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***NOTE this is sort of a sequel to my previous short story 'The Princess and The Roady' If you haven't read it, I would suggest you read that first. It just makes sense that way. ***


The Frog Becomes A Prince?

By: Orhea (the dreamer)

"You have to be joking!" Doc Cork, as some of the local residents had begun to name her slammed her hand on the wheel in frustration. Her irritable, ice blue eyes glared out into the evening for a half a second, before she pulled the emergency break, switched on her emergency lights, and stepped out of her truck. "Damned good time to have a flat tire!" She would have kicked her truck, but it was her baby still, and so she refrained, kicking the tire instead. For the past three weeks Corrine had attempted to propose to her girlfriend, and failed miserably each time. The first week she'd surprised Jesse at work, taking her out to a romantic meal in a swanky restaurant overlooking the lake. Everything had gone perfect, the ambience, the music.. and then Jesse's parents had called. Her father, the old windbag had had a heart attack. So instead of making love in the rose scented sheets cork had painstakingly prepared, the two had spent all night at the hospital, and then Cork had driven the visibly shaken Jesse home. They curled on the couch and she'd woken up with the back ache from hell. Bad luck happens to everyone. Surely it wouldn't happen again. It was another week before Cork tried again. This time she took her lover on a picnic. The sun was just setting, she had a gourmet picnic set up, a small radio playing low in the background.. and then her pager went off. Now it was pushing on the third week and the damned ring was burning a hole in her pocket. She spent weeks just combing the jewelry stores, picking out something stunning. The thing cost a mint, two diamonds, with a white gold infinity symbol circling them, there was even a matching wedding band. They were the perfect size, seven and a half. Cork had to snag Jesse's high school ring to find that out. Tonight had been her chance to try again. Jesse was having a family gathering, and Cork figured, why not put herself on the line and do it the old fashioned way? She'd even ask the old bastard for his daughter's hand, whatever made her girl happy. The gathering had started at six o clock, and it was now approaching eight. Cork knew Jesse had expected her to be late, but Cork was pretty sure that this was epic. She's gonna tear you a new one Cork. Cork visibly paled, even as she began to jack up the truck. Best not think of it now sucker..


"She's been acting weird lately." Jesse brushed a curl over her ear, her brown eyes scrunched in concern.

Gabby shrugged and took a sip from her coffee filled cup, dinner was over, everything was winding down, and the former roady hadn't showed.

"Last week she took me on a picnic right? She starts to get nervous, so I think maybe she wants to fool around or something.. So she turns around and tells me she has something to show me but her pager went off. Well not only did she jump sky high but she cussed like a sailor, mentioned something about being cursed. Now this happens." Jesse gave a little sigh and sat down on the porch swing. Damn Cork! She'd been so busy these last weeks that Jesse was starting to feel neglected. Not only that, but she was starting to get worried with the no show.

Maybe Cork was getting tired of her.

After spending a year getting reacquainted since their fifteen year separation, Jesse had fallen more and more in love with her amazon cowgirl. They were now at year two. Even when she did leave her muddy boots on the floor after a hike or left an empty milk carton in the fridge, all she had to do was give Jesse one look from those arctic eyes and Jesse melted to the floor. With a sigh she folded her legs under her and looked out in the night. It was summer, and the fireflies were twinkling off and on around the bushes. She was wondering at the fact that fireflies had been getting scarcer in the recent years when she spotted the truck winding the drive.

"She's here!" Jesse scrambled from her position, forgetting her flip flops and ran to the side of the house.

"Well damn, and you didn't hear a word I said." Gabby shook her head, mumbling under her breath and sighed. "Love makes a fool outta ya."

"Where in the name of heaven have you been?" Jesse felt her cheeks flush as her lanky girlfriend, dressed in a neat black business suit, lept out of the truck.

"Ah damn I'm sorry baby, the truck hit something in the road and I had to fix the flat or drive on the ball of the tires. It took longer than I expected." Her expression was rueful and she reached out to pull Jesse in a gruff hug. She seemed to relax when Jesse offered no resistance.

"I was worried Cork. You should have called me. It's been hours and I thought something might have happened..."

Corrine had the decency to look chastened and shuffled her heeled feet. In those heels, Jesse's face was usually reaching just at those high breasts. Not that Jesse minded. She felt those long fingers wrap around her chin and lift it up gently. She didn't know why, but tears sprang in her eyes and slid down her cheeks. Corrine's blue eyes darkened and she looked away briefly before giving Jesse a tight squeeze. "I'm really sorry, I keep messin up. Please don't cry, shit! Look I'll make it up to you, your family still here?"

