Among the Stars

by Psyche_B

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This story has been tumbling around in my head for almost a year.  With not a whole lot to keep my mind occupied during the day except for day time television.  Some of which has been shown to decrease I.Q by five points every time you watch.  I do not own the characters although I certainly wish I did.  Set in the future the story revolves around the personal and professional lives of the officers of the Star Traveler Andromeda as it travels past the known planets. 


Kate and Anya put their girls to bed then snuggled on their couch. They listened to the girls chatter. Within minutes there was silence from the girls room. They knew their children had given in to the exhaustion from their busy day.

Anya held Kate on her lap as they kissed. Anya hands caressed those areas she knew Kate loved. She unbuttoned Kate's shirt and touched the flesh underneath. Kate sighed as Anya's hand left a trail of fire in their wake.

Kate whispered, "Anya please take me to bed."

Anya stopped her massage of Kate's breasts, moved her arms and stood, taking the smaller woman with her. She cradled Kate in her arms as she carried her to their bedroom.

Anya slowly undressed Kate. She kissed each inch of skin as it was exposed. Kate felt her knees go weak. Anya picked her up and slowly lowered her unto the bed, where she stopped her loving assault to finish removing Kate's clothes. She stood next to the bed, her eyes took in every inch of Kate's body. Their eyes met. Anya started to slowly remove her own clothes. Aware of Kate's eyes on her , Anya took her time and exposed just a bit at a time. She teased Kate with the slowness of her actions.

Finally Anya joined Kate on the bed. With no clothes between, they lay side by side. Anya captured Kate's lips, her tongue sought and was granted entrance. Their tongues danced. Anya's hands cradled Kate's breast softly, kneading the pliant flesh. She felt Kate's nipples harden at her touched. Anya moved her mouth from Kate's lips and captured one breast. Her tongued teased the nipple into even more firmness, while her hand did the same for the other breast. She moved over Kate's body and fitted herself beteen Kate's legs. They moved together as Anya continued to lavish attention on Kate's breasts.

Anya slowly moved down Kate's body and kissed her way past her navel until she reached the soft down.

"Anya", Kate sighed.

"Patience my Kate, patience." Anya continued to tease her wife, touching every inch except of where Kate wanted her touch. Anya continued to trailed kisses down one leg and up the other stopping short of Kate's center.

"Please Anya." Kate begged.

Anya's fingers inched closer and closer. Finally Kate felt those glorious magical fingers touch her where she needed to be touched. Anya's fingers brushed over the hard nub and continued to her center. She slowly entered, only to withdraw quickly.

"No" Kate cried.

Anya entered Kate again. The heat and moisture quickly covered Anya's fingers. She moved her fingers in and out each time with deliberate slowness. She felt Kate rise up to meet her hand. Each time Kate tried to force Anya's hand in farther, she moved her hand and brush the pearl before she returned to her warm nest. Anya knew she was driving Kate closer and closer to the edge, but stopped before she reached the peak. All the time her fingers teased Kate's center, her tongue teased Kates breasts. Kate's breathing increased.

"Please Anya" Kate begged again.

Anya lifted her head from Kate's breast and captured her lips, all the while her fingers continued to tease and torment her wife.

"Tell me Kate." Anya said softly. "Tell me what you want me to do."

"I want you to..."

"What was that sweetheart?" Anya asked innocently never stopping her assault. "You have to tell me what you want." Anya continued.

Kate whispered in her ear exactly what she wanted. Anya smiled and kissed her again before moving down Kate's body. She left her fingers inside Kate as her tongue found the hard pearl she had been teasing. She slowly moved her tongue, while her fingers kept pace. She increased the pace and pressure as she felt Kate nearing the edge. Anya knew Kate was close when she cried out.

"Don't stop, darling please don't stop."

Anya increased the speed and pressure until she felt the tremors start. Kate's walls contracted around her fingers as she climaxed. Anya slowed her movements just long enough for Kate to come back down.. As the contractions stopped, Anya renewed her movements to send Kate back over the edge.

Kate was gasping for breath as Anya took her over a third time. She left her fingers in the warm nest until she felt Kate's breathing start to slow down. Anya removed her hand and brushed her fingers over Kate's clit which made her shudder. She took Kate into her arms.

