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The Frog Becomes A Prince?

By: Orhea (the dreamer)

Part 2


“WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?” Jesse gripped the edge of the kitchen counter. The instinct was born out of irritation, maybe a little shock, and it was the next best thing from throwing something she'd regret later. As it was the bag of party mix she'd been pouring into a bowl lay scattered on the floor.

Cork bit her bottom lip and scuffed her shoe on the clean floor. “It's… um… a cow?”

“Of course it's a cow, I'm a country girl at heart but WHY is it in my kitchen?”

Cork at the decency to rake her fingers through her disheveled hair. She'd just gotten off from work; she'd have two weeks off to get ready for the wedding plus a week for the honeymoon. Both women decided they'd love nothing more than to get away from it all. Jesse pulled some strings and they'd be taking a week in a cabin in Maui. Cork was looking forward to it. Her thoughts were pleasantly drifting to her future of rolling in the sand with her lady fair when the look on that lady's face snapped her back into reality.

“It's a long story. The Boone family had their fifth baby today. They didn't have the money to pay.” Cork wrinkled her nose. “So I bought Sally.”

Jesse blinked a few times and shook her head, her mouth opened and closed like a fish for a moment before she finally managed to form intelligent words. “Get that thing out of my kitchen before it shits everywhere! “

“Ah, right.” Cork grabbed the leash on the funny looking cow and started to lead her to the back door.

“NO NO NO not the back yard! “ Jesse tensed and closed her eyes. “Okay, put her in the shed for now, open a window.” She watched the taller woman lead the reluctant cow through the door and heaved a sigh. A cow at her wedding.. There would be a COW at her wedding! Well Corrine was going to have to get rid of it because if her gladdys were eaten up by that thing.. She picked up her mop and broom and began to mop up the foot prints on the floor. When she heard Cork enter the kitchen again she didn't bother looking up.

“We've got to meet your friends in a few hours. Honestly Cork, you don't bring me a cat or a dog, you go right to the cow.”

She couldn't see the sheepish look on Corrine's face. “I know but, well I couldn't turn em down. I'll find a home for Sally. “

Jesse paused at the sound of contrition in her lover's voice and straightened. “I'm very proud of you Corrine, it's just allot of stress, so close to the wedding and all. Um, I guess we can take her to Gabby's place. Her mother owns a ranch. I don't think they'd mind if it's only a few weeks. When we get back you're going to have to figure out something permanent.”

Cork skirted around the mopped patches of floor and gave Jesse a fierce kiss. Her electric eyes brightened. “You're a gem lover.”

“Mm.. I know, and you smell like cow. Bath, now!”

Cork gave her a face and leaped away like a startled gazelle, away from the path of Jesse's playful swatting.


It was going to be a little crowded, even in her big truck. Cork pulled into a parking spot at the airport and turned to gaze at Jesse. Damn, she was lucky. Every day she had to pinch herself to remember that she was still here, her happiness was almost complete.

“When you stare at me like that, I go week in the knees.” Jesse's dark eyes were slightly shadowed from spending extra hours going over their plans. Cork had helped out as much as she could, but Jesse was adamant that Cork get her sleep.

“Good thing you're sitting down then.” Cork's voice came out in a low murmur, she couldn't help herself, and she didn't want to as she leaned in to claim the other woman's lips. They were always petal soft, and her mouth opened, allowing Corrine to delve deeper. Tongues met, and electrical energy shot through the pair familiar, yet still unsettling. Jesse's arms wrapped around Cork's midsection, and the taller woman groaned, pressing the other against the door.

It was Jesse's sudden stiffening that brought them back to reality. Cork had begun to graze her mouth over the sensitive flesh of Jesse's neck, her hands gripping the soft globes of Jesse's breasts.

“Wait Cork, I wanted to ah.. Why do you have to feel so good?”

Corrine heard Jesse swallow hard and mentally sighed, pushing herself up. “Well I guess we should be heading inside.” She wanted to stay in the car a little longer..

“Not just that but I…” Jesse fidgeted with her blouse, drawing Cork's eyes and sighed restlessly. She shifted to a seated position and gazed at Cork pleadingly.

