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Xena's Field Trip of The Bet Won

By: Perverted F.O.X.



Xena walked into their bedroom holding Gabrielle who had her arms and legs wrapped around the warrior princess. Xena stopped for a moment and shut the door with her foot not breaking away from the passionate kiss that they were sharing. It had been a while since Xena and Gabrielle have had sex and well Xena wanted to make sure everything was just right. Xena opened her eyes as she walked over to the bed then she noticed a small pink vile assuming it was the potion Aphrodite had left for her. She leaned over pulled open the drawer on the night stand and placed the vile inside so that there would be no questions to answer from Gabrielle at the moment.

Gabrielle noticed what just happened and opened her eyes and looked curiously at the warrior. She was just about to ask her lover what it was but, something stopped her. I will just ask her later. Xena was thankfully yet again for Gabrielle stopping her curiosity.

Ok Aphrodite I don't know what you want but, I owe you big time. I really needed this and I can tell Gabrielle needs this just as much if you know what I mean.

Xena sat down on the bed and Gabrielle shifted a bit so that she was comfortably on her lap. Xena came in for another taste of Gabrielle's lips the bard complied and opened her lips to invite Xena's tongue into her mouth. Xena wasted no time at all she had waited too long she wanted to feel and taste every inch of Gabrielle so she moved her tongue almost violently in her lovers mouth. There were throaty moans of pleasure coming from Gabrielle. Xena hands had lowered from her lovers back and were now placed on her ass pulling her as close to her body than she thought was possible.

Xena got an evil thought and decided to act on it. She took her hand and snaked it between the two of them under Gabrielle's short Amazon leather skirt finally feelings her lovers warm sex through her under garments. Xena move the garments slightly to the side so that her fingers had full access to Gabrielle now swollen clit. Xena didn't want to bring her lover to release just yet but, she had won a bet fair and square and was going to use it to her advantage.

Xena started moving two of her fingers over Gabrielle throbbing clit at a fast pace. Gabrielle's hips started to move with the rhythm of Xena's fingers. Her nails digging into Xena's shoulders she threw her head back she was so close to the one thing she desired most right now and she wanted to share it with Xena. She picked her head back up and looked into her lovers brightly shinning blue eyes. The moon light from the window was reflecting off of them just right that her eyes felt as though they were looking into Gabrielle's soul.

“Yes Xena aaa Gods yes.” Gabrielle was just about to come when stopped all movement and removed her hand from between Gabrielle's legs.

“Xena please don't stop!” Gabrielle said that a little louder than she intended but, she was so close and did not appreciate the abrupt stop.

Xena lifted Gabrielle off of her lap so that Gabrielle was now standing in front of her. She laid back and propped herself on her elbows. She cleared her throat before speaking.

“Undress” Was all Xena said it was more of a command than a request.

Gabrielle started pulling at her top quickly figuring the faster she undress the faster Xena would have her strong hand on her once more.

“Slowly” Gabrielle got the hint that Xena was taking full control tonight. Gabrielle didn't mind since she was the one to bet Xena and if this is what her tall lover wanted she would not fight it.

Gabrielle slowed her movements down she took her boots of first not wanting to have to deal with those last. Then she slid her hands up her legs and under her skirt without revealing anything to her lover. Then her hands came back down as she slid her under garments off and threw them to the side. She looked back up to Xena for more instructions. Xena simply nodded and Gabrielle continued she slid one strap of her top off and trailed her hands over to the other side slipping the other strap off. She folded her arms behind her to un-tie the top. Once the ties are released her Amazon leather top falls to the floor and she kicks it away.

Xena is still looking at her lover trying not to let on how much she really wants her. She closes her eyes just for a moment take a deep breath and reopens her eyes. The moon light behind Gabrielle is making her look as though she is glowing. Xena slides her foot up Gabrielle's leg and slightly tugged at the piece of brown leather coving her lover's sex.

Gabrielle reaches down for the belt unties it letting the belt along with the leather fall to the floor Xena's foot also falling along with it. Xena look in awe at Gabrielle's soaked golden curls. She licked her lips and slightly bit her tongue reminding herself that she wants to draw this out.

