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Sex: Nope not in this part. If you want that check out part two. Or reread it. There is a mention of it.

For this to make sense you must read (Xena and Amazon Children’s Field Trip) Part 2 (Xena’s Field Trip of The Bet Won) you can still skip for the story to make sense.

Xena and Gabrielle’s Field Trip of Aphrodite’s Mystery Potion

By: Perverted F.O.X.

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Xena woke up early to find that Eve was still lying between her and Gabrielle in the bed. They try not to do that very often more for Eve’s safety than anything else. Xena eased out of bed cradling the sleeping child and walked out of the bedroom closing the door behind her so that Gabrielle would sleep just long enough for Xena to get things ready for the day.

Xena changed Eve’s loin cloth feed her and quietly got them both dressed before heading out the door. Xena was slightly distracted and barely noticed that Lykia and Akhaia were already sitting on the patio.

“Good morning Xena.” Lykia said trying to get the warrior attention.

Xena spun around so that she was now facing the two young Amazons. She handed Eve off to Akhaia who had her arms reached out waiting to receive the happy baby.

“Good morning Lykia and Akhaia. What are you two doing here so early?”

“Xena we are always here this early.” Akhaia said while stroking Eve’s cheek.

“Then why doesn’t anyone tell me?”

“The Queen says we are not to disturb you till you come out for the day.” Akhaia walked over and sat on the chair on the patio.

“Well anyways I was just heading to find you Akhaia would you mind watching Eve for me today? I have something I need to take care of with Gabrielle.”

“No, I wouldn’t mind at all. I love spending time with Eve. What time would you like her back?” Akhaia looked over to the warrior.

“I am not sure yet, hopefully not too long.”

“No, problem at all don’t worry about a thing Xena.” Akhaia walked over to Xena so that she could give her kiss. After that the young Amazon walked off towards the village with Eve.

Xena watched as Akhaia walked away with her daughter trying not to worry. Xena knew if it came down to it Akhaia would die protecting Eve if she had to.

“Is there anything I can do for you Xena?”

“Yeah” Xena turned and looked at the redhead that she spent the day with yesterday.

“Would you mind having mine and Gabrielle’s meals sent here all day and possibly standing guard? I have something Gabrielle and I need to take care of today and I do not want to be disturbed. If anyone asks say it’s the Queens orders and they should leave you alone.”

“Not a problem I will go to the dining hall and let them know to have the meals delivered. Then I will come back and stand guard bring your breakfast back with me of course. What would you like for me to bring?”

“Something not too heavy today how about some fruit and tea?”

“Will do be back soon.”

“Oh and don’t forget to bring back some honey.”

Lykia giggled. “Xena I think everyone knows by now how Gabrielle likes her tea.”

“Since when do you call your Queen Gabrielle?”

“Since last night when she gave me permission she said I survived the day with you and that I deserved it.” Lykia was still walking towards the village and laughing.

“Yeah well not everyone gets so lucky Amazon!” Xena shouted loud enough for her to hear but, did not receive an answer in return.

Xena leaned against the wooden railings that she added to the patio since they had been here. She looked down at her bare feet and pushed some dirt around waiting for Lykia to return before going back inside.

Aphrodite, do you have a moment? Xena didn’t need to say this out loud knowing that the Goddess was never too far to hear her thoughts or Gabrielle’s if they needed her.

A bunch of floating heart appeared then faded leaving Aphrodite sitting in the chair on the patio.

“What’s got you calling on the Goddess of Love today my dear?”

“Aphrodite you know I am more than grateful to you right now but, I have a few questions.”

“Ask away because I kind of have to get back my day off yesterday has me working double time today.” Aphrodite looked around the patio then looked a little disappointed.

“Eve is in the village today with Akhaia and please to pop her away from Akhaia she might kill herself for thinking she lost my daughter. I will make this as quick as possible. Why are you helping me so much? What did you do?” Xena managed to keep her tone flat not wanting to seem ungrateful for her help.

Aphrodite swallowed hard. “Xena you know I would never do anything to intentionally hurt you right? Or Gabrielle in that matter?”

“I know that Aphrodite so are you going to tell me what you did? That made you swallow so hard before coming out with that?”

“Xena I wish I could but, Gabrielle made me swear not to. I kept telling her to tell you and she kept telling me it wasn’t a good time. Please I love our new found trust so ask her today when you each take the potion. I only wish that afterwards we can stay close.” Aphrodite looked down at the ground thinking and fiddling with her hands.