Corrine knew that look. It meant she wasn't going to like what Jesse was about to say. That look, was very hard to deny. “What is it lover?”

“What about we don't make love until after the wedding?” The words had come out rushed and there was a flush creeping up Jesse's honeyed cheeks. “I think it would be.. romantic you know.”

Corrine worked her jaw thoughtfully, she bit down slightly to keep from saying something stupid. A week? It sounded like hell to Cork. Instead of rejecting the idea outright Cork leaned over and nipped at Jesse's ear. “Are you sure? I kinda don't see the point..”

The soft intake of breath was music to Cork's ears and she pressed her suit, massaging circles into Jesse's back.

“Corrine… please?”

With a defeated groan Corrine pulled away and gave a genuine pout. “You're going to be the death of me woman. We're not going to be able to sleep together. I think I might lose it.”

Jesse smiled. “Thanks babe” She gave the grumbly Cork a kiss on the cheek and jumped out of the vehicle.

Once you deny the cat it's cream, it only wants it that much more. It sprang in Corrine's mind ruefully as she watched the gentle sway of Jesse's hips. After a moment she groaned, hitting her head against the steering wheel. Then with a dejected sigh, the tall doctor slid from her vehicle, locking the doors before loping after her petite mate.


“Do you see them?” There was an unexpected turn out at the airport. There was enough people shuffling about that Jesse found herself hopping up and down to get a peek or two.

Corrine tore her gaze away from her lover's chest and scanned the crowd. At her six foot height, it was easier for her to peer over the on lookers. She spotted Jace first. Jace was nearly as tall as herself, but with a bit more bulk. She wore a plain white tank top, with a simple black leather jacket that covered the defined muscles on her arms. Deep brown, piercing eyes, shot from beneath a pair of slick black brows. Her dark hair was chopped short, and stuck out in a mess of waves away from her face. Jace was not unattractive; she just had this dangerous look to her that made you think of drug lords or warriors of old. As soon as the two friends made contract Jace broke out into a wide grin that made her thin lips look fuller and waved. “Cork you bitch! Get over here!”

It was difficult for Jesse to keep up with her fiance's longer gait, so she gripped the taller woman's shirt and allowed herself to be half pulled towards the party. She let go when Corrine was crushed in the other woman's powerful grip and took a step back, smiling.

“Jace!” Cork pounded her friend's back a few times and took a step back. Sue and Cameron had come along with Jace and came up behind her.

“CORKY!” Sue gushed and jumped into Corrine's arms. Her petite frame slide down the taller one so that she couldn't manage a quick kiss on the cheek as she planned, instead she tugged at the taller woman's pony tail, her grey eyes bright with enthusiasm. “Forgive Cam, she's a bit jet lagged.” She winked, causing her multiple peircings to jingle, and glanced around. “So where's the lucky woman? “

Cork grinned proudly and reached out to grab Jesse, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. “This is Jesse. “

Jace's dark eyes had already settled on the petite woman, they were bright with warmth and she thrust out her hand. “Pleasure to meet you. Damn Cork you know how to pick em.”

Jesse's honeyed skin grew darker with a blush and she took the offered hand, pumping it twice. She noted it was like gripping warm steel, that palm, but Jace didn't squeeze very hard. “It's a pleasure to meet you too. Thank you for making it out here.” She indicated the rest of the group too with a nod. “We figured you three would be tired so we're going to have a nice supper at home. I hope you don't mind, the place only has one extra room and I thought Cameron and Sue might like to take that. You are welcome to take up the den couch.”

Jace gave a slight indication of her head. “No problem, I've had worse believe me.” She winked playfully. Jesse was about to ask the woman a question when Sue through her arms around her in a tight hug. Sue was much thinner than herself, making Jesse feel unusually large. She returned the oher woman's enthusiastic smile and pulled away.

