Among the Stars

by Psyche_B

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This story has been tumbling around in my head for almost a year.  With not a whole lot to keep my mind occupied during the day except for day time television.  Some of which has been shown to decrease I.Q by five points every time you watch.  I do not own the characters although I certainly wish I did.  Set in the future the story revolves around the personal and professional lives of the officers of the Star Traveler Andromeda as it travels past the known planets. 


The ride to the Brig only took a few seconds. Kacey arrived to find the guard unconscious with the Doctor near by. The Lieutenant met her as she walked in. The tray of food on the bench.

"Report." She ordered.

"I came down at zero seven fifty hours to bring Castor his breakfast before he began his garbage detail. I found the guard unconscious and the cells empty. The guards side arm is missing also, Colonel."

"Damn it. Now we have an armed lunatic rapist murderer somewhere on the ship. Did the guard say anything about how this came about?"

"He was unconscious when I got here."

"Doc can you tell me anything?"

"Yes Colonel I can. You are not released for duty until Monday."

"Then change it doc. I need to see this through."

"All right Colonel, for this one day, until Castor is caught, but no flying."

"Thanks Doc. What about the guard?"

"Even without an x-ray, I know he has a fractured skull. I don't know if there is any internal damage yet. But I can tell, you this beating was savage. He may not come out of it."

"Do you best Doc." Kacey said. The Doctor nodded and the man was lifted onto a hover bed and taken to sick bay.


Kate and Anya were sprawled on the couch in the Ready Room. Their tunic tops were undone.

"Commander O'Malley to Captain Jensen"

Kate growled in frustration as she buried her head in Anya's breasts. "Go ahead Commander." She said.

"Sorry to bother you Katie, but Kacey was just called down to the Brig for a situation."

"Damn it she is not supposed to be on duty yet."

"Aye Katie, but she is on her way down now."

"On my way." Kate stood, fixed her clothing and straightened her hair. Kate waited until Anya fixed her clothing. "This had better be good."

They left the ready room. Anya returned to her station. Liam turned and winked at Anya which caused her to blush.

"What sort of situation Liam?"

"The Lieutenant didn't say Katie, just that he needed Kacey down in the Brig."

"Commander Torino you are with me."

"Yes ma'am." She said and left her post to follow Kate into the lift. They arrived at the Brig in a few seconds. The Doctor had already left with the guard.

"Report." She demanded.

Kacey gave the report. The Lieutenant came down to give Castor his breakfast before taking him to the garbage area for work. He found the Guard unconscious and Castor and the guards side arm gone."

"Thank you Colonel. I will take it form here."

"Not happening Captain. The Doc cleared me to help for this."

"That is true Captain."

Kate looked at Kacey for a long time. Kacey returned her look. "Very well. Computer locate Barry Castor using skeletal match."

"Enter security code."

"Jensen Captain alpha zeta nine seven four two gamma." Kate said.

"Barry Castor is not on board."

"Kate are there any places on board that the computer would not pick up a skeletal match?" Kacey asked.

"Unfortunately yes. Around the engine room, in some of the access tubes and a few other places." Kate stated. Commander arm your security with phasic rifles and side arms. Kacey do the same with your Marines. Computer go to red alert." Red lights started flashing throughout the ship. Seal off the civilian decks. We need to keep him confined to the crew levels."

"He could be anywhere Kate. We don't know when he escaped."

"I know that. We will have to do a deck by deck search. Colonel you and your Marines search every inch of the Hanger, equipment bays and all air craft."

"Yes Captain." Kate took Kacey's arm and pulled her away from the others and talked softly. "Kacey you be careful. I mean it. You do not need to have your brain scrambled by another concussion. You saw what he did to that guard."

"I know Kate. I will be careful and not do anything foolish."

Once Kacey left, Kate softly said into her communicator, "computer keep a video lock on Colonel O'Malley."

"Lock on." The computer responded.