“I don’t know what you did but, I can tell I am not going to like it. Whatever it is I bet Gabrielle had a good reason for not telling me at the time. Aphrodite?” Xena lifted Aphrodite’s chin so that she would look at her.

“Whatever it is that you are not telling me I hope we can work through I really enjoyed yesterday. It was the most fun I have had in a long time. Maybe next time we can take them to Athens like Kleio asked. I heard she likes to read so she probably wants to see the library.”

Aphrodite gave her a half way smile. “Xena I had a great time too. I do have to get going though make sure to tell Gabrielle about the potion I hate when you two keep stuff from each other. She might not like the idea at first but, give her this note. Don’t read it just give it to her and she will agree.”

Xena took the note from Aphrodite and gave her a kiss on the forehead and the Goddess was gone. Xena heard footsteps coming towards the hut and turned around to see Lykia holding a tray of food.

“Lykia you should really work on being lighter on your feet.”

“Xena I know how but, I know better than trying to sneak up on you. What was Aphrodite doing here?” She said as she handed the tray over to Xena.

“Eh, just saying hi. Now remember no one is to disturb us if there is an emergency in the village get the next in command after Gabrielle and I to take care of it. If there is something wrong with Eve unfortunately I don’t think Gabrielle and I will be in the right mind to take care of it so call out for Aphrodite I have a feeling that she will show up if needed. Oh and you might have to alert Artemis too about Eve since she is now an Amazon. Think you can handle it?”

“Aye.” Lykia stepped off the patio and stood in front or the hut with her back facing Xena.

“Oh yeah before I forget if you need to be relieved for a moment use Galateia but, then I want you right back. Understand?”

“Xena I got this I have them sending my meals here too. I also already arranged for Galateia to be the runner for the day well between me and the village so if I need a moment I can step out and step right back in. Have a little faith please?”

“You’re better than I thought Amazon. We will start lessons tomorrow if everything goes well today ok?”

“Thank you.” The Amazon looked away again towards the village again.

Xena walked into the hut all the way through to the bedroom. She closed the door behind her and set the try gently on the desk in the corner of the room.

Gabrielle stretched out and rubbed her eyes. She could hear Xena in the room so she opened them spotting Xena pulling out the vile that she had noticed her putting in the drawer the night before.

“Good morning. What’s that?” Gabrielle asked blinking a few times trying to focus and shake of the last of her sleep away.

“Good morning bard sleep well?” Xena wasn’t trying to avoid the question but, then again was kind of nervous about the whole thing to start with.

“I slept like a rock after last night. It’s been a while since I have slept in this late. So are you going to answer my question or avoid it for the second time?”

“You only asked once.”

“Ok, here we go again Xena I asked you what is was last night and let it drop now I am asking again. Maybe taking the day off wasn’t such a good idea.” Gabrielle lifted the sheet that was covering her body and started to get out of bed.

Xena push her back down gently. “I’m sorry just a little nervous this morning. Please my love don’t leave today.” Xena looked into Gabrielle eyes as tears started to form she was trying her best not to let them fall.

Gabrielle lifted her hand and caressed Xena cheek. Xena pressed into the touch and closed her eyes.

“What happened to us Xena? Seems as though all we do is fight.” Now there were tears forming in her eyes but, unlike her lover she let them fall.

Xena opened her eyes and gave Gabrielle a halfway smile as she leaned over and kissed away the tears that had fallen.

“Gabrielle that is what this vile is for I got it from Aphrodite it’s pretty much a problem solving potion. I would like for us to take it. I have arranged for Akhaia to watch Eve till we call for her and I have our meals being delivered and a do not disturb set up today with the Amazons. Mind taking a leap of faith with me today?”

Gabrielle was holding her temper back Xena had no right arranging anything all by herself without even asking if she would be willing to do it or not. Instead Gabrielle calmed herself down and cleared her mind.

“What does it do exactly?”

Xena smiled widen after seeing her lover wasn’t going to start yelling.

“Gabrielle what is does that I can understand it will help us work through our problems while being calm and collected. It wears off once we get through it or once 24 hours passes. Please don’t say we don’t have problems because we have been at each other since we got here.”

Gabrielle nodded. “Xena since when have you been so willing to accept help from the Gods? I think I would rather us work this out on our own.”

“Gabrielle I don’t think I want to wait that long. Obviously we need some help to get us past this rough patch. Here Aphrodite told me to give this to you if you said you weren’t going to take it.” Xena handed the note over to Gabrielle and walked over to grab the tray of food.