“You're a sweety, we're glad to be here. Isn't that right Cam?” Cam, who was dressed in sharp contrast to the loose, artsy clothing Sue was wearing, gave a half smile from beaneath a pile of luggage she was carrying. Where Sue was striking and drew attention with her multiple peircings and shock of dried red hair, Cam was modest, with brown hair, and a plane grey business suit. Her hair was tied in a loose bun at her neck and she would have been quite professional looking were it not for the bags.

“let me help you get that.” Cork grabbed one of the bags. Following suite, Jace adjusted her duffle bag and took one of the suitcases in her free arm. Sue grabbed her make up bag, and Cam was left with a single suitcase, so Jesse merely inclined her head. “Lets get going then. I'm sure you all want to get settled.” She gestured with her hand, pulled the keys from Corrine's pocket, and led the small party through the airport.


They were all settled in the truck and blazing down the highway before Jesse opened her mouth to speak. “So Jace, you're a boxer? “

She heard a shuffling behind her and turned to look around.

“Yeah, I used to be, now I just own a gym.” The woman adjusted herself again. She'd decided to quit smoking just a few weeks ago and she was still feeling the burn.

“Cool” Jesse gave a genuine smile and Jace swallowed and looked away. No sense ogling her friend's girl.

“Thanks, but it's not that cool.”

“My therapist said it's never good to sell yourself short.” Jesse nodded and turned eyes to Sue. “You're an artist, and Cam is an accountant? I wonder how that happened.”

Sue gave a devil's grin. “I betwitched her of course with my skill.” She waggled her dark brows and gave a playful wink.

Cam looked ready to doze off in the car but she managed to cut in. “Actually we met at the bar. She sat in my lap and refused to leave until I gave her my number.”

Sue rolled her eyes. “She wanted me. She's so uptight sometimes.”

Cork changed lanes, a small smile playing over her lips. Jesse caught the smile and gave her a nudge. “So how did you all meet?”

Cork shrugged. “I met Jace in the shelter. She was a tough kid with bruises and cuts over her face. She tried to steal my bed.”

Jesse could hear Jace groan and burst out laughing. “Really? What happened?”

“She told me she'd kick my ass. I told her she looked like she already had her ass kicked and it wouldn't be fair for her to cause herself more trouble. “

Jace leaned over. “Not in those words. She said I looked like I already lost a fight once and I didn't look up to losing again, so I slugged her.” Jace lifted a brow. “She's got a jaw as hard as steel. While I was nursing my hand she decked me in the gut. My ribs were already bruised so I fell down like a ton of bricks.” Jace started to laugh. “We've been friends ever since.”

“Interesting” Jesse looked between the two women. Obviously they were so different; at the same time there was something about them that made them quite the same. It was a fighter's spirit that seemed to live perpetually behind their eyes. She turned her head to Corrine who continued.

“We saw each other through. Our social worker, Raz, she kept us on the narrow.” She exited the freeway. “I met Sue in college. “ She wasn't sure if she wanted to expand on the rest, but Sue volunteered the information.

“I tried to get in her pants. She's so hot.” Sue sighed. “After a while I decided we'd make better friends and well, she helped me seduce Cam.”

“You went to college together?” Jesse decided not to focus on the other part. “Yeah, I dropped out, Cork kept goin, we were roommates for a while. “

Jesse nodded and settled back in her seat.

“So how did you two meet?” The question came from Cam and Jesse looked over her shoulder.

“Oh that.. “ Jesse sighed as they turned onto their road. “It's a long story. Why don't we get in the house and discuss it over some soda? “

“Make it a beer and I'm game.” Sue grinned.

Jesse rolled her eyes. “Ya'll are definitely Cork's friends.”

There was a resounding laughter at that.


“That is the oddest shit I've ever heard!” This came from Jace who though she wasn't into the fruity drinks, took another sip of her zifendel. “Cork, you left HER? For what?”

Cork scowled and brushed her long hair over her shoulder. She was straddling a kitchen chair, her long legs crossed over each other at the ankles. “I had some dumb pride.” She rolled her shoulders. “Her dad wasn't the nicest guy you'd ever meet, he still isn't. He would have chased me off his property with that clever hunting rifle of his.”