Xena stood up and went to the opposite side of the bed opened a drawer moving the things around trying to find what she was looking for. Gabrielle waiting as patiently as possible on the other side of the bed trying not to fidget too much but, she was so close to coming. Xena then, placed a rope, a whip and a leather harness with a phallus on the bed. Gabrielle looked down at the chosen items knowing they were to be used on her tonight she didn't mind the phallus but, the whips and ropes had always been used on Xena. She swallowed hard trying not to let her fear show she knew Xena would never hurt her but, it had been a while since they both had sex. It had also been a while since they have gone at least a couple of hours without an argument. That was the reason she got up so early and made sure she was gone for most of the day. Shaking those thoughts from her head she looked at Xena who now stood next to her holding a rope.

“Hands here” Xena guided Gabrielle to the end of the bed and tied her hands so that Gabrielle had to bend over so that Xena could successful tie her wrist there without hurting her.

Gabrielle didn't mind this position at all she had tied Xena like this before. Gabriell thought it was perfect and she was happy that Xena had agreed to it at the time. Gabrielle was able to whip Xena and few times and fill her with the phallus while Xena struggled to stand, but when it came to Gabrielle needing to be pleased she laid down on the end of the bed in front of Xena who could lean over and please Gabrielle's sex with her tongue.

Xena sensed that Gabrielle was deep in thought so she walked over and grabbed the harness and placed the phallus in it while adjusting it a bit so it was on just right. Then Xena grabbed the whip and stood behind Gabrielle once more. Xena looked down at Gabrielle who was bent over slightly and legs spread wide open to give her lover all the access she needed. Xena took the short plain leather Amazon dress off. Xena looked at the dress remembering the week after they had gotten to the Amazon village.

“Gabrielle I don't want new cloths what is wrong with the leather dress I am wearing you never seemed to mind before?”

“Xena I am not saying get rid of it you and I both know how much I find you irresistible in it, but for now I would like to see you in something else. Is that ok?”

“No, it's not but, whatever I don't mind giving a bunch of Amazon teens something to do.”

“Xena, why can't we make our outfits by ourselves?!”

“Gabrielle no, matter how much you want me to play house wife it is not going to happen!”

“Fine Xena, whatever you don't have to make them but, at least give them your input I don't want them to make a bunch of stuff and then you not be willing to wear it. Ugh!”

“Wait me just give them my input what about yours?”

“Xena I don't have time for that I will be willing to wear whatever they make for me as long as it covers my body.”

“Fine then what would you like to see me in?!”

“Well, I don't know Xena how about nice long frilly dresses?”

“No, need to get smart fine. I will take care of it. Even though you just said why can't we make them ourselves?”

After that argument Gabrielle gave Xena a kiss on the check and stormed off. Xena was quite proud that she had come up the no leaving without a kiss rule no matter what just happened.

Xena later had taken care of the clothing it had only taken a couple days. The Amazon teens did not have a problem helping her make a new wardrobe for her, Gabrielle and Eve. By the time Xena had finished that project she had about seven low cut dresses with thin straps to hold up the dress and the length came far from reaching her knees she did that just to spite Gabrielle not realizing that Gabrielle could not keep her eyes and hands off of her when she first revealed the dress to Gabrielle and the whole Amazon village. Gabrielle on the other hand was not so happy with what Xena had made for her. Xena had decided since Gabrielle said she would be happy with whatever was made for her that she would make what she would like to see Gabrielle in, which came pretty close to nothing. All Seven of the outfits were very detailed with Amazon designs on them besides well the one that was made by Xena for her. Each outfit was two pieces a top and a bottom the tops had thicker straps than the dresses that were made for Xena and the bottomswere skirts that just barely came down enough to cover Gabrielle's ass. Xena had a lot of fun making the outfit and the first time Gabrielle tried one on she thought she was going to faint. The outfit fit perfectly the tops stuck to Gabrielle's breast and brought them together showing off her cleavage. Xena looked past Gabrielle's well toned stomach and to her legs that were there for the world to see. Then it hit Xena she didn't want everyone else seeing Gabrielle this way! Gabrielle that day noticed the look on Xena's face as it hit her she was just about to protest the outfit too but, decided since Xena was going to spite her she could do the same.

“This is well beautiful Xena thank you.” Gabrielle gave Xena a kissand was just about to leave the hut when she was pulled back inside.

“There is no way in Tartarus you are leaving dressed in that!”

“Why not, Xena you made it I am going to wear it whether you or I like it. That is what you get for trying to spite me warrior princess. Now if you don't mind I still have things to do today.” She kissed Xena on the check and left. Leaving Xena a little mad but, since it was Xena's idea she would now have to live with her choice. Eve's outfits were mixed and matched to the ones Xena and Gabrielle wore which, everyone else thought was cute.


Xena was brought out of her thoughts by a slight tap on her leg by Gabrielle's foot.