"Sorry" Jesse could feel her cheeks turn red and she dashed at her eyes. "No, dad went to bed early, he's still not feeling up to speed. What happened with your phone?" Jesse took a step back, breaking contact. Cork's face twisted into a pained expression and she shook her head.

"Damn thing was out of range…" She mumbled something that Jesse didn't quite catch.

"What?" Jesse tilted her head up at the tall woman. She didn't mean to get teary; too much was going on in her life right now.

"Nothin, sorry.. I guess we should head home?"

"I brought my car, and Gabby came with me. I'll drop her off and meet you home."

She didn't give Cork the usual parting kiss.


Angry with herself, Cork arrived at their little house and entered through the back kitchen door. Flipping on the light switch she growled and tossed her keys irritably on the marbled kitchen sink. One of the couple's favorite pass times was working on the house together. They refinished the cabinets themselves, but both had agreed to have the countertops done by professionals. Cork recalled the squeak of delight when she presented Jesse with a window box for herbs. Jesse had thanked her with a proper kiss, pressing the taller woman against the sink. Her lips quirked up into a faint smile then;she knew Jesse was steamed, but there was love between them. Their love was magic and it wasn't something you could just find anywhere.

"It's time to work some magic old girl." She snagged a snack cake from the cabinet and made her way, barefoot to the living room. The women had both agreed that they loved music more than t.v. so though they did have a television, they'd spent more time on the media center. It was equipped with a cd changer and speakers, but even more fantastic was the old record player. Polished to a high finish, the record player was placed just under a window in the left side of the room. The two often surprised each other with a new record to add to the collection from time to time. Cork skimmed the titles and decided on Miss Patsy Cline. A few moments and soon enough her soulful voice filled the house. Cork smiled to herself as she began to light candles to the living room, filling it with a soft light. She opened the windows to catch a breeze and pulled the pins from her hair, letting the inky black strands fall over her back like a cape. She ate the snack cake on the way back to the kitchen, pausing to grab ice from the freezer.

By the time her lover entered through the kitchen door, Corrine had a whole blender full of margarita.


She was humming softly to the tune of 'Crazy' when Jesse walked in. The sight was.. impressive. They locked gazes from across the room. Corrine's hair framed her face in the light, which highlighted that electric blue color of her eyes. Her shapely lips formed into a wry smile and holding two glasses of margarita, she came from around the island and placed a soft kiss on Jesse's mouth.

"I love you," She inclined her head. "Come to the living room and relax. "

Jesse felt like a fish on a hook at the moment. She imagined there was some sort of cord that held them together, where Cork went, Jesse would be tugged along by the force of that thin thread. Her throat dry, she followed Cork's retreating form into the living room. "You didn't have to.."

"I did, for me and for you. God I hate it when you cry and worse if it's because of me. Here" She held out a glass and Jesse took it, allowing herself to be nudged onto the couch. Corrine sat beside her, kissing the side of her neck.

"I didn't mean to cry." Jesse sipped the drink, welcoming the cool sensation sliding down her throat.

"You're heart did. You've been through allot, and I've been fumbling for weeks.."

"Is something wrong?"Jesse finally voiced the question that had given her such grief these last weeks since Cork started behaving oddly. She was startled when she looked up to see a shocked expression gazing back at her.

"No! I mean.. yeah kinda.. not with you, with me.. "Corrine raked her fingers through her hair and sat the glass down, then she began to pace. The action set Jesse's heart fluttering. What was going to happen to them? Was it going to be over then? Instantly, she felt her throat clog at the thought and she sat her glass down too, trying to hide more unwanted tears.

"Tell me Corrine, please? I can't stand feeling like you're keeping something from me. I don't like not knowing.. if it's bad.." She ducked her head, rubbing her hands together.

Cork ceased her pacing. "NO no.. its not.. I want us to get married.. I mean." A loud whoosh of air came from the vicinity of the former roady and Jesse looked up abruptly, taken aback.


Corrine moved to her knees in front of her lover and gazed into her eyes. Jesse felt the familiar falling sensation clear to her toes. Something inside of her sparked when Cork grabbed her hands and kissed her fingertips. "I know it's not exactly legal.. but we can have a ceremony. I just.. I want you to be my wife. I mean.. "She took a ragged breath. "Jesse Kramer, you are my soul mate. This is our magic, you and me, and I'd be so honored if you'd marry me."

Jesse felt a sob swell up in her throat and break like a damn in a storm, flooding her eyes and sending a familiar tingling all over her body. "Is that.. that what it was?" In spite of her tears she smiled. "Oh Cork, you idiot, you could have just asked. "

Cork grimaced and shook her head. "No no, you kiddin? You are like, so special Jesse, you deserve to be wined and dined and worshiped. I tried so many times and they all failed it was like the heavens were having a good laugh at my expense."

Jesse blinked a few times and giggled. "So that's what all of that was about."