Jesse scoffed. “Oh no he wouldn't have. “ Admittedly, she wasn't quite so sure…

“Would you be willing to testify that in court?”

Jesse, being an attorney, couldn't very well argue with that. “Well, I would testify that if he tried, I would have jumped in front of the rifle.”

“If he'd shot you I'd be going to jail anyway.” Cork's blue eyes frosted over and Jesse was pretty sure she wasn't joking.

The room fell into an awkward silence for a moment, and then Sue, hair spikey and damp from the shower, entered the kitchen. “Showers all yours Jace” She said, hopping onto a stool next to the taller woman. “Water is still hot too.”

Cork snorted. “I'm surprised, considering your penchant to live in the tub.”

Sue winked, “well Cam always takes quick showers, and I'm a little tired so I made it a quickie.” She snagged the cup from Jace's hand and took a swig. “Tasty.”

Jace growled and snagged the cup back, gulping down the remainder of her drink before setting it down with a loud thunk. “Get your own.” She winked and brought her cup to the sink.

“I'll get those Jace you can just get your shower. “ Jesse got up. “You want me to pour you a cup Sue?” Sue got up as well.

“I'll just get it myself.”

“Okay, the cups are in the second cabinet to your right.”

Meanwhile, Corrine took in the scene with a mixture of awe and concern. Her friends were a unique bunch of characters, and a small town like Danville may not be big enough to hold all of them. At the same time, seeing her pasts collide was like nothing else. There was Jesse, her past, her present, and her future, chatting it up with Sue like they were old friends. Sue represented that time when Cork had been away from Jesse, a runaway trying to make something of herself. Seeing the two so chummy, with the backdrop of the cheerful kitchen Jesse and she had worked on together , she just felt like she'd really achieved something worthwhile. You made it Corrine, you made it, and the old man can eat his words.

She smiled to herself, and basked in that knowledge.


The next morning found Corrine in a less than cheerful mood. Keeping her hands off of her fiancé had been every bit of the torture she'd predicted. It would have been alright, maybe, had the blasted woman not come from the bathroom, dressed in a practically see through nighty, her golden skin bathed in the moonlight and her darker nipples poking through the thin material as she slipped into the bed. The second Jesse had crawled into the bed and curled next to Cork her nostrils flared with the scent of roses and jasmine, heat pooled low in her belly, and became liquid when afore mentioned nipple brushed over her arm. CRIPES…

As soon as Jesse went to sleep, Cork was out of the bed. The woman slept like a ton of bricks so she didn't hear Cork leave the room. Cork had spent the remainder of the night sleeping on her easy chair, not the easiest thing for such a long body. She comforted herself with the knowledge that she wouldn't have work the next day, and more importantly, the pain could possibly take away from her libido.

Somehow while she was dozing Jace must have slipped past her. The blankets and pillow she'd used were folded and stacked neatly on the couch. Corrine assumed that Jace went to run. The woman thrived on physical activity like no one else she'd ever met. She patted her own belly. Maybe she should take on a few blocks herself…

Upstairs in the bedroom Jesse was still fast asleep, somehow during the night she'd managed to kick off her blankets. One leg was twisted in the fabric, and the nighty slipped up to reveal a single golden thigh to the morning. As if she knew she was being watched, Jesse made a little sound in her throat and rolled onto her side, giving Cork a lovely view of her rear end. SWEET JESUS.. With a groan, Corrine went to her dresser to pull out her sweat pants.

“Corrine?” Jesse's voice was muffled by the pillow, and had a husky sound to it from sleep. “Why are you getting up so early? Come back..”

Cork sighed and moved next to Jesse, kissing her cheek. “Go back to sleep sweetheart, I'm just gonna run to the store and pick up some stuff.”

“Mm.. but we got everything the other day.” Jesse stretched and rolled onto her back, opening her brown eyes.

“I need to get more feed for Sally.”

At the mention of the cow Jesse wrinkled her nose. “Oh.. Well pick up some apple juice will you?” She sighed and rolled onto her stomach.

“Yes ma'am.” Corrine smiled at the picture Jesse made and shook her head.

It was going to be a long week.

To be continued...


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