrielle nudged her in the gut with her elbow and chuckled, "Noooo...silly."

"Well, do you know how to cook?"

"Not really..." she shook her head and remarked, "How hard could it be?"

Xena was busy nibbling the neck of a certain blond Oracle to answer to the question before her. "I could be...verrryyyy...hard," she drawled, licking a trail towards her love's ear.



Sierra spoke up, "You have a point there..."

"Lick, lick, slurp, lick, lick, slurp, slurp, lick...uuuummmmm..."

The Queen was leaning against the trunk of the large oak, with her head back and eyes closed. Her breathing grew heavier and she softly moaned, "Godddeesssss..." She tightened her grip on the branch above her, bracing herself.

Ephiny was topless as she knelt before her Queen. Her tongue was flicking expertly over an erect nub, bringing her new lover to a peak of ecstasy. The musky taste of her best friend upon her lips caused her to shudder, feeling her own orgasm approaching. She wrapped her arms around her love's naked thighs steadying her for the impending release.

Sierra held the branch in a death grip, as her legs gave out from under her. Letting a loud guttural moan escape her lips and called out, "EPPPPHHIIINNYYYY!!!!!" Shuddering uncontrollably as her body finally reached its peak and more.

The Regent willingly lapped up all the sweet fluid that her lover gave her as a reward. She quickly licked HER Queen dry and gently kissed each thigh, before slowly traveling north to a pair of delicious lips. Ephiny sought those lips, as her tongue entered the willing lips and found its partner.

Sierra's hands were caressing the breasts before her, as her tongue fought for dominance. Feeling her clothes being hastily removed and tossed to the ground with her already discarded pants.

"YOU'RE ALL MINE, MY QUEEN..." Ephiny growled between breaths, pulling her lover into her body.


The Queen's voice echoed through the still night air, "EPPPPHHIIINNYYYY!!!!!"

Gabrielle and Xena looked up from their dinners and silently stared at one another.

"I guess their little talk was a productive one," Xena remarked, smirking.

"Stop that..." Gabrielle playfully punched her Liege in the arm, "Be nice."

"Me be nice?" she scoffed, "I'm the Conqueror, the Destroyer of Nations...being nice isn't in my handbook-"

Gabrielle leaned over and planted a searing kiss upon the Destroyer's lips, silencing her. "It is now," she gently decreed, staring into her lover's eyes.


"So, I heard your little talk went well..." Xena spoke up and nonchalantly brushed her hand upon her finely oiled black leathers.

Sierra eyed her riding companion, "Ephiny had some good points that I couldn't resist."

"I bet..." she remarked, tightening the silver chain that held her black cape in place.

"Besides, you two seemed to be enjoying yourselves as well."

"Thank you," Xena thanked, flashing her a grin.

"You're welcome," the Queen said, as her fellow traveling companions entered into the realm. "My friends, welcome to Ephesus." She glanced over at the Conqueror, then back at Gabrielle and Marcus.

"Wow," Gabrielle uttered under her breath and taking in the sight of the large Amazon tribe. "The legendary tribe of Ephesus."

"You've read about this place?" Marcus whispered, looking into the large gathering of Amazons.

"Of course," she nodded and enlightened, "Legend has it that Artemis came to the first Cyane in a dream. The Goddess foretold that she would build a great tribe for her sisters and for generations thereafter."

"Interesting..." he said and disclosed, "All I know about it is that men are not allowed. Gods, by some chance that one may enter their lands- let's say...they're never heard from again."

Sierra overheard the pair talking and spoke up, "Tis true about no males allowed, but times have changed. They are only allowed upon our lands, with the Queen's permission and or blessing. Some of our sisters are married to males and contrary to popular belief...males do live with their mates, along with their male offspring. Some do by chance, live in the various Centaur villages nearby. Males do not hold any power whatsoever. Some are even are taught how to fight if they so desire it, while others do basic chores."