Your warrior is willing to take help from the ones she fights against the most. Please take the potion it’s time to let her know. If you don’t tell her I am sorry to admit but, all the power in me cannot keep her from leaving you. If it helps I am just as nervous as you are.

Love yours truly Aphrodite

Gabrielle folded the letter back up and placed it in the drawer of the night stand, then laid back down letting out a deep breath. I guess if Xena is going to trust her I might as well go along with it. What is the worst that could happen?

Gabrielle sat up and looked at Xena who just popped a piece of fruit into her mouth. Xena arched her eyebrow at Gabrielle and brought the tray over to the bed setting it down in front of her.

“What did the note say?” Xena said after she swallowed her mouth full.

“Nothing much it pretty much said to take a leap of faith with you. So let’s crack the vile open and get this started.”

“Gabrielle we don’t have to do this if you don’t want to do this we don’t have to.” Xena looked away from her and down at her hands that were in her lap.

“No, Xena there is no harm in trying something new. So why not?”

Xena grabbed the pink sparkly vile off of the tray and opened it. She lifted it up to her lips she drank half of it then handed the vile over to Gabrielle. Once Gabrielle had it in her hands she did the same.

“Ick, that was gross why didn’t you tell me? Geesh you think something that is pink and sparkling would taste better. Ugh or even something that Aphrodite makes in general would taste a lot better than that.” Gabrielle reached over for a cup of tea after adding some honey to it she took a sip letting the tea get rid of the taste of Aphrodite’s potion.

“Yeah, it was gross but if I had told you that you would have stalled and the potion would have been a waste. Do you feel any different?” Xena took a sip of tea from Gabrielle’s cup then, handed it back to the bard.

“No, not yet when did she say it would take effect?”

“To be honest I didn’t get that far. I know that is not like me but, I figured we would find out together.”

Gabrielle nodded and placed a piece of fruit into Xena’s mouth. They each continued feeding each other till the tray was clean. When they removed the tray from the bed Xena took Gabrielle into her arms and they lied there snuggling.

“Gabrielle what is the thing that Aphrodite swore to you that she wouldn’t tell me?” Xena was strangely relaxed running her nails through Gabrielle hair which was about shoulder length now.

“Xena, I have been trying to find the right time to tell you but, seems like every time I get the nerve something happens. Guess this is a good of time as any.”

Gabrielle paused for a moment listening to Xena’s heart waiting for it to speed up but, it didn’t so she cleared her throat to start again.

Gabrielle abruptly awoke from a dream yet it was more of a vision from the future instead of a dream. She wrapped her arms around her knees and brought them tightly to her chest, looking over to see the sleeping form of her pregnant soul mate.

“This can’t happen there must be something I can do.” Gabrielle said to herself she then felt a hand on her shoulder.

“I am sorry but, I had to show you that I had to let you know.”

“Why Aphrodite?” She whispered as she got up and crossed the room away from Xena.

“I don’t want that to happen to you and I know there is a way to fix it. As you can tell in the dream I still live so I have nothing to gain or lose with whatever choice you make. Yes, I will lose some of my family members but, you and Xena would help me through that as I am helping you now. Because I am not one to believe the warrior should sleep outside in her state.”

“Aphrodite, I don’t want to have to fear the Gods trying to protect our daughter, I really don’t want to miss 25 years of her life either. There must be another more peaceful way to bring the prophecy without the danger. I can’t believe the way of Eli has to be so cruel seems like Xena and I can never get a break. I was hoping just maybe I could convince Xena to settle down for Eve’s sake because I know she would never willingly do it otherwise.” Gabrielle looked over at Xena sleeping peacefully, thinking about the day that Solan came to her in a dream and asked them to name the child Eve.

“Gabrielle I know of a way that could happen. See no matter what Eli says or does Eve will still carry on with the new religion and people will follow then leaving the Greek Gods to fall. Once the Gods lose their followers they tend to lose their powers and just become immortal. Once that happens it will be more of a natural effect and in return keep you off the to be killed list by the Gods. You know I am not one to fight and well the Gods can change just like people, even though with this new plan some of the Gods will still die but, not by yours or Xena hand but, by Zeus himself. Zeus understands the time of the Greek Gods has gone on long enough and well, he has always had a soft spot for me. Of course whatever way you choose is up to you and Xena.”