“What were you thinking about?” Gabrielle asked a little worried wondering what Xena was thinking about. She couldn't see her in the position she was in but, she could tell something must be up it was at least two candle marks since Xena had moved.

Xena shook the thought from her head and dropped the dress to the floor then slid out of her under garments trying to get back to the task at hand.

“Nothing sorry.” Gabrielle was just about to say something when she felt the whip snap onto her back. It didn't hurt her but it made her wince.

“Harder, softer, or just right?”

Gabrielle thought for a moment “A little harder.”

Xena arched her eyebrow and smiled down at Gabrielle's body impressed by the answer she had just received. She snapped the whip down on the blonde's back once more instead of the wince she was expecting Gabrielle arched her back away a moaned. This was new to both Xena and Gabrielle Xena would have easily had the bard whipping her harder than this but, she has never once used the whip on Gabrielle before tonight. They both found out they liked the switch so Xena then took a step back and snapped the whip twice. There were two identical marks on Gabrielle's ass. Xena took her other hand and ran her nails over the marks gently. Gabrielle leaned into the nails to add more pressure and to also let Xena know that she didn't hurt her.

“You like this my bard don't you?” Before Gabrielle could answer Xena had removed her hand and snapped the whip twice more making marks just above the other two then ran her nails over the new marks.

“YYYEEEESSSS” Gabrielle hissed enjoying the new sensation.

Xena this time took a step back and snapped the whip on Gabrielle's ass four more times. Then she walked over and put the whip back into the drawer she got it out from. Ok Xena calm down we love the bard no need to kill her. Xena took a deep breath as she stood behind the bard once more. She leaned over and kissed each swollen mark. Then trailed her tongue over each one Gabrielle was loving the feeling of Xena's tongue on the heated marks.

“MMMMMMMM” Was all Gabrielle could get out at the moment knowing this wasn't the time for words.

Xena smiled and lifted her head a bit so that she was now blowing over the marks, while she was doing that she took one hand and started to run her nails hard down Gabrielle's back making sure not to draw blood but, hard enough that the lines would be there a few days. Gabrielle arched her back towards the bed and lifted her head up.

“SSSSSSSSS” Gabrielle sucked in her lip the pain was pleasure all at the same time.

Xena slid her other hand up to Gabrielle's sex feeling how wet she had become Xena took pity on her beautiful wife.

“Tell me what you want.” Her tone was husky yet, demanded an answer.

Gabrielle was about to answer as Xena started to move her fingers tauntingly over her swollen clit. The blowing the scratching and now the moving of Xena's fingers were all taking a toll on Gabrielle's mind and body she couldn't focus enough to speak.

“Ugh nnnsssss” Was all Gabrielle could mutter out between her labored breathing and all of the sensations on her body.

Xena smiled to herself and stepped away from Gabrielle losing all contact. Gabrielle tried moving closer now frustrated with the loss of her lover.

“Please! Don't Stop. I need you!” Gabrielle was begging

“Tell me what you want.” Xena said in a low tone as she ran her fingers over the marks on Gabrielle's ass. “Please my love.”

Gabrielle tried to collect her thoughts besides the gentle caressing of Xena's fingers which, was slightly distracting to the bard. She managed to get a few words together into a complete thought.

“You inside me please I need you now. Please give me release.”

That was more than Xena thought she was going to get her lovers words had a strong affect on her. Xena moved faster than Gabrielle could comprehend within seconds Gabrielle was untied flipped over and pushed up to the pillows at the top of the bed. Xena grabbed the bards hands and indicated for her to hold onto the bed post. Then she thrust the leather phallus into her beautiful blonde wife with all of her passion, power and desire.

Her hips moving the phallus in and out of Gabrielle as fast as Xena could possible move. Xena moved her hands off of Gabrielle's and placed one on each side of her body. Gabrielle was not far from coming and tried to hold out as long as she could.

“XXXXEEEEENNNNAAAAA!!!” Gabrielle was riding on the hills of passion Xena had caused but, to her surprised her lover was in no way slowing down and continued to move forward with full speed.

Gabrielle pried her eyes open and when she did she was looking into the baby blues of her lover yet it wasn't her lover at the same time. At the moment Gabrielle was looking into the eyes of Xena's dark side. Her lover had a feral grin on her face.

“Xena please I need a break for a moment.” Gabrielle wondered if she was going to get an answer from her lover. Gabrielle moved her hand from the head board and placed them onto Xena's shoulder slightly digging into her flesh. Gabrielle was still riding on her first release and need just a moment which she didn't know is she would be receiving.