Marcus and Gabrielle silently turned to the other.

"About the myth that we kidnap men from their warm beds and force them to become our studs..." she revealed and added with a mischievous grin, "Well, that's true."

"You're kidding...right?" he uttered aloud.

The Conqueror chuckled at her gullible, head of Security.

"Nope," Eponin affirmed, flashing him a toothy grin and quick wink.

Marcus finally got the joke and muttered, "Ha...ha...ha."

Amazon sisters greeted them with welcoming cheers and chants. "HAIL QUEEN SIERRIA!!!" they shouted and fell to one knee as she passed them.

"Greetings, my sisters!" Sierra shouted, grinning warmly towards her sisters. "Welcome the Nations new ally and friend, the Conqueror."

Her Amazon sisters honorably saluted the Conqueror. They instantly made a fist with their right hand, hit their upper chest and raised it to their ally in respect.

The Conqueror scanned the large crowed of Amazons around her, grinning and returned their greeting.

The procession halted in the center of the tribe and everyone quickly dismounted.


A large black and gray falcon glided through the late afternoon breeze. His wings expanded to its full length, gracefully banked and revealed a small parchment tied to its right talon.

A cloaked rider sat upon a gray mare on top of a ridge, overlooking a flowery meadow. The rider lowered their hood, revealing Calisto deep in thought. She wore a thick leather glove upon her left hand and held it out, waiting.

The large hawk squawked out. He then made his descent towards a familiar gloved hand, making a perfect landing upon the offered hand. He squawked another greeting, instinctively brought his wings into his body and looked up at his mistress' caring face.

"Hello, Grahf..." she greeted, removing the message from his leg. "How's my little boy?"

He replied with an ecstatic squawk.

"What did you think of the nice Romans?" she sarcastically inquired, unrolling the parchment and reading it.

Grahf squawked twice, lifted his tail and doodied.

"That much, huh?" Callisto remarked, grinning.

Friend of Rome's,

We will meet you at the ruins. Remember under no circumstances is the blond to be harmed.


"Pompous ass..." she grumbled, "What does he think I idiot?"

Grahf silently stared up at her.

"We'll see who's laughing in the end," she muttered to her bird, "Now won't we?" Callisto abruptly nudged her horse forward, down the worn path.


A celebration was taking place in the center of the Tribe, welcoming the new way to come. Dancers were forming a circle and moving gracefully to the rhythmic drums. Lone calls and shouts, from other joyful sisters harmonized with the ritualistic chants.

The Queen silently sat upon her throne that overlooked the festivities. On her right, sat a grinning Ephiny. The Conqueror was to the left and next to her an empty chair.

"Come dawn, you can choose the best from my Elite," the Queen stated.

"That will be fine," Xena nodded, glancing over at her approaching lover.

Gabrielle carried with her four mugs of wine and held them out for everyone. "Here you go, guys."

"Thanks, love..." Xena spoke up, flashing her a grin and taking an offered mug.

"Thanks," Sierra grinned, relieving her of a mug.

"Gabrielle thanks..." Ephiny said, taking a small sip from it.

"You're all welcome," Gabrielle spoke up and made herself comfortable next to Xena. "This is great!"

Ephiny enlightened, "Well, Amazon celebrations can be a hoot at times!"

The Conqueror silently nodded.

"Yes," Sierra agreed, "You never know what's going to happen."

Gabrielle turned her gaze upon the dancers before her. She observed that four young girls, carrying staves entered into the center of the circle. "They're so young..." she uttered and noticed that each girl was not more than fourteen winters old.

The young bloods paired up and began a graceful dance with their staves. Upper thrust, lower thrust, right, left, right, left, leg swipe and head swipe. Each partner blocked the other with ease and retaliating with their own series of attacks.

"We start to teach them on their tenth season," Ephiny revealed, taking a sip. "They start out on the Staves and go from there."