“No, we can’t tell her I can take care of this. I know she would be crushed loosing yet, another chance to raise her child. You swear the prophecy will still take place though and that Zeus won’t pull out later?”

“I have a scroll signed by the big man himself, not proud of it though since a few of my family members will die shortly after you make your choice.”

“Aphrodite, which Gods are to die?”

“Poseidon, Hera, Discord, Hephaestus, and Demios there were a couple more but, Zeus thinks in some way they could come around without trying to kill Eve. If they try though they will fail with whatever option you choose. If you choose to continue and let the prophecy ride out the way it should then Hades, Athena and Artemis join that list.”

“Aphrodite, I wish there is a way to save your husband though. Does Zeus really think he will not be so convinced?”

“No, unfortunately that husband of mine is very stubborn in his ways. I really don’t want you to worry about that. Did you want to hear the other option that will keep the Gods from harming Eve?”

“Aphrodite, I’m sorry for your soon to be loses no matter which way I choose. Yes, what is the other choice?”

“Thank you. Your other choice I don’t think you will like very much but, promise to hear me out?”

“Aphrodite, your family is about to die to save mine I think that is the least I could do.”

Aphrodite sat down on a cushion and patted the one next to her for Gabrielle to follow. Once they were both seat comfortably Aphrodite looked over at Xena while she explained.

“Gabrielle your other choice is to make the baby part God more specifically part of me.” Gabrielle was just about to protest as Aphrodite put her finger on Gabrielle’s lips.

“You promised to hear me out remember?” Gabrielle nodded and re-situated herself on the cushion.

“Gabrielle a God can not kill another Gods Child well beside Zeus and we already have his word so no worries there about him killing your daughter. If you decide to we can also make Eve a part of you too. Eve will then be made of four women and have the choice of two religions. She will have Callisto’s soul, be part God which would make her immortal in a way, and have the blood and looks of you and Xena. I know it sounds crazy but, I am a Goddess and I can make it happen. There is kind of a crazy way to make that happen but, that is your choice to make.”

“This all sounds a bit crazy, but also makes sense in a way. The thing is I know Xena would hate me if Eve was immortal or even part God in that matter.”

“Gabrielle she wouldn’t necessarily be immortal it depends on the path she chooses. She will die one day if she dies following the way of the Olympians Gods she will take her rightful place next to us for all of eternity. If she decides to take the way of Eli she will die and be reborn again far into the future and live several lives but, in no way are you or Xena allowed to interfere with the choice that is rightfully hers. We as in Eli’s God and Zeus have made that agreement but, either way a certain amount of the Gods will fall to pave a way for the new religion.”

“Is Eve becomes a part of me she will have my right of cast which with or without the prophecy Xena and I were thinking about doing the ritual to give it to her. Would that be in a way interfering with her choice? When she grows up she can decline to take over but, if Artemis lives I don’t think she would be too happy.”

“Gabrielle that would not be interfering because I can tell you now Eve is not her chosen one, so she will be able to make her own choices and have the protection of well a lot of people, and Gods that will come to care for her.”

Gabrielle thought for a moment. If I do this I can’t tell Xena about it now she will just refuse and not even think about it, but if I leave her out like the time about Hope I could ruin everything but, it’s a chance I am going to have to make for Eve’s safety.

“Ok, Aphrodite what do I have to do to get this rolling not thrilled with the idea but, I will do whatever it takes.”

A table with a few scrolls on it popped up in front of them.

“Let me explain how we make Eve a part of both of us before you decide to make your choice to sign these.”

“Ok, what is it so far sounds like I am not going to be thrilled with that either.” Gabrielle looked at the Goddess of love wondering why she didn’t blurt it right out.

“I’m waiting?”

“Ok, GabrielleyouandIhavetohavesexwellnotallthewayjustcomeatthesametimeandfeedthattoXena.”

Aphrodite jumbled all the words together and said it so fast that Gabrielle couldn’t make out a thing.

“Aphrodite, slow down geesh I am not going to kill you. Please say it slower and again.”

“ Garbrielle, you and I have to have sex, well not all the way we just have to come at the same time and feed that to Xena.”

Gabrielle sat there with her mouth opened wide she could not believe what just came out of her mouth. Was she insane there was no way Gabrielle could have sex with her.

“Ok, you’re in-“ She was cut off by Aphrodite again.

