Among the Stars

by Psyche_B

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Kate and Liam walked to their chairs. Kacey leaned against the closed Ready Room door.

"Report" Kate demanded.

"The ships have surrounded us Captain. Their weapons are charged."

"On screen."

The view screen in front of them lit up to show the Megaran ships. Kacey waited until everyone's attention was on the screen and inched her way to the lift. She waited until the doors closed before she stated, "Hanger."

"Raise shields." Kate ordered. "Are there any ships above or below us?"

"No ma'am." Lieutenant Minor answered.

"Take us out of here, straight up warp four."

"Aye Captain." The Lieutenant push buttons and they felt the ship rise quickly.


Kacey ran off the lift to her shuttle which was waiting for her. She closed the ramp. "Close air lock doors." She ordered. The large doors closed. Once closed she ordered, "Open launch doors." The massive doors started to open.


"Captain, sensors show the launch doors are opening."

"What?" Kate looked around for Kacey "Override and close those doors." Kate ordered. "Commander take six security and arrest Colonel O'Malley. Bring her back to my Ready Room."


"Do it Commander."

"Yes ma'am" Rhea said and left the Bridge calling for Security as she entered the lift.

"Kate she can not launch with the shields up." Anya stated.

"I know, but I would not put it past her to find a way."

"Captain the Megaran ships are keeping pace with us and closing in." Lieutenant Minor stated.

Symbols scrolled across the screen followed by the translation.

"Surrender the Chosen One or we will consider your actions an act of war and will fire on your ship."

"Charge weapons" Kate ordered. "We will never surrender a member of this crew" Kate informed the Megarans.

Within seconds a shot hit their shields. "Return fire. Target their propulsion systems. A shot left Andromeda and hit the nearest ship, knocking out it's engines and leaving it dead in space.

"Megaran ships, back off or we will target the rest of your ships."

Another shot hit their shields followed closely by several other shots as all the Megaran ships fired.

"Return fire. Knock out their engines. Keep at them until they back off or we have an escape route." Kate ordered. Andromeda exchanged fire with the Megaran ships. One by one the superior fire power of Andromeda knocked out the engines of the Megarans vessels. The lift opened. Security carried in an unconscious Kacey, her hands tied with flex cuffs. " What happened?"

"Colonel O'Malley took exception to being arrested. She knocked out three of my security before I had to stun her. Low charge Captain. She should be coming around shortly. I am sorry we had to use force on her Captain."

"Don't worry Commander. Put her on the couch in my Ready Room. Do not remove the flex cuffs. Make sure you tell my mother and Natalia not to remove the cuffs either.." Kate ordered. Once Kacey was gently placed on the couch, Kate ordered, Computer lock Ready Room door to be opened only by Captain Kate Jensen."

"Security lock on" The computer responded.

The strikes continued to hit their shields, which rocked Andromeda. The shots were fewer as more Megaran ships were dead in space. The accuracy of the shots fired by Andromeda slowly gave them an escape route.

"Lieutenant Minor, it looks like we have an open route. Get us out of here warp seven."

"Yes ma'am."

The ship stopped rising and headed past the ships they had disabled. More shots hit their back shields.

"They are in pursuit Captain and keeping pace with us. They have not moved up or fallen back."

"Lets see what they can handle. Warp nine Lieutenant."

"Aye Captain Warp nine." The stars blurred at the increase in speed. "They are falling back Captain."

"Good. Hold us at warp nine until we put some distance between us and them. " Kate stated.


Kacey slowly opened her eyes . Her head pounded. Her eyes focused on concerned green eyes looking back at her.

"How are you feeling?" Natalia asked softly.

"Like an asteroid fell on me. What the hell happened?"

"Commander Torino stunned you."

Kacey noticed where she was. "How the fuck did I get back here?" She struggled to sit up.

"Kirsten, please take it easy." Patricia said as she helped Kacey sit up.

"Untie my hands." She demanded.
"No. Kate ordered us not to." Patricia told her daughter.

"Damn Kate." Kacey cursed.

"Why did you try to leave the ship?" Natalia asked.

"I could not let anyone get hurt on my behalf."

"You were forbidden to leave the ship, by not only me, but Kate. You are an adult, you can disregard an order from me at your own risk. But you can not just disregard a direct order from Kate, your commanding officer."

"Closing the launch doors was not enough. She had to send Security to arrest me."

"Do you know you knocked out three security before Commander Torino stunned you. That is striking another officer. Are you trying to get court martialed?" Patricia stated.

Anger radiated from Kacey She stood up. "Then they should never have put their hands on me." Kacey stated. She walked to the door. She waited for the electric eye to sense her presence and open. The door remained shut. She pressed the button to open it with no response. She then tried to open it manually, but the door remained shut.

Kacey banged on the door with her bound fists. "KATE OPEN THIS GOD DAMNED DOOR NOW." She yelled as she continued to beat on the door.

To be continued...

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