"Wow..." Gabrielle muttered, observing them with youthful enthusiasm. Her eyes glowed and her heart thumped louder by the Staves impact on one another. Something familiar is calling me... "Is it hard to master?"

"Hard is relative," Xena responded, eyeing her lover and realized what she had in mind. "It takes a lot of work and even then...a wise master knows that learning is a never-ending path."

"When one believes that the lesson is at an end, then they are the fools..." Sierra added and continued on, "For a fool believes they're a Master and deemed that continuous training is worthless."

"Of course," Gabrielle nodded and expressed, "I'd loved to learn how to use a staff."

"Very well then," Sierra said, rising to her feet. "Let's assess your abilities," she revealed, turning to one of the teens and held her hand out. "May I?"

The young bloods halted their sparring and took a step back.

"Yes, my Queen..." the young Amazon bowed her head and handed her Queen the practice staff.

The dancers stepped back, clearing a large radius around their Queen. The celebrators paused in their actions and turned their attention towards center of the circle.

"You want me to spar with you?" Gabrielle uttered aloud, "But...I don't know-"

Sierra interrupted, "You'd be surprised to know that some individuals have a natural talent for it."

"But..." the Oracle turned to her lover for support, "Xe?"

"I don't know..." the Conqueror hesitantly spoke up and placed a gentle hand upon her knee, "It's up to you love,"

"I have a feeling about you," the Queen expressed with a sly smirk, "I'll be very gentle with have my word."

"If you think so," Gabrielle responded and rose to her feet. She glanced over at Xena, whose eyes radiated with support. She slowly approached Sierra, "Alright then." Another young blood handed a practice staff to her. "Thanks," she said, taking the worn staff and faced her first sparring partner, which happened to be the Queen of the Amazons. Am I fool or what? Nahh... "Promise?"

"I promise."

"Okay, what do I do?" the Oracle inquired, tightening her grip on the hardwood staff. Feels like its part of extension of myself. A tingling sensation overwhelming her entire body and something awoke in her soul. She instinctively twirled the staff in her hands and once around her body, warming herself up. in the world? It feels so natural.

Xena raised a brow at her lover's warm up. Nice...considering that she's never welded one before. She glanced across the clearing and noticed that Marcus was deep in conversation with a cute brunette. A small smirk formed upon her face, as she turned back to her love.

"Okay," the Queen spoke up, "I want you to attack me with your staff."

"But...I don't know-"

Sierra twirled her staff, loosing herself up and moved into position. "Just go by instinct, Gabrielle. I can handle it...I'm not an innocent maiden, you know."

Gabrielle nodded, "Alright."

"Good," she flashed her a grin, "All you have to say is stop and we'll quit, okay?"

"Sure," the blond responded and made her move. She attacked with a quick thrust to the head, then a left, right, left, right and leg swipe.

Sierra grinned broadly as she instinctively blocked the thrust, then halted the left, right, left, right moves and jumped over the swipe. She countered with a slowed series of right, left, right, left moves, then a leg swipe of her own.

Gabrielle dissipated all her sparring partner's blows, with perfect blocks of her own and quickly leapt over the swipe. A small smile formed upon her face, as she swung her staff towards her opponent's head, faked it and reversed it with an instant leg swipe.

The Queen blocked the swipe with her foot, brought her staff up and under Gabrielle's. Neatly pulling her off balance and was about to finish the move off.

"STOP!" Gabrielle uttered, as she was about to fall flat on her face.

Sierra instantly held onto her sparring partner and brought her back to her feet. "You okay?" she inquired, taking a quick once over and made sure she didn't harm the young Oracle. "I didn't hurt you did I?"

"Oh, no..." Gabrielle spoke up, taking in a much-needed breath. "I'm fine...I was scared that's all," she revealed, wiping her brow with the back of her hand.


"I can't believe that I just did that," she gasped, grinning broadly.