Corrine offered a sheepish grin and reached into her pocket, pulling out a black case. "This isn't how I planned it, but I couldn't have you thinking I'm trying to back out on us, you're stuck with me, if you'd have me." She opened a case and held it up like an offering. The normal, confident woman turned bright eyed school maid, and she bit her lower lip waiting for Jesse's response.

Jesse wiped another tear and took the offering, touching the winking diamonds gingerly. "It's beautiful. However did you find it?"

Cork squirmed, her cheeks flushing. "Took me a while, the design is rare, but the infinity symbol, it just fit, because I will love you forever I'm thinking.. Jesse, do you need time to think? Because I-"

Jesse couldn't hold back her desire to kiss Corrine's sweet mouth. She slid onto her knees next to the taller woman and breathed into her neck after a long moment. "Corrine, it had to be you, because I'm ruined for anyone else. I love you so damned much." She pulled back a bit so they could meet eyes. "I'll marry you, but on one condition.."

A dark brow shot up. "What condition is that?"

"You don't tell the kids how I ruined your shirt with my tears." She wrinkled her nose and fumbled with Cork's blouse, unaware of how the last statement threw the other woman for a loop. She heard Corrine laugh and gave her a playful slap.

"Deal" Cork sighed with relief and they held each other for a long time before either of them moved.


She put the hard won ring on her princess's finger, pausing to kiss her palm, then her lips. The record had ceased playing, but it had served its purpose. There were times when the two would lay in bed late into the night and Corrine would feel as though there was absolutely no way she'd ever be happier than that moment. Today was the icing on the cake. No way to top it, ever. She reached up to take the barret from Jesse's hair, getting her fingers tangled in the curls.

"Tell me you love me?"

"Of course I do."

"I just like to hear it." Their lips met again, harder than before, but slow, exploring. Cork felt her heart hitch in her throat and the familiar throbs of desire reverberate through her body. She nibbled Jesse's chin, sliding down to her neck and sucking lightly on the soft flesh between her jaw and her shoulder. She was rewarded with the sound of Jesse's hitched breath, and the familiar press of her breasts against her. Her highly sensitized body was aware of the shorter woman's fingers slipping beneath her shirt, making little circles at the small of her back.

"mm I will say it again and again if you keep doing that... "

"Sounds like a challenge." Cork released the buttons of Jesse's blouse, letting her fingers run over the smooth satin of her chest and squeezed her breast through the soft material of her bra.

"ah.. if you want." Jesse's words had come out in a low moan, her head tilted back and to the side, dark lashes shadowing her honey cheeks in the dim candlelight. Corrine felt her heart surge from her chest and lodge into her throat.

"yes ma'am, I want." The next moments were filled with the whisper and tears of fabric being removed from skin, and the light presses of Corrine's lips to each bit of flesh she could find. She loved it when her Jesse moaned, the little whimpering sounds she made, and how though she tried, she could not remain composed. Her fingers trailed over the soft flesh of Jesse's belly, sliding off the scrap of underwear. "Gawd woman, you're so damned perfect!" She breathed the words into Jesse's ear, taking that bit of flesh between her teeth. Jesse's nipples hardened into beautiful dusky nubs in the palms of her hands. She rubbed over them slowly untill Jesse made a sound of frustration and bucked up as if to flip them over. Cork caught her wrists, claiming one of those buds into her hot mouth.

Jesse hissed through her teeth. "Corrine!"

In response Corrine only nipped and trailed kisses over to the next peek. "Are you ready for me already lover? " There was plenty of evidence of that on her belly, but she wanted to hear it.

"You know I am Cork… you drive me crazy!"

"Ah princess, I have you at my mercy." Corked let her fingers trail the inside of Jesse's thighs.

"Not a good place to be my roady, hmm.. ah.. if I am a princess.. then you are going to be my prince?"

Cork paused, having kissed her way down Jesse's belly and tilted her head, blue eyes darkened with desire as she gradually pressed Jesse's thighs wider apart. "hmm.. I could live with that." Her tongue darted lightly over the bundle of nerves at her lover's sex. "I'll treat you like a princess the rest of my life, I swear." She slid a gentle, testing finger into her lover, and was rewarded with a flood of warmth and a gentle pull.

Jesse gave a little screech and squirmed against Cork's hand. "I love you the way you are, roady. Ah.. Cork stop teasing me!"

"yes ma'am" They both took great pleasure when Cork proceeded to do just that.


In the dim hours of the morning, Jesse opened her eyes. She was met with the welcome vision of Corrine's smooth, tan skin stretched out like a plain over hard muscle. Jesse could tell by the sound of Cork's breathing that she was very much asleep. She smiled, pressing a kiss just under Corrine's right breast before slowly entangling herself from her lover's long limbs.