“Gabrielle, one moment if it was that I could simply touch myself and you could do the same then it would be done by now, but unfortunately we have to make each other come at the same time. Then since our, what do you mortals call it now a days? Um, our passion, juices whatever would be mixed perfectly we would then mix it with ambrosia and put it in those raspberry tarts the warrior has a soft side for and we all eat one at the same time. Then poof it’s done warrior never knows what hit her. When you’re good and ready you can let Xena know.”

“How long do I have to think about this?” Gabrielle was still slightly confused and very mad at herself for even considering it. Not that she thought Aphrodite wasn’t attractive because she was but, it made Gabrielle feel as though she was doing something wrong.

“Not very long Gods of any religion are not patient. Would you like a few moments to think then call for me when you have made a choice.” Then Gabrielle was sitting on a cushion alone across the room from Xena trying to rationalize a choice in her head.

“If I leave it be we become the most wanted people in the world and Eve get’s Xena’s dark side which, I know that is something else along with not being able to raise Eve that will crush Xena. If I go through with this with Aphrodite in a way I could lose Xena forever. Right now, Xena and I aren’t quite a couple and it’s not like she hasn’t had her flings since we have met. I have had a few too but, I have always wondered what drew Xena to Ares in that way. This is crazy ugh! Seems like no matter which way I choose I risk losing Xena but, it’s not about me it’s about what is best for Eve in a way. Oh shut up Gabrielle it’s about you in a big way too.”

“Aphrodite I have made a choice.” She said as quietly as possible not to wake Xena.

Aphrodite popped up next to her. “Ok, what is it? And you would think for a bard it would take you a little longer.”

“Aphrodite no matter how long I take each choice would be wrong in a way. Each choice Xena would disagree with in a way too so there is no point in even telling her right now. My choice is to make Eve a part of you along with myself. Where do I sign?” Gabrielle looked down at the scrolls on the desk.

“Not, really signing more of a blood thing sweetie. Here a knife to prick your finger with. First scroll sums up Zeus’s word that he will protect Eve no matter the cost even if he has to kill every last God under his rein. The second scroll is from the God of Eli himself saying that Eve has free will to do as she pleases. Never met ‘em but, hey it’s cool. Now all you have to do is prick your finger place it on each scroll and they will disappear for safe keeping with me. If you still want to back out you just don’t leave your mark on them.”

While Aphrodite was explaining the scrolls Gabrielle was skimming over them to make sure there was no catch anywhere. Then she pricked her finger and once she touched her blood to the parchment they disappeared like Aphrodite said they would.

Gabrielle looked at Aphrodite now, here was to come the hard part.

“Gabrielle if it helps I can give us each something to make us reach our climax sooner, then after we make the tarts and eat them I can erase your mind of the sex part at least but, you would still know the deal that was made and how you had to get it done. I am a Goddess so I can even transform so that I look like Xena whatever makes it easier on you.”

“Let’s take that thing to make us climax faster. No I don’t want you to look like her but; I would like you to erase that memory if you don’t mind. Aphrodite, would you mind if well we didn’t do it right here? Also quick question if Xena and I eat the ambrosia wouldn’t that make us a Gods?”

“I don’t mind not doing it here and I don’t mind taking the memory away from you. Also to answer your question no, there wouldn’t be enough to make you Gods just immortal but, there is a good reason for that because if Eve chooses the way of Eli with having Callisto’s soul there is no guarantee she will stay on the right path so you two will pretty much spend all of eternity being her mentors. If she chooses the way of Artemis and the rest of us you all can live in Elysian Fields happily together well that is if Xena has earned that fate by then. On the plus side she will be immortal so she can walk in and out of the underworld as much as she pleases. Of course we won’t tell her or Hades about that.”

“You do realize when I tell Xena about this night I won’t leave that out.”

“Hopefully by then Xena is more at peace.”

“Aphrodite after this I want Xena and I to be married think you have something for us to finally get the nerve to do that?”

“I can see what I can arrange. Of course being an Amazon Queen you would have to get married in an Amazon Village with the blessing of Artemis. That might even convince her not to want to die.”

“Then that is where we are headed after this. I want to marry her before Eve comes.”

“I can arrange that.”

“No, could you just you know pop us there so she doesn’t have to travel? I would like to go to the Amazon village close to Amphipolis and Potidaea. So our family may join if they choose.”

“Consider it done.”


Once the tarts were made eaten and good byes were said and nothing to be mentioned of what had happened during the night. Xena and Gabrielle were off to be married and surrounded by family and friends for their wedding and the birth of their daughter.