"Well, my instincts were right about you..." the Queen disclosed, "You are a natural through and through."

"I still don't believe it..."

"Well, believe it..." Sierra affirmed, tossing both staves back to their perspective owners. "I would advise your lover over there to start on your lessons," she gestured and teased, "I mean in between the lovemaking and all."

"Hey," Gabrielle nudged her in the side and lowered her voice a notch, "I could say something about last night-"

Sierra flashed her a guilty grin and enlightened, "Learning is like opium...once you tried it you can't get enough of it."

"So, true."


The Moon's rays shone into the large guest hut, which glistened the sweat from the heated bodies. The young lovers were intertwined in each other's arms after a gentle session of lovemaking.

"That was-" Gabrielle drew a blank and chuckled at herself, "Gods...I can't even describe it."

Xena beamed at her dumbfounded lover and placed a gentle kiss upon her head. "Rielle, you're the one that brings it out of me love."

A blush over came her entire body at the sweet comment. She lowered her head upon Xena's chest and gently kissed a breast. "Xe, that's so sweet...but I can't take all the credit-"

"Yes, you can."

"But, Xe-"

"Listen to me Rielle," Xena spoke up, as she ran her fingers through her lover's short hair. "YOU..." she purred, "My lovely Oracle/Bard have lightened up my otherwise dark life. YOUR light subdued the dark entity that held me a prisoner." She kissed her forehead again, "And for THAT I'm eternally grateful. So, when I say that you deserve all the credit...then by all HERA, you do."

Gabrielle tightened her embrace and whispered, "Xe, thank you letting me into your life."

"The pleasure is all yours," she retorted, smirking. "You stayed, as I recalled."

"You know what I mean," she growled playfully.

"I know and you're welcome," Xena said and congratulated, "Your first sparring session was a success."

"You think?"

"Yes," she nodded, "I'm very proud of you."

"Thank you..." she murmured and snuggled up, "I didn't even body just reacted. It felt so natural."

"That's good, Rielle..." Xena affirmed and revealed, "I knew you were special, when I first laid my eyes upon you."

"Really?" Gabrielle probed, lifting her head up.

Xena nodded, "Would you like me to teach you?"

"Would you?" she asked, eyes beaming.

"It would be an honor."


"Now, lets get some rest..." Xena advised, chuckling. "We have a busy day ahead of us."


The pressing of her bladder caused Gabrielle to slowly wake from Morpheus' realm. She gently pulled herself from the Conqueror's protective embrace and climbed out of bed. "Tartarus..." she muttered under breath.

Xena felt the comforting weight lift off of her and lazily muttered, "What's wrong Rielle?"

"Go back to sleep, Xe..."

Xena half-heartedly raised her head and opened a sleepy eye, "You sure?"

"A bush is calling me."

"K..." the sleepy-eyed Conqueror laid her head back down and fell back asleep.

Gabrielle threw on a shift and whispered back, "I love you Xe." She silently exited out of the hut and made a beeline towards a large cluster of bushes behind the hut. After she was finished with her business, she heard a branch snap in two. "Who's there?" she whispered, looking around her. She suddenly felt a needle prick her in the shoulder and glanced down. Her eyes widened at the site of a dart embedded into her flesh. "What the?" she muttered, pulling it out.

A smirking Callisto stepped out from the shadows, "It's only little old me."

"Callisto?" she gasped out, as the world around her grew fuzzy and everything went dark. She then collapsed to the ground in a soft thud.

"Awwww..." Callisto purred, caressing Gabrielle's cheek. "You look so peaceful sleeping beauty. No wonder you're our Conqueror's sex toy—I should get a tiny taste of you my dear and find out what's so special about you." She picked her up and tossed the unconscious girl over her shoulder. The second in command then disappeared back into the shadows, carrying her precious cargo with her.