"Did I keep my promises sweetheart?" Anya asked.

"You most certainly did my darling. I think the top of my head may have come off as some point. You are absolutely incredible. Have I ever told you that."

"Many times, Kate."

"If you will give me a minute, I will try to do for you what you just did for me."

"I can be patient my Kate."


Kacey and Natalia were in their own world as Kacey made love to the woman who held her heart.

"Kate was right." Kacey stated.

"Which time?" Natalia teased her.

"When she said that making love was so much sweeter when the heart is involved."

"It certainly is." Natalia gasped when Kacey fingers found a sensitive area.

"Wonder what they are doing right now?"

"Probably the same thing we are, particularly after that beautiful blush Anya put on Kate's face. Hey how about you get your mind out of their bedroom and back into ours." Natalia said as she sat up and pushed Kacey onto her back. "I seem to recall you having an identical blush going."

"After what you said to me, even a hooker would blush." Kacey defended herself.

"Lets see what I can do to fulfill that promise." Natalia said, as she straddled Kacey's body. Her weight rested on her knees. She leaned down and kissed Kacey passionately. Their tongues danced with each other. Natalia's hands circled Kacey's breasts in a decreasing circle as she covered every inch of the flesh.

Her fingers lightly brushed the nipples which hardened immediately. Her lips replaced her fingers, holding the nipple gently in her teeth while she flicked her tongue across the rigid tip, making it even harder. Natalia moved to the other breast. She sat up, and kept a steady pressure on the nipples. Increasing the pressure with every breath.

"Let me know if I hurt you." Natalia stated. Kacey could only nod.

Natalia increased the pressure and Kacey gasped, as Natalia increased the pressure again. Each increased in pressure went straight to her center. Natalia leaned down and gently blew on the abused tip which caused Kacey to jump. Natalia chuckled. She lay down on top of Kacey and continued her assault on Kacey's breasts not giving them a chance to get soft. She slowly moved down Kacey's length, leaving a trail with her tongue. Her hands kept up the pressure on Kacey's nipples.

"You are driving me crazy." Kacey gasped.

"Good." Natalia stated as she continued to work her way down Kacey's body. Their previous lovemaking stopped at any form of penetration. It was time to change that, Natalia thought. She moved her hand into position grateful for the copious amount of fluid she found. She slowly inserted a finger into the warm depth of her lover. As she entered Kacey she quickly increased the pressure on nipple in her hand. Kacey jumped at the double assault on her body. Kacey expected pain from the initial insertion, but had none. Natalia moved her finger in and out slowly. Kacey relaxed and moved as Natalia moved. Natalia felt Kacey relax and introduced a second finger to join the first.

"That feels so good." Kacey gasped. The slow movement made her body respond in way she did not think possible.

Natalia released the thoroughly abused nipple and brought her hand down to lightly brush across Kacey's clit. She felt her lover jump at the touch. She passed her finger over the hard nub again all the while moving her fingers slowly in and out of Kacey's center.

"Oh my God, that is incredible." Kacey managed to get out.

"Maybe I can make it better." Natalia stated. She shifted and replaced her finger with her tongue while she kept up the motion with her other hand. Not having met with any resistance from her entering Kacey , Natalia inserted a third finger. This caused Kacey to gasp in pain.

Natalia raised her head. "Too much?"

"No keep going."

"Natalia continued to insert the third finger until she completely filled her lover. She kept her hand still while Kacey got used to the sensation. Once Kacey relaxed she started moving her hand while her tongue continued to massage the hard nub. She increased both the speed and pressure of her tongue and hand and soon felt the first tremors of Kacey's impending climax. She continued her motions as Kacey surrendered completely to Natalia. Natalia guided her through a second climax before she slowed her movements and allowed her lover to come down.

Natalia slowly removed her fingers and made her way up to the head of the bed. Before she reached her destination she once again blew a breath across Kacey nipple which caused her to jump. Natalia laughed and lay her head on Kacey shoulder. "Just wait until all my bones return. I can read ahead also."

"Look forward to it sweetheart."

To be continued...

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