Xena was still calm as she heard the bard wrap up her tale. She was still processing what was going on in her mind. She knew something big had happened and is cleared up on why she felt this whole time Gabrielle was drifting from her and keeping her in the dark about something she just didn’t know what it was. She felt bad though that Gabrielle had mentioned being worried about Xena’s reactions about Hope. That was something she could never have done. If the sword was in the other hand Xena would never know what she would have done.

“I can’t believe you thought I was so irrational that you couldn’t have told me earlier. Do you know how long I have thought it was something I said or did that made you not trust me. I thought once things were fixed after the death of Solan and first death of Hope that we were fine. Then this happens you could have told me even the night after yes I would have been mad but, I had that right. You had no right to make all the choices yourself Gabrielle even before we were married we always asked each other about things that would affect us both and our future together. I need a break right now to process a bit if it wasn’t for Aphrodite’s potion I don’t know what I would do right now. How about some lunch?”

“Take all the time you need Xena. Just know that I love you and I never meant to hurt you in any way or shut you out. Even if I had to do it another way that Eve wouldn’t have become a piece of me I would have still done it and I would still have loved her as if she was my own.”

“Gabrielle I think I am much happier knowing that she is a part of both of us it was just the way it was done that does not please me. Please let’s have lunch I am starved.”

Xena and Gabrielle got up from the bed together. Then Xena walked over and grab the empty tray and waved Gabrielle over and wrapped her arm around the bards shoulder. Gabrielle opened the door to the bedroom for them as her other arm went around the warrior’s waist. When they made it outside Gabrielle shielded her eyes till they got use to the sun light.

“Good afternoon, you two everything go alright in there?” Lykia asked hoping to get more of an answer, then she had gotten from Xena earlier.

“Yeah everything is fine. Why are you here?” Gabrielle asked she was a little confused as to why all the Amazon teens rather waste their time hanging around instead of doing something.

“I am standing guard orders from Xena. Xena lunch is on its way I figured you both would be starved by now. When they get here I will have them take the empty tray back. Did you want me to send for Eve so that you could feed her while you both take a break?”

“Yeah Lykia sounds good have you been making sure to take breaks?”

“Yes I have Galateia should actually be back in a second I needed a refill on my water skin. When she gets here I will send her off to go find Akhaia and Eve.”

Just as Lykia was finishing her sentence Galateia came running up to her. Lykia didn’t notice since her back was to the girl but, she was being checked out by the brunette with the really pretty hazel eyes. She reached out a tapped Lykia on the shoulder.

“See told ya. Thank you for the water Galateia would you mind finding Akhaia and Eve for me? Tell her Xena is ready to feed her.” Lykia smilled and folded her hands behind her back while she tried not to flick the dirt by her feet.

“Be right back.” Galateia turned on her heels and ran off once more. Now Lykia was watching her.

“Seem a bit distract Amazon got better things to be doing? Like oh, I don’t know pretending not to notice Galateia?”

“Xena leave the poor girl alone we were like that once.” Gabrielle nudged Xena’s side and smiled up at her.

“Oh really well Gabrielle if you ever have time I would love to hear some stories. I need some ammo against Xena because I have a feeling that now that she knows I won’t hear the end of it.”

“Damn straight Amazon. It’s all in fun you know. Hey do you think the Gods have started to mess with your life now?”

Lykia’s jaw dropped she had only teased Xena yesterday about Aphrodite not being that bad and yet here she was in love or at least that what she thought it was.

“That is not true I have liked Galateia since we were about nine seasons old. It’s nothing recent and I bet she knows about it.”

“Well she knows for sure now.” Lykia swallowed hard and turned around to face Galateia.

“Um, I forget how fast and quietly you run sometimes. How much did you hear?”

“Oh, just the last part about you liking me. Excuse me one second we can come back to that later. Xena Akhaia should be here any minute with Eve and as I was running I saw the girls heading over here with your food too.”

“Thank you Galateia do you mind taking a break over there with Lykia so Gabrielle can enjoy some peace before stuff gets crazy again?”

“Your wish is my command.” She giggled and grabbed Lykia’s shirt dragging her along behind her into the edge of the forest so they were covered by the shadows of the trees.

“Where were we my bard?” Xena walk them over to the chair on the patio. She sat down first and sat Gabrielle on her lap.

“How are you feeling?” Xena asked when they were both comfortable.

“Oddly relaxed what does that mean?”