I guess all that time I spent with those Amazons when I was growing up paid off. Callisto unceremoniously flung her cargo onto her horse and mounted behind her. She sat her prisoner up and wrapped her arms around Gabrielle's waist, taking the reins. She spurred her mare on and charged out of the scene. "You are a beauty," she murmured, taking in the sweet smell of the young thing. "You have her scent upon you. I'm going to have to clean you up...I don't like sloppy seconds, my dear."

Gabrielle woke with a startle, as her body was drenched with freezing water. She tried to cry out, but a cloth tied around her head muffled it. "OMUPH!!!" she muttered and tried to struggle. Her hands and feet were tied down and she was spread eagle. She felt the soft ground underneath her and the soft breeze upon her naked flesh. What happened? The last thing she remembered was seeing Callisto's smirking face. Gods, NO!!!

"OOOOO...your finally awake," Callisto taunted into her ear, "It's no use, can't get away from me and when I'm through you won't want too either."

"FUNKU!!" she roared back, the curse muffled. Her eyes glared at the fully clothed blond next to her.

"Insulting me will get you everywhere," she purred, kissing the Oracle's nipple. A tongue darted out, caressing its nub and bringing it to out to play. "Is this what she does to you?" she inquired, as she settled her body between her captive's thighs. She ran her index finger casually down the Gabrielle's abs and further downward. Her mouth watered and her loins called out to take this woman before her, NOW. She chuckled at herself and brought her lips upon the erect nub, nibbling it.

Please no...don't do this. She whimpered, feeling her body betraying her for this sick bitch. Xe, please help me... Gabrielle felt the unwelcome tongue move further south and knew she would lose this fight if she didn't try and break free. She struggled once more and felt the leather ties holding her down tight. She released a sigh and closed her eyes to the inevitable.

"Still have some fight in ya after all," she gloated, "Makes no difference, sweetie. I'll make you beg for release." Callisto paused for a moment at the curly patch of her prisoner's and took in the aroused scent. "See, Gabrielle...your body likes my touch."

Gabrielle imagined herself in a field with Xe holding to her close. She was abruptly brought back to reality by a swift nip to her erect nub. "OOMPH!" she gasped, opening her eyes and glanced down at the guilty offender.

"Keep your eyes focused on me," Callisto growled, sucking the nub gently. Her eyes were filled with lust and hunger, as she plunged her tongue into Gabrielle's moist center. The taste was heavenly upon her heated lips. The muscles instinctively tightened around her tongue and she released a low moan. Her loins roared out for attention, as well and continued to thrust inside the woman's center, raping her.

Gabrielle's eyes never left Callisto's even after the penetration. Tears filled her eyes and cascaded down her flushed cheeks. She had no way of stopping this and was utterly defeated on top of that. Her body continued to betray her, as she felt the heat building from with in.

Caesar stealthy came up from behind her and violently pulled Callisto from his captive. He tossed her into the arms of his awaiting soldiers and roared, "I told you NOT to harm her!"

"I wasn't harming her!" Callisto retorted and tried to unsuccessfully to gain her composure, "She wants it."

"I don't want to hear any of YOUR excuses," he growled and lowered his attention to young Oracle. His eyes ravished over the blond, then focused on the blue-green ones that stared right back. "Untie her," he ordered, "Cover her and bind her hands in front of her."

A large soldier nodded, "Yes, Caesar."

"Callisto, I should kill you for disobeying my orders..." Caesar remarked, turning to the Conqueror's second. "I might have need of your skills, you're free to go."

The guards released her and stepped back.

"If I do anything for you..." she retorted, "I want double the pay."

"Very well," he shrugged and punched her brutally in the gut. "That's for disobeying me."

Callisto dropped to her knees at the unexpected blow.

Caesar leaned over and whispered into her ear, "If you betray me again...I will break every bone in your body, then crucify you. Do you understand me?"

She silently nodded her reply.

"Good," he said and faced his awaiting captive, "Put her on my steed."


To be continued in Part 5...

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