“No.” Came a flat tone answer from Xena.

Gabrielle was just about to detest when she could feel her second wave of passion come.

“Oh GODSSSSS XXXXEEENNNNNAAAAA!!!! PPPPLLLLLEEEAAASSSSEEE.” That finally got through to Xena and she stopped her movement but, didn't remove the phallus as she watched Gabrielle's body twitch under her own.

She leaned down and kissed and licked the sheen of sweat on the bards neck and down her chest. Once she felt the pressure of Gabrielle's names loosen on her shoulders she removed the phallus out from the warm cavern of her lover. Xena took one of Gabrielle's nipples into her mouth and sucked and licked it softly while stroking the other with her hand. Then lead of a trail of kisses to take the other nipple into her mouth yet, this time didn't stroke the one that just left her mouth.

Gabrielle weaved her fingers through Xena's hair then lifted her head up in return having the nipple that was in Xena's mouth to be sucked in a little harder than released. She pulled her wife's face to hers. Xena was just about to take the kiss when she felt a soft pull on her hair. Then she looked into the luscious green eyes that were full of love for her.

“I love you.” Gabrielle said bring in Xena for a kiss it was soft yet passionate. Gabrielle rolled Xena over onto her back.

Xena didn't protest but, she did pull away from the kiss. “I love you too, my bard more than you will ever know.”

Gabrielle blus hed a little and was happy that there was no light in the room to show it. Gabrielle kissed Xena's lips once more and started nibbling and kissing down her lover's neck. Once Gabrielle was done showering her neck she never knew which nipple to take first. So she decided to lick each one then roll them in between her fingers. Xena moaned her pleasure Gabrielle knew that the warrior could take a little more pressure but, she wanted to do it a little differently and Xena seemed to be in the mood to let her. Gabrielle then ran her nails down Xena's side with a stream of kisses down her stomach.

Xena was more ready than ever tonight she had actually been ready for the last three weeks since the last time they had sex. When they first came to the Amazon Village all was good seemed as though they had sex every night but, as the weeks turned into months Xena was realizing they would not be moving for a while and well, that is when all the fighting started. Xena would have left but, couldn't she loved Gabrielle too much and they had a daughter to look after. So she thought she would just ride it out thinking this was just a rough patch and they could get through it. Xena pushed those thoughts away when she felt Gabrielle's tongue go up the length of her sex.

Gabrielle wrapped her arms around her lover's legs know what will happen if left loose during this act of passion. When she realized she had Xena's attention once more she sucked Xena's clit into her mouth and flicked her tongue back and forth on it. Xena's body flinched with each flick of Gabrielle's tongue but, she was not in the mood for slow or any kind of teasing.

“Please Gabrielle.” She urged as she lifted her hips which, in return were planted back onto the bed by the bard.

“As you wish my love.”

With that Gabrielle sped up the motions of her tongue on Xena's swollen clit.

“Yes right there.” Xena chest moving rapidly knowing there are just moments before she would get her release.

Gabrielle stayed at her pace and stroked Xena's thighs with her fingers. Just when she felt Xena's muscles tighten she dug her nails in hold onto her lovers legs with all of her strength to keep her in place.

“Oh GODS Gabrielle!” Xena tighten her legs over Gabrielle's ears and could still feel her tongue moving over her clit. When the wave finished she let her legs drop to the bed and felt Gabrielle climb up next to her.

Gabrielle laid her head on Xena's shoulder and felt her arm wrap around her waist. Gabrielle always felt so safe in this position. Just as they were about to fall into Morpheus realm they heard the cry of their daughter coming from the next room.

“You clean up a little and I will change her and bring her in for feeding ok?”

“Uh huh.” Xena laid there with her arm over her eyes not really wanting to move.

“Xena the faster you feed her the faster we both get some sleep.”

Yeah well you don't have to feed her I do. Xena thought but, not wanting to start another argument rolled out of bed and poured some water into the washing bowl and wiped herself off with the rag.

Gabrielle came into the room holding a now clean yet fussy Eve and handed her off to Xena.

Xena traded the rag for Eve and went to lie down on the bed with Eve while Gabrielle wiped herself off. Then Gabrielle lied down next to Eve on the bed and held her daughters hand. Even though Xena was the one to feed her which, made Gabrielle a little jealous. Gabrielle always made sure to stay awake during night feedings then they both would tuck Eve back into bed and fall asleep together.

--To be continued


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