“It means we are not done yet. Aphrodite said that we would feel like ourselves when everything was figured out on both sides. I am guessing since you spilled you guts it’s my turn. Let’s wait until Eve is gone though. Since the only warning Aphrodite did give me was that Eve should be given to a sitter because we would only be able to focus on the task at hand. I think that means to only do one thing at a time.”

Gabrielle looked over to see Akhaia and Eve coming their way and not far behind them was two other Amazons holding trays of food. Xena followed her lovers gaze but, her eyes stopped on her beautiful baby girl. Who was full of smiles and was giggling. What I ever did to get so lucky I will never know.

Akhaia made her way up the few steps on the patio and handed Eve over to her mothers. Then she sat down on the steps with her back to them to give them some privacy. Gabrielle kissed Eve’s forehead and tickled her a bit while Xena eased her arm out of the strap of her dress so that she was ready to feed Eve. Xena’s wrapped her arm around the bards waist and leaned her head on Gabrielle’s shoulder. Eve comfortably leaned her back against Gabrielle and started to feed on Xena’s now exposed breast.

“Set the food on the table and take the empty tray they need a minute.” Akhaia said quietly to the other two girls. She did not want anyone to break this family moment.

The two girls didn’t mind taking orders from Akhaia so they did as they were told and disappeared.

Eve ended up falling asleep once she was full. She always fell asleep soundly when in contact with both her mothers.

“Akhaia mind taking Eve now. So that Gabrielle and I could eat?”

“Awe she looks so comfortable and cute sleeping on both of you.” Akhaia bent over and picked up the sleeping baby and rocked her body slightly back and forth.

“Hopefully we won’t be too much longer.” Gabrielle kissed Eve’s hand then let it go.

“Call for me when you’re ready. I am going back to my hut.”

“Thank you Akhaia we owe you one.” Xena said to the young girls back.

“No, Xena you owe my nothing I have heard it’s an honor to have your trust and I am glad that you trust me with someone so very important to you. So it’s the other way around plus, she is a really good baby I don’t mind at all.” Akhaia turned and started walking away again.

“Wow, Xena you have made big changes and I am glad to witness them.” Gabrielle kissed Xena on the cheek before getting up and grabbing the food tray.

When she sat back down on Xena’s lap they began to feed each other like they had done for breakfast earlier that day. They did this act in silence and there was tons of love anyone close by would never think that these two had gone through so much to get to this point in their lives.

They finished their food and set the tray next to the other that had food on it for Lykia and headed back into the hut.

“Gabrielle I trust Akhaia so much because I see so much of you in her and in a way I think Eve can see it too. You know Eve isn’t that way with everyone so she must know that she can trust Akhaia.”

“I only hope Akhaia doesn’t have to go through half the things we did. Same with Eve I would never want to see her so upset and angry with life.”

“Gabrielle I think Eve with now three immortal mothers’ she will never have to go through a bad thing in her life. You know that just hit me that we are immortals. Ugh I am so glad I can’t feel much right now. Guess if we want to get this stuff to go away it’s time for me to spill my guts. Bare with me though I don’t have some fancy story and I am not as good with words as you are.”

“Xena the words you have given me over the years are few but, every one of them is cherished.” Gabrielle kissed Xena on the lips gently. They both headed for the bedroom once more to snuggle.

Xena took a deep breath and thought of where to start. So she decided to say everything at once and not give Gabrielle a chance to speak.

“I don’t want to stay here, if we are going to stay in an Amazon Village I would prefer the one closer to both of our families so Eve can take turns growing up with the Amazons, my mother and well your family if they choose to be a part of her life. I want to have more children spending the day yesterday with that many kids I loved every bit of it. I don’t mind you being Queen and never think I begrudge you of that but, I want you here with Eve and I more often. I miss you, miss feeling like a family and most of all miss us.” Xena started to cry this time not holding back the tears.

Gabrielle sat up and looked down at Xena and started to wipe away her tears with her hands. She kissed Xena’s head and both of her cheeks, then she kissed her lips softly and sat back up.

“Xena, my love my work here is almost done. I know we have been fighting but, to be honest all that has done is made me work harder. I say within a week we can move on from here. I would love to go back to the other Amazon village but, then again I would be happy running your mothers’ Inn if that is what you so choose. I would love for Eve to learn where she came from and what she can become. Now the children thing I never thought you would ask. I figured since Hope and since what happened with Solan that you never wanted us to have children but, once you got use to the idea of having Eve I thought maybe there was a chance, but I was never going to push it. I am very happy with Eve and if she is the only child we have then I would be happy with that. I have missed you both so much but, I guess I was hating myself for yet again betraying your trust. I am kind of glad we are using Aphrodite’s potion right now because I would have never gotten up the nerve to tell you. I would have kept using some dumb excuse which probably would have drove us a part. I am sorry Xena if you disagree with any choices I might have made regarding Eve without discussing it with you first. I only hope you can forgive me.”