Not just her lover now, her fiancé. Jesse lifted her hand to test the cool metal of the ring, oddly, it wasn't that cold at all, oddly warmed. She pulled the throw they'd huddled under over Corrine's body, though the thing didn't cover her completely, at least it was something. Her body still tingled and ached deliciously from the previous night's love making. How she loved it when her roady came apart in her arms! Just for that, Jesse leaned over to place a feather light kiss on cork's forehead, and turned, tossing Cork's shoulder over her head before slipping into the kitchen.

There was still margarita in the blender, and Jesse busied herself washing it out before starting on breakfast. She'd go the old fashioned route; fry some leftover ham with scrambled eggs, toast, and some of those strawberry preserves she bought from the local general store. The coffee was just done dripping, ham sizzling on the griddle when she felt Cork's arms wrap around her middle from behind.

"mm.. I smell coffee."

"Did you sleep alright? You said your back was giving you problems." Jesse felt a kiss pressed at the back of her neck.

"Back's fine. Ham smells good."

"Why don't you have a seat and I'll bring it to you?"

"Yes ma'am"


The next few months went by in a blur for Corrine. Cake tasting, tulle shopping, and location hunting: it was endless. Jesse liked to have things planned out and coordinated most days. Cork was the same way when it came to her work, but when she got home all she wanted to do was dust off her jacket, grab something cold to drink, and relax. She didn't get it, not one bit. She supposed girls had dreams of their weddings or something like that, being given away on the arms of their daddies and wearing fluffy white gowns.. Cork had made it clear she would do no such thing. In fact, she was going to go in a nice, elegant pant suit. She thought about wearing a dress but really, the whole thing didn't suit her right. Jesse's dad had refused to give her away. Big surprise there, but it had made Corrine see red when he'd seen the blatant look of hurt in Jesse's eyes. They were still invited to Sunday dinner though, thanks but no thanks. Jesse had told them just as much. When her father had refused to even be present at the wedding she'd stood, drawing all the dignity she could muster in her five foot height, and told the old man to go to hell. Cork had mixed feelings. She'd wanted to smile and at the same time she'd wanted to throttle the man as well as comfort her fiancé. Neither was a good option until they'd made it out to her truck, where cork had swept her into a bear hug and kissed her tear stained cheeks before they sped away. Jesse was giving up allot to announce her commitment to Cork, and Corrine would never forget it, so long as she lived.

They were happy though. Cork grinned to herself. There was proof of that in the way Jesse's eyes lit up as they talked about it. The date was set for late spring. So much had happened in their relationship when it came to stormy weather. They figured it was destiny. They were hoping for a sunny day, since they were planning on doing it in their own back yard, surrounded by Jesse's flowers. Honestly Corrine wouldn't have cared If the rain pelted on their heads, just as long as she had Jesse's hand in hers.

"HEY earth to Cork!"

Corrine shook her head out of her reverie and winced at the twisted napkin in her hand. Quickly she sat the offending item down on the table. "Sorry, what?"

The two women sitting across from her rolled their eyes in unison.

"I was asking if you would like to do blue and pink as our colors?" Jesse gave Corrine a dirty look, her hand splayed on a picture book. Gabby made a funny face at her and paused to sip through a straw.

"Sorry lover, I was just thinking..er.. yeah that would be fine."

Jesse wrinkled her brows. "Maybe green and blue would be better, or we could do red and pink. I just don't want it to look like Valentine's Day."

"This gonna be for the cake?"

"No, well, sort of. We need a theme.."

"How about a princess and a frog?"

"Corrine, stop joking."

"Who's joking?"

Jesse made a face.

Man that woman is so cute. Corrine couldn't resist kissing the tip of her nose. She realized with a sense of blissful dismay that Jesse wasn't amused. Finally she sighed. "Okay love, I say we do pink and green. I dig green, and your favorite color is pink. We already decided on the cake design anyway, and she can put those colors on it somewhere. " Cork rolled her shoulders.

Jesse sucked her bottom lip into her mouth in thought, and then gave a nod. "Alright, it's going to be in the spring, and in the garden so we should go with that anyway. Could your friends come and be maids?"

Cork's smile turned into a frown. "Well ah.. that…" She pictured Jace, who was very butch, shoved into a green or pink bride's maid dress and suddenly started to laugh. There was no way.

"What's funny? I thought I should include them, and we really haven't had the chance to meet.. "

Corrine coughed, tears in her eyes before she finally got herself under control and gave a short snort. "Naw, it's not that but, lover we don't have a traditional union, so it doesn't have to be traditional right? I'm pretty sure some of my friends would gladly strangle me before putting on a dress. How about this..


To be continued in Part 2

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