Among the Stars

by Psyche_B

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An hour later Kacey and Natalia lay upon identical beds in Sick Bay. Natalia's foot was wrapped and elevated on a pillow. Kacey sported a sling to rest the abused muscles in her arm. Sick Bay was filled with people being treated for various injuries they sustained from debris that was tossed around by the wind. None of the injuries were serious and everyone was discharged. Except for Kacey and Natalia and the injured pilots they had rescued.

The Doctor finally came over to them. "Colonel you really have to stop showing up here injured."

"Hey Doc, I am not really injured, just banged up and dented a bit. There was really no reason for Kate to send me here." Kacey stated.

"You were sent here because of your arm. You pulled those muscles that were not yet at full strength. You got off very lucky. There is just a little muscle strain. You can lose the sling in two days. Try to take it easy for a couple weeks. No lifting. I will not relieve you of duty, Colonel, but I can." He walked to Natalia's bed. "Unfortunately crewman, you were not so lucky. You have a severely sprained ankle. You must stay completely off it for at least a week. You are officially off duty for ten days. I have notified the Captain that you are both discharged. She will be here shortly to escort you both to your quarters where you are to rest for the remainder of the day. Crewman, I have some pills for you to take care of the pain and help ease the swelling. Keep it elevated and ice it down at least for tonight."

"Doc how are my pilots doing?" Kacey asked.

"They are recovering. All the breaks were clean and they should not have any problems. They should both make a full recovery. The door to Sick Bay opened. Kate and Patricia walked in.

"Report, doctor." Kate said.

"They are both free to go. Colonel O'Malley has some muscle strain. The sling can come off in two days. However absolutely no lifting over ten pounds."

"Can I at least do paper work Doc?" Kacey asked.

"Tomorrow, Colonel. But do not stress that arm or I will be forced to put on that brace you loved so much." He turned to Natalia. "Crewman Esperanza, on the other hand is relieved of duty for ten days. She has a sprained ankle. Absolutely no weight bearing for a week. Oh and we checked out a very impressive bruise on the crewman's backside. Nothing broken."

"A bruise? How did you get a bruise there?" Kacey asked.

"I got it when you dropped me Colonel. That is the second time that has happened. You are not allowed to carry me any further than ten feet."

Kacey thought for a minute as if calculating in her head. "Can you make it fifteen feet?" She wriggled her eyebrows which caused Natalia to blush.

"You are incorrigible."

"I can live with that."

"Captain will you get these two out of my Sick Bay? I will send over the hover chairs."

"Only one is needed Doc I can walk." Kacey stated.

Patricia tapped her daughter's good arm. "What was that Kacey?"

"I said..." Her voice trailed off.

"That is what I thought." Patricia stated.


Kacey stood at the window in her quarters and watched the wind bend the trees and uproot bushes. She jumped every time debris hit the hull or window. Thankful the window was over a foot thick. The pain meds the Doc gave Natalia put her to sleep. Kacey tried to sleep, but the noise from the storm kept that from happening.

Streaks of lightning cut across the sky. There were some sky to ground streaks that were impressive to watch. So far the storm had not produced any rain. Just thunder lightning and wind. The light display from Mother Nature was spectacular. It became more impressive the darker it got to the point it hurt her eyes to look at it.

She heard the door open behind her. She turned to see Patricia push a cart in. Kacey put a finger to her lips in a quiet sign. She closed the bedroom door.

"I thought you would be sleeping." Patricia said softly as she placed the plates in the warming unit.

"I tried to, but the storm kept me up. Natalia went out shortly after taking the pills the Doc gave her. Can I get you something mom?"

"You sit. I know where everything is. I will get you a coffee." Kacey sat at the table and faced the window where she could see the storm.

"How are you really feeling?" Patricia asked.

"I am fine mom, really. I honestly do not need this blasted sling."

"But you will leave it on right?" Kacey nodded. "I worry every time either one of you girls or Liam have to leave the ship. I am so afraid one or all of you will not return."

"There are many things that can happen on board also mom. Injuries are not exclusive to off ship."

"I know that Kacey I am going to ask something of you."

"What is it mom?"

"Please do not get angry with Kate when she puts the video locks on you. She is doing it because I asked her to. She is doing it for me. If something were to happen to you, Kate or Liam, I need to be able to see it."

"Mom I..."

"Kacey please. Please promise me." Patricia begged her daughter.

Kacey looked at her mother's eyes for a long time. "I promise mom. You know that will not stop us from arguing. We will continue to butt heads over a thousand other things." Kacey said with a smile.

"We will deal with those when they come up." Patricia said and raised her cup in her daughter's direction. Kacey clink her cup with her mothers.


To be continued...

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