From his hiding spot in the access tube, he was able to see corridor outside the crews quarters. He knew exactly where he would find her. He took a few minutes to check the Marine schedule and he knew she was not scheduled until later in the day. Once the bitch girl friend left he would have hours with her. Hours to enjoy himself. She would pay for making him a fool. Leading him on when she had no intent to follow through. That dyke Colonel probably put her up to it. But he would have hours to show her the error of her ways. Show her what a real man could do to her.

He watched the other woman leave. Red lights started to flash. He knew they finally found that nitwit of a guard and realized he was gone. He counted to ten then counted again before he slowly opened the hatch on the tube he was hiding in . He silently dropped to the floor and made his way to her quarters. He pulled out the side arm he took from the guard and sent an electrical charge into the code pad, which shorted it out. He pushed the door open slowly. The sound of the shower reached him and he smiled. No clothes to get into his way. He hid in the shadows and waited for her to emerge from the shower.

The Private walked out of the bathroom with just a towel around her. She went to the closet and removed her uniform. She dropped the towel. Castor licked his lips and came out of the shadows.

"Looks a hell of a lot better than I ever imagined you would." He said clearly startling the Private.

"What are you doing here?" She asked, as she reached for her communicator.

He struck her across the face sending her flying over the bed. "What do think I am doing her bitch. You are going to pay for leading me on. This time there is no dyke Colonel to protect you." He picked her up and hit her again. She cried out in pain as he hit her again. He punched her in the stomach which caused her to double over gasping in pain as the breath was knocked out of her. He grabbed her hair and forced her upright as he slapped her again splitting her lip. Blood oozed from her lip and nose. He struck her again. She tried to fight back and scratched his face. He stopped long enough to see that she had drawn blood. He struck her again " He let go of her hair. She fell on the bed stunned. "Just the position women should be in" He said as he dropped his trousers. "Now bitch you will find out what a real man can do for you." He said in her ear. Then roughly kissed her forcing his tongue into her mouth. He roughly entered her. His mouth cut off her screams of pain.


Kacey left the Marines to search every inch of the Hanger and ships. She had a phasic rifle over her shoulder and regular gun in a holster attached to her belt. She checked the duty roster. One name jumped out at her. After checking to find out where the Private's quarters were she rushed from the Hanger. "Deck three" She said as she entered the Hanger Lift.

She approached the Private's quarters. She noticed the shorted circuited code pad. "Kate crew quarters three seventeen. Bring the Doctor" She said softly into her communicator.

"Kacey do not do anything foolish. Wait for backup. That is an order." Kate said.

"Sorry Kate. I can not wait " Kacey pulled her gun and silently pushed open the door. In the bright light she was able to make out the Private's face bruised and bloodied. Castor still on top of her.

"Castor, you bastard" She yelled. "Get your stinking ass off her. Kacey grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled him off the bed."

"Why the hell can't you leave me alone." He shouted at her.

"Put your hands behind your head." Kacey ordered.

"Not going to happen bitch. You have stopped me for the last god damn time" He said and took a step towards her. "Thanks to that bitch sister of yours, I don't take orders from you any more."

"Castor stop right there and put your hands on your head." Kacey said again.

"What are you going to do, shoot me Colonel. That would not look good on your service record would it. Shooting an unarmed man and a General's son." You would be drummed right out of the Corps." Castor shouted.

"Sorry to tell you this Castor or should I call you Eden. You father is no longer an General. He is facing charges of covering up your many crimes and helping you elude capture by sending you on this ship."

"More lies Colonel. Why don't you clear out and let me finish what I came here to do. Or are you turned on by what a real man has to offer. Maybe you are just jealous that I wanted a Private instead of the high and mighty Colonel. Then stick around and I will get to you when I am finished Colonel. Yeah real big shot dyke Colonel. You only got this position because of who your family is. Certainly not because you earned it."

"Real man? You are nothing but a pig bastard rapist who could not get any woman to look at him more than once. So you had to force your attentions on innocent women. You murdered a thirteen year old girl while you raped her. I will kill you before I let you hurt another innocent woman."

"Then do it Bitch" Castor shouted and rushed her.

Kacey was ready when Castor rushed her. He grabbed for the gun as he took her to the floor. The gun went off.


To be continued...

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