Gabrielle and Xena felt an odd sensation go through their bodies. Now they could feel all of their emotions anger, frustration, and yet they both were happy and calm.

Xena figured it was her turn to talk and figuring that the feeling was the potion wearing off.

“Gabrielle there is nothing to forgive my love.” Xena paused for a moment and lifted Gabrielle’s face to that she could look into her eyes.

“Yes, I can say I am not too happy about you sleeping with Aphrodite but, then again I never made my feelings clear about you before that happened. I guess in a way we are even I slept with Ares and you slept with Aphrodite. Just remember Gabrielle no matter what choice you made toward Eve’s future you were already thinking as her mother. Even if you were yet to be a part of her I can honestly say I don’t know what choice I would have made. I do know I am glad Eve will never get mine or Callisto’s dark side. That vision Aphrodite gave you must have been strong enough for you to not only understand my feelings, but also your own, along with Eve and Aphrodite’s. Just next time let’s make sure to always talk to each other first. I am not really thrilled with Aphrodite being Eve’s mother in a way but, I know even if Eve wasn’t her daughter she would protect her for your sake at least. If the choice is too hard for me I bet we could find some way for me to forget deal?”

“Deal! I love you Xena.” Gabrielle straddled Xena’s waist a leaned over for a kiss.

“I love you too.”

There was clapping coming from the corner of the room. Both Xena and Gabrielle opened their eyes and looked over to find Aphrodite wiping her eyes.

“Way to kill the mood Aphrodite. How long have you been watching us?” Xena asked back to her old self a little annoyed and still needed time to deal with that fact that she not only shared motherhood of Eve with Gabrielle which she didn’t mind but, now also with the Goddess of love herself.

“That was just beautiful. I do great work if I say so myself. Oh and I haven’t been here very long but, your conversation was heard through my busy day.”

“Aphrodite I don’t think this is a good time. Xena seems to be a little tense.”

“Oh, don’t worry sweet pea I have tons of favors to cash in with the warrior. Plus I wanted to let her know something. Xena I don’t ever plan on being Eve’s mother it was never my intention, I more of want to be the cool Aunt. As far as the rest of the Gods well besides Zeus they have sworn not to say a word otherwise they shall be no more. Oh, Gabrielle wanted to let you know that Zeus tracked down Discord there are no more Gods to worry about. Athena was pretty pissed at first but hey she got over obviously since we had a field trip yesterday and well Zeus took care of Poseidon after we left him.”

“Wait a minute you guys went to see Poseidon and he didn’t try to kill anyone?”

“Gabrielle we didn’t put out a hit list you know. The Gods that were to be removed were each done in time not all at once. Discord was the only one that thought something was up and decided to run.”

“Ah, it still surprises me Xena Warrior Princess of Amphipolis would take a bunch of Amazon girls on a field trip to visit a bunch of Gods she calms she can’t stand.” Gabrielle and Aphrodite looked at Xena.

“What I get bored and I knew that it would be a pain in their ass as much as mine.” Xena crossed her arms over her chest and scrunched her eyebrows close together.

Aphrodite and Gabrielle started laughing so hard at the sight.

“Oh, please Xena you enjoyed is just as much as the kids did!” Aphrodite barely got that out between laughs.

“Aphrodite did you hear her earlier when she admitted she wanted more children and that is what she got out of yesterday?” Gabrielle’s face was red and tears were streaming down her face.

“Yeah, yeah laugh it up you two. I will get you back when you least expect it.” Xena now had a very evil grin on her face as she heard the laughter come to a complete stop.

“Xena no come on we were just messing with you.” Gabrielle was begging as she started kissing all the exposed skin she could get to in her position.

“I highly doubt you could get me back you forget I am a Goddess.” Aphrodite swallowed hard trying to convince herself of what she just said.

“I am Xena Warrior Princess of Amphipolis and I have many skills I can promise you I will get you back when you least expect it.”

“Uh oh.” Both women said in fear knowing what just came out of Xena’s mouth was true.

To